Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on November 8, 1955 · Page 11
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 11

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 8, 1955
Page 11
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Dial PA-2 : 4600 for a WANT AD Taker EVENING 'TIMES. CUMBERLAND. MD., TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 8, 1955 • ELEVEN- -.35' IIa worth's Counsel By Mail Editor's Note: Bridegroom tensely disapproves his bride's campus chore of performing with college band DEAR'MARY HA WORTH: My daughter was married last June, soon after being graduated from high school. Her husband is a junior in college, where she'is a freshman this fall—on a scholarship given her for outstanding grades and extra-curricular ac- j-^vity.- ' ) 'Since entering" college, Ann was chosen one of the top performers with- the university band—hence the problem. She is carrying a light schedule of studies, but does all her housework and laundry, in addition to some wage earning. Her favorite chore, the one she most enjoys, is marching with the: band at school games. ; However, her husband wants her; to give up the band chore and, because she refuses, he says she loves it more than she loves him. ^That's all she told me). When we were- there recently he wouldn't go to the game because she was performing; and the tension between them was noticeable. It seemed juvenile to me, but I kept my thoughts to myself. Mother Seems To Favor Girl I would like to help them both, as neither can do good, work if there is a mental block, so to speak. I gave up all my clubs years ago, because my husband griped at my activities. .Now I feel dull and uninteresting, and although I could rejoin them, I have lost incentive. To me, outside interest are a must! I am wondering if there is a course on family life at'their university, that might give-them a better slant- on things? My daughter doesn't mind her husband's going to poker parties or fraternity meetings. She is happy for him to have some outside activity; he works too. : • The band -takes her away, from home only for Saturday afternoon Lions Club Planning Christinas Tree Sale The Cumberland Lions Club will sponsor a Christmas tree sale on December 16, 17 and 18,and have a party for children on December 19. The dates were selected at a meeting of the board of directors. A report listed 18 eye cxamiria tions and 14 pairs of glasses for needy school children during October. The directors re-elected William R. Carscaden chairman of the sports car races. Getting ready for Christmas? Court Upholds Assault Conviction HAGERSTOWN WV-The Circuit Court has backed up a magistrate's conviction of 28-year-old William Jacobs of Williamsport, given 90 days in jail for assaulting 3 30-year-old Negro man. The victim of the assault. Jack; Price of \Villiamsport, said he was attacked by Jacobs, Wallace Byers and Claude Turner on Oct. 1 at his place of employment the day after a fight with one of them; in a tavern. Magistrate Jesse Shank said in, sentencing all three to 90-day! terms that the incident "couldj easily have caused a race riot."! _ l Colchester, in Essex. Britain's! oldest recorded town, dates from about 40 A.D., and is said to have been the home of the mythical | Old King Cole. j One of fhe easiest ways to be prepared for Christmas, emergencies or the future is to have a Liberty 7rust Savings Account. Open yours this week. 1 You'll be glad to know that you can open your 1956 Liberty Trust Christmas Club •on Monday, November 21! CUMBERLAND IONACON1NG Member Fed. Deposit Ins. Corp. Member Fed. Renrve Syilem NO DOWN PAYMENT WITH AN "LB" CHARGE ACCOUNT! BRIGHTEN YOUR HOME FOR THE COMING HOLIDAYS WITH ... Alexander-Smith "Keepsake" Rugs -^. . . AT LB'S NEW BUDGET PRICES games. The'band will be making two trips out of town, and Ed can always go too—either with hisj boss, or in his own car. f hate to see their marriage get off to a bad start, and would appreciate your advice. ... . G. Y. Bride Lacks * Social Sense DEAR G. Y.: It is difficult to in-j ject saving doses of good taste and | good sense into the thinking of a person who hasn't an innate grasp of such things. And, as I see this hassle, Ann is offending against good sense and good taste, in cavorting with the band—on parade and game days—when her iridegroom husband deplores the pectacle. I grant you there may be no isrrn, per se, in that kind of.fro- icking. If Ann were a single girl, she might perform with the band as a lark, loving the chore, and still remain above criticism. But as a wife, and particularly as a mde, she certainly" should have her husband's full consent, before making a public show of herself, n circus-type garb, as it were. To be frank—and let's face it- Ann's chore with the band (blue- pencilled, at your request) really consists. in flaunting herself to loliday crowds in a show-off routine, scantily clad. 'Therefore t seems" to me quite understandable that a' husband who really cares about her, in a protective cherishing way, mindful of the cynicism of'the unconcerned, would be profoundly chagrined by, and immovably opposed 'to, such a display. Marriage Is In Jeopardy It is easy to argue that Ed is just being jealous or narrow. And that narrow persons are never happy and others can't please them. And that outside interests are "musts" in keeping a marriage healthy, etc. All of which could be true. But even so, anybody with adult understanding of the psychology of marriage, and anybody with a smidgen of moral awareness,' will sympathize with Ed's shamed indignation in this particular matter. . . The oneness of marriage has to do with the privacy and exclusive ness of interpersonal relatedness And the individual person is an indivisible blend, of body and spirit. As with the body, so -with the spirit, one might say. Thus when Ed sees his bride doing acrobatics in the spotlight, in de fiance of his wishes, he is justi :ied in wondering just how much (or what kind) of a marriage he las. * Ed las a problem in Ann's im maturity and childish greed fot collegiate fun. And his hostile baf- lement increases their difficulty They are" married greenhorns .argely unprepared to make es sential adjustments; consequently they are pulling apart, before :hey've had time to grow together To find help for them, inquire of. the Family and Children's Service in the town through which you write. Or consult the Community Mental Hygiene Clinic there.—M. H. ' Mary Haworth counsels only through her column, not by mall or personal "Interview. Write her In care of The Evening Times. Copyricht, 1955, The Washington Post Distributed by King Features Syndicate When Pennies Count., Count on the P. S. FAMILY BRAND 100% PURE COFFEE AG DO BAG 3-LB. BAG . . . $1.79 Dill PICKLES CHASE t SA.NBORN INSTANT COFFEE 49c 2-Ox. Jdr ARMOUR'S LARD 2 c ± 33c Fancy Pink SALMON ct59c MORRELL'S PRIDE S MD. GOLD SWEET PICNICS POTATOES 29c , b i 4 lb ,23c PUBLIC SERVIC FOOD MARKET: 26 N GEORGE STREET AND CRESAPTOWN Don't leave your * dream kitchen on the pillow! Bring your dreams of a colorful Formica kitchen to us and we'll make them come true. If the details are hazy in your mind, we can design a brand new- dream right before your eyes. We use genuine Formica and offer a large selection of colors and wood grain patterns. Formica is unharmed by boiling water, fruit acids, alcohol and cleaning alkalies. It wipes clean with a damp cloth and lasts for years and years. COA4f IH SOON AND LETS TALK IT OVER. The South Cumberland Planing Mill Company Queen St. at B&O R, R. DIAL PA 2-2600 LAUNDRY-RATING Tells how only GAS delivers enough hot water to ANY automatic washer for CONTINUOUS operation Today'* automatic washers are wonderful the way they can take load after load. But any woman knows that if there isn't enough hot water... clothe* are going to be dull and gray. Laundry-Rating is the new, easy way to make mre you get enough 160 degree* hot water to keep any automatic washer made going continuously, load after load. So, if you want to enjoy sparkling bright, wonderfully white clothes . .. you want a Laundry-Rated Gas Water Heater. Only Gas can provide you with unlimited hot water, fast, efficiently, and economically. •As recommended by the Ellen H. Richards Institute of Penneylrania State University and Good Housekeeping Institute Property Purchased Clarence W. Skinner and Barbara A. Skinner, his wife, have purchased a property on Third Street in LaVale from John H. Main and Mary L. Main, his wife. 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