The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 20, 1933 · Page 4
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 4

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, January 20, 1933
Page 4
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: \ - . • ;•/• ' >' < ^<<'^ \, ^^ , • i • - • ^ , r ^' •{ '' * v \, ',"f > " * *' ' i>> • ,„ * i *. i-i'' ' ' * ' THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORN1AN, FRIDAY, JANUARY 20, 1933 Bakersfield Shopping Center CHOICE CUTS OF MEAT Tender Tender SM'in Steak? and Rib Sleeks 20c Leidy's Pickled Hams . . , Leg Perk Reaet . . . . . Leg Young Lamb ... . That Famous Perk Sausage Tender Yeal Gullets . . . Fresh Ground Hamburger . Fresh Pork Spareribs . . , Eastern Sauerkraut . . . Armour's Star Hams, Parts 3 Large Slices Ham . . . Tender Pot Roast Cut From Prime Steer 10c Ib. IQo Ib. I2o Ib.l6o Ib. I5c Ib. I5e Ib. IQc Ib, I2c Ibs. I5c Ib. lOc . . 25c GROCERY SPECIALS Globe AM supply Globe A-1 Flour 10 ,35c 25, b ..63c Globe A-l Sesanc Salad Oil Qts. . . 39c 1/2 Gal. 69c Wheat Hearts .... 20-oz. pkg. I5c (FREE—Wm. Roger. & Son Teaspoon With Each Box Top) Hills Bros. Red Can, I Ib. 32c; 2 Ibs. 62c 10 Ibs. Sugar, in Bag ...... 46c A-1 Complete Biscuit Flout 27c tall oan, 5o , . 2for23o . 3for25o Mb. Jar I8c , 10 for 23c Golden State Milk .... lOJ-oz. Can Asparagus Tips Dixie Queen String Beans . Rose Brand Peanut Butter . Crystal White Soap . . . Strawberry and Apple Preserves ..... 2-lb. 6-oz. 30c Walnuts ......... 2lbs.25c MoFee Dog Food . . . . . . 3forl7c Heinz Tomato Juioe ..... 3for25c BUTTER Cloverbloom, In Quarter. Ib. Golden State, Solid Pack Ib. 2lc DELICATESSEN KRAFT and TILLAMOOK WHAT MOST PEOPLE SERVE Chicken Noodles Pint, 20c Tamule Pie, 20c Cresta Blanca Grape Jam 1 Ib., 35c 300 Lbs. Fresh Peanut Butter 2 Ibs. 19c Orange Fruit Syrup for Punches Quart 30c COMMUNITY TODAY'S NEWS AT TEHACHAPI FRESH FRUIT AND VEGETABLES Golden Ripe A Bananas w 26e Ibs. Snowball Cauliflower, 2 ,„, 25e Large Heads. Freeh Green Broccoli... 3 ib, 25e Large Ripe Avocados. Fresh Green Bruesels Sprouts... TEHACHAPI, Jnn. 20.—Little Shirley Hammond, who has been 111 for the past two weeks, Is able to be In school again. Tehachapl Chapter, O. B. S., held Ha regular meeting Wednesday evening. The worthy grand matron. Grace But- terfteld, will make her official visit to Tehachapl and Sunshine chapter of Lancaster, Jointly, In tho Mnsonto tomplo here on January 25. A dinner will be served at 6:30 p. m. Mrs, Cliff Meyers returned Wednesday from a short visit In Los Angeles with Mrs. W. Q. Pulton of Lancaster. Mr. and Mrs. "\V, R. Powers. Mrs. Carrie Downs, Al Watts, Paul Kruger, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Keeley and Mrs. Charles Kecley attended the American Legion meeting: In Bakersfield, Sunday. • 5lr. and Mrs. George Burrls left recently for Los Angeles to attend a meeting of newspaper men. Mr. Bur- rls Is editor of the Tehachapl News. Kenneth Owens of San Bernardino la upending hla vacation visiting here with his sister, Mrs. Jack Shaw, and family. Mrs. Thomas Nettleton of Long Beach is visiting Miss Miriam Rath- Mrl and Mrs. Clyde Brlte, Jim Wiggins, Miss Orpha seal) and Miss Ramona Crabtree drove to Mojave Monday night to attend a meeting' of the Rebekah lodge "' --••-- Itlnted Into tn e. Miss Crabtree was In- lodge J. W. Slosson Is Called by Reaper DELANO, Jan. 20.—J. W. Slosson, well-known local resident for many years, died at the family homo here In Cecil Addition on Wednesday after- rioon at 4 o'clock. He had been sick leas than a week with double pneumonia. The body IB at the Delano Funeral Parlors and funeral arrangements have not yet been made. Mrs. Slosson, his daughters, Mrs. Robert Moora of Huntlngton Beach, Mrs. Harry Kerwln of this city, and his son Otha Slosson of Wilmington, THE DAY'S NEWS AT KERNVILLE ft o KBRNVIUUB, Jan. 20.—Bert' James, merchant, and his brother-in-law, James Baynes of VaoavlUe, are on a business trip to Los Angeles. Gabe Chavez was a recent caller In Bakersfield, «•»«« Hartley Fraaler. foreman of Kern County Road District No.l, with Merrill Hlght and Roswell Tlbbetts, transacted county business In Bakersfield and Delano during the week. Work on the Ersklne creek road, under supervision ( of Mr. Frazter, Is temporarily stopped on account of drifted snow. Mrs. Roswell Welch has left for a visit with her sister, Mrs. George Sov- 2 ,„ 35e 2 25c All Bunch «1 |f|. Vegetables V for IIIG We Carry Only First Class Fruits and Vegetables RHOLAR'SI ISHOLAR'SI ISHOLAR'SI ISHOLAR'SI ISHOLAR'SI I8HOLAR BUY AMERICAN Like many thousands of fellow Americans, we have never in the past given any thought to BUY AMERICAN. Now we heartily endorse this movement.... BUY AMERICAN PRODUCTS. Many imported items offered at cost so they may be discontinued. ASK FOR BUY AMERICAN STICKER i I i i i The Coffee With the FRESH Flavor Dated Daily 31 Pound Tin "Home- Perfected FLOUR sack 2 49 ^$1.17 Special Demonttratlon Friday and Saturday YOU LUCKY PEOPLE Six Prize. Register. No Limit FREE SNOWFlAKES 8 n 12 I BA IOC SAW Large Hominy, No. 2 squat tin SAW Extra Large Ripe Olives, tall tin SAW Shrimp, medium size, picnic tin , S & W Broiled Large Sardines, Mustard, Natural, Tomato, Oval SAW Extra Fancy Large Prunes. 2-lb. box SAW Fruit Cocktail, tall tin SAW Tomato Juice, Nice Hot or Cold, picnic tin.... SAW Spinach, picnic tin, 9c; No. 2 tin, 12!/ 2 o; No. zy, tin.. S A W Tomatoes, Solid IIJ |» Pack.-No. zy, tin • •2 I » SAW Telephone Peas, IQjt No. 2 tin ••* SAW Sauerkraut, No. 2 tin SAW Tuna Light Meat, 31/i or., 121/pc; 7 oz SAW Minced Razor Clams, 41* No. V, tin s.1* SAW Dainty Pearl Corn. White Whole Kernel, No. 2 tin SAW Pimentos or Qreen Chill. No. I/is tin Vanilla Wafers...Ib. pkg. 25c Wheateworth Whole Wheat Pancake* Flour, ,1-lb. 4-or. pkg. 10c Hie He lOc lljc 9c SAW Walnuts, Mixed or Almonds Ib. Strongheart Dog Food tin Tea Garden Syrup, quart, 32c; pint Jug Sperry Wheat Hearts, 14ft 1 Ib., 4 oz., regular size f 2" Malwood Oregon Pumpkins, i No. zy, tin ' Campbell's or Helnx Assorted Soup itln Kokoheart Margarine, pound tin Powdered or BroWn Sugar, pound pkg Warsaw Cove Oysters, picnic tin Heinz elder Vinegar, 14 oz., 9c quart 8 T 7 I9c Clarion Sugar Corn, No. 2tin.... Loveland Sweet Peas, No. 2 tin Dixie Queen Strlnglsss Bsans, No. 2 tin Wsllman Strawberries, new < pack, med. slse, No. 2 tin Semolina Macaroni-Spaghetti Salad; 6-lb. box Old Mill Corn Meal, K 10 Ibs.. 2»c V Ibs. Foodstown Rlc« Pops, 9c| Wheat Pops Happy Isles B. 8. Pineapple, No. 2"/, tin........ Century Sugar Peas, > No. 2 tin i • La Sevlllana Green Olives, quart jar I5c Packed in Quarters.. ..Ib. 23e Golden State BUTTER Packed in 99fi Solid. .Ib. lOc I Be 29c Salad Dressing Pint Jar 15c Quart Jar 25c Grocery and Meat. Prices Effective All Week FBI., SAT., MON., TUBS., WED., THURS. Where You Will Eventually Trade Quality Merchandise—Hone.t Advertising—No Limits 18TH AT H STREETS BAKERSFIELD Armour's Assorted Pure Preserves, 2-lb. 6-oz, jar... 20C lOc I5c There Is Only One BISQUICK Accept No Substitute Large Rose Carnival Marshmallows, pound box Peppy Popcorn, 10-or. tin Lighthouse Jjk Cleanser tin *W» .Armour's Sliced Beef, 14 2j/a-oz. glass • *1 Heinz or Del Monte Tomato Juice tin Welcome Ripe Olives, medium size, tall tin Sea Island Pure Cane Sugar, IA cloth bag IV ibs. Del Mont* Red Salmon, tall tin. Del Monte Tomato Sauce tin Del Monte Tomatoes, solid pack tall, 10c; No. 2!/i tin. Del Monte Spinach, No, 2 tin, 12i/?o; No. 2Vt tin Del Monte Prunes, medium i size, 2-lb. box L — Del Monte Asparagus Tips, I 4 small size, picnic tin • * Del Monte Tiny Kernel Corn, I No. 2 tin... • Del Monte Florida Grape- I K* fruit, No. 2 tin • W* Del Monte Bartlstt Pears, No. 2Vf tin Del Monte Beets, medium whole. No. 2 tin Del Monte Catsup, large bottle Coast Club Ale or Rickey... bottle M. J. B. Rice, Arkansas Long, 2-lb. box Sperry's Pancake and Waffle Flour, Large 2!/ x -lb. pkg Cloverbloom Butter, 90-ie quartere Ib. »»*2* Scots or Fort Howard Toilet Tissue, large roll Heine Tomato Catsup, 111* large bottle • § 2» Our Choice Tomatoes, I He No. 2'/i tin iwv Bishop's Sierra Chocolate, 3-lb. tin tin, 7Bc: Ib. tin.... Malt Syrup, subject to stock, all brands tin Sureseal Bottle IE* Caps gress ••** C. P. C. or Armour's 194ft Peanut Butter Ib. • *2* Fresh Ranch Eggs, • 95fi large size doz. BBWW White Eagle Soap Chips, 2x!fi 6-lb. box •»«*« Semolina Macaroni. Spaghetti. Shells, 2-lb. - IOfl» cellophane pkg ee»w .^SchillingDRlPCoffce I5C I tiEjfye'et'yjty'M I5e for ANY DRIPCoffteJIaker Contains 2O filter papen Or Ben Hur Drip Coffee Lb. Tin ALWAY FRESH Scaled in vacuum like your coffee BLACK OR GREEN 1 -POUND TIN.... 4-POUND TIN.... 1-POUND 54c TIN. 15c No Llmlti Cocoa- Almond Gbcoa- Lemon Million Bell Chandu Whit* King Toilet Soap Cake THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR QUALITY MEATS Only selected top quality meats handled at Sholar's Baby Beef Market. You can afford to buy Genuine Baby Beef here, and! its delicious flavor and tenderness far surpasses ordinary meat. MEAT SPECIALS FOR FRL, SAT., MON., TUBS., WED., THURS. Qsnulne Baby Beef Roast Shoulder Cut, Ib. lOc Baby Beef Ground Round Steak, fresh evsry hour, Ib. Young Fat Hens, Fins Fricassee, Fresh Dressed, Sholar's Style Ib. Young Grain-Fed Pork Loin Roast Choice Center Cuts, J6c lOc Genuine Baby Beef Hamburger, Freshly Ground.Ib. Puritan Little Pig Sausage, I AM None Bstter Ib. *•* Genuine Baby Beef Roast. Ib. Choice Chuck Cut, 12ic Young Grain-Fed Leg o' Pork Half or Whole, Ib. lOc Fancy Frying and Roast Chickens, Rhode Island Reds, Frash 9ft«* Dressed, Sholar Style...Ib. *••* Fr<sh'Leg of Pork Steaks, Lean. No Wast* Ib. Genuine Swift'* Premium Sliced Bacon 1/,-lb. Cellophane, *a 121 Sholar Bulk Sausage, Pur*, IK* Correctly Seasoned Ib, '"• Genuine Baby Be«f Short A* Ribs, Lean and Meaty....Ib. v« Cudahy's Rex Bacon Medium Weight, Half or Whore Slab, Qanuln* Baby Bsef Porterhouse Steaks Cut Any Thickness Desired, Ib 25c Swift's Jewel Shortening, 3-lb. csrton Cudahy's Fancy Siloed Bacon, Packed In >/ 2 -lb. «J cellophane pkgs. • pkgs. I9c Half Sprlna Chicken Ready to Fry, each... 19e V*al Cutlsts, Fancy Small Rib Cuts Ib. Fresh Bsef Tonguss, Fins for Boiling.... Ib. I2{c Fryer Rabbits Large Slxe, each. 49c ,Q*nuln* Milk-Fed Veal Roast Choice Shoulder Cut*, Ib 14c Gtnuln* Baby Beef Sirloin Steaks, Nlcsly Trlmmid, Cut Anj( 9Re Thlcknsss Dsslred Ib. ••«"» Ginulne Baby Beef Rump 9As* Roast. Any Cut D**tr* •»•** Armour's Star Sliced Ham Choice Cut. Frylno Thickness, «»oh.... 8ie Shoulder Lamb Roast, Nicely Trimmed, 19it* Half or Whols.. Ib. • •!* Pur* Lard, ft* In bulk Ib. VV Fancy Lamb Chops Small Rib, Ib 19c P. BELLAS—Post Office and Security Market Vegetable Department Ray J. Bullard, game warden' at Por- ervllle, was a recent guest of Roswell Welch, local warden. Mr. and Mrs. W. II. nummell of Cornell, Mrs. George Rummell of Re- cda, and'Fred Rummell of Los Angeles, are here, due to the serious Illness of Mrs. A. M. Bardlne, their 03- year-old relative. The Rummells nro ruests at the homes of Mr. and Mrs, E. F. Matlock and Mr. and Mrs. Au- irey Stains. I i I i i i i i i I PALM PALM, Jan. 3D.—Mr. and Mrs. Milon Heath waro recent guests of Mr. and Mrs. Varnor of Ford City, Sunday guests at the Milton Heath idtne were Mr. and Mrs, Egar Hagamen and children of Bakersfield and ktr. and Mrs. Rcyston Heath and son of Rosedale. Miss Pauline Hlemforth spent Wednesday afternoon with Mrs. Dorthy Hlemforth of Bakersfield. Mr. and Mrs. S. L. Claw and children, Helen, Margaret, Jean and 3obby, enjoyed a turkey dinner Sunday evening at Harold Williams' homo n Bakersfield. Miss Pauline Hlemforth was a Sun day dinner guest at the Peter Krause lome. Mr. and Mrs. ailtesple and children of Bakersfleld have leased the ranch .hat formerly belonged to Frank Nickels. Word has been received that George Maes will return home In about 10 days from San Francisco. O. W. Hlomforth has Increased his dairy with 11 more cows. The Reverend and Mrs. C. Ople, Mrs. Ray of Bakeraflcld, Mrs. C. Beavers ana daughter Pearl, were recent guests at the Peter Krause homo. Halbert Heath Is building a new dairy barn. ' ' 4 » > FELLOWS FELLOWS. Jan. 20.—Carl O. Anderson has returned from a week-em visit with his mother, Mrs. C. N. Anderson, and his sisters and their fam llles at AVhlttler and Los Angeles. Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Flores and son Stanley, have returned from a few days' visit In San Luis Oblspo with relatives. S. B. Whltwlll of the Santa Fe re turned from Los Angeles Tuesday eve nine by way of the Cuyama valley, du< to the snow blockade on the Rldg< route. *••-* NEVER SAYS QUIT BEATRICE, Ind., Jan. 20. (A. P.)The sparks keep flying 1 from the anvl of the village smithy. He's James J McCafferty, who at 101 keeps right on working at his forge every day. He' been at the job 86 years. PLANEXCHANI Flowers and Seeds Will Be Distributed at Meet in February _____ • • '*• SHAFTER, Jan. 20.—Ths Wednesday Afternoon. Club will conduct a lower and seed exchange at. the next meeting, which will be held at the 'lubhouse on February 1. Mrs. J. C. Ohanneson' requests 'that the member, put a half-dozen or dozen planU In acJcets In order to afford easier handling. The civic committee will be m charge of the program. Hostesses will be Mesdames K. Malofy, Chris Mobley and D. O. Moore. Mrs. Ohan- neson, chairman of the garden department committee, requests a Urge attendance. •* Members of the club were pleased that Mrs. Ohanneson was able to be present at tile meeting yesterday. She reported that Mrs. William O. tilery of Leonard's Road, Wasco, president of the San Joaquln Valley tMstrlot Federation of Women's Clubs, Is Im- ' proving rapidly since the auto accident the two were In recently. The club will .give a benefit card party Thursday evening:, January 26. Prises will be given for high scores as well as a door prise, and several surprise features. There will be a district board meeting at Chowchllln, Monday, January 4 23. Mrs. B. J. Peery, president of the local club, advises all members to attend who can possibly do so. The. year books which were given out un-. decorated are to be turned In at the i February 1 meeting. The _member who has decorated her book with the most attractive design will receive an unusually valuable price. MARICOPA 1 MARICOPA. Jan. 20.—O. O. Miller. E. E. Ballagh and D. D. Heagerty .went to Santa Maria to attend the state convention of the Fraternal Order of Eagles. i. Mr. .and Mrs. William May of Wheeler Ridge station are visiting with friends In Marlcopa. Mr. and Mrs. L. P. Russell returned from Santa Maria, where they have been visiting relatives. ' Mr. and Mrs. Guy Hall went to Bakersfteld recently to bring their son Jack home from the hospital, where he has been since September due to a fractured leg. I Qoldsn Ripe Bananas Fresh Qreen Brussels Sprouts Fresh Qreen Broccoli... Kentucky Wonder Btans Ibs. Ibs. Ibs. Ibs. 25c 25c 25c 35c Snowball Cauliflower, large heads San Diego Celery, large stalks Fresh Rhubarb All Bunch Vegetables for for Ibs. for 25c I5c IOC lOc ISHOLAR'SI ISHOLAR'SI ISHOLAR'SI Italian Squash Large Arizona Grapefruit, very sweat.., Large, Ripe Avocados Edison Oranges, sweet and Juicy,.. ISHOLAR'SI Ibs. for for doz. 25c 35c 25* U. 6. No. 1 Klamath Falls Potatoes, 9K cloth bag *W ibs. Extra Fancy Newtown Pippin Apples, by the * box .1.25. or... I 50c Don't Fail to Read These Prices Effective Saturday, January 21 to and Including Saturday, January 28 Rib Steak, Round Steak . lb.12|c Loin Steak. Shoulder Steak, lb.12£c T-Bone Stk. y Ground Round, lb.12£c Rib or Loin Pork Chops .. lb.12k Shoulder Veal Roast . Shoulder Lamb Roast . Fresh Ground Hamburger - Ib. IDo Legs Yearling Mutton . . lb.10o Legs of Lamb lb.16e Shoulder Pork Roast . . . lb.10c Shoulder Beef Roast . . . Ib. 80 (Round Bone or No. 7 Cut) Nice Lean Bacon lb.12 ; c Ib. 12£c (Half or Whole) box t1.26. or....... I Ib*. WE CARRY ONLY FIRST CLASS FRUITS AND VEGETABLES ISHOLAR'SI ISHOLAR'8 Bacon Squares . .... . lb.7c Cloverbloom Butter, Ib. limit. 19c • MEL SMITH MARKET 1221 NiMlemlh Slreel Phom 264 GALATAS BROS, Quality Fruit, and Vegetable. 2011 Chester Avenue—in Bakersfield Hardware Free Delivery Phone 251. $1.60 $1.00 Fanoy Edison Frost- Free Oranges., box Extra Fanoy Pippin Apple. box Oregon Pippin "I Apples I Ib*. Extra Fanoy Dell- IB 9R* clouo Apple... V Ib.. ftWW Potato*., U. 6. No, 1 Klamath...25-lb. sack Large Arizona Grapefruit.. Artichoke., Large Brunei. Sprout. Large Cauliflower each """ 3 6,. r 26e 0 for Ib.. lot Date.. Ib.. WE ALSO HAVE FRESH KENTUCKY WONDER BEANS, MUSHROOMS AND MEXICO TOMATOES

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