Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on April 28, 1965 · Page 22
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 22

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 28, 1965
Page 22
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BEN CASEY By NEAL ADAMS I7HOUSHT WE WERE FRIENDS, MARK. ^ P 1*5 tr NU. Inc. TJX. >n U.S. Pat. SHORT BIBS By FRANK O'NEAL • Utt kf HU, ht-TM. I*. «i '*. 01*. DAN FLAGG By DON SHERWOOD ...AND SPEAKING OP HATS... I WILL HAVE TO I'LL TAKE MV HAT OFF TO THAT GENTLEMEN... DO YOU AGREE THAT A BLOODHOUND COULD DO NO BETTER ANIMAL OF yOURS, COLONEL TALK WITH YOUR 5ISTER.JIM. ABOUT KINS CARELESS WITH HER GEAR. MOBTY MEEKTJg By DICK CAVALLZ , MOVING*... ALWAYS MCMN0 HZOfA I'LL'eerTHeie WELCOME J . ALLEY OOP By V. T. HAMLIN &&§i IF I CANT HANDLE THESE RUMMIES BY MAJN STRENGTH AN' AWKWARDNESS... WAITU-THEYGETA tOAD OF THIS._"TH' OL' BOILED T POTATO;" r 1 "^ PEISCILLA'S POP By AL VERMEEK REMEMBER! IT DOESN'T BE A DROP-OUT. 1 CAPTAIN EASY By LESLIE TURNER ZACHAK/ / PUT PR. G!_OS£0P.,rM HgSZE IH TROON. EH? 4 REGARD TO JP. MCKEEIVOUK YANKEE SORRtfOLPVBKOTHEK-JMlflWi HFU. ARRIV& v OH, I &££>. T HE'S TOO SENSITIVE- CAN'T HE RNP \ TO APMIf H£ NECES AM AWBMCAM I HEU>,POCl CALI5 TO5 PSYCHIATRIST I A 5BNT1MENTAL TRIP TO TAKB HI* WONT FACE FACTS, &S TEU. MB. HOW FAR HA9 HIS CASE- PR06RESSEP? HAS HE STARTBP ST1CXIN8 STRAWS IU NO..HP5 BALP AS A OOURPL AMP 56EM& SUITE NORMAL, AT TIMES1 OCR BOARDING HOUSE with MAJOR HOOPLE OUT OUR WAY J. R. WILLIAMS £6KD,NAPrTHA,HOW PLEASAKST VT WILL BE TOHAV5 AMOTHa? PAT03M OFTH&ART4 t^THfr MANOR/ r MUST SET our MY •SAMtSEM SO WE CAM EASY? NOW— I / GOOD GAWSH.' TAKEITEASV5 *<- IS THIS TH' RACE NOW, PANH AMPLE .NEVER MIND THE SARCASM, CURLY.' I THOUGHT I'D TRY PUTTING' SOMEONE' ON A KflCK HORSE, TO TR/AMP MAKE SOME MONEY FOR us— A COWHORSE IS DOING IT.' WISH-CLASS TOU»K ATfHE UPSTAIRS BOOIA AND fDOUT WAvJT HIM TO &O 5tlFF-HAIR£t) WH6M HE SEES SOU/ MPT. STOMS \^> A KERNED SCONS MAM 5TUDyiN3 CLASSICAL. MUSIC.' MIGHT O'RUIrJEP HIM, BEMDIN' A LA1G/ I THOUGHT YUH WS JUSTSHIPPIN'A PIECE O* CHIPPENDALE; WHEN HE HAD ^ A GOOD 6WOT= CLASSIFIED RATES Minimum 2 lines. 5 average words to the line. 32 letters and spaces. Do not abbreviate. ITime 3 Times 8 Times 2 Lines .$1.00 $1.44 $2.64 3 Lines 1.00 2.16 3.96 4 Lines.— 1.08 2.B8 S.28 5 Lines 1.35 3.60 S.60 6 Lines 1.62 4.32 7.92 7 Lines 1.89 5.04 9.24 8 Lines . 2.1S 5.76 9 Lines 2.43 10 Lines 2.70 ERRORS Where an error Is made on the part of the Redlands Daily Facts, and the r acts is notified by 9 a.m. day fol- owing first insertion, correction will be made and the ad will be run properly one additional day. The Redlands Daily Facts will not be responsible for more than on* ill' correct insertion. LOST — Woman's green billfold in Harris Co. Call 792-1271. ,OST — Desert turtle, vicinity Country Club Dr. Reward. 7B2-1604. REWARD for return of diamoni for return bracelet lost last Wednesday night. Contact Box O. c/o Facts office. Copy Deadline 4:30 p.m. Redlands Daily Facts 22 - Wed., April 28,19M NEED immediate cash. Will sacrifice 50 inches water credit, $6,000. Box J, c/o Facts office. THE HAIRDRESSERS 15 W. State 793^2758 OPEN EVENINGS LOWER PRICES No Appointment Necessary 6.43 7.20 10.56 11.88 13.20 JADY desires employment as house, keeper and companion. 797-3862. Fast Per Month by th* line — $4.00 Commercial Bate* on Beouest HOUSEWOBK by hour. thorough. 792-7029. IRONINGS neatly done in my home. Reasonable. 793-S204. LANDSCAPE gardening, lawns installed, rototilling, 796-0922. MARRIED YARD CARE — Monthly rates, after 5. 782-7658. CARPENTRY, cabinets, painting; no Job too small! 793-4962. CANCELLATION Csncellations of private party ads <nay be made until 9 a.m. the day of publication. If made lifter 9 a.m., cancellation will be made ior the fol- owing day. Each ad placed must be published one time or there will be a type setting cost of SI.00. PAINTING —A-l workmanship, reasonable. "Bob" DeWitt. 793-3722. HOME repairs, cabinets, alterations. General carpentry. Watkins, 797-0596 ITEADY reliable gardener, 15 years Trading Stamp Directory S. & H. Gr*«n Stamps THE HARRIS CO. 17 i. state PYion« isa-ase* 1 Lost and Found RESOLUTION' AXD ORDER FOB SALE OF REAL PROPERTY No. Ill RESOLVED, that it is in the judfi ment of this board advisable to sell that certain real property belong- ng to the REDLANDS UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT of San Bernardino County, hereinafter described, and this Board hereby declares Its mention to sell the same at a minimum price of $3.146.00. and the total purchase price shall be payable at the close of escrow. IT IS FURTHER RESOLVED, that not less than three (3) weeks irom :he date hereof, to-wit; on the llth day of May, 1965. a public meeting Of the Governing Board of said REDLANDS UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT of San Bernardino County will be held at Us regular place of meeting at the Board Room at 7:30 o'clock p.m.. at which meeting scaled proposals to purchas* the said real property will be received and considered, Cash or a certified check on i reputable bank, payable to the RED LANDS UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT of San Bernardino County, in ihe amount of $100.00 shall accom- iany each and every proposal, aid. whether written or oral, on said property. The cash or certified check accompanying the accepted or award' ed proposal, or bid, shall be retained by the REDLANDS UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT of San Bernardino County, and such cash, or such check shall be converted into cash, and deposited in the County Treasury of said County for the use of said chool district as liquidated damages Jn case of default or refusal of the bidder to comply with the terms of the proposal or bid accepted, and otherwise to be credited upon the purchase price. Only the cash certified check accompanying the accepted proposal or bid shall be so retained and all other such cash certified checks shall be returned forthwith to the person or persons presenting the same. IT IS FURTHER RESOLVED, that notice of the adoption of this resolution and of the t:me and place of holding said meeting shall be given by posting copies of this resolution signed by thii Board, or by a majority thereof, at three public places in the district, not less than fifteen I15i days before the date of said meeting and by publishing such notice not less than once a week for three 13) successive weeks before Ihe meeting in a newspaper of genera circulation published in the Count> of San Bernardino, and the Redlands Daily Facts Is hereby designated the newspaper in which such notice shall be published as aforesaid. At the time and place fixed in this resolution for the meeting of the governing board, all sealed proposals which have been received shall, public session, be opened, examinee and declared by said Board, and 01 the proposals which conform to all terms and conditions specified in this resolution of intention to sell, and which are made by responsible bidders, the one which is the highest shall be finally accepted. If. however, upon the call for oral bidding, at such session, any responsible person offers to purchase such properly upon the terms and conditions specified in this resolution, for price txcecding by at least five p» per cent the highest of said written proposals, then the highest of any of such oral bids which shall be made by a responsible person shall be finally accepted. The final acceptance by this Board may be made either at the same session, or at any adjourning session of the same meeting held with the ten (10) days next following. This governing board may at «uch session if it deems such action to be for the best public interest, reject any and all bids cither written or oral, and withdraw such property from sale. Within three (3) days from date hereof Buyer shall open an escrow at Bank of American N.T. & S.A-. 20 West State Street, Redlands, California, IT IS FURTHER RESOLVED AND FOUND by this Board that the real property hereinafter described, or any of it. is not now and will not the time of delivery of title or, possession be longer needed for school classroom buildings or for public use by the REDLANDS UNIFIED SCHOOL. DISTRICT of San Bernardino County. The real property intended to be sold pursuant to this resolution and order is described as all that certain real property situate in the County of San Bernardino. State of California, and more particularly de- •cribed as follows, to-wit: That portion of Sub Lot S of Lots 9 and 10. Block 77. RANCHO SAN BERNARDINO according to MAP OF EAST REDLANDS, in the City of Redlands, County of San Bernardino, State of California, as per map recorded in Book 7 of Maps, page 47 in the Office of the Count- ty Recorder of said County, described as follows: COMMENCING at a point on the centerline of Fifth Avenue! formerly Crafton Avenue by said map) said point being South 83° 46' 45" West 774.99 feet from the centerline intersection of said Fifth Avenue and Dearborn Street, said point of commencement being the intersection of the prolongation of the common lot line between Sub Lots 8 and 9 and the centerline of said Fifth Avenue: thence North 48' 02' 15" West along the Southwesterly line of said Sub Lot 8, 738.40 feet to the True Point of • Beginning, said point lying on the Southerly prolongation of the centerline of Lincoln Street, as shown by said map: thence continuing North 48* 02* 15" West 185.13 leet; thence North 59° 33' 00" East 25.68 feet: thence North 70° 08' 45" East 155.24 feet to a point on said Southerly prolongation of the centerline of Lincoln Street; thence South 0° 27' 30" East along the Southerly prolongation of the centerline of said Lincoln Street, 178.01 feet to the point of beginning. CONTAINING 0-286 acrea more or less. IN WITNESS of the passage of the foregoing resolution and order in the form and manner prescribed by law, we the members of said Board, present and voting thereon have hereunto set our hands this 13th day of April, 1965. A. B. SCHUI/TZ, JR., , ROBERT E. KAHL, RICHARD L. SCOTT, Members of the Governing Board of Redlands Unified School District of San Bernardino County, California. Z AR hostess wanted. Apply in person. 10:30 a.m. 416 W. Cotton Ave. ENERGETIC WOMAN Earn to $750 month for part-time work. Box 426. Redlands. SALESMAN or saleslady for furniture department. Experience desired. Write Box C. c/o Facts office. WOMAN for part-time waltress^cook^ Over 21. Apply at Garden Air Golf Course, ._Calimesa_. AHRIED couple for gardening and domestic work. Live in guest cottage on premises. Call 793-2696 from g to 5. NfiV? TRAINING CLASS STARTING IMMEDIATELY FOR AVON Representatives! You, too, can earn $2- S4 per hour. For private interview, call TU 8-4962. 3 Special Notices 4 Employment Wanted and WANTED — Typing; will pick-up and deliver. 792-7578 alter 6 p.m. man needs work, tion or labor. 797-7945. Prodi ,uc- Call 'AINTING and decorating, licensed and insured. 792-4772. experience. 797-9352. Call after 4 p.m. 6 Help Wanted 9 Room and Board HOTEL CASA DEL KEY Retirement hotel, 793-9068 10 For Rent A—APARTMENTS PLEASANT 1 bedroom, furnished. West Olive. S60. 792-3336. FURNISHED, 3 rooms, very clean, $83. 205 W. Fern. UNFURNISHED I bedroom, 555. 245',i Norwood. 793-4728. NEW 2 bedroom, unfurnished, built- ins, patio, adults. £90. 792-6005. 3 ROOM, furnished, clean, quiet, reasonable. garage. Adults. 793-3639. FURNISHED S"INGLE APARTMENT" 26397 W. Redlands Blvd. 1 BEDROOM unfurnished, stove and refrigerator. Adults. 792-8563. FURNISHED utilities 792-4879. chelor apartment, paid. $40. 252 Sonora, ATI 10 For Rent A —APARTMENTS FUHiNlSHfiD APARTMENTS, weeitly rates, $15 and up. monthly rates, £50 and up, utilities included. Children welcome. 792-7585. 1122 Weit Palm. Apt. 3. Sherwood Village 1100 sq. ft, 2 bedroom, 2 bath studio with private patio, tiled entrance, harp staircase, home sized kitchen with Westinghouse black glass electric oven and separate cook top, breakfast bar, loads of closet space, carpeted and draped, forced air heating, air conditioned and sound proofed. Only §129.00. Spacious grounds lushly landscaped, heated pool, sauna bath, recreation room with kitchen/Bar-B-Q, valley ball court, campfire circle, putting green. Free water and city services. Free dryers. McKinley- Cope school district. Pine and Ash. Mgr.. 762-D Pine St. RALPH'S BARGAIN SPOT Used Furniture - Appliances We buy and sell most anything. 342 Orange St. 792-5857 Closed Sun. Res. 792-2362 LIDO PALMS FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED Gas, Water, Electricity & City Services Included Bachelor ? 90.00 1 Bedroom .... 110.00 2 Bedroom .... 140.00 Studio 160.00 Extra large wardrobes and storage. Range, refrigerator, drapes, fully carpeted; soundproofed, private balcony or patio, beautiful grounds, heated pool, putting green, shuffleboard court, recreation rooms. McKinley - Cope School District 100 TENNESSEE STREET (Hedlands Blvd. or Freeway to Tennessee St., South for 3 blocks; Manager, Apartment 1 7f?2-7016 McMAHAN'S USED FURNITURE Kenmore washer ?69.9C Welbuilt "Power Master" air conditioner .$99.95 Full size bid-a-bed $29.95 5-pc. dinette set with neva-mar top $29.95 Beautyrest full size mattress $39.95 -offee tables, from $3.95 up Vanity with large mirror $24.95 Eskimo 20" electric breeze box..$24.95 TV recliner, like new $39.95 3-pc. desk, chair and stand set..S13.95 Full size innerspring mattress....$14.95 24" boys bike 29.95 10' Westinghouse refrigerator....$69.95 Club chair S 9.95 ieneral Electric refrigerator $69.95 I.E. canister vacuum $29.95 21" Philco TV with stand $69.95 Westinghouse electric range $29.95 ~. wringer washer $39.95 FREE DELIVERY 127 E. Stale 793-281Z B — HOUSES 42 E. HIGHLAND. 2!i cooler, fenced. $89. bedrooms. E — MISCELLANEOUS THE amazing Blue Lustre will leave your upholstery beautifully soft and clean. Rent electric shampooer SI. Imperial Hardware. BEDROOM house, newly painted interior, $80. Water paid. 797-8941. ~~ BEOROOM, nice Grant. 792-5983. RANGE OR WASHER LOMA LINA 1 BEDROOM, unfurnished, clean. Water paid. 132 Norwood. $55. 7S2-S131 or 792-3380. 3 BEDROOM, wall to wall carpet. $85. 217 W. Pennsylvania, 793-4496 after 5. NICE older 2 bedroom and den. fenced yard, $75. 835 Ohio. Inquire 1212 Ohio. 3 BEDROJJM, 2 baths. Children and pets welcome. Partly furnished. _Northsjde. $90. 793-5924. DELUXE large 2 bedroom, 2 bath duplex: southside. Stove, refrigerator, automatic washer, drapes, Carting. $150. 792-7050. peting. $ls LARGE 2 IN bedroom house, near schools, $67.50 a month. Will furnish or partly furnish if desired. Durrell, 924 E. Central. 793-5785. YUCAIPA—2 bedroom, den. 1 baths, fireplace, patio, view, near freeway, $125 partly furnished. _792-7865. 2 BEDROOMS, refrigerative cooling, forced air heat, fenced yard. $80 month includes water. DON" FIGGINS. Realtors. 20 N. 7th. 793-2361, eves. 792-452G. $90 — 2 bedrooms, unfurnished, like new. Built-ins. Adults, no pets. 86 i 3 room bungalow, water paid, $60. 792-2038 or 2 BEDROOM plus, southside S 90 2 BEDROOM unfurnished duplex_S 75 2 BEDROOM furnished $ 85 Wanda Hale, Realtor 126 W. Colton N. San Matco. and trash 792-8868. 3 BEDROOM, partially furnishjd. S85. New carpeting, good cooler. Near school, fenced yard. 796-4332 or 792-8115. NEW 2 bedroom, carpeted, range, carport, and only $85.00 per month. Call Ben M. Nymeyer, 793-4950. Office at 826 High Ave. YUCAIPA — Attractively furnished garden apartment. Close in. Utilities paid. 550. Garage available. J2148 Adams. 797-4273. bedroom duplex, carpeted, covered patio. Gardening and water paid. Adults. $75. 315 Bond, 793-1158. 2 BEDROOM, unfurnished, stove and refrigerator. 1 bedroom carpeted. Excellent southside location. 590 month. BERT MARCUM. Realtor. 793-2422. COTTAGE - APARTMENTS Gracious Living at its Best! ROOSEVELT COURTS 792-2293 534 Roosevelt Rd. 793-4945 Park Stillman Apts. 2 bedrooms, SI 10. East on Colton. south on Chnpel, u-est on Stillman to 920. Manager. Apt. A. 792-4786. KEDLA.VDS TGVVN HOUSE CAJON and CLARK Redecorated, modern, most desirable. 2 bedroom upper. Ideal location, walking distance town, shopping. Available now. 793-448L. 2 bedrooms, stove, refrigerator, heated swimming pool, clubhouse privileges. Only S95. Available now 1316 Sylvan Blvd., Manager Apt. 7. Durrell's Apartments Nearly new, furnished, attractive 2 bedroom unit in spacious court. Electric kitchen, dishmaster, carport, storage, patio, pool and play area, laundry facilities. 1011 E. Central Ave. See Manager, Unit "D". 924 E. Central. 793-5785. NEW 2 bedroom duplex. Refrigerator. range, garbage disposal. trash pick - up. carpet, water paid. 1 or 2 children and small pet FOR LEASE 2 Bedroom home, unfurnished, louthside 2 Bedroom unfurnished apartment -S100 PRESCOTT'S. 5 W. State. 793-3188 FOR LEASE — Mediterranean Estate on viewful l l .i acre. 4 bedrooms 4 baths, dining room, large livini room, finished basement. S325 month. Water and gardener paid BERT MARCUM. Realtor, 793-2422 or Eves. Jim Bethell. 793-3059- AVAILABLE FOR 3 MONTHS : bedrooms, 3 baths, unfurnished. Available May 15 to August 15. Prefer no small children. $100 per month in return for good care ol house and yard. Contact Perry al Sawyer Real Estate. "93-2814. FOR LEASE 4 Bedroom, I 3 * baths _ $155 3 Bedroom. I 3 * baths $145 Built-in range and oven. Carpet, fenced, lawn. EARL JOHNSON, REALTOR 18 N. 7th St. 792-6380 Eves. 793-2451, 792-3269 3 BEDROOMS, den, 2 baths. Smiley-Cope area. Lease $150 2 BEDROOMS and den. 2 baths, formal dining room, carpets and drapes. Close in. Available now .... . S175 month MODERN", furnished, 2 bedroom apartment 3 BEDROOMS, 2 baths. Country Club, outstanding. On lease $210 VIRGIL J. SIMS. Realtor 15 Bargain Spot D - FURNITURE ROOMS of maple, 522.50 a monlbl Bedroom, living room, dinette furniture. Factory showroom samples. Save $200.00. 9-pc. living room group, 12-pc. bedroom outfit, 7-pc. dinette set. dropleaf table and 6 chairs. All only §568.00. Pay $22.50 a month. PEOPLE'S FURNITURE. 216 ORANGE ST.. REDLAJfDS. RENT A REFRIGERATOR BARLOWS 796-0121 WANTED Good USED FURNITURE, TOOLS. APPLIANCES. We specialize in Service. Courtesy and Cash. Call DAY or N1TE. collect. TU 5-7844 BIG CONTEST Jome on down to our store durinC Hardware - Housewares Week and register for the big Happy Home Values Sweepstakes Contest. It'« free. Nothing to buy... no jingle* to write. Just stop in and register and you may win one of 4 Rambler Classic Convertibles ... or there are nearly 1000 other merchandise prizes to be, awarded to Hardware- Housewares Week shoppers too. Stop in today and register and while you're there just look over all the big Happy Home Values in famous brand-name hardware and housewares we're featuring during Hardware - Housewares Week. Contest ends May 1st, so see us today. Imperial Hardware Co. 19 E. Citrus 793-327t _ . . ANIMALS FRENCH Poodle puppies, AKC registered.? weeks old. 792-6384.. GUINEA PIGS — Delightful pets for children. Young, multi-colors, also a few breeders. SI each or 6 for $5. Call 793-3673 between 6 and 7 p.m. 26 Musical Instruments SPINET CONSOLE PIANO—Want responsible party in this area to assume small monthly payments. Write or phone Credit Manager, Tallman Piano Stores, Inc., Salem. Ore., EM S-5707. 40 Real Estate Loans NO COMMISSIONS, NO FEES. Private party makes 1st and 2nd Trust Deed Loans homes, lots, acreage. 9510 Oak Glen Rd., B'mont 845-1489 43 Mortgages-Trust Deeds WILL sell 1st and 2nd Trust Deedi. C. Kooiman, Healtor, 792-2632. IMMEDIATE CASH for Trust Deeds", Loans. BREWSTER - RABENSTEIN. Realtors, 105 E. Citrus. 793-5178. 44 Business Opportunities FOR SALE or Lease — Hamburger- taco drive-in. Facts office. Write Box B, c/o 18 W. Citrus 793-2777 D — OFFICES - BUILDINGS . O.K. Inquire 34870 County Rd.. or phone 797-8525. Line BUSINESS building, W. Redlands Blvd.. S10Q. Key 112 1st. 792-4611. UNIQUE office building, 650 sq. ft". 3 rooms, air-conditioned. lease §160. Littlepage. Realtor. 703-2766 DELUXE stores and offices available in Boulevard Plaza. Third and Red- Iands Blvd. Maurice Clapp, 794-1111, FORMERLY STEAK EATERS 31653 Hi way S9, Redlands. Very suc- SMALL commercial building, automatic heat and air conditioned. New. $90. 615 W. State. Maurice Clapp, 794-1111. OFFICE"0~R~~S~T~0~RT^lTlI^iNG, 18 x 45. Ample parking. A-l location. Air conditioned. Apply DON FIGGINS, Realtor. 20 N. 7th v 793-2861. Completely Furnished • 1 and 2 bedrooms • Heated pool and patio +• Carports, laundry, insulated + Water and gas paid TED'S APARTMENTS 27385 W. Redlands Blvd. Near Alabama 793-3678 OFFICE FOR LEASE 675 sq. ft., air conditioned. 5110 per month. Terry Higdon, Realtor 606 Texas 792-4043. Eves. 793-4904 New Deluxe Apartments FURNISHED and UNFURNISHED 1 and 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, single story, heated pool, carports, storage, ] a u n d ry facilities, carpets, drapes, air conditioned. Children over 12 welcome. Palmbrook Apts. 1959 NSV MOTOR SCOOTER. $100. 792-2198. 950 Palmbrook Dr. 792-6928 Redlands Village Green For Senior Citizens $90 to $160 Month • Single level. * Carpets. + Draperies. • Electric ranges. • Refrigerators.. + Air conditioning, forced air heat. * Pool. * Community center. • Hobby rooms. ^ Shuffle board. + Private patios. 1125 Pine Ave. 792-1805 Off Tennessee near Brookside Ave. Park Terrace Apts. 1324 Stillman Ave. 2 — 2 bedroom, 1& baths. Stove, refrigerator, fully carpeted, drapes, pool, patios, carports, guest parking. Adults. $125. Manager, Apartment 5. 793-2748 792-3724 Brookside Patios 711 Brookside NEW LUXUBY APARTMENTS FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED Private patios or balconies. Extra . large rooms and closets. Carpets, drapes. Free circulating hot water. Refrigerated cooling. Heated swim- ing pool. Putting green. Carports. Guest parking. FHEE CITY SERVICES. 1 and 2 bedroom apts. start at $110. Manager. No. 8. 793-4275. JuManna Apts. 30 and 50 N. Ash St. 2 bedroom, 1 bath— $120, $125 Z bedroom, I'/b baths, studio .$155 .Forced air heat, cooling and private patio. 2 bedroom, 2 baths ?16S Forced air heat, cooling and private patio. Carpeting and drapes, built-in electric range and oven, pool, recreation room. Free, laundry facilities, GAS and CITY SERVICES PAID. Mgr. No. 4 792-6770, 792-5964 TRAILER PARK SITE 53 SPACES APPROVED, GRADED. PLANNED AND READY TO BUILD Some improvements already in. VERY CLOSE TO REDLANDS Asking $50.000 with terms. L. A. PRATT, Realtor 682-0158 8 West Citrus 793-250* 15 Bargain Spot A — AUTOMOT.'VE 6 Units Good southside location, income approximately $300 per month. 1U- ness is forcing sale. Price $24,500. Wanda Hale 126 W. Colton Realtor 793-247S Wanda Wilson. Associate Eves.: 792-8688 1964 VOLKSWAGEN, deluxe. Fine condition, radio. $1525. 796-2215. MUST sell by May 4th, 1856 Plymouth. S125. Good rubber, clean. 792-3813. 1964 STING Ray Corvette. Fast bacK. Original owner. All extras. Full price $3500. FY 3-4955. 1963 CHEVY 11 convertible. Like new. Will take best offer. Before 5 call 796-0828. after 5 797-5872. 1356 CHEVROLET Bel Air sport coupe, V-8, powerglide, radio, heater. S400. Call 797-8565 after 6 p.m. 1964 VOLKSWAGEN Camper, 1500 CC engine, radio, and excellent condition, S2I95. 792-3149. 1959 CHEVROLET 9 passenger station wagon. Radio, automatic transmission, Mark IV air conditioner. Clean. S595. 783-3755. 1958 TRIUMPH 3 roadster. Excellent condition, engine overhauled recently. Owner leaving town, must sell! 793-1021. 1320 E, Colton Ave. Four 2 Bedroom Units 3 years old. $25,000 full price Terry Higdon, Realtor 606 Texas 792-4043, Eves. 793-4904 1962 OLDSMOBILE 85 Cutlass Sport Coupe; good condition, factory air. Call 793-2111 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.; 792-1593 between 6 and 8 p.m. PICK-UP truck, 1938 GMC, with 1951 engine, runs well, $200. Also 1948 4 door Plymouth. A fine work car. S75. Call between 4 and 7 p.m. and anytime on weekends, 792-1405. '58 VOEVO complete engine and transmission. Ready to install and only 5165 for both or will sell separately. Good condition. 792-7435 after 5:30. 1962 MERCURY Comet 4-door deluxe, automatic transmission, air conditioning, low mileage, nearly new tires, show room fresh. Private party. 792-3954. 1961 T-BIRD hardtop, factory air, swing away steering, full power, including windows. Colonial white, good rubber. Original owner. $1725 (wholesale). 797-8720. B — TRAILERS • BOATS 14 FT. glasspar Sport" Lido. Mark 30 Mercury engine and trailer. Reasonable. 793-5315 after 6. C — APPLIANCES DELUXE gas stove. G.E. 2 door refrigerator- As new. 792-6253. REFRIGERATOR - Freezer combination, coppertone, $200. Kenmi gas dryer. S75. 792-2160. D - FURNITURE We Buy, Sail, Trade, Rent Value Center Furniture 315 W. Redlands Blvd. 792-1111 (Across from Hedlands Car Wash) cessful. Premises for lease, gain. Call owner. 987-3061. Bar- 47 Income Property 24 UNIT APARTMENT Close to downtown, corner location. Excellent occupancy record. $225,000. SIX ACRES unimproved land, near "Citrus Village Shopping Center. $60,000 or submit. Phone or write: Milt Poppctt, Marshall and Ropp, Realtors, 211 Ocean Ave., Laguna Beach, California, 1714) 494-1021. UNITS on corner property zoned AP and H2. $260 monthly income. Just $30,000 with good financing. 2 UNITS, separated by a garage. They contain 2 bedrooms, 1 bath each. In excellent condition. $26,500. $1,000 M9NTHLY INCOME from this Brookside Ave. property. Now being used as a 4 patient rest home. 6 Bedrooms, large porch, and very nice yard. $31,000. Emerich & McDowell, Inc. 826 Brookside Ave. 793-2428 Eves. 793-1961. 792-4677. 792-4093 50 Lots and Acreage BEAUTIFUL hillside view lot. 1329 Monterey St. 792-8719. BOW 'C' ROAD, iy< acres close-in, privacy, fabulous view, can be split for 2 lots, $8,950. 792-3586. VIEW LOTS in restricted subdivision, close in Yucaipa. Lots graded. 797-1577. IVt acres facing 17th St., $5.600. Alsa H acre lot only $2,300. Lovely view lots, good terms. Two nice level lots in Yucaipa only $2,800 and $3,100. $200 down. Two nice lots in Beaumont. 797-1059. FOR SALE OR TRADE: 3 Ergi B-l lots in Yucca Valley. Located near new development and ready to go! $2,950 each. Also large residential lot in Apple Valley, besi location, not far from Golf course $5,250. Best terms or trade tot house, travel trailer, lots or 1 Owner 797-7969.

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