Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 11, 1928 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 11, 1928
Page 5
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THURSDAY. JAN. 12> • (/Jy tke Auoeiattd i*re*»J Proicrams In Central Standard tlmJ. - All lime Is P. M. unless plher<H** tnr dicated. Wave Icmctb* on left of c«U leltcrs, kjlocycles on risbt. 272.6—WPO Atlantic City—llOO 7:nu—IilQner: Dance 8:00—I »lB )aro|und Revellera 10:30—Dance Orchestra 285.&-i-WBAlL. Baltimore—lOSis 7:00—String Qiiarlet ff-MO —Mabcwcll flour 9:00—Balklte Hour • 60S;2—WEEI Boiton—SM 6;"n—Coward, Comfort Hour . 7:iKl—Dodge Presi:ntatlon 7:30—Jloover Sentinels S:00—Cllcguot< Eskimos 461.3—WNAC Boston—650 S;00—P'odt Peppci -B «:30—'r<.\Vcr Adventurers 7J0—Theater Program 9:Ji —Pance'MnKlc 30Z.B—WGR Buffalo—990 7:00—DodBo Prcsentallon - • 8:00—Clicquot K.v-klmos 9:30—Statler's Pcnnsylvnnlans • B4S.1—WMAK Buffalo—550 . 7:00—Prb^rara of Oassloa 8:00—Poinlar: Pnjgram- - 9:0»—Carborundoni Band , 635>^^WTIC Hartford—560 «:•nO^Cof^ard Comfort Hour 7:00—DcidKe Presentation 7;30—CapHoI Theater Presentation 422.3—WOR Newark—710 5:15—••Thrift:" Ensemble: SoHKS S:QO—Ensemble i 6:S0—Bycrs Dinner | Danes 7:nfl-j.Se»3lons Chimes , 7:25r7Ncw York PhUharmonIc Orches- tru I . • • 3:30—Orean Nocturne 10:Q5—Juocun Royal Orchestr* i. 491.S^WEAF N«w York— «I0 Ts;00-lwildorf Astoria Orchestra 6:00-Hymn Sing 8:30—Coward Comfort, Hour 7:00—Dodge Presentation • 7:30—Hoovcr'Spntineto 8:00—Clicquot Eskimos 9:00—Smith Brothers 9:30—Dance Orchestra (IVihrs.) 454.3—WJZ New York—SM !• B:00—Al Friedman's Orchestra 6:00-11. s. Anny Band 8:30—National Mixed Quartet 7 :U0—Mediterraneans 7:30—AniDlco Hour 8:00—Maxwell Hoar 9e0»—BaJkite Hour. 10:00—Slumber Music <K)5.2—VVFIiWLlT Philadelphia—740 7:00—Dodge rrescntatlon •7:30—Hoover Sentinels 8:00—Clicquot Eskimos 9:30—StaUer'a Pcnnsylvanlana 84«.»—WOO PhMacklphla—860 l:3»^Dhiner Musi* • . <^ 315.e^KOKA Fittiburoh—950 8:30—Little Symphony Orchestra 7:00—Concert ... 8:00—Maxwell .Hour 9:00—Fainstcel Hour 483.6—WJAR Provldenea—620 «;;30—Coward Comfort Bour 7:00—Dodge PresematloR. 5:00—Clicquot Eskimos 277.6—WHAM Rochester—1080 7:00—Same as WJZ ; 9:00—Balklte Hour 1 10:05—Dance Program 379.S—WGY Schenectady—790 7:00—Dodge Presentation 7:30—Hoover Sentlrjels • 8:00—Clicquot Eskimos 333.1—WBZ SprinDfiel(f ^-400 • S:30-:Hotel Statler'Musical* ' 8:00—'Maxwell Hour ? S:00—BalMte Hour 10:05—McEncIIy's Orchestra 468.5—WRC Washington—640 6:00—U. S. Army Band 7:00—Dodge Presentation 7:30—Hoover SeiHlneJa vS:00-4ciicquot Eskimos ,616.9—WTAQ Wofceiter—680 6:310—Coward Comfort Hour 7:30—String Ensemble . 8:00—Clicquot Eskimos ' SOUTHERN 298.9—WWNCA«hevllle—it>10 7:00—Alva i/owc & ATIIsts *:nO—Musical I»rr>srara 10:00-^Thcater Frolic I 47S.9—WS8 Atlanta—63(* 7:00—Dodge -Presentation . 7:.1D—Hoover Sentinels fc:UO—Maxwell Hour ; 384.4—KTHS Hot Sprinos—780 8:00—Concert «:.10—Vocal 9:00—Arlington Ensetiiblo 340.7—WJAX Jacksonville—880 7:00—Recital Piocram 7:30—Varied Procram 8:00—M^weU Hour 4S1.i—WHAS Louisville— 650 7:00—DoBge rrrreniarton 7:30—Hoover .SeniltK -Isi S;0«-4L:hfcek-.Neal Hour jei6 .9—WMC Memphis—580 7:00-^Dod>re' I'resenlation 7:30—Hdovor Sontinels • 8:00—Mqxwcll Hour 336.9—WSM Nashville—890 7:00—DtxJr' Pf^rntatlon 8:90—Mbxu »ll Hour 10:00—Splrltn.ils 322.4^W5MB New Orleans—930 8:30—Orch /'stra: Vocal <2 hrs.l 254.1—WRVA Richmond—1180 6:00—^ 7:15—Songs r>f .Many Lands 8.09—Musi'..| Il'.ur i CENTRAU 828—KYW' Chicago—670 7:30—Piano Concert 8:00—Maxwell Ho^r 9:00—Chltago Opera 10:00—Congress Carnival 365.6—WEBH-WJJO Chicago—820 7:00—Dodge Presentation t 8:00—Moosebeart Houl- ' !»:.10—Chicago- Opera 11:00—Palmer House Studio f3 hr:..) 416.4—WON-WLIB Chlcag<^720 7:00—Old' Fashioned Almanalc 8:00—Clicquot l-:sklmo3 9:00—Chicago Opera 11:80—Hoodlums 344.6—WLS Chicago—870 B:00—Ropperbell Procnim 6:.W—Sports CInli: Orchestra 7::!0—Supertone Hour 447.5—WMAQ.WQJ Chicago—670 7:10—WhifDCT T»io . 9:00—Chlcugo Opera 10:00—Hanilltonians 11:00—Orchestra <2 hr.>j.) 42&3—WLW Cincinnati—700 8:00—Maxwell Hour 9.00—Fansiecl H<5ur \ 10:00—Dance Music 381.2—WSAI Cincinnati—BSO 6i.30—Ray Miller's OrWi-Mra ' 7:00—Dodgo Prcscnuition 7:30—Hoover Sentinels. 8:00—Studio Program 399.8—WTAM- Cleveland—750 . 7:00—Dodge Presentation 7:30—Hoover Sentinels , . 8:00—Message from the Masterr ! 282.8—WAIU Columbus—1P60 6:00—Orchestras ' ,545.1—WFAA Dallas—650 7:00—Dodge Presentation' 7::i0—Hoover Sentinels ' 9:00—Music 374.3— woe Davenport—800 7:00—Dodge Preaentailon 7:30—Hoover Senlitttils 8:00—Maxwell Hour , 9:30—Chicago Opera i 535.4—WHO DCS Molnei—560 7:00—Dodge Present.illon , 7:.10—Hoover Sentinels 9;aO-i-Chlcago Opera 440.9—WCX-WJR Detroit—680 6:00—.\t Event ido 8:00—Maxwell Concert Orchestra 9:d0—Balkito Hour 352.7—WWJ Detroit—850 7:00—Dodge Presentation 7:30—Hoover Sentinels 8:110—Clicquot Eskimos 9:30—Dance Music 499.7—WBAP Fort Worth—600 8:00—Music Masters 7:00—Popular Numbers . 8:00—Maxwell Hour, 10:00—Concert 11:00—Organ 3$1J—WOS Jefferson City—830 7:30—Address 8:13—State Department of Edupatlon 370L2—WDAF Kansas City—810 7:00—Dodge Presentation 7:30—Hoover Sentinels 8:00—Maxwell Hour 9:30—Fansteel Hour 293.9—WTMJ Milwaukee—1020 7:00—Dodge Presentation 8:00—Maxwell Hour 3:00—Musical Program 105.2—WCCO Minneapolii-St. Paul—740 6:80—Dinner Concert 7:30—Hoover Sentinels 8:30—^The Craftsmen 9:30—^Fansteel Hour SOSJ:—WOW Omaha—690 7:00—Dodge Presentation 7:30—Sentinels 9:00—Maxwell Hour 9:30—Fansteel Program 545.1—KSD St. Louis—S50 7:00—Dodge Presentation 7:30—Hoover Sentinels 8:00—Maxwell Hour 348.ft-KVOO Tulsa—860 6:00-r-Popular Sonirs 7:00—Dodge Presentation 8;00^Maxwcll Hour 344.8—WCBD Zion—870 8:00—Male Chorus: Celestial BcUs; Hire Trio WESTERN 488.5—KFI Los Angeles—«40 10:00—NBC Programs (2 hrs.) 12:00—Modern Classical Music 416.4—KHJ Los Anpelei—720 9:00—Dlver.«ity Hour J 11:0«—Beverly BjFarcatsj S36.9—KNX Los Angeles—890 11:30—Feature Program. j 1:00a—Uancp Music ] 384.4^kQO Oakland—780 • 11:00—Dodge' Presentation 11:30—Moon Magic 508:2—KLX Oakland—590 8:30—Dinner Concert i 11:00—Danco Program " ! 491.5—KGW •Portlan(*lr«10 10:00—Maxwell Concert I ' 11:00—I'aclflc Network Program 464.3—KFRC San Francisco—660 10:00—Musical' Progrnm 12:0»—Dance Mnsic 13 hrs.) 422.3—KPO San Frahciseo—710 11:00—NBC Program • 12:00—Borles and Allen i -343.»-KJR Seattlo-^ ; 8:30—thinner Concert 9:30—Fireside Hour. 10:30—Operatio Stars 370.2—KHQ Spokans—810 10:00—Calpet Hour 11:00—Fast Four Quartet ]2.00^Dance Music i 't Jtpporf of llif Conditioii i »t" tin* First National Bank of LaHarpe .\( (Ue flosf of iMisinesa on December 31, ISiT. RESOURCES Louns and di-scoiints. inclmlinB rediscounts, etc Owdrafts, unsecured. L". S. Corernment'Securities deposited to secure circulation (U. S. bonds par value) $25,000.00 All other t". S. Government sccurieies L.'JOO.OO Other Ronds, Stocks, Sec. etc. owned . Ilaiikiug; i$6,50<?.00; Furniture and lixtures, $2,500.00 Iteal estate owned other than banking: house Lawful reserve with Federal Reserve Rank .... Cash in vault and amount due from national banks ..L_._ A4io"iit due from State banks, bankers, and trust companies in the Uniicd States (other than includeil in Items 8, 9 .;md 10) -J • 1 Knhanges lor clearinR house . Total of Items ;». I 'l, 11. U and i;! _.. .._$6,7J4.05 .Mf^ccilaucous cash Ue\M: ' Rtjdcuiption. fund with T. S. Treasurer and due from U. S. Treasurer .-- : '• Other assets, if any • . ?216,74St.:{8 l'6,.'i00.00 22,656.94 $9,000.00 6,849.39 1,'5.400.42 3.744.24 2.K24.62 155.19 '777.10 I.2.-1O.OO 334.36 total .$304,296.62 LIABILITIES 1 . $25,000.00 ._ 7.500.00 11.861.02 $10,385.12 :Ou>itJil stock paid in ..-i •J^ffrplus' fund .--J.- J.ijdividod profits . • •; Less current expenses i>ald Circulating notes outstandhig _'. _ .— X'ashier's checks outslahding ^ Dividend checks outstanding L .Individiial deposits subjecV to check State, county, or other luuoicipal deposits secured by pledge of'assets of this bank or surety bond.J ^Savings deposits (including time certificates of deposit other than for money borrowed) . , I • Total - J-.^- -, , $304,296.62 STATE OF KANSAS,. COlXTY Oi : .\LLE.X, SS: •f. A. \. jloldem'an. Cashier of the sibove-namcd bank do solemnly swi^ar that the.above statement'IH true to (he best of my knowledge and .belief. • . ^ ' .Kttbscrtbed'aud sworn to ba^oic .mei thif :9lh day of Jaiitiary. 1928. ALPHA L. VESSE.V. .Votary Public 1.475.90 25,000.00 1,758.77 1.000.00 96,792.21 33,834.77 lll.;i.'!4.07 CIIAI'TKU XXXVll. , .loe Stevens swtiilg hii^ own rope, let out a loud "Whooiu-e:" :ind the two of fhein rode ilown I'eiiiisyl- vanla avenue at a gallop, dragging the heavy, ciiuvliersonie thing behind ihriii. .It rattled ami banged as they ItroRressod wililly, Ihiougli i the stieot, Ihrcjiieiiiiig disjister lo the iuiiiiiiieralile caiiriaccs llicv passed and iirofokiiii; eoiid ami joyous <Ti ('s fii'jm amazed spectatjOfs im til'- sidewalks. . \ iiKUtiitod tiKiii ill uniform lieard tlie sliouiing. spied them and sal- loped in puisiiit. Tony Ilurrison saw . him over, his shoulder and Mi'iuicd ;it StevpiiM. "Don't forget •« toll him alijmt your i)rotlicr-In- law. .loc." i •lltll wiih hiiii." Klevens said coiitempluously. ••rin uiiniiig • to scalp this Indian right on the White Mouse !:rwii." . Al Kiiiirlecnili jitrret two rounils- in< 11 caught ;sight of the slraugo spp< lai le anil Joined In the chasb. One of them succe»iled in gettiiig liold of III" woo'de^ Indian, but ;;i •••iidd-'ii jerk of the'rope pullei) him flat. .\l)ovc tlie shouting arose ihe piercin:; notes of ptdice ^•hislles. Tiaffic was confused and ncrvoiis !i'irs'>s shieil and reared. Satiitv riturneil to Tony ll;irri- foii al lh:it mcment.: •'Here's where wr strrieiider." he called to Stevens and pulled up on Chcfokec "I* w;i.-) a cood figlit while it lasted," he priiinod. for tlie oilier w;is making signs of dissent. •'l)iit we're cntiitiiiilu'red." Thcv halt(.-d ami 1)II11IMI up alr>ng- jside the curl). .Immediately tlrey. i wrto fsurroundrd by an e.\cited i mob and an irale :ind breathles:; Iioliremaii put authoritative hatids on tlicir biid^es. Tony, stntliiig shcopislily. looked aiiiout him. K\prywli<MC, i-M'f on the faces of the polieemi'i). were cheerful grins. WasJiiiiKtoii. if it Iiad 'been shockefl. al l";ist liiid bi'fii amuse <i. • •;.\nv\v;iv." .loe Stevens was s:iy- ing loudly, fur the benefit of the ^ejidarnu's whom he was regardiir: wi Ii it i'isdai;iful eye, "we shewed Iht "Id town more excitement than slip's seen in a coon's age.", Iliil Tony did not hear him. He was slating after an open carriage lh;i ,t h;iil just passed, .and his heart was iloiiig strange tricks inside him. A in ;iii :ilid a girl wire in the (airi;ige. the man pointing to the :imi ^iii^ speiiaclc of two drunken cowlinys tying up I'eniisyl vaniii avfiiiii' Iralfic. the strl. jier ••heelis flaiirnu srai let.' staring straisht ;ihe;i <l of her. .••I {il :i'" T.iiiy e.\r!;iini4'd in :i Iio.irsi- <vIiis|M-iv and Instantly w;is cold Miliir. The man tie !i;i<l iifvor .sei'ii rii 'fiir"-: but. he, was a young man. and haiKisome in a waxe.l iinislaciii'. :iml -Tony cmili! guess. He coiilil <inly I continue to stare. diimM;.. bis nioutii gapiiii;. . . . He was aware presently r )r an irritabl'! voici: shouting in iiis ear ;i iKilici -iiian asking for liis name, .loc Sicioi!:; vvaj; sa'yitig '•xpansivr'- Iv I" the oiiiniiged arms of the l:iu. "Cnys. tl '.l all rish.l: .lohn .Vol.iti 's my 1ir (illif "r-iii -Iaw.^^ ii -II 's .lohn .N'olan'/i' lislened privately to some words from Pawnee Bill and let Tony and Slevns off. with light fines. ••But you^ll have to buy the tobacco dealer- a new Indian. The old one"—tnriiing an amused eye towaiil file silent "eviilence" beside the bench—••looks most thoroughly subdued. He is soiiu'what lacking in spirit. Harrison, I had ihe pleasure of seeing .v6u perform in Pawnee Mill's show. .\s an evi- ileiici- of my appreciation. I am giving yon the minimum punisli- the next time you go palh don't tie up traf- Biit W!ir the Boonicrs. ion and taku Ihem.inlo Okloli^iW. The. letter finils me wiihoijl .riijnds, without a Job, without pro-spbcts. If that isn't fate," he breathed^ half to himself, •what is it^ :T>ny, I'nv golne. and I'm askiiigj yon Higti with nic." ! • <TO HF <;oXtlXUED) They un Ui 'WhMtsu when; J'nnnre Rill fhiilli a smit rreop- Hon. Mliere Hie: imfi' lopli- nif con- Tersiitlon is thr> ii,nii|>i>iiril Iniiil fo HIP Konili. FIN .\ \ ( I .\ iJ S'I'U T K M V. yi" .\nil .ti'fidiiWI )il'|l>ulilir»Hiiii Of the Security Building* Loan Association, lociittjd 'at lola.i in the County of .\Dei . :St|ite of Kansa^. at tbe close of I ii^iness on the 31st day of Decemhe •. ;isl27. AuMiorized o.poj Kpsltitrcips. bers Idapttal, {2,000.otl on Loans to nicni I'cal estate All oilier tea owneil ^ Cash in office aiid tKinks estate Total ... I .l.ijiiliHrs. Installment sti^^ • (In- vestpient) -. $29_8.S.-,u.tHI - 430.11 12.7.';6.71 installment stotjk'( Prepaid stock Rural creilit stdck—full- paid L-i --j--_ Contingent (or fund Due borrowers f 11,825.1.! full-paid anil ! Reserve for stock divideiids other classes i - . .Reserve for la>ies ._ Undivid<-il profits 2.').Ififi.84 S.0S8.."iO 243.950.00 J .600.OO •110.09 • 122.97 " :!,:! 10..-..-. I.f!l7.32 2.-.I.6.-. 2.302.57 I Seal 1 .Mv lommission 11131. u. -.. .$312,036.85 bove .statement Is correct. .^II^LVIX FROXK. PreMdent. H(li:,V'K 1. I MILLKR. i Secretary. X: C; KERR. iXnjary Public. —If you want city or suburban ... Building' & t^^n|JVsso make you a loan no commission. Secretar.v. at old Reglstjer building sou lb west eornq AUCTIONS my ".And who in l!lf ; r.|g <.;i|il know. "Wbv Ibi- ,ol| police wanted f) Ibarlender. Iluns the there at the- foot of He jerked a thumb salonn ilown Capitol Hill." eastward. | Tlie sergeant snorted coiitemp- liiously'and Stevens' faith in his brolIi-?r-in-law"s influence began to trickle ;iway] like water from, ;i leaky pan. •'Dpn't .von know hiin?" he a.sked weakl.v., _ 1 '•Siirej I know every barteniler in town.' but all of them put together couldn't keep you two liMIo hoys out of jail, j Here's the.wagon now: come along." ; Pawnee Bill bailed them out that night. Tony Harrison told him dis- gnstedly. 'Tve taken hiy lust drink." . ' ! I'll at le;ist limit myself to maybe four or five at a tinie.^' Pawnee mil said, his eyes twinkling. "I sjiid I was through. I mad"a fool i-f myself." His pi ide was hurt. That Rita, above all per- :;otis. should h;ive seen him under such disgraceful circumstances. . . . "Probably her husbsnd wlih her." he thought. ".More than likely she's married by now." The magii^rate the next morning was inclined to be friendly. He every Saturday|'.s Sales PIBLIC AfCTipX- pitblic auction Pavilion, Salnr ii'i-Ioi'k. 4- head Iifad mules: good ,milk I •ow ^l iiig heifers: cilvej Ford tourings:! -Fl expire to Dcccnvber buy or build. pnVporky, The lola • iatibn: will low iijlerest rate. SQC (f. E. Pees ment. on the fii».". The show proceeded to .New Jersey. At Oloucester a combination Was formed - with' Buckskin Bill's siiow, the star performer of which was Annii Oaklev. the fumous woman rifle >lioi. ••We'll have to put ymi in Ihe background a little bit." Pawnee Bill told Tony. "Vou can cut out .your shooting act. Altliough .\nn<c ipakley never.saw the day that she I Total -L- t31.a.036.S.'. I ould pull a trigger with you, she's ijnt a big reputation, and besides .•|hi''s :i woman. K hope 'you won't h^Jnd." rouy assured him he " ould not. ^,„^.^ The combined show perfoxmed al!F„lI-paid stock fairs throngh-the state, and al-1 p„„,3„p,,, ^iQt ^r though it drew good crowds it lost ^ money because of unfavorable con- ii-acts with the fair grounds peo-,p„„,i„„ ,„rireservel l)le. Then the weather got bad: dav after day rain spoiled their plans and th- money jdrained out j J^^lse, ve' for 'ini^taMment of their little It;e:..sury. .sl,.,k dividen .|s Sloping lor a iluiiige 111 luck. Rtickskin Bill withdrew from the partnership and Pawnee P.ill and ('liarlie Southwell once more pro- ceedeil on their own. But tlie rain continued and fall found them in Maryland desperately tryitiR to re-i. coup their losses in • the small towns. i Tlie "There's a .lonali arotimi some place." Pawnee Bill .'taid and shook his 'ie;iil sadl.v. ••Ma.vbe it's me.'' 'I'oiiy tidrl him pessimistically. The older man contrived lo biugh. •You've sure t>een liown- hoarted ever since that little scrape in Washington. I nevr .saw a man get so remorseful over u lii- tl« iag." The young inau 's eyes, clouded. "I learned some si 'nse." lie sai.l ;itid spai into the rain. Th<'y would play Kastoii llie next day. Bill informed him. "And. if "ive don't m;ike some money then- ue sm:isli. We're broki-. :iiid I'm aboifl two llioit.s:iml in debt t-> you. between h;ick s:ilary am' w hat 1 AUfl I've 'lorrowed " ' ' He sho!tldn't 1. 1 thai worry him.! PUBLIC AUCTlt).V—Public-anjtlon I Ton.-.' :;:ii'l. "1 f'-i'l this thi'm as murl; Jis you ilo. .\:u>tlier year, with bellfr lucl;. ;iiid .vntt'd clean up. We'll h<ii>f for sunshine iti East on." But ill* l':isiiiii they fiiund more niinaiiil an a|iarliniriit by thi- >lterirr. Tl'e show I;'r1<ed lailroa'l fare to move on to aiioilier ;owii: it lacked money t» p;iy the board i bills of its performers. 'Kvon ii'v trunk 's been ;iitarh- erl," .'jiid Pawnee Rill ibrerlcsxiy. "The show biisim-SK .so l';ir lias Iceii a lomidete bust., Pui goiiiR to the postoffice to see if anybody stilt . thinks enough of nie to i write." . ! "I'll go with .vou. If the sheriff ^•eea me hanging around this tent he might attach me, too." The postmaster handed Pawnee Bill two letters. They ducke.l out :ind ran across she street to the shelter of the little train shed. There Pawnee Bill settled himself comfortaibly on a baggage truck ami turned his attention to hi.s ma I while Tonv gazed disconsolately into the drizzle of rain. "This one's for you, Tony. From .loe Craig. I ret:kon." He had torn open one of the envelopes to fin«i a sealed 'ine enclosed. Tony slowly rjipped it open. At' that moment he felt downright ; sorry for .loe Craig—for the way he had treated him. •\^Iight Inve written lo him anyway." he murmured, and then slarcil tinbeliev- ingly at the words Craig had penned. 'Mrs. Moore was dead . . . iwcnty- (iflh of Septenvber . . buried near in the family cemetery. ... RU.i.' and her father :n \'ir- 'ginia. JBiisluMS Serrlces (MTered 18 WE DO -All kinds of roof' and -chimney work, diayingt etc.- Phones 903 anil 395. liressnisiking and Mlllinerj 31 SEWI.X^^-Want plain and fancy: children's garments a specialty. Jiiqtijre .308_yorthL Walnut. _ MoTing, Tmclifng, Storage 25 CALL 1 DE\X TRAXSFER —.Phone S8.'>. will movc_ you by hour or contract, with experienced men. WHEN: -too MOVE—Or store yoar goods call (3orr'a Transfer. Offtw 140, residence 140. EMPLOYMENT Help ITanted—Male .•S3 PORTER—Wantetl at once. In person. KeJlty Hotel. Call WA.N'TED—F^c eel lent opportunities now available for industrioiis men. 25 lo 50 years old to make large profits selling Heberllng's Products direct to consumers in your home counl.v. lairge ;ind best selling line. Strong Company, 'lives most co-oper.-'tion. Low wliolesjtic jiriccs. So experience n-eded. We teach and continue to assist you. C.ive age. • occupation, reference. C C. Heberling Company. Dept. 6S2. Bloomingtpn. HK • Situations Wanted—Female - 3G rot sc^uare. ons i 1 ItA tit jl :00 o'cloc': at Pavilion 1 will sell' at Bishop's Sale .1 .Ian. 14. at, one of ijood horses: •! hiiad of hogs: S me nici; ycarlchickcris: • 2 )rd roaifster; at : '.SI Ford truck: h chinery: new n^ iiig some new rJiithing: and up-to-date 111) including 2 vict Auctioneer, AUTO FIVE Aotomobil ok rencles A A USED CAR—I the dealer wh Sales and Servi to buy good, de .\t present wcl of both open a priced to sell. 214 Xorth Wasl i i as ) 's« L-e. lend aye nd £1 lingt dependable as lis it. Dodge The best place ible used irars. a complett line ;losed mddels, lis Motor; Co.. on. HUDSON-BSSE> lee. Bud VVhii South "nrasbin^ :—Sales and Serv- »; .Motor. Co.: 219 op.J Phone VSO. roadsters; For coupcH. All a •We trade. Ro ittya- 0. K. USED CARS- Doreett Produce Co. 1202 East Street, Ida Plione "03 Cash for Poultry and Eggs ; fall Is Any Time. We wfll come after ponltry.' ^-(My Com. (expires Febri^jtrj- 8, 1930) Correct—Attest: O. D. HARTLEY. A. M. HACKNEY, il. WARI> • Directors. GRENNAN'S MARKET Corner East'Monroe and Elm Sis. lOLA, KANS. We Want Your Poultry, Eggs aii<t Hid«p 4>l) OIK PHONE >'r)lBER IS 376 I«l»'s Pcodaee ltM«».Si«tr iMK CO. COGniLL, Xauiger. dor sedan; .132 1!>27 Clievrole Chevrolet tonripg: ton truck: 192,' Ford roadster: truck, with gri cheaper used ctrf. Co., 118 W. Jat^sflri am He was profoundly shocked, and tor the first time sin;e parting with Rita in a b!-aze of ancer. ho felt the full measure o^ his sympathy 50 out to her. • He Iiirncd once more .0 the letter. ••We're still waitinc for you to come buck Tony, .\nywav. write. 1 rTt;,:.T;z, rJ«..-iol.- onwiir Things are ri?ht lonesome on ,i,e 'OAKLA.ND - I^eale^s - PONTI.AC .B.-!r K." He could well imagine that wa -4 true. He turned to the' man bfr^' side hinx but Pawnee Bill, a faraway look in his e.ves. was staring into the rain, the open leiier lan-j g'ing in bis haiid. '•' Tony as^ced softly. "Did yon get] bad news. toi». Bill?". KOaaster: '27 Ford tudor. Overland con pel The long-haired man appeared not to have beard him. When he spoke he said. 'Ton .v. ma.vhe there is such, a thing as destiny., after alt. Ttjis) letter's rronr the Cllani- ber ot Commerce of Wichita. .Tliey like new: '24 good: '24 Do«lg| cheaper used tor Co.. .sell kola ir.neiss: farm; ma- ercliandise, injL^lud- lOniets Jtiid men's Mofid of ne«f and Id • ftiriiilure, s. C. S. BIJibop, CO.MPETE.XT GIRL— Wants-place lo work in small family. Caurgive good reference. Phone 1'2S7. FINANCIAL 3Ion,ey to Loan—Mortgntres 111 FARM tO.AXS—Quick service and reasonable * rates. A. D. Hawr thome. 15V1. West Madison. F.,VR.M A.N'D CITY I-OAXS ^nie Allen County Investment Co., Kelley Hotel Bldg.. lola. Kans. FAR .M AND CITY LOA.V^—Base rate on farms. 5'.'. city ('.'^. I>ong or short time. R. M. Cunningham. MONEY—^To loair on farm and city property. Jackson Realty Co.'. over Brown'.s Drug Store. ^ Poultry and Supplies .49 PLACE ORDER—Today for Barred Rock baby chicks. First hatch .Ian. 21. $12.50 per hundred. The Home Hatchery. E. .M. and C.iM. Chatterton,- Colony, Kans. Sl.NGLE CO.MB REDS—State accredited flock; cockerels. ?2.00: laying pullets. $1 .25; well m.ahtred stock. Mrs, J. T. Allen,; end North { Cottonwoixi. • • j_ MERCHANDISE Articles For Sale 61 (First Published in The iola Daily, Register December 21.,1927.) xnu'E. Russell Klaiii. sentenced 5-23-21 from Allen County for Forgery 2nil Degree, will present his application for a parole to the Board (if Ad- ministra^on. at tlieir next regular', meeting held at Lansing, Kansas, February. 7. 1928. Petitioner: RUSSELL ELA.M. CREA.M SEPAR;\TORS J Slightly u s e d ' .McCorniick-Deering bsll- bearing. ?65; slightly used .Vuker- Holth .Vo. 5 separator. $H5. guaranteed as new. Allen County Implement Co, sate. NOTICE OF APPOINT-nEXT. (E.xeeutor) State of Kansas, Allen County, SS. * ' ^ In tire matter of tlie estate of J. W. Sullivan. late 'of Allen County, Kansas. .>0*rKl. OF AI»l'OI>T.HE>T. Notice is Iiereby given, that on Ihe loth day of Deccmlicr. A. Ix. i.'»27. the undersigned was b.v the Probate- Court of Allen County, Kansa .T. dul.v apiminleil and quali- NATIVE Li".MBER—."Mostly oak. I lied as executor of the estate of .1. any dimensions. See Paul .Atkinsi W. Sullivan, late of Allen County. GOOD BLACK WOOD -p-|.r Phone lonw. at Owl Creek Stock P'arm. 5 mlles^ west Humboldt or call Bud Wniite Mofoi: Co..;'phi)ne l .SO, lola. SPECIAL SALE-This week ojily on Simmon's' 2-inch beds: best deceased. All parties interested in said estate will take notice and govern themselves accordingly. ROBT. E. SILLIVA.V. Executor. (First Published in the lola Daily- Register December 21, 1927.) gray euaniol springs and fiiU '["I" j >OTICK Ol' KINAF Sl.TTI.E.MENT State oT Kansas. AllPn County, ss. -In the Probate Court in and for said County. In the matter of the ^ Estate of .1. F. Elam. deceased. i^Tf^r^r, o. 1 . . - . Creditors unit all other persons WOOD-Stove, chunk c''r<l ami interested in the aforesaid Estate pole lengths. Phone 94o-12. E.:R.j..,re hereby notified that 1 shaU ap- Weldin, ton mattress, for only Large stock to select from. Bfy- son's Furniture Store. Xorth .ief- ferson avenue. Barter.and E.xehange - ply to the Probate Court in and for .-|.!said County, sitting at the Court - I House in lola. County of Allen. WILL TRA^B-I DeLaval, 1 ^H- f°''"^'n ^o°.VfoV.!'n.irand lotte, 1 Dono crean. separator for .lauuary. A. D. 1938, {or a full an f,.„niv- rm-.m m- final settlement of said Estate, and stock. Alien C.junt>_Cream_Co,^^^^ ^^^^^^^ and adjudging Business niid Office Eanipment who are the heiis, devisees and legatees of sail! deceased. TYPEW'Rl-TltRS—For sale, rent- or A. A. HOLDEMAX. tra'de. , •\VlUiams Typewriter to, i Administrator of the Eslale.of 4 113 West Madison. 1 ' Elam. deceased. „ , „ „ TT: I Decen?l)er 16. A. D.. 1927. Fuel, Feed, Fertilizers 06 ! _ _-. ^ prui>lislied in tlie F. ola BALED ALFALF.\—Timothy and: Daily Register, .lauuary 11. 192.s. clover. !Uid prairie hav. Stewart' SHEKIFK'.S SM.V. OF CONFl.S- CATER .\rT <>.M(WlLE. & Funk. BALED 1I.\Y—2--.I- b;ile at barn. I.*wis Powell, % niilc east StcMl-j ing Hfightsi J Household Goods MONEY TO LOA.N—On .farms or city property. Lowest rate; Stewart; & Funk. Stato of Kau.s;iv. County ojC Allen, ss: y<>. l.",737. State of Kansas, Plaintitf, A. L. Eaton. Defendant. IJV; virtue of an order, in tlic .MONEY TO LOA.N—On real estate, j small monthly pa;'- 1 ments. These loans never come due | - -better because cheaper and more: convenient. Security Building Jjoan Assn.. 1st .Natl. Bank Bldg. LIVE STOCK Horses, Cattle. Vehicles 48 COWS-^:',5 head milk rows: -1 Hcd- • stein cow. 5 years jiisi fre^hj giving 6 gallons milk pei day: 2 Holslrin cows, I ;inl 1! years 'ild. givinc i gallons each per ii;iy:i 3 .lerse.v heifers giving :; gallt.n.-f per ila.v; 2 (Juernseys. :! and I years old. siviiig :: and 4 .::aill >lI^^ per day: 2 red Diirhams giving 5 gaUons each per dav: 1 roa'i Diirhani heifer, just fresh, giviiig 4 gallons per dHy :i 25 -lie.-id cnw .s will freshen from •'! days, lo two'! weflts. These cow.-: consist of Diir-| hams. Guernseys 'and- Holsteins and are extra good ones. Come and baVe a look at them.- AVill sell on time -or trade for other cattle, horses or mules! J. C. Butcher. ALL FURNITURE-And liousehiild .goods in-my home at 301 South'above entitled lo me direcl- <!olborn will be f<ir.'s;ile 'Thurs-! ed and delivered, issued out of day. Friday' and Saturd.'iy^ this'; the. Distrirt Court of the 37th Ju- wcck. Call from 1:00 !ir. 4 ;0o p. ;m.'/iicial District of the State of.Kan- or telephone Kl'i.-.W 'lor l-ppoilit-1-sjis. sitiing in'jand for .Mien Coun- ineni. O. IL Barkening. ' i ty. in .said Siatf-. I will on the 26tli ' : — 1 • —i day of .lauuary. A. 1).. KciS. at tbe DAVENPORT—Two rockers, day. j,our <,f .2:30 p. ni. of .said day at bed. Columbia grafonhia and ret - j jhe-North door of the Court House oriK walnut table, 2 ri-i^nors, j at Iol;t in ilie County and State porch swing, bridge lamp, sewing j aforesaid, offer at. public sale and machine. 918 East street. | SLIJI t., tlie higlie.-t bidder, for cash I in hand, all the right, title and in- CAS RANGES^ S-v: oii '-s, h.w FIFTY HEAD—Young blatk-fa.ed ewes, start lambing Feb. 1. Will Gwillini. Phone 11-10. Moran. FARM IMPLE.ME.NTS—Horses, cattle and hogs. C. E. .McVey, 3 miles north of LaHarpe. FRESH COW—Four-year-old mare, and Iwlcd prairie hay for sale. A. D. Morrison. lola R. 3. "k AntomohllJBrfoIr Sale ,11 CIHIYSLER *M|O'; (tOITPI -M -Late Studcbakcr light'coach: Chrysler "60" coach; ChrVsler "70" touriue: 1925 Ford jtudor sedan; ;Ford :tfjiirings: Ford •e; in «ood shapf>. I s Arbtickle's'Gar­ age, Chrysler ijcalflrs. Phone 56. HAMPSHIRE HOGS—For .sale. .Mrs. Essie .M. 'Coop, Humboldt. Kans.. R. 2. • ' HEIFERS—Five 2-year-oIds: five Holslein cows, fresh or heavy sprlnger.s: 16 head to piek from. .1. A. Stcimel. Phone 943F12. I-TRNITITIIE. - New "^and second ' •iiiealMive n^imed defend- •c-"'';, ,Mv v'^ J '''«ne ,aur. A. L. F:aton. and any and all ^-.'""er. :^ jper.sons claiinin'g any interest in ami to tlie following described priees. Kuaran--- - • •• Hudson nijiger's Funiit -Madison. • :i. _ =—I'.Said property to be soiif 011 order OVERSTUFFED — Living riW.m i of Coiir^. .suite. ;! piei-e; Hoi.zior kitchen T H. 1). S.MOt.^K. cabinei. .Call after .". o'l lijck-i at ; Slieriff. 2'il .South Kini. ' ' Ity Kd Duiil'e.;. Uiiilersheriff. r :—, -Slierifl's office', lola. Kanna?. OVER.STUFFBD PARfiOK SUITES. I January 1: in.'S. raute;d stoves;" l ,o„- to-wil: «ne 1926 lu^oii rniture Store, lis W^est ii^'M'<^'-«'>-„ ^^'"'''J^^-^^fJ^ • : liKaiisas lfl2. License .No. ll:.-0.{0. Walnut Dining Suites. and Bedrrfoin: ,, SHERIFF'.S SALE. Exchange your "I'l^^tpr | . fpfrst Published in the loia new. Easy payments. Curtis Fur- Register. December 28. 1927- niture Co . LaHarpe, | gta,p Kansas. Allen Cour- Wanted-^To Buy t.v. .ss. -I In the District Court. Thirty WA.NTED TO; BUY—All kinds: of .Seventh Judicial District, sitting in cattle and hogs. J. C. Butcher. County. State! ot and for --^Hen I<CaDsas. • Metroijolifan Bank of Kansas City, a corporation, plaintiff, vs. WANTED—Cattle hides and horse hides; green- hides, l.'.c: horse hides up to 56 each. J. F. Gren-' nan Prodnce: Co.,_Iola^Kan3.^^ A,a„ ^dwin Fitzsimmous. et al., REAL'ESTATE FOB RENT j •''^{f;''^-^-^ ^aio - i.'JWied by the clerk of the Thirty- Seventh Judicial District Court, in Farms and-'Land For Rent ; 7< 80 ACRE FARM—For rent to good, I and for Allen County. State of reliable parly;; ini|uire 223 North! Kamas, in tlio above entitled Colborn street. j cause, and to me directed and dc- TT r- —: r— I livcred. I will on the :50th day of > Houses tor Kent 77 January. A. D.. 192s. at 10 o'clock, ^ a. m. of saiti day. at the south docir HOUSE—5 ro<ihi modern, furni.sjicil or iinfiirnisheil- Phone 1128. 1927 Fori(l tu- ChWroiet coach; ladster: .1925 [1927 Chevrolet Fo^d coupes 1926 |l924J Chevrolet ton body. Other ShcHy Motor Phone '60- '26 Oakland coiipo: fK Bniclc light six touring, fille'shape: '27 ;For«i F'ortl coupe; 25 fiiie' shape;.' '25 godd; Chevrolet touring: '21' Chevrolet t\)ach. Chevrolet coupe. \t touring. Several •arsj Hobart' Mo- Auto jLCCCHorlek, Tires. Parti IS YEARLI.XG BULIJp-Registered FIoIstein: dant proiluced 7.000 quarts milk which wholesaled at 8c a quart, a total of SJ60.OU in eleven months. .Might 'take your bull in exchange. Balzpr, lola. 10 HEAD—Good work horses. matched pair; 2 sets work harness: 6 Ford cars: all kinds of. farming implements. Will sell on'j time or trade for livestock. J. C. Butcher. 47 EWES—Ready to Iamb; regis- teined Duroc boar; two sows; good 4-year-oW mare: S-year-oId horse: 10 -year-old horse: six yearling steers. E.: J. Ronsick. 5 miles sbuth on Kentucky. Poultry and Supplies 49 BABY CHICKS—For Jan. 17 and. 24 delivery. Custom hatching, 2c pcresg when set and. :5c per chick added -when hatched. Sturdy Chick Hatchery. 22(f West street. ROOSTBIJ3--PnlI blooi|-Rose Coihlr jWbite Wyandottes. Phone 952-11. fit the court in the City fit lola. Allen County, State of Kaii- ilOU'SE—Pleasant five room niixl-| sas, offer for .sale and sell to :tlii» erii.'double .garag'.- Ri:nt, SLS.Ofi. 1 higliest Wd/lcr. for ca .sli in hauii, '• .•Jl.^;_Norlli^ siieel. Kiy doi)-.: sodfh. j the follDwing dcscTibcd real eKlatb,' REAL ESTATE FOR SALE |'"B^lginnlng at tlie Cor— , „ , ,.1, i f" i ner of Section Twenty-five (2.'i). Brokers In Real Estate K Township Twenty-throe (231. FOR SALE Oft TR-U)E-I^Harpe: ,f St*^*-""^^'! * *''',,f 7;'' ten acres well improved, close in: 'r '-^'^''t' .^-'^"'vJ store building, well located. Iola: rods South to North line or Mad,four room bo^se iii citv; 36 acres 1°" r ^r"^ '° '"^ T"" ^""""il three miles oSt. Humboldt: T ^-^\^Zf'Sj,ff'Tnft^'T:^'' ?' T improved cftr properties. W.; H.' ^"'^'^ ''"^ °f A- T- Wood. LaHarpe. Houseil For Sale & S. F. railroad right-of-way thence Southwest along Xorth line of said ! right-of-way. to Eaet line of North., ^ j west quarter I'XW. '4) of the HOUSE-^Modern, 3 lots. 40 acres' Northwest quarter (X^V. of or trade for any-1 said Section Twenty-five (Zo),, land: will .sell thing. D. E. Dean. 322 South Oak. Subnrban For Sale 87 MY IMODER.N 3 ACREJ—Suburban home: or wiUtradc. Grant Biljbe. I East Lawn. Iola, Kans. SUBURBA.N—On good gravel road, gomi improvcinents. priced to sell. A bars-tin R taken .«<oon. Addrps.'» "St ^urban," 6axe .Register. thence North to^ Section line; thence East to placel of beginning, containing 120 acres more or less. Said lantls aitd tenements will 'bo sold without appraisnsent to satisfy said Order; of Sale. ^ H. D. «-MOCK. Sheriff of Allen County. Kans^. By Ed Dunfeo. I'nib-r.sheriff. - SherifTs office, lola^ Kan.<ta». December 23, 1927.

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