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Iowa City Press-Citizen from Iowa City, Iowa • Page 10

Iowa City Press-Citizen from Iowa City, Iowa • Page 10

Iowa City, Iowa
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-1 on Bisk Rep Cos JO Iowa City Press-Citizen Sat, July 9, 1955 What Russians Will See at George Hora Farm ons of economical to construct and to'iand 2,000 square feet for lobby A new city building to and council chambers. city council to aurvey and recommend a location for a new. city building. The committee had asked Mr. Fisk, who has made studies of J' maintain.

He said sucn a nuua-ing requires roughly twice as much land space as square footage 4n the building. Mr. Fisk said that an earlier clan developed for the Musser house fire, police, administrative and recreation facilities will require 'about 0, 000 square feet of space. STUDIES MADE by Robert A. Lee, recreation department sup- erintendent, indicate that about 20,000 square feet also will be space required for the city fa-1 Its estimated cost will needed for that department.

The Darking lot on East Washington cilities to meet with It at Its second session which was held Friday evening in the City halL run from $600,000 to 000. street had approximately square feet for police, fire and functions. This, he told the committee, did not al AT THE CONCLUSION of the meeting, Atty. William R. Hart, chairman of the committee, pro low for parking space, This includes approximately square feet for the fire department, 3,800 for the police de posed that the members of he committee look i over possible sites before its next meeting, set Land space required probably would be about full city block.

These were among the items which Henry L. Fisk, I6wa City architect, covered at meeting of a special 11-member site study committee asked by' the for-next Friday- partment, 0,000 square leet ior administrative functions including the engineering department Mr. Fisk said he feel that a one-story building would be more old Community building provided 24,400 square feet for the recreation department. Costs of the new building could vary tremendously, depending on the way the building is fitted out, Mr. Fisk saidf Hisestimate of about 40,000 square feet required provides for some growth in the city, he told the Putting the departments in more than one building would not -run costs up too much, Mr.

Fisk said. Attqrney Hart said that the board of supervisors is not interested in joining with the city in a county municipal building. He also said that he felt that the re-" quirement of a block eliminated the block in which the library and College street parking lot are located since the city owns less than a half -block there. areatest hog oenFer in ihe state" that's how many farmers In Washington county describe their home lomlity. Above i i 1 i.

Home Building Booms Here; Permits Total $17738,700 in Six Months -mmmm- ..1.1, l.of hi. Knith hn 9 1-lTlOflkin Ome-OI-tne -3UU JUrint Ul ira WIO Ml III, m.ui vt of RUerslde' On July 19 a group of farmers from the Soviet Union will visit the Hora farm to help ease their curloslty-4 about hog-raising here. third more than the number is-(in the first half of this year total sued in the same six months of I $1,738,700 as against $1036,850 in 1954. Rain Totals .85 of Inch; 1954. The dollar value of permits issued also is jipmarkedly, nearly Iowa City this jear is in the midst of a home building boom and a "boom that crescendoed throughoutJJie first, six months of the yean For the months January- And 1954 was the biggest year for home constructioiuJn the ONE PROPOSAL advanced at $700.00 above that for last city probably in history meeting Friday nieht was to year's first six months, according certainly since World War II.

buUd three units to house admin- to a compilation of 'City "Engineer A total of lis permits were is- hgtiative, police and recreation June, this year, number Wd E. oartzke sued during last year with the facilities in College rHill park and new homes Almost an inch of rain fell on i of building permits-for new! Estimated cost of -i to purine fire department on the ere obtained IowaCity early today, as the homes totals 128, more than one- for wnicn permits weatherman had predicted, but! an expected cooling trend is a dollar value of the" new nomes set at $2,322,675. EACH MONTH OF this year has seen an increase in the estimated dollar value of new homes with June hitting the peak bit harder to discern than wast the precipitation. Building Permits Musser lot, utilizing Home of that area for parking. It was pointed out that building three units on the park would permit preserving aTlarge share -of the trees'on the block and fitting the buildings into an already landscaped site.

members said, the city A-seasona high of 96 degreesi was recoi-aea riaay as tne $497,000. weatherman promised cooler readings. The number of permits also increased from six in January The temperature did fall- dur now owns tne land was dedicated "for public' purposes' to 39 in May, then slacked off to! ing the showers and. for a time! 1955 Amount 69,000 93,500 287,500 333.700 458.00Q 497,000 No. 6 7 19 22 39 35 Month Xo.

January 5 February 9 March 18 ApriIjLL.Tr;........., 14 May S- June wr 25 35 in June, "despite the increase when the city was platted. This. 1954 Amount 42.500 107,000 263.950 182.000 320,900 $1,036,850 abouti--aaaji(LJLheiiiercury it was iwinted out, would eumi the estimated value. Each month-of this year tops sUrteoTits daily, climb. At 10:30 nate the need for Jieavy expenditures to purchase land.

the same month of 1954 in the a.m. today nr-was a numia oo degrees' number of permits except Febru 128" $1,738,700 Rain! measuring of an inch an MANAGER Peter F. (ell in the immediate area and Total 80" ary during which only seven permit were issued as against nine Roan said that the Board of Fire heavier amounts apparently fell to the north. It is believed about Underwriters insists that fire de-, in 1954. thremches -of-rain -fell-inthe.

partments be located near the business districtoT a city. The dollar value for permits in City Grants extreine "northwest tomer-trf the Death Jakes James Griffith each month of 1955 also exceeds The possibility of a recreation county. that for the comparable" month center. in a location such as City" The overnight low was 69 de-s PermtS grees. of 1954, again with the exception of February $93,500 in 1955 as compared with $107,000 in 1954.

park also was advanced. Mr. Lee said many cities are putting such buildings in park locations." For Iowa Qtv the outlook is! I I njFor Building the outlook is not for cloudy akses The committee voted that fu- and a ad AVERAGE ESTIMATED costs Cifc oeissB! thunder- James Mansel 45, of 1601 Center avenue, died in his sleep Friday morning at Anthon where he had been visiting. Death followed a heart attack of the new homes this year is ture meetings of "the yroup will-be executive Hart explained that from diseus- more than $450 above that for iws 'tJutf. Hisfes Sunday Six building permits with an Ifwih fT-Jt af.e-ior.estimated toUl value of $93,900 sat SS Spwiy were Lssued Uua week by the of- i of City Engineer Fred homer constructed- in the first Ision at the sessions it might-be suffered at the home of a sister.

half of 1954. The average to date this year is $13,427 as compared with $12,961 for January-June, William Mills. possible to determine which sites are favored and that owners might raise prices or others might1 obtain optiont on such land, Fire of the permits totaling I 1 1 -miw Mr. Griffith, his wife and son. 1954.

Wa0O-Te fOTnew residencea. Donald, 15. had been to a family County Bridge Four of the residence permit For- all of 1954. the average reunion in Sioux City Sunday and laere granted to Birehwood Bafld- cost per-home was ibout were in Anthon for a short visit. er as follows: 1402 Ash streetrl 000, which -alsoc-wasa -record He had been agency manager iVashed Out amount.

Board To Hani Ull0r25 Douglas 1307 Franklin; and here for the Des Moines Register and -Tribune since December 2 The two record weeks to date A JMaot wide l-beam Ash ateet 110; feeding nearly 800 pig each yeat-nn the George Hwa farm jiMjvr prt aarf aaaay this year have been that ending Bom in Anthon July 4, 1910. May when 34 permit were m.o- hiT.K. X. ti- Lm-rrr in Monro tOTsWD LwaaJP'1 for duPte 1402 Delegat es obtained at a dollar value of Mr. Griffith was the son of Jamesand-BessiaF'ergasorjLGpfi a-ihd out during the heavy houses oa the farm of 160 acres, aorne ia corn, barlry, Kay mm4 pmtare.

rmtGrm Fndav nieht in the! P11 I $358,500 and the week ending June 18 when 13 permits for fith. He was married in 1934 to The county board of education AimaBeUeJBlake in the Anthon houses estimated at 1192,500. will meet Monday at 8 p.m. in community. 7 Located about one and one- John Highway west.

Ihalf milea east of the Iowa coim- 1 tha county courthouse -to name -two delegates to a district con He was employed by North File western Bell Telephone Company before- going td Cherokeeas vention for the state board of public instruction. crete abutments and was balieved'c to have been in tise for about 50 JWlIS TOr MlVOrCe School board of the Iowa City John R. Lowe Dies at 82 agency manager for the Register and Tribune. In 1938 he went to Storm Lake, then came to Iowa vears. In District Court independent school district has already named a board member, George L.

Gay, as delegate to -County Engineer-RayfJusteni City in 1944. said new-bridge wUL-havetp Threrwomen have filed suit for Mr. Griffith war member of the convention with Mrs. James be built The newpne will have fr-34-foot-jradwjayesaid. John Robert Lowe, 82, of 1424 R.

Jordan as alternate. the Moose lodge. dtvorce in Johnson county district court; Center avenue, died Friday at Mr. Justen said the west Survivors -include hia-widow They are Mrs Margaret Meiers, and son; two sisters, Mrs. Mills abutment has been worked on before when high -water has Mrs, Marilyn Barnes and Mrs.

Frahces Larimer. threatened it. and Mrs. Robert Flint, of Palm City, two Brothers, E. R.

Griffith, of Van "Nuysr Canf 'Mrs. Meiefs has sued" for di- No accidents were reported as University hospitaTafter a long illness. He was born in Campbellsville, 23r 1872 and came to Iowa City in 1912 where he was married tolRebecca Ann Scott. The couple lived on a farm near fvorce from Ardell stating a result of the washout. and Ellis Griffith, of Brookings, The district convention, which will be called later by Secretary of State Melvin D.

Synhorst, will elect, a member of the state board of public instruction for congressional district. The present member from tha southeast' district is Robert Wells, of Davenport. His term expires this-year. The new member named at the district con-, vention will serve for six years. that the couple was married in Name Administratrix Services will be heldTTuesday Cedar Rapids October 15, 1942, and-jeparated-July g.

Mrs. Barnes has sued for di at 10 a.m. at thaOathoutfuneraljlowa-City Jintiljl930: when! they i tstl i'i i ii if mj.hhwii mii i -fi) imip ii ii ir ihim, hi r.i in i mr. hmiWii. rn For Rogers Estate burial in Memory chapel with came into the city, Gardens.

Survivors include hia widow. The estate of Ralph Rogers, vorce llrbm Donald G. Barnes, stating that the couple was married in Davenport April 16 and 48-year-bld Tiffin farmer fatally The district -convention was held in Washington last year. injured in- a hay baler accident separated July 3. recently, has been opened jn Mrs.

Larimer has sued for di Clerk Issues One Marriage Licensed Johnson, county district court- vorce from GersJd Larimer, stat one step-daughter, Miss Cecelia Scott, of Davenport; one stepson, Frank Scott, of Iowa City, five grandchildren and. 11 greatgrandchildren, Funeral services will be conducted Monday at 10 a.m. at the Oathout funeraPchapel. Burial Mrs. Leona Rogers, his widow, ing thatTJisrcouple was married RentMancy Fcrsbergzr was named administratrix of the in Cedar October 23, 1954, estate under $10,000 bond.

and -separated Jiav 9. She asks Guesf Pastor Sunday Clerk of Court R. Neilson Miller has issued a marriage license to Henry Carter. 45, and Lila WU- lsto- resume her maiden name of Attorney: forThe estate Floyd P. Brant.

-s 1 Francis- Davis.r Guest pastor at the First Bap son, 36, both of Pes Moines. i will be in Oakland cemetery, tist church in Iowa City Sunday at 10:45 will be the Rev. One Grocer Casts Sour Glance at 2.5 Per Cent Levy Nancy pastor Preparing dinner for a. delegation cf abont 21 Ruiwlan farmera. Internretera and ffictala tcfll at the Firsts Congregational church.

Find 'Hev Look' on State Sales Tax '(Jot Too Bail' The Rev. G. Thomas attain so. not be so simple as rooking tapioca, a Mrs. Marie Hora and daughter Kathleen, fi, will find.

July 19 Mrs. Hora plans to serve ehlrke with all the trlmmtnrs to tha 1sltora. The rhlckea will oa from her home freezer and tha meal will be la the recently reroodrW frm kitehen. Pret-Otizea Photoa.) 1 new Baptist minister, will assume duties here next week. The Rev.

and Mrs. Fattaruso and their three children wiH come to Iowa City from Vermillion, S. D. on pumps and hasn't presented i payments Immediately and now must wait up to four days for from around 25 cents to not more than seven dollars, so that memorizing of that short range of too many problems. The Increased gasoline tax, the eggs to be graded and Iowa'a new look" in tax-! ation now just over a week old gets a sour glance from at least one local grocer but an informal survey of local merchants indicates that however, ia not a part of the sales tax increasa or an addition the tax schedule was not difficult i Will Clear Site of New SMJ.

Dormitory 1 Ask Bids on Removal of Five Houses A Coral ville grocer said that it had slowed his service "some, Tha extension of fcaies tax to to the list, of sales-taxable articles. It is simply another cent lea cover cigareta- caused a little but that it would Just take time to get used to the new schedule. to the state gasoline tax. The other major state tax in grumbling at first, but people most find the new sales tax He posts the schedule where cus realize they must take it, accord Adelaida Lax heck Barge, long-fMttt aa wall as larger lowtgaa on crease an increase in collec schedule "not bad." The University of Iowa has called for bids riiLdia- tomers can see it They get in Almanac terested and It gets their minds me nean women at aVUi, tba front Cllntoa "atreet aiaa scheduled to be taken eome- ad rn the tesemant buflcEtag. ma this falL Tha kitchen will be bt the cen- ing to most of tha eight bust nessmen contacted.

The neighborhood grocer, how tions to 80 ier cent of the actual tax rate will not be felt until tax time next May. off the delay." The. grocer, owner of a neighborhood store had posal and wrecking of, four houses in the block Just south of Currier haU in ouaes to be disposed of are with dininr halla on each aide ever, said he has received a few IOWA riTT TTtURm Frtiy cioudr turouph THE TAX OS cigarets and beer has caused grocers little of tha main floor. ALL GROCERS agreed that complMnts about the sales tax the new sales tax schedule does I TJ reparation ior a. new those at it and 21 West Davenport atreet and at 12 and 22 West Bloonington street.

Tha Cur-Tier-haU-nnex-r-823-North Clinton street is to be wrecked. since it is a tax upon' a price that already includes a federal iy. Low torttg'-t llifrh Suntiy S7 slow down checking out custo- now totaled with the entire (a to d-twi. women's dormitory toba- bttilt excise tax. at the location.

mere oroers ana uiai is nara 'grocery order, instead of SP" For Io.a priv riM th to memorise. The manaper as Xinder the old ith Mu.L ome ratlitr sharp comments to make about the aw 2 5 per tent alee tax levy. He added: "We're not getting along. I don't know why they didn't make it an even three per cent. Now you have to run and check each time you get a decent order." Tha eommente of three other Bias are to be in at the'of- Two taverns contacted handled Planned is a $2,975,000 atrue- All-State Musk Camp in Concert Sunday at 4 p.m.

hni. ii'itimatalv aooi-0' planning and construe the new sales tax on beer in dif ferent ways. One lipped the schedule inmiiium. iiowr oTumng Mifwilr The manag-r of one drug stored reported that there were with low in gun-complaint, at the tax on cig- aretS. "It WS a new systernr w-tterd price of bottled beer five eents V.

rirla. Three units cf a 11 the Oi4 bulkimg 1 iour-unit stmcture wia be bwUtj'4 19. at present. amporary barra-type Bids on the new structure, toi'ff grocers, although not so violent. A "rops eoneert will be pre- and absorbed the penny tax.

Another raid the price only 'and people didn know to one supermarket said that it slowed down his check-out crew, particularly when the store was busy. But he said that the store staff waa "getting on pretty well." Another supermarket assistant manager said that it wasn't slowing down his checkers too much, "but I dont think any. one in the world could memorise it" CitT Tfirti.fiii,.f Bt K'mdav at 4 cm. in the I indicated that grocers are having be caUed Burre haU in honor of new schedule cent to take care of the tax. S.U.L jna a third; iiroucie usig used as a garage to beimla TIT iu diking points removed from the block, jion w1110 of each penny of tax because At 10 ni t.

it J5 A'. Th 1. i a ju-a-on Tci ct -i ip4 Sow w. 9. 0 'i i '-J t-T C.

"r.rniIt LOCAL bowling air expect. The owner of another drug store said the new system was "going as well as can be expected," but he definitely thourht that the new tax schedule Tha dormitory Is to ta fwstMr ju, widely vaiying in- i'y is open at this time to be si- fenaneed from dormitory funds diflrt SP It Has Been 7 Year, 70 Days Since Iowa City's their receipts. He was receiving more com- was causing trouble. i i In without use or tax funds. 1 Eleven selections wiJ be ren- siieable orders anove ia.

1 i m. Up a penny from five to six 'plaints, he said, en the new Iowa Most local store have the new Each -unit cf Burge hall will dered by high school students in house 200 girls, with 50 in each the mixed choms. airing rchea-1 OX THE OTHER hand, one of 'cents ia the tax per gallon of egg grading law. His customers sales tax schedule posted on cash .7 ro unit on each floor. There wUlitra.

orcheatra, bova' enor-ia 6rfj quned eftpMmed pasouna. This, nowever. ng.who sell errs his store rasters where e.ercs can ee tt 1 Lsst Jrdlk Dccth ri''i floov-oi aaab'na -and i. jUsi sataa astjy aazaded on tea acmciaaoM Mifw aaejetca4 ta wmwj for.

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