The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan on October 17, 1939 · Page 5
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The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan · Page 5

Ludington, Michigan
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 17, 1939
Page 5
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TUESDAY, OCT. 17, 1939. THE DAILY NEWS—LUDINGTON. MICHIGAN. PAGE FIVE SCOTTVILLE News From Mason County's Second Largest City, Agricultural and Dairying Center MRS. FRANK BARCLAY, Correspondent (Telephone: Office, No. 1; Horn* 126-F-14.) W Q Vivian . O. V IVldll, Before Study C ub W. S. Vivian of Ludington was guest speaker at the Monday afternoon meeting of the Scottville Women's Study club held at the J. Aleinik home. He brought the club a forceful message, emphasizing the need for Americans to stand by the Constitution and all that it stands for. He spoke of the to the study and discussion of a lesson on "Learning of Qod in the Sacrament" with Mrs. Clifford Tubbs leading. Mrs. Henry Grinnell, and Mrs. Wm. Hagstrom assisted i the hostess in serving a de- llicious luncheon to Mesdames John Randall, Etta Foster, Glen Foster and Marshall Gulembo of Elm Flats; Mesdames Fred Reek, William Alexander, S. D. Brandt and granddaughter, Beverly Brandt, of Foun- j tain; Mesdames Earl Edwards i and daughter and William Tucker of Meade; Mesdames Clifford Tubbs, Selina Martin, Henry Grinnell, Laurence Hill .... . ,, •. and daughter* Lorraine; L. L. pickles and coffee was , served, stan iey. William Tu'bbs, Alice from a prettily appointed table, 1 Cole Ce j ia Hagstrom J E ....... ,.__., '—'Bennett, Arthur Tubbs, William Hagstrom and Fay ,La- Guire and Mr. and Mrs. Gurnsey. The auxiliary will meet Thursday afternoon, Oct. 26, with Mrs. Alice Cole, with Mrs. Arthur Tubbs and Mrs. Clifford Tubbs co-hostesses. ZOO ANIMALS MUST WORK TO LIVE DURING WARTIME igarding the supper. I At the close of the afternoon d d ° US ' with Mrs. Clare Martin pouring. Hostesses for the day were Mesdames Aleinik, Martin and Bie- Makes Flight Here to Visit Parents l Mr. and Mrs. Charles K. 'Hansen and family received a \ thrill Sunday when their son, origin of the Constitution .Russell, arrived by plane and and the gathering of the dele- ; landed in one of the home gates from the 13 different colo- ' fields. Russell, who is con- nies and of the impossibility of nected with the Texaco Oil these men to unite in thought! company at their Reed City until Benjamin Franklin sug- j station, has practiced flying rested that they had forgotten ! the past summer, in company the source of all harmony, sug-1 with a group of other Reed iNCjvy ^ ljl ^, ol _ ( , rr _ mecn _ gesting that they go to the Su- City young men. He has spen1 anizati of the cotton kingdom , preme Ruler for council, and following that suggestion, all went smoothly. Mr. Vivian sug- j ™ ™ t ™^'^^^ i families. Most rapid mechanization has sell's many friends in this county are much interested in his new venture. this will bring prosperity, to i sheep with , grades and pure- the United States, factories will I breds of the United States. The grind put messages' of death ; resultant breed, mot yet avail- ithat will make rivers of blood; able to sheepmen, is said to ' and an ocean of bitter tears. , have more vitality than other • American losses during the breeds, 'war for Democracy and to end ' ','"'', (war: Dead, 50,000; died of dis- . —-•* • - " '•" •ease. 57,000; wounded, legless; I and armless, blinded bv gas ; land shell shock, mental and | physical wrecks, 230,000. Costs , I $22,000,000,000. What do they care for widow's sighs, for mother's tears and orphans' j cries. Over the mingled 'dying: i and dead they see the blood- ' ' stained gold ahead. When i Europe ceases butchering be- 'ware of Asia. Keep your eye | on the East. Watch Russia. ' (See Ezekiel, seventh chapter) j Jesus said a New Command- 1 ment, I give unto you that ye j love one another. Sermon on i the Mount. And how those i Christians love each other! ! Think it over. JOE VAN ARENDOUK. Pentwater. Here is a typical scene on a farm near Berlin, Germany, as tame zoo animals are pressed into service to replace farm animals and machines which have been requisitioned by the military forces. The ponderous "farm hands" above are elephants from the famed Hagenbach zoo. Camels', as well as other zoo animals, it is reported, are also being used in farm service. NEW —(tf>)--Mech- trin ' Proceeding at a terrific pace, has /epn ! dis Placed thousands of farm Scientist Develops Tailless Sheep BROOKINGS, S. D., f/P)—A tail.ess. breed of sheep has been developed by James W. Wilson, director of the state agricultural college experiment station. For 23 years Wilson has been ! murder. ' It is claimed that' crossing the native Siberian paid to propaganda, which is filling schools, churches, homes and communities in a most insidious and underhanded way. Locals Chris Haahr occurred in ,the southwest, where Texas farmers have added more than 7,000 tractors per year on the average for the past decade. The trend is widespread also in the Old South. A WPA re- ScottviUe Mr. and Mrs. ~..-.« ------- , , , visited at the Oscar Young ! search report shows that in the He urged that, more attention be i home in Branch Sunday i !930-38 period the number of made 'to bringing our own coun- ! Mr and Mrs Hiram Martin I tractors increased 122 percent in try back to its own way. "Amer- j are spending a few days in ! the western cotton areas; 127 ica. because of its ability to do Grand Rapids and other points ' Percent in the delta region, and «-«..«* ,- +K- .,,.* ....... **_ and its great advancement, is; i n the state, the envy of the entire world, i Mr. and Mrs. Mark Smith are and as such, is the target for {expected home Tuesday from a the rest of the world." he said. ! vacation trip to Chicago and Mr. Vivian's talk caused his' points in Indiana and Michigan, audience to consider the subject Miss Eleanore Locke returned from a new angle and agreeing with him or not, made them realize that there were vital visited her brothers at Petoskey, truths that all must recognize Charlevoix and Marquette. , Mr. and Mrs.'Jack Rogers and Thursday evening from a , days' trip during which few she and think about. Mrs. Forresi E. Gilbert of | daughters Mr. and Mrs. Matt Ludlngton favored with two ! Urka and family, MissNorma 90 percent in the eastern cotton states. All of this means that fewer human beings are needed to produce cotton. A National Resources Committee report says the number of man-hours required to produce a bale of cotton was 304 in 1880, 285 in 1900 and 235 in 1930. A WPA report says the average has been THE OPEN FORUM Readers arc invited to use this column to express their ideas upon puolic qucstioni and topics of general interest. Letters printed under this headtgg Will be understood to represent .the opinion of the individtial writer rather than that of The News. Letters involving racial or religious,' controversies or personal attacks will not be accepted. All communication! SHOULD NOT EXCEED 200 WORDS and must be signed by the nam, am address o( the writer. Notice reduced from 271 in 1907-11 to 218 in 1933-36. . C. Horace Hamilton, economist splendid vocal solos. "Where Ere Dodge and Mrs. Nettie Burkhart ; O f the Texas Agricultural Experi- You Walk" by Handel and of Ludington were guests Sun-,ment station, says: "Come Where My Love Is da -V at a chicken dinner at the Dreaming" by Foster. Mrs. Dan Robert Hannah home in Amber. WAR AND LOVE EDITOR, THE NEWS: In 1933 our gifted president said that there was an overproduction of food supplies that caused the depression. nually, even with cotton prices as they are today. As either a common or an agricultural laborer the same tennant cannot be expected to'earn more than $250 to $300." Then came the destruction of crops and millions of pigs were drowned, beef cattle shot, farmers paid a bonus to sit down. And now we are advised by the food sharks that there "is a shortage of foodstuffs and prices are gaing higher. The public is kicked on the one side and squeezed on the other. Mr. Roosevelt favors the shipment of war material to Great Britain. This will make us a partner in crime for war is We are not, buying any more apples until the stock we now have on nand is disposed of. Scettville Apple Products Co. Phone 63-.J. Scottville, Mich. See this xemaxkable Estate Oil Heatrola now on display. Bums low-cost furnace oil. Has a double- chamber bowl burner, and the exclusive Intensi-Firo Air Duct which turns waste .into warmth. So simple » child can operate it. Wide range of styles, sixes, i prices; convenient terms. | W. E. Reader & Co. CUSTER ano accompaniment. The club ( LadlCS Auxiliary i.s indebted to the leaders, Mrs. M. H. Coburn and Mrs. S. E.] Breen for arranging this splen- j did and timely program forj them. ; During; the business session ' Mrs. R. O. Orth was accepted into membership into the club. , Anew flag was.wesented to! the^lub by MfST^GRRJrge "Stack who announced that Dr. H. G. "The displacement of from three to five families by one tractor is not uncommon. Assuming that one tractor will displace one family only, more than 60,000 farm families have probably of Saints Church Has Fine Meeting ;?S? Pne S aced from Texas farm " s FREESOIL—The Ladies' Aux- j "Many move to poor farms, un' for it, without any cost to the club. It was announced that the next meeting will be "Fun' Night," with Mesdames Matt Urka. John Biegalle and Hiram; Martin as program leaders. A i group supper will be served on that evening following the meeting. Tills event will be held at Amber hall. Monday evening, i Oct. 30 ,at 7:30. Members are ; asked to come in costume and i masked. Following a very short] business session, a Hallowe'en ' program will be given. Anyone wishing transportation is asked to get in touch with Mrs. Frank Barclay, also those having room in their cars for extra persons, j Members will be notified re- ; iliary of the La'tter Day Saint \ suited to cotton production with church enjoyed a very" pleas- , tractors. A large number mi- ant afternoon Thursday at the grate to towns and cities to be- home of Mr. and Mrs. Henry come common laborers. Many ejMK-y. r*Jje Tsfcocaston beinfj-wenMrift^itifcthe open country as reguuar meeting. I farm or common laborers. The meeting ,opened with I "The displaced family faces community singing. Mrs. J. E. | the prospect of a lower'income Bennett read a Bible text and jThe typical farm tenant in the Mrs. Etta Foster offered pray- i high plains or the blacklands er - . .. may be expected to earn n net in- The afternoon was given over come of from $800 to $1,000 an- STAR SCOTTVILLE LXST TIMES TONIGHT AUCTION SALE Monday, Oct. 23rd AT 1 O'CLOCK At My Farm—8 Miles South, 2 Miles West and </ 4 mile South of Scoltville. I am selling out on account of my husband's death. Will sell at auction, Good Large Work Horses, 2 Cows, 12 Tons of Loose Hay, Car, 2 Trailers, Miscellaneous artciles. WATCH FOR OUR FULL ADVERTISEMENT ON FRIDAY, OCTOBER 20th. L. MATTIX, Auctioneer. j SMITH and EDDY, Clerks. MRS. W. HOFTILE^Prop. AJ>DED Comedy, Cartoon, News. Shows 6:45-9:15. Admission 25c-10c. WEDNESDAY ONTL.Y AUCTION SALE Friday, Oct. 20 mis KITCHEN THE "DEAD END" KIDS MARGARET UNDSAY • RONALD RSAOAN STANUY FIELDS . A WARNIR BROS. Plclur* by Uwl. Stlltr «nd I. A. Dup itcro" pl >y by Crtni Wilbur «nd Fnd Nlble, • .Fro/n >n Orlginil Story l>y_Cr» - ADDED— Cartoon— Fashions Forecast and News. Shows 7:00-9:15. At 1:00 o'clock at my farm, 3 miles West and 6 miles North of Scottville, or '/ 2 mile North of Victory Townhall. I have quit farming, and will siell the^ollowing: LIVESTOCK > i. Holstein Cow, 4 years. Hoistein Cow, 9 yeiirs. Holstein Cow, 8 years. Holstein Cow, 6 years. Holstein Cow, 3 years—2. Holstein Heifer, 18 months. Jersey Heifer, 17 months. Black Jersey Heifer, 18 months. All cattle tested for T.B. and Bang's disease. 30 Chickens. 20 Buff Minorca Pullets. FEED AND PRODUCE About 4 Tons Loose Hay. About 2 Tons Loose Oats Straw. About 200 Shocks corn in Field. IMPLEMENTS Champion Grain Binder, Low Wheeled Wagon with Rack, Cloverleaf Manure Spreader, 2 one-Horse Cultivators, Riding Cultivator, 2 Horse Walking Plow, McCormick Mowing Machine, Set Double Harnesses, Viking Cream Separator, Drag, and Other Small Articles. ( TERMS: Sums of $10.00 and under, Cash. Over that amount up to 6 months'time on notes approved by clerk of sale. If you expect to give a note please range with clerk before bidding. No property to removed until settled for oh day of sale. ARTHUR HAWLEY, Prop. FILBRUN and SAXTON, Auctioneers. SMITH & EDDY, Clerks. • ar- be THE ENTIRE SCHOOL IS DEVOTED TO PRODUCTS, ETC., TO BE FOUND AT THE FOLLOWING STORES: ROLLICK AND CARLSON A. F, SCHROEDER & SON FARMERS EXCHANGE STORE ; James and Dowland FARMERS EXCHANGE STORE East Ludington Ave. Attend TIME: 9:30 WEDNESDAY MORNING PLACE: KOZY THEATER PRIZES FOR EACH AND EVERY DAY

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