The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 20, 1933 · Page 1
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 1

Bakersfield, California
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Friday, January 20, 1933
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I I 1 LAST EDITION LAST EDITION COMPLETE ASSOCIATED PRESS LEASED.WIRE THE GREAT NEWSPAf»6rJ,OF THE SOUTHERN..9AN JOAQUIN .VALLEY FULL AND EXCLUSIVE UNITED PRESS REPORT VOL. XLH 16 PAGES BAKERSFiEiLD, CALIFORNIA, FRIDAY, JANUARY 20, 1933 i r TWO SECTIONS No. 149 HOOVER, ROOSEVELT ••'- •••• '' •• ON DEBTS * FAMOUS U. S. R DES IN CRASH Nation Called Thorough Ingrale by Senator From Indiana WARLIKE SPIRIT • DRAWS ATTACK COMMENT BY WILL ROGERS BEVERLY HILLS,'Jan. 20.—(To the' Editor of The Bakerafleld California)': Here I* how thla two- headed Prealdent thing worka out. We have a Prealdent that's in, but hae no .authority. A Prealdent that's out, but hai no authority. A Senate that'e In, taut haa no leader; a Houae that'a In, but'a been voted out. A budget that both sides are afraid to .try to balance. Debta that are owed us that will never be paid, debta that we owe which we keep adding to. We are acre at Japan becauae they took Manchuria. Sore at the world becauae they won't disarm. In fact, we are Just eore at ourselves because we muddled everything up, And In'the midst of it all we tell the Philippines "what constitutes liberty." Yours, WILL ROGERS. Attempts to Embarrass U. S. and Passion for Armaments Scored (Associated Press Leased Wire) W ASHINGTON, Jan. 20.—Prance was labeled a "thorough In grate" In the Senate today by Sen ator Arthur Robluson, Republican, Indiana, In an address criticizing that nation's war debts payment default and ' expressing opposition to anj ; cuncelatlon or reduction. IWblnson, chairman of the Judiciary subcommittee considering the bill of Senator Johnson, Republican, Callforhla, which would prohibit notation In thin country of defaulting nations' securities, approved that measure and urged Its enactment. Warlike Spirits Deplored "Tho republic of France," he said, "Is entitled to no consideration 1 from us. ... If slio would think more of pence, less of war, cut down her enormous armaments and exhibit tho strength of character nations are expected to possess, she could pay her honest obligations to the American people and never miss the money Involved. Embarrasses U. S. "Furthermore, throughout the past year, she has continuously done everything possible _to embarrass this country economically, In fact, her withdrawals of Bold from America at one time were so barefaced as to be positively unfriendly. "It Is a tragic thing to «ee France, who has received so much from the United States and the American people, turn Into tho thorough Ingrate she has <jome to be. Her policy Is undoubtedly ruinous and If she continues along the route she Is now pursuing, she will find at no distant future date that she Is without frletids when she needs them most." Robinson wild that tho "paltry amount" of the defaulted French debt payment was only a fraction of her national Income and "perhaps not more than 7 per cent of the amount •he spends annually for armaments." • Ingratitude Shocks "France, together with some smaller countries, largely under her influence, 1ms recently given an exhibition of Ingratitude that .shocked the world," Robinson continued. • Observing that "America saved her life and' then furnished the money for l*>r economic rehabilitation," llobln- son said, "In tho most flagrant manner" Vratico has repudiated that obligation, and added: "A man who refuses to pay his honest debts Is without standing, esteem or respect In this community. Franco, and other world defaulters, have placed themselves In this category In world opinion." Another Vessel Standing by in Attempt to Effect Rescue HOPE RESTS SPEGIJL Little Chance of Farm-Aid, Budget Balancing, Etc., in 72d Congress * > "..'.•'•* • \ (United Press Leased WiraJ WASHINGTON, Jan. 20.—President- elect Roosevelt's hopes for enactment of a legislative program to start. the nation toward economic recovery now rest with an extra session of Congress. Congressional leaders In a swift mccesslon of conferences Informed ilm the Democratic program of bud- ret balancing, farm relief, beer and >rohlbltlon repeal stands little or no chance of .enactment before March 4. Close friends today said Mr. Roosevelt was virtually cofivlnced the new Congress would have to bo called early n April. Party lenders besieged tha president- sleet's hotel suite almost from the liour of "his arrival here ^yesterday and during today. ' Salvage All Can, Urges The President-elect urged tho Democratic chieftains to make a final fight to salvage as much as possible of their program in this session, but they minted a discouraging picture. Most of tho leaders were said to liavo pointed to tho Imbroglio In their own ranks In tho Senate as an almost Insurmountable barrier to success. They also told Mr. Roosevelt that President Hoover Is almost certain to STORM PREVENTS EFFORTS TO SUCCOR Captain, Third Officer Among Quartet That Perished GOV. ROLPH IN S.F. HOSPITAL (United Press Leaned Wire) • SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 20.— Qov- erner James Rolph, confined to St. Francis Hospital with a serious attack of Influenza, was reported to be "resting comfortably" today. The go'verpor was rushed 'here by automobile from Sacramento last night after he had been ordered to bed,- Dr. John Qallwey, his physician, said the Influenza attack had been aggravated by "considerable pulmonary congestion." Dr. .Qallwey did not regard Governor Rolph'e condition as critical unless further complications develop. He said a complete reat of more than a week would be necessary. • • THE WEATHER San Francisco bay region: Cloudy with rain late tonight rind Saturday; moderate temperature; gcntlo to moderate changeable wi.icla. Northern California: ''1 udy with rain In north portion tonlirlit and Baturday; and In'south pinion lute tonlfrht or Saturday; coul; gentle to moderate changeable winds, becoming southerly offshore. • Sierra Nevada: Occasional snow tonight and Saturday; no changes In temperature; moderate changeable 4vlnds. Sacramento and Santa Clara val- Jeys; Cloudy, rain late tonight end Saturday; cool; gentle variable winds. San Joaquin valley: rJndetUcid. probably occasional vain tonight and Baturday; cool; gentle variable \vinds. Southern California: Partly cluudy west, and occasional rain caul portion tonight and Saturday, and probably in northwest portion Saturday; moderate temperature; BOII- tlo variable winds offshore. (Continued on Page Two) ROOSEVELT ON M TO (.\»nnc.iatrd Prcnf Leaned Wire) WASHINGTON, Jan. 20.—President-elect Roosevelt left Washington at 2:20 p. m. today for Muscle Shoals, Ala., where he will Inspect the huge wartime power and nitrate plant, and later go to Warm Springs, Ga. WASHINGTON, Jan. 20. (A. P.)— President-elect Roosevelt Informed Senator Robinson, Democratic floor leader, tnla morning that ho was anxlouu for enactment before March 4 of tho farm relief bill now In Senate committee and of projected legislation revising bankruptcy laws. One after another caller spent a few minutes with the president-elect, Including General John J. Pershlng, who will load tho Inaugural parade March 4. Representative Kvalo proposed to Mr. Hoosevelt some form of currency or commodity , price Inflation as a means of helping the farmers' situation, hut on leaving refrained from Buylfig what reaction he received. "I told Mr. Roosevelt," TCvale suld, "that conditions were desperate In the farm regions and that T am afraid something might breali before there Is u upeclal session of Congress." WOULD NULLIFY BUILDING LEASE ttDWIE Was Member of Group Long Known as "Three Musketeers" Legal Technicalities Halt Mrs. Judd Story LATE BULLETIN NEW YORK, Jan. 20. <A. P.)— The Miner American Merchant,' after a battle *of'several hours In heavy seas, ^succeeded. r la,tej>this afternoon In shooting a line aboard the sinking freighter Exeter City, which lost two officers and two of . .It's crew of 34 in an Atlantic atorm. (United Premt Leaned Wire) ' TVpSW YORK, Jan. 20.—A raging •*•.' sea In mid-Atlantic battered the British freighter Exeter City almost to pieces, swept the captain and three men to death and left tho craft helpless today at the mercy of towering waves. The S. S. American Merchant was standing by, waiting for a chance to rescue the 30 men still on the Exeter City. The. story of the storm which tore at tho super-structure of the 2000-ton freighter was told In a radio message from the master of the American Merchant, which plowed 16 miles under'forced draught to the side of the Exeter City, only to find that the stormy seas prevented Immediate rescue. Bridge Ripped Away A message from tho ISxoter City's radio operator said the bridge and chart room • of his ship had been ripped away by high waves. Presumably the master of the crippled freighter was lost with the destruction of the bridge. ThSi bridge deck and salon accommodations also were torn away, the message as relayed to New York by the American Merchant, said. The men lost, In addition to the master of the Exeter City, were tho third officer, an apprentice and a sea- inan, the radio operator reported. The steering gear was damaged and tho mennon the freighter were forced to rig up an emergency gear as their only hope of maintaining oven partial control of the craft as It was whlrTe* about by the storm, which began yesterday and reached Its greatest In! tensity last night. Water Filling Ship Number two hatch was stove In and water wa.s believed to bo entering number three hatch, the operator told Captain Gyles C, Stcdman of tho American Merchant as ho brought hla rescue ship close to tho scone. Captain Htedman reported to his homo office that he was standing by HQIUP 050 miles off St. Johns, Newfoundland, and about 1570 miles from New York. "The weather Is unfavorable," ho said. "There is a strong westerly gale, high seas, rain and hall." Sen. Inman Seeks to Cancel Contract ; |pi State Rental ' "' at S" ' (United Press Leased Wir.c) SACRAMENTO, Jan. 20.—Warning was given to the state Senate today that a move would be mado to nullify a state lease on the Sari Francisco building under Investigation by a Senate committee this week. . State Senator. J. M. Inmun, Sa<Srajnento, chairman of the committee, told the Upper House that the only way to prevent a loss to the state would probably bo "to refuse money to pay tho rent-of 160,000 a year." This -fact was called to the attention of the fact-finding committee, headed by Senator David P. Bush, Oakdale, with the suggestion it be kept in mind "In determining the amount set aside for rental of buildings by the state." Bills in Preparation First bills based on the Investigating committee's findings are already In preparation, Inmun said. "One of tho bills," he explained, "would prohibit any state department head from signing a lease for more than two years. At present leases may be signed for,any length of tlmo as long o.a the rent does not obligate the state's credit for more than $300,000 a month." "Tho second measure would restrict sale and 1 purchase of bonds by the state by requiring that all such transactions be made by a Joint commission of the director of finance, state controller aryl state treasurer." Due to Bond Deal This amendment,' Innmn explained. Is tho result of the Inquiry which brought out that Holland A. Vande- grlft, state finance director, had bought and sold, on behalf of the state, 112,000,000 worth of bonda in a six-month period last, year. ' BY CDNGRESS'ACTION -*50 Made Homeless by $500,000 Fire (.rinitrd Pre*n Leased Wire! SMITHPORT, Pa., Jan. 20.— Fire which started shortly after midnight was out of control In the business section of Smlthport today. Elevc-n business houses In two blocks had been destroyed and at least 50 persons were made homeless. Damage was estimated roughly at more than $500,000. ' MAIL .FLYER KILLED MAUTRTTA, Ga., Jan. 20, (A. P.)— Glenn T. Kloldu, flying the air mall from St. I.ouls and Chicago to Atlanta, was killed today when h|H uUi"o | crushed Into Llttlo Kcniioauw inoun- I tuln near hero, ENGINE EXPLODES; PLANE DESTROYED One of Outstanding Men in Army; Achievements Many and Great T|AYTON, Ohid, Jftn.. 2Q.—1 £r? tenant, I. A. Vfoodflng, 31, (Ansneiatcd Press Leased Wire) Ueu- . laat of .tho army's "three musketeers," noted-(or their daring 'flying, was kllle'd today when ah experimental type observation plane which he was testing crashed near here. Lieutenant Woodriug was returning to Wright Field when, without warning, the engine exploded. The ship was torn to bite. The death Is the second fatal crush here In eight days. LAHt Friday Captain HUKli Elmtndorf, Washington, IX C.. was killed and Captain Franlt O'D. Hunter, Rockwell Field, California, seriously Injured when an experimental plane went Into a tall spin. Captain. Hunter Is recovering In -a hospital. Outstanding Flyer Lieutenant Woodrliiff was regarded as one of the outstanding flyers In tho air service. •' • • In 1928 at March. Field, Calif., ho was a member of the "Three Muskol- eers" of the air corps, so dubbed because of their daring In 'stunting planes and their ability to maneuver In any manner, flying solo or UB a unit. THREE MUSKETEERS UNITED IN D^ATH . ' SAN DlEGO.Jjan.'^O. .(A.'P.}—' "Three Musketeers';", most famous of (Associated Press Leased Wire) P HOIiJNpv', Ariz., Jan. 20. — John J. Halloran's preliminary hearing on a charge of being "accessory to tho orlmo of murder," fnvulved Itself today In u main of legal technicalities which kept Wlrtnle Ruth Judd. tho state's star witness, sentenced to die for murder of Agnes Anne Lerol, for tho most part silent In the witness chair. She'deollned to recede from her position that she Is entitled to a constitutional right to refuso to answer questions concerning . the packing of tho bodies of Mrs. Lerol and Miss Iledvlg Samuelson In trunks and hand luggage at her prill street apartment, two days after the killings, and to decline to divulge contents of letters to her husband,- written after tho slaylngs. She has not been tried for slaying of Miss Bamuclson. Ruling Withheld Superior Judge J. ('. Nlles, sitting is a committing magistrate, said "Mrs. Judd Is not a party to this case—she lias claimed a constitutional privilege —tho court feels inclined to honor It." He did not rule definitely on tho matter, pending decision of Halloran's counsel as to whether further attempts will be made to reopen such questioning. Prank O. Smith of the lumberman's counsel, reopened tho question of her competence as a witness, and was allowed until" later to produce formal evidence fn support of hlH motion of yesterday which nought to strike from tho records all of her testimony, on grounds she "Is physically and mentally (liseasud," that she, "does not understand the oath she has taken," that she repeatedly Is committing perjury," and that she "Is of unsound mind to the extent that she Is not a competent witness." Inslgta Mind Unsound The TIalloran attorney Informed the court "we are prepared to show, beyond cavil, beyond pcradventure of doubt that the witness now on the stand Is of unsound mind." Jacob Morgan, of Mrs. Jndd's counsel,,retained by her In connection with her appeal for commutation of sentence, charged In court that Smith (Continued on Pago Two) TO HOLY LAND (Unitrd Prrn* Lr-nnril Wirr) IQRTrc, 1'a., Jan. 2.O.—Tom Mix Is the bout circus drawing card with tho exception of Jack Dnmpxey, and the receipt* of tho 101 Ranch circus In 1929 would have heen increased greatly had Mix appeared with It. That was the testimony today of "Honest Bill" Newton, Charleston, W. Va., who has been with circuses for a quarter of a century, and R. N. Harvey, Chicago, who has 35 • years of circuit experience'. They testified In the breach of contract trial of Colonef Zack Miller, Oklahoma rancher, against Mix. Miller Is asking $342,000 damages, alleging that Mix failed to keep a verbal contract to appear with -the 101 Ranch in 1B29. -^ •» « » 4000 MEN STRIKE J<ONDON, Jan. 20. (A. P.) —Four thousand men -who operate busses on 27 suburban routes went on strike today In protest against tho speeding up of.^the schedule of one route by aovcn- tonths of u ml)o pur hour. Prcn» Lr.anctt infc; WASHINGTON. Jan. 20.—l-fenldonl Hooviir today said the estimates he submitted to Congress on revenue needs were dependent on tho amount of economies that, could bo effected at this session and expressed regrot that the Democratic House did not approve his reorganization proposals. "Tho estimates which I gnvu In my recent message to Congress a* t<» tlm probable slzo of the deficit will depend', of course, upon how. far tho i'ongross adopts economies which T hava recommended," Mr; HooVer wild. "The- budget cull.s, for. |8r.0,000,000 reduction In appropriations, for the next fiscal year, which' wulilil result. In a reduction of uliout-f0^0,000,000 of expenditures, the difference being duo to old continuing apprupHutliins and commitments In respect to them." ,—*-»-•>—:—•— Se|i. Smoot Blocks Dry Repeal Debate (Vnited Prenit Leased Wire) WASHINGTON, Jan. 20.—Senator Smoot, Republican, Utah, blocked agreement In the Senate tmlny for consideration of an Eighteenth amendment resolution next Monday. Senator Blalne, Republican, .Wisconsin, grave notice he would ask for a showdown vote on tho question. 4 » » : NOTED INVENTOR DIES NEW YORK, Jan. 20. (A. P.)—Augustine Davis, 82, who Invented the acetylene lighting generator In Ijjlld and later manufactured acetylene Illuminating and welding apparatus, m Uoud : . . . • (United Press Leased Wire) ANG1CLES, Jan. 20.—Almue Seniplo McPhorson Hutton today sailed the tnrbijlent Pacific which she fears less than process servers. Bustling about the evangelist's stateroom before' : Hhe left on . a "health" tour of'Palestine, and the Hoyl Land was her plump, 1 choir-sing- Ing husband, 'David. •'. • Ho., eyed nowspnpor men suspiciously. "If you fellows haven't any papers to wervo, you can talk to, Mrs. Hutton a few minutes," ho' 1 said. ' Ills wife liotu'U In bed for photographs anil the.ii bade him goodhy. ..'-.'. Accompitnlud (inly by it nurse, Mrs, Hutton expects to b'o tfpn'e night or ,10 months, rl^er first stop Is Naples. •' ~T •• .***'', ~ Members of Ship's Crew Being Rescued (Assnelnled Prenn 'Lnisi'tl Wire) 13URKKA. Jan. 20.—On a breeches buoy rigged up by • the coast guard, several members of the vruw tit tho schooner Tlverton w«ro brought ashore today us the ship lay around about a. mile south of Humbold I bar. (.'oust guard officers mild the Tlver- ton did not appear to be In Immediate danger • and it WHH decided that a portion of the crew would remain on Rotarians Will Meet in Detroit June 25-29,1934 (United Press Leased Wire) CHICAGO, Jan. 20.—The board of directors of Rotary. International voted today to hold the 1934 bonvantion In Detroit June 25-29, The 1933 .convention will be In Boston June 26-30. ASSERTS OREGONIAN ALIVE Sheriff Orders New Search for Wealthy Merchant, Lee Schlesinger Negotiations Scheduled to Begin in Majrch to Be Comprehensive WORLD SITUATION TO BE CONSIDERED (United Press Leasrtt Wire) VANCOUVER, Wash,, Jan. 20. Be- (Continued on Page Two) (United PITHS Leased SACKAMKNTO; Jan. 20.— The San FranclHco-Oakland bay bridge legislation was again blocked In the state legislature today. As the result of ohjectlpns by As- semlilyinan,. Charles W. Lyons of Los AiiKuluK, two of the six bills permitting the slut u (» accept a JH3, 000,000 loan from .tho Reconstruction Finance Corporation were roreferred %o the committee on ways and imeans, Tho measures were nil' ready. to receive their first reading, after approval last night by the Assembly committee on roads and highways. They had previously been halted by technical objections In committee. Speaker AValter J. Little Santa Monica, ruled that Inasmuch as two of the measures .carried appropriations they should ho oohaldered by the ways antl means committee. They were thu hills appropriating $1,COO,000 for approaches to> the bridge and providing for 1 * Inclusion of the bridge In the stato highway system for maintenance purposes. lieving 1 that. Leo Schlesinger, socially prominent head of a Portland department store whose automobile was found In the Columbia river hero December 20, Is still alive, Sheriff R. IS. McCrlte today ordered a widespread search Instituted for him. The sheriff's action climaxed several weeks of rumors and mystery surrounding tho disappearance of tho former San Francisco polo player. "I am convinced ho did not drown when his car plunged Into the river," the officer said. Iniurance companies have had Inveitlgatore working on the case aeveral dayi, It was learned. Sohlealnger carried more than 9300,000 In Iniurance, It was reported. 'Sheriff MoCrlte added mystery to tho case when ho declined to elaborate on his statement that ho had uncovered "facts Indicating that suicide was out of the question." After Schlcslnger'a expensive car was found In the river, whore It had fallen lifter plunging through a guard rail along a Vancouver dock, divers searched the river bed two weeks In a future effort to find his body. FOUR ECONOMY BILLS OFFERED1A1IVERS (United Prei* Lrasrd Wire} SACUAM1SNTO, Jan. 20.— Four economy measures affecting state em- ployes and tho judiciary were Introduced In the Legislature today by Assemblyman Edward Craig, Urea, and C. W. Grubbs, Los Angeles. Craig's bills provided: Statement Is Issued From White House; France Not Mentioned Press Leased IPIrcl TV/ASIIINGTON, Jan. 20.—Proat- " dent Hoover and Prenldent- olect Roosevelt, In today's White T-Tbuse conference, 'agreed upon a discussion of war debta with representatives of Great Britain, to take place early In March after the change of administrations. In a statement Issued at the White House following the hour and a half meeting In the red room. It was said the official talks with Great Britain would Include also tho economic problems of the world and "wnys and means for Improving the world situation." Secretary Stlmson was instructed Immediately to initiate negotiations with Groat Britain arranging for the projected conference. Mr. Roosevelt made 'no statement when the White session was over, hut let It be known that he planned to do «o lifter leaving the city in mlihiflcrnnon for the trip to Muscle Shoals. White House Statement Tho White House statement follows In full: "The conference botweon the President and the president-elect thin morning wns attended by Secretaries Stlmson and Mills and Messrs. Norman DavlH and Moloy. "The dlscUHrilon.M wore devoted, mainly to a canvas*: tit the foreign situation and the following statement covering tho procedure to be followed was aprrecd nt>on: "The British government has asked for a discussion of the debts. "The Incoming administration will he glad to receive their representative early In Vnrch for this purpose. World-Problems Study "Tt is, of course, necessary to dla- ouss at tho samo time the world economic iiroblcmc In which the United States and flroat Britain are mutually Interested, and therefore that representatives should also be sent to dis- 1. Reclasslflcatlon and grouping of, CUSH W!1J . H nm i meunB for improving salaries of employes In all state offices, (the world situation. The 1700 chiSHlflcatlons would be reduced to'approximately 1000. 2. Reduction In salaries of Superior judges to $0000: Appellate judges from $10,000 to $7000, and Supreme Judges from $11,000 to $8000. "It WHM settled that these arrangements will be taken up by the secretary of state with the British government." Refers Only to Britain diplomatic ohunnels, note was In (Continued on 1'age Tico) RENEW SEARCH FOR LOSHVIATORS board, temporarily at least, numbered 17. The crew Five Firemen Hurt in $500,000 Blaze ' (United Press Lxqsed )Vire) SAN JOSE, Jan. 20.— Five firemen were Injured, one probably 'fatally, In quelling a fire whjoh threatened the San JOHO business district InHt night. The flumes wore brought ijndor control after they hud qentroyod tlio building and stock of Drum's Uupart- (llnitcd'Pres* Leaned II lre.> LAUHANNK, .Switzerland, Jan. 20.— A squadron of Swiss nlrplancs wan ready tuelay to bfgln a senroh of tho Alps for two missing Hrltlnh flyers, Bert Kinkier anil Captain \V. 1.. llopi-. Ilopo left here yesterday by plane seeking Illnkler, and did not return. Captain Hope was believed to have carried only enough gasoline for about six hours In air. lie Intended to return hero by ^ p. m., hut had not been heard from early today. Kinkier 'left Kngland January 7 In an attempt to recapture the record for ah England-Australia flight. incut Htore. ut $200,000. Damage WUB ustlM)utu<J ' Asks Inquiry Into Cut in Oil Prices f[!nited Pruts Leased Wire) WASHINGTON, Jan. 20. — Senator Thomas, pemocrut, Oklahoma, Introduced in 'the Uuniitu today a resolution lo obtain fudt-ral tradu commlsMlun In- voutlgullou of thu recent 20 pur cent crude oil price cut which hi- sulU wan tho 'y otroloum Industry. u..i y • • t *• w ..,, vt.uuvt , . in u 11 MI f 11 i<i Hi 1.11)111111* ir*, u if it ^%un 8. Contrallzatlon of legal work of ! taken Immediately that, the statement the state. In .the attorney-general's of- | referred to Great Britain alone. At flee. Tho number of deijnrlmentiil attorneys, now 18G. would bi^ greatly redurcd. Thu bill by.Grubhs pruvldod: Reduction, of salary of governor from $10,000 to $8000; governor's three secretaries from JfiOOO to $3(100 each. Grubbs .also proposed to out the support of tho governor's official residence, from $17,COO u blennlum to .<XOOO, special contingent expenses from $10,000 to $DOOO, special items from $27,500 to $20,000, and postage and traveling expenses from $10,750 to $7500 a blennlum. Nepotism in State Would Be Inhibited (A.ssnfialed I'rt'sa Leased it'iro/ ', SACRAMENTO, Jan. 20.—Nepotism j would be prohibited In state, county | and city governments under tho terms | of a bill Senator R. R.'fngeU of Uklah Introduced In the Legislature today. The bill provides that no state, county or municipal may appoint to any salaried position any relative up to, the third degree. If this becomes law, fathers, mothers, .slaters, brothers, daughters, sons, uncles, aunts and in- lawu would be burred. HEAD OF -FAIR DIES • POMONA, Jan. 20. (A. 1'.)—Charles P. Cumin, president of the Los An- golys" County fair Association and finunciur litre, died here today from a heart u I lack. He was president of t)io Homo Builders' Loan Association and the. Currun Lumber Company. ADVERTISERS' INDEX Pin ADA RITA SHOP 10 AU8TON BEAUTY SCHOOL ID BAKERBFIELD GRAIN COMPANY 2 BROCK. MALCOLM. COMPANY J CHICAGO COLLEQE OF BEAUTY 10 COFFEE. HARRY 8 EASTERN DRUO COMPANY II FAMILY SERVICE LAUNDRY II FOX CALIFORNIA 6 FOX THEATER 6 GALATAS RR06 4 GOODNIGHT. DR II GRANADA THEATER 8 HOTEL EL TEJON tj KIMBALL 4 STONE 10 LA GRANADA BALLROOM & LE ROY CORDON BEAUTY SALON II MONTGOMERY WARD & COMPANY 8 NATIONAL DOLLAR STORE 7 NILE THEATER 6 PHILLIPS MUSIC COMPANY 8 PRICHARD AUTO SERVICE 7 H. * B. DRUli 0 READER'S. JEWELERS S REDLICK'S 8 REX THEATER 8 RIALTO THEATER 8 SECURITY MARKET 4 SHOLAR'S 4 SMITH. MEL. MARKET 4 SPANISH-AMERICAN WAR VETERANS. 0 THItBLE GLASS WORKS 13 UNITED IRON WORKS S VIRGINIA THEATER fl, WEILL. A.. INC J WICKER8HAM COMPANY ?' WIL-SAV-U MARKET J WITHAM i BOOTH 13

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