The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on July 20, 1894 · Page 4
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 4

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, July 20, 1894
Page 4
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What the Gay World of Fashion is Wearing—The Very Latest Styles! DECORATIVE NOTES. fapor Screens, Dressing For Boris anil TjHiindi-} lings. Woven letters, ml on white, for innvk- Sng clothing and household linen nre now shown set two abreast on double width jrlbbou in all combinations of initials. Japanese paper screens aro to bo bought lor a song now, but they arc scarcely worth oven that price, not tlmt they nro not' frequently pretty nnd decorative, but they nro very f rngllo. An unusually oaro- fnl woman, living all alono nud never receiving n guest, might possibly keep a paper screen intact for a month, but under ordinary circumstances tho paper Is punched through in a dozen places before that length of time elapses. If the limn •who delivers it at tho house has not ol- icady burst it with his fingers, it is suro to be sot within roach of the heels of a locking clAiir, so that tho first person who •its down sends tho rockers through it, svnd i£ there is a projecting corner of a furniture knob anywhere about the screen lolls over on it and spikes itself at the first STYLISH BATHFNO COSTUMES. ' At the right is n white serge batliins costume with Turkish trousers sewed fast to the upper part of the xuit. In the center ia a sillc warp henrietta costume trimmed with white braid. The gathered truusora are sewed to the black jersey waist. The suit at the left is of vvliile serge with cherry red polka dots, ing, except in tho form of tho knitted gox- ments worn next tho skin, and even then it is much better when mixed with fine wool. Silk is made up into complete sets, however, and is sufficiently fashionable' to be frequently described in publications- devoted to the interests of tho wardrobe. China silk or pongee is usually selected as- best enduring the laundering process, and it is almost always trimmed with Valenciennes lace. Tho material chosen for the- articles illustrated was cream pongee embroidered with pink dots, and the trimming consists of lace, beading and narrow ribbon. JDPIC CHOLLKT. THIN GOWNS. Muslin devices not necessarily expensive. It Is not needful to-discard white and crystal globes and replace them by others mode of pink glass, foratt'equully good effect is obtained with shades constructed out of pink cambric or silk. For electric lights a leaf shaped shield of rose colored paper is provided, which falls in front of the light and mellows its rays to tho right degree. A woman who has over carried a pink par- esol knows what power lies in light so filtered to brighten and transfigure the com- front ftuHnff. SI '° h(l8 Mot ,- , Hirht Hllk mum ' trimmed with laco for J1U1I u altn KX 'TV A. % . « fofnml ocaftfiiofDi llor *' 10 * wo or three evening gow'im, OIK ' l»°bnbly of black not or grenadine. In t'' lct ' It11l9tdo1lll 1 lful i, 11 ' hor wnrdrobo Is fM» wcl1 fucked with most, of tho things i« \ "oguo_ just now, except possibly the «tfi»> , , inventions ill - tho lcck aurt slKiulders. >. o'»ething fresh in tlmt lino Is coJitimmll'r v, •'Pearlng, nnd tho latest is shown in ti'.V' ». ' ut '' lc ls o£ black inousselino ife solo i»H\ >a °. vo , r , shoulders nnd fulling in ftvtf Points In front. It is driiped ncross tlte 'i^ 'Per pnrt of the clicst Mid is collarlcss. JUDIO Gitffix ' ET SUMMER BOOKS. Jtullo Chollet- lltiscusscs TJipin WltH 1 0* '' TJsurtt llmwl Seine. In thcso days, when "inwol" is merely an alluring uainovfar an essay on sooicl-or medical problems-fliiusily covered b*'tv transparent veil ot:narrntivc).liko tho gelatin coating of a quinine capsule, it is" hard to fluil a book tlmt may Ijo read tcaf tho sheer pleasure of'it, with no necessity for dlvliiy Into the dark depths of scionco- and ethics. Even the ordinary society love story, that onco most Ropular of tales, has boon thrust iuto the background by the The Young are mndepfetnntimly aged bj diseases (nla«, hnw preVHlentlj nhich nrnkollieni pnle, II-ties'), low spirited,morose T irritable Iu temper, ensl- 1) t red, forgetful and liit'iip-b!p;llll mnd-houaes »r,a t.well tho lists at euli-Ides; separate husbands and wlvepjbr'ng untold suffering to nillllona, «Tcn to the third nndfoitrth generntlon. Ac nn- plc-te Mid scientific trentlne on these HtlmentB, tlitlr symptons, nntnre iinti proper inanHgeinent, pri'pnrect br those wliohnve hud a vast utul 8>w ce ul ex'rrli'nce in their irer,tment ntid CUCP, win be mailed, secure Horn observaUvu In n Iilnln senlrdeuveloi e. tonnyone sendlnff edolos oil nl h i his notice ten cents, for postage, to World'p Dispensary MedlMl Assorlntlor, COS Jlalu street, Uullalo, N. Y. B. F. ?M>ilMmg, c'liiiU'man of tbe Republican st.Me committee of North Dakota, will postpone the convention to have been held .In!y 11, Iu case the strike continues, fill the '< LAtTNDETBAO. gust of air. Black and gold cloth screens are inexpensive In these times, and it is worth the extraimoney to have something that will last.a:llttle while. The fashion of dressing up beds iu lace •preads and pillow covers laid over colored muslin bas given way to a more artistic «tylo of ornamentation. A silk or tinted linen spread is embroidered by hand with decorative floral or conventional designs •od bordered with wide, heavy lace, or the spread is made of embroidered squares separated by drawn work and hemstitching. For persons who do not care to give up •pace to a largo basket for holding soiled linen a laundry bag is tho only resort. This may bo made of plain ticking or may be elevated to tho rank of a decorative object, is a laundry bag of the latter description that is illustrated. It is made •f strips of heavy canvas embroidered In a cross stitch tapestry design separated by •tends of colored crocheted insertion. Tho fcottom of the bag is finished with a crocheted edge to match. The embroidered Asides are divided by straight plain end pieces to make tbo bag capacious, and tho Whole thing is lined. Tho top of each side has email brass rings attached at inter- Tals, through which ore run brass rods which hold tbe bag in shape. . JUDIO ClIOLLET. Combinations of I*wn With Lace. If you have any old fashioned wide lace collars, now is tlie accepted time to bring them forth and woar them. Tho greater the number tho better, for instead of making one collar do for «;»«•») gowns, as was formerly tho rule, as many »s can bo obtained are used for tho trimming of one costume. They form epaulets, cuffs, basques and yokes and are ruthlessly cut to better adapt them to tho particular purpose for which they are used. Heavy qualities of lace are preferred, but a great deal of Valenciennes edging and insertion is employed to trim-thin stuffs, such as muslin and lawn, for which guipuro and kindred makes would be too coarse. Ecru or yellow laco with white goods is a fashionable combination and gives a pleasing effect for a change, especially if the white material js thin and ia made up over a lining of tho same color as the lace. White muslins aro shown having a small embroidered dot of pink, blue, lavender, yellow or black, and these, too, are charming over a tinted lining. The costume may be so constructed that the lining is separate from tho muslin, which of course simplifies the laundering of the An Ode to Columbus . The pi"i.iesoJColuml/u« We r>i.;en do rehearse, Soraetl'ii!;? In ptosepo 'tnielf, * SomBt.'mes in rlnglngverse. 4 Many « mice mournful melancholy, morblrf, l<t crable man eings the praise ot even ngreutcr B\S, 'very tten that of Columbus. Dr. Pierce'* OjcV m Mfdt«il Discovery opens nt> a ntiW world l,,«\ <e mul Irealtb to the sick. U cures tuber- insuiiipflon which Is simply lung scrofula tlvt> urn!' dangerous development' of a \ he liinndV Its blood cleansing botanic wtnclpts. ' specially ntll to cleanse th» blood and i-i- vent tli c formation of ulcersln tbe limes and Ymicihal .tubes. Liver complaint, sklr.'iilsefiBCS rtil sores, . nre also cnred bv It. ":IuBB"'o3i"t!re80oj- Ia., fittftre- a* Ni Uonal batik examiner. The Jackso » county,, Iowa, Republican on.veutioii.LiAS instructed its delegates i '.for POOR ECONOMY AND BAD TASTE. Xuslln suid Linen In 1'lnce ofSIlk for Underwear. Certain young women traveling abroad •everal years ago during tho height of tho popular cmzo for silk underwear wore not permitted by their parents to buy any of it because it was immoral—a most whim- •leal reason. That silk in tho place of trosb, easily laundered muslin and linen Is poor economy and worse taste would •coin to bo so sufficiently strong arguments against its use that the introduction of moral scruples would bo unuccos- «ary, even if it were not absurd as woll. !fhe notion^of degrees of morality in the inaterlula of which undergarments aro jrfade appears to bo widespread, however. A-certain novelist is careful to toll Ms waders that tho particularly villainous and debased hero wore a pink Bilk nightshirt. This was aaly »t the outset «f his «vil carper, The clothing ho adopted at the crisis of bis infamy roust have been unspeakable, for tlio author maintains a PINK SUMMER GOWK.. ploxlon, so she will at once appreciate the delightfulness of a ballroom thus illuminated. But why should such a charming effect be loft entirely to public functions? Pink is a pretty color for other thing* besides cheeks, however. It cannot bo worn by a sallpw person or one with a rough skin, but its various tones aro becoming to many different types of women if the shade be carefully selected with regard to the individual characteristics. A sketch is given of a costume of rose colored taffeta and cropon. Tho first skirt is of accordion plaited tuffeta; the second, of embroidered cropon slightly drapedon tho loft side underachoux. Tho bodice, belt and basque are of crcpon, while the sleeves and bolero woof taffeta. J«»ic CUOLLET. SUMMER WARDROBES. Vsulilou at » Standstill, but It Is Time ta Wear and Enjoy. U is now the season- wllon fashion ia nearly at a standstill. Summer wardrobes arc all arranged, and it is too early to think of fall ones. Women want to wear and enjoy tho pretty things they already have rather tlum go through tho fiory ordeal 01 shopping and being fitted. Tho odors oi town, although quite as characteristic In their way, uro less appreciated at present than tho fragrance of sea and country places. The small of pines or fresh sen- bllcncu concerning It. It was probably uomo specially noxious kind of »tlk, for umt has the most abandoned isuuructor of any goods now iu vise. It muy bu iuf»rml from some casual re- •murks of Uwtliu's Umt llnon had once tbo •tone uneuvlublu n<imlutlon,but thu whtrV of time brings round many ruvcngos. llncu Unuw lilgl>\y I'Ktwini'il nnd is indeed tuo culd uml uubi. • i'<> WOUr, Ho umlllrnlly ivspi'i-miil it that Ull Ul'lslucrnllo umlcnvi-.i., • u(4>ver ft-iiu* it muy bu niudo, IN ui \>< - QUJUxl liugorle. iVrhaus yours In-i • VPQ, will coHquvr ovory prujudlw i th# auos fouudud on a practical bu > Ik VlWdWWW*r il really not worth buy ^ I < S -A TATTETA GOWN. latter and gives tho gown a wider usefulness. Bevoml pretty wuys of making inus- llu costumes aro seon. In some cases the full unlineil skirt is fitted to the hips by means of a sort of yoke composed of rows of shirring, tho )VulTs being separated by bands of Inco beading, through which narrow ribbons are run. More often it laco edged flounce is sowed around the lower part of a plain skirt to simulate a round or pointed oversklrt. Tho round bodice is full and is gathered in at the waist under a bolt. It is decorated with a bertha, bretolles or ft seariUko trimming, or it may bo made with a yoke or oroused over serpentine fashion. Elbow sleeves are often seen, although tho uulined glgot Bleevo appears on many transparent gowns. Of course, when 'short sleeves are used for out of door costumes, it la necessary to wour gloves long enough to moot them. Bilk is greatly favored for summer attire and In the thin varieties is appropriate enough, but moire and peau do sole «eem rather too thick and flrm for warm weather wour. However, they are worn, witness tho costume of which a sketch is ttiven. Tho flrst skirt is of pule green taffeta covered with white laoe; tho second, of peau de sole to match, trimmed with black moire and caught up on the left ildo by black moire ribbons. The blouse corsage is of pewu de solo and is mounted on a Ww* noire yoke. The epaulets, flgaro and belt are of white lace, tho sleoove puffs of Pluck noire und tho deep cuffs of pefttt do tow. JUPICJ CIIOU42T. ROSE HUED REFLECTIONS. From VisMtivu Booiwf Duonrutorti unit furnishers, persons who give ontiu'lutiiiiientu and persons who go to them, IIUYU ull uoiuo to the conclusion. that lliu Hula hhi-a upon IVtfllvo souues must bu Bii-.itin'd thmiiuh pink shades in ciruer lo bu bcwuuliiK ao uheurful. 1)1 uo in out uf thu miuiilUiii, Kruuu is tuu inululiuholy, ivil tun dt'iiniiilucul, yellow tuo trying to 1 1m i;oin|)U-xion and while too cold, rink In tlio (inu mid only tint Ulil- vurMilly siillaliln, uml tho diislrou rosy tinge i is ubtuiueu by mouuu o( numerous lltthj B1I.K MUSLIN COLI.AU. wood in tho sun l» bolter Hutu all tho manufactured essences In tho market. If BOIIJO one would only Invont u method of bottling H up for winter use, tlio stock of potpourri jura would drop hopelessly. The woman who is enjoying these suents at flrst Imnd is undoubtedly already pro- vldod with bur outing suit of block, blue or brown sorgo, made with an uullued skirt und blazer or Eton jacket. Such a costume may be worn with u thick or thin bodice, as the weather demands, und will endure any amount of rough usuage, rain, spray and dust. She itlso has her dotted or dowered muslin gown much frilled and furuelowod, which she puts on utter hor return from Iwutlng or ttshlng: excursions Iu tho aforesaid rough und ready garments. A bath and « fresh dross are wonderful rovlvlllers after fatiguing o*er- clso, so It U worth while, merely from » hygienic point of view, to have several naiusouk gowns us prettily trlumiud us ouu can afford. Of course she has a broad brimmed flower laden hat to correspond and long wash leather or silk gloves, as well as a white, scarlet or dark blue sun i to ko«p the Uowur? on tho huf FOrjLAKD COVfN. crowd of dissertations on brain wcazying themes that beguile us into reading them by their specious claims to tho title of light literature. There would bo danger of a favor of dime novels if it were not possible to onco in awhile get hold of suchu story as Stevenson's "Treasure Island, '.' full of delightfully unabstruse mutineers,- buried gold und bloodshed, and so well'written that the reader, like tlio recipient of Sam Wcller's valentine, will "vlsh 'there vos more." Without ..wishing to add another now theory to tlio innumerable host now buzzing like bees in different bonnets, it may be suggested that possibly some women have a lurking fancy for personal experience of moving accident* by flood and. field, not as strong as the adventurous instinct in men, but still strong enough to give a charm, in addition to its own charming style, to such a book as "Tho Admirable- Lady Biddy Fane," for instance. . If wo could all live in caves for the uorfc month or two, tho interest in dainty sum inor gowns, might relax a little. As we cannot do tlmt, wo must be content to road "Lady Biddy" on tho veranda in tho prettiest costume that the heat permits. A Sketch is given of a gown of old rose foulard. The round skirt, trimmed with, four bands, of white laco insertion, hag a plain princesstablier in front, tbo left sldb of which is trimmed with black satin bows. The back and right side of tlio bodice are trimmed with three bands of insertion,.while tho loft side is draped with white lace to match. The corsage opens In a V over a full plastron of white silk muslin. The elbow sleeves consist of two puffs finished by a lace flounce. JUDIC CHOLLKT. CONDEMNS THE "UQOOR TRAFFIC Sutolll Approve* Ecnuliian of Liquor Pesters From C»tholl« Societies NEW YORK, July iu.—Tbe Press Mgr. SatoUi, the apostolic delegate has just rendered a decision condemning tbe the liquor traffic. He approves of the expulsion of liquor dealers from Catholic societies. This remarkable decision was culled forth by an appeal from the rulini of Bishop Wattorson of Columbus, O During the lost Lenten season Bisho; Wfttterson addressed a letter to th clergy and laity of his diocese dealin wholly with the teinporancB problem Bishop Wattorson said: "I hereby wit! draw niy approbation from any and every Catholic society in thte diocese that bus a liquor dealer or saloonkeeper s£ its ueud or anywhere among its officers; and I suspend every such society itself, from tho rank und privileges as a Catholic society unless it ceases to be so officered. No one who is engaged either as principal or agent in the manufacture or sale of intoxicating liquors should be admitted to membership." One of the societies laid the mutter formally before Mgr. Sutolll. To this upponl the apostolic delegate has jusl responded. He sustains the position ol Bishop Watterson arid says; "Thu liquor traffic, and especially as conducted hero in tho United States, is the source of much evil, hence the bisboji was acting within hi* rights in seeking to restrict it. Therefore tho delegate apostolic sustains Bishop Wattorsun'i action and approves of his circular and regulation concerning saloons and tha expulsion of saloonkeepers from membership iu Catholic societies TAKt THE BI8T CURE -, THAT ^ COUGH -r WITH ' SHILOHS CURE $1.00 Bottle. Due cent» done. 1*1118 GREAT CotwH CURB promptly euret here all others fall. Cough*, Croup, flora .throat, Hoarseness, Whooping Cough and " sthma. For Consumption it las no rival; cured thousand*, and Will CORE TOO if in time. Sold by Druggists on a guar- 25ots., antee. For a tamo BaoL . _ BHILOH'S BELLADONNA PLASTEI .36C. IILOH'S/^ CATARRH r, V he great CotiRli and Croup Core In grp.iit <it mitnoV. Pocket size contains tweff' y-fiva noses oulr26t'. Children love It. Soldbr . B. Wfestbrook. Colgate university celebrated its 75th. .nnual commencement at GTtlea, N. Y. 'he degree of LiL. B. was Conferred on !b arl es .Qarroll. Bou nffy,.of Cb'.teago. Captlnoimreener, U. S. A., Sun Diego, Cat. aye: "Shlloh's Catarrh Remedy Is th* flrst medicine F have ever found tbat wou)9 do me an? ood." frtoeSQo. Sold bi C. H. Westtkronk. r»v -ouoatnrrli? TblsroniortrlHjfuaran- leedta euro you. Price. ci?ots, Injector/ree. Sold by C. H. We.stbrook. Miss Maggie Sharp filed at Aim Arbor if injuries received by being accidentally lit on the bead by « baseball. - ^ - Buoklene Arnica Balvo Tbe best salve- In the world for Cuts, 3ratsM, boras, Olcen, 8MtRhnm,FBver Sorts, Xsttsr, Ch»pp*d Hknd>vOhllb>arai, Corns Md aP'Bkto •rapMonij »n* posltfrely cores Piles or mo p*y required. Ifls gq»r*nted to flvepvrtMt ktistaetloB or moooy retorted. Prlo* Himt> per boi. For Mto'b J. W. HMton . Tffe AhtllynciritaEjtM' DOS ueaireu ZSusz Prances VViUar<s!3't!o explain statemeute madebyner in .'Boudou disparaging; to he negro:. Karl's CloTer Root iHll purlfj jcor blood, cltar oureomplexlon, recpiate jour bowels andnmlt» our bead clear as a bell, 26*., We. and »!.<»•. Sold by C. B. Westbreok. Near LoQisa, 25 -milei* from Cy., Jacob Jones yaw fatnlly injured its Bon Robert, aged.' 19) instantly killed! iy the explosion of n.wiwmiil boiler. » Cure for Headache. AB a remedy for all forms ol Headache Eleo»- trie Bitters hae proved to be the very best It effects a permanent) ou»« aad the moit dreaded hubltnal elck beadaekcs yield to Its- influence. Wo urge all' who ate afflicted to |! procure a bottle, Hnd gl»e this remedy a falHi trial . !• cuin of habitual constipation Electric I; Bitters cures b) giving »• Me4ed tone to the bowels, and tow cases l»og resist tbe use of this medicine. Try Itonoe. Large bottles only fifty cents at J. W. Hatton's ling store. DR. DOWNING Tills well 1 known and sncoosHf ul flDce'Hllet to Obronlo and Nervous diseases and diseases of <he Eye BDd'Esr. by request of many ftrtendt and |)»<lenM, will visit CARROLL, IOWA- Saturday, July 28 Burke's Hotel OB* Any-only every month. Consultation free.' Ellison.' wbo< asakbUed 'Broker WilUam H. Heuriquea, of New York, bas been indicted by the • grand jury for aa- •null in tbe nrat dagree as a seconc. Gaaranteed Our*. draultt U set) lir. hint's New Dlsoovery for consumption, eougbs and colds, upon tali condition. It you are afflicted with a cough, cold or any luir throat or chest trouble «a<l will use this tame- dy »t directed giving It a tali trial, and ex- pn iei.ce no benefit, yon nay return the bottle and liuve your money- refunded. We <:o«!d aat make this offer did we not know I list Dr. Klug a New Discovery could 4io itiled on. It never disappoints. Trial botU«s freeatJ.W. Hatton's drug store. LBrg«st>eBOc.aud|1.00.|| 2 DR1 DOWNING *atbor of "Nwvons DehllHj,! 1 . "General! ExanttMn, H* Cause and 0brt»," eta. Tbi* Skillful atnd BeiiMile SPECIALIST Well and tevmaMjr known throughout Ik* northwest-tor the many TFoaderfnl' tarts •( ail form* of" CHRONIC AND NERVOUS hleh be bat effected UuU kad bMB«Mli»*UI of ether ]?*r»U*us Mid ape«t»UM». He Cures When Others Fall. Dlsssses of Ejiat-asMtBars, uranulated Lid*. tfeUnot. Crosa Bym stralgbtoMdi wlthoM The (jpx'utcsG lioignt over attained oy balloouiKta wiis by Coxwcll and Gluish- or, who reached uu altitude of 87,000 xoot. They mode the ascent from Covcut t*BVIKHU». vrua0' mgwm Bft«ni^ .... ••ID or danger,. Dlsebarginjr Ears, UeafnaM ate., Diseases of Hose and thr*«*v Oatarak, Bronchitis, Asthma, *te. Diseases otHtomaoli and Liver, pyspapsU.lndlgefltioa^HoarttJiio, Bllllousness, Jamdioe, etc. Kidney and Bl«4- Isr Troubles, Blood and 8klu Ulsoascs, Bant ola, Pimples, Biatehca. KozeniH, Oloer*,. et«. Msrvousl)lec»9e»,.Htis4aolio, liyeterts, Ins«ov ala, Lack of VltalUjr, Laogor, N«r»ou*o«ss. Bheamutlsm, N«ar»(sls, etc. Dlsesse» M Women, DeformWM. Surgical oiMr»tlons «C all kinds successfully performed. Vnuutt and Midctlo Ajrcd Men Sufferinic from Lost Manhood, Nervous or Pay- deal Debility, Soiulnul Weakness, Lost Vlsjoi, Decline of Klanly Powers, Drains,,Dtsehaiwa* or Losses, Varlooosle, und nil tuo train ot eflls 'esultlng from Kxweses, Errors In YOntby et". producing sooio of the following.- effects,. M Netvousuesi. Kml*alons, Vlmples, BlotohM, Oebllliy, Dizziness. Defective Memory, ADSOOM of Will Power, Codfmlon of Ideas, A version, to inclety, Soxoul Hxlianetlon, Pulu In tbu liaok, olo.. blighting that most rudluut Uop«s, twndst- derfng marrlsgo unhappy nnd liueluessa fan- nrei sweeping Uwaaanda to an unWmolyg gurdeu, Loudou, Republia iu 1602.— St. Louis. . tlvluuol <>ut«« lltiulos Hie MONTUOMBUV, Ala., July 10.—It i« nnderstood that Keiireuuntative Penco wade an implied charge agaiiut Gates, Democratic nominee for governor, When be introduced tho resolution in tho house oouceruing "proof silver dollars," M» report having lx«u circulated that Colonel Otttes was exhibiting dullura ol 1094 date iu proof of his fi-icndliui'ss lo silver. Coluubl Uates duuiud the truth of tUl» charge. llo"«prwssodly dwlurvs iu hl» siwuoh that silver dullaw ace not now being coined. He states that only ' silver ii buiug turned out al .<fo matter who- lias failed, consult-the He has cored thousands who have glvun op in despair. A nerfeotrestoration. OonsnltntWM laorediy conlldo»Ual. Ueiays are diuigsrous. MARRIAGE, 'fhoso oonteinplttUngSMT- rtage woo are aware of physical dflfoets or weakness which would render-miMrlttgo a ills- ttiiuoiutinout woald do well to call on ua. FREE examlaatloii of Hie Urine, uhemtoal and inlurosco|ile«l In nil onsos of KUluoy Disease, Urlglil's Oiseiiso, OluNtos, i»h<* 8pMm»- torihoatt. Hrlngspeolniun. REMAflKABLE Cures purfoutHd IB, old easts wmofi liHvuTieon negluoted or uuKkllfully treated. No experiments or fatluru. Pitrltea treated by mull or oxiiross: bu» wuvrqposslbls) Cases and oorresnouauuoo strictly oonfldoit- tlal and medicine sent to an; part of Vh» Uiiltet* States. List of questions froo. Ad- r«ss with postage, I>H. DOWNING, 118 Went Madison Street, tiblcago, Ills. i.d$T AH Run Down Alway»Tlr«d, •l«eple»» and Without Appetite •leod VIUIlMd and ttmngth K«* n«w«d by Mood'* turolkurtil*. " 0. I. Hood If Co., Lowell, MMI.I " For » oou»l« ol yeari, I ww iuu)Mt to («•)• last uytiaoK but good, I »lw»yt felt (lr«d, I could not il»«p »t oi«li( M>d Ut* Ottto I oculd e»t 414 not twm to benefit u* M>y< I Old Not M»v» Any Ambition t»io vound or work «n4 |u iMt VM ml kbit to do • good d»y'i work. I U»pp«o»d 10 pick w • circular •inbrwUi* ftdvwttiMBWtl Md tMtt- for Uood'i auwpuUto, Md •*«« r«O- RESTORED. IIIM riio Quhik««t • "B Nurvlnu kliuwu. Suld wig, u n-rlttuu inmranlou to euro «l| iturvmiM (UimatKitf vuch ft« Noii-iiu» I'roitrt- (Ion, W»kuruliiix», I.UMI ol Drain rawer, luijjoifii ,-y, |,u«t llkn- Ivooil. Hlulilly Lomiif, gu The l»Tj{odt llower is tlio (uamed iu houur of Sir B. Eattlos), Which is uuutivo <jf Sunmtru. TUo dl«- we.tor Qftfeii oxoeeUu U foot. Hood's<>Cures lni tt»wdwKl»d to (i«» n«od'iBwM|«rUI«» n«od'iBwM|«rUI«» UUL I U»v« tak«u flv« bottles tod wuit My (bat I h»v«d«rlved wonderful bwifitfroutitttd lio!orot»kln({. 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