The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on July 20, 1894 · Page 7
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 7

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, July 20, 1894
Page 7
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' Cattail Scntiuf DAttT ALL HOME PRINT. t Tun gftHifNBt Is tile only newspaper lu Car- Nil county that Is printed all at home and It con •ainsmore local and count; tiewn than any othe •two papers in this county. PoWKTIS & COLCLO FRIDAY, ittjtY. 20, 1894. PEOPLE AND EVENTS. BliDpers at Moore a. Fine shoes repaired at Moore's. Best shoe blacking at Moore's. Tbe best $1.00 work shoes at Moore's. To rent, a seven room house on nortl side. J. A. McNeil Pabst's Hotbrati beer always on tap a Henry Theirs*. Window screens and screen doors a Martin & Clovis'. Wire door mats with vour name wove in, at Martin & Olovis'. Supervisor Sexton was In the city yes terday looking nfter county business. FOB BAI,B,—We have soino first claa baled hay for sale.—Letts, Fletcher Co Halbur is rejoicing over a good show er of rain which fell yesterday afternoon Inquire prices on screen doors auc windows and Hocking Valley cot I a Joyce's. Babv carriages for sale at cost a Woodring's furniture store for a few • days only. Ben Edwards, of Dedham, was in th • city today looking up his chances fo supervisor. Pimples, bolls and other humors of the blow • are liable to break ont In the w»rm weather Prevent It by taking Hood's ssrsaparllla. Jud Woodring returned Thursday ev eniog after a few days' absence lookin for hay to purchase. The Nevada Grays failed to put in a appearance this afternoon and the Star Will play tbe bicycle club. For jaundice and liver complaint, Ay er's Pills are better than any other. The do not contain a particle of calomel. Do not spoil your shoes with inferlo dressings, but if vou would like some thing good and nice, you will find it a Moore's. Ten dollars to all part of England • Ureat reduction in steamship tickets ill part in the world. Call at once Moses Simon. The King's Daughters will give n loin on sociable at the residence of H. W Macomber next Wednesday evening July 25. Mrs. U. 8. Heffelflnger and daughter returned from Lake View last evening They had been for the past ten days en . joying the pleasures of that resort. "Be sure you get Ay er's" Is an import ant caution to all in search of a thorough ly-rellablo olood-puriflm-, Ayer's Sarsapa rllla being the one on which there can b no manner "f doubt. It has stood the tes .of nearly half a century, and has Ion • been considered the standard. C; H. Flenker, of Washington town ahip, was a citv visitor yesterday. H •Will prove a strong man in the conven ' tion for the nomination for supervisor. Toe waior w jrke committee coatractei with Dexter Bros, last evening to sink an eight inch well. Tbe price paid i • one dollar and forty cents per foot. Th • contractors begin bearing Monday. (Then traveling) whether on pleaaue bent, or business, take on every trip abot tie of Syr up of Figs, as It acts most pleas autly and effectually on tbe kidneys, live and bowels, preventing fevers, headache and other form* of sickness. For sale in • We. and 91 bottles by all leading druggists Manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Oo. only. It rained all around us yesterday, and while we were slighted in tbti respect we got in on the ground floor for a gom cool breeze and a much lower temperature. UN. N. M. Ruggandson, ot Manning pasted through tbe city today enrouto for Lake View, where thev are going to enjoy an outing with Conductor Campbell's family. W. B. Nelson, who U In the drug bunl- ness at Kingville, Mo., has so much confi deuce lu Chamberlalu'8 colic, cholera and diarrhoea remedy that tie warrants every bottle and offers to refund the money to any customer who lit not satisfied after 40 Ing it. Mr. Nelson takes no rlak lu doing this because the remedy is a certain CUM for the diseases for whloh It Is intended and he knows it. U in for sale by J, IF. Hatton, druggist. A. W. Miller, of Irwin, wai in the oily ' overnight visiting iclallyes and old frlendi. lie, says (hat the corn crop ii not suffering BO badly at it la up lull way. Clerk Kennobeok iuued a marriage license yesterday to P. H. Knulzeu and HIM Au»a K. Berthing of Manning. This It the first official business of Ibis kind that the clerk uai been called upon to perform for some davt- A horse kicked U. B. SUafer, of the Freemyer bouse, Mlddloburg, N. V., ou the knee, which laid hiut up tubed andoauaed the kuet) joint to become stiff. A friend woQinuiouded uiiu to use Uhamberlalu's naiu balm, wblul) he did, »uU iu two days was able to bu around. Mr. Sbafer has re- commanded It to nmuy others and says It U excellent for any kind ot a bruise or sprain. This sumo remedy is aUu famous for it* euros of rheumatism. For vale by J, W, Uftttou,druggist. U rained just enough yesterday to de- laouiirate the fact Ui».l »ome people are poor weather prophets. For instance, neighbor Wooclriug, who IB considered (food authority on fuaerftls, politic* sod weather, placed a wager yesterday afternoon that it Would not rain in three days. In less than two hours We had his cart wheel dangling at out belt. Mr. Woodring will now confine his prognostications to the success of the People's party, and will BO doubt meet with some dlacoiiraglng results. The poets sing ot a fountain whose waters bring bftck lost routli, But nu one b»g ever lound It. Btlll there's a g ermot truth e dreamer's fable ot fancy, tor tbote etlstg today A <lrntigi:t thut banishes sorrow and drives despair amr from women wlwie lives bnvo become a burden, on account ot diseases to which women alone are subject. The well known "Favorite Pre- sorlptlon" prcpiired br l>r. Pierce m»y not be able to bring buck youth when It has flown, but It win restore lost health, and thit will brio happiness, and so the draught Is as magical I Its effect as the fountain otyouth was fabled t be. Mm. OATHARIHB E. Nioit.r, of tndr, Wetze Oo.,W. Vs., writes: "Alter taking rout Dr Pierce'* Favorite Prescription, t find I am entire Ir cured ot 'female complaint.' I return m moat sincere thanks to Dr. Pierce for my cure. SOME SPLH1ND1D LOANS MADE BY OUH BUILDING AND LOAN AS BOCtATION. — SBMI ANNUAL DIVIDEND DECLARED. Ths board of directors of the North' western Building and Loan Association of Carroll met at tbe office of the si ere tary and allowed the following loans this 20th day of July: Bredn, Uurroll county $ 8C Breda, Carroll count; 7( Ir win, Shelby county 1& Irwlu, Shelby county 8! Manning, Carroll county Manning, Carroll county Manning, Carroll county 2( Manning, Carroll county Manning, Carroll county 2f (irlswold, Caes county (X tirlairold, Cass county Perry, Dallas county M Perry, Dallas county.,.. 40 Adalr, Adalr county .. 860 Audnbju, Audubon county <X lAudubon, Audabon county 11 Audubon, Audnbon county 1! Audubon, Audubon couuty 2H Oowrle, Webster county 16C Ida Grove, Ida county 225 IdiiUrove, Ida county 6M Carroll, Carroll county GO Onawn, Mouona county 21 Odebolt, S«c county 6C Odobolt, 8»c connty 260 Harlau, atialbf county II Uutbriv Center, (iuthrle county 1(M 10,80 Also declared a semi-annual dividen of 7} per cent, payable Aug. 1,1804. $1OO Reward, $1OO. The readers of this paper will be pleased to learn that there Is at least one dreaded disease that science has been able to cure In all Its stage •>'dth«tl8catnrrb. Hall's catarrh cure Is th o'jly positive cure now known to the medic* fraternity. Catarrh being a constitutional dli ease, requires a constitutional treatment. Hair catarrh cure l» taken Internally, acting direct! upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the eys tern, thereby destroying the foundation of tb disease, and giving tbe patient strength b building uu th« constitution and assisting na ture In doing Its work. The proprietors hav so much faith In Its curative powers, that the offer one hundred dollars (or any case that : allB to cure. Send for lint ot testimonials. Address F. J. CHENEY 4 CO., Toledo, O. IVSold by druggists, 75c. NEWS TOLDNN__*/FEW WORDS. Oklahoiuans are experiencing intense! hot weather, the thermometer registerln 190 degress. Edward Grampettlner was arrested In New York for the abduction of a Leaven worth, Kan., girl. Masked men shot and mortally woundec Albert Hanhauso of Leo, Ind. No motlv for tbe crime is known. The Illinois Federation of Labor baa been called to meet for a political conference at Springfield. Three lines have been forced to abandon their track* at East Atchiton on accoun of encroachment by the river. Chauncey M. Depew in highly pleased over tbe prospective passage ot the amendment to the interstate commerce law permitting pooling. Michael Foley, 91 yean old, was killed in his homo at Guilford, UU., by falling downstair*}. J. A. Muury, a photographer at Mar- tlunville, Ind., has mysteriously diaap peared, leaving his family destitute. William Q. Greene, a lifelong associate of Lincoln and Yates, died at Tallula UJs,, aged 89 years. Hood's Made Her Young 1 Again. Coon KAI-IIM, I*., July 8, 18M.-I b»«« never taken any m»4l«lneoqu«l laUoo<r*Sar»«p*rll)« After taking two thirds of a bottle of It I was a new woman In my feelings, snd 1 fell as younj aii when I was eighteen although I am now loily five yean old. I old'not atop taking until I bad taken almost three bottles and now I have gooc bfttltbaud bolleve I ouu do at much work as »nj woman In town, _ NANOK Kiotuu, Hood's fill* oure *luk headaobo. __ Rich & Todd are uow ready to deliver ice. Thuy duslre the patronage of their old customers and all others who are In uttod of first class Ice and prom pi delivery. We guarantee satisfaction. Leave orders at Todd & McAllister's uucb room. Hum & TOUD. Bl'KCIAL. Your choice of twenty-five pattern* of Trouserings mado toordor, fo.SU to $7.50 regular prices, fS.flO to f 18 00. We must close tueso gocvls, and you will map the ttmutit. UOSKB SIMON of the Famous. Ice season has now begun and the wag iu In uow out. Leave your order* at (be iflJco of A. U. Quint or M. Simon's store Payroll Market Report COKN-80 OAT8-260 HOGS-M.OOto4.8S I'OTATOEH -- UUTTKU-lBo . , KOGS-To Tlw Tyler OlUue VUtur« Co., of 81. Uouls, uv« Just lunuod their alautmotb Husk suu auk Counter oatttlaguu for JSSM, showing u«w oodi, MWitylw eo inutoU) in wwy detail, and priced fur bvlow nil urorluus Isiues. VMr uoU« are woll kuowu uud sold freely all ovtir u« worlvl. u«uk ovuutcr* and «ov«rout«iit il tt «u«olalty, Buuil for »tii(D 8 uuuu. • THE BRITANNIA AND THE PRINCE. Tha victorious America's cup defender Vigilant has at last more than met her match in the Britannia, owned by His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales. The Britannia seems by fnr u better bout than her American rival. CORRESPONDENCE. I Correspondents, to Insure the publication ot their letters In the weekly, must mall them BO they will reach our office Wednesday.) CA8X. LIOBBTF AND BtTOK RUN. No rain vet. Young Moore's well ia finished. It ia one hundred and sixty feat deep. Rev. Hnghea baa gone to South Dakota to visit his wife's mother who has been at the point ot death fo^ some time. John Lasher has an abundance of water sixty feet, and with his "Eater- prise" finds life easier Tbe time ot oioaing the tabernacle meetings has again been postponed Rev. 0: A. Carlson will conduct them during tbe week. Rev. James Hugh ia expeoted to be back by Sunday. A facetious man aaya bia hens bav "struck." No wonder. We do not how any well informed, self respecting hen can continue in tbe business at pros ent price*. Peddlers have been uousnally plentiful persistent and insolent ot late. We in teud to "be courteous" to all but do no consider that we are obliged to bay each, or any, imitation Meerschaums brass jewelery or nostrums warranted oure every disease, from a disinclination to work, to consumption inita last stag) July 17. JIM. PLiABANI BILL. Rev. Neleon delivered an eieellen sermon at No. 8 last Sabbath. OetUe are baing turued into the road to tod and are getting vary thin now. Dave Bnrkbard and wife, of Dedham attended services laat Sunday No. 8. E. Usabaogb, of Oarrollton, lost a valuable oow laat weak from a aand found •r. R»v. Hayden visiud one evening las week with £. II. Baybuok of tba Bill. We learn that "Dad" Byerly will die POM ot bis property her* and move to Oklahoma. A move ia being nude to organize Sunday school at Spring branch, which should b« ot iuleieel to all. Tha millet orop to help ont tha bay supply is not auob a suooeei as was ex peoledj there will ba rsry little seed tbia tall. "Grandpapa" Olark bu not been feeling wry well reosatlf aad na« gone tbis w*«k to spaod a tow daya OVM iu Uoion township, Rev. Hayden went to DM Moioes Ibis week to attend a miuiaUre' meeting. O. Jaokly, of Illinois, has been visiting in Fieaaaot Hill today with Mr. A. Bsd- tord laal week. Mrs. E Hibble, ot Oarrolltoo, visited laaf Sunday iuOairoli with bar daughter, MIB.J. J. MoMabon. John OOUUM and wife, of Union town- snip, visited last Sunday with Mr. Sam'l Byerly. A. Bedford, ot the Valley, was bled to ibe amount ot 130 tbia week by some one leaving bis pasture gate open. We learn liwl Wm. MoOurdy we* offered 1800 for the hay^ slough, but would not let il go even for laal price. "Uuole" Oyrua llnonds bat been quite •able of late; end at present writing is no! able to leave bia chair and is kepi in be open air all Ibe lime OB aooouut ot aflooating spalls, The present corn orop prospect, aaia presented to Ibe practical farmer, is osiuiuly discouraging; general opinion wye that (bere oauuol be aooru orop, at beel Iwo.tbirde it a good rain oorae* Ibis week. The oata orop ia being eaved bet- than most farutwe anticipated. SANTA. Stage Life. In a curious paper in The Forum R. de Cordova goes behind the scenes and tells what he knows of the average ao tor's life. The tale is almost enough to make one prefer street cleaning as a means of livelihood. Everything 1 is laid bare, from the filthy dressing rooms of the stage to the .iron contracts with which managers hold average actors bound. Ac tors cannot appear before the public till they get a manager. If they would cul ttvate commercial talent, they could manage themselves, but not one actor in 20 has cultivated his commercial talent The actor signs a contract with the manager. In that it is always stipulated that if the manager finds the actor incompetent or careless, or if he breaks tbe "rules" laid down, then the manager may at any moment annul the contract This contract is not worth tho paper 11 is written on. The manager may at any time trump np incompeteuoy or carelessness as an excuse for discharging player he wishes to get rid of. Another grievance is the wretchedly filthy and comfortless holes, miscalled dressing rooms, that are behind the scenes. De Cordova draws a haunting picture of them. In one theater he knew of the only water in these rooms was held in battered old lard cans. The stages of some of the leading theaters oi the country are disgracefully dirty. In Chicago De Cordova delicately made inquiry once how of ten the stage of a certain theater was scrubbed. He was told in reply that it was never washed. The janitor did not have time to do that Oh, Chicago! The average pay of the successful actor below the grade of star is not above $1,300 a year. Out of this he must pay hotel bills and all but mere traveling transportation in ordinary day oars. He must clothe himself handsomely and lay by enough to keep him during tho idle, months of the summer vocation. When all tbis in reckoned up, it looks as if the private individual who gets |16 a week tho year round is better off than the ordinary actor. Mr. de Cordova believes the grievance* of theatrical people will never be remedied until they form an iron clad actors' union and force theatrical managers to treat them like free born whito people. Orapo Sirup. A new article of food promises to be soon before the public. It is grape sir- up, and it is altogether delicious. After the first crop of Muscat grapes in Cali ferula ia disposed of there comes the second crop of smaller ones and oullingg. What to do with this has been a problem. Borne of the grapes were dried uud put on the market as second class raisins. If they were any moro second class than those the majority of eastern consumers are already fed on, It is to bo hoped they will be made into oitlior sir- up or a bouftre. At <tuy ruto, experiments have buuii making for several youra i>n»t in 11101)1- ods of reducing grujio juice to grui>u sirup for the table, to be used a* maple and cune sirup is. Tlumo ux- perirneuts have at lungth boon successful, uud wo may soon expect tho new product to bo put U{X)n the market. It lias not tho thick and intense sweetness of cane sirup and sugar, which make those products bad for ueople with livers. It has tho Huvor of tho Muscat grape. The second crop of this grape, from which tho sirup is made, contains over 80 per cent sugar. Tho grape sirup will be more healthful than tho ovcr- swoet ciuie sirup is. liiplu sirup istlisHiipeariiiK among the good thiiiUM that were. Orupe sirup is ho only tiling good enough to taku its i>lucu, Tlnu'u is uiio jHiiul, howtivur, to which wo inviiu I ho ivuilur'h uUuntiou leforu (Iri>i>i>iiiK this «wivt Uijuu, Grape rupuau bn ummit'uotuml 1'or 40 cents gdlloii—.'i doh ami heavy article, we are told. We wre toM iiuuiuiliutely after hat wholu.Mile dealers sell it at fti.gG a [ulloji. ii Uas kiiul of cumiiieruiul bust- less lui.s nut u U'luU'iicy to make nalluu- lUts uf jjvuiilo whu out, uue would wiau » Wildly imjuiro wliut would have. What Voting Has to Do With tt. ttovV matiy of the thousands who have been active iu the disastrous labor strikes of this summer have had a glimmering of what voting has to do with striking? Those men constitute the great body of voters at our anunnl elections. They must know, if they stop to think of it, that they are numerous enough to secure any legislation they desire, even to giving every mail 40 acres and a mule. They have the power in their own hands to do all things. This power, distorted, destructive and desperate, cornea to the surface iu times of labor disturbances and shows how great it is. The strikers say: "The government—nobody will give us satisfaction. We are not paid enough. Let us revenge ourselves. The government is owned body oud bones by the rich. Great corporations have congress trotting like a little dog at their heels, aiixions to do their bidding, get a bone flung to it and lie down. Let us burn, tenr, blow np, kill.'' Instead of this tho strikers should saj to themselves: "We elect the members of congress. We would be ashamed to tell how many of us sell our votes for cash, for sums ranging all the way from $6 to f lOd We said openly that we didn't core a copper who got elected, eo we could make some money out of tho election. If the legislation is against us, it is onr own fault We are a little bit meaner and lower down than any bloated capitalist or legislator alive today, for we sold our votes to elect the men who were vile enough to buy votes. We deserve, all legislation that is hostile to us, and more, too, and we shull be sure to get it so long as we ore willing to sell our ballots. The men who buy our ballots are in turn bought up by tbe big capitalists and do their bidding. If we chose, we could at any time elect to office men who could not be bought But so long as we ourselves can be bought we do not deserve anything better. Let us take our medicine." Foreign Vtew of Onr Labor War. The farther away from a scene of difficulty and trouble one is the more decided opinions he often has concerning it Thus foreign newspaper editors know more about the cause of onr strike and its remedy than we ourselves do. The London Telegraph has its say on the situation in the following paragraph. It is to be observed that The Telegraph's editor does not write iu an unkind or sneering spirit He says: Whit we are beholding In the United States Ii tho Nemesis of old sins among tbe American people. Overborne by tbe Immigration of motley aliens, thu native population baa abdicated to the adventurers and noisy rascals wuo lead them all in command of national and municipal government. The brand and Infamy of the tyranny of euch bodies as Tammany are stamped pnly too plainly upon the life of the great Mid fioble country, tiicre turkS in this a dark lesson for all civilized governments. The same thing Is happenim? on a small scale here. Respectable America la waking In earnest, and the rest of civilization will do well to follow the eiample. Decidedly uncomfortable it must be to the lawmakers of Washington to have that fashion started of delegations of undignified and not overclean coruinon men visiting the oapitol by the thousand to lay petitions before them. Coxey started the fashion, and it seems as though it will never have had its run. Now It is nu army of mixed pickles from all quarters in detachments, 100 or more at a time, and running through the greater part of a month. Again it is an army' of miners who actually want to interfere with the sacredly slow process of legislation and hurry np some measure they think will help them. If this thing keeps up, life will soon be not worth living to members of congress and presidents. About 135,000 passengers, including steerage and all, sail from America to Europe annually. Over half a million come annually from Europe to the United States. But nearly three-fourths of all those who go from America to Europe travel by cabin passage, while three-fifths of those who come from Europe to tho United States travel by steerage. There is a differenca In a few years a goodly number of the steerage people will be going back by cabin passage to visit their friends. A crank named Frederick Max Toepfer was arrested in Philadelphia for writing threatening letters to President and Mrs. Cleveland. When examined, it was fomid that he had delusions on the labor question and was suffering from physical weakness. Both the delusions and the weakness in this pitiful case were caused by "wont of nutrition, '' Most people would have delusions on the labor question under the circumstances, An American girl, Miss Klnmpke ot Ban Francisco, is attached to the astronomical observatory at Paris. All herself she has mode a map of the starry sky which has been highly praised by the French astronomers for its accuracy. Ik took au American girl to show the French what a woman can do. A financial writer congratulates the country that there could not be a financial panic this summer in any case. Yes, but the only reason is that the old panic has become chronic. A'.anesota's supreme court decided in favor of the Republicans in the contest for control of the municipal assembly of bt. Paul. CLEARING SALE COMMENCING TOMORROW :j( ^ AT GUILD'S NEW DRY CMOS S1QRF OUR stock!too large at this season of the year, we have decided to reduce it just oue-half. In order to do so we shall CUT PRICES RIGHT AND? LEFT. As every one already knows that we are headquarters in Carroll for low prices we will still make them lower and guarantee to save you 25 cents on every $1.00 you purchase of us. 10; " 5; " Here arc a Few of onr Biinralns t Very Fine Tennis Flannels, worth 8$; sale price Best Shirting Prints, ( Spragues andMerrimnoka) Fast Colored Gheffouette I Dress Lawns f Lawns and Challies, i New Patterns | Imported Dotted Swiss ) <t <JK Beautiful Designs f - &; Imported French Jatxxmete, " 25; •JO pieces Cassiuiere Impriuee, " 30; All our French Penangs, " 15; Good Apron Ginghams, " 6; All our Fine Pongees, " I2i; All our Ribbons, Laces, Veilings, Hosiery, Underwear, Bed Spreads, Toilet Soaps, Handkerchiefs, and •— '-NOTIONS— «—• • go at sweeping reductions. We intend to make every one remember GUILD'S FIRST SEMI -ANN UAL CLEARING SALE if dry goods bargains will do it. will pay you to bo on hand early if you wish liittt uhoioo. afll III r VI V I be M 1>UY UOODH '» Bluiou'* Glotlituir ttt

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