The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 20, 1933 · Page 3
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 3

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, January 20, 1933
Page 3
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«•/•„ •, - , THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIA]*?, FRIDAY, JANUARY 20, 1933 SLEEPYJPCANS Archaeologists Receive Cool Welcome From Indians of Monte Alban . Prcso Leaned Wire) OAXACA CtTT, Mexico, Jan. 20.— The government's excavations In Mnnte Alban 1 , where the rltfhcBt finds niB the continent were reported during thfl past year, have aroused sleepy Indians In the region. Tho archaeologists working under Professor Alfonso Caso, It was learned today, are receiving H. cool welcome In^ many places. Indians refused to let them remove carved stone slabs from the modern Zapotecan village of Zaa- chlla, a few miles south of Monte Alban, vAn American engineer said Indians 'sitting on walls, of an undent city, With rifles across their knees, watched htm suspiciously as ho ^worked oyer the site of a supposed burlod treasure. Ancient treasures have become the common legend of even* Indian ruin .in Mexico, particularly since the discovery a year ago of a valuable collection of gold ornaments and Jewels In the Mlxtec tomb of Monte Alban. More treasures have been uncovered slnc.o then In "White Mountain," homo of Mlxtec and SSnpolec civilizations. Brilliant colored paintings, described as tho most Important find by Professor Caso, were uncovered last November. Tlie excavations were resumed this month with the finding of many finely carved jades., Ten tombs are being investigated on the Portress mountain. The Sterne slabs which the Indians refused to let go were from an Indian city which was tho capital of the Za- potec kingdom when the Spaniards uame in 1521, on the site of modern Zauchlla. Some of tho carved slabs were in the modern village pavement and others in the masonry of an old church. 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DENVER SPECIAL 7-DAY SALE „ OF PAINTS Home Paint..., gal. $1.35 Decorative Enamel, 'quick drying qt. 79o Lead and Zinc Paite 100 Ibs. $1.75 Floor enamel..' .ual.<t2.25 Floor Varnlih gal. $1.85 • 4-Hour Interior . • ' • Varnlih gal. $2.49 .Boiled Ulnteed, 79o Bring Your Own Container Free 'City Delivery United Iron & Metal Co. 2810 Chester Ave. Phono 1<t<lt Bimetallism Is Out of Question, Experts Declare fVn lied Prett Leaned Wire) GENEVA, .Jan. 20.—Bimetal), ttni, or the use of silver along with gold as a world monetary standard, Is out of the question at:present, the experts preparing, the agenda.,.for the world economic, conference declare .^.annotated comment attached to the agenda, to be made'public tomor-' row,':- ' '• *" • . • • .The. United Press obtained .the annotated.-text exclusively a day In advance of publication. North Dome Association Voluntarily Guts Quota (Associated Prein Treated Wire) ALBUQUERQUE, Jan. /20.—Spanish gold, mythical pots' of it, burled in tho ancient haclendn of Eugenia Yrlsarr!, 65-ypar-old descendant of an old Spanish family, last "night drew robbers again £o the spot where rumor says the ancient Yrlsarrl treasure 'la burled. Yrlsarrl, who was bound and robbed January 12, fired at a prowler on his roof but tho man leaped on him, took his rifle away and fled. Three generations ago tho Trlsarrt family was wealthy in cattle, sheep and gold. He who bears the name today Inherited the hacienda and tho legend of burled gold. Three 'men entered the patio, five miles north of here, a week ago and after" binding him, took $65. Adrian Garcia, a neighbor and descendant of another old family, was 'accused, of participating in the robbery and yesterday was bound over to the District Court for trial on a charge of burglary and larceny. *-»-» Milham Near Finish at WestJSern Well Completion of Its twenty-first gas well at Buttonwlllow was expected of the Milham Exploration Company this week. Tho well, S. P. No. 14-31, on section 31, 27-23, was drilled to 2328 feet, where the 8%-lnch casing won cmeented and the plug drilled out, after which deepening was Inaugurated. Completion of that well will be the signal for spudding of tho Whlttaker No. 3, on tho 240-acre "Whlttaker tract, section 8, 28-23, which is standing with rig equipped with rotary Petroleum Institute Gives Yearly Figures, Output Shows Big Decrease ( LOS. ANGaELES, J«ln. 20,—Total stocks' of all oils hold by. California, oil companies both Inside and' outside of United States declined 1,589,024 barrels during-.the year 1D32, American; Petroleum Institute estimates're- vealed yesterdny. TotaJ. stocks as of .December 31, 1932, amounted, to 168,246,425 barrels compared to, 160,836,'1)49 barrels, a year before.'' ' Crude Flow Crude, oil* production . In.-California for 1032 totaled 178,127,794 barrels, , a decrease of 10,701,238 .' barrels- 'corn- pared to 1931 output. The daily aver-. nire crule production for 1932 was'486;- 888 barrels compared to 517,340 avor-' ages for 1931. Though more than. 11 yearn old Jjong Beach'lod Individual fields again In total production of 27,435,553 barrels for* 1932. Total stocks of crude• 611 held by California companies declined 869,602 barrels during December Mm^a. total of 160,108,027 at the end of.Novem- ber. During: December -"heavy crude dropped off by 648,450 barrels to 101,174,293, reflnablc crude fell off 848,001 to 39,299,041 and crude gasoline dropped 26,472 to 4,009,408 while finished gasoline rone to 517,112 barrels to 16,670,771 barrels. Completion* Thirteen wells were completed In December with an initial dally production of 9121 barrels compared with 19 wells completed In November with an Initial dally production of 23,379 barrels. During 1932 a total of 184 wells were completed with a dally Initial output of 156,823 barrels. TBTILLIAM KECK, chairman of the "Kettleman Hlils . oil , producers' agency, yesterday notified State Oil Umpire J. R. Pemberton that .the Kettleman North- Domo Association has agreed to reduce. Its crude'oil production in Ket'tleman Hills by 10 per cent .from quotas established, when the.field's production wan 00,000 barrels dally, provided that Los Angeles basin fields. reduce their allotments and provided there Is no otiange In the prevailing crude .price,structure. The new arrangement ' went into effect at 7 a. m. tpday. icettleman Hills has been producing 60,"000 barrels, datly, but under tho new plan, produces but 65,000 barrels dally. The agreement will, last 90" days. . •',; , This move is 'expected • to go a' long way toward eliminating tho 30,000- barrel-a-day excess production of crude In California. : Dally average production ims'-been running ^470,000 barrels' as against ah allotment of 440,000 barrels dally. This action on the • part of Kettleman leaves Is squarely up to tho Long'Eioach, Santa Fo Springs and Huiitington Hcach operators as to whether ov^rpro-luctiqn ccntlnues. Intermediate Zone Well's Destination Destination of the Belrldge OH Company's No. 20-36 well, on section 36, 27-20, In the Belrldgo flel'd, probably will be the Intermediate production zone near 5500 feet. The well was drilled to 5135 feet, where the 11%Inch casing was cemented, and the cement plug has been drilled out. The company's No. . 49-36, a well which was completed at 6695 feet several months ago but went to water and was Idled for a lengthy period, stilt Is In a fishing job. Tre 6H-<nch casing was recovered to 6005 feet, but 114 feet of 8',i-mch casing was lost, and recovered to 4937 feet, leaving 16 feet of tho pipe In the hole. With crude prices tumbling to a low of 28 cents In the.'inldcontlnont fleldn, and a 16-cont cut yesterday In Pennsylvania crude, oil economists aro counting .tho days until the . prouont crude prlco structure of California sags under'the weight of continued excess production. The gasotlnu price structure has already weakened a cent mid every clay's excess crude production adds to tho tophcuvlness of'the oil price structure. . Ralph B. Lloyd, vice-chairman of tho committee on cqtittablu curtailment, wired Independent producers yesterday'giving them 24 .hours in which to come down to their allotments In crude production, pointing out that this is an emergency and production must come down If: the cvudo" price structure IB to stand. SAVINGS INCREASE LOS ANGKLTCS. Jan. .20. (A. P.)— City and county school students' savings accounts increased to 70,456, a gain of 1777 during tho December quarter, the City and County School Savings Association reported today. The students had Jl,GO],962.80 In deposits, thereportdtBoloscd. COTTON SPINNING AT 81.2 POT. CAPACITY (Amnclatc/i Pre»» Leaned Wire) WASHINGTON, Jan. 20,—The cotton spinning Industry ws reported today by the census bureau to have operated during December nt 87.2 per cent capacity, on a single shift bouts, compared with 08.» per cent for No- Member last year nnd 70.3 per cent for December, a year ago. Spinning spindles In place December 31 totaled 31,448.174 of which 23,776,186 were active at some time during the month, with the average, on a single shift basis, being 27,413,368, compared with 31,464,872; 24,940,506, and 30,402,078 for November last year and 32,- B2«,626i 24,637,864, and 25,630,600 for December a year ago. Active spindle hours for December Totaled 6,386,218,252 or an average of 203 hours per spindle In place, com- -<*> Three Killed and Seven Hurt When Truck Hits Train (Attoctnted Prtft Leaned Wire) DETROIT, Jan. 20.—Three m«n were killed and seven were Injured, three of them seriously, when a switch engine (truck A truck carrying 14 welfare employes • at a crossing In the suburb of Dearborn late yesterday. The men were being brought In from work on a munlolpnl construction project. The accident occurred as the truck crossed a spur leading from a factory. The men an the truck said the engine was not seen until too late for the driver to stop. pared with 6,066,828,659 and 221 for November this year and 5,060,005,474 and 184 for December a year ago. REAL ESTATE MAN, (VnUfd Press Leased Wire) -.*. LOS ANORLiES, Jan. 20.—A soeretj Indictment charging P. J, Hollonbecli(£ Minneapolis real estate mnii. andMrSi Sophronla K. Johnson with the theft of $20,000 from the TXJS Angoles Mu- 1 tuul Building and Loan Association has been returned by tho County Grand Jury. , Mrs. Johnson, former assistant soc- retnry of the organization, who already la under arrest on grand theft charges, gave testimony which caused Uollenbeck'a Indictment. He already was sought on a warrant accusing him of passing a worthless check on the apBoclatlon. He was reported to have left for his Minneapolis homo just before Mrs, Johnson's arrest last week. Again Tomorrow—Brock's Super Brock's Paint Department Specials for Saturday! H AND MIRRORS 49c Beautiful mirrors, size 7x18 inches; fancy shapes with French plate bevel glass. In white, ivory, tea rose, orchid. 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