Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on November 8, 1955 · Page 9
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 9

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 8, 1955
Page 9
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Dial fA-2-4oUO lor a VvAiM AD EVtiNiftti. 11&1US,. CUMbfcJKLAlSi), Mi)., TUESDAY, NOVEMBER .8, NiWK To Address Biologists '• Brother G. Nicholas, a member of the faculty of LaSalle High School and vice president of the Conf oil nod Code Comanche, -a tribe of Indians who spent their early days raiding Spanish ranches, often were used •National Speleological Society, wi'.ljin pairs during World War I to discuss his experiences as a sub-i transmit telephone messages. Their terranean biologist at a meeting!language, which has never been of St. Vincent College's Biology [written down, caused the German Club Thursday evening in Latrobe.(code experts a great deal of con- Pa, [fusion. Hauger's Jewelry V/alk Out With Assignment: America ^^ ' British Have Different Ideas On'Whafo Ideal Fetnale Figure Local Fire Department Gets Three Radio Receivers (I*g. U. i. fat OHJ PHYLLIS IATTELLE Three monitoradio receivers arrived here yesterday for use as a secondary communications system for the local-Fire Department. One will be placed at West Side. East Side and South End fire- stations and included among their uses will be a means of communi- Fire Chief Virgil A. Parker,said [cation in the event the telephone the receivers were ordered through LONDON (INS) — It's humbling for a woman with any vanity at all to'b£ told—as I've been— that she weighs "8 stone, 5." Makes one feel so lumpy. • This,. however, is the way they weigh the British lady. For every 14 pounds, she is credited with ( l stone. And after you've^added up | the stones, or 14 poundses. what- lever is .left over'irr poundage is jjvlst sort of dangled at the end — Ip like a clumsy participle. Thus,'.if'you weigh/160, you are listed• unflatteringly 'at 11 stone, 6. Well, I was ' complaining the} other night about ho\r. I'd been] ating so many scones that I \vas j .eking up " stones, . especially • round the hips, and; the English- lan with me literally flipped his lustache. "On the contr'ry he;said, "to be fte ideal English figger, you hould put on, let's see, about 10 meaning Ibs., not stones). We ave just had a large survey and Dund that .the average. ideal fig- er here is a rounded shape ad- ing up to 9 stone, 4." Scientifically distributed, this deal Tess of Trafalgar divides up nto a SS'.i-inch bust, 27 waist, 38H: ip, and 5-ft.-3-in. height. "It is not exactly the same ideal s 'you American's have" said the ' /£ *49 50 SODDISS OF T1*I . I?' jewtls, 2 dia- nondJ, UnbieaV- ibls miinspring. frletl Ind. F«d. Tax UDY IULOVA 17 jewels. Salt- windinj. Unbreakable mainspring. Shock resistant, Anti-majEnetic. Charm and color ct niUtii told. 17 (en-els, Certi. fierj waterorool". Shoch resistant. Unbreakable lifetime mainspring Anli-majnetic. Radium tunds and dial, Luxury expansion band. Ulu mlltkli itft clurcul lli!| The Best Gift of All Is A Watch.. *T/ie Best Watch of All ItABULOVA! .•Wotirproof ol long Ql cryitol Is Intact, coi* unopenid. Only a competent fewilcr ihoutd j«ploct ciptoi or clot* cast. 23 jewels. Timed to sii precision adjuitments. Self- windiaj, certified waterproof*. Unbreakable mainspring. Raised gold numerals, .Shock resistant, antimagnetic, Sweep second hand. UlmnililUwllkclurctiltlil) Hanger's Jewelry 16 N. Centre St. PA 4-5665 the efforts of Police'and Fire Com- Imissioners William V. Keegan and system or alarm system now maintained, are knocked out. With - the installation of the the receivers yesterday afternoon;tended back to the chiefs office, in his office. He called, the switch-! Even though an antennae avas board in Central Fire Station about! not used at the demonstration^es- 60 feet away.and asked for a testjterday the call 1 came in good, of the now equipment. Immediately the test was relayed over the set. Parker pointed out the test was made, the re-|tliat when ,.,™- ------- .............. -- ------ ^ . ! himself and realized from appro- ce ivers Central Fire station will be j call went by telephone line to the the Cit and arc with the three C&P Central office here and then Ipriations from the City, and arcj in consta nt contact with the three • -• " " --------- J iMito be installed as soon as possible. i:! — Ridseley Lious jTo Hear Officer The Ridgeley Lions Club ihear Cpl. F. H. Tribett of the West other houses. They wil Ibe manned 24 hours a day.. • Mobile radio units have already! been installed in the various trucks of the department and are; to the transmitter located on the water tower on Senaca Avenue ex- II H7 IZpT Pan l/lltl VIU . UCl I CjJj Illll used to advantage in the event of,p ee | f u || Q f Vigor;' Years Younger will a fire. Fishpole type antennae of *<*• *0, *°- Ooa'i b« Wd _ wrak . K0 ra-om,»ii n _ el iaus. Take new. hisli«--pot«r,cy in- Os ir« Tonic Tablets. Often n«U«l aliff -to— FUNERAL FLOWERS ^ '5.90 Funeral Batkef BOPP'S FLOWERS entleman, "but you American iris never eat, of course; Over tere'we went through a long peri- d where we couldn't eat well and William Knieriem. president plans to name a committee for the i annual sale of .Christmas trees.; land plans will be outlined for the •annual outdoor Christmas lighting [contest. . A report of the-Lions zone meeting, held Sunday at the New Century Hotel in Romuey. will be given by Michael Sirna and Aden JEverstine. SPRUCE UP FOR THE HOLIDAYS WITH, CHURCH SPEAKER—Dr. C. C. Thomas, general secretary of the Maryland Baptist Association, will speak at the annual denominational night at Grace Baptist Church tomorrow at 7:30 p. m. Mrs. A. N. Billings, secretary, will give a history of the church and Joseph K." Trenton, financial secretary will present the annual financial report. Wallpaper Factory The first wallpaper manufacturing factory in the United States was established by John B. Hovrell, at Albany, N. Y.. in 1790. stones is called gluttony rather than glamor. Motto for .the day: , , . \Vhen in-Rome, you may do as the Romans do. • When.'in London, don't. ur girls looked scrawny -like American girls. "Now we're so delighted with the .food that it is a-pleasure to .ave a plump ideal." -.'•'.." •The.national average on curves n Britain' has just' been ascertain- d by the measurement of 5,000 •olunteer ladies, ranging in age rom 18 to 65. They were taped and .tone-weighed by several girls, . .. , r -n- j i especially trained to use measur-[ m : >» th f. rhome o£ Pledmont ng devices Joaned out for the sur- cu 6 ° 3 ' f-^- • ey by the British Ministry of . Robert Dawson, aitl ul na.iga- Iea ] tll . tor, announced that following the Among them were dress models | me f "^ '^'"pl ^' ^StoUc vith 35-inch hips, and mature ML? 5 , ,„ , e , er .„- „• _ • lousewives with 60-inch hips, it is phurch \\esternport wiU gue a revealed, but taken altogether they^ talk - Refreshments wlThe served, averaged out measuring 38Vs in he area of the torso which most Piedmont Goimcil Host To Fourth Degree Members of Chief Justice Taney Assembly, Fourth'Degree, Knights of Columbus, will hold'a regular meeting today at 8:30 p. concerns women of all civilized na- ionalities, I reminded my friend then of such British experts as Ann Todd, >arah Churchill, Margaret Leigh:on and their slim friends. He shook his head.' "They work too :ard. poor little birds," he said glumly. And Diana Dors, the hot new film star who is 5-ft.-5 and weighs 8 stone, 6 Ibs.? "Apparently," he -said, "she worries." This, advice notwithstanding, I shall worry plenty, too, till I get home to New York where ladies dine on coffee (black) and cigarettes. And where an overload of The body's largest organ is the skin, weighing just about twice as much brain. as either-the liver or the 4% DIVIDENDS ON SAVINGS An Unbroken Record For 15 Years All Funds Invested in First Mortgages on Homes WE INVITE YOUR ACCOUNT HOME Building & Loan ASSOCIATION, INC. 19 South Liberty St. Cumberland, Md. PHONE PA 4-1900 Jet CLEANING :Costs No More Than Ordinary Cleaning • Jet Cleaning Is Odorless! • It's Brighter than Ordinary Cleaning ! • It Stays Pressed Longer! • Clothes Stay Pressed Longer! ' • Homogenizes Oils Back Into Fibers That Are Removed by Ordinary Cleaning ! MODERN AERATOR DOES the TRICK FINEST CLEANING ANYWHERE Across the Cumberland * Cloak & Suit Store Open Every Morning At Try Something Terrific Today! The Fabulous t little wonder so many people (IN CUMBERLAND AND THE TR1-STATE AREA) buy from Millenson's! • Whether you are furnishing your living room, dining room, bedroom or kitchen choose from the outstanding groupings at Millenson's. i.i if Kroehler Living Room Suites and Sleep-or-Lounges * Kling Solid Cherry and Solid Maple Bedroom Suites if Johnson Carper Fashion-trend Modern Bedroom Furniture if Chromcraft Chrome and Blackcraft Dinette Suites if Kelvinator Electric Appliances -^-Philadelphia Carpet Co; Jwistwools if Baldwin Pianos THE LARGEST VARIETY'AND BEST ; " SELECTION OF BRAND-NAME FURNITURE - IN ; CUMBERLAND Introducing a Big and Vital General Motors 'Automotive First"! THE ALL-TIME SUMMIT FOR GLAMOUR AND GO/ A new Strato-Flight Hydra -Matte-coupled •% with Pontiac's 227-H.P. Strato-Streak V-S- | results in performance so new and dramatic ':• it must be experienced to be believed! £• ' * 3/7 ^** ? f »*.t Open Every Monday 'Til 9 P. M. . ,. It's Easy To Park •(Mllleiwon's— You are invited to park your car on cither of the two free parking Jots . across the street from our store. They are maintained especially for the accommodation of our customers. "•:'.•; • . ., „.,,..,..-„. :. --•,-• ., •:-.^.^i«v«}'\«*f > *»Wflp^?)«'-*"W l !W^' 1 ^P You'll discover you've entered a joyous new era of motoring when the lure of Pontiac's glamorous new style-of-tomorrow gets you behind the wheel. Performance is so incredibly agile, so amazingly responsive that if it weren't for Pontiac's long wheelbase, size and comfort, you'd swear you were driving a new advance in sporte cars. Touch the accelerator, feather light, and that great General Motors "First"—silken- smooth Strato-Flight Hydra-Matic—teams up with Pontiac's wholly new' 227-horec- power Strato-Streak V-8 engine to unleash the greatest "go" on wheels! Pick yourself a hill and fee! it disappear right under your wheels. Merely decide to pass that car ahead—and you've done it! Here's performance that's surely destined to "pull the props" from under well- established record holders. But performance is only part of the fabulous Pontiac story for '56. Everything about it brings a thrill! .There's a new ride, new handling ease, new luxury interiors, and the greatest mfety ever engineered into an automobile. And as to style— Pontiac is again the most smartly distinctive car on the road— the one car that marks you as one who knows the best when he sees it. So come in today and drive this fabulous car. Sure as you love glamour— sure as you love "go"— you'll go Pontiac in '56! 33 a THKII NIW 4.DOO« CATALINASI tfotu~-Catalina styling with four- ilwr comfort in all three Pontiac series— plus new Two-door Ccaalinan in xtchline! America's most beautiful selection of hardtops in every price range! £ •*» .3 3 j«i H $ SPOERLS GARAGE «?$' SALES 205 N. M«h«nJc Street CUMIERLAND, MD. SIRVICI 28 N. Gcorgi Street

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