The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on March 2, 1933 · Page 1
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 1

Malvern, Iowa
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Thursday, March 2, 1933
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THE MALVERN LEADER MbNVt, WWA, THtmsr>At, MARCH 2, Merchants Join in Big NO. 33. j Mat* Until Friday, March 3, Iteuday, Mafcti t8» Jf Me can e trm past action, will to of those red letter daya fdr -eni. For that is the time ef the UBMl wshool eJeaiidii, an affair which tisually stimulates the warmest tote getting action of any elective event IB the commu- a J~ ""—* wW8 fOa u**UB UVUX1IIH* tittts for caneMate* for member of the bo»i4<0t education is rn- day, March 3, and these must be tiled by neon. Tertas of tiro members of the board of education etplre this years that ot Mrs. ¥, W. Gidley and that ot L. A, Taibott, Method of obtaining nomination Is to get • the proper form front the secretary, R, w. Salyers, hate tho proper number of toters sign it, and return itJb the secretary be* - fore the final hour. Filed Wednesday afternoon in the secretary's office were petitions nominating L, A. Taibott and Brace Boehner. -N-E-W-S- from the County Seat A Rush to Register Cars February 28 County Treasurer Judklns enjoyed quite a rushing business in auto licenses Tuesday, Feb. 28, About thirty-five or forty came In that day to secure their licenses before being assessed another dollar for delinquency. TWO thou-"• ' three hundred slxty-tbree bridge crew from Slenwood are bast thtt wet& fwtttei the JHP ishing touches to the bridge *em* the friehna east rf Mai* tem.txrtt Myeri's «ew ftftrt Boted the inalft sfcafi of the bridge about six feet to the east iftd plaead tteet piling under ft* H«r the dlenwood crew are putting w the loot and the approaches. The Hoofing is 2*3 fed esdar Placed edgewise and wilthate an afiphattie coteftng, making a much better bridge than the old one. It should be open for traffic by Saturday if not saener, im> less the weather turns bad. Gugeler to Preach at Union Service on Sunday Evening "Contribution of * Poor Man" Will be DUcuised by Paator "The Contribution ot a Poor Man," will furnish the subject for a sermon next Sunday evening when the Ret. R. fc. Qugeler, pastor of the Methodist church, will preach at the community service in the Baptist church, The pastors of the churches of Malvern have been alternating their preaching services with music and other forms of religious consideration in the series of union services which hate been running since the first of the year. These hate been increasing successful in attracting attendance. Tbe union choir will furnish music for the sertice Sunday ete- ning and a short period of oon- irregatlonal singing^will also be held. Matt Meeting Here on Saturday to Espials Status of Aceompibhfiient* la Relief Littai Mills county legislators are et peeled to give aft account et their activities here efctttrday afternoon when a farmers' mass meeting ..— be held in the Commnnity building auditorium at 1 o'clock tteflhSMfttatite R. c. Mow, Senator Homer Hush and the Montgomery eonnty refresenta* tlve hate been Invited to attend the meeting and teti ot detelop- ments of legislation for tax reduction, debt relief and other related matters. Rep. B, P. Laughlln ot Fremont county has also been invited, The meeting will be open to all interested in such matters and *ill furnish a good opportunity to hear first hand accounts of the progress of the Iowa General Assembly. A simitar meeting is scheduled to be held in Red Oak Friday when the same subjects will be taken up. Funeral Rites for Harvey Summers Held in Baptist Church in Malvern Thursday Afternoon The funeral of Harvey H. Summers, mention of whose death was made in last week's Leader, was held Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock in the First Baptist church in Malvern, conducted by the pastor, Ret. L. R, Bobbitt, It was largely attended by relatives and old friends, many from a distance. Vernon Bobbitt, sang a solo Dollar Day Bar f a in Sal* Here ~ H*.« BWM> Bat buyers will be greatly help«S by the most r** markabie subscription offer «ter made fey The Leader. During the.two dollar days, Friday and Saturday, The l*ade* wtfl give with etery full year subscription one dollar 1ft script which will be accepted at tali value at etery store advertising in this issue of The Leader. The Leader will redeem the script at full talae when presented by the merchant. The offer makes virtually a fifty per cent cut in the subscription price of The Leader and should etake it possible for etery one In Mills county to subscribe, The offer will be good only in Mills and imm&* diately adjoining counties. A complete announcement is in the advertisement on another page. Irime Wave Very Much Declines as Law Gets in Action Community Rife with Officers, Detectives; Mail Found Maltern's abortive crime wave slumped entirely last week end as officers ot the law of the county swung into action to apprehend culprits of previous offenses. While a whole list of robberies and thefts were reported Thursday only a few materialized. Chief offense was the stealing of a mail sack from the C. B, & Q. depot Thursday night. This brought a number of federal me,n and railroad detectltes to town and these and the county officers hate been keeping suspicious characters tery much under sur- veUlance, EmeMen«nd Win Declaim* Honors Bill!* Ripley, Mania* „..„, Emerson, Phyllis Wilson, Malvern Are Firat The nte school declamatory contest for this district was held in Strahan Tuesday evening before a large audience and it was a good contest. Phyllis Wilson ot Malvern captured first honors In the humorous class and finite Rlpiey and Makine Shaw of Emerson took first in oratorical and dramatic respectively. Glenwood speakers took all three second places. Maurice Wyant, Sarah Katman, and ttah Punk represented them. Edith Bell and Lloyd Walker of Mai- tern ranked third In their respec- tite classes. Other schools represented were Strahan and Hastings, The next contest will be the pre-dlstrlct, time and place of which not yet announced. orTFranirCbAatefwbo has „„_,„_ the city as mayor for tbe 1 past four years announces that he will not be a candidate' for "reelection this spring. The field ~. is open but none bate announced ' thus-far, Mr,.Cboate has mado a* good record ag mayor, Must Post Notice of School Elections County Superintendent Rathke . announces that notices of school election should be posted in all districts not later than Friday March* 3; Tbe elections occur March IS, She says that the secretaries of all tbe school districts ' bate been sent, the necessary 'Wanks, and supplies, „ . _-.. „ Store of Refined Fashions, Qlenwood's style cen* ter, has recently been remodeled asd brought up to date in a way that .is classy to say tbe least, Th§ counters and eases have been the room and the cases or „.„„. seta for keeping and showing of tfeelv stock o{ ladies 1 wear goods > befit; deepened to seven feet fitted with the latest JR haslets, whlsb „ , ,. JttejFieftpacjty* There are ,,PHT tftew large, heaths or .. |rfo,r, kfenjRg stock and tbea i|we ajFfrtjro; tori * attiag *ittftijmUfeim Malvern Friday Evening} s Funeral Sunday This community was greatly shocked Friday night to learn of the tragic death of Lucius L. Stetenson,-,long time resident and well known and highly respected resident of Maltern, His lifeless body was discovered about 6 O'clock by bis daughter, Atmee, when.she went to the basement of the home, He had hanged himself, evidently In a flt of despondency or mental aberration .although when .down town that forenoon he seemed as cheerful as usual, He had been in poor health for some months jast, although be had not complained of it much. He bad lived in Malvern a good many years and bad many friends who sfncerely mourn his passing, Fujiersl Bertlcea were held 18 the late home Sunday afternoon at i o'clock and were largely attended, Rev, R, B, Ougeler of the Maltern M, B. church conducted the services. Mrs, F. R, Chantry .sod Mrs, p, o, CuimtBgfeam. sang with Mrs, Q. S. E3»crett as Huyst, Dora and Naonjja. Hajwan, bad charge of the flowers. Burial waj ia the MalYer» The pftij- bearers were and be and Miss Margaret Berk himer sang a duet, Miss EulaUe karison accompanied them. - Burial was In tbe Walters cemetery, The pall bearers were cousins of the deceasedi Chas. H. Summers, v, A. summers, ROSS B, summers, jay N. Summers Frank Summers, and Glenn Friends and relatives from a distance attending the funeral were: John F, summers of QW* ea*e, Mr, a»a Mrs. Harry 8to»er, Robert potts, and Mr. and Mrs. Bay ppjts. of Lenox, Rev, Bobbitt read the follow* ..t oWtuajry a»d tribute using « B his, text, *'As truly as the toa, »ad O, o, „,,„,., Tbe f«Uo#iws obituary *fye»; • (OonUnuad e& p^ge 8) ' Uughlin Bill for Secondary Roads , l-rom Fremont county, v to tew» Ww4»y and wade \» Mj, LAUgJOte toft JftSj, M& is wonjoria* 4 Wtt •«.,,* T ™'"» ,f" " ''"'• ™W'^^ m ' I"W ' •'**V**W i. •*****¥# who found it in a field a short distance north of Highway 34 on the flrst road west ot the Junction of 34 and 41 which turns north, Its contents had been, rifled but officers found most ot the letters and returned them to addressees, On Saturday afternoon the sheriff and state officers were in town investigating and picked up one of our Malvern men. Allen Jones, and are holding him for investigation in connection Vlth the recent activities. Then on Monday evening they picked up another but released him later, after questioning, , Our officers are determined to clear up this run of criminal activity if possible. Juniors to Give "Tea Toperjavern" Announce Ca*t for Play to be Prevented on MarchJO The date of the junior class play, "Tea Toper Tavern." has been set for March, JO. The personnel consists of tbe following: Marlon Pay, a canny chaperone, Margaret McOormick. Rosamond Reid, her niece, Just out of college, Bernlce Schoen- Ing. i Sally Lee P&pn, pjxie, from tb> sunny south, Wanda Shoo}?. ARQ Aunesley, a social service fleud, Helen Jones. Barry Reid, Rosainond's fresb- ia brother, Thomas "wills. Harriet Annesjey, Ann's young? er eister, Jean RavJs. Teas. Awa's WfOtejfe from the village, Heater Hall. Mi^e Ryan, a sujp,ejjtaWe po- llceman, Homer Jftofcuon. Brian Piersssnt, a, brilliant y»upf lawyer, " W. T. Johnson Died in Norfolk. Nebr. W. T. Johnson, a former well nown resident of Randolph, died t his home In Norfolk, Nebr. aturday, Feb. 26, of monoxide as poisoning, The body was brought to Mai vern Monday evening and taken to Randolph by the Mansfield fu neral directors where the funera was held Tuesday afternoon a 1:80 in the Methodist church. Qrateiy endangered Friday morning was Maltern's chief claim to architectural fame — the two storied out-door closet just to the east of Borer's Grocery store. A spark from a neighboring chimney lighted on tbe dry roof of the building and started a smalt blaze. Anxious to sate the building at all costs, the fire department dashed to its rescue with the pump truck, but prompt action on the pan ot a bystander had already extinguished the fire. Immortalised by Chic Sale in "The Specialist," this type ot building is exceedingly rare and represents an unusual architectural development. However, It Is now used solely as a storehouse. Howard; O. Dolph Funeral Strahan Last Wednesday More Than Fifty Yeara , Resident of Mills County; -ru. w, JJvIpn*^l w iIi0 iolBB^vSYifenv of Mills county, was held Wednesday afternoon, Feb. 22, In the Methodist church at Strahan and was conducted by the pastor, Rev. J. A. B. Cunningham, The church was filled to overflowing with tbe many old time friends, neighbors, and relatives, come to pay their last respects to him whom all held in high esteem. A special choir, Charles Olpe, P. Bayes, Mrs. F, J, Steele, and Mrs. Frank Johnson, with Mrs. (Continued on page 8) Postpone Action on Utility Rates Until Meeting March 9 Light Attendance at Session Friday After. noon Because of light attendance the nass meeting called to meet here last Friday afternoon was postponed until Thursday, March 8, when those attending decided that more persons should be given opportunity to attend. The meeting was called to hear the report of a special committee which had discussed the probability of rate reductions with officials of the Northwestern Bell Telephone company. The meeting March 9 will be held in the Malvern Community building basement and will start at 7:30 p. m. Everyone in the county interested in lowered utility rates is invited to attend by those in charge. Bargains Galore Offered Here on Friday, Saturday Two Bay Event Enable* Wise Buyer* to Afford Big Savings Practical, immediate economic relief will be given to wise buyers in this part of the state Friday and Saturday when Malvern merchants and garages join In a big cooperative Dollar Day Sale. Prices for goods and services are marked the lowest ever seen here for the event, Practically every type of merchandise and automotive service Is offered at greatly reduced prices for the two days and buyers will find that they can make big savings on practically everything they need. The big advertisement announcing the event is on pages four and five of this issue. The business men cooperating In the sale are making an honest effort to give their customers more for their money than was ever before possible and the Items listed In their advertisements look as If they have amply succeeded. Mrs, Jessie Ring Died Tuesday Mrs, Jessie p. Ring, one of Malvern's best known and" most beloved of women, died at her home in north Malvern early Tuesday morning after a long illness. Funeral services will be held this (Thursday) afternoon at 8 o'clock |n the First Baptist church, The casket will be open to friends at tbe bouse from JO a. m. till i p, m, it wll) not be open at the church, A more complete account in next week's paper. ers-gave short talks. Suggestions for a state-wide cooperative effort were made by Alfred Leu. The meeting adjourned after making plans for the session March 9. Ireland Wins High Scholastic Honor Max B. Ireland, Malvern, freshman in the Crelgbton University College of Pharmacy, was selected as one of the four -Pharmacy students in the freshman class who attained the highest scholastic records during the past semester, it was recently announced by H. 0. Newton, dean of the Pharmacy school. Ireland is the son ot Mr. and Mrs. Aden Ireland. George Mellor in Clarkaon Hospital .«"! Doings in the District Court Judge Mantz Reopens Court Monday with Jury Trial. District court reconvened In Henwood Monday, continuing the February term with Judge H. J. Mantz presiding. The grand Jury finished their labors Tuesday evening of last week returning Indictments against three: Albert Marshall, Lester Severn, and William on Saturday, last , to the Clarkson hospital for treatment with probably an operation when he gets In better condition. Reports from there are that he is resting well so far. His daughters, Mrs. Katheryn Stoddart and Mrs. Elinor Day of Springfield. Ill, drove In last Friday and visited over Sunday with their parents and accompanied him to the hospital. They returned home Monday. , James of the Mills County Wfll Represented in . furnishlflKS wblefe »» go , tWa « popwlsr etor^ tor Mr. WalllflK beUerea la vaj 180J) . JW« Matters, Feb. . roads awd at tne same tlwe pro, a let of fte at the wtth, n»ll*» Thorttt, jy»»4»!fi» t» SSI? . mm si Item vlciuUy 1*1 o u«r of Mills county wiJJ be well represented In the big inaugural ceremony Jn Washington, p. 0, next Saturday. Word has been received from Hon. Otha P. Wearlu that be and Mrs. Wearln arrived In Washington last Sunday and are getting nicely settled and ready for the big doin's and the opening of congress following. Qf course they will have a good place la the inaugural, Tnen. Mrs, June Fiokel left last night, as u special guest or member of the inaugural committee and will arrive In Washington in time for tbe ceremonial Saturday. Mills couuty u highly honored. TWrtyNfwMlirotot for Holiday Group . j w«nu*r» iolfted the Holiday AwaoJaUou _._ evening when # meeting told, lu tU« iHftMttUt YaUey Rogers, The petit Jurors were called for Monday and tbe Jury trials begun, The first case, Cook vs. Hyde, a damage suit arising from an automobile mixup, was called but owing to the Illness of one of tbe attorneys could not be tried then and was continued. The next case was that of the State vs, Albert Marshall of Silver City, charged with maintaining an intoxicating liquor nuisance, Jt w»s called and the following Jury empanelled: J. Q. Davis, H. L. Sowers, Paul Delevan, Ella PWebay. c. L- Robinson, Albert Skaggs, J, B- Noah, Ben I,. Wilson, Violet Herndon, W. H. Trively, Qeorge Lloyd, and Ray Facfcler. There were a good many from Silver City in attendance and a number of witnesses The case went to toe Jury at 5 o'clock p. m, Tuesday and after an feour's deliberation they returned a verdict in favor of tue defendant. The next case was that of Mings vs. Patrick, a damage suit. The Jury decided for tUe defendant, BUwood Rafferty, aged 16, and Leslie Beanly, aged 17, were sentenced to the reformatory «t Eldora for delinquency aud were taken there Friday by Deputy Sheriff s. V. Cooney and H. J. Widows. Frauoln BejMuUct plead guilty ta* lw?M»)r of iule tlre» »Md to WITH THE IOWA GENERAL ASSEMBLY liy The Leader's I. P, A. State House Correspondent AMI lMak« William II£WM w^f" ' '•*•' * j *'-^-* ™ spMSds^ pi^mw v w 'fpf lUw i tUtwt* iron r*u» afcw. Wnen the Forty-Fifth General Assembly recessed Friday afternoon until Monday, March 6, It left calendars in both House and Senate well ladened with Important work — Important taac reduction legislation, as well as much chaff, Little over half of the 73 bills Introduced by,the interim tax reduction committee have received final action; but much progress has been made in reducing taxes, I and other bills have been studied i and whipped into shape for final action when the session reconvenes. Muy ho liter by Christmas? Perhaps Iowa will have legal "beer by Christmas" and perhaps not. lu the present legislature there Is possibly a majority favoring revision of the Volstead act, but there is a question about outright repeal. Probably most of the members may favor submission of the question to a vote of ull the people of the state •—they figure that » people wish to vote ou any question of statewide importance they nUould have the right to do ao. Thursday tbe House aucl 8uu- pte both pavs«d u reuoluttou aur ItvorUiutg tlvts pt'u^mtug officers to appoint a commit te« of tliree from tlie Soiiuty aud tkre« from Uuumtt to dmw up the to cull ib« cou»tl»utloual t tttf I«M?» tost IN of &4<M(lu« ou lUw rwumi

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