Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 11, 1928 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 11, 1928
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR IOUA DAILY REGISTER CHAS. F. SCOTT six M Thre« BtHiCriJ at Uw Postofflce Seciiiid CIa.-<s Matt<>r. TdepHone 18 (lYjraJLe Bram-li Kx<-haiiBi> CuiinL-etiiie All Dc|mrlRic-nts). SUBSCRIPT(0N RATESf nicr ill Iiila. Has City, UcHarpo and Iti.ssclt. One Vfc<k .........| ir. «Mits iiitli , L To flints One rV^ar • J7.SC BY MAIL Outside AIIJMi County r J ..jr >.im intliN ; J-." Months J 1.51' In Allen!County OiM- ^tar ...I ^.lti: SIN AI Hillis J TIiiw Months t\.1ir, One J [<mth Soi- Merhb N;atibnal Editorial Association. Kan The Audi Pri Til l' •rilr A lilliil nil II ii.M^ irtj iiiid III 111. • AI Oaj 1.1 r of— ;ai Press AsMciatlon. Kansas Daily League., , Bureau of Circulation. Congress of the World.' Offidial Paper City of lota. Offic iai Paper City of Bassett. Official Paper Allen County. MEMBER ASSOCIATED PRESS. lii Klin ScPltii hiRli. rii-KlstiT i-.irri «-.s llif .\ssiii'lah-i| ri 'P'iit hv sih'fial li*»il win- siK'iatt'il I *r4 'Hs Is I 'xrliiHU 'i 'ly I 'ii- II 111'' US'- f'lr ii 'iHiltlli alliiii nf .'< IMSIIIIII'IK'S rniliii'it III U III «l »i- riiilili'il III llils. |iti |HT. 'ii I hi* Im'iil iii'W^ IIIIIIIIHIII'II lirn-- • I 'lKllts 111- l-flMllllilMliiHI llf N |lO' ."palflii-.s Iii'ii 'lii all' IIIHII ri»» iiEKiE IT IS ^TRiXiir. F*rom this L>cpartment of' Stale comeK a statement "whlcb thon^ brief confirms tlie essential para- graplis in tlio RcRistcir's article 6f yesUTilay as to tlie status 'of tlie Nicaraguan liandit'Sandino. Tlif fi'alcnient reads: "In connection with (lie announcement of tlic Navy Department tliat additional marines are licJHK .sent to Nicaragua, it will be rocailcd tliat under tlie an -uiigo- II eiit effected hy Colonel Stinison iKiili sides to llie internal conflict tiicn KoiuK on aurced to lay uo *n their arms, and that they did HO with the exception of a compara- tivrly small body of men under Sandino which haii since lieen aiiR- meiiteri by lawless ele.raents who havenontiiiiicd to pillaRe a certain remote' section of the cpun'.ry. Tijpso men are reparded as ordinary bandits not only, by the Gov- eminent of .N 'IcaraKun bii* by ;;oih lioHlical parlies In tlint tour.try. TJK; (loviirnment of the Unlti 'd States fully Intends to co-operate with the corisjabnlury of .\Uar.i- Kua effectively to establish order lliruiiKhotit'that countr)-, and make luisHlble the' ' boldine throiiRhiiiit the c.oiintiy of a free-and fair clec- tliiii Vhlcit we have niidcrtakcD lo supervise" THE TOLA DAILY REGI^R. WEDNESDAY EVENINJG. JANUARY 11. 1928. It: T ho 11(1 lit for Today. I any leach Cod klinwieilue'/ he JudReth Ihiisr thill are .lob 22:22. A )IIMil<»\ K.\ITS. ^VI•|>u The World Almanac reai-li- es OU' .' M desk <hc New Ycai' is happily Marled on. its way. so all's rlKht with the world now thai we Iiavc he Almanac, for 192S, edited for tltc sixth year by Kobert Ilunt Lyma 1. It is incomparalile and indisi en.'^bie. It is Itandy and conve livnt. It is full of facts and figurrp. yet concise. In its pages iiiillioh facts. If in doubt them. Its flow of readily iible information is always and inexhaustible. It is roSm. "for tl wifhiij. the o politi^ year, and will • them are. count BOCeS!] on ta necessary for the home, the school fofficc, factory and farm, and traveling bag. Keep it arm's reach. Almanac has always been tstanding reference book for s, and this is a Presidential l-ileclion returns of the past, lection issues of the future 4e found in its pages.' One of is the enforcement of the Natiofial Prohibition Act. Th flight record for of 1U27 the great air - .l..indberKh 's. ' t'iiaiiilieriin's. 'llyrd's. Brock and Schle'"s—are there: also the great flopdi anil a ilay-by-day jotting down of. all other important hap- pi 'uin;s as wr !l. li was an aniaz- iu;; > ear for scientific priigress and. ill the liiiiiiaiiilli 's, for bene- fac 'liiJnS' note the hist, is It reas- ,\\ IM'.srAL YKA«. A summary of n^ports from im stations of the l'. 8. Weather Hii- reau In Kansas shows thni more moisture fell over the eastern half of Kansas during 1»27 than In any other year since the * record has been kept except in 1U02 and lfll5. In the western third of the Stale, however, there was a deficiency, and that section suffered its third dry year in Succ-ossioni The heaviest rainfall for the year was at Clianute. •which reported C3.S6 inches, while out at .only 12.11) inches fell during the entire year. Flood damage for the year was estimated at ia .ST-t.SlO. which was divided among the principal drainage hasihs as follows: KJinsas, $l.S8 .'!.ono : Marias des Cygnes, jnfiO.HSO: .Neosho, $3,325,210: Verdigris. $1.71<,700: Arkansas $1,- f»ni,:!fiO. Loss from hail storms was estimated at somewhat in excess of *4.000,0()0. Bigbtecn tornadoes were reported, causing the death of 1!) jier-sons and property estimated at $1,730,100. cin )il)l|< to jiredict a year of iiros- pci'it.'i? (.onsuit the finaiiclal and ci'iiniiinii III rcciirds and summaries and Judge for yourself. The (iovernment figures, rosters jiiiil articles have lieen revised by Government officials, and the compact inljnrmatioii aliout the Slates of ilie jilnion and aIi(nit;Hie fiiri'ign ciiutitries has btlen liniiiglit .up tii dale. As for sporiK, .here arc the oiil- slaudliig records of a year rcmark- sitile in baseliall. football, tr-nnis. golf, swimming—ill all branches. in fac-i. , j„ pi-oposing to supjiort ex-Sena- 1 A!;k ihe .lu.slion. The Almkuac;,„,. ^tj^p Pomcrvnt- as tlicjr candi- lan.sweis. 1 ,1;,,,, i«,.e.sidont the Ocmocrals Tili- World Almanac is ptililish- j„r o,,i„ rj .He,, jn with a sug- I. Price |^,,5 ;,j„„ (I,,, Uegjstcr had the tcm- year I> THE DAY',S >EWS. Uronson Cutting, who goes to tile United States senate to fill out tlie unexpired term of tlie late Senator Andrieus A. Jones of New .Mexico, is a newspaper publisher of Santa Fe and a man of ability, social standing and wealth. His early lifo was spent in .New York Ciiy. wheri' his family liiw been lironiincni in social and business affairs for several generations. Senator Cutting has been listed as an Independent .Itcpubiican since till? 1!»12 campaign when lie gave staunch support to Theodore Roosevelt. His independent tendencies have been demonstrated too by the occasional support he and his newspaper have given Democratic candidates far officb. It is expected that Sci'iutor Cuttingi wljo now holds his seat by gub-r- natoriai appoinluieiil. will be a caiidlilale for the fiiU six-year term next .November. • Final Chapter Not Out . In Davis Hojg: Stealing Tile story of the recovery of four pigs, belonging to Jonathan Davis, former governor, hasn't "^nlercd the final chapter yet. accoiVins: '« affidavits taken by Fort Scott authorities. L. ' S. Jackson. Allen county farmer, on whose place the pigs were fountJ ye»t«rday made an af- fil|]avlt to the effect that tlie jiig:; were brouglit to his place by his brother. Earl Jackson, who live.'' southeast' of lola. A warrant is out for i::ari Jackson, but he has not been arrested. la a statement by George Jackson, 18-year-oId son of L. S. Jackson, the officers -were given the information that Karl Jackson Iwd been .>«tealing iriga prior to the Davis episode. Officers are still seeking ICarl Jackson. led by 'ilie .New York World i;n cents, piistpaiil. .Iteadcis who|prity to offer more than a k-ep it year hy year on their »K,okj,,^„: Senator Pomerene stands so jibelves. find 11 .10 a .sinall price for the cloth-boiind copies. A great many Democratic Senators and llcpresentatives in Washington are horror stricken at the! thought of the violence done to -the Constitution by the course of till' Coolidge; Adniinisration in .sending Marines to -Nicaragua. "This is war." they cry. "and only •Congress has a right to declare "R 'ar." And yet we have a sort of recollection that not so very long ago! a IJeinocratic President sent - General.-i'er.-ihing marching with a whble. division of troops into the very heart of Mexico, and then, a lilt!" later sent an American fleet lo take po.ssession of a Mexican port I Vera .f;i'U7.» which it did at, H c|)vl'of tlie lives'of 21 Americans arid several hundred .Mexicans, and still ;i little later sent General Fuiiston army lo hold Vera (;niz and kept him there in complete command o.f this great Mexican scaiiiort for a. period of seven niot)ths. And all that was done withoirt consulting Congress .and without a declaration of war. It docs seem to make :^ difference in pur'l estimate of the slaughter wlipsje ox does the goring. well with the Republicans that I'resideiit Coolidge appointed him as one of the Si >ecial government prosecutors to pnsh the case against Fall and Sinclair, and he i ought to have Bfood standing with the Democrats for he has never piken part in any of the factional fights that have, so bedeviled that ill-starred and nnfortunate organization. How much more sensible ii would be for the Democratic national convention to nominate Pomerene or som«> man like him than to plunge the country ^into the l >ittercst political campaign it has known since Civil War days by noniiqating' Al. Smith! Wife Seeks Divorce From Crawford Official Ciiaril, Kaiis., Jan. 11. lAPl Naming a 17-ycar-<ild' liigli sclimil girl as corespondent, .Mrs. Robert McGregor late yesterday filed suit for divorce agains't her husband. Ijtoberl .Mcfir««or, who earlier in the day had rewigiled as regi.-itcr of deeds of C.rawV<ird county. .Mi!- (Jregor'."* resignation was licmanil- cd after he had been fined $«<• and cosU .Monday on chai'ges of Intoxication and illsturbance of the jjeace al a Giraril chiircli iSiinilay night. STOCK MARKET GOES^ AGAIN Early Period of Trouble Is Smoothed Out In Trading New York. Jan. 11. (AP) - 3"hc stock maiiket resumed its upward niarcli toilay after an early period of irregularity. Operators for the advance, acting on-the theory that the recent reaction had sufficiently corrected the weakened technical iiosition of the market and that there was no immediate danger of a rise in money rates, started aggressive operations in a dozen or more specialties. Early gains in f thnse issues ran from four to ten points, with a much more modernity recovery in the standard Industrials and rails. (S'360-lhs; ljulk desirable 19O@300- Ihs., 8.00(SS".20; 140»l'80-lbs. 7.50® 18.00; packing sows. 6.a0@7.25; stock pigs piostly 7.50(R'R.OO. Cattle: 6M0: calvi»;.! SOU; fud steers strous to 2iic higher; good 'Weighty offerings active, at the full advance; aiie stock, bulla and veals steady; stoc'kbrs and (jicders firm; top medium^ weight steers, 17.00; good heavicK, 16..56; bulk fed steers 11.50@lS.50r vcal top 11.00. Sheep: 7,tt00 Iambs, strong to lit. higher; idijecp strong^ top 86-lb lambs, 13.00; other fed offerings mostly 12.35/f| 12.90; top owes, 7.25 Kan<<as City Produce Kansas City. January 11. (AIM — Poultry: heavy hens. 23c. Kggs: Firsts. ."Sic; seconds, 29c. Other lu'oduce unchanged. Kansas City May. KaiLsas City. Jan. ll'. (API—Hay unchanged; receipts 75 cars. Kunstis City (Jniltt. COUNTY LINE (bora L. Ogle) Jan. 9.9—"Mr. and Mrs. Jeffie Vetcto and Howard spent Wednesday evening;'at Frank Ogle's. KImer Knoll's children have all been quite sick. Herman Weaver and family were callers at W'ni. Vurncr's^Sunday. .Maxinc an\l Billle Vctbto spent Wednesday night at t|i« Urooks liome. Will Irwin's children have all been on the 'sick list. Tal Sberu>ootl has rented tho Fiiltz farm ^aA will aoon move. ' Foley Uyfleltl and fa&iily visited Sunday at' tVill ByfleW's. Mrs. Krnie. P'owcil is Ijlowly Improving. '. : ; Clem, Kivett ani • family visited Sunday'at Gay Hendrix's. Gejieva V\ caver wh* attends City. Mo.. Jan. 11. (APi.jhlgh school ijt Geneva ihissed last Wheat: receipts 53 cars; unchang-. week on account of aif ulcerated ed to Ic higher. .No. 2 dark hard I tooth, nominally $1.27',i>if» 1.71: No, 3. Why Ktery Iser Beromes a Friend -t-"Never has any other lough iiieiti<-ine acted .s<i quickly ami satisfactorily as l*'iiley's Honey and fTar Compound: and it gives corn- pkle satisfaction to friends wiio use it nil my rc'coiiihienilaiioii," says J. 1). McCoinli. Toledo. Ohio. It sirr'eailr; a healing, soothing <vial- ing in an irritated iiiflanieil' tliroal, stops cdugliiiig, raises phlegm c:i.«r ily. -No opiates to cause constipation, no chlorofonii, no "ifope.*'- You lake no chances with cough or cold when you buy Foley's Honey an<l Tar Comiiouiid. Ask for it.—Brown Drug Store. hard Close $l.25Viftl.:!i;: Our teacher. Miss Wallace, spent last week al.'tlie Weavel- home on May J1.24'i: ! account of snow and colil weather. A (iiiod Thinw ta Kiiow —Muniemlier Iti •- .Mrs. .Mary iB .. (ri^anie nishcdl San Francisco, Calif., say.s that "Foley. Pill!* diu^olic very fur- $l.ri«; .No. 2 .No. 3. $1.2«','. July $l.l'.»Ti. Ciirii: Receipts 55 cars: marki-l un(!hangcd lo 1»: higher. .No. 2 while. 7!»c: .No. :'.. 77c; No. 2 yellow nominally Xti'.jffi 83c: .No. 3. 7!l (5i-SO '-_.<•; .No. 2 mixed I'V^Ca 7Si-. CWisc: .May Sic: July "fi 'i ^c., quickly stopped a bad i^aiin in my Oats: Ri 'icipts 2 cars:; unchang- hacik. and wljere I usqd to lie ed to '..<• higher. .No. 2 white nom- awake at night; with ;rheumatic inallv r .:!ij'ii 57i-: .No. 3. r.JVic. - i pains. 1 now sliiep in comfort, and .Mild inai/.e JlKioffi 1.11: kafir [ cniov a good highl's rcsd" No one .?1.2<;i( 1.31: lyc .WCifJl: liarl'-y ' .should 'suffer backache,^rheumatic 7i'.c. ' pains. sleep disturbiiig kidney - —— land bladder ailments, wlicn Foley Kansas (Hy LiM-slork | pais diuretic inay be soleasiiy had Kansas City. Jan. 11. (.\P)- (U I at so small a cbst.—Brown Drug Department .of Agriculture 1—' Store. Hops: 10.000; slow, steady to 10c ; J— fow<'r tlian Tuesday's average: —Extra large bundles ot clean stock pigs steady; top 8.20 on 220 newspapers. lOc^ at Register offlca • •;• •> • •:• * * •:• •> • <. •> * Un-A l»AILV ABSTIIACT * I.'-siied from Office of lola •> •> Abstract Company •> ••• * •:• •:• <• •;• •:• •;• •:• <• •:• ' Chronic alcoholism caused the death of 770 perspns in .New York City last year, according to- the health commis.sionev. and the rate "was the-highest in 18 years. Doubtless these facts will be cited by the wets as another proof of the iniriuity of prohibition. But | it should be o iserved that it was the ipen who jv olated the law. not those who! (bser\-ed it, who suffer«>d., The law did. lU best to save 4nnonry 9, H. D. Smock. Slieriff. to Oscar D. Courtney, lot 2. block 3. Huffs Addition to the Town of Savou- burg. $500.00. John F. * Hess a'nd wife Lizzie M.. to Kverett Graven and Edna Graveii. his wife, lot 6. Wock 110, Humboldt. $80.00. ' . Joseph E. Walton and wife Catharine, to Slaton Cavin. SW. U of SW. of Sec. 25. an* W. 14 of N'W U ;arid SE. >4 of XW. 14 of Sec. 36; less railroad right-bf-way all in Twp. 24"; Rg. 19. $1.00. Frank D. Mathias and wife. Bese H.. to Humbol'iH XaMbnal Bank. Com. at a poini 426 2-3 ft. West and 1.324 1-3 ft. South'of NE. cor- JanuarylO, 192^; Fred Tracy, -single, to Xaoma Tracy, all that part, of N. ^ of -NW. and" all thaft l)art of N. V. of x\K. Vi, 27!-23-21. ORDER it3iP KESOLI'TIOK OF THE BOARll OF CdrNtT .CO^. MISMIOXERS. Of Alten County. Kansas, allowing the. petition for the improvement of Savonburg-Humboldl road In -r.- : 1 Benefit pistrict No. Now, upon tbid 9tli ttay of January. 1928. at a duly constituted and regular meeting of the B^ard of County C^mniissloncrs of Allen county. Kansas, and all members of the said Qwird being present, the petition ^rayUrg for the permanent iiuprovcment of a certain road, known as Savonbnrg-Huin- boldt Road, conies up for final consideration' and action: and the Board having caused to bo published a notice in the lola Daily Register, a iiews4iaper of general circulation, on December 21 and 28. 1927. being at least ten days prior to the date of the meeting of this Board for the consideration of the petition, and having carefully examined the said petitiom and having carefully examined and caused to be' examined 'the rec- ordsf of Ibis county relating to the lands In said petition described, and after careful inquiry and full 'oimlderalioii. find.s a!« follows: (ll That'; tho improvements as prayeil for in astid petition lire of jiubllc utility; and 12) That said in>(ition Is signed by seventy-four Individuals, •who constitute more than 35 per cent of the resident landowner.^ ownlHg more than 51 per cent of Ihe land within the district defined by said petition: and 13) That said petition desig- intes the road (or roaiUi to be inuirbvcd sufficiently by name aiul by terminal points, and by other specially fixed locations; and (4) That said peUtion definitely designates Uie lands within the proposed benefit distri(:t. the, •type (or types) of permanent improvement and the width (or- widths-) of the rpadway. also the number (or the maximum., and minimum number) of annual as- ses-sTuents to be levied upon the lamls in the benefit district in |>ay- meut thereof; anil titat .said petition-is in all respects, found to be ir. compliance with the provisions of chapter 265 of the Laws of 1917 and amendments thereto. It is therefore now by the said Board ordered and r^ssolved: That saijd road and roads' de.'^cribed In sai'd petition be improved as prayed for' in said .|)etit>on. auil that rtie county engineer.of ."^aid county shall cause an accurate survey to 1)6 made of .«aicl roads, together •Kxih a profile thereof, and a map of the benefit distriic-t aui! plau.s and' siJecificatlotts for the improve- iiients herein ordered, and an estimate of the cost of such improvements; and that after final approval of .s -ucli plans, specifications and estimates by ' the Stat-e Highway Engineer they be ti'ed wi:h Uic county clerk of this.coun­ ty as required by law! It is further resolved. That the Board shall cause.the of improving -said road to be met from time to time by warrants drawn upon the special fund created thefefor. and that the costs shall be apportioned and bonds issued to [My for the ^aiiio according to law. In a.iidiilon to .tlitV above the Board of County CommiwsUiiiers »l«al| to bo constructed all necessary bridges uiion .said road and road^ the co .st of w^bich shall exceed j$2.00li or that shall have a .si>an'-ot 20 feet or more. All such bridges sliall paid for by the county out of the county bridge fund and witit the assistance of such Federal Aid as may be grant- eil for said bridges; WIU.,IA.M A. HKSS. Chairman. J. Q. ROBERTS. Coun -.y- C'^mniibsioiier. iC. L. BARNHART. County Commissioner. State of Kausa.s. Allen County. s«. I hereby certify, that, as County Clerk of Allen Connty. Kansas. I, alii the cn.s/oiliaii of all the records of the proceedings of the Board of County Commissioners, and liiat the above trantcript is a full, true and complete copy of the record of the pioceeil'ing.s of the Board with rcferren<-e to the petition for the improvement of Savonburg-Hum- Iwldt Road in Benefit District .No. Witirtss my hand and th© seal of said countv. at lola. Kansas. January 9. 1928. (SEAL) W. D. CI.,ARK. County Clerk. :.;(C'on(Iiiii.ed from 'Pugje dae) also that such a program- for us Is in no sense competitive.!' The secretary said that the program proposing constructioii of l.-> I trjilsers, five aircraft carriers, nine des.troyer leaders and 32 Submarines was "in no sense conij 'etitive but is based upon the needrf of our] navy as_ is determined by the sec- relary of the navy upon the technical advice of the general Jjoard." The president is opporcU to ccgmpetitlve building." he -contin- ueil. "Congress lias ais<i manifest itr unwillingness to engage hi coiu- Pftitivc building . >of Cunipelitiie. i'We do not ask vou to imild a i rics no charge, i-e .'tain nHn^bi•r of tons of raih iyiit- ' of Vessel for the reason that Great Britain has that uunrher 'if ions or' Irt I 'lause to do so would liriiig us up t( a parity with Great Britain nof; dOjiwc ask you to construct -"a ler- talo 'amount fo tonnage iii criler that we miiy be on a 5-3 ration with Japan. , * "tThe general boaid has advised thi:' secretary of tlie navy -as folImfs: ; V'The program proposed. If carried out. will create a properly coitslltuted fleet, will furnish sufficient Htrengtli to insure ihe protection, of the legal rights of our cit ^fens under internBrlional law. provide refuge in time of disorder, 'prijtect commerce*, preserve. ' our wjan roufjes of trade, and iirovide adngiiate riational defense. '• ;We have not such a fleet at I he .'present time. Each postpone- meiit of the undertaking of essential-new construction increases the already pronounced inadequacy stilt farther into ti»e future.: ?Delay in 'buildikg up the fleet to the standard of its reouirpments depj-ives the country of an adequate national defense for a period of years, and will entail extraordinary "financidl burdens in future; years. Prompt adoption of the program prtvposed will result in a flej ?t adequate for national defense ahd^will avoid excc-ssive peak loads:in Uu* financial demands.'" ; Is Serious IV'pnkness,- "Piie general board's report; called attention to what it .said w .as the ne^l of maintaining a shipb$iilding industry and added that "liick of modern cruisers is very serirfus and constitutes the " navy's greatest -weakness today." The general board 's report;added thai there are 22 cruisers- of a total displacement of 164.109 car- j-ied in a; decommissioned Stains that should be replaced. lo'r "all lack speed, gilnpower. and si gen- enii fitness "for n -odern servfce." \*hile Mr. Wilbur in annmincing therprogarm several weeks aj;o estimated the cost at $725,000.(^0. he said- that it had been sent tcj congress with the "jnaximum prlj .e fo/ particular ships" omitted and that "although the general plan;- is a five-year building program, an exact «nd concise limitation as to the *egijining and coUipJetion of the ships or as to the lapsing of the authorization therein contained is not ilesfrable nor wise.'' A MoOier'* Hwlth Shoidd be up tb Par ; Fort &!f.M, Kans.— "BufotP my baby came 1 took several bottldf of Dr. Pierce's r Fssvorile Prescription and it certainly was a wonderful help and benefitIto roe It gave me strength and cdurage, and my baby fe.'sti^ and healtfey. 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These tablets are wonder-workers on the liver and bowels, which'cause a nor- isal action, carrying off the v^te and poisonous matter in one's system. ; If you have a pale face, sallow loolu dull eyes, pimples, coated traiguc. hca«^ aches, a listless, nogoqd feeling, all aut_ H sorts, inactive bowels, you take one of Dr. Edwards' CMive Tablets ni^tly ^or a thneand note the pleasing.results. ' Thousands of women and meri take Dr.^ Edwards* dive TaWets—now and Ifaentokeepfit ISc^SOcandeOc. Stop Slun Hcimg Use healing liquid Zemo Stop worrying abont such si bles as Eczana. For a dean, 1 healthy skinapply Zemo. It pes sdotbes and quickly relieves itching. JlL.most cases it Ixings rdief torn. > Blotches.aemishes,Rmple8aiidothRr ' skin irritations that ar^ dangerous if neglected. Use Zemo day oc ni^it.. It does not show. 35c 60c ai^ 91.001 zemo IRRITATIONS —Clean white rags wanted .-it ihe Register office: will pay l<|c lb. The l)an against women betting at race tracks in Victoria. Austrar lia. has been removed t|y legislative act. ' Cfliipc and Fin \ At \y cold may end in grippe or flu. Take prompt action. Take HILL'S at oncejHILL'S breaksacold in 24 hours. Becapse. it does the four nec^sary things at once: Stops the .cold, checks the fever, opens the botvels, tones en' tire ^tein.- Cdds rarely develop if HILL'S is on^and to check than at the! start. They stop quickly when HILL'S is takea later. BesaT^ Get BOX'S in the red box. SOcents. HILL'S Caicara - Bromide - Qolnhtr For GaMs, liongserioua illnew and comdi«ati(Ml often follow Colda.- Grip and^^M^C^' Guard yonr health against tina ' PxloeSOc. Tbs box bean tUa sisnatora ^Proven Merit since 1889^ .No fewer than 30 carnivals of winter sports are scheduled for New England during the next two months. Always Stiff and Achy? Too Often This Warns of Sluggish Kidney Action. L AME? Stilf? Achy? Sure your kidneys are Worlcins nght? obg- ipah' locbieys allow waste poisons to remain in the blood and make one languid^ tired and'^achy. with often duQ headaches, dizziness and nagginjE backache. A comraoa - warning is scanty or bunting aacristiaos. • Doana Pills, a stimulant diuretic increase the secretion of the ludneys and thus aid in the elimination of bodily %vaste. Users everywhere Of done 2 >aan''«. A»k yeo^ neithM Yaatsaay luive d^ught diatyou coulda't btqri a Buick for iu Utde as^ll95—that you would haye to pay considerably more for Buklc quality. The truth » that you can have any one of three popular Buick models at this figure—a Sedan, Coupe or jSport Roadster—all of them, car% of true Buick quality. * YQU have always Wanted a Buick—and today** Buidc surpasses all previouacreations. See it— drive it-— andowti tlie a^^ou have long wanted. KDANSf«1195ia>I99!5 ' COUPBS»ll95to>l«S0. 1 SPORTMOOBl.S.<1195to<152S AU »>ica./.*. k Ro^ Mich.. cMcnnwx t-x (oh. <AM AltDHH^ANltJMMIEnd KHMCYS 111 E. Madison Phone

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