Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 12, 1928 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 12, 1928
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_ TOFSXA.KANiS.- The REdlSTER'S Circulation rccoids open to pvblic inspectibn at any time. CIRCULATION is ihelonly Commodit]} a Neivspaper Has to Sell Its Advertisers.. VOLUME XXXI. ko. 68. Su> to Th.- liil 1 Dally Rpjfister. Tl>e II.IH I-Jiilv f!.-r.,ril ami L.IH IJaily Index. lOLA, KAN., THURSDAY I EVENING, JANUARY 12; 1928. f -— BURNS FATAL TOWOMANIN HOMEINIOLA Mrs. Mary Dowell, Mother Of Five, Dies at Hospital I»OURS OnToN FIRE FRIDAY, JANUARY 13 IS UNLUCKY DAY TO WINNIPEG MURDERER Mother arid Father Are Burned Tryinj? To Save Woman All attcnii)t: to revivf a fin.- by lisp of kiTosone yestfnlay proved ;alai tu lh<- inolluT of five cliil- j Mr^:. Mary Ihiwell. 121 V.-rmqiit' .•-trt'el.. was the viclim. Her ;«rciits j Mr. iuid Mrs. J. W. Conk, were bunu'd. but not seriously. wUcn' . Tijey attpmpteil to tear olT her; biirnUrg clothing. j Mrf^.' Dowell. I'.'j yt-ar.s old was l>uniV(j a; :i o'elork yesterday afl-• t rni)iin at the home of her parents. I 1620. |-:ast .\,t>sho street. .She dlod • at Iv-.' .lohu'.s liospilai a: 11 oVloek • liist nsRhi. I .A.C(ordiiiK io, relatives. Mrs. | Dowell. wlwise lius'taiid U Her-' 'bert; IJowell. an eni;)ioyp of the. ISlPRESIDENT OF RED STAR The Weekly Keglstpr. E.<<tabIiHheif IxST. The lohi Daily Kegl.ster. Kstnbli .ihet) ISl'T. EIGHT PAGES VVinnipeK. Man.. iJan.. 12. (AI')—Eafle Nelson, internationally knovn "dark .strangler" who i.s to be handed tomorrow for tlie miiricier of a Winniijeg woman, will be ihej thirteenth person t0 walk up the thirteen Htair .s to death on I H Henderson Nani4 the scaffold of the'provincial .jail here. I *As'prosideht of Hi?h- Colncldenully. the haiiginu as*- r~ — ! "^^ * reSiqcni OI tllgn- hCheduIodlwlU take place on Kri- -n (n ijlrai eouiitry. has told his I Way GrOUp IS PLANNED BY WILBUR Named Twenty - Year Building j Prograni Disclosed Before House MARINE PLANES DROP BOMBS OF DEATH FOR : NIGARAGUAN REBEUS EXECUTION OF RUTH SNYDER DUE TONIGHT Managua. Nicaragua. Jan. 12. (AP)—;i\Iarine coiji).-; plaaie.'J .stood ready to deal death to rebels wherever they might'^appear. Land and air attacks routed rebels atte.TiiUing to masslgtay of Execution Good near the marine stronghold at Quilaji fTuesday. Fourteen! ; Onlv TTnfil F .atp T rebels were killed.; 3Iarine headqiiarteii^ announced that | planes would be .sent out regularly to bofnb the .A iKirt.v of •"ilj followers of Cen-.;.- Only Until Late Today Now BOTH MAY DIE SOON .Velbon. who was }«iUf;ht in tlb" I'nited Stales for two years in con- nertion with the giirniting of woMi- In (he Cuited State!!, police al-1 lege .VeJ.son stratified to death ai ' least 12 women. MANY lOLA HI-Y BOYS TO ATTEND PARSONSSESSION Seventeen Boys Will Go To Meeting With Sponsoirs CORN SHOW WILL HAVE SCHOOL IN ALFALFA GROWING Other Features Pianned For Big Events Here Next Week Ard Elected I! Ill 111. r ^On. I"!! al r^al en.- Status W'a'-liiii^liin.' Ian TheHi;V of the I >la .senior lui'l One of the features of the corn .1 la .-e ibaUr. y.-^ieiilay aireriH .on Secr<tary Witbnr (lis <lo>^ii today \v;:s n;imed presiiknt of ilie Ited btfore the honso naval ennimiUee i ijlar Mii ;hw .iy a .ss «>-;arion at th- Ibat the navy (•ieparfinenf ha." <lraft-' annual niwline ol th,' orRauiza- ed a lomprehenHive 2<i-year build-1 i tlon held in lola. in;: propram of wliiih t'lic ^725.-! j A. iV.Hider <.f Ottawa wa.-' re- ,^3,, ,„„j ,,r„j.rj,n, „i,.e ;„lv annonneed elected s<ireiarv and Ceorge E. •. , ; -. 1 i,Mclnin <h of .St. ./.seph. .Mo., w-a.s '"">" " P"""*- j - I i re-ele<te<l viee-pivsident. XVhile he did not make yublic the; Floyd Kll;6.!t of lolii wi's rftaiu- lar;;er pnijrram. Uhe secretary tes- cd .IS minae-r of the as <,»>n. ti,|e i under-questionini? that it ^ '.'•!"'•'•'oad across Kan- j,,,.,, ' ,i,e replacl-iuent bf; .sas wi h a (-reaic el<br:i;i«in. piob- , • . ; ' • . 1 • ;'b!y a; Ottawa e;5rly In l:»2!». jj^ '•attr-sljips as'soon as fhjs is pos-! LOCal iWan the lies objective of the associa- >*lble under the Wa.-hinslon arms lion. Wiih completion ^>if work in treaiy. ! .Frauktin an<l l>oii:;I"'p »ounties. ' fh- R'll Star fail viill be .hT 'l of the Re'l>els in the engatjement. an Ifventnality discovered the con•Vine Rebels were killed and <eiitra!!on of Rebel.s. ; three wounded four miles north of i The plan^ srjvepr over i!ie S"and-' Quilali by Ijombs dropped fnhn a , ino fnliowers (Irojtping bombs and .Marine corps plane commanded l)y di ^pTsinp "them. J. J. GRIFFIN IS SUPERINTENDENT OF GAS COMPANY MAHARAJAH AND AMERICAN GIRL HAVE TROUBLES Little Possibility Now of Either Being Saved ' * • \ • .Ve«- York. .Ian. 12. (AP» — Supreme Court .lustice Levy . today vaiiate.d the stay of exe-r curion which he pranted Mrs. linth Snyier last Jii?ht. Is Named As i Marriage Plans Are Not tenced with Mrs. snvder. for the Execi^tive For ] . ; Meeting With | ' hnurder or hor husband. lie said that the annual exiien- • .\e\v Vork. .Ian. 12. (.tPi—The j court fipht for the life of Mrs. Ruth iSnydtr continuerl to wace today as j the time drew sje;i,di."y nearer for i her execution. sclieduU-il for 11 io'clock -ton.ipht. Kffor;s were also i made for Henry .ludil Cray.-sen- Cohcern Approval bed in another room and was not I '^'^ conference theme is ••The!aKriiuIiural c61Icge as teachers. 1 bunied in the blaze. * 'Peerless Leader for This .Airplane; J'ours Keroveiie on KIre. j -^^Pe." and will be nolUeable iu Mrs. Doweil was preparini: to conference. The pro- some real practical, and comroon .sense things about alfalfa cletiii up the hons/. j;ini placed K^am will be larRely composed of j dis-cnsspd. The men Hl ^hHiy I- Liinir One. Ofi'ic-er .s of fhe a^-oriaf-on poin* VtllNOII .V ^k* (ine «lioiio ' today. The company klndlitiK on a fire wliieh' ^ile be- "iIJ<s with s<!veral iHscussion groups l[o\on was out and then attetUpved v'"'' I'eriods worked in. .\lso there I') pour kerosene from .1 larRe CMM. '"' I'antiueis. «.n it. Tile kerosi-ne iRnlled and <"'>nference will .start .-it 1 ber eloihiuc'burst into flames. jo'clock totnorrtiw afternoon with J)e aided by local fanners who I Canadian line, have made .<ucce.s.s of alfalfa growing. I'rofess-or ThinioTcmorton. head .\<iocdiiic 10 firemen, there was i'^h*' registration and a.ssigunienrs' "^soils departm.-nf: L. K. not a section of jier Ixidv which'"'' visiting delegations. At 4::t„ \\ill«ughby and E. R. Wells, ex- iKit buni'd. Mr aiid Mrs <onferen<.-e will reallv pel „„. t'-">i<>a .speci.ilj.>--fs in crops and fook rii .-hed t.. her aid tearing ,•*»av. «ith the Welcome Han- •-"'Is. eac h di.s<uss .some of the her -loihing from her and carrv-:*iuet at 6:!it. Saturday will he spixifi,- problems of the alfalfa in-; her out inlo the yard. They jlargely to addres>es and ' toraiuou ^,^1 ^jjjj jjj.^j :h ihipiwiiv ,,„vu--J< I-eiire-sentaiive \ inson of 'Jeorg-^ cit v with its ga^ grbwing with highway .vV 71 ;,r .1 .s. • ii r ^'U ^'ug Democrat on .the com- ii, the Xohhrui icn will j .Mo. .Vo. 71 runs 1 orrh tjc "''ked tlie secretifry il the! Mr. Critfin i : The cas" was thrown into sud- (Jen confusion by a court .'order 'siirned by .lu .-tiee Levy last night' Oriffiii. formerly! Cploiubo; Ceylon. .Ian. 12. i-Vpi —,for a heariug as to the necessity" the .1. is. Kirk CasiThe troubles of the fofmer ^faha-; for .Mrs Snyder's aiipearatice in a company, has been i rajah of -Indore and -Miss .\ync-v fj^i' ^"'f- Time for the hearing •intendent of the; Ann Miller of Seattle. WashJ. in ^ "'^•'^ ,f'"" "•"'•"^v TT'I"^.' I . . " hours alter site was scheduled to the Southern Kan-; arranging.their marriage have been ' ;,,„| ,]„. ,„,]„p ^m „.,i th.-it his an^-. it was announced | so numerous that at least one n{em-; order was in effect a stay of exe- ^. , ,. u "le .Maharajah staff is-be-• <"lit'<>ii- supplic-s the: „,..„ Attorney fl .M .rral Ottinper.-how-- oiirt order was not constitute a c oinniittei ..i.nnti-',.ffi,-n- 'Siuniii.g to wonder if the wed/liiig .-Mtornev C .Mirral Shii i ever will ^ake place. ! ' ^Z"'' . illegal and did ing. innouncod the ap- "i am -tiot in a position to ..say . , . , . r then must take; into c -.m-pointment-«f:-John W. Nelson as ' anything'ibout the proposed wed-if •''>• 'l'-" / JustJce di.stance over ihe (rail from SI. ^'n.Hon had askecl him jeharpe of. If. H. Herman, Mr. Orif- Joseph. .Mo. 10 Tulsa. .if he believeil the Amerfcan navyffjn announcc-d. was now a first force. At the close of the year, all will , ,- , , be surfaced with the exception of , -Plac-d hc 'r on bedding'in the varll**H1> another banciuei I I be students in ihis school will , .T HIX mM- pap between Oolagah •« e need cruisers until an ambulance arrived ' ,«» S.;Ui. The conference will . lo.s.-^ ""*• '"•'>"'"" " from each • ;u!d Coliinsville. Okla. A hard 'A-"* ' tried to point India and. that the couple ivil! ! Durinp WM- d.-.y an application .spend their honeymoon traveling 10 " "rit of habeas corpus signed preme Itoih .Mr. and Mrs. Cook receivc>jl .linnis about the hand.4 and arm!s frc ni fighting the flamej:. ' Damages to the rook home wa.s es "imated-at aticjir! IT -'i by fTemeit. The fiinera'iwill be .held at 2 at :{ o'clock Sunday. .-••Iicol ciistri-t .if 111- county. wh'> surface d. tcmr. (iurinp bjcl weath- ^l^olute need." Krank H. West, Statae Secretary ^ ' "'••'•«•»••'el In lltiling. growing , er. i>= by w:,v ..f c: ir.-more for the V. M, C. A., will probably j !''"ver. and in good) (•.••..•,•;, ID- w- |iri-i.i-i! at rl;<' fariniiiK generally. .Vny others who ; "-II!.' -n • ^ \ .MII.V innii come will not l)e turned away. |oi!;:Wii. Cirn. ti 1 •-la. ( ii ;.nute. i Iron Works and tlm Mildred ce-jCcyloii;-until the end of Febni- P"^'l'<? until .". o'clock be the outstalDdIng speaker of the conference, with Donald K. AVcat. of the Second Presbyterian church o'clock tomorrow afternoon at thei"'^ '^'"'^"'< ^I". a'so well to- lV.!ite<-„stal cbiir<;'h, Ibirial will be in Hi^xliliind cemetery. WEATHER and ROADS ward the head of the list of speakers attending. There, will be .several discussion periods. "Tl'.en your position ns Isrcretary ment'plant, th.-'i wo h-rve not a firti More than 2nn:miles of pipe liti. is in place in th6 lola district with l.H '-v" i-oiilii'iied ;VinM II.' '•\!id 10 :i[ii':e ii a flrVt ury. It ifi believed that passport difficulties will be raised if they at- -If Mrs. Snyibr shouid be jrrailt- ed a sti'v at ilie '-'..Vi, o'clock hear- leinpt to proceed to India wljero: ing before .Justice Levy. Deputy class gas being pumped, from Colony, j "cws that the former rufer of: In- Attorney .(^lural Beyer said he The instruic-tlon givea will not T;iv..r '•b 'trvv .ile and Col -fej- "JT-"1'' nee-ssary, to have Hlue Mound and other gas devel-i'^ore was to. take a third wife ihas would move to have it vacated B.S be just talk, bat Tt -lll tM» practical : v!'-. \l.,ii> .K-lepirrs .v. re *' "'"''^ I'''!'"' ' i" Oi' fT2'..- 'opnR 'nts in the district. not met-with any e-.ithiisiiir.i. ? ! illegal and contrary 'o the criminal facts which those present, will take pi'-^tf 0110 IHH prrj .;!a 'i.' V :irs .:u in- pHor to a.-Jsumlng his position ; I code, under whiih he said a su- wlth them for their own use and ^ 'i. 1 the use'of the community. ve...r w In addition to the alfalfa school. I fie.;..'. ^'r u ceeils .l"''li I-: t Vi!l.- i !:.•!• I wnrk i.-i' <';!ir th 's r.'oii ~i'<-•• K..M. >i- Ok!.. . a 'I"'"'' < j with the Southern Kansas f;j's com-^ Other Wives tover. ,Nei.ds of Vuljire. 1 pany. Mr. flriffin was wiih .1. H. v„,„ Tiff AVil in th;,t !u< w-.iijd be; Kirk's company for sevcjii year.'.; !""fGrcni ii..,-......Hrv lint ihai lie wished the Prior to that time he was local' ~. M:n;.ilfi.-.. i.. r --!ieni'.r ;ihat Ihe'manager of the Knipire ctJTiipany 'iroiraiii -.cs d-'^imie .l in cover jn lola. Iieed-^ fur •.'•vi.r )i| vi College Plav To Be Given ,„.. W-i-ram.! Countv Officials Td At High School Tonight «hirh win p,„vide for 2.- , Hiisers. ^^""'•y ^niciais 10 bold. Richard Wolf. Harper Beld-^ J"""""'"""'- Indications point to ailic prcentation <.t th.- witn 1''"'-, .«! 1" H'li.'U'l : irr:i. *HI.l.'in.-| \y. A. VounB, new county •nsineer.,' f"'!. atfaiii.s his majoHty soon and •e Ancjerson. Charles j ''^''ibit in boib divisions. The . ".\re corn is already on hriiid from the (.oiitestants in the five acre ron- ("st. :',nd the fit bushels will open the eves of ni'inv. T,. . , 1,11- , ... 1 »acii. r..«ii i iiu*e>. ivetci .tiUAbou. I:...^b,ir:r. !lnt .hMi -M„ «ofle.vvil e. ja„,^, H^,.,, a„,, n ^^ert OTla- I lear. reaiN pdcid; To;e!<;(. c-.loud.v. r.iH'ls ucxiei: ottjiwa. parily c-ioud.v, ing. WaJlac Boulson. and .Ma.\ (".ilbert. They will go in two groups with some- leaving tomorrow, while some of the hoys will stay-cjver for the Pittsburg game and pi< cariy Saturday morning. A The junior high school Hi-Y will f'i''=t flav of the sb^w. but the of- be represented bv seven bovs and Hciiils would b«» glad to have them their sponsor. Mr. William Dreher. j "tatie earlier if -convenient. The boys going are: , Frank Ben-j son. John Stadler, Howard Rodc- wald. Earl Hayes. Keed Maxson. thre. You a M;Miiir.'' act '•(ime ''y. •ciat.^ ...s, yea- hiph.-r. .2; l-w-! ^^^^^ Myron Fii^k.^^^ ^r""' I'l "T'pita'.ioii fof Mil- 21 hours r-niliiic at T ;i. m. inclay.-.iid: total lor,this year to ijaie. .02; deficiency since .);:!Hiary 1st. .IS inch. lielativc li'iniidifv :it 12 noon yes- tevil.iv. 41 •,>er c<-n\: 7 a. m. today. 'u per I 'l'^u': ('Hrori.t i.-r rc<liiced to lexc'l.' -Ti.'.tn ini I .e-. Sun rise<. ~:;s ... in : suti sets, .•i-2:; p. n. : Hcc'd ( ondiliiiHs. Saliua. Knipfiri;).. Manhauilan. • laii'^.t': (• t v fho 'e i r'M. Uichit.i, five airc-raft carriers, nine; de-itroy- Toiiiphl at .S "o 'clock iii the .-en- er leaders, and 12 siibmariiies;. Wi!- j the '"ir,'Mfi! that atTiiiial «xp(;ndtture.-< | J. Q. Roberts. W. .A. awl Ed Barnhart. c -oiiniy comniis.sion-[son, rriiuc Yeshwant in whose, fa- B -g :Mnii>p in i;"t «."i.i.2 'i (p .0ii (i; lers: W. I). Clark, countv clerk; [Vor the fijrmer Maharajah abdicat- prenie court justice c-ould not stay an exec.titlon to let .i condetnned person fesfify iu a c-ivil action- Before t;ie-coijri liearing Warden • Itonihay. .Ian. 12. (AI'i-The at-i Lmves of Sinu' Siup asked Gov- tilucle of .the .two present wives of emor Smith for instructions! and the -fcirmj'r .'^laharajah of Inciore was referred to v\ttorney General toward his forthcoming; mairiagc; oitinser. who ruled the L<?vy order n/r' X* '.to !• to .Nancy Atin .Miller oi" Seat-fttjis illegal. .lustice Levy coun- Meetmg at iJurlingtOn l tie. Waslt.. is in sharp contrast, I terci! that the Attoriiey Ceneral's The senior Maharanee. Iris first j opinitm was nniy as -Kood as any wife... i^s jiiiconi;erned because; her i other lawyr'-;." • Pcndipp the oi.tic.inie of the hearing be'fore .lii.stiie. U-vy confusion .\c..ii. !iT r>;2. >! II..-.IMI ciMti: ir»:t:;. Si -.o.- 'and .rhai-les P". Scott, editor of t ;K' ; his futut^ position seems secjure. (i,.i. ..„..; .ticixi 'ii ,ei4: 1 ;<:',r..' Register, motored to Burliniiem j The ju&ior Maharanee, however. Last uipht a n 'iiiili..r nf 'he Mie .i!'- I'! !i Kt:''".. ilo .Jiu.e '.nM. .this morning to attend the me 'etiiip bers of the. eiilli .g.. i|r:i :,ij|tie. cl-ili Thi'- siiif ib.ii filher of the County Officials associalieui iatteiideet Ihe ..'ress ieli(.;iv;al niid b-f-ire i4 |^;{)Ie >tieni «>f jl .-is fir<>- there. .Mr. Scott is ope cef . the; |.:ii ;ries in l>oth d< •>artm-nt- are j pr'-noum e-,i 'ih,. pl .-iv i,,. .,n<. •.:' Piam or :it'4(ts iiir.inedi.ite e or.clii-• speakers on the program . which tr -ii uilti! Wednesday evening, the j the best prosentecl for some time. ' b;ittlfship replaceuienl ! will continue through the day. » riaiii rna'ls pood. Rev. .1. D. Babb Will , Lecture on Iloly Land herfy. DEMOCRATS NAME Hl.h ScHc. Be..e. | HOUSTON IN 1928 Open Schedule Today i Convention City Chosen anci one that would furnish the Program woufd Iiegiu. Meiilso sa-'d j au.iience a large number of laughs. I that the nav^ di>sired to have the This morning tlii .s feeling .seemeiL f'l'st I'rfipram well under-w.".y be- well verified by tlie ovation wbiehif^re 10;'.6. a«; it would h<\ liest to the play clippings received from have a consi.^teut. continupus pro- the large number of stiide ut .s at- .cram. ; tending the combined senior hipii —'• and college chapel. i McDermo^t Nominsition Changed by President j^- Tills afternoon the lola high schriol debate teams pot into the!..- r.,.- Hev I J) |.:,M. pa.tor ot,jirj,t battles, with the lola affirma ilii- Kir -'t rhri<t a:i. e.lmrch at Fort .'^i-i .tt. will <;i ,. ell •jllrsiraleel lec- ti:re iip.-.ij Til- Ilolv Ijiiiil al I-.M] On the Fifth Ballot Taken Today Things wen< smoothly in the rehearsal am' it w.-uild se^m that ;])•• j)lay cannot help but be a succc«s. the tie-kets have been sell-; •\Vashiiipfoif. |.lan. 12.- f Aiding well and ;it looks as though a |''•"'^'^'deiit CoTilijIge has peen acl- j large lioiise can well be expecteel. i viKed that Pvderal .Itidpe. .lohu C. The ticket lioard will be taken to Pollock, of Kansas, whose siliies- LINDBERGH HOPS TOCOLON,PANAMA Last Leg of Journey Ends With Cheers of Thousands is still iii a. condition of colla'pse. She has tjiken no food for days and refuses t6 see her .mother or relatives. ; . By the" .terms of his abdication, the formie? .Maharajah receives: an annual allowance of SOft.OOO. rupees (roughly ^2SS.O0O) and each wife 200.000 rupees ($72,000). His present wives *cbmplain they have :nrt received : their allowances in fuM. The geijeral feeling in India is continued as- to wli'-ther there was to be a double, e.xe'i .ution. or any execution. toniL-lu. Opinion Says Stay Is Illegal Albanv'. -V. V.. .Ian. 12. 'API—In an opinion declaring that.tlio stay of execution granted to Sirs. . Ruth Brown Snyder by. Supreme Court .Iiist!c..> Aaron ,1. I.*vy last night'.was "wiihout jurisdic;tion or authority ant is therefore void," that the! SJrospective marriage is i Attorney Ceneral : Albert Ottinger • most undesirable. The-white com-;left to Warden Lawes of Sing Sinff • . munity ttijpks that Miss Miller can- [ I hot -realfej what such a marriage ' involves... It is stated that :the t've debating in the home auditor-• ium'at 2 o'clock against Fredonia Jan. 12. r ui. toniO!i -..w ev.-iijiip in th-audi- p^-^j^uj,, » n.riiiinof:tiieKii-...rhri.^tian.liur .'li ^he members of the two tola .u,IoI.-i. Ke .v n..,,.!. wl.h b.s i.Co:I.-|,p;,„„ ^.„o Maxin- Wolf ami Lu- -er and lather iv:„ ,. a-. eM -nsiyej^j,,^ AVagner. negative, and-.Iran (our of the- Holy !.:ind- last sum-^ " . .... rri__i.. , , ,, , , , /'icille AVagner. negative, and-: .Iran ...ur e.f the- Holy !...".l last sum-i(.„p„ill and Ira .McCarty. affirnla- rier. diiiinp \ytvrh ho visited and Several high school students "ac- conipauied the team toi Fredonia. , iilioiographeil most of the historic places which played !-uc-li a clrii- iiiatie. part in the c-arly history of Christianity.. Rev. Babb is kni>wn : as • a very fluent and inicrestiiig i ypeaker and his talk Friday night will be both eiilerlalning and in- flriH-flve. Slercoptlcon slides of the prini.ipal visited *lll be 'shown. The- public is Invited to attend • Rev. llaWi's lecture. There will be no charge'. D. A. McGinnis Speaks At State Water Meeting D. .\ Me ^^i 'innis, supcTintendent ••I the utilities deparfme-nt in loin. Is scheduled as one of the speakers at the third nnnuul meeting of the Kansa.s Water.Works association '.It Lawrence February 11. l."^ and Ifi. according to reports from Kansas, university.- A large number of speakers are listed lor the program. Washington. affirmativo. and the negative ati •?"*''^"\;*;f ••'<'l«^'t.*''l '"-'fVvVcent clay for the 1 2 ,S Democratic -Na- | tional convention. . The (.hoice was made by the Democratic., .\ational. committcM' on the fifth ballot, with San Francisco ruiiner-up. The victor was a last minute entry in a llsl <it a half dozen cities, but it led from the first ballot. ' The offic-ia! eoinit on the final balleit was: Houston. TiA; Snn Fraiulsco 4*.; Dclroll 1. On this .Nine car loads of Cherokee In-| ballot were needed for a dians pased through lola today en-I choice Selection of, the Texas Cherokee Indians • Return From Wedding Colon. Panania. .Ian. 12. f.\Pi— the high school this evening wlier.- ^'"el beeit niiuied ley l }jm. does i Completing the last leg of his cen- , tickets may ^)e purchased at the not wUU to retire Ircjin tfie bench, .tra .1 .American flight Cejlone! 'AI')—idcK-r i'T twenty-live and thirty-, auel consecine]>ntly a j-hahge has i Charles A. Lindbergh landed safe' jbe ;en necessi 'atfd in Ihe nomina- I jtion of fJeor'pe ' i Hickman Is Nearer route to their home at Okluhnmu City. They rc-ported that they had city resulted frc>m one of those iin- heraliledj sliifis of forfuac which been in Wichita iailending a big : so ceften control the drift: of poll- wedding of iwo mi-nibers of their | tics. : tribe. Inclde-ntally the women told . fortunes here while waiting for their c-aravan (o resume jis Jour- 1 ney. •;Kiitirc-lvSatisfaclorv" iKvervone vayx that of PICKWICK jCOFFEK. At Hour grocer. I Shoplifting Reported t To Local Authorities T. vuueiimott for ly at France field alwut llrSU this morning. Jle had htJpped off from Oampo Lindbergh less than an hour before. Ten thousajid cheering specta- •one to 1)' a f-ileral jitdgd in Kan-! tors were there to gre^t him when l.\rt —|sa-s; it being: presumed ;that lie: he came circling over "the field. ' and in the streets of Colon, thru Y\ ^, ,, "Mr. .McDeriiiotlt's nomination was Lleatn on ljiallOWS :\\lthdrawn and he was given a new Los .Ance-les. .i;in. 12. Only a pl.»a of not guilty by^ reason 'would act in .the capacity ;of assisf- of insanity stood today between'ant until .luiigei Pollock ifelires. William Edward Hickman and the ' • r- , ,, . , Merchant Must T^ke The last legal barrier before- Hie o r** rr< T» pfo.secutiln In the relentless move! rrOIIt lO rrOgrCSS to bring Hickman to trial In sii- which he passed, virtually the whole population of sixty thous- anil .welcomed the aviator joyful- 1>-. orthpdo.x; xeligion does not acfept converts; and recognizes neither conversion nor a marriage such as is conteiBplated. MajoriLouis M. Bourne Off on Long Flight prison the decision as to whether Mrs. Ri'th Brr.wii Snyrier and Henry .Iiidd Ora.v shewld be executed, tonight for IIK. murder of .Mrs. Snyder's Ir.ishaiiel. "You will understand that T do . not presume to advise you as t<% what yo;n- action should be within the lim'is of sne-b eiiscretion as you inav h :ive under the sentence I cjf the coiiift." the attorfiey general wrote. Washiljpton. -Jan. 12. (APi; ; — .Major I4>gis .M. Bourne. n'a.fine j p,.;c-»np,. Co^c Mfint\v corp.s av^tor. took off from Ana-''^"^"I}^!, . ^7^. ' * ..^ costia nfii-af air station at 6:2.". o'c-lock this morning on a one-Stop " .„rvi .1 • Told of Assault Try perlor court here was hurilled ye>s- terday when juvenile court judpe Robert Scott dlsnilssed a petition that made Hie kinan a ward of the juvenile court when he was on trial for forgery last summer. Hickman coiiM not be s'^ntenced to hatig. nor even be brought"; to trial in superior court while ; h'.* was yet a ward of the juvehil^ court, attorneys here said.; Florida's East Coast Is Battle Zone Agkinst Liquor Smugglers • Fort I>auderilaU^ Fla.. Jan. 12.1 full complement of the fleet, when lAPi—A far-flung battle zone along Florida's coast today swanned -with coa.=t guard craft in i a ruthless war against contraband alcoholK: or otherwise—that Shoplifting is becoming a habit j .''oiight to gain the mainland fifom lola. according to officers i oirilying islam) in close cooperation between the mefchahts and police force is advocated, j Yesterday three girls were held . hy police for theft of a.leather hauel bag from the Palace Drug store. The case wiir not be prosecuted, taowevet-, it bas .t>eeQ indicated. islands and ke.vs. i From Da>nona Beach south to isolated points beloV Miami, a in action, will raise the strength to .'53 vessels and two seaplanes and enable the conccptrated forces to keep 300 miles of water under perpetual threat of artHlery fire. Seizure of an Americaji schooner and :"12 sacks of liquor'near West End in the Bahamas yesterday was seen as a result of the far-reach- irtg blockade. Two men. George stretch frequently the theater of ] .tones of West Pahn Beach,' and smuggling operations, the coast is i Buddy Jones. ^ Negfo. West End, now under surveillance by more I were released oti bond after a than a score of fleet vessels of the ^-chaser tjT>e, mounting one- pounders to three-ioch guns. Tbe hearing before ConUhlssloner John P. Spitler in Miami and the schooner was towed to Foit Lauderdale. Vocational Agriculture Class Will ;Make Tests Members of the vocational asrl- cuttural class of the senior high school are al Memorial hall today nbtainlng samples of grain entered in the corn contest. Members of the clasjs will make germination teats. ' Local Woman Burned In Fire at Her Home Mrs. Chlore Campbell. 20S South State street. w-a<! severely i burned about the hands and arnis this morning when her dress caught fire while she was standing in front o'f a gas heating store at her home..] The burns are not fatal. .N'ew York. Jan. 12. (APt—Th.; manufacturoi» and merchant in every field wiy (iontrfbute.' to ^prog- and prosperity oiily ho long a^ he produc-es and sells his prod- uff R without sacrificing ' profit to vohtme. Alfr^I V. Sloan. 'Jr.. president of Oeneralj Motors, today toM the Merchai^t's' assoclatfinn. ."The past Te .-ir." he saict. "i liowed a tendency to ilarge volJUme than in nnj- prcvioujj ye :»r. but. this was reflectjed In! ai relatively snialler net profit. No business is on a healthy and constructive'basis unless there is a net profit at the end of the yeai; fairly pfoportlon- a(e to the atmolint of ciipUal employed." i i ''' Westminster Abbey To Claim Hardy's Body flight to;Nicar(igua in a three-mo- torecf Fokker transport plane. . He will ^stop^t Miami. Florida, which he expect•! to re>ach between four and five>-"'i>)'e..Iock this afternoon. Coolidge Will Leave j-or Panama Friday Inelep-ndene... Kan.. .Ian. 12. (API- Te-iiiiiony that Ray .Moody- had tolel him. while in jail- at Fre- doni.'i. of ;in alle-pi'd- criminal assault allenipt on .Miss Vona Kenny. IS. fherryvM".. by .Moody and an- otheir man. .was related on the witness sfaod tod.iy by- Emmett T>ix, Inmate of the- Hiilehinson reformatory, al .Melody 's trial for murder Mrs. CooUdge Will Mal$e I Panama Trip N'orthamptiOnj Mass.. ?.Tan. 12. fAP)—After, spe;iding ijiore. than tw:o h<5urs at the bedside of her mother. Mrj. .JLemira ' Goodhue. Mrs. Calvin Coolidge tt^d friends here this* nobnjthat .sheihad found her mother, resting camfonably. She said sb(> V^ould make the trip t6 Cuba with the president.feeling greatly rea ^red over her imoth- ert conditioii. ' London. Jan. 12. f..\P» - Canon I :4 ----- • ; .„...„ Wooilward of Westminster Abbey Washington. .Jan 12. (APr —I in c'lnnee tiem witli .Mis.s Kenny 's announced fciday that the family ejef With Ha4mia as his destloatibn. : death. the late Thomas Hardy would lie • Pr'side.atl Coolidge will leuve here; _ . _ 1 ^ offered a jjlace within the famoiis ; tomorrorwT for a six-day trip which | fUgn^Up-lj,:!! Ajr 'ain I4 burial place of Ensliiiiel'.-. preatest will take him into territory whi. h "^S"'" f, men. for the burial of th'; noted he ha.-, lict penetrated since hei en- novelist, i j'ered tlie? Distress Calls Start Search for Steamship Griffcd,tiirryifig 25 Seattle. Wash.. Jan. 12. (.API- Fears that disaster had overtaken the steamship Griffio, reported in distress presuinably about - .300 miles off the Washington coast, arose today as a dozen radio stations attempted to break through the wall of silence which seem- The Kiiited State? weather : bureau rpportpd a storm in the:approximate vicinity of the Griffco. In her t*o distress catls the OHff- cb faile^fi to transmit her position and -gave- no indication of the'na- ture of\4i^r troiible. BeforV,'daybreak the e -utter Hai- ingly had enveloped the Honolulu- j da of tlje^Cnited States coast-guard bound craft. "The ship carried a, put out.'^of Seattle under forced crew of .24 and one passenger. S.O S calls from the 146.3 ton freighter were intercepted here twice last n'gbt. After the second distress message the radio of the steamer apparently' weat dead.. draught ;lo searcJi for the disti<ess- ed s'teain'er. ? The J-fSsel left Porr TowTisend. Wash :.;'e4rly Tuesday morning, for Honolulu' to enter the Inter-isIand % trade, 1.': • • After Endurance Mark Uoosc v..|i Field: N. K -.-..Jan. 12.— f'larenej" D. f"hainlcriin. trans -Atlantic flier, accompanied by Roger Q. Wiliianis: took off in a Bellanca plaij;^-at 10:12 n. ni. today in att attempt to break the world 's ien- durance flight rec.ord. An attempt was thwartj^d yesterday after-four hours b>- the failure of a t^el pump. More Fine Weather Is Promised Kansks Topeka. Jan. I2. (Af 'i -fCont|n- ued moderate temperatur mostly fair weather for was forecast this morning Ify D. -Flora. meteorologist, cloudiness prevailed over tihe them section, he said, but there was no indication; of rain weather in sight. • :S I abd Kansas S. Soma nor- or i

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