Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 11, 1928 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 11, 1928
Page 3
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TTTE TOLA PATI.Y RECISTER. WKDNKSDAY 1^VEXI^-G, JAXIMRV 11. 1928. PAGE THREE BATTLE FOR <iCubs Will Attempt Big Start This Year, Say Chiefs CLUB; fs"STRONGER Addition of Cuyler and Others Will Improve National Nine • Tills in til"- <'i(ililli of a MTII'S of HK.rieH ill ilH-'S i)roH|).?<tH "of iiiuJoi;l<;irii<' liaschaU clubs. CliicuMO. iJaii 11. (AIM Till' cl .'s I)t-ratp iif I'hi'-.'iKo's 'dibs- I'lir rho NjiIion:il ItaKiii-.I 'l -iiiiaiil in tlic mill-season rai>- -of lU'^l, Is Jo bill u pi i rated rl>;ht friiiii tho I'all of till' flaj; In i'.i'-s season, I'rosi- tli-ui Yeirk ami MaiuiK '.T .Mi-Cartliv "declare with extra talent in those spots on tlic eliib which jiroveil weakost lasi Au^inst. The wiiitcr" •'.<:,l< of the Cubs have Jjeen few in niiiiil'er hnf momentous in Junior College Has ' Examinations Today AU of the final -week of this first Hcmester will Ix? given over lo tl)e j final tfsts 111 tho junior collfge. with the srhcdule of tests beins; given put today. 1 The coui^es are arranged as near regular hours a.s pos- : siblo, with ffvp iiour courses uk- I ing proferenc* cjver tne two and ] .three hour sub'iwtv. . Tiie first ; setnt'ster will Filday. .laiiii- I ury 20. | HEENEY MAY GET BATTLE iVANDERBlLT CAGERS FACE STRONG RIVA S FOR THE SOITTHERN TITLE ON FORT SCOTT FIGHT PROGRAM ! Win Over Sharkey Would ! Be Only Requisite for j Bout Abroad A DEMPSEY FICHT? iJack Mijfht Be Best Man To Fill Coffers Rickard of Fred Reese and Walker! Rich Scheduled In Main Evtnl - with Ui" _ 7.en •Kiki" , exehai;<J'> fill' McCarth i~ till V-r who coiifi! M '1 luliij .Abxaii th.- heigbl men- pii' I- < paid ii'- ii^o teminTiiiniiil t ^la^ c:«iis-il Xeiv Voil;. .l .,n.: M. i.Wi , The pl)^i^•Jbililv i ,r .1 iliflit with Ceno Timtiiv in l.nnilon for t lie luavy- •Afiulit clitiiii|ilon-ihiii • ilanrli'il lo- ilav bifoii' ToMi lleviiey, hiirly I hope of till' Itriii'-li Kiiipii e. in'11'N Fort Kc-ott. Kan.. .Ian. Ill A Ui.K.ini - mvt i .inliiiu hiini for ti'- heavyweiKlit bout between, Walkii 1 llich of Ki|n.<as <"ity. .Abi.. 21S i ||,.,.ni.y. who left his pliiiiibii | pounds, and Fred Keese of Fort !;,,„,|j; -iiown tinder" in .Xew./iii pounds, will be the f. a :>,.|,„| ;„ pj-lu his way into a boii ,'ture event of. the American Ke-j ^vjth .lack SliarKey. would lik. IgiouV next b ()xiuK show ai Menior-i „„,iiiin. i„.;t,.r th:in the match nii« diiflini? .alM .iii in the b.ick of flu-• proniolir"-; iniml First of <iiiii.'-c. BRAVES GET HORNSBY IN SUDDEN DEAL Giants-Get] Players But No Cash For Big ^ Baseball Star REASON NOT GIVEN Statement jsays It id for The Beit Interestb Oft Club .v.w York, .Ian, 11. (APi— }le;;(rs Hornf))y was tradwa to the Boston 1 raves, "in ortcler till avoid :in\\ further conjiicf i:.|:ii> maiiag<>niiiuL of the <ihil> aiTd for no other rcasiiin." Cliurli-;* A. iiU) ifliam, preside!;; of The York Ciaiit.'v s:iiii ii>i!:fy in i xi)lalnln;i; the seii-alii>nal b.'iseball dfal. an- .'Fonr-cid lasr, nisht by wlTlc.h tile <;:aiits sent jlorijsby to the l;r;.v.-- for t'atrllir Ib'can I'liniel'lfr Welch. . VALLEY RACE BY STATES IS LOOMING NOW .lacksoia-ille. Fla. -Sid Tef-risi | Chapel Hill. iV. g.. won from. Big I Ben I'ouiNiC Florida. I in). ! Oiicago-; - fend TayUy. Terro I Haute, defeated liubi- Kiith. l.<mi ,sr villu (l"i.' Le.s Marriiier. fhi<-ago; won by knockout front J I!ud l>(>ran. Chicatio Jimmy; Hloek. I .O.S .Vfijreles won by t »'t hnu , cal kiiockiiiit from .lolinny .Mnr-^ jih.v. Iniiianapolis (.'.). Warreii I I .Hvy. .\e*; Orl.ans and .limmy .Mar! hoifey. SorantoH. Pa., drc-w li). liidianitiK )li.s—i<";uddy de Marcoj i Pfttsburglj, and Jack Silver. Oak^ land. Cal..* drew' dOi. Jimmy Mc-; i- Dermott. 'Terre Haute, won by, techni«;al-'knockout from Kid Xa-r.' eho. Mexico City <::>, ' ;i Heading. Pa. - Sylvan IJa .H«. l !al- ' —' timore. and Harry Walla..-, .\ew^ Kansas City, Jan. 11, (AP)—MiiJ- York, drew (M. "• soiiri Valley baskiitball today had Los .Aiigeb:-* - Sainrnv riakerrappearance of a race by states .Vew York-, defeatiil Ciiarii.-Loiiij,: 'I 'Tce ties as a basis for ,the Omaha, (l"i. : shifts expected in the interstate Portland. Ore.--Joe Anderson; •"""''i'lay Satunlay Coviiigton.; Ky.. won over i;.u.ric.'V^^''''''' bring all. ten teams into l')ixon. Portland, (loi. -action, .'^.in Jos:e. Cal.-Joev Hull. .\e'.v , -^'i-^-'o'iii moved into a: tie with • j Washington for third phtce last ' Three States Have Teams Tied For Positions In Basketball MISSOURUN^ VICTORY Kansas Falls in Clash at. Lawrence Last Night kind of a lead- (;ri.ver Cleve- 1. r ilo the river at f hi.s : liilily tor Ibe :i ilrafliil : OM! ie He 111. tear i -t I 'lij-ler 's • ,r u!K!le\.-r it Was all tile iiinii'iis Kvliile ••Kiki" poli^l .e .l Ibe ben: !l bargb diiiinu ibe It'i'T VM ies., ; «"nv|er - , ial hall here January lt>. llich ha.= •.os-^ibilitle.-i. lieiiinnin;^ , won. eleven init oi his last fifteen '.0 which broiiL -ht Ha- j fj^l„„. „ineijf llieni by the K. O iiyl.r toitlie team in route. Ueese has won his last fivt >'parkv -\dains. Malta-j,„„ls, one of them a Victory ovei K. O. Smith of Pitcher, (ikla. There will bells other roiimN ><\' righliiig. The , seiniwiniliil> u il' have Isaxter Kid of TMIM,, Kaii .a: and .^leve Ketcliell ot Kaii .-as <i!y Ketchell has btvn itchiiiK lur an oilier i'ight will l!a.\l«-r Kid ,-iai;< the lalti''r won : deiision ovi i bun at Piltsbiirg, Ka'nsas n le \i IMIUHII ago. I.iilher .Vshford of this, city am! •"Kid" Fll(|iia of N 'evacia. Mo. | will go six rouiiils in ilie' lUelini- i inaiy. The curtain lai .-^e .r will U .i I lure the ""Iwo Itlack crows.' ' Popular^ prices will prevail foi i •'lii-it-r Ibis ^how. Ther^- \\ill be l .'.iin v,:,;^ froain! at rid I'iits set Slepb- .1 .1 K'-l i ! h.' V .1- .le |i '.;lll..d to b'- f;iken l)v lile f.iibs. an 1 hi-^ . :ic <|iii.sil:oii I'j'Ve iln •!-.iin si\ lie;ivy Jiitllns oen 'i' libir . Wii -:oii eir -in!. H.-:i<liiiil Iv - beiliL- the ollo 'lS. To >ire !j-'lbi!i lije corps, where ilie strain of the 11 nnant <-ha ";i'. ri .ill.v caii.-ed the beginning of the -.111111(1 the Ciibs''! oinrht 3y27 strikeout kin;.' <.f .-.ll -.h-' -leagues .n the ciiiietry. l';.t Maloii-' of 'Minn, .ipol.s II., tiirn.'.l , binMi - 'in batieis la I v.;ir. .Maloni'^>i purchase m.-ik.-; sis pil.-lieis fi;;- , iired to be re .id .v fur turns Oiailie I {oot. who won tnore f-'am."; than .iii> <iilier ni;iior leafti.' • f\.ir!'r lavi viki:" I..1I Carlson, .Sh.iiff lllak'-. <;iiy l !ii -h. and Per< y .loner.. I ",ii k 'if th'.'s.' is v.-teraii .-oiiib|i ;i.\\. \r' Nelif. is beiim [iripii'I. .'i'^ the r<'''ief pitcher. at •>! aiiil till- tax. er,^ \\ I 1 scat­ he :iiii <t of ibe loqtiai ioi!> gob from r.iisloii in' a IL' loui'd match in .Ma.iisou Si |iiare Kariieii Fritlay niulu. Betting odds ,'re .S to ,'i tbiit uont. but iioiu' have been Iliad, wnbln Tom 's h .'ariiii.'.. ••liliir:e.v." s.iid Hieiiey in a tm -k- ll.v a. ifiil ;ts lo- Jieri lli'd on the »'(!:•.• of ;t ri.iibiiin labl.'. trainiiiu ^irind over, ami vtr.die.! his Minare. brisllv < bin :ii lb. jini^l"d. •'. VHA I'll av.- I.; rtbip .-<!i :irl;.'.\ for .1 fa.!.'* . • "Cilig.'r L -.ioilites-'.' said bi- j'laHagcr. ci;;iii,.y llaiA.'y ~:i- I.- b:i>:ll.'d b'.isily aboiil !iie gladiator box three nioi.- right Teniiiiv bov. so as to b.- . . Iiefeiiding Its souile .1 .1 bill has a donbh-b;'r ; .1 i.nAanl- Flank Piblg Stiiniy <iiip ..sition i< . .\p.i -ti •'l'i :;l -y'' .\Ioi. i- ilo«.r l--: tl (onlel .'lice bai^k. idl.'d -icoring t!ii.::l •s I lllil'-'f I'll I d ir.mi N'ofi^ 1. v.r^ r:in ;-i ;iii rhall 1 lihiiipionsliip. Van- in t ;ie It'i :a 1^;' ! v.o v.t.. r- •:.n.! I lav- r ...k.-f l;-ii:!;n. :•. ;.:i.r.-. T:;! H-i!-. !•b> FORT SCOTT IN 44-32 WIN OVER lOLA'S QUINTET HIGH QUINTET i PREPARESFOR PITTSBURG 5 at i\ftii pin- Hi-Y Conference To Be Held at l*ar.sons Parsons. Kans . .Ian 11 •'The P.' I.eailer for llii.- .Vi'pl .ir. ' Ago" is till- tlienii- f'.r a .M'.i:o:iai lonfennie of Hi-V .liib gr.cips from this jsection of K.iiisa 'i lo b. h.'ld in PJiTsons Fri.lay. .-^a;!iird.iy and .Sunday, .laniiary ];; to la. .siiie Miii 've d.iil.> evervthiiiL- possi- 'b!.- •• ' • . Th." :.i :ili; :i ' than .a '•lioriie " I siimm.'r bhie -.'Vi '.l c iirly-h(ail*-d ei.>:ii.',| 1IM;;I > io have Illori' |.o ~.-ibiliiy of tai'inu a u!iiir:il Miinvi itiie rtext ill the Wiinbhy sta.lintii Piggs Crew Shows MorcSmilhls Working Power in (Jame In Preparation for Last Night Hard (Jamo l-:iile of London, and the ine -Maiubl from Te\ IJick- 1 iii-i Pop.- 1 : ai.l. -.Ml l'n:;land nee.lsrto •.aiii sm b ;• !•• 1 iiii.iMi:i; .ual a willing jHess to ccop.Tati"." Tex ;;aid. AVit'l ihitn was P.iiiar.l Moiliin-'t. l...n "Jiinmy^' Pigu's <-ily team l.i^i i'. night played inie of the be^t g;im. s , u.';, thai it ha -i played this s .' l.isi -i |u: iH-hl. oiih to l .ise to the powerful Y. \[, I' .\ t.'aiii troiii Fort .-<i ou h. 1 • r >y a 11 'tr. s. or.. li.-* Til" lola t.-:.m fii;)iling •| ami tiian ;i :ri-l ti. keep il.i.^.' to it--' iiiilu.u.Tii-- ill 111.' lirsi ami third .|iliirleis bill w.:ikvtii'.l in both the s. -I till. I i |ii .irt.i> Tl .• seme i;o to 1:; at the half Ml . l.-'ja >• .•.".1 I ,1; ,.! .-iiii! .li.. • ai .-.i;i;-t Pif5 >.bi:r: !':e!,iv n;::a! '!'. :: •* - * lint: M > ^ I...-1.. ^1 a .pi.i. 1h. who snr.-il I •^r To" fill till, phor- of Sp'aiky .\d- I ani.s at set o;;d, the C ;ibs alieadyj h.i .l .1 sliiiii' on I'ledily .VhiCiiire..' a yoiiim ^ter from Tid.'ilo with .-i little major leauin Heasonittg. and ; a Tidil.-r exjv. < tei'. rank wijih tie- i best in the g;Liiie when }:e gets ac^ j f-sionied to major l .agiie ( sc-con<J;'|and third liase. I'libr. have-; a flo. k .>f and. assiiniitig that "go in at Sex'eiiii. there is admitted- All kinds or combine the bushes i The rew-rd w dni-ing the Viiiter. with a sack of j ,„ ;„n[r 'J Iv • doll .1^ in one hand and a humh of Tl n^^^ ' ""'""•^->"" the other, failed • ' "" '"""''^ bring forth a player who <-onld Three hfitiilred IMIVS from many Sj,,11 li>.'lit pioniot.r. who .n- (ill.s in Hoiitheasteni" Kansas ar.'1 Ki.'ktiril tIn.t tli.- -il.' av!iil-| expecteil hero for session begin- •.-ihl.-. tb.-.Olympic .<.ason piopitioiis, I ning Friday al'ternoon and ending : ,iiiil that financial ba< king wotibl .^^iitiday afternoon. .\tnoiig tlieili.- forthcoming as soon a- he vc- ilties to hi' repr .'^i 'iHeil • ar.' l.ila. ' turn il \i, C.:-eal Hritain Chatifll.-.. Fori Scott, F'ili^bnii:, ; Tli. re wa- ;Jso an i'ldication that Coff.-yville.'pendetii e. Coinm- ; Ile. i;rv le-. d only maki- a slirrini; bus. Cherryvale. ItarViiL'ioii and ;showinu' against Sharkey to arimse HaxtiM- Springs, (ither sm.iller J con>"lderaiiiin «d' a match ;ibroa'l tn,wns will hav.- ilei.'K.ilis ler.-. |wii:i Jack 11 '"inpsey. who loiire.l - • - - — - |Hiirop.^ li. Irinmphant fashion sev- Hen Hai'-on, who lives four inile^j.ral years au.i. iM.irtim*T, who nn- " v.died Joe Jleckc-tt. bi-l!evts that liemi si'v. even without tlu' till". Won'. I "(raw a^- w.dl in Kn;'.laii<l a> the I s.ititheast of Mor.nn. was in Tola to- I amlidates. ; ,iyy and i;eceiveil $2.'> from th>' .MaC.uire w-ill I (.omuy connnissioiiers ias the first resilient of the county to furnish to be farm are exceedingly l!a<-on says. hail now. .Mr relli'd on in advance to handle ih.'' hot corner ai-ceptably. Captain Charley Orim at first base and "Woody" •English at shortstop are definite fixtures, • Hartnett is still -young enough to keep on impr.n- .ing bebin 1 the bat. ••The Cibs of Ifll'S will measure with the bo.-it," Pro.sidpnt Veeck said todai-. "Thev wifl bo mncii stronger n every department, hit ting, fielding ami speed on ' tin^bases, am: wo look for the Iii-ue-i improvement of all in ib.' jiiiih ers." • • I Hush ami J.-iu value in ibe .. ri-: had mumps ami .loiu"' )ia>i :in .ip- j • ration on hi-: ilit.'iic Thai force.! ; —Clean whiti* rags wanted at the Register office; will pay pic lb. Tnnney. -llreiiey. 2S years old. stretche.l out 0:1 lii.f riiUldnu' tablf -stubby- armed but brawny chunk of bone and inrsile. l.'l.s pounds in heft. Fighting, he .said, came' down to him through his dad. ailother hngi; f.llow. will) still a. ts as i'ugine-r in a brewer.v in llisbrirtie. Xew Zealiuid. where Tom ami four husky brothers "grew up baltliiiir." lohi Pi;:-.:, rf linker. If - -- Symnips. < ... Skl.l loll. 11; Ciitworth. I:; , Totals Kl. Sndl Stanley, if .•; If C.eii-ks. c Piiikstoh. I g - - Cregi:. jg -- - Totals Heferce—Kemp. Fi: 1 N I I II 1 I Fi; s 1 1;' Jll FT P TP 0 1 :; !•• -Mi I FT 1 II P TP 1: L- 1 I T o;:(l !iii; I! 1 i..r\ ri'g: p :11a •. liMi: : ,il!, P.r- k •::! . i.ah. • : will, liil' I' '.e li »''!i his f:rst .-iiii .i.' j/rol.'u'jly Hi.' fir.-:- f.':- I'll- r. •: pr- l ;:i..;-..ii-.>.. I. l':.!--i. I 'l-I; a;:er;i 'i ill •I rinimatr T 1 <•• ::g:,- ,1;. !v:ik.- :i , vie ir.iiii'- Friii.iy 1: ai. liulr !i .Miiiii I • II I:, IV.\. 11 la ;;ra.;.^ • ; fib i!i|v ' .1 U- .:i:; •ii"-,-'. Piilsburg. 1 b • •.'.(.rkir.g .^ w-ll a~ bis • k h-^ will Ml'- ii - I ii ler li .T l ..i !la 'ipe ire.' ::: ilic 1. J. C. Cook Paint Quintet Faces Real Battle ^Bethany Wins ofpenin.g Kansas Circuity Clash Kansas City; Jan. 11. *APi-A r.-ai i.'>t for ih"' Cook P.iiiil of Kaiisas Cii.v' is carde.l tonight when ;he paint, rs meet lb.- Wiih- ita rniver<iiy basketball ijiiiiij.i at 'the Redeniptorist emit !i.i'". rliuL', K.ii:.-. i;. Il .aii.' Colleg.. y\ \:- iipeiiiiii: '.jiinie CI.!':""r .'n. .• i • I'.i Ian. 111. I'AP. r .iailsborg won '.•A t'!ii-i Kansas s- iiigli'i by .ie- f,'.::ii;c Sr.'rlt'ii; f -.);!i:;e ij to in a !iar.!-f.ii:-';' ^ alul L'i!e;-e.-lini; g .ime. ; .V.w York. Jan. 11. (APi- eijs Hcriisby. captain of the York Ciaiits and the bi-jse^t star in- tae .National leagiii?. has .gone in a liL'liUriTig -iraee to the Poston Praves. T.IK.' .I'-al (am.'' as a j stunning .•i:i;risi- .t.> ibas .lail c:K b-s and •.v::s .iiualiy • iinexpii'tiit to Ilortis- ! >. •> 111! at his hotel in St. l.olli-. .1' lir'il -.-iaia. "'l i -annot b-li.", .• ii " U' r. iiiiji for. I !.ii iisii-., who i:i .\ati ..'e ,l- l -ai-'il. s b:;;hi --I -al .-ii i .-.l pla..-r al a ••.•ported -iiiin of > I 'l. a \ear. lie- iliaiits r .^eiv.' I'ai.'h.-r Fianci .s llogan and .limni.v WeNli. an oiilfi.'lder, both virtnal- Iv niii;ii.iwii. Tiiev are just ,iiy plavcr-. .\o cash was in'..I .\ brief staii'inent sitncl by President Charles .\. Stoiieham and \!a'ia:'ir .li.liu .1. .\liCraw said the t ::ul.- v.iis m;;!!.' "loi the best intiT- . • : i-f -b.' .-Il'b." : ll'irii?-iiv i:iaili- a bvi'.liaiil show- in- a- ,-i .iting manager of tli.- Ciani- iliiiiui; tin- doling (lavs of •I;'- p.-'T lac.- iliirina .\lidraw'; illn.'-^. .'.rivin'4 the leain 'iilo ,1 I i.Mi. :iilin:; po-'iiion for tin- peii- I :iM. 'j . Tile <-taii'menl rea.l: •• Afl. 1- IIM.' d.lib.'ration bilween P:.'-i.Kti' -Jtoneliam .ind Manauev Mrf |;r .-.w. and having in mind what !i. Ibo'imbt III 1..' the be .-t fat. rests I 'f ihe V.-w York ilia 111-^. a trade was I .in >amniatiil today v.liiili involves pogi-rs IIovi).-.'by, --econd IMS- ni ;ui ot iln- Ciaiils. wli .'reby lb.' iliant-i rec-ived'Fram lloi :ai;. . :iteiiei-.. aMil .lain."-- Wel.--h. ont- . fii'lder. of ih ' P.o -ioii Krav.'S. Xo i-ish V. .IS involve.! i'l.tbe tra -isai- li.iri " Tl;.,' only plausible expbiiiation of the deal a ripeare,] (jesire on the i;.rt of the i;i:'nt>: to bolster a wea.k member of the .Vational l .-a ;:iie. The Praves have beeii} battered- around the collar of the I irciiit for ih'^ I.ast few years and •liei;- patronage has dropp.-i! at an alarming rale. '• -Vfler receivin:: a lele.i'ram from Judge Kniil K. Fuchs. own ^-r of the IJrave.,!. noiifyin? him of ^he deal, ll'inisby s.iiil it didn't make any difference to him -ivhethfr he -was wita till' Pr.ives or'iar.y oiher cliib. '.low 'ViT, Ilornsbv li'ys puzzled over I York; and .limmv Kviuis. ViiHejo., ' Cal.. drew am. , .,')ii.i;ht by defeating Kansas .10 to 32 * Jeronie.l Ariz.—Allen Waitlow. I"t l-awrence. The Tigers maiii- I .'Superior.'l.Vriz., knockeil I'al Shoaf ^"<''' » defense tbi^t I .Meni[)his. Tenn.. i.'.i. the Jayhawkers were unable tp j . i score a single field goal in thie ftoi:-:,he -best.interests" section of ih^ i '^.^'""'l. ^y^^t^ie -NV« iCiants- anboiiniement am.i declar..! i ^J^^^^rxhoA boater, the chain- believe .MeCraw was re- for that part of tj:e stale-! he didn't .=pons-ible meiit. Hornsby was born in Winters'. Tex., in 1.>^!M; ami sjarted his base- b; II care.'r in P.lll Kviih the Dallas id'ib of the leamie. JI.e w-;is .with till' j.'ardinals from PU .'i t.i "lOJil. wlnii h..' was tiad.'d to the .N 'eW Yoik •ci'ab la i ; I'lisational dial ill excl,aii;,'i' fir iiifielder Flank Fri*-! II and, j.rielier .limmy Kill.:.' • Iiion Kansans since 192i This week's 0klahon!a -Kan8a |3 ami Iowa-Missouri series will start with tile leaders aligned as follows!: W. 1.. Pct .r tiklahoma ^ a (iklahoma Aggii-s Washington - . .Missouri --. Kansas Aggies . Kansas The third tie found -Nebraska aniil .4 0 1.000 1 .800 1 .7aO j 1 .750 i • (Drake deadlocked with one victory; ! For si\ consi-ciitive _\c:irs np to jam! three losses. These'teams meet i ;t!ie lime hi' was sliippe.l to .V<-w . Satiirday at Des Aloines. ; j York by ih.' Card.~. Ilonisby wasi Friday night's slate finds Orin-| .the leadiitg balrinan in the .Xa-jnell at Missouri and Iowa State at: tional leaiiue. He rec.'i ',ei| t he ; AVashington, Kansas at - Oklahoma. • league's I' valiiabli- playi r : and.the Kansas .-\ggies playing the; award in i l!iL'.".. lb.- vear that liC',()Klahoma Aggies. :. was i-.amed manai;er of the ..-Inb. ' ' Saturday. Crinnell shifts to St.i^ In Put;;'-the first—roni|il.-t.- seai , I jniis to meet the Hears. low.i State p Mill he \\a.s jdlor nf i!i.- Carilinal.s, meets Missouri.. Kansas plays fhe| li.- bioi::;lii t li.' p.-iinaiit I. >_ St. j Oklahoma .Vggi .Of: and the Kansasi l.onis f'.r.'lb.- first ti'ii.' in iiistory '.Aggi.-s face Oklahoma. i 'an.I thin •direi-ti.l ilu' 1 Inb to a .Ni-ither Iowa State nor Orinncllj' • world seriVs 1 hampionship ;;::ainsl'has won a game, the former having j /111 Xew Itork's. i dropiiod two and the latterTfour. i w, re of little , 11.'' PH'T as lliish ] Charley Keot iHal Carlson, to IV..Ik overtime, too, but Carlson and was lunablo to stand the strain and cracke.i after winning nine siraigbt. Hola T^riip^Club Will ! Stage Shoot Thursday; " The lola Trap < lul, will hold its j ;fir .M; sho .it of! the m-w year 10-; ;no;-row afternoon titi !he riinge least <if the Country ililb. , As the rare for tli.> .M.'reliant 'han.lic :ip i'lip closes May 1. two' jihools a I'lii.hlb ar.- -. h .-iliiled an .l : Jronj th.' lo.'iks of tliinu'^. liny wi 'll lie pt '.lly .lively colli, sis T.iitior- f.iW atf»v |irtoy III" .veiilv: will b.' slioi. tlie^ir^i liir Ibe ..Slianiinii ' m.'dal aiiiffihe seioii.l for the .Mer- , thaiit' Clip."". A prize also will bo given f 'ir the high giin. one for thi» -runner up and also :i prize for tlnj -low gun. ; ' Hverybodv is welcome, and with the Ideak W'aiher a good sizo<l crowd will he out. • JAMES CRUZE Director of Feature Photopkys, ivrites: "III the direction 0/ tJiiv of viy hii; />jc£ii.i.s.'unii cslJediully during the /tftiw'n^ tlic Covered \\'i«.i,'07i, the coiLsttiiit we uj ifiy voice t/fi;ittjufs that I /cec'/» it in firsi-iLirs condition. As a cigarette smoker it teas nci. • i, sary that I find a cigarette which I could smulk: ti'it/iotit «nv chance of i 'irotU irritation or cough. After trying thein all, I decided on Uickics. They are ntild- and mellow—uhich bulk />ro- tccts the throat and gives real snuike enjoymi;u.'' MATrNEE iPc lind lOr. and TOD.W AND FRIDAY tiOYD UU &5I£>§ AmtjA national Retire Tbi-'jiiian sh liad al'.va'ys HdPKD to ir.prry: siiatched her iron; Ihe man she was FOPCl'ZD lo marry. You'll thrillito iliis'.greaf romance that dared the clash id' defiant arms fill-i-the. cause of love! J VI>i»KI»-"'Hie Kelaj." aniiflier ('•illegiiin. Also Novelty Reel (;ilda (•my. Tom .Moore and ('Iie>t4-r ('on^IIn In Fini>AV »(ahnn/," SA-fl KOAV-Hex, the Wild Horse in-"Wild B«'am3r,'' also- second clmiiler of "The Tniil of the Tlnjer." ro.fll\fi4-rolleeii Moure in |"Her Wild Ont." I Browns Uriig w Location. W!<\ >Iaili«."ii. Kir>l I lii.iir Ka»l of I Mure. riliine ITd' zon ^corner, \HAR0WAR£& ij IMPLEMENTS JOLA-k^J-AX The Cream of the Tobacco Crop "The growth of LUCKY STRIKE Cigarettes is a wonderful thinj; but tlierc is a reason. I know, because I buy the Tobacco for LUCKY STRIKE. I buy 'The Cream of the Crop,' Jthat mellow, sweet smoking Tobacco that the Farmer justly describes as L have described it above. The quality of LUCKY: STRIKE Ci-„'a- rettes is telling It is natural that the brand should show the tremend»>us growth that it is showing today." I Bu.ver of T'jb.-iccb at Ijjuisviiie, Ky. No Throat Irritation-No Coughy A HaiiVs IW^o and. j^rowlh r depends exclusively upon the life and jfrc'^vth olj hii.sine.s.s enterprises in the eonimiinity. Its deposits and its loans w\\\ nati'rally rise and fall vvith the volume of busintiss transacte<f in the com-, niunity and the concurrent fhictuations in wages, prof- ' its,~an^ incomes. . A .iirimfe function of a bank, tlierefore. is to foster business enterprises to the extent of' the community's needs. This function has always bieen duly recognized in this institiifion.. Our oHicer.s and directors consistently favor all: warranted accommodation to commercial depositors within the of-.sound banking practice and availaWe funds. T FIRST BANK lOLA, KANSAS •A •ii ^^•:>•.^^iMji .•<^.VJ ^1 'lO^W-^••:

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