Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 16, 1933 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 16, 1933
Page 6
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TOLA DAILY REGISTER. THURSDAY EVENING. FEBRUARY Je. "1933. TOLA..KAKgAf^ WHERE TO ^frs. J. J. Amos Hostess io Members ~ j of Missionary Society of Pr^by- i terian Cbacoh Wednesday. ' HUMBOLDT, Feb. 15 — Mr. and • Mrs. J. P. Willbite and Mr. and Mrs. f William Ronsick of HumboWt. were • recent visitors at the home of Mrs. ', Eli Ellsworth of Gas City, who is suffering from a fractured limb. Han-y Graham, of Paterson, New • Jersey, who for many years resided r- in Humboldt, has been renewing his > acquaintance with old friends here ' the past few days. He plans to loave Thursday for his home, stopping off for a few days in Kansas Cit.v while enroute to the east,. to i pay a brief call on his many friends • thei*e." : Milton Amos of Central street, .is planning to motor to San Antonio, Tex., Thursday morning, to spend ;' two, weeks with his father-in-law, : 'tiip Rev. J: M. Todd and family. v' Clark Allen Clay attended a club - dinner Tuesday evening in lola. Cecelia Koppers visited -rel- . iitive.s in Nevada. Mo ..'Oyer 'the week Dorothy Monroe, near Humr ; boldt. spent the week -end with her uncle and aunt. Mr. and Mrs. M. W. White of lola. Mr.s. Elvin Uptqn is reported to be lict.linK along .satisfnclorlly following .'1 majoi' operation in lola a few days .1. h. Carclin. who is quite ill. lia.s hi'on removed to the Johnson hos- ])iLal in Chanule for treatment. An important meeting of the official board of the Presbyterian • diurnh was held Wedno.sday evening- following the regular prayer .scr- viC(.-.'and filons wei'e .made toward R linaucial canvass of Uie palish for I lie ensuing church year. Mi.sses Marjorie Casper, Veva Thomas and Margaret Williams, all of Humboldt, gave a playlet in cos- luino at the Oriental musical program in lola Tuesday evening. • Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Long of the •Self-service store, drove to Inde- jjcndencf. Kas., today on imporlanl bii.siiies.s. Tiic regiUar montlily meeting of the Missionary society of the Presbyterian church was held Wednesday afternoon at the home of. Mrs. J. J. Amos on Central street, and wa.s voted one of the best meetings . the society has held tins year. Mrs. ' ' W. B. Glover, president, presided, in turn introducing Mrs^ Harvey Mar- kle, who had <aiarge of the devotions, assisted by Junior Wise, Richard Bunnell and Patsle Markle, with rirayer by Mrs. G. W. Horn. Mrs. zkelen Moore reviewed a chapter of the foreign book study, "Lady Fourth Daughter," after which Mrs. H. H. McClelland sang, "A Chinese Lullaby." Mrs.', Fred W. Hartwlg reviewed a chapter of the Home Mission study book. "Life Among the Indians," and also sang an appropriate' Indian song. Following the program, a business meeting was forj electipn of officers for the ensxiing! year, as follows: Mrs. W. B. Glove^. presi;;.^ dent; Mrs. L. T. Buiinell, Xirst vici^^ prelsident; Mrs. G.S. Wallen, second vice-president; Mrs. J. J. Amos, secretary; Mrs. J. P. Jlossner,-treasurer; Mrs. W. A. Byerley, chairman program committee; Mrs. Jesse Van Nice, secretary of literatufe; Mrs. Harvey Markle, sponsor of young people's society. Refreshments were served by Mrs. J. J.Amos.-, assisted by her daughters: Mrs. R. M. Shook, Peoria. 111., and Miss Margaret Amos of Humboldt and Mrs. WUlard Eastham, Humboldt, to the, 36 members and guests in attendance. Thp next meeting will mark tiie close of the present church yeai- programs for the society. The Rotary club met in regular session iMonday evening at the Hotel Monroe, and following supper, a short and interesting program was given, following which several matters of routine business were disposed of. Sickness prevented a number of the members from attending. John E, Wakefield, district manager for the Stanolind company, motored to lola Monday in the interest of his company. Edwin Payne, son of Dr. and Mrs. O. C. Payne. Humboldt, entertained liis friend, Mr. Twadell of Los Angele.«;. Calif., to an informal dinner Tuesday evening. Mr. Twadell is making an indefinite stay here with his friend. Mr. Payne and family. Wilbur C. Fisk of South Eighth .street who broke several bones in one foot a few weeks ago as a re- .sult'of an accident, is- rapidly regaining the use of his ifoot, though still causing him to liirip. Members of the I. O; O. P. lodge and their wives held; a program Tuesday night in the lodge room, followed by a, pleasant social time. Refresiunents were served at tlie close. The meeting.Was well at tended. Miss Anna Hess, Humboldt, gave a reading, "Little Chink." at the lola Music <iub program held Tuesday afternoon, also Edwin Payne of Humboldt sang two songs, "Kash- 5 1" . e Ctt , J."' v. Friday. Saturday and Monday, Feb. 17. 18 and'20, lola SAYING ... .is adding to one's income! While it is true that many incomes have been cut, a dollar will buy more at Safeway than ever before. Our prices have been reduced e.xtensively. and Safeway savings will help materially to increase your income! i Pumpkin KUNER'S BRAND FANCY QUALITY No tVz Can $e Quaker Quick or Reg. Large Pk^s. Crackers Salt Air Flakes Cookie.s Fancy Bine Rose Medium Brown fa Cellophane . Karo Blue Label 5-Lb. In Cellophane The Camomia Dessert 2 Lb. BoxiSe 3Lbs.I0c 2 Lbs. lie 3 Lbs. 17e Pkg. 5c Pkg. 59c 2 No. 2 Cans Ifc Lb.l8« Lettuee ^ £a. 6$ Onions Good' Keepers . 10 Lbs. 18c Potatoes Peek 19c Cabbage New For Slaw ..... Lb. 21/2^ Sugar Syrup Macarbini Jell Well Oxydoi Corn gutter Hotel Size . Stokely-s Country Gentleman Fall Cream MEATS Liver' 2.Lbs. BeefRi»ast ''eT Lb. 7c FreiBh Side Meat Lb. 6c Ifwf^Laof^'^' 10 Lbs. 446' Batoff, Sliced Lb. 11c miii Song" and "On the Boaito Mandalay." A.number of the members of the Humboldt Music club attended the-program, and report a fine time as the guests of the lola club. Mrs; Don Anderson, west of Humboldt, is. visiting with her parents in Des Moines, Iowa. Miss Agnes T^iompson of pig Creek, southeast of Humboldt,, who injured her inee in a recent motor accident, is, recovering nicely. . Mrs. Wemier, southeast of Humboldt, who has been very ill. is slowly improving. ^ Mrs. Madge Miller of lola was In Humboldt Tuesday afternoon visiting, her aunt, Mrs. N. C. McCarty, who is suffering from the flu. . Mr. William Riley of New Y6rk street, who was stricken with sudden Illness Saturday last," is reported to he much worse. Clyde Owens, Humboldt, Is spending a few days with his grandmother. Mrs. Emma Owens, and other relatives in LaHarpe. Mesdames C. A. Brooke, J. H. Armel, both of Humboldt, attended the regular meeting of the , tola Unity; club Monday afternoon at thjB home- of Mrs. Bowlus, lola; Mrs. Brootae giving a discussion of the life of George Sand, as her part assigned on the program!. Mr.; and Mrs. J. W. Endicott of Humboldt were Sunday visitors at the Home of -Ur. aoA ^&s. E. W. Ellsworth of <3a£ C^ty. .Scalloped Spinach and Tomaioes. 2>{t cups tomatoes 1 small onion Salt, pepper, sugar 2 cups cooked spinach IV^ cups soft tH%ad crumibs cup grated cheese 2 tablespoons melted butter Add the onion, chopped, to the tomatoes, season with salt, pepper and a littJ|e sugar, and cook for about ten iminutes. Chop and season the spinach. Place half of the a buttered-baking disli, add half the tomatoes and half the bread cnmibs. Cover with the rest Qf the spinach and tomatoes, add the cheese and the rest of the crumbs ndxed with the butter. Bake in a hot oven for about thirty minute.'-. This recipe serves four or five persons. WHY MEAT REALLY •STICKS TO THE RTftS* Tliere is need for foods which produce a feeling of satisfaction long after the meal is over, and it often requires thoughtful planning, especially when the food budget is reduced to a minimum, to include foods which satisfy. The addition of meat for this purpose is a \vi.'5e precaution. The reason meat is said to "stick to the ribs" longer than most foods is because the fat that it contains retards digestion. According .to Inez S. Willson, home economist, meat is completely and easily digested, but it requires a longer time than do many other foods. This same principle applies when butter is put on bread and cream on Cereal. It is not solely for the Bake of flavor, but also because instinct or experience has taught that the feeling of satisfaction lingers longer than it would if the quickly digested cereal foods were' eaten without a food rich ig fat. • • At present prices meat may easily be Included in^ even the very \6vf' cost food hiidget. Here is a recipe for a meaji jdlSh which is" tasty, yet low in price: Baked Si»reri6s with Dressing. 2 sections sparerlbs 1 cup fiiie bread crumbs '4 cup dloed^salt pork \i cup ^OMKd,onion •Yt teaspoon s^It teaspoon pepper Pry the salt pork "until crtsp, then remove the ifleoes. Cook the onions in the fat for a few mihUtes, then add the cilsp salt poi* and brea^ cruihbs. Season with salt and \KP- per. Spread one, section of the spareribs with the dressing. Cover with the other section' and sew or tie into place. Sprinkle the outside with salt and pepper arid rub vtith flour. Lay the . stuffed rite oh a rack in ah open roaming pan and sear in a hot oven for twenty mln- ut«s, or until U^tly browned. Reduce the temperature rapidly to a' veiy moderate heat ahd continue to coo!: for an hour longer or until the I meat is tender. Remove the strings and sprve. A I small ad m the Cla5.sified col- umf).«! often putj« nvpr n blir dpnl GROCERt AND llARKET CASH SOUTHEAST CORNER OF SQUARE CASH WE DELIVER $1.00 GROCERY ORDERS OR $1.00 MEAT ORDERS 1 lb. Yellow Label ... 75c '/z lb. Yeljow Label ...;J9c '/4 lb. Yellow Label ...20c '/2 lb. Gr. Label .Tapan 3.5c lb. Gr. Label Gunpow- dea Tea . ..., 17c M & M Spedal 0 IL ^Q^ Peaberry 1U» *f «/ 1/ SPECIAi; FRIDAY'AND SATURDAY 3 lbs. Morning Smile, special ... 55c Old Dutch, pound, special .25c 3 Medium Bars . IS© 6 Guest Size . . . 24c SUGAR iiice Kiia^ies 2Pkgs; l9e 10 lb. Cloth Bag 45c 20 lbs. Granulated 89c SEMINOLE Endors.d by TISSUE physiciant. ,3 Rolls 19c pur* and loop SHEETS nellht iMuof 630 Pound Can Soda Cow Brand . Lb.Pkg .8e OLD DUTCH CLEANSER 2 Cans :15c 80c Sensatibn Drip Mlei Pound Can 33ci—Aluminum Dripolator 47c—Boih for 5 lbs. Small Size .. 3 lbs. Larger Size Raisii^s "^r^S^"' 25c MAI^IC WASHER Makes work d^ligjitful— A modern Soap Powder 27 |)z. Package, Special i9c 10 Bars Magic Washer Soap 21c nif —48 lb. bag Jersey Cream 69c K lOlUT 74 lb. bag Jersey Cream...... .39c SAUHON 2 all cans Alaska Pink . ^ 19c NOJO HEAD LETTUCE Solid Crisp . 2 for 15c OAtS I L^ge Fkgs. . . 2Sc MUSTARD ^ M Quarts .. HalforWkk Per Poiind Ite FANCY CORN FED BABY BEEF Boils, Rib or Brisket, lb. .6c Roasts, Tender Cfhuck, lb. ...... 12i/iC Prime Ribs, boned, roUfed and tied, lb. . 18c Fancy Baby Beef Liviei', lb. ....... .18c Steaks, Round or Sirloin, lb 22V2C HambtlPger Sausage FRESH—NO WATER—NO CEREAL . Se 4 lbs* 25^ CORN F£l$ PORK HOME KILLED Shoulder Pork Roasts^ lean, lb. . 7c Pork Chops, end cuts, 4 lbs. ... —25c Fresh Ham Roasts, young hogs, lb. ... 10c Half or Whole Heads, lb. .. .. .2c LONGHORN CHIESE Lb. 12 ^c Special for Friday and Saturday! 1 LAMB—^lifuiie Spring (Armour's Star (|ualily) | Leg o' Lamb, small roast, lb. .... 2Jc Whole Leg, per lb. Shoulder, small roast, lb. ... Whole Shoulder ^CT lb. . | I4c Lamb Chops, per lb. .2^c Stew, Ribs or Brisket, per lb. 3c Per lb. 4c Roasts, Tender Chuct, lb. Steaks, Round or Sirloin, lb. 15c; 2 lbs. . 25f OLEO Specialfrice lb. . 9C| BACON SQUARES iMie Curedjb. i STODDARD ^nd our hi^ Annual Fonpd ^'s Week sale is now on.Y^u'H find himdre^s of nausuatly tine vahies at .A&'P this \v-(|<;Ic. SUGAR 10 46^ SANlSi CLARA PRlfNES Sweet «>0-100s. 8 H)s. .i__loc <25-lb. Hox -_.-.S1.20 PU«E CREAMERV BUTTER mum LB. Del Monte Corn . . . (lONA CORN 4 Hp. t CANS tie. DOZ. 4»«) 2 "^SklASc BUCK OK AMERICAN ALL VARIETIES MENZIE McFADDEN Del I^bnte Tomatoei . . 2 ^^ NV 25c 1 (lONA TOMATCjeS 4No. iCANS IJe. DOZ. 6*c) Del Monte Peas . . . , i CANI 29c (lO^A PEAS No. 2 CAN Oc.) Jell-O ALLFLAVORS . . . .2 P^OS- ,15c i (SPARKLE GELATIN DSSSERT 3 PfCGS. «0e) Uneeda Bakers ^H^^K^ - • 2 CrispO 3 LB. CAN 49c . . , Airy Fairy ^tm Flotir Eight O'clock Goffeti . Beechnut Coffee . . Kraft BCR'SIN-S Cheese Mother's Oats Stock Salt . . ... . Feis Naptha Soap . . . . r^^w% TJlJ'!^} AUNT JEMIMA C-orn Meal OR CHAMPION • • • Santa Clara Pnines • Libby's Pickled Peaches . Heinz Piiikl^SeSS • • • Durkee's Salad Dressing College Inn Chicken ALAKING B&M Lobster ..... Marmalade BLA«WELI • • • Hormers ^"-^^^A^t Soup . Baking Powder . . Peanut Butter *" BR^^^^ . • Campbell's Soup ASSORTED . Ovaltitie . . . . . . A-1 Sauce ...... Mcllhenny Tobasco Sauce' fkk .23c 2 '!-A °^:3Sc PKG. ; 19c LB ISc asc LB. 23c 'IK 8^- 23 C 100 B'JJG 59c 4 CAKES 25c 10 A'o ISc 2 LBS. 15c 23c '^§?:;l4c •B-ST ^- 25c 39c 25c 2*c'!i^-29c 3J-OZ.' OQ_ CAN *aC PAIL *"C 2 CANS 19c CAN 39c BOT.; 29c BOT. 37c r1 Suhhyfield Flour . 98 LB. BAG 1.35 Grandmothef's Rye Bread WITH OR WITHOUT CARAWAY SLICED or UNSLiCED 16-OZ. LOAF AY 7c SOAP, Lux Toilet, 3 Bars. 117c SOAP, Life Buoy, 3 Bars. .121c SHRIMP K-sr -JL"" ;. 10c SHRIMP TUNA FISHsssn 19c 14c 25c l-fl?l>QXTl?V'Q sweet Milk | Qr» 1111/1x0x111/ I O Choc. Kisses. lb.,. 17C HERSHEY'S ss^'. 19ch lONA COCO... c. 23c COCO MALT ^•^^•"•27c WE PAY MARKET PRICEBR EGGS! NEW LOW PRICE LirCKY STR!KE-,OLD GOLD—CAMEL OR CHESTERFIELD 9-oz. tin Rajah Brand 2 Quart Jatv PACKAGE OF-2(5^ CARTON OF 10 'PKGS. $1.^0 PLUS TAX IN KANSAS PauJ, Jones. Twenty Grand. Wings or White Roll Ciesmttes, Carton of 10 Packages 89c Ai&P rottD STORES

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