Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 11, 1928 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 11, 1928
Page 2
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PAGE; TWO THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER. WEDNESDAY llr. and AlrH. K<l Crone aii<I «hll- dren. CHffonl ami Uctlia,/ of Iqd*?- pSnilence.. Kansas, WCIT \vwk-cii(J Kucsts of Mr. ami Mi|M. I,awri-ii(f Rice, 2U Norlli Umrkey.' sln-it. —The lola Ii;r. rolil SUiranc and Fuel Company scUs Coat ol JICHI qualitj-. ; Fhout 11'i. TJie PJiilaililphia l.t-dKcr lias fh<- following Mo say of "The BCHI Short SJorifh!." a liook now at thi- ? lo ^a PijMic; j.ihrary: "Aiilliors. cd- ; Iters, libT-auirin.-?. tf-arln'!S of sliorl- " 'Story w;riiinB anil oilfers find }\ Indispensablfo. Many <;OUOB<'S liavr adopted;Ilit>ihook;as a roKular fca- • ttqre. of* their <-oursi'.s in KiiRlisli and short story writinK"' —All furniture and liousfludd ' Koods ill niy lionii! at 3<i1 Smith •- Colboru.will lie for sa'o Thursday, / Friday land Snmrday this wo<'-k. Call frojai-l:00 p. ni. to I:<MI p. m. or telcrlione ly.'i^V' for appoiiit- • ment. O. H. rarkoiiini:. Mrs. <5race Howard, of 4i'I -Vortlj Walnut strpet. has roturned I'lonu • from AmaijillfT, Texas, where she •was called by the illness of her sister. She reiwrls her sister now able to bi; up. ' .Notice. • —It ha.s been rumored that r;)en Stsiffordi and Alva Klack were accused of my re<?nt holdup. This is all a mistake" as 1 piTsnually kjjow wliere Ihesej two Kcntlenicu vereatrthat time. ' Anil if any one accused' them, they were mistaken as they'were innoeent absolutelv. i (Signed) Jon.v \V. I^ARLKV. Bfyard, Kansas. \ Mrs, Oscar Benson, Mrs. Sam Sluion and Mrs. Uoscqe Long, of Independence, Kanja.';"! will lie guests tomorrow of Mrs. l „-iwrenor f -Rlce, ol'204 North llurkeye street rr-?2.9S Shoes at tlie .Si)e| Cash Shoe Slore. Charlefl Cole leli yc-^terday for Topeka tolvlslt his daughter:;. Mvr- Stdne and Mrs. Uussell. B.| P. OTS. Social Club Card Party Thursday, January 12 . at Club "Rooms. Phone Mrs. Lloyd Carter, 447. or Mrs. G. A. SwigRett. :52(i. Please call promptly. Cards at S o'clock;sharp. H. Balzcr. -who conducts a dairy farm just north of town on Kentucky street has fliiished piping •water to his' hous«r from Hock Creek, a, 'distance of half a mile. He has installed an eni;ine to pump! the water from tlie creeV to, be u.sed tp water his cytle. He now has forty head of firCe llol Btoins and the old way of' provid Ing water for his stock ilid iw produce ejioiigh for tlif: entire herd. • WIL F. niKW Physician und Siinrcon • Eye Ear. Nose and • Glasses Fittetl • 2Vj S. Waahiu«loiv. l"la • Office phone R2!t: lte.>'. lir.fl Parsons; Sun: The coniiiy cmi- mlftsloncri?. of ( riwronl (onnsy tijia week aunoMiii<'il ili .ii :i i;r.ivel road Iroiu- Miiimo to ih'-_v.-. :.i "county lluii ^^ ill Ix --".n nfi the- wejitlM 'i- tiuk". iii>- li.itiliuc of gi'avel poi .•.jlil.v Till Kiai) uill hook up Witil lhi< l /llielte (ouilly road and five Partons .i hatil Mir faced road .ill the w .iy t-i I'iils- Kort Scott ;iii(| points east. And lliit hi'Ijis JXInia. nudson. ii Ktudent aC the Junior hlKh Kchmil, wan ill at her home. 'MM West .Madison avrtiuc yesterday and iinaWe to nttein' .school. She fs Ihi- daughter of Mr and .Mrs. J. W. Mudsbn. Dependahlr , ;'r-L<"nip Coal oti track: $.'i.5tt per Ion off car. fft.'^T, delivered. lola Ilunk and Coa! Co. Phone :tlT; ilo(»r north of Kaly depol. Mrs. A: .M; Dnnlap. of 2(i.'{ North Walnut street, who has been con- fineil to her bed since Saturday, is reporlt^l about the Hame. -—For Real Estate lioans see the Security Itlthr. & Ltinn Associutlon, lola, Ks. Office in First Natl. Bank. • .Miss l.ulie Adams. 41'.'5 South street, who has been 11 lor nearly a week, is impvoviuK- - Uroken lines, to $S..">li values go at $2.9!i. Spol Cash Shoe Store. Mrs. Harvey C. .Malliis. who was <"alled to Waverly by the death oi; her sisier. and remained, for a few days at tln^ family home, returned yesterday afternoon to lola. Elks Aftontlon. Regular meeting S p; ni. tonight. Frank McCarthy. K. R. Chester Thomas, who his been a barber at Wolfe'.s for sometime, is now working at the })!amond Barber -shop, owned by .1. Ii. Maffitl. —A car of gdod dependable hump Coal on tractk, 15.50 per ton off car, ?i;.2r> per ton doHvcrod. loli^ Junk and Coal Co„«phonc 317, firs door north Katy depot. Mrs. Katherine Wood, <if (larnelt. who has been a guest in the home of her .dsughter, Mr.s. J. F. Swonger. 1r..) since Snnilay. returned homo this afternoon. ".4 re Y<i« a Mason ?" —1. J. C. 3-act comedy. Senior high auditorium, Thiirsdav. Jan. 12. Tickets now at J. V. Merchant's. STiv, 2r><-. Mrs. F. H. Reiiloii, of Topeka, WILO has been visiting Mrs. R. F. Yancy, of Lallarpe. returned to her home this afterntfon. .Voficp to the PHhlk". —The registration books of the City of lola. Kansas, ^re now open in the office of the City Clerk, from S a. m. until .'> p; m. for the purpose '.of registration., and all persons >vho did'not vote at the last geni-ral election orwho. hav^ slja;QC moved their residence will have'to register in order "1o vote at tlic coming- primary and <i to be held In .March an y election 1 April. burg. an4{ nOi^th am a lot. —All fiirniluri.- :inil lioii.'^choUl ! ; goods in iny lionie ai. :;fil Soirthj •Colbor:: will l.e lor sale Thursday. ' 'Friday and Saturday ibis week. Call from ireM.p. m. to Iron p. m. or toleiOioiie loiCiW for appoint' ment. (>. H. P:u-kening. A ..soul he.ii stern Kansa;^ glee clul: . JUeet will -be held in Chauute in connection; with the laufous Iteval- ers, January 31. Glee->clubs will be in attendance fron) lola, Hum- _boldt; Par-sons. Cherryvalc. Newle- Bha and other cities in this sec- Uon. •: . --rPhone us your orders for Kan- ll • .Ras, Oklahoma. Illinois. Colorado, i , and severiil other grades of coal ; and'coke.; lola Junk and Coal Co.. - phone .'?17'.' first door north. Katy ; depot. * •_ , Mr. R. I. Mather. • Commissioner • of Public: t"tiiitij,s. enjoying a visit thi.* .week from an' uncle of his, Mr. Fred Cownian. of Alberta. Canada. ^Ir. Cowman has a 2.500 • acre farni in the north country J upon which • gr.]i2e» tho first herd ; of absolutely p'nro bred ' Hereford " cattle that ever was importetl to r Canada. Mr: (^owman u.sed to live . la-'Mariou county, kansas. but re' moved to Canada aljout 23 years ' ago. The- cliiniltp has evidently agreed with him because ho says Jre Is 20 poundii heavier now than \vhen he left Kansas anil although r- 75 years of age,-thp aireragc pcr- SQii would not imagine! him to be • a day over 55.. Mr. Cowman will : apend a few days hero and -then WUl-spend some -weeks visiting relatives la various parts of the - country hoforo returnlncr to.Can- n. I-. HicNiKu City Clerk, lola. Kans. ' "T" i Mrs. T. K. Mosworth.; of Seneca, who has bci .Mi a giiesi of Mr.s. Fred III Chllds. ;s:.(i North Sycamore street, left thi;: aftcrnoou for Topeka. ,K;ins.. to visit l)ef(irc return- iiig liojne. 0, F. S. Chtb AllMiMon! - O. hi. S.;Clnb will ilieet Friday afti'riioon. .Ian. 1.'!. in baminel room of Masonic. Temidiv T);iniage in a. rin,f fire at 21.'. South Ohio street .iboiit It): l.", o'clock tills liiorning was «;Htiniated at ?,'» ihy firemen. Sparks frtmi a chimney W4>r(! supposed to liavo started the hlaze. — Special reductions on Punts tills nioulli. We make tln-ni. $7..^(». Joe, The Tailor; ' .Mrs. 11 C; .MclK.d.';, of ('liiiago, who h:i.-i he'll v.i.-iliiig her parentj<. Mi-'.' ami .Mr... I' f ^fireen. I'.IT l'::i-t .\l:(di-nii .-ivi cue. _ wi-nt to N'I-MIC.SII.I. I-Caiu;as loda.v to Im the giii-i «t Ml-;. J -11. ni-<gl<- for it !• \V ll.lV: . .'^;!n V.lll :itl>il ill 'I'opeka for ,1 lew day:; iiiroiilo home. -- CO'MI Coal ni.-ike-t WIMIII frlemls. •The loia IcM. Co.'d Storage and Km I Co. Call ll»i for prices. Mr. and Mrs. M. Kftrr went; lo Chauute on the nimii train today to attend the funeral of Roy VanOriiian held there this afterf. noon. - • ' ' —We pay! 6'^ on Full P.iid land Installment Stcxik. The beat investment, the ))cst niethoil' to save. .Scrnrily Bld^r. & Lo.nn AKSoclation, lola, Kansa<ii. ; The Wom;ln 'M. Home and Foreign .Mission Cirtle met last night at tiio Second Baptist parsoimge - for a business meeting. Th« meeting was opened by tho president. Mrs. J: W. Gordon wa.s iu charge of the music and led the song. "On Higher Ground." The scripture" reading and iprayer was led by : the pre-sideni, Th« meeting was then opened'-^nd planf; wore discm>sed for the coming year. Tho president appointed tho following offilers: Mrs. Rosetta Wallace, vic.epresideni: Mrs. Walslo Da\is, .sec- retar.v. and Mr.t. K. A. Wright, <'Iiairnian of the .social committee. Plans were outlined for Mission Sunday, the fifth Sunday iii the month. Roll call was responded to with a "Biblo quotation. The next meeting will be held at the liome of Mrs. .1. W. Gordon and will Ijo In tho form of an open meeting as it is i tho (first .•wial meeting of the: liew year. The pkmgowas repeated by all,— Reporter. Y. W. ('. A. Plrnlc Sapper Twenty girls of Ino, Y'oung Wora- fin's t.'hrlsiian AHsoclntion of the Junior college held a picnid supper last; night at »i o'clock in the Girl Reserve room. After supper fu- luro plans of the organization and MclnJiil problems were dlscusHcd. **.\re: Yoii a .Vinson T —1. J. C. 3-acl comedy. Senior, high auditorium; Thursday, Jan. 12..: Tickets now at J. V. .Merchaut's. :t5c. 2.^-. EVENING,] JANUARY 11. 1928. .Moments .lluNicnl Club KB.'iine':^ .Meeting i'lie .Mulhents .Musical dull held a business meeting yesterday :ifl- —nr. Lucy E. Poison. Chlroprac-j ermK )n in the home of .Mr.-;. Hene tor. .Norlhrup BIdg. I'hono 326. jHillbe. prejiident of the eluli. who was ill iliairKe. .Ml;;. Ira Slockehrand was accepted into the i-liib as an active member and Miss .Maiictia Peterson ;in<i Call, phone or write us for our l -V'--^-' Veniia l.oranc- as asso.iaie t 1 .1... ,>..,». ii..„ Mrs. Anna Kirkpatrick w.i.s a visitor today. P,»2S .Memorandum Calendar. Shannon's Il:i.rdwaro. —Dr. J. T. Held, : Surgery and X-ray. Phone 357. .Mrs. .\nua Lytic went t<i Humboldt to attend the funeral of .Mrs. Charley Kellcy held there this afternoon. — Several grades <if coiil in iraii- sit> Phone your orders to lola .liink and Coa! Co.. phone ;tl7,flrst door uoilh Kaiy deiwt. ' —Dr. :Monlgoniery, Chiropractor, lola Laundry Bldg. Phone 138. Hciilh lii Mrs. Dan IL Brewer .Mrs. Dan 11. Hfewer. mother of .Miss Tlu 'ia Brewer, iiasscd away at 12:15 today at the hqnie of her daughter. < Mrs. Hugh .McConachiu. in Wichita. A. R. Sleeper, of the Sleeper I'ndertaking Co.. drove to Wichita this afternoon to bring the body here. The announcement of the funeral will be made in tomorrow's Register. F. L. B. LEATELL, M. D. Special attention given Dis- eaaes of Colon and Rectum. Electro-Physiotherapy Office lolii State Bank Bldg. Phones—147 and 705 —^Pr. G. K. Pendarvis. Dentist. Oil. over Globe. Pho. 3SJ; Hes. 1123. # .Mr. and .Mrs. Eston C. Cox, of Sii5 East .Madison avenue,, are the parents of a daughter. Anna .Marilyn, born Monday. January 0. —Try our drive in battery and tire, service during this cold weather. Bollinger Service Station. ,|! N EURAL6IA orhoadache—|[rab ibe forehead —melt and inhale the vapon V > C KS OfrirMOiomJ, We know Bakery Producta ; are good. But Have You tried' I Oitrs? : VAN HOOZERS. I). T. .\'asb. who has been in! a very critical condition, was reported just a little better today. .Mr. .N'ash is being cared for in the home of ."Mrs. W. B. Kesler. 222 South Buckeye street. —O. L. Cox, M. n. Specialist. Bye, Ear, Nose and Throat. :—"Yan's Bread," good as ever. i-'uHPrai «f .HNs '!'<•«nsend. The fiihei-al services for '.Miss .Minnie May Towiisend will be lie|d ;it the V. II. Church tomorrow- afternoon at 2 ::!il o'clock, with the Rev. N. I/. Ve /ie officiating. Ruri .il v.lll lie made in Highland cemetery. —Dr. A. n. Twadcll. Osteopath. .\ew Globu Bldg. Phone I'Jl. .V PK«S(»\AL .STATE.HK.VT To My Customer Frieiids and The Public in Geiu-ral: ! I wish it were possibl)! for me to see each of you face !t<i face and tell you how much I have appreclafeil: your patronage givi-.n me during Ilje last! twenty years of my bu .'dne .ss caree • in Allen county Since I have h; d the "Closing Out" sign on Miy building a large number of you liavj- cxpresseil your r«« urets over my <leclsloii to quit biiHines? It w'as a reluctant actlof long ileliiyed which retjiiiri-d de- lornilnation urged by a persoiial neeessity. To have an expression of approbation froiii so inany of you who have been a part and parcel of whatever succe .ss 1 have had is esteemed beyond the measure of words and only from the variant lights and shadows. oE the heart can it be told. ' i There is a sati6factiqh in being able' to recommend to you Mr. J W. Brooks who now takes the management jof the business. He hope.' to he able to serve you oven better than ^oii have been served in the past. 1 expect to have my head- iiuartors at the same old stand foi some little time where T will be glad to sec you and introduce you to the new "boss." Mr. Brooks will gladly welcome you and it will be his endeavor to add one nion friend to your list. Cordially. YourK. J. O. Alien. members.; .Miss "It.-lia Ruth Harvey, who' i.-i here for the winter, was re-iiu-ialcd as an arlive iifui- her. Mrs. Hllllie aiiiioimccd Ih.- pro gr:im cominiliee for llie year, tin- |R>rsonilel i.<f which will he the same as last year with Hi'' addilion of Mrs. I.loyd N'. Ilrov.-ii a-; cliah- man of the .junior i-iisemlde. TIK. oilier nieniliers of ilii- cfuiimittei- are:..Miss .lo.v Her;di!ierger. chairman; .Mis. Victor'I,. Ki'rk. clialr- man of strin.c •iisemble; Mrs. It. .Marriage AQUI unocment i An annouAc< ment of general interest to lola people is that;of tho imir^lage oft A iw Jcannette' Kails, daughter of^ AJIr. and Mrs. JMucry i: Kalis. o£ St. Joseph. MO.. ' to .Ml. Augusj.118 Miller, which took place Satnrilav. ^ December '17. in New York Mr. and .Mrs. Miller will IM? at home jit Harn^tn-oii- tlie Hudson,' Ne\y York. ; Till- liridi-'was supervisor jif nni- .sic iu the 1|)1;^ schools during ilit j year of i:t2i;-l|i27 and after leaving here sptnt; sevi'rai inoUlhs in lEui-ope sliK ^-ing voice. Shi-. pos- k-i'sses a voic<>' of rar- s /1*e|ness -ind culture.jaifd stand;' lo'eti as a director of lioOi vocal .iiid'inlru- meutal music. Coiuplinipnting Mr. and .Mr.H. Ilumbiildl Giiesls .A. 11. Sllrnanian, of liiiti Soulii j 'oltonwood' '.street, gave a lirid«e party lust night in L. Koenig. ehairnian of jdano eu- '•«'ni|dimeiit {o .Mr. and .Mrs. Rftssemlile: Mrs. K. \V. llagliilid. chair- miiii of vciii e cnsemliie. It lieeii reiiiiisleil that all I siM-ial meetings 1>.- discouliiiiied during the liilly Siindav meelin)'.^ and ill order not lui'etingsol the ciub. program will In and the Imsine.-s meeting of .\l:ir(h i:: will be hclll Mareh lIT. The April iiieeiing will he omitted ,ind the dale of the May dinner will be announced later. .Mrs. K. W. Il ;igliHid r;"v- " the ciirriMil evvirT.i in the absem-i- .if .Mis:; P.iila Rclmeit, ami the voire ensejiible held a praeiiie. Tie- Felu'nary liiisinesf; meeting will be lield| in the home <.f .Mrs. I.loyd ,\. Bro\}ii. Seven!-(.n active iMem ber.s'attended the meeting sell AndrusH. of ilunibolilt.: who expect to le;ij-ej thi.s wei -k foi- Cali- Ifornia where; tltev will reside. Those invited to the parlywere: |^"i.Mr. and .Mrsi Robert llauim. Mrs. ""iAmelia Works., Kate Moore, Miss ;Helen. o rlii.coalinue the j „, ,, .,-]Miss Eva Otonnor. held Marl-h" | ""'"i"- 1!"^'"; Humboldt 'and .Mr. and Mrs. ( . C. Gordon, Mr. :ind .Mrs D. C. Dulica .lud .\tr. and .Mrs. .Arthur Miirpliy. of lolju i • • ; llPla Cln-le .^ei^s A mceiiug';of I the Reta Cirj-je of till- First Pre'sbjieri.aii cliiirch was held last nigiit ^at 7:;tti o 'chJck in the ^iiild room of the church'. A song service opcu^il the 'nieot- inK and DorothV Kratz. GeiMrude .'Green and Dorothy Milhamtook charge of IhO lesson. .N'eva .A'oor- A co..tnme le .ital will be given |l>f"<'-f •'•"•I Call}erine Gllliert l^d the .lauiiarv lit at s orlo, k in n,,. !devotional period. There was a evening in ilic aodiioriiim id Hi,-'">'"• '» which Dorothy? Mil- Kirit P ;esl .vieri;i.i cliui. Ii. lo u liieli ij-'i;','" I 'orotliy KratT;, hosHsses. the general piildic is .oidi.illy in ''fh'"'' refre.ibmeut.s. Ten mem- YJI,.,I jhej.s and the two .palrone .sHC !i:-v;ere • . •> I present. 1 .>fpel ing Ol lola Musie (hib i Al .oni filtv mrmbers of ilic lola j "'>'"«"*'«. ^•V^^»«"' ->II><l »»ary Music clnh "en .io.ved an ...xcellenI i ^"«''<*<y •"«•«•""«• : program ve.-,:er <lay afi. niooii in ! The W»/man' Foreign Missionary the home of Mrs. P. K. Waiigli, 1 ;n'i<'"y of Trinity church met.yes- iv:, East Jacksou avenue. ' lerilay afternoon in the hoiije of .•-'e! clions In l«'(!i piano and Mi:i- H- P- ^Vfcks. with .Mrs. .M. J. voice wire :;pl .-niliilly given. Tii-! I'^i ker. vice-president, in-chajgc. oit'siaii .iiiig numlier'-i were: 'Cliami- Number 1 (C'entinued from Page One) buildliig material uscvl. the wall.s and front being conHtructe<t of this material. Tlie front In of dark <;oIored red j brick, frimmeii jji- whlte and presents" a very attractive appearance. . Tho brick work was done by If. A. Brauel- who is well knowii; in Iirla for Ihe'- quali'ty of his work. Tlio roof i.-? .supported by lieavy I-beanisi set deep in the wall.s .so that it the stock in either room should f-atcli fire tliero is little danger of .sagging of cither the walls or tho roof. A Beaver Vnl-. cifnito "biiill to onler" r<K >r was used.—a material especially designed for favtory, office and other flat roof.s. This wius^ supplied bvl*".' """"r" sfumi. Ncrthrup Co .is weri- jV,';!"-' »"^«;«'P^«^^/*"-'; 'n iili all the buihiii.g n.iUerials. 1'^"^" <^*'""'>' «'>--st time. Lawyers Pay Tribute \ To Memory of Smith The following resolution, drafted by C. S. llitteri Travis Moi -s'e and G. R. Ga^.fl, wijs adopted ; at yestej-day afternoon's meeting tot the Allen C(i%inty Bar Association iu the courti; room at the dourt house :"When Death, the ever |ire.senl and always: unwelcome visitor made Wfy calj^ for our beloved lind honored frieiiil. Judge J. B. Smith, on Noveiuberjthe twenty-first, 1&27 all of Allen County, and a. w-idc- spreUd host uf others lost a friend that can never be-'replaced. "For almost a generation. Judge Siiiltii was it household word -ia all the homqs; and his genial. Oiu of the feature.^ of the reoni (K 'ciipied by the tire sliojir is a -solid oak floor, laid upon coiiveii- ional fhtoriiig. The oak ha.s been and for all eteinilv. "••V life that began in a home wiiere the great emanoipator. Abraham l.inci'ln. 'Was a ; neighlior anil friend, followed'the lead iof treated with oil and it is e.vpected |„,.,, ..,j„| ,vnK alw.iVsiat work for liiimaniiy and a hroi-.'Ier visio* for.minkin'd; "Kor ncii.rl.v .-i third of a century Judge Smitlir presided, over the Probate Court of this' county with a wisdoi.u, affairness and yet with a firmness that made him Iwloy.ed of all that canic into that coprt li;iilr'-- ".Xiiii 'Tiin" jihiyi-d liy .\Ii s Liicil.> Wigiier and liie music li rr-:!di)ig -.V Cliiiili Dream nl .i Star." given l.y .M.r-. IK P. .Vovili- piip in an r\i>ris.iiv„ ^md arti.-^tie manner. The jdano actompani- menl. the lunsi;- by W.ilter Howe Jones, played by llob:irl was an ef :e <-tive IcickKroiliid for 111" redding whiili was lie:iriily ap- idaiided. >liss (e-iievieve Crivn' Niciuds of Chicact). ii''ir two liriltiant piano-solos, the rinipiii "Soirit-i in IJ Klai" auil "Th- r .ltie Danube" by S<'liu!'z-l-:veler. Mrs, Nichols played with iiiuili vicor. iii.-iiihiying a briiliaiit teehiiiiine and finished style Ihroiiclioiil. Iter eiii-ore was "Elude in 1-: .\l:!Jor. by Clmpiii. .Mrs. liiiniey .Miller and Miss Ro-' lierlfl W;irner servrd r^fre-^linirals ill ^lie dining room wliiih vvas ligh ed with iiili'.; randies ; .M v. Kimeiio Ware. ,,l' Coeiir i)'.\ rue Idaho, was a giiesl. •:• •:• •:- GiMi niie (;r:t.v Guild Meels The C;immie Gr.-iy (iiiild of HM- KirsI Cliristiaii Cliiirrb. iiirl l;ist night with .Mi.-s ll,i/.el Siirfroii, 120 .North Waliin! street. .Miss Elizabeth Riggs led the le.son on "China." Mrs. Keith Ri<'liaril;<on read an article. "I W;is :i Stranger." and M'S. R;ilph Ross read ,-in artici-. ".Monc: Miit Loyally Carry- I ing On."- .Miss Virginia Smilh's subject w;is "Does China .Need -Mis sioiiaries .Now'.'" an article written by .Miss C:iiiiniie Giav foi whom- the guild is named. Re- freKliineiits were .si-rveil iliiriiig the soci;il hour The following meiiilii-r:: were present: The Misre:; \irgiuia Smith. Eern Ititiirk. Vivi.-m Riggr^ Ruth (ireeii. Vtiii):i Smith. Erankii Lee Griggs. Elizabeth Kmgs. Jessie Heller. Lucinda McDowell. Hazel Siiffroii. M>'sdaines Ralph Ross C:ilripbell, Ki-ilh Richardson, r'llf- f >rd Funston and James RlehHrd- s ui. ! .;. l^hilomathlun Guild Holds Mpetiiig The members of the Phllomath- i:in Ouilil of the First Piesbytcrian church held thcir-'regular meeting night iu the guild room'of the church with Miss .Mlllicent Voorhees and. jMiss Ruth Faust as lios- t esses. '; .Mrs. Arthur Shannon was the devotional leader and :MisK Lora Smith led' .-i di.scu.ssion "The Kentucky Mountaineers." Others present were: .Miss Julia Irwin. :\liss Thelma Maddux .Miss Garnet Ca.s'e, .Miss Ruby Settles. Mis.^ Pearl Johnson. Miss Esther Layraoii and the Mrs. Florence Longshore and Mrs Florence K. Belding. .Mrs. J. C. xV' the devotional leader-' on the subject of "The Hethany Home." .Mrs. M. J. Parker was made r'l.-iirnian oi" the siuial commitWei .Mrs. L. A.'.McMillan read a letter from Mrs. A. L. Kelley. of Euitpra. Kans.. a ior- iner member, and reviewe«l t the second chapter of the text bo6k,."A Straight Way Toward Toniorfow." A ChristmaK offering taken. During the social hour the ehter- tainment was vocjil and instrumental music, and. refreshments Jivere served. • <•• • • ... linsiness and Prdi'e.><sional Wuuien Hold .Meeting ^ The business land professional wonien of lola .will hold a dinner ;ind meeting the [evening Of .lanu- ary 2"). .\ program is being arranged by (lie chairman, .MIss.^DoI- lie .Adams, and. the place of meeting will be amioiinced later. -It is thought at this^ inecting an organization of thft-: professional ' and business women of lola will" be perfected, ' * ' Dinner In J'elPbniH«M Of Birthday - ^ .Miss Nellie AVajters. princip-^l of the Lincoln r .se .bqol. was given a dinner at the Hotel Kelley : l.xst night -and a line fpifrty afterwards at the Kelley Thfjitre in honor of her birthday anniversary. 1 The'hostesses were: Miss I.,6nltn Lieiirance. Minn I|,eona Gr.-iy. .JVIIss Christine Trout'winc. Nellie Thompson and Ml^ss Dorothy Cuin- nilngs, teai-hers. with Walters, ami .Mrs. flrace Uiwrencc and Miss II<dcn Hubbard. that it will .show a -niliiimum of wear and soilage, "artiuuigh subjected to the hardesi kindOf use. It is one of the few. buildings of its character equipped with oak floors. The ceilings nre constriict- e«l of Beaver Bcstwall. a plaster Iward which is Strong, fireproof and very attractivc^in appearance. The walls are plaster upon brick, i The building has' an abiindauco of light .at all times due lo the in- .stiillalion of ample sky lights and a largo number of electrical mit- lets. The electric.-i-l work done by the Jones Electric works ami especial care was taken to pi-o- vide lights wherever nerdr-il now and to aniicipato future iiec<Ls, ' The plumbing In the new biiilil- Ing WHK installeil throiiglioiii^ by-p. A: Sutton of the lola Plumbing Co. Tho paint and variii-sh. and its liberal use through the buildings has much to do iwith lt.s light, clean appearance^ were furnished by Rowrton'.s and; are tho products of "the Seidlitz Paint & Varnish Co. For- a number of years .Mr. Rowdon has been usiug anil - ------ — recommending SeidHfz paints and %^'^JS^,il%'X^'-«'^^^ varnishes and he U;lieves lh:it theirskin>radiu>tl7,glori<»ulyyai>thftawitli IhelhmStepstoa CiystalCleair Tl>e wonderful;Gold«n hfeock Prepiir«tion« bring you • Mn of tuijfjUtiire •mooihiMM and finentMi. They b«uth aU ikin defttM. prevent wrinfcfes and ace sicn*. and arotue tSc sicin to new life and vitality. they arc among the best on the market. .Mr. Canatsey is' justly jiroud of his new shop for .Marathon Tires aud fecl« that this ii." an especially appropriate time for his bUKines .s to have a new home as he has a new partner. ' As announced a few (hiys ago .Mr. Ed. P. Sutherland h .18 purchase*! an interest in the Tire Re|>ftir Sliop and will be actively associated with -Mr. Cauat- .sey in the future. Several improvements in the equipment and .service of tlve' .Hiop are planned for the future which it is e.vpected will mhke even better the faiili- tica they have to offer tjie tin? using public. these amazina new'tnatioenti. Coldrn Peacock Bleach Creme—An'tfidu- inc new diicoveiy of icieace wkicfa dean and n-hiteos your (&in elmoatovarnight. Banisfaet r.-ecUe«,bUck&ad*. uDoviidi^ tan, biottlMa. pimples and al| diacolaratiana, <I.OO) Cnidrn Peacock Tonftt Tlwne Cremc— Just recently it ma discoveicd tbaf wrinUei« crow's-feet, fl«>by tissues and age signs v^ic due to a starved conditioa of toe sidn. Bui ,now this wonderful new cxeme ha* a stiqiti- lating effect oo the sido—arousing the slns- gisb, starved <%lls to new life. (1.00) tioMen Peaciick Tonie Pae«Pow>}ef— Tlal new powder iaactuallyaslua tonic—itiscdm- pounded of cc^iaimportedingxcdicntswhicl. have almost magical resnlta in correcting enlarged porc3.punpIes.bIesnisbes,roiiglmcsasa>i! preventing hlacktieads. And itatays oof (.75; Start laing fheaaaplendid traatmenta tonight. UsathamforSdaym. Than.Hyot^r BotdalighteelyouTnioneymHbeTafunatd PALACE DRUG STORE i (.'. W. LAMRE.VCE, Prop. : for cither relief or for guidance, for he guided all. he punished none. "Cheerfully, bopefulh , Industriously he was ever at tie dutlcs-of his office, a .servant of the people., always, and yet always by their choice, a,leader. "The end canto iinlnddeu. llc.-wat ready. No murmur, no fear. ' but like a worker, he yiel{led,>up hit soul and departed froi i the flebl of life, and heqtieathed to his fellows an e.xample of service and sacrifice that all may emulate. ; "This Bar association, his fellows and as.sociate.s mourn his loss and honor liis memory." QUICK The in.siiraiico policy in the CONTINENTAL INSURANCE COMPANY, coycrrnk' Mr.-Canatsey's building which I 'cceiHly burned, was issuwtj in .oiu* agency. The a(J.ju.slmeiil ol' tiio was inadcin 18 hoifr-s after the fire. Ask ClytU; if lie's.satisfied. A ftvliabic,Company plii:^ l-ive Ageiit.s eipiaLs De.siral)le In.surance Service. E-L-I-T-E Matirtee—25-;}5c—Night 25-50c Tonight—^Tomorrow and Friday Ben Hdr yyjth Kamoi No^arre, Betty BroiiMiu, May .Me.\voy, Franeix X. Rnithinan and 150,(1(10 others. Nre the hi|c death racinir Heven times lipeed. Tlie racinir the ifrtat imtk lulAway Aesops fyi^ rharint rare-.l«elTe lonr horse (eaniH aronnd the halil mile rmirKe at hreak-neck jdaai between Hen llnr tuid Ms enemy with of the nee. ^ 'ables and Topics oC the^Day we nol ha \-e this plea^re? BARGAIN NUMBER ONE S piece Walnut veneered dining roOm naite..Table.42x54—:5 ft.. extension; 5 itide chairsj I arm chair .with tapestry Beats, 60 inch buffet ^lect walnut ven< eer, quality, construction throughout, a really bcaiitiful suUe. Former^ sale price $135.00. Sate price ' —i $120.00 BARGAIN NUBlBER TWO fit; inch Buffet with Idag linen drawer, table 45x54.with 6 ft. extension, 5 side chairs, arm chair with.!£bker cut velour !>eats, walnut combined mtb other hard woods, quality construction throughout, this] is a massive built :^ite,'yoa'U like it. Fjoirmer sale price il*t OA AA SI6OI0O. Sale price .__L«I>Xe>W«UU BARGAIN No. THREE ^ This is an exceptional fine suU*. Cheap at former sale Pfjce. -Conatructe^ of Walnut and other hard^^SbdsTsturdily built. 66 inch Buffet, *5xW) irich tabte, 5^ chairs, arm chair, sftrts covered with a fine pattern of tapestry .(^-f OC lUI and highly finished. Hegular: price $167.50. Sate Price _tPJ.tJ«^«- Soutji Side, lola, Kaafas. Don't Miss This A large .<;ack f»f .sainpits of all kitul.s given away with every i)urchase t ?L00 or more of anKr Thursday Dec. Thing.s .that you hav been wanting to try bijt didn't want lo pay for |a full sized package. Browns Drug Store The Nyal Store Phone 2ri5 We Deliver f "Rause Mif Em" Sale on Mens and Boys Overcoats $.32.50 Sale J^rice $26.50 S30.00 Sale I'rice $24.50 $25.00 Sale Price $19J»0 $18.50 Sale Price $13.50 $13.50 Sate Price $10.50 S7M Boys 0 Coats $5.(10 $&50 Overcoats $4.^5 $5.(M> Overcoats $3.95 $4.00 0\-ercoats $2.S|5 Lots of time to wear Em THE HUB "(•Acre tavinga aragrmatMtt" .South Side .S4 |uare lola, Kansas Boy's Shirts We have ju.-it received a large sbipment of stout, durable i^ihirts made of fast color percales, twills, and cham- brays. The boys will like the colors and patterns; mother will lie delighted-witir the values. At— 69c I PAY DAY Play SDits We have just unpacked a choice • assortment of boys Pay, Day nlay suits. Strongly mhde of serviceable matei-ials. in plain khaki light tan and grey; blue and white'^frftilped; and khaki trimmed In Jjlue. 8fze.H 1 to 7 Tearsi 98c SiEe<t H to 10 Yean $1.10

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