The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 20, 1933 · Page 7
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 7

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, January 20, 1933
Page 7
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THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIAN, FRIDAY, JANUARY 20, 1933 LIBBY'S PARENTS AT HOSPITAL NOWOWED Bank of England Governor, -. 61, Mrs. Worsthorne, 33, to Marry ' (United Preii LMttd Wire) LONDON, Jan. 20.—Montagu Norman, governor of tho Bank of England, Is engaged to marry Mrs, Prls- ollla' Cecilia .Maria Worsthorne, divorced fr&mi Alexander Louis Wynand-Koch .Worsthorne, It was announced today. Norman Is 81 years old 4 , his fiancee 38. Mrs. Worsthorne presented notification of Intended marriage at a London'.registry office late yesterday. The marriage certificate will be Issued to- motfoW; and the marriage may take place- at any time thereafter. 'Norman has been governor of the Bank of England since 1920. He waa described In tho notification of intended-marriage as a "bachelor and privy councilor." Mrs. Worsthorne, an attractive bru- . nette, Is a member of tho l*ndon • 'County Council and an old friend of 'tho Normah family. She lives in the fajlhlfmable Cadogan Square district of Chelsea. • : SPLE1IDROLE Refuses to Escape, Desert , Injured Guard After Motor Accident (Vnltcd Prest Leased Wire) • NAPA, Jan. 20.—Because the spirit of humanity overcame the desire to escape, Jnmos Smith, 24, Son Quentln prison convict, was In tho county Jail here today awaiting return to the penitentiary. He might have escaped when the car In which heSvas riding with S. H. Knudsen, 42, prison guard, overturned on the highway a mile south of here. Knudsen was pinned under the wreckage and Smith was unhurt. But the convict hailed a passing oar and sent word to Napa police. _ ; "I'm due for parole In April," he aaldi "and I want to return to Indiana and work on my father's farm. That's probably the reason I didn't try to escape. But, anyway, I couldn't have gone off and left Knudsen In that wreckage." ' Knudsen Incurred a fractured pelvis and was- under treatment In a hospital here. The guard and prisoner were en route to San Quentln from tho Will- jams road camp whon tho accident occurred. s *•»•• — HO HUM—HELP! DENVER, Jan. 20. — "Ho-hum— iielp!" Is the way Jailer Leslie Heck- kirt expressed himself, 'although he Sneaixt only^'h'O'-hum." Heckart, overborne by n,.gigantic yawn, leaned back •in hit) chair and leaned against the 1>utton to the emergency bell. He soon jhnd the corridors swarming with officers of the law, frantically looking for escaped convicts. MULES DEM AND 25,000 of Sturdy Animals Are Expected to Be Sold During Year (Aitootated Press Leaied Wire) ATLANTA, Qa., Jan. 20. — Old money, no* money, paper money and coins are pouring Into • tho Atlanta Union (Stockyards for mules, some 25,000 of which will be sold during tho present year. Evidence that southeastern farmers have gone down Into the sbok and pulled forth hoarded money with which to buy mules was offered tdilay by Cliff RRgsdalo, prominent Atlanta stockman, Who says Atlanta now rules the world as a mule mart. . The Btockiriaii, son of former Mayor I. H. Rftgsdnlo of Atlanta, suld 26 carloads of the'beasts of burden were lold at the weekly auction January 9 as compared with three cnrlonds on the corresponding day last year. Best of all, mbst buyers pay in .cash. Ragsdule said the Increased demand for mules has been ^marked by correspondingly higher prices. Today's average runs around $100, although good mules frequently bring $150. "Many wo' arc now selling in Atlanta are imported from California, Colorado, Washington and Oregon. In former times Missouri, Indiana, Illinois and Toxns supplied most of the young mules,. but today we look to tho far west for most of those auctioned hero." O'Brien's Successor to Be Named Soon (Associated Prcst Leased Wire) SACRAMENTO, Jan. 20.—Governor olph said ho ,wlll shortly name a omporary director of the state do- urtment of-penology to sorvo until anlol J. O'Brien at present 111' and i Europe feturns. Heretofore the overnor has refused to accept 'Brlon's resignation as director. Work In tho department has been tndered tho governor said, because lore has been no directing heud for ome months. When O'Brien returns o California In March he will bo Im- ortunod to accept the directorship gain, tho governor said. Llbby Holman Reynold!' parents, Mr. and MM. Alfred Holman, here are shown with • chauffeur at they vlelted the Pennsylvania Hospital In Philadelphia to see their daughter and her child. They found that the mother had not yet seen her tiny son, which was being kept In an Incubator a few rooms away from her suite. '8 EXPLAINED BY DOLLAR (Associated Presi Leased Wire) SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 20.— R. Stanley Dollar, president of the Dollar Steamship Lines, said today the liner President Johnson, named In a seamen's union complaint on the alleged Importing of Chinese to serve as her crew, had been chartered to James Boring of New York, head of a tourist agency 'bearing that name. Dollar snld his line had turned over the President Johnson a "bare boat charter" under which the Dollar Line would furnish only Its captain and chief engineer during the life of the NOIED SCIENTIST E agreement, described as covering five months' world cruise. MR. SCHULZE Easy Pleasant Way To ! LOSE FAT t How would you like to lose 15 .pounds of fat In a month and at the Same time Increase your energy and Jmprove your health? ; How would you • like to lose your double chin and your too prominent hips and abdomen and at the same .time make your skin so clean and 'clear that It will compel admiration? Qet on the scales to-day and see liow much you weigh—then get a 'bottle of Kruschen Salts that costs next to nothing and which will last you 4 weeks. Take one half teaspoon- •ful In a glass of hot water in the ,mornlng—cut down on pastry and tatty meats—go light on potatoes, butter, cream and sugar—and when you have finished the contents of this firs? bottle weigh yourself again. ' After that you'll want to walk around and say to your friends, "One .bottle of Kruschen Salts Is worth one hundred dollars of any fat person's •money." : But refuse imitations — safeguard your health—you loso fat SAFELY with Kruschen. Lending druggists America over sell Kruschen Salts—you can always get It at Hughes Drug Store, Nineteenth 'and Chester, Ktmball & Stone, Eastern Drug Co., Service Drug Co.—Adv. Catarrhal Deafness • * Can Be Relieved Persons suffering from catarrhal •deafness or head noises due to catarrh will be glad to know that this distressing affliction can usually be .successfully treated at home by un internal medicine that In many In- 'stances hus effected relief after other treatments have failed. Secure from your druggist ono ounce of Varmint (Double Strength). Tuko this home and udd % pint hot water .and a little sugar. A tablespoonful four times a day should atop dletreae- 'tng catarrhal head noises, Improve "hourlntf, make breathing easier and ^dry up mucous discharge. All catarrh sufferers need Parmlnt.—Adv. (United Frets Leased Wire) EILENSBURO, Germany, Jan. 20.— During the recent election campaign, political meetings were scheduled for the same night by two opposing parties, the Nationalists and the Constitutionalists. It was widely advertised that each group would be addressed by its distinguished Reichstag deputy, Herr Schulze. Tho Nationalist chairman, agog with happy excitement, went to the depot to fetch Herr Schulze. Not knowing the deputy by sight, the chairman located him by name. On the way back to the hotel R strange difference of political opinion arose between the two men. A ghastly suspicion arose In the Nationalist chairman's mind: a question or two confirmed it: There were two Schulzes—one Nationalist and the other Constitutionalist—uml he 4 had got hold of the wrong one! FRENCH SEEK NEWS OF ACTION WINE (United Press Leased Wire) PARIS, Jan. 20. — Tho American Chamber of Commerce In France is bombarded daily with questions by French wlno dealers on the situation In tho United States, and as a result It Is disclosed that export concerns are springing up with mushroom-like rapidity In anticipation' of doing business with a wet America. The special committee established by tho chamber to study the possibilities of exporting wine from Prance to tho United States now finds Its dutUs plentiful. For one thing, the experts being vory careful about advising anonymous exporters whose credentials have not yet been Investigated. Nearly all the mushroom exporters cnll themselves some kind of Franc •>American concern. Since there are reputable houses with the words Franco-American figuring in their letterheads, many of the prospective French customers are not certain just who they are dealing with. French vintners also come to the chamber committee with delicate questions. One dealer, who had been offered a contract for 150,000 bottles of Vouvray (white wine) to be supplied In a single shipmeht'lmmedlately on repeal of. prohibition, was warned that given a shortage of the nono- too-common vintage, the agreement could be cancelled In America. Abbe Georges Lemaitre on Way to Belgium After Pasadena Visit •*Would Tax Solons $5 for Each Bill (United Press Leased Wire) SACRAMfeNTO, Jan. 20.—Assem- ilyman ..John H. O'Donnoll, Woodand, Is all sot to make "govorn- nentnl economy" mean: something. O'Donnell Is.planning to Introduce a >lll to place a $5 fee on all measures ntroducod Into tho Legislature. 'This," he said,, "would either make ho Legislature self-supporting or out ho session to about thruo dn.vs " GRETA 6ARBO TO RETURNJU.S.A. Fnmous Swedish Film Star Will Leave Homelaijd in Week or Two (Associated Prcst Leased Wire) STOCKHOLM, Jan. 20.—Tho glamorous Oreta darbo hasn't said "Ay tank maybo Ay go badk to tho Uftlted States" yet—but It was learned from reliable sources today that she would bo on her way In a week or two. From tho tlmo she loft tho American Hhoro Inst July 31, after her simple farewell to Hollywood—"Ay tank Ay go back to Sweden"—the movld star has bcon as secretive In Europe as sho ever was In tho United States. There was even the unanswered question of whether she over would return to tho country whom she roso to sudden fame and wealth. Sho came over on tho liner Grips- holm and, It she returns on the same line, the next sailing would be on tho DrottliiRholm February <. Confidential sources disclosed she Rev. John B. Silcox, Noted Pastor, Dies (Associated Prett Looted Win) TOHONTO, Jan. SO.—Tho Reverend John 13. Sllcox, 86, who waa a veteran of tho Fenian raids of 1860 and 1870, died In a hospital hore today. Born at Promc, Ontario, ho attended McCllll University nnd tho Congregational College In Montreal. After a pastoral charge In Toronto, ho went to Winnipeg and then to tho United States, where ho hold charges In San Diego and Oakland, Calif. Ho later returned to Montreal, successively go- Ing to JJandalng, Mich., Toronto, Kansas City, Mo., London, Ont., nnd Seattle, Wash. STATE'S CATTLEMEN was experiencing no difficulty In arranging for her return. She spent most of the time quietly with her fum- lly on an Island near here. Later during her visit, sho appeared more often In public, going to tho theaters, shopping nnd riding horses. She appeared In better health. "I shall tell you nothing of my plans," was her plain warnftig whon sho arrived hero and was guided away from a great crowd of welcomcrs by her brother, Sven Gustnfson. (United Pros* Leased Wire) 8ACRAMENTO, Jan. 20.—Checks totaling $102,639 covering Indemnity payi ments due from the state In connection with the foot-und-mouth outbreak In southern California last spring, were mailed by the state department of' agriculture today to tho liog and cattle raisers on whose premises tho outbreak occurred. Tho 62 claimants are located in Orange, Los Angeles and San Bernardino counties. The payment to the Orange county claimants totaled $44,989.32, Low Angeles county claimants $44,781.13, and to tho single San Bernardino claimant, $11,893. According to records of tho department there were 18,747 hogs, 46 head of cattle and 24 goats destroyed In tho 10-day campaign against the outbreak of the disease. In addition to these claims, checks also were mailed covering $936.48 In property claims. Tho payment of these indemnities followed the payment of a like amount by tho federal government. Heavy wire cage, red and orchid. Draw tray . . . swing door . . two feed .cups, and screened. A $2.60 value. EXPLAINS WAR Andorra Seeking to Rival Monte Carlo (United Press Leaned Wire) PARIS, Jan. 20. — Tho governing council of Andorra, smallest republic In the world, wants to go Into the gambling business. The council voted to admit foreign syndicates to establish a casino and muko Andorra tho headquarters for sweepstakes. The decision on whether Andorra may become a rival to Monte Carlo rests with the two coprlnces of the republic, President Lebrun of Prance and tho Bishop of Urgel, of Spain. Both previously have opposed gambling. (United Press Leased Wire) PASADENA, .Tnn. 20.—Tho young Abbe Georges Lemaltro who IB old In wisdom of astronomers nnd physicist? was on his way to his native Bolglum today after four weeks of study amon; California Institute of TerhnnloRy savants who, like the Jovial priest, nr attempting to wrest from naturo th secrets of the universe. Relativity Expert T^emnltre, 'who holds the rhatr c relativity nt tho TTnlverslty of kouvnln 1ms held spirited arguments during th past few weeks with such noted me ns Doctor Albert Klnsteln, "Father Relativity," Doctor Robert A. Mtlllkn of California Tech, whose partlculn field is cnsmlo radlntlon; and Doctor Richard Chase Tolman, the mathemn- tlcian-physlclst, who conceived similar Ideas of relativity from the mathematical standpoint. The young Abbe came to California not only as a scholar but also as a teacher, for he delivered two lectures on his own Intriguing work—the concept of the universe. It is the belief of Lemnltro that tho universe^ came Into being some ten billion years ngo when a primary atom exploded tho disintegrating electrons and rays evolving Into our sun, Its planets, and thousands of millions of other suns and planets. He expressed the belief that the universe we see through the tremendous telescopes developed by modern science, Is Increasing In size just as a soap bubble grows larger. Life Extinct This expansion, he said, Inevitably must draw the galaxies, and their component parts—the suns and the planets—farther apurt, with life becoming extinct on tho earth because In receding from the sun Its necessary heat would diminish. Man's frigid climax, however, is still billions of years distant, he smilingly observed. During his visit here, Lemaltre spoke on science and religion. The two do not conflict he declared. HILLS • Safe, quick relief in • hurry. Take two "HILL'S CASCARA QUININE tablets right a way-follow direction! and watch • i COLDS GO IN A DAY HOARDED GOLD W4 *iy mh ftr ytur >ld unuitbli iild ]••• •Iry tr tontal ttli. 0«l' UNful Mlari fir ytur uMltu urapi *f irmliui Mtali. THE WIOKER8HAM CO. Corner Nineteenth and I Streets We Do N«t Eraplty Oult'dt S»llelt«r» Dry Leader Warns Federal Lawgivers (United Press Leased Wire) WASHINGTON, Jan. 20. — Mrs. Henry W. Peabody, militant chairman of« the woman's national committee for law enforcement, today warned members of Congress, that women arc organizing In "revolt" to turn wet legislators out of office. Declaring tho pending beer bill to be uncpnstltutlonal and a menace to the welfare of 40,000,000 children, Mrs. Peabody said "women citizens throughout the states are In revolt as normal women always are when children are In danger." NOTED BAPTIST DIES WACO, Texas, Jan. 20. (A. P.)— Warwick H. Jenkins, 84, for many years prominent In activities of tho Baptist denomination In Texas uml since 1905 secretary of tho board of trustees of Baylor University, died today. BLAIR APPOINTED WASHINGTON, .Tun. SO. (A. P.) ~ Clyde M. Hlalr, superintendent of Klumath Indian Reservation In Oregon, today \vas uppnlntcd acting superintendent of tho Hunkell Institute at Lawrence, Kun. «-»-* AVIATORS GET MEDALS MEXICO CITY, Jan. 20. — The "Agulln Aztoca" medal, a decoration for foreigners who distinguish themselves In Mexico, was recently conferred on Colonel Joaquln Llzano of the Costa Klcan military air service, Captain Mnrlo Terres Manlor ami Lieutenants Pablo Alonso nnd Rodolfo Herrara, tho Cuban army flyers, nil of whom made goodwill flights to Mexlro from their -respective countries. The medul was created by President General Abelurdo L. Rodriguez after ho took office, and these were tho first awards made. Beware the Cough or Cold that Hangs On Persistent coughs and colds lead to ieriou* trouble. You can stop them now with Creomuliion, an emulsified creosote that is pleasant to take. Creomulslon is a new medical discovery with two-fold action; it soothes and heals the inflamed membranes a»d inhibits germ growth. Of all known drugs, creosote is recognized by high medical authorities as ono of the greatest healing agencies for persistent coughs and colds and other formi of throat troubles. Creoraulsion contains. in addition to creosote, other healing elements which soothe and heal the infected membranes and stop the irritation and inflammation, while the creoiote goes on to the stomach, is absorbed into the blood, attacks the seat of the trouble and check* the growth of the germs. Creomulslon Is guaranteed satisfactory in the treatment of persistent coughs and colds, bronchial asthma, bronchitis and other forms of respiratory diseases, and is excellent for building up the system after colds or flu. Money refunded if any coughorcold, no matter of howlongstand ing, is not relieved after taking according to directions. Askyour druggist. (Adr.) The Japanese explanation of the present fighting between Japanese and Chinese forces In North China wai given to Secretary of State Stlmson by Japanese Ambassador Kataujl Debuchl who Is shown leaving the plate department. CAR COST DOWN The wholesale value of the average passenger car dropped 191!) to $540 in 1032. Indigestion, Gas, Pains TF you're troublcc •*• with distress from stomach — gas, am your blood needs en riching, there's notli ing so good as Dr Piercc's Golden Medical Discovery Read what Mrs Janette Frazier oi 2428 Union Ave.. 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