Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 16, 1933 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 16, 1933
Page 5
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TOLAt KANSAS THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER. THURSDAY EVENING, FEBRUARY 16. 1933. T (Recipes Selected By, Ruth Lynn.) NEWS OF LAHARPE Relatives Arrive to Attend Funeral of Henry McDonald, Who Died Yesterday. LAHARPE, Feb. 16.—Preaching .services w'ill be held at 11 o'clock : Sunday morninc: at the Christian church and in the evening at 7:30 by Ru.ssen Crouch. Christian Endeavor will be held at 6:30. • Cecil Pejttfl, who arrived Monday to attend \hc funeral ol 'his grandmother, Mrs. Charity Barker, and to mit'hLs mother, Mrs. Effle Pettit, returned fcoday to Norman, Okla., where he :-is attending University of Oklahoma! Mr.s. B. H. NCS .S, Pueblo, Colo., is _ spending her vacatlpn here with her husband, northwest of LaHarpc. Mr. Ne&s drove to Wichita to meet her Wedn^day. Mrs. Roy Smith visited her par- .ents. Mr. and Mrs. Ace Duzan Wed• ncsday. ; ' There •feill be two ba.sketball games lieri this evening in the high school gym, the Uniontown bo>-s and girls' teams vs. the LaHarpe teams.| ; • . Chas. Wilson returned to his work driving a tjruck for the Pet Milk Co.. the first of the week, after a long ^illness. Lee Oxender has been helping Mr. Wilson repair the truck. Jess Clarke returned" Wednesday from a sevei'al days visit hi Chanute. Mr. and' Mrs. Llovd McDonald and family, Kansas City; Mr. and Mrs. Henry Denton, Garland: Wesley McDonald and family, Frontenac, and Fred Raines and family of MLs-souri, hare arrived to attend the funeral ot Henry McDonald. , The troSp leaders meeting of Uie boy scouts to be held in, the high schqol pvfe Thursday evening has been .posti>oned because of the basketball game. Mr. and Mrs.. W. A. Hicks, north of lola, and Mr. and Mrs; Wingler, Carlyle, w'erc in towTi on business iWcdno.sday afternoon. - Mr. anrt Mrs. George Teague and Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Knepp and Lawrence Mean.s- drove to Kansas City today to attend the auto show. . Colony defeated the LaHarpe basketball tertms here Tuesday, the first team 20-15, and the" second team 22-16. . F. E. Fence and Ray Andersiji- ; Topeka, returned to their homes ro- day after-looking after oil interests here for the past few days. The ga.s'well on the John Roedcl farm southwest of towii was finished ; Wednesday. i : The hoysos that Howard Wade and Lock^vood Lacey were driving, hitched to a wagon in wiiich there was a hog, ran away Wednesday afternoon, upsetting the wagon and causing some damage. No one was kihjured. Mr. Chatterton, Humboldt, was a business visitor in town Wednesday morning. Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Lacey came from Uttle- Rock, Ark., to visit Mr. and Mrs. Ezra Hutchinson. Mrs. Roy Brock entertained with a dinner Wednesday evening in honor of her son, Clifford's eighth birthday. Mrs. Walter Pettit wias a guest. Liver Loaf, 1 lb. liver 2 cups soft bread cnimbs cup grated onion : 1 ejrg 1 teaspoon salt ':; teaspoon pepper 4 tablespoons butter 4 tablespoons cold water 'I cup flour Put liver through meat chopper. Mix all ingredients together. Shape into a loaf, roll in flour. Place in a hot oven for ten minutes then reduce the heat for thirty-five minutes. of Flavor ot, Just Builer" Tlie line June-butter Jlavor and pleading aroma of Fairmont's Better Butler is repeated every day in every pound; there's a meadow fresh- ness.too. You will like it. Made in lola. CHICKEN AS SERVED IN NEW ORLEANS PAGE FIVE One 4-pound chicken, salt, pepper, paprika, one onion, one pound small sausages, one pound mushrooms, six cups chicken stock, one cup cream^ one pound wild rice. PrepSare, season well, and roast chicken, covering with six or seven cups wat^r and add one sliced onion. When tender, remove .from oven, drain, remove skin and cue meat in pieces. In the meantime, cook sliced mushrooms with the butter in a double boiler untir tender. Broil or parboil the sausage. Strain stock and stir into this the flour stirred to a paste in. a Uttle water. Combine chijckep, mushrooms and When you're HEALTHY you're HAPPY HAPPY days are usually healthy days. Why not atid to these! sunshiny days I Poor health and -constipation go hand in haiid. Get rid of common, constipatioh by eating a delicious cereal. Tests show that Kellogg's ALL-BRAN provides "bulk" to exercise the intestines, and vitamin B to aid regularity. ALL-BRAN is also twice as rich in iron as an equal weight of beef liver. •The "bulk" in ALL-BRAN is much like that in leafy vegetables. How. much better than taking pills and drugs—so often harmful. Two tablespoonfuls daily are usually sufficient. If not relieved this way, see your , doctor. At all grocers. In the red-and- 'green package. Made by Kellogg in Battle Creek. GREATHOUSE ANDSON Mat>ket-We Deliver-Phone 227-Grocery POTATOES, No. l.Peck 19c Corn Meal, 10 pounds 9c Pop Corn, Yellow Dynamite, lb. 3c Macaroni, Elbow, 3 lbs .17c l^gar 10 lbs. 45c Com, No. 2 cans....... 4 for 25c Tomatoes, No. 2 cans... ,4 for 25c Pineapple, No. 2 cans... 2 for 25c Onions 10 Lbs. 17c ,Pumpkin, Otoe, (2'/a).. 3 for 25c Cherries, No. 10, solid pack... .45c Peaches, No. 10, solid pack... .35c RICE, Whole Grain51bs.l7c Pancake Flour, Pantrj' Pride, %yi pounds I5c Peanuts, fresh salted.... 2 lbs. 15c Hekles, sour or dill, qts 15 G NAVY BEANS, 10 lbr25^ Mustard, quarts .14c Oats, large pkg., 2 for 25c Soap, Quick Naplha, 10 bars.. .19c GRAPE FRUIT 7 for 25c . - TEX.AS SEEDLESS Toilet Soap, BI? 4 or Loma 7 foi* 25c Cflery, large bunch '. lOc rtead Lettuce, large- 6c OTHER'S OATS... 25c Oranges, swieet, juicy 2 dz. 29c Carrots 4 lbs. lOc Parsnips ,4 lbs. lOc Eggs . . . 2Doz. 19c Chim 2 lbs ISc Smoked Sausage lOc Link Sausage ..;10c Whipping Cream 8c Pork Roast 5y2€ Pork Steak . Spare Ribs ... Ham Steak ... ........ 6 '/2C 7c 9c Ham Roast ^c Pork Liver, lb. 5c Clieese, No. 1 12c Cottage Cheese . .... i.. 3 lbs. 27c 1 i Beef Roast 6V2C Beef Steak .... Beef Boils ... 11c . 5c Hamburger, strictly fresh, 4 lb. 25c dleo } L|>s. 25c SPECIAL PRICES ON BABY BEEF Butter Creamery 18c Whipping Cream 8c Boiled Ham ... 23c Dry Salt Meat ; Sc Bacon siiced,3ib Veal Roast, lb. 12c Veal Steak, lb 18c Veal Stew, lb. 6c Hens Dressed 15o sauce, add tream. Put In cassei^le and twilce in a moderate oven, 37a degrees P.. until bubbling. Have ready rice wliich has been boiled in salted water. Heap chicken in the center of a; rice ring and serve. . Ilam Loaf. 2 cups chopped, coolted tiam -1 cup bread crumbs 1 egg '.'i teaspoon salt 'i teaspoon pepper ' '1 teaspoon celery salt I tablespoon chopped onion 1 tablespoon parsley 1-3 cup mills Mix . ingredients and press into grea.sed loaf pan. Bake thirty minutes in moderate oven. Southern Hash. 2 cups chopped cooked meat 4 or 5 raw potatoes 2 medium sized jonions '4 cup tomatoes; •'I 1 cup meat stock 4 tablespoons lard Salt Pepper Put vegetables through a food chopper. Melt the fat in a fr>*ing pan and add the vegetables with stock and cook until the potatoes are done, keepii^g it covered and stirring occasionally to prevent sticking. Then add chopped meat nnd season well/n-ith salt and pepper. Heat through and serve hot. IP YOU MISS THE REQISTlJl OALU 1.S7 OR S2n GREENE'S CASH GROCERY EVERYTHING FOR LESS Kansas Seal 48-lb. Sack Empire 48-Ib. Sack . 85c 65c Butter Creamery, Pound 19c Oysters 2 Large Cans 29e 252 Size, Sweel and Juicy, Dozen 19c Ripe Olives Monarch Braitd • Tall Can i Tomatoe Juice Monarch Brand 3 Cans 10-Ib.Can Calumet Blackberries No. 10 Can $1.19 Musiard 2 Quart Jars Folger's Coffee Lb. 29c We Reserve the Right to Limit Quaiitity. SEMINOLE fRderta« T I S S U E Abi«l «(«ir 3 Rolls 19c p. 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WE BUY EGGS AyiP CREAM! -.SEE t7S: FOR ANT KINb OF FEEDsL I • 1119 East St. CALL FOSTER'S Phone 436 OATS by Quaker Large box 10c 5 ib. sack 15c SWEET CORN 300i Size CRACKERS 17« } lb. box 1 « ^ Toilet Tissue 1 Seminole, 3 for DRIED FRUITS Apricots ... 4 lbs. 25c Peaches ... 3 lbs. 25c Raisins .... 4 lbs. 25c Prunte .... 5 lbs. 25c i • j- Pioneer Bacon 5 lb. box SUced.. OO^ PORK Shoulder Roasts ..... 8c Lean Chops 10c Spare Ribs 6c Sausage 4 lbs. 25c HEAVY BEEF I Roasts i9c Steaks ... .. 2 lbs. 25c Boils 6c Hamburger .... 4 lbs. 25c BABY BEEF Roasts 12>^c Steaks .20c Boils 8c Rolled Rib 15c CATFISH Fresh, pound .. .. 25c COFFEE Maxwell House .. 29c Six-0 .... 31bs.^3c PORK'& BEANS Van Camp's O P&GSOAP 9Q/. 10 bars for OYSTERS OKp 2 large cans tdO^ Gallon Peaches .. 33c Gallon Apricots . 36c Box Dwarfies ... 15c Lge, P'cake Floiir 15c Lge Ketchup .. . ;iOc CR. CHEESE \Ao Vo. 1, pound MJ±!^

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