The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 20, 1933 · Page 6
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 6

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, January 20, 1933
Page 6
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•'./'•'' "V» -jf'-. -fW*'V ; »'<^ ; ,,. v ...^ V,;^','V THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNTAX,' FRIDAY, JANUARY 20, 1033 Mnusemen "FAST LIFE" IS OPENING AT FOX High-Powered Craft Shown j in Thrilling Races ! at Cntalinu ; As «. distinct departure from enervating "drawing room 1 drama," tho lightning fast motorboat thriller, "Fast Life," Is offered on tho Fox screen today and tomorrow with an exceptionally strong cast headed by •William Halnes and Madge Evans. '- Scenes of the boat races filmed nt Catnllna Island and In the Los Angeles harbor show high-powered craft pbundlng over tho waves at close to 300 mites per hour, Camera* were mounted on speedboats to follow the racers, which gives the spectator the same effect as though he were actually riding In the race. The picture Is based on K J. Rath s novel, "Let's Go," dealing with the adventures of two motorbont mc- ohanlcs who are determined to enter their boat In International competition. The various complications in which they become Involved are worked out through a. blend of comedy and drama that Is packed with surefire entertainment. William Halnes portrays "Sandy, 1 the mechanic-Inventor who develops plans for the new engine. Cliff Edwards has u hilarious comedy role us Halnes' assistant who Is continually bawling things up throughout the picture. Madge Evans Is oast ns the daughter of a racing boat builder who ruins himself financially trying to build craft for the international races. 1 The all-star cast also features Conrad. Nagel, Arthur Byron. Wai-burton Gamble, Kenneth Thomson, Albert <»ran and Ben Hendrlcks. EACH TO HIS TASTE • CHICAGO, Jan. 20. (A. P.)—The burglar who robbed the West End Pet Shop had discriminating Ideas. He stole: one monkey, nn opossum, four Japanese "spinning" mice, and 25 "hooded" mice. Two thousand other animals were left behind, Including HEADS CAST FED OF CHARGES COMING TO NILE SUNDAY (United Prenf Leaned Wire) HAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 20.—Dorothy Burgess, Hlngo mid screen actress was freed of manslaughter charges today when Itjvlo Mnnfredl refused to prosecute her for the death of hl daughter, Louise, 17, In un automo bile accident December 22. Tears welled Into her eyes when she thanked Manfredl. Charges were dismissed after police said they could not bo pressed unless Mnnfredl signed the complaint. Miss Burgess' car collided with one In which Miss Manfredl was riding. Police claimed Miss Burgess failed to stop before entering' an arterial highway, and she was charged with manslaughter. »-•-* COMEDIAN TO WED DALLAS, Texas, Jan. 20. (U. P.)— John P. Hearno, known to stage, screen and radio followers as "Moran" 'Scarlet Dawn" and "Hello Trouble" Arc Booked for Two Days One of tho finest casts of tho year s seen in "Scarlet Dawn," Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.'s new starring vehicle or Warner Bros, which plays today md tomorrow at tho California Ihea- .er. Co-starred with the popular Fairbanks Is this romantic story of Russion post-revolutionary days, IB Nancy Carroll, always u film favorite, and who has one of her greatest rolos in :hls adventure story. A third member ot tho big cast Is Mlyan TiiKliinan, known HS one of tho best dressed, women In Hollywood. A long list of supporting players Includes Knrlo Fox, Frank Relcher, Sheila Terry. Betty Gillette, Richard Alexander, Arnold Korff, Maurice Ulack, Ivan Ltnow and a host of other favorites. The other feature on this double program In "Hello Trouble," one of those daredevil Buck Jones films. Jones plays the part of Jeff Douglas, who quits the Rangers to find pence and quiet on an Arizona ranch. When he gets there, however, he finds more excitement than he over encountered as a Ranger. IS FEATURED AT RIALTO The exotic oriental dances of Dorothy Burgess, In her conventional role of the scantily clad half-caste girl are among the many entertaining features of "Out of Singapore," the gripping Goldsmith action epic of the China Seas which Is plnylng today and tomorrow at the Rlalto theater. Others FffiMDOM'S PRETTIEST SISTERS Star Seen in "McKenna of the Mounted"; Scores New Success 'MdKonna of the-Mounted," the latest fast-action Buck'-Jones Columbia production, Is the' current attraction, at the Rex theater. Buck Jones plays tho part of Sergeant Tom Mo- Keniirt of tho Canadlqn Mounted Police, who sacrifices his position and his' reputarton In order to track down a gang of outlaws and their crafty lender. Ho goes through the depths of Ignominy and takes risks galore, but "gets his man" and promotion to a high office, Greta Granstedt, Miles Welch, "Jtimes Flavin, Mltchel- Lewis, Walter Mc- Grall, Ralph Lewis and Claude King play supporting roles. DOUBLE BILL RUTH CHATTERTON A» "FRISCO JENNY" of Moran and Mack, blackface comedy m the cast are Noah Beery, the star: team, will be married In Mexico next I Miriam Seogar, George Walsh, Montagu Love, • and James Charles Hutchison directed. week to Miss Mamie Harrison, Dallas. 19, ot TODAY and TOMORROW CONTINUOUS, 2;30 TO 11:00 Smashing All World's Records for Speed . . . Laughs . . . Thrills! CONRAD NAGEL ARTHUR BYRON CUFF EDWARDS HAINIS MADGE EVANS Aubrey. T HE polished and dignified actress, Ruth Chatterton, turns away from her recent, society roles In her latest starring vehicle, "Frisco Jenny," which opens Sunday at the Nile, and reverts to a character part similar to those In which she made her first outstanding successes, such as Madam X" and "Sarah and Son." In "Frisco- Jenny, 1 ' Miss Chatterton has a typical "Diamond Lll" rolo In a stirring and glamorous tale of tho old Barbary Coast of San Francisco. The supporting cast Includes Don- tld Cook, Noel Francis, Pat O'Malley, James Murray, Louis Calhern, Hallam Cooley, Robert Warwick and many others. . Stabbed to death by an unseen hand In the presence of more than a dozen persons Including two policemen, the demise of Silas Wayne, aged and eccentric millionaire, furnishes the motivation for the gripping and unusual plot of "Strange Adventure," thrilling mystery melodrama, which comes to the Virginia theater tomorrow only on a double bill with "Heroes of the .West," based on a story by Petor B. Kyne, starring Onslow Stevens, Diane Duval, Noah Beery, Jr., Wllllani Desmond, Martha Mattox and Francis FoYd. A clever comedy and cartoon will also be Young, both, and prttty, too ... Loretta Young, left, ana sany oiane, riant, are acclaimed the most beautiful alstere In'the movies. ... No wonder Lyle Talbot haa a hard time deciding which one to pursue! NAMES FIT 'EM BROMLEY, England, Jan. 20. (A. p.)—Ooh, look! Constable Moon testified against a motorist whose lights were out and Constable Waltham told about timing the speed of a van which exceeded SO miles an hour. . COED HAS PULL. . CARTHAGE, 111., Jan. 20. (A. P.)— A team of horses Is pulling for tht education of a coed. It was revealed that the father of the girl has agreed to haul coal for the college in return I for the girl's education. -*Lola Lane to File Suit Against Mate (United T>rcnn Leaned Wire) HOLLYWOOD, Jan. 20.— Ixjla Lane, motion picture actress, will file suit for divorce against her husband, Lew Ayres, also of the screen today, Ayros announced. T will not contest the proceedings. and wo have agreed to a settlement," Ayres said. Conflicting temperaments caused the marital breach, Ayres admitted. Tho uouplo married In Las Vegas, Nevada, September 11, 1931. The actress' true namo Is Dorothy Mulligan, Week Days Matinees... I5e \IIIIWXIA 300 8«ata Any Tims.. MM* TODAY AND TOMORROW—TWO BIG FEATURESIl PAY NIGHT TONIGHTM THE PAY ROLL WILL BE READY AT 7:00 O'CLOCK—GET YOUR ENVELOPEI A Speed-Byke!! Looks Like a Motorcycle WILL BE GIVEN AWAY FREE TOMORROW AT THE REGULAR KIDDIES MATINEE. . . Kids—Don't Dare Miss This—Have Your Mother, Dad and Friends Help You. Ask Any of the Following Merchants Jack Boss Mrs. Ranibaud's Bakery Eastern Drug Co. .... - . 1326 Nineteenth Street 2500 Cheater Avenue 501 E. Nineteenth St. Mlnnsr's Furniture Store—1028 Baker Street, Eaat Bakersflald WANTS TO SNOOZE CHICAGO, Jan. 20. (A. P.) — Carl Johnson Is under Instructions from Judge Edward S. Scheffler to stop talking in his sleep. "I didn't mind my husband mentioning another woman's name In hla sleep," Mrs. Johnson said, "but I did object to belnt? kept awake." _ OPEN 12.11 P. M. Any Seat t«3». •. 15c 300 Scats Any Time 15c Today and Tomorrow TWO BIG FEATURES HP Always IJeh his Ri LAST TWO DAYS Saturday, Shows 3, 5, 7 and ^^_ djff^^gim i i n^^»*»». CIUI10R Stmucl Goldwyn's Product the MOUNTED Also Wheeler and Woolsey In "GIRL CRAZY" 0:15—Pasadena Community Playhouse. 6:30—CBS programs to 7:15. 7:.tO—Chandu, the Magician. 7:45—Myrt and Marge. S —Globe headlines. 8:15—CBS program. 8:30—Eddie Duchin's orchestra. 8:4D—The Voice of Romance. 9—Ben Pollack's orchestra. 9:1C—Unknown Hands. 9:30—CBH programs to 10. \ 10—World-wide news. .-'»•!: 30:16—Ted Klorlto's orchestra. 11—Dancing with the stars. 12 to 1 a. m.—Marshall Grant, organist. R.&B. 285.5 M.—KNX—1050 K. 6—News. 0:16—Bill, Mac and Jimmy. 0:30—SI and Ulnier. C:45—Currier's Sercnuders. 7—Frank Watanabe und Hon.. Archie. 7:15—"Pieces of Eight." 7:30—Kato Smith. 7:40—Happy Chappies. 8—"Order of Optimistic Do-Nuts." 9—News. 9:ID—Sol Hoopil. 9:45—Fights from Hollywood Stadium. 10:45—Organ and Marlon Mansfield. 11 to 12 midnight.—Now Paris Inn. 468.6 M.—KFI— 640 K. RIALTO sretP. M.. I9t: AFTER «, I5e, 25( Today and Saturday "OUT OF SINGAPORE" With Noah Beery, Dorothy Burgess Chapter 9—"The Last Frontier" Comedy, News and Cartoon COMING SUNDAY "RED DUST" G RANADA 618 Kentucky Street JIA Tilklni Pltlurei Every D«y • » ANY SEAT. ANY TIME, 16c Children Always 10c Today and Saturday DOUBLE FEATURE "Come On, Tarzan" and "The Revenging Seas" Comedy, News and Cartoon AMATEUR NIGHT EVERY SATURDAY VIRGINIA Continuous 12 m. to 11 p. m. 0—Tho First Nlghter. 6:30—The Armour Hour. 7—Al Jolson and orchestra. 7:30—string orchestra. 7:45—Male octet, g—Amos 'n' Andy. 8:15—Transcription program. 8:30—NBO-KGO programs to 3:80. 0:30—Siring orchestra. 10—NBC-KOO program. 10:15—Phil Harris' orchestra. 11:30 to 12 mid.—Jay Whldden's orchestra. 6—Tom Howard and George Shelton. 6:10—Willlum Hull, Do Re Ml and orchestra. 6:30—Bahcrsfleld Ministerial Union, Rev. Donul, speaker. 6:45—Man 1 Eastman, modern male choruu. 7—Morton Downey. 7:15—"Tiirzan of the Apes." 7:30—Columbia revue. 7:46—Myrt and Marge. 8—Globo headlines. 8:15—Nino Martini and Columbia symphony. 8:30—Abe Lyman's orchestra. 9—Beaux Arts ball. 9:30—Bernlo Cummins' orchestra. 9:45—Hal Kemp's orchestra. 10—AH request hour. 10MO—Ted Florlto's orchestra. 11—Dancing with tho stars. Woman Sues Actor for $50,000 Balm (Associated Press Leased Wire) LOS ANGELES, Jan. 20.—Monroe Owslcy, motion picture actor, was defendant In a $50,000 breach of promise suit filed by Katherlne Allen. Tho woman alleged Owsley proposed marriage October 16 last and was accepted. She said she later learned the actor's proposal was not made In good faith. No Sales to Dealers ••••••• •1.00 SIZE—QUARTS Milk of Maims)! 36c $1.00 SIZE—IMPORTED Ptylliim Saris 29 c 73c SIZE—Z-U Antiseptic SeluKen 33c CUT-RATE DRUG STORE Saturday Only w» Reserve«.« RMH 1415 Nineteenth Street *» Limit 2SC 300 SEATS—Any Time, 15c Last Times Today Fanny Hurst's "Symphony of Six Millions" With Irene Dunn, Rlcardo Cortez Comedy, News and Cartoon Tomorrow Only DOUBLE FEATURE "Strange Adventure With Regis Toomey and Jun* Clyde and "Heroes of the West" Based on a Story by Peter B. Kyne Hotel El Tejon A DELIGHTFUL PLACE IN WHICH TO EAT Hot Toasted Sandwiches Fifteen Cents Baked llain Tuna Flan lions I Fork Swiss or American Cheese Deviled Egg Bacon mid Lettuca Hum ami P!gK Served JVItli Dill Vickie, Olives, Tomatoes SPECIAL Hot Uoast Beef Sandwich, Mutihed Potatoes and Brown Gravy, 25c Hot Iloast Turkey Sandwich, Mashed Potatoes, Gihlet Gravy, «c El Tejon Made Pies a la Mode, 16c Club Breakfasts 25c to 50c Ousted for Alleged Ambulance Chasing (United Press Leaned Wire) SACRAMENTO, -Tan. 20. — Norman Q. Vadnais, member of tho California slat* highway patrol In Alameda county, today was dismissed from tho patrol on orders of E. Raymond Cato, chief. Tho dismissal climaxed charges brought against the patrolman by Inspector Elmer Stelnmeyer, who accused the officer of "ambulance chasing" to solicit buslnea for attorneys. Vndnals was found guilty of the charges by a trial board of fellow officers, and the findings were uupported by the civil service commission, Chief Cato said. ALL ADVERTISED Talcum Powders 15c $1.50 SIZE Potrolagar 79c California's Avocado | Industry Is Gaining i (United I'rcaa Leaned Wire) SAN FRANCISCO. Jan, 20.— California's avocado industry made a H per gain In 3932 over the previous our, Simon J. lAibln, chief , of tho tuto bureau of commerce, reported oday. The.' eastern market for avocadon lalntalnoil a steady tone through the despite competition from Cuban nd Florida alligator pears, Luhln aid. The Calavo Growers' Exchange acUod avocados valued at ?1, 100,000 In 932. $1.60 SIZE—CO-LO Hair Color Restorer 89c LaGranada Ballroom OLD-TIMERS' NIGHT 55c Tonight 55c Old-Time Number* Specially Arranged by the La Granada Orchestra. Pop Weaber, Caller Dancing Starts 8:30 Ladies Free to 9; After 9, 15c $1.00 ANY WATCH REPAIRED.... Materials Ui*d at Coat Reader's Jewelers 1522 Nineteenth Streat PHILLIPS MUSIC COMPANY Now Carries SHEET MUSIC Broadcast Tonight on Spanish War Pensions Colouel Rice W. Means, former United States senator from Colorado, past commander-ln-cUiaf of tho Spanish-American War Veterans, will be heard over KFI-KGO and KFSD on a coast-to-coast network tonight between 7:45 and 8 p. in., to present to the radio listeners the veterans' side of the controversy over the Justice of the governmental system ot pensions. Colonel Means is without doubt tho best informed veteran to state their case. Leaving college at the outbreak of the Spanish-American War, he enlisted in the First Colorado Volunteer Infantry, and later received a lieutenant's commission in that regiment. He was with his regiment at the taking of Manila, serving throughout the Philippine campaign. During the World War he was commissioned lieutenant- colonel of the 157th Infantry, going with that outfit to France and was later transferred to command the Fourth United States Infantry during the? Argouue fighting. He Is u holder of the Dla- tiugulshod Service Cross. 60c ANT-ACID Powder 29c BYGONES ARE BYGONES KSCANABA, Mich.. Jan. 20. (A. P.) wo flHhnrmnn burled tho past as they Iroppod their lines through a holu In he Ice of Bay do Noc. One was Clr- •ult Judge Frank A. Boll. The other vas a man whom tho judge hud scn- enccd to six months' Imprisonment u year ago. Tho judge Knocked at the door of thn other imui'u shanty, •wa reminded of tho sentence, and ac epted a hospltuhle welcome, _ Head COLDS Put MenthoUtum in the \ noitrlU to riliev* congeition and clear the breathing passages. MENTHOLATUM 11.23 SIZE—SQUIBB'S.VITAVOSE Baby Food 69c 60o SIZE—CUTEX Manicure Sets 37c DENTAL AND SHAVING NEEDS 50c PEBECO TOOTH PASTE GOcPEPSODENT TOOTH PASTE 35c REVELATION TOOTH POWDER 50c PEPSODENT ANTISEPTIC. 50c MENNEN- SHAVING CREAM 50c FROSTILLA SHAVING CREAM 35c CRAIG'S SHAVING CREAM 50c PALMOLIVE SHAVING LOTION 50c FITCH'S SHAVING LOTION HOUSEHOLD NEEDS 50c WHITE PINE AND TAR COUGH SYRUP 91.50 MALTINE AND COD LIVER OIL $1.00 PINT PURE NORWEGIAN COD LIVER OIL $5.00 ELECTRIC THREE-HEAT PADS 60c MENTHOLAfUM 15c PURE OLIVE OIL CASTILE SOAP ^ 'for lOc PALMOLIVE i SOAP each 60c ZONITE TOILETRIES 50c CHERAMY TALCUM, GLASS JARS SOcCUTEX NAIL POLISH. 65c POND'S COLD CREAM 50c WOODBURY'S , COLD CREAM 50c POND'S . SKIN FRESHENER $1.00 HOUBIGANT ' FACE POWDER 91.00 LUCKY TIGER HAIR TONIC 28c 21c 28c 28c 26c 17c 28c 28c 98c 39c $1.95 43c 20C 5c 36c 24c 28c 37c 28c 28c 58c 54c 11.00 SIZE—MELLO-QUO Faee Powder 59c •1,00 SIZE Jorgon's Lotion 56c TOBACCOS AND CIGARS 1 LB. 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