Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 16, 1933 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 16, 1933
Page 7
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iir lOLA, KANSAS- THE IQLA DAILY REGISTER, THURSDAY EVENING, FEBRUARY 16, 1035. PAGE SEVEN NEWS OF COIONY ^rs. Clyde Hamilf^ Eatertains the Kumjoinus Class of :^bristiaii Churcih Tuesday. COLONY, Feb. 16.—Mt. and Mrs. A. V. Scotti celebrated their thirty!: ejghth wedding anniversary Monday. Mr. and Mrs. A. V. 4]exandcr ' ahd children and Mr. and Mrs. C. ' M. Alexander and family, all of ,_Iola,'. helped them, enjoy the eve' '.'nine's ' \ H.'J. Denton has been 111 with a ! cold. , P. V. Denton "spent the; week-end .; in Emporia with his family. The Royal Neighbors met at the ; O. R. Stllweir home Tuesday after' noon. After the regular business .meeting the program and refresh- -;ment committee, Mrs.. J. H. Bur. nett. Mrs. Henry Wells, and Mrs. , lA. ,B. Smith, introduced interesting \'<eames and at a latei;_ hour served i deliclouSi refreshments'ln. the form r iiJf valentines. Thase present were: • Mrs. John Martin, Mrs. J. E. Matr tox, Mrs^Ed Hunzicker. Mrs. Marie 1 Rarick, Mrs. J. Stanford, Mrs. O. R. Stilwell,'Mrs. Laurav Owens. O: R. stilwell, Mrs. A,V. Scott. Mrs. H. E. Shumard. Mrs.' Henry Wells, Mrs. J. H. Burnett, Mrs. Daisy Fo- |leman. Mrs. A. B. Smith, and Mrs. Frank Bouray. The next meeting be with Mrs. J. H. Burnett on the evening of Febi-uary 28. i Mrs. B. W. Gooden is in Thrall -Vi.sltlng her mother. Mrs. W. B. Winkler. i John Holzapfel. Avho'has been ill , tpe past few daysr is feeling much /iietter. •rMr -s.-Alta Courtrigbt will go to ^ylchita the last,of the week to do special nursing for Dr. Sutter. ,J. Y. Schafges and Clif Chatten made a business trip to Garnett Wednesday.* ' ';A number of yoimg folks from --J^lony attended the valentine dance it\ lola Tuesday night. ^: ;George Dciiton. Gamctt. was a Colony visitor yesterday. - "Fred and ChnHcs wern bijsiness visitors in Gnrnctt yoster- Fred Denton, loin, was a business vl.sitor hei-e ye.stcrdiiy. Cecil Brown and Uuy .Johnston drove a Whippet coupe from Kan- .j .snTs City yesterday lor A. C. Wallar, wi^o had recently purchased !t. A. FJ. H'u.skey and dnughter Grace were lola. visitors' yesterday. Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Hamilton and Miiss ^mma Hamilton were visitors in lola Wednesday, i _ Mr. and Mrs. S. P. Jnck.son <ind daughter Vievic. of lola, spent Siin- _ day afternoon at the Guj' Crammer home. A thief or thieves have been going, into tht garage used by Orval Haas and-stealing gasoline and oil. It is only fair to warn the offenders .that when they are caiight it will hots go easy with them. , .— ,W. E.. Cooper, Los Angeles, Calif., visited with John Post Tuesday afternoon^ Mr. Cooper ahd Mr. Post ' raveled together about 45 years -ago. ^ -At .present Mr. Cooper is owner of three mills in ' Fred Schainosi and Elvin Huskey returned Tuesday evening fi -om a -busmess and pleasure trip to Chicago, 111- Elvin stated that he saw - sevqral of the machine, guns, while there, and also attended some good - shows. , Charles Kcssler. who has been r iworlung in the Colony bank-for aev,- THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop) JUS't A LITTLE FAVOR — .1. Cowan LTHOUGH. THCy NEVEP 9PENO: , ANYTHING BUT TIME, THE VIS\TVNG PELATIVES DPOP A HINT THAT, WITH A SLWHT EXPENSEJ THING? COOLO BE JAZZIEP DON'T you EVEP MAZE A GANG COME lt^,AND THTOtf^ ' A PAPTV? BOV, THE BENOEPS WE USEOTOUVe VJJITH.IM SPINKSVILLE. \NEOE THE TA v I k or THE ^TOV^ n:'. > I'LU SAY '. AND NWHEN AU LANDS H\9 OOB WITH HAPTLEY,WE'LL SHOW VOU HOW TO <3P^NO AN EVENING ,WO n V WE.AL? VEAH, AN80(ASt I j ONO A« I'VE OUCHED THAT POSITION WITH HAPTl.EV,T «C«?C 'S NO U«E GETTING OP IN THE MOONING AND LO0KIN6 APOUND TOP SOME CHEAP ^ JOB" SO,CHtCV<,l V71SH YOU'D COME IN AND PUT THE WINDOWS DOWN AND'TUPN ON THE HEW IN OUP. POOM IN THE MOPNIN<»-:.THEN WE WONT HAJs/E TO DOES'? IN A COLD POOM NSWERS nrviu? /^OKTKZ. with about 500 iiieu, ^ contjuereil the entire AZ- Ti:C NATION by .hoUliuj.; tli« emperor, Moiilezuina. as a hostage. Morts RICK i.s coic sumed ilian aiiy.olhcfr food The United Stali-ti ii;,,reprOKi -nt<.'d in FIFTEEN foreign countries by aiTibassadors fOMANldST 20 POUNDS OF FAT : Lost Her Promhtent Hips, [ DoiibleChin, Sluggishness eral months,, left Tuesday night for Sacramento, Calif., where he has an excellent position In a bank. Mrs, Kesslcr and Jean will remain in Colony until school is Out in the spring. Both Colony high sdiool finst and second basketball teams went to Ln- Harpe Tuesday night and defeated their opponents in a dccLsivo manner. Second team game was 22 to 10 for Colony; first team game, '20 to 16, Colony. The polony boys •played very well and now have another vlcloi"y added to their string, Mrs. Clyde Hamilton entertained the Kumjoinus class of the Christian church at her home, Tuesday, for all day, A covered dLsh dinner was enjoyed at noon, and a valentine exchange was held. In the aft- 'ernoon Mrs. Wilbur Boone and Mrs. Guy Crammer were the devotional leaders. Reports were given by the "new member" and "sick" committee. Mrs. Herbert Henderson was the only guest. The members were: Mrs. Florence Jackson, Mrs. Guy Crammer, Mrs. Wilbur Boone,. Mrs. Irene Cordell. Mrs. Agnes Baldwin, Mrs. Maxwell Metcalf, Mrs. Jean Hubbard, and the hostess. The next meeting will be announced later. The grades at the school enjoyed valentine exchanges Tuesday.] and received treats. Jess Williams has . returned to Colony after spending the week-end with his family in Mildred. The junior class of the high school held a party in the school house Monday evening. The town girls' basketball team and the high jchdol girls' team played a practfce game Monday evening. Several spectators were present and seemed to enjoy the entertainment. Clark Williams suffered a severe case of indigestion Sunday night. Vorn Wilmoth has been working in ihe barber shop during his illness. Mr. and Mrs. Ayilliam Ossenbeck and family, Wellsville. spent Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. O. R. StlllweU.- Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Jones moved from the Methodist parsonage to (gained PhysicarViffor— A Shapley Figuro. _ If: you're f fat— remove the cause! '•: "Take orfe-half teaspoonful of Kruschen Salts In a glass of hot ft'Otcr In .the morning—in-3 weeks got ;on the scales and note how many pounds of fat have vanl.shed. Notice also that you have gained Tn energy—jifour skin i.s clearer—you feel;iyounBer In body—Kruschen will glve^ any fat person a joyous surr prise. But be sure it's Kruschen—your ' healih comes first—and SAFETY first; is the Kruschen promise. Get a bottle of Ki-iischen Salts ^from any leading druggist anywhere ' in y^erlca, (lasts 4 weeks) and the cost'is but little. If thl^ first bottle doesp't cohyince you this Is the easiest, iSAFEST and surest way to lose • fat-iyour'money gladly returned. End Serious Coughs With Creomiusioii Don 't let them get a sUongle hold. F^t gems quibkly. Creomulsion combines the 7 Lest help* known to models Ktence. Powerful but hannleu. Fleu«nt to take. No narcotic*. Your dniggiit will refund your money If any opti ^or cold no matter how long standing is not relieved Ijy Creomulsion. (adv.) Expectant Mothers -TfSpeka, Kans.— "Du.ring expectancy Iwasnot feeling well at f(ll. I was very pervjius and weak and jelt so depressed and'irritable,"! said- Mrs; Hcrt Wcese of 319 tMadison St. "I ^aw Or. 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They start the bile and help overcome constipation. Take nkhtly ami note the pleasing results. Millions of boxes sold yearly. 15c, 30c, 60c the residence just north of the O. L. Smith property, this week. Mr. and Mrs. Will Brooks and children, Ottawa. Spent the weekend in Colony \'isiting relatives. Mr; and Mrs. V. J. Hester and family spent Sunday at the N. T. Strickler home south of tbwn^ Mr. and Mrs. Clifton Lasater and daughter were supper guests. A large crowd attended the 0. W. Ramey sale, south of town, Monday, and articles brought '. good prices. As soon as the weather igets better the family will move to a farm north of St. Joseph, Mo. Guy Crammer, of the Farmer's Union store trucked a load of livestock to City tlie first of the week. Roy Pippinger attended a sale at Mt. Ida, Monday. R. M. McCaughey and W. ;G. Green were biislness visilor.s in lola yesterday. ' Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Golden and son, Carl EULs, and Charlie Gregg attended the theater in lola Monday evening. John Masing and C. D. Beshears made a busine.s.s trip to Garaett Monday. Lawrence Nolan made a business trip to Welda. Tue.sday. Ray Johnston and .Cecil Brown were over-nlglit visltoV.s In Kansas City Monday. C. W. Conley nnU Wade Mosing were lola visitor;; Montliiy evening. Wall Hull nceompanied John Martin and C. O. BeUolr to ElUo- rado Sunday. Mrs. Theo. Sheror and .Miss Minnie McAvoy have been ill. . Ralph and Lew Keiit were business visitors, in Osage City yesterday. Mr. end Mrs. V. E. MiLStin and Mr. and Mrs. Dan Boone drove to Top^ka Saturday. The ladies went on a Pleasure trip and the gentlemen attended ' the Administrators conference. Mr. Mastin is superintendent, pf the Colony '.school and Mr. Boone is the principal. Supt. and Mrs. V. E. Mastin entertained the members of the senior class at a Valentine party, Monday night. Games and jig-saw puzzles furnished the entertainment. At a late hour the hostess served delicious refreshments. Those present were: Mi.sses Frances Goodell. Nadine Christian. Doris McOaurijey, Dorothea Gooden. Ruby RogersfEd- na Pearl Wilson. Fern and Reva Brown. Marguerite Beard, and Lois O'Hara; Mes.srs. Wallace Jack.son. Dean Brooks. Kournies Crammer. Glen Lucas, Lorraine Townsend, Leonard Taylor. Bernard McAloon. John Tonkin. Lyman Hanthorne, and Paul Gooden. Mr. and Mrs. R. M. McCaughey are -spending today in Kansas City on business and pleasure. TFIE J. F. GRENNAN PRODUCE CO. d O. COGHILL, Manager ' PQULTRY AND EGG^ Egg Case.s and Supplies ' Old a^d Relluble-:E||ib^ed 1911 ^1 Comer Monroe and Elm - ; (Just ^ West of the W»t«ir Tower) HEALTH MEANS CHARM AND HAPPINESS ! Sparkling ey^ I and smiling lipa speak o£ beahh and vitality. Cleat skin attracts. The healthy active girl is both happy and populas, . , Perhaps yon are not t«aUy ill yet when the day's work is done you are too dred to enter into the good dmes.diat other women enjoy. For extra tatter, cry Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compowid. it tones up your general health. Gives you more pep- more chirm* Kemember ^ 98 out .of 100 womab report benefit. Let it help you too.-. . . _ - ..... The last of the three bicycles given' away by the lola Milling company. Fryer Brothers grocery and the City Oil company was won by Jesse Roe Spencer, who had a total of 860.000 contest votes. At next Saturday's meeting the featiire entertainment will be an egg race. On the screen. Buck Jones in "McKenna 6f the Moimt- ed," chapter 11 of Jungle Mystery, Krazy Kat in "Soldier Old Man," and "Leningrad." a iraveltalk. How many members haven't called for your new Mickey Mouse club membership cards? If-you haven't this is a reminder for you to call for yours before Saturday, March 4. Watch next week's paper for the special announcement. Here are the membership card numbers for this week: 57, 497. 838, 333, 'and 785. Five more will be posted at the box office. I REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS I I (Prom the Of flee Of The lola I I Abstract Co., .108 W. Jacksoii) I « : : February 15, 1933. Biid Hurley, sheriff of Allen county, Kansas, to H. Q. Rldgway, all of the NW'i of 36-23-18, except the A. T. & S. F. R. R. Co.'s right of way, except the NW« of said NWM. and except a tract containhig about 6.78 acres hi the SW'.i cf said NWU, commencing at the NW corner of SW14 of NW»,4, east 35 rods, south 31 rods, west 35 rods, north to point of beginning; also all that part of the SWVi of 36. icommencing at the intersection of the north line of SWH with east line of | railroad right of way, east 12.11 chdins, south to south line of said section, west to east line of right of way, thence northerly following the east line of said right of • way to beginning. $3,305.09.- Lancaster, O.—Thfe 22 witnesses of the Rev. Paul O. Welmer summoned to testify at a hearing on an injunction to bar him from the pulpit of St. Peter's Luthem church sat restlessly for hours as the hearing dragged out. A sympathetic court attache brought in a supply of jigsaw puJzles. The restlessness gave way to concentrated attention —but not to the testimony. They've Stood the Test of Time Established 1906 Williams Monument ; Works SOI So. Wash. lelA, Kas. Political GrGups'., | HORlZO.NTAI., 1 Cpunterfoit. i 5 To tax. n In what coun- • try are the Fascist! in power? 12 Where are the Nazi a political group? 14 'Po mill.. 15 To bring legal proceedinK.s. i6A spur. 18 Back of the neck. 19 Monkey/ 20 Bone. 22 Crooked.! 23 Choppiiie tool. '24 .Since. 2r> Manufacture. • 27 Northeast. i_ 28 Cry of a dove. 2ft T .iothMke projeeliiin. as Knot. .14 PerehPil. ?,h Wooden pegs. ;!S Pertaining to tailoring. 4;i Door rug. •14 Dfliy. •Hi 'ri;i|)|iliig!(. 47 I'roiit;. Answer to Previous Puzzle 48 Wrath. 49 To cut off. 51 Seventh note. 52 Scarlet. 53 Knoll. 54 Molded mass of bread. 56 Deflnlto . article. r,l Decayetl teeth. nSTo make ready, fit Pique. 02 Where was the Five-Year Plan a national. policy? 03 Crown of the . head. VERTICAI j 1 Like tow. 2 Rabbit 3 Every. f~ 4 Mine. GCLUI. 6 To observe.. 7 Senior (abbr.) 8 Typo measure. •9 To sink. 10 Winter rain. 11 Nerve cell, 13 i^tory of the sea. 14 Ready skllU 15 A surety. 17 Fabric color* Ing matter. MKra.- 20 Orals. • 21 Snowsboe. 54Pald , ipublicitr. 25 Afterooo» draastio entertBSuaeat. 2«Ers. 30 Viscid aai4 31 To propose , for bfllce. 33TatUr. 36 Auto bhed.) 37 Stain. i 39 To soak Sixl 40 Japanese Osbi 41 To help. 42PouBd. 44 Measure tot . cloth. 45Electrte. circuit. GO YoQOg Mlam- 62 Qeatu ot ostrieli. 5ST0tnteTtwtDt. 65-Pee. • S4Tbre« <pt«<b>. 67 Mineral t»rtat. 69 PostMrtpt^ 00 Like. . «1 Spanlsb 1 (fthbr.).; No Regrets for Trying to Kill Miami.,Fla.; Feb. 16. (AP)—Guiseppe Zahgara, his bulging eyes dilating as he talked with severe interrogators high up In the Dade county jail, today said he had no regrets for his attack on President­ elect Roosevelt. Speaking in broken English, the prisoner answered questions readily. Sheriff Hardie, something of a lin- quist. helped carry the conversation. Here Is Hardie's account of the examination: ' "Why do you want to kill? Did you. want to kill the policeman who caught you?" 'I no care to kill police," he replied. "They work for lecving, As a man I like MeesterRoasevelt. As a president I "want to keel him. .1 want to keel all presidents. In Italy ten years ago, I want to keel: the king, but I cannot get to heem." "Are you an anarchist!" "I do not belong to any society. I am not an anarchLst. Sometimes 11 get beeg pain in the stomach, too, i and then I want to keel these presidents who oppress the working men." There is a deep scar on the abdomen of the assassin. He speaks to the officers without apparent realization of what he did. Occasionally .he grows bitter. He said he came to Miami about two months ago, "because they tell me it will help these pains in my stomach." He has been in America for about nine years, and is understood to be a naturalized citizen. He Is caged In a little steel barred cell 21 floors above the ground in the Dade county jail. New Yorlc, Feb. 16. (AP)—Another selling - flurry in the. stock! market today depressed general price averages to the lowest level since early August, but pressure lightenedi during the afternoon, and many extreme losses of 1 to more than 3 points were reduced by from fractions to a point. The tinmover approximated 1,050,000 shares. Ralls turned decidedly weak for a time, but stiffened In the late trading. Of the principal groups, rail averages still held above the low levels of the trading rang:e of the past four months, while industrials and utilities had dipped under the lows of October. Brokerage quarters mentioned penetration of recent resistance levels, and ' the attempt upon: the life, of President-elect Roosevelt, as adverse influences upon .fentlment. Adverse dividend news wa-s also a factor. IntematlonalHarvester lost nearly 2 on ordering-of a quarterly payment of 16 cents' half the previous rate, and Texas Oulf sold ofT as much as 6, wheh its quarterly dividend was cut to 2S cents from SO ccntt. Short covering appeared in Cohsolldiited Oaa, yesterday's weak feature, and it cIOMd with a net gain of nearly a point. American Tobacco B did likewise. In the rails, Santa Fe and Union Pacific recovered about a point, after .selling off 3 and i \<i respectively. A loss of 3 in Allied Chebical was about out in half, St&ndard of N, J. was actively sold lir a time, and closed a point lower; National Biscuit and Public Service of N. J. lost about 2. American Telephone and V. 8. Steel were off only fractions at the flnish. High Low Close Cities Serv .... 2='i 2", 2^i> SO of Ind 20% 20'S, 20 '.A Alaska Jun .... 12v> 12 12 Amn T&T lOO'-ii 99 'Ki lOOSA Amn Tob B .... 54 51% 53H Anaconda 6% 61!; 6% Atchison 41'.i 38^ 30% Auburn 40 38';: 39»A Beth Steel 13»A 13 ' IS 'r Can Pac 9-, 9>i 9% Case J 1 40?s 39'S 39"i i Chrysler IIM 10'4 11 «o» Oas 49M 47»; 48TS Con Oil ........ 5% 5% 5% iDrug Inc 34'.i 33-&' 34% DuPont 35% 34% 35 ^8 Gen Elec 13H 12-i 13 Gen Motors .... 12'i 12 12"/, Int Harv 18 15% 16% Mont Ward .... lisi 1^ IHs Packard 2''. 2 Penney J C .... 24", 23U 23% Phillips Petr ... 5";= 5"i 5'^ Radio 4H 41U 4'i Socony Vac .... 6 's 6 'L- 6 'A Std Brands .... 15 14% 15 SO of NJ 25U 22'^ 22"!. Union Pac 72»4 69 70 Texas Corp .... 12'i 11% 12 U S Steel ...... 26% 25% 26% Westingh E .... 26'.i 24% 25'i ally steady with a little better action on the few well finished steei-s ol- fered; good yearlings $5J25; choice hea\'y steers $5.00; steers, good and choice, 550-1500 lbs., $4.00-6.75; ,ccHn- raon and medium, 550 lbs., up, $3.004.60; heifers,^ good and choice, 550900 lbs., $3.75-5:50; cows, good, $2.653.00; \'ealers, (milkfed), medium to choice, $3.00-6.00; stocker and feeder steers, good and choice $4.00-5.75. Sheep: 6,000; market not established; best fed lambs held above $5.50; lambs, good and choice (X> 90 lbs. down, $5.00-50; good and choice,; (X) 90-98 lbs.. $4.75-5.40; ewes, good and choice, 90-150 lbs.. $1.50-2.60. (X)—Quotations, based on ewes and xt'ethers. K. C. Livestock Close. Sheep: Lambs generally steady to strong; odd lots sheep steady; choice 85 lb. lambs to shippers $5.60; most sales $5.35-50; 114 lb. kinds at $5.00; lambs, good ahd choice, BO (,t>j. down, $5.00-60; good and choice, 9098 lbs., $4.75-5.50. Hogs and cattle: Unclmnged. Estimated livestock receipU for tomorrow: Cattle 1,000; hogs 4,000; sheep 2,000. Cincinnati, O.— A street car conductor took one look: at the rdeter- mincd" expressions on the faces of four men who' boarded Ms ear today, decided they were bandlta, and threw his money out the. window. A moment later the quartet— federal agents—arrested a passenger on a narcotics charge. The conductor hastily halted the car and spent some minutes scrambling for his nioney. _ ' ' Kansas City Produce. Kansas City. Feb. 16. (AP)—Eggs 9. Broilers 14; brings 14. Other produce unchanged. Kansas aty Hay. Kansas City, Feb. 16. (AP)— No Kay, receljks too light. Kamuu City Livestock. Kansas 0!ty, Feb, 16; (AP)— (U. S. Dept, Agr.)—Hogs: 3J00; 360 direct; slow andiUheven, steady to 10 lower than Wadnesday 's average; top $3 .20 on chdce 170-210 lbs.; gobd and choice, 140 -350 lbs., $2.803.20; packinglsows. 275-580 lbs., $21060; stoclr pigS; gbod and choice, 70130 lbs., (2JSO -9.00. Cattle: 2 ,000; ^Ives: 500; gener- OUT OUR WAY By Williams LOCAL PRODUCE Egg.'j, firsts Eggs, socond.'i Eggs, Uiirds Eggs, imgraded Hens, No. 1 Hens. No. '2 ,. No. 1 Springs, 1 '/j lb .H. ;ap . No. 2 Springs , ;. — Capons, over 9 lbs. .... — Capons, over 8 lbs. .... — Capons, over 7 Ibsr-...;.... Capons,; imder 7 lbs. ... — Capons,- under 6 lbs. ... — sups ••••• Butterfat. lb Stags, lb. Cocks '. Geese, lb. Guineas, each White Ducks, lb. Colored Ducks, lb. Hides, per lb. Mixed Com. bu Yellow Com, bu. Wheat,'bu. .. — Kafir Corn . ...lOe Be 6c 8c . ....8c flc .... flc .... 4c ....lie .... Oc .... 7c .... 6c 5c 5c ....14c ....4c .... 3C .... 3c ....10c ....4c ....3c .... Ic ....13c ....14C ....27c ....13c it t ito * ttu .iki.inir .art. i-ti,. Kansas City brain. Kansas City, Feo. 16. (AP)— Wheat: .106 cars; lower to U- higher; No. 2 dark hard nom 43- 51'i; No. 3, nom. 42U-50';:; No. 2, hard 42'i-45U-; No. 3, 44%; No. 2, red, 46; No. 3, 42'.i.-43>/;. Close: May 41 !i; July 44%; Sept. 43. Corn: 16 cars; ',1 lower to Vi higher; No. 2, white, nom., 21 ',i-22; No. 3, nonu, 21-21J ,i; No. 2, yellow, 22V3; No. 3, nom., 21 ',i-22; No. 2. mixed. 2IU-N0. 3, 21-21Vi. Close: May 22V.; July 23%. Oats 11 cars; luichanged; No. 2, while, nom., IS-lS'i; No. 3. nom. 17-18. Milo maize, nom. 47-51. Kafir, nom., 40-43. Rye, nom., 34-35. Barley, nom., 21V-!-24. LEGAL NOTICE. I, Jim Chezem, convicted on th» 3l8t day of January, 1928, of the crime of burglary, recond degree. In Allen County, Kansas, will apply on the 30th day of March, 1933, to the Governor, at his office In Topeka, Kansas, for a Conditional Pardon. Signed,, JIM CHEZEM. (2)-16-33-(3).2-9-16. CLASSIFIED RATES (Effective Jan. 1,1933.) For one insertion, IV jc per word. For three or more insertions, Ic per word per Insertion. Minlmimi, 25c per order, cash in advance. For special low rates by the month, call this office. SWAPPER'S COLUMN GAS RANGE—To trade for wood or combination cook' stove. Phone 372. ) TO EXCHANGE—Bred gUts for fat hogs, istock hogs, alfaTfa. com or cash. iH. W. Chancy. Oas. ANNOUNCEMENTS ' strayed. Lost, Foimd LOST -4 -Between lola and LaHarpe: Pocketbook containing keys; Leave at Register office. PURSE-^ontaining about $7 left at p. O. on west table. Please return to Guy Cook at P. OJ and receive reward. AUTOMOtlVB Antosaiobilea For Sale Plymouth SALES Dodge Dependable Used Can and Trucks ELLIS MOTOR CO. Phone 301 Cash—Trade—Terms PONTIAC-BUICK Sales and Service Guaranteed. Used Can SHELLY MOTOR CO. 214 N, Jefferson 1 Phone 80 PLYMOUTH COACH; :!! FORD COUPE, '31 ESSEX SEDAN PONTIAC SEDAN- CHRYSLER 70 SEDAN BUICK COUPE;; ROSS AMicKiE GARAGE CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH Sales^Servlce— Farts AUTOMOTIVE 5; Aatomobiles For Sate HUDSON-ESSEX—Parts and Service. Bud White Motor: Co., 209 South street. Phone 60. • 6 Auto Accessories. Tires', Parts GASOLINE—PER GAU. 5'lC 100 gal. lots plus tax or taxes (Not the Cheap 3rd Grade Gas) VINE OIL & GAS CO. TEXACO PRODUCTS —.Goodrich Tires. Cash paid for used cars. Logan Reynolds. 307 West_Strect. EMPLOYMENT 14 Hdp Wanted—Male MAN WANTED—To workj on farm for board and room. - Ihciuire at 30iS South Buckeye. 16 ; Situations Wanted— Male BOV—14 years wants work on farm. Home considered more than wages. Influlre 201 N. Second rftreet. PAFIM.WORK Wanted, .sm.nll wap,e.s. See Oriitn Abbe, Park Hotel. 18 ^ Money to Lean—Instiranee $200 TO LOAN on good city property, P, 8, Bennett, 520 South Washington Avenue. LIVE STOCK 21 I Horses, Cattle, Vehicles COWS — Just fresh, and'cow.s to freshen soon. J. C. Butcher, West Street road. 22 I Poultry and Supplies ALL STRAIGHT Breeds Clilcks, day old, BOO, $25; .started chlck.s .slightly higher. Special deal on Custom Hatching In case lots. .Simflower Hatchery, Gas City. BABY: CHICKS—For February 20th hatch, 400 S. C. Reds, 175-Barred Rocks, 200 Buff Rocks at. $5.45 per 100. Book, your orders now for custom hatching, IM'C per egg. Taylor Hatchery & Protiuce. 201 South Jefferson. BABY CHICKS • 100^ from flocks blood te.siea and certified by Judge Harris, poultry expert. Ask about our 90%; g u a r a n t e 0 on Cu.stnrn Hatching. : All heavy breeds 5''c't Heavies 1 *.. .Sc Cu.stdm Hatching I'^c or $5 WILLSON FARM HATCSHERIK.S : (Formerly Cantrell) 2 miles .south on 73W or L. E. Steele Supply Co. 'Talk Chicks with Wilison" CUSTOM HATCH—ic in. Modern Buckeye Mammoth, set ea.'Monday. Have purebred blood tested chicks. Leg. 4VjC, big breeds. 5c, assorted 3',-:C. Rasscll Hatchery. Gas. Phone 955-3. SUNFLOWER CHICKS — Hatches weekly. See us before you get chicks or hatching. Sunflcvr,.- Hatchery, Bronson. MERCHANDISE 24 Articles For Sale INCUBATOR—New electric, guaranteed, 144-egg, $7.50. ;'.s Sale Pavlhon. NEW AND USED cream separators; DcLaval servloe, George J. Marr. 28 Hooaehold Goods A COMPLETE UNE of Used Furniture, Save 50%. W. H. Wood Fine Furniture, 202 S.. Jeff. Phone 190. ELECTRIC WASHERS and Radios, new; and used. Standard makes. Save ;at Curtis' Furniture, 10 N. Washington. USED STOVESl and Furniture. Store packed. H^nninger's Fum. Store. 29 'Maehinerr and Tools GOOD rUSED Walking Blow. 14- inch,, $4.50. Allen County Implement Co. • SO Moaleal. Radio; SEVERAL good used radios'. Terms. Hennlhger's Furniture Store. . 31 Seeds, Plants, Flowers SEEDS—Blue grass, white clover and ftill line of garden and field seeds. Brownie's. WANTEI>—A chance' to show you our Bulk Garden Seeds: Burt's Cash Feed & Pro. Phone; 1400. Real Estate For Ilent 36 Farms and Land For Rent 80-ACRE FARM—For rent. Fbur . miles from loia. L. E. Steble Supply Co. Phone 809. . 37 Honea For Rent. FOR RENT—Houses, good location. See G. E. Pees. HOUSE-^ rooms, modem,' double garage, clilcken house. garden.'See property 1021 N.. Jefferson. $9.00 month.. Real Estate For Sale 40 Farms and Land For Sale FOR SALE,ORTRADE—160 acres Improved, immediate possession. A. D. Calcr, owner, Plgua, Kas. 44 Wanted—To Bay WANTED TO BUY-About a 5-room house to move on farm. lola Land Co.

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