Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 17, 1933 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 17, 1933
Page 2
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rHEIOLA DAILY REGISTER. FRIDAY EVENING, FEBRUARY 17, 1983 ETYi - pPresbytcrian Missionary Society Meets : The Ladies Missionary society of the Presbyterian church met yes- -;terday afternoon at the home of •Mrs. Paul Kiein. After the busi- ;ness meeting, presided over by Mrs. J, A. Spaiigipr, GircJe G took charge of the study program. Mrs. R. M. Worthlngton led the devotional period and gave an interesting: talk on ithe Negi'o problem in America. Mrs. Spangler talked on the American han. Bobble Shanahab, Virgil Brownfield, Roddy Browaflelia, Billy Leffler, Ileene Ableson, .Janice Pry, Billy Bumsides, Prankie Umbocker, ^El^^a - beth Lee. Apt, Cbarlles Ai>t, f^dle Apt, Richard Hunten Howard Oreen, John Bergman, : • • •> Circle No. 5 Meets with Mrs. Rartlett ' Circle No. 5 of the First Methodist church met yestehtey afternoon at the home of Mrs. I. TS,. Bartlett with ^rs. MeQSold assisting. Mrs. W. H. Root, president, opened the meeting with the Scripture lesson and Ml:s. W. W. iWiUiams led in prayer." A comfort x[as tinlBfte^ and given to the welfare association. Plans were made for'serving dinners Indian and Mai-y Remsberg _ ^reviewed the last two chapters of rto the men working on the spreeto the study book, "Lady Fourth and the rest of the, afternoon was iDaughtcr of Gliina." Circl" E serv- spent in a pleasant social hour. Re'('d refre.sliments to the 19 ladies :prcsent.- •:• • Circle No. 4 Meets With Mrs. Wellborn i Circle No. 4 of the First Methodist church met yesterday afternoon at the home of Mrs.. B. E, Wellborn. The assisting, hoste.'ises were Mes- ciames C. E. Newman. John Burtnett Harold Oliver and J. W. Lamay. Mrs. E. W. Slack led the devotionals .•tnd Mrs. R. L. O.swald was in charge of the program which comisted of games, readings by Mrs.TI. D. Smock and a review of the life of George Washington by Mrs.-Earl Williams. Refreshments were served to two Kui'Sts, the Rev. and Mrs. W. -P. Wharton, 30 members and seven cliildrcn. freshments I were served to 14 members. NEOSHO VALLEY and UNION . , iC. L. Arnold)' ; Feb. 16—United Brethren church, lola Circuit. L. A. Stone, pastoi". Liberty—Sunday school at 10 a;, m. Lilly—Sunday school 10 a. m. | Public worship 11 a. m. Salem—Sdnday school lO a. m. C. E. at 7:30 and public worship 8:15. Rev. L. A. Stone acCoinpanled Rev. N. L. Vezie to Cherry Mound tiodtty, where the latter was tailed to conduct a funeral. The monthly literary prograrii will be given at Union school houSe on • • Friday evening, the 24th. in speaking of the II below .temperature in an issue of the Regtlster last week ft was stated that was the lowest stage for February that we have any record of, which we do not doubt, as far as the government records are concerned. We presuine If private records of Dibble or Bevlng- tori. long,ago deceased, could be found, it would show it colder than that in FebruaiT, before lola had a weather bureau. We have a thermometer that tallies very closely to the record at the weather station, that is probably more than 50 years old, that showed according to a memorandum kept that year by our son Earl, that on February 12, 1899, it got down to 22 belpw. R. L. Hart of lola has been filling in an emergency man on the E. T. Hazzard farm foi- some time. Prompt action on the detour road tliat circles north from the- Butcher jbarn and swings back»to the river bridge, inflames the j hope of many idle men in Allen colmty, who hope soon to be able to 'fight the wolf from the door with ihovel. pick or other mechanical appliance. ThLs Job Prank Sleveis and Miss Evelyn Stout were entertained at the iiome of Mr. and Mrs. Heniy"Baeten in honor of Mr.;Elmei>:Sievers'birthday.. ^Sx. and Blrs. Sonny Croley visited Mr. and Mrs. Joe Adadis Sunday. Nefi ^liB Valley Ifotesi e Gertrude Hicks spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Earl HlCks and "Kenneth. Mr. and Mrs. Glen Balcom visited Wednesday evening with Mr. and Mrs. Chester Taylor. Mrs. Eva Tawney and Murray were Simday visitor's at R. C. Butler's. Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Shook and family spent Wednesday evening at the Fred Shultz home. J.' i. Conger is in Manhattan this week. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Hoke and family spent Thursday at the R. C. Butler home. Ralph and Glen Wayne McCord visitjed Simday afternoon with the Peek boys. i' Mr. and Mrs. Uoyd, Roush have beeri staying at Roy Hayes's'the past week. Mr. Hayes has been ill. Mrs. A. C. Hayes spent Tuesday, taight with her daughter, Mrs. Ray Peck-and tamily. Mr. and Mrs. Burt Burton were tlsitors at Ray Petik's Sunday. j Marie Peck was absent from schbol i Thursday on account of illness. • TjHEIR QLEWS SNf RE KIDNAIfERS Sunday School ...Lesson... W. C. T. I!. .Meets With Mrs. Frantz The Zoo Atchison union of the . W. C. T. U. met Wednesday afternoon in the home 'of Mrs. Ira B. . Pi-antz. The meeting was presided over by the secretary; Mrs: H. F. i • Hitchcock, in the absence of the' '-• president. Mr.s. R. B. Warner had phargc of the devotionals. In a : .short bu.siness meeting a mcdnl eon'-: test to be hnld FcbrufUT 19 in the • Trinity churcii, was an- nounced. A Frances Wiliard memorial pro; i,a-am wa.s presented" by Mrs. B. T. Fnslisli. It included articles by Mrs. Kate Cooper, Mrs. Charles Fu- V Mr.s., R. E. Warner. Mrs. Paul Bus= i:arcl and Mrs. S. L, Willis. Mrs. M. : T. Shinn conducted ii me.ssenger ; qui/. Twelve members were ))re.seht. 1 •:• •:• •> V.'wXv No. C Meet.f with •• jMrr.. TlKimpson % Circle No. fJ ol the First Melhoclis: . cluii'ch met .vcsteidny afternoon at ibn .homo of Mvs..B. E. Thompson. ,i> ho.'^teMcs wore Mrs. J. J. • Vnnwr. Mr.s. E. D. Land and Mrs. will not be of greatduratlon.-but it iiPrcwiit, Mrs. W. P. Wliarton led the will mean a whole lot to those now dcvotioii^ils and Mrs. L. H. Wishard idle, who are striving for family offered pi'iiyci-. Lunch was .->erved support. ~to 20 mcmbcr.s iiud one guest. Mrs. Eva Tawney's offer to sell ^ •:• '> \ two or three young horses attracted Trinity Epworth League , the attention of a niimber Who were Jilnlds Soeial ' looking for something fine. The Trinity Epworth tep.gue held , Dewey Stotler will soon move IntQ JESUS TEACHING B¥ PARABLES —THE GROWTH OF THE KIXGDOM. The International Uniform Sun- dav School Lesson, for February 19.1 Text: Mark 4:21-34., Program Given In Christian ChUrcli Wednesday in Honor idf New Members of Congregation. WM. E. GILKOV, D. D. Editor of The Congregationalist. Like the last lesson, this one deals with the teaching of Jesus as emphasized in illastrations' from everyday life. Jesus was teaching, the people concerning the kingdom of God—a deep and difficult topic. There are few things so hard to understand, even in our modem life, as the philosophy of progress, and that is what the kingdom of God in its growth among men Ihiplies. The kingdom of God in the teaching of Jesus was a kingdom of light. So the first thing that Jesas Jem- pha.si2ed was that if we would J^rve the kingdom,iwe must let our llglit shine. We are not going to promote the idngdom: of God by putting our light under a bushel, or under a bed. (Beverly Mallory.) LAHARPE, Kas., Feb. 17.—Mi-, and Mi-s. G.. E., Ledford and sou; Donald Eugene, of the Diamond district visited Thursday with Mr. Ledford's aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Harris. E. Hollingswoj-th. Gormand. K.n.s.. is visiting Floy Rogere and _ other relatives here for a few day.s. ' Miss Holeman. Moran. was In La- Harpe Thursday afternoon on ncss. • Miss Faye Shelby. lola, was .nn .'ill night feuest Of Miss Julia LIvitisston Thursday-. Mr. Neilson. Topeka. wn."^' lii town Thursday afternoon calling on business friends. I—The family of Mrs. C. A. Barker ; wish to thiink all friends for their If we have light, even though It'l^clp and .s>-mpathy dui-ing her iU- be no more light than that of the I "ess and following her death. primitive lamp of the time of Jesu.s. of I the house on the south side of the road. mile west of the river bridge and expects to do a market gardening business this season. Rev. L. A. Stone spent Monday •ji .social last night at th' home 'Miss Dellii McCord. GF -Ties were played until a late hour when re- "Jrcshments U-erc sei-ved to 27 members and visitors. Thi.s was the first ^ (if a group of .socials!to be held in and Tuesday calling on the people 'the home of membersi of the league, of the neighborhood, making' num- - <• •> erous .short visits with those who ".Nir. and Mrs. Butterfield * ; are sick. Entertain at Dinner Union School Notes. ..- Ml-, and Mrs; O. G. Butterfield Dale Moore spent i Sunday after- <uid family entertained at dinner at noon ^with Mr. and' Mrs. Claude their home west of town last night. Walden. Quests were Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Peck. ' Eddie Rush visited with Harry iDean and Clayton; Mr. and Mrs. 'Mormann Saturday afternoon. . Doan Hayes and Melvin Hayes. i Miss Helen Wilson called on Mr. <• <' : and Mrs. Ed Osbom and grandchil- - iJirthday Party for ! dren Sunday afternoon. Dfvid Dullea ! Miss' Helen Wilson and Mrs. Fred ^ Mrs. D. C. Dullea gave a birthday party yesterday afternoon celebrat- Rees spent Sunday afternoon with Mr. arid Mrs. Chester Taylor and ing -he .^^eventh birthday of her son [family. David. She was' assisted by Miss 1 Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Mormann spent Dullea. Mrs. Hal Green. Miss , Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. lAiiis? Groen, and Mary Kath 'een i Prank Drake, pullca. Many lovely glft,^ were re- j Mr. and Mr.s. Bert Zink visited i-iived by David from the gue .i ':s i Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Sherrill Svmday Jvho spent the afternoon playin? -vuine.s. Refreshments -were served to: Clmrlotte Chambers. Je.^nnie night. Mr. and Mrs. John Fontaine, Mr. and Mrs. George Potter, Mr. and >;hambcrs, Elizabeth Belle Shana-lMrs. Elmer Sievers, Mr. and Mrs. - HOBIZOXTAIi llWliat is the blaick race -~- called?' (•9 Assumed name. |01.60 square rods (pi.). ' .|2 Sniall army horses. 'is Gazed. l5 Hybrids hc- tween ass and horse., ic inure. i;8 Aflirms. si/H^arlnp ia open court. -2 .1 Gun lock catches, 25 To- prepare for Ipubllcation. 24 To bow. 25; Proffer. tie To Perth. 2^,Mineral spring. '29 Curse.,' 30 Period! :!>Type'o[ poem. • 34 The' tip. 3C Scarlet, Answer to I'revions Ptizzlo GJSa; ESS! ad'-saa HSi2 no S-PeM diRlt. 39 One who tells untruths. 41 Mercliandise. 43 Sea gulls. 44 Inflow. 4t> Hurrah! 47 Aphorism. 45 Workshop. 50 Fertilizer for cereals. .';2 Faithful, 53 Razor clam. .54 Places ot security. VERTICAL 1 Senior. 2 Scarfs. S.Derby. 4 Emanated. 5 Documents, 6 Frozen water. 7 Region. S Physical steadiness. 9 Was ill. 11 Embryo plants 12 Betel leaf. 14 A falllnE In drops. What race of mankind Is the" rhost numerous in the -woria? Sotith American. Interiaational politicians. Tendon. Walls of a room. Curse. Thick shrub. Nick. Artists' ; frameij. Sterile. To restate. Any poisonous ptomaines. Death notice. Kindled again. Sun god. Furnished with rattan. One row ot a series. Flour factory. Sell. Card game. let that light be displayed, and let | have been living for several wi^eks the evidence of whatever the king- | in the J. Q, Roberts property moved dom is in our lives serve the cause I last week to the Jones place on ot the kingdom. iNprth Main. Jesus regarded the kingdom of; Ghas. Marsh is ill at his home God as the kingdom of truth, and i with the chlckenpox. he likened the growth of truUi to , L^Harpe lost the boys basketball the growth of a croi> from seeds. If we would reap the h« of\^^^^^; ^^^^ 14. The La- ti'uth. and thus serve the kingdom | i „,?_ppiri<; team lost 18 to 14 of God, let us cast our seed abroad ^^"'"^ ^"^'^ '^^"^ "^"^ ^° - A young woman music teaclier. LoueI]^j)^cax-l Hammer, and an ex-convict friend, W. P. Howard; have confessed, according to Los Angeles police, that they kidnaped Mrs. Marj' B. Skeele. left, for $10,000 ransom. Police attempted to link the pair; to the attempted abduction of Miss Isobel Smith, right, who fought off would-be kidnapers at Pasadena. Stories of Mrs. Skeele and Miss Smith led to. capture-of the suspects. • ,. : : i • ••y,,,, ^, ' : ;—: '• i^ijr^ele. several songs by the ' ':e, a reading by Mrs. Aten. .jmentSi, were served to the ra«(.uwving: Mr. and Mrs. Steele and .]mnAyi lola. Mr. and Mrs. Jdhn 'V^'ana Willis. Mr. and iMi-s. Roy "iieh. and sons, Mr. and Mrs. Jamss MOdre and Esther, Mrs. Anna Barker. Mrs. Lutie Livingston and fain- ilj-, MrF. Walter Young and daugh- |.ler. Mis .s Bertha Fitzpatiick, Mrs. Iva Wright, Mr, and Mirs. F. M. An- dersoii and daughters. Mrs. Minnie Ohifest and Noble, Mrs. Lewi? Rich- ard.son and son and grandson. Miss Dora Sldte. Miss Alice Harris, Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Tm-per and'Alma, Miss Catherine Lucas, Misses Marie and Edna Flack. WiUa Turley. Lnnore Miller, -Mr. and Mi-s. Frank Spradloy. Miss Dioiis H^ll. MLSK Mabel John.son. Miss Leona Stone Msirgy Turley, Randalf Sherwood. Lee Polk. Robert M«r- ti<.i, Eavl Snydi 'V. Ira Baker. Wil- bur^awthorne. and Ru.s.sol Crouch, who h;is bi'vn conducting meeting at the church. There will be preach- ir.R scvvicrs In the morning and evening Sunday by Mr. Crouch. —City or Farm Insurance at cMt. Farmers Union Insurance Co.. G. B. Pose, aecnt. LaHarpe, Phone 684. Mr. Alc.vandria. Kajisas City, was in town calling on business friends Thur.sday afternoon. Miss iuanita Stevenson, lola attended the V/ashlngton tea hnd the basketball game last evening and spent the night with her aunt, Misr> Eflic Stoveniion. Mrs. Walter Pcttit was a dinner cue-st Wednesday at the home of ,Mr. -ind Mrs. Otis Barker and family. lOLA. KANSAS First Church of iibrist Scientist. Sunday sendees 11 a. m. . Wetlnlesday evening meeting 8 p. m. ^ I . I Sunday schbol 9:45 a. m. The reading room at comer of East arid Sycamore streets, Is open dally from 2 to 5 p. m. except Sunday:; {trid le^l holidayE. ".Mind" will be the subject of the lesson ^rihon In all Churches of Christ, Scientist, Simday. February IBth. Golden Text: Isaiah 14:24 The Lord of Hosts hath sworn, liiylng. Surely as i have thought so| shall It come to; and as I have purposed so shall It stand. [ The piibUc is cordially Invited to attend the church, services and to enjoy the privileges and to i make use of the reading room. ; Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Wright, who game to Uniontown liere last eve- Mrs. John Barley. Mildred, was Here, also, Jesus reminded vjs that James Clark is. working in ^hd ^f„TJ^lTr^L^i^^?^.^^\i^^"^ and'death of Heber Ran^ rcmmded his hearers tnar thougn | ^_ Ransom at the mustard seed is very smaU. it " — ^^^--^V Ws son produces a very great tree. ; ' BJU corv Is spending a few ten"d' tol.':^'l^L'''.°^^i.'''-r da'^ln GLS - carl^rfor !ie"r listened to these simple teachings of! ^^JT J ^,.^ orvil Pope who is ill. Jesus derive from theni, or understand them? • It would appear that even the simple teaching of Jesus was not always understood, because evidently, those who heard, when they had opportunity, asked him the meaning of the parable; and we!are. also, told in our lesson that he expounded all these tilings privately to his own disciples. Perhaps we overestimate the extent to which ;deep ana wonderXul things can be made simple; but at the same time iwe should remember that Jesus laid great stress upon the spirit in which one hears and reaiives 'rthe word," and that understanding depends upon the simplicity and receptiveness with which we approach the teacher. The my.steries of the teaching of I Jesus have often been tmiderstood by comparatively- unlearned men and women whose liearts have lieen attunefl to .love . and righteousness, where men with the pride of intellect have delved and discussed, oniy to make it the more evident that the simple teaching has not taken hold eltlier of their liearts or of their heads. The parables, as we read them today, are for us as they were for| those who listened to them. We take from them in large measin^ what we bring to them, and we understand them in proportion as wv listen in sunple faith and love, with a willingness to learn of love In the doing ^Jf loving deeds. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Allard,. Gha- nute, foi-merly of LaHaiTDe,; have announced the birth of an 8 pound daughter; named Dona Lee, early this morning. Prank Troxeli went to Kansas City on a business trip Thursday evening. Jennie Lee. the small daugliter of Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Barnes., is improving rapidly now from a severe illness with pneumonia. Glen Delaplaine is confined t.o his bed again with rheumatism. Vt'hen he Improves suffipiently he will undergo an operation for the removal of his tonkils. • . Mr. Martinson..Independence, was iin LaHar^ie Thursday calling on friends and on business. The following program was given at the social meetins at the Christian church Wednesday evening in honor of the. new members of the church: vocal solos by Miss Julia Livingston. Miss Mabel Johnson and SOUTH LONE ELM Pnb. 14.—Meriitt He-A'lett spent Thursday evening at the home of his .son Harold Hewlett, and family. Mrc, Arzj- Snrague has been sick again this week. Her daughter. Oi^al has been staying home from school to help with the work. M!.s.s Elnora Herynk returned home from St. John's hospital j 'Thursday. She is feeling fine. !Mr. and Mrs. R. P. Sprague spent I Pridav evening with Mr. and Mr.i. J, W." Stout. Bracev.ell is the proud owner-pf a pair of twin calves. f^tKi- Violet Sexton and her moth- (jr^^rs. Gordon, called at the L. C. iKloo;: home Tuesday afternoon, j Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Spangler ! and family spent Sunday at the 1 Nelson Carrier home. Fi-ank Booth ha^ bought Dale Ncwion's Ford tnic\i. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Stout re- lAirncd to Newton Wednesday. They e-vpect to bring tn.e| remainder, of thfir hoiisonold goods about the first of March. Thjey are moving back to their farm. , Miss Irene Carrier spent Mionday v;ith her cousin. Mrs. Majxtnc Mc~ G'nce. ConnersvIUe, Ind.—More than 100 coats hung on hangers along a country feijce near here. 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The Sunday school will meet; at 9;45 a. m. The pastor will jlreach the morning sermon at 11 a. to. A meeting of the board of stewards will he held in the choir room at 3 p. m. The Epworth Leaguje will meet at 6:30 p. to. A featui-e of the Smiday program wlU bjj the evening church service at 7:30 p. m. The special numbers given will be furnished by the Epworth Leag^te. this will be a young" people's church service so far as the responBlbility is concerned but witli a cordial and general invitation to the congregation to be present. WALTER P. WHARTON, Pa.stor. The Baptist Temple. "The;Citadel of Life," will be Dr» Sowerby's sermon topic on Sunday morning, and '='*rhe Christian Athlete" win be his topic in the evenlfag. All the other services will be held according to schedule. On Wednesday evening the midweek service wiU tak? the form of a get-together covered dish supper at 6:30. This Is an innovation being tried out by many churches. ;The service will be over at 8 o'clock. Everybody is Invited to attend. Nazarehe Church. (223 North Sycamorei Sunday Bible school, 10 a. m. Mrs. Nellie Randel, superlhtendent.' Morning worship, 11 a. m; The pastor will preach the sermoh. Young People's society, 6:30j p. m. Mr. Gaddls, president. j Evening service, 7:30 p. mi The pastor will preach the sermon'. Special singing will be a.feature of the evening service. i Something extra special for the mid-weelc prayer service Wednesday, 7:30 p. m. : M. R. BISHOP. Pa.stor. Chnrch of God. (North Buckeye.; Old fashioned re-vival conducted by Elder J. Bradley and wife. 'We have with us Elder Williams of Chanute and Mlsslbnary "Well of Kansas City, hoth jtble speakdrj;. All are tavlted to bring Blbfe. Hegulaf services Sunday. Simday school 10:30 a. m. Pre^achlng 11 a. m. and 9 p. m. Y. P. W. W. at 6:30 p. m. A truck load from Chaniitc and Humboldt will be present Sunday night'if .-weather permits. You afe welcome. McRUSSAW. Va&ior. MAHY HOWARD, Beriiy. Presbyterian Chnreh. Sunday 10:00 a. m. Sunday school, with a class which will suit your needs. 11:00 a. m. Morning worship. The message, "A Peculiar Request,' by the pastor. 5:00 p. m. Junior Christian Endeavors. 6:30 p. m. Senior Christian Endeavor. 7:30 p. m. Evening service. "Our Loyalties." Good singing. Monday, 7:30 p. m. Scout meeting. Wednesday. 6:30 p. m. Cover dish luncheon. 7:15, "Concerning Salvation." Thursday 2:30. The Divisions of the Working society meet. First at the church, cover dish luncheon, birthday meeting. Second, at Mrs. A. W. Andei-son's, bh-thday meeting. Third with Mrs. T. W. Waite, and Foiu-th with Mrs. D. P. Northrup. : Chnrch of God. ( and Neo.shoi Sunday school 9:45 a. m. Preaching at li.a: m. and 7:30 p. m. by thejjastor, I. M. Coxi Bible study at the church every Tuesday at 7:30 p. m. Cottage prayer meeting Thursday at 7:30 p. m. Young Peoples and Junior meeting at the church evei-y Friday at 7:00 p. m. ' Every, one is welcome to our services.—Frieda Neuenschwander. S. S. Siipt. urer. They will Conduct a food sale at M & M a week from Saturday. .A. play is to be puF'on in a few,days. The Good Will class will be at the parsonag((!ffoday. ; . The Sundaj^ school board meeting *nd electlc^iyviirbe held neiit Wednesday . W. PpVan Patten, i^astor. , Mlnneatwll^Asking no quarter, a co-ed, grad|uate of the tJi'iIversity of Minnesota, with a master of arts degree, has filed a.s a candidate for the city council. Violet Johnson, 26, ' awarded a^ university fellowship for • women showing promise in the field of political science, will oppose-the Incumbent, alderman Lawrence Lund. ,in the May primary. No woman^ ever has been a council member; { Have yon a house for rent? Or for sale7;'\yant to buy. anything' Use the Classified columns! Trinity Methodist Church. Sunday school at 9:45. L. E. Poster will be in charge of the Loyalty Day service at the of "Sunday school. - , i Morning worship at 11, with the theme, "Spiritual Revolution or Catastrophe?" I Epworth Leagues at 6:30. Albert Alley In charge of senior group. At 7:30, the pi-ohlbtt'ion oratorical contest will be held l|or Junior College students under dlrectloh of Mrs. Hud.son. The Y. W. .A. will hold, a waffle supper at the" church Wednesday evening. The general Aid will hold ii penny supper on Wednesday, Mar. 1. W. E. Van Patten, Pa.stor. Ga-s City Methodist Church. Morning worship at 9:45. Theme, "Spiritual Revolution or Catastrophe." The service Is called early, so let all come on time please. Sunday .school at 10:45. Junior League at 4:30 and Senior League 6:30. The Ladles; Aid held its election last Tuesday with the following re.sults: Mi-s. Angle Damitz, president; Mrs. Flora Ri^ketts, first vice-president; Mrs. R. S. Goble, second vice- president; Mi's. Chas. Osbom, secretary; Mrs. Fred Tompkhis, treas- ^^«5 CQBGM Bffop . . . Real Throat relief! Medicated with ingredients of Vicks VapoRub GV E R CO WES BAD 3 R E.MH New Antiseptic Guts Gargling Costs In Half! Five IVIillion Tridl Bottles of Vicks Antiseptic iFurnish Proof of Its Quality—and Its Amazing:, Econoiti.v! .GtlAKANTEED BY DRUGGISTS ' Thr. makers of Vicks VapoRub have produced an antiseptic whicli (Iocs everything that a gargle or mouthwash can and should do—at- iw'f the iistol price of other quai- ity aitiseptic;. I'he name of thi-^ newlpTOduct is Vicks Voratone AntT- i ."ipptic. " , • ' ;. Of; course, the only real proof p; Us qualit.v and amazing economy is actual use. To furnldi tills proof. Xick.s Chemists suppHed; to drug- E[i.sts—at Jcss.ihan cost—5 miUioii ' .s[)ecial trial bo^lles—a 25c value for 11)0. trial bottles have gone -SO quickly that this off<?r is now made: ' • .'if your di'-upeist's supply of the trial, size is cxhaitsted, get one of the 35c bottles, it a week. Tlien. if you are not delighted' with It.s eiMality, and amazini;. economy, yoiir mone.v will be, refunded. T IVIihl EnoUfrli. Slrontr Enotifcli No extravagant claims'are made for Vicks V6ratone. It ,1s simpi.v. the oust oral antiseptic Vick-s Chem- i.efe could prdduce—and they were albert by the ] chemists, bacteriologists and pharmacologist,^ of tlieir 16.allied ovpr\nizaiioas hfro and in S'lirope. .1 'Fhcy created a balanced,anti.sep- tic^mild enough to be uSed day ii: and day out ^^thout risk to delicate membranes;, yet strong enough to do everything thkt an oral' antiseptic can and should do! 7 For All Customary ;Uses. you can use Vicks Antiseptic, ii' your custonviry way, for bad breatl'. (halitosis); as,a g;argle; aS a mouth-; as an antiseptic lotion; an<' for all the other customary uses. „ And Vicks .'Vntisoptic has this ad- * dltjonal urriqtje ndvantagt born in ia depre.ssion year, .it: Is priced accordingly—saving you half: flfiftlN CHEVROLET THE PARADE OF PROGRESS Wrm tHE GREATEST ARilAY OF IMFdRtANT ADVANCEMEIiltiS EVER INTRODUdED V • ON ANT CAR OF iOWESt ii^RiCE Chevrolet was FIRST to build a low- priced car with a gear-shift stnH a self- stflrter—FIRST to introduce beauty and cdmfort into its field—FIRST to give America's millions the advantage of '?SIX CYLINpERS-no'more, no less." And todayl Chevrolet continues to set the pace for the low-price field with these typical features listed belo'wi Here is the greatest array new ad-; vancements and inventions ever com-;^^ bined -in a new Chievrolet. Only tJiC' world's largest builder of atrtomobile? could provide them ^ the price. :OLET MOTOR COMPANY, DETROIT, MICHIGAN AT A NEW SCAl£ OF liOW PRICED SPORT {ROIADSTER Mfe • COUPE • ^OACH «15 • PHAETON »S15 I SJPORT COUPE $535 • SEDAN «5€5 • CABRIOLET $5S5 All ptieti l.o.b. Flint, Michigan. Speciat uquipment er<r/' Low delhered prices and eaay O.'lit. A. C. tarma. tB" - i SVNCRO-MESH THE5t *RTEB*TO«-^4r THE OCTANKSiCUCTOir and FREE WHK^IWC SIR #LIFieD STARTiNO (arCREATOtGiniSeaMOMY A GENERAL MOTORS VALUE BUD WipTE MOTOtt COM 1^ANY PHONE eO-^HEVROLET SALES AND SERVICE—lOIiA, KANSAS ;

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