Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 11, 1928 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 11, 1928
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STAT :: • c c M •-^'ICAL SOCIETY TOrKKA |KANS. The REGISTER'S Circulation rccordK open to public inspection at any time. VOLUME XXXI. ,No. 67. CIRCULATION in the only ComtAodity a Newspaper Has tj() Sell Its Advertisers. J5mi-.'!^»or to Til.' ioU Ually KeKi^ter. Ttiv l >HiJy llMruril ami l"U IVjIIy Inrt<-i. lOLA. KAN.. WEDNESDAY EVENING, JAxNlJARY LI, 1928. The Weekly ReKister, EstaWishMl :3SS: The lola Daily Register. Bstablish<Hl;lS9T SIX PAGES HAWLEY TO FACE TRIAL JANUARY23 Only Two Other Criminal -Cases. Are Set on Docket ^OUR PERSONS HELD AFTER BODY IS FOUND HANGING FROM TREE City. Jan. 11.. (AP)—Four per.ion.s were held today following the statement to police of Joseph Euick,, 45, that Michael Klenovec. 44, body wa.s found hanging from a tree in his yard Sunday morning, had been choked to death by John Bolin and wa.s hanged to the tree to avert} su.spicion. i ' I held arv Kuick. Ilolln* '• — '- j .Mrs. Ai;atha Klenovec, thi- deuU • liud stood* uit it to tie thf roppj RED STAR IS DISCUSSEDAT C. OF C. MEET GOV|RNORSHIP IS REQUESTED BYkEEDNOW ! Surfacing of Roads To Be; Parsohsj i Publisher First Completed Within V Next Year Rcpuhlican To Come :Okit for Post CHARGE JIS ARSON Fifteen Civil Ca8e<i Are Also Set For Hearing Three triiiilniil c.-isi's and filleeti I'lvii rascH uerp H <-t for Ihi- JuniiuO' li-nri of dislrirt court ;it :i doi-ltet si'ltinK session yestenUiy. or the critiiinal ca.Mjs. prohjilily liie Mi<>.st inU 'ieMting IM ! that of lh< j i,oi-se wiis overtunieil under th Mate Eldoii Ha>*lHy. Ilaw-jhody to iiiak*' it appenr; Klenovoj Isoundf of a HlruKgle In the kitchen ley is rliarKPd »iith arson tn eon- j —==r.::-.^ - ! iieeilDii with the hurniiic of ii li.irli, belonglliK lo Dr. O. \V. Shndwlek Hawley was arreiled a mouth at-j t .r Hit tmrnlnu of ili" ham The; burn burii*-d .N 'ovi 'inber lu. I '.i .'T , ila»l'-}'s ea.-..'! is .-Jei for .Monday .l.iiiuary I lu the o'tlier two rri.iiiiial eascH i W. a. KaitnaharKer is i-harKed with I \iolalioh of the liroliibilory liquor '.m*'l";.,LS''Fnlekv'*^^ Cup InlcrCStS of AgriCUUurei ^rom Riga. iJttvla. received m an. supimrted KHicKy^ « i., viiici r.,.,w.A^,A I^ndon yoKterday .said telegrams j To Be Finished— l Must Be dUarded, from .Moscow stated the soviet gov- man's. vr'idoV; nud Alex Zaloga. 40 j about hi;) neck and then had kicked j COUNTIES , Eulck. a lodger at the Klenovec! It over. Eutek Bald, home, aald he wan- awakened Sat- .Mbert Klenovec. urday night by sound.H of a strug -iof the dead man gle between IJolin, another lAlger . story. and Klenovec. and found the hit-1 Euick quoted Mrs. Klenovec a> ter dead on the fictor of the kitch- ! congratuiating Holin on tlicr "good en. I Job." "1 kllli'd hini. He wont eat any} .Mrs. Kleuovec denied- EulckV more bre!;i|.' Kultk quoted HolluUtory and said her husband had Chanute. Thayer ami Ijierryvafe. as saying. 'hanged hlmHelf Ilolln denied the who are in lola todav to attend the Kiik'k said lie helped cany Klen- killing, 'saying *ie was In Inde |ovec's body lo the tr«e where It i pendence. .Mo.. Saturday night. was attached to a liiiili. A .saw! Zaloga, who was sleeping at tne •'"—;: •••• , •*' nuoii at the regular! ivORKINfi 1»I,ATF6RM IS GIVEN REPORTS INDICATE TROTZKY PLANS TO i FIGHT BANISHMENT London, Jan. 11. (AP)—Unconfirmed report.s reached London today that Leon Trotzky, one time power in the councils of.Soviet Ru.s.sia. had refused,'to leave Moscow de.spjtte orders for his "banishment." The exact .status of L e o Trotzky, leader of the opposition to the controlling stalin group in Soviet Rus.sia, has been somewhat obscure during the past few days. An exchange telegraph dispatch May Celebrate from Ottawa, t'arnett. I He Says annual nieeiiiiK of the Ked star JCalo'ga, who was sleeping at the!ialioil. Were prestut as Klenovec hiSine'told of hearing th« fSuests WiiiHelil. Kas.. .Ian. 11. (AP) ' \ Ueeil-f >r-<!ovenior club vas formed at liorkney. near her»». lust iilghi. Forty tanners, all favoriiig I'lvde .M. Reeil of Par- "ous. k:js.. till- ^'iSvernor are charted tnelikbers of the club,, uhieh was the tlrsl tonued in Cowlev; county. , ALLEN COUNTY COW SETS NEW MILK RECORD^ TESTIMONY IN MOODY MURDER HEARING OPENS tlii.4 noon at luncheon nieetiuK of the Chauiher ; of C'olnmene. I .Ml of ;he vi.-itors were iiitro-1 <luied to the resnlar . attendants I Topekij, and three; of them sisike briefly Heed, pnhlisher of the Par;ions = — au. 11. lAPi-Clyde M ernmont had decided to baftish Trotzky, Karl Radek, Gegory Zln- ovlfr and Christian Rakovsky \be- canse of counter-revolutionary activities. Similar reports were received in Herlln. but no definite confirina- tiou has come from Moscow where a cen.sorship apparently has been put into effect. .Trol7ky and the other leading iiii-nihors of the oppo.Hitioii haie been steadily shorn of their rank within the Soviet political j organization during the past few ihonths first being axpelled from tlie Various corairilttee.s of both the government and political orgatUza- tions .and finally being expelled from the party: Itself .As iKe Soviet gbvernraent ddes not permit any legal opposition; party the opposition leaders eXpellei' from the party bad no political standing left to- them whatever except insofar ^9 theii personal influence had weight. There have' been many Tumor.» of active coiinter-revolutionary ac- tivitle.4 in bj-half of Trotzity and his followers, hut these :rumQr)s have met wUh steady denial from the Soviet authorities and; there liave been no overt acts ' of eon- sequertcp so .far as known.' LARGER NAVY ADVOCATEDIN WILBUR PLAN , t America Needs First Class Navy, Secretary Declares MUST PLAN FOR WAR He Points Out Protection Centers In Adequate Sea Force about ttje uerasion whiih l-roughl Sim. dary tint) ),iw • and E. I.. Parker tares charge of satatuaiory rape. The dniket lor the .lanuary teru' follows: .Hnnttaj. Juiiiiur} Ui. .State of Kansas. v.s. \V. S naiinabarger. l ."i;!.'iS, John T. .M: li -ii. xs. Wizard C)il (Jas fo. Tiii-sdaj. .laiiiiur.v IT l .'iT .IS. State of K.insas, v.s. E. I. Parker. ir .Glii. .Mrs. II. T. .Mitchrll vs. Harry M. Slepheil.sou. Wmlnesday, .liinuarj l> l .">.'.t !."i. C. \V. .^irtlersoil. .\diiir.. vs Ceorge O.. nix. l.".t!:;::. .lolni 1) 'lolle. vs. Kio.v,! ./{aker. all.) W Welihel. Thiirsilaij. .Iiiiiii)ir> 1». Henry F. C. Hulk. <•( al. vs i:-!. .SaviUK.s. liV .SB. P. .i;. M.iirhell etc.. vs. i.Maro II Urownfield. l-rida). .lanuary 2ti ^ ir.44<i. Kdd lliuer. vs Eild Ileli- iiiiigei. .Monday, .laiiiiiiry HI I.ITfiS. State of Kansas, vs. Eldon llawley. I ."i741. Jennie Jones, vs Mert Fetherlin. 15742. F. I.. Jones v.s Heri Fetherlin. Tupsdaj, tlunuarj ^1 i :>r >66. Harriett Cole. vs. Hillic Wood, et hi. l.^il. John T. Allen \s. A. K. William!|. Wedne ^dBf. Januar}- to l .i66S, .Muble Potter, vs. Raymond Mnwery. IfiTla, I.. H. Reynolds, v.s • 'Has. Shebanek, ei al. Tuesibiy. Jnniiurx in ]r,0.12. Abe Mezinsky. vsr J. C Potter, ir .61'1. Fidelity .State & Savings Ilk,, vs. J. II. Franz. S.F.OFFICIALS INSPECT lOLA Large,(iroup of Railroad Men Spend Several Hours Here Financier's Verna Has ATa.xi Drivei- Tells Great Record for Liast Year Details of Scene Near Hotel ! Kaniias has a new bish r< i-ord liideiiendence. Kan.. Jan. 11 I cow in Herd Improvement a.'-socia-^ (.APi Testimony that Ray .Moody :tion work. 'of lieutonville. .-Xrk.. tore, .some uu- :. When tlie recoMs for the .-Mleu j dergarments from the body of Mis.*^ County association were compiled j Vona Kenny of CherryVale as at the i.'ompietinii of the year's work neeember 1. Financier's Verna oi .\urelian FaruLS. pure ih'»m lieiA. .Mr .\ 1' Elder. Sfcretary of .hv Ottawa' Cliaiifber of ('ominerce. spoke first. aunoilliciuK tlie good nevv.s that in his opinion lUiS would see the tomplelinii of the liarti snr- facing oi all tlie <lirl read on ihe ;R^d Star Route in Hondas and some I Fraiikiin coiimies. Wmk to i lose this vital gap ha.-< been ^loiuK on 'for years aiul it will certainly he a 'great day v\ lieii the projerl is fiiial- I ly compleied. _\Ir.' Elder snAresled that a 1 iiunlry-w idi- jubilee to cele- tile <viii should be held when tile la>i mill- is opeiieii for traffi*-. : .Mr. Edwanls of Thayer was called oil next and hr gave a re- was being placed in a taxicab wae|pori on progress in hard surfacing given here this morning by -gomery county Coffeyville. The I last luilt mill' of eniurele iie .<a:d, belli); p4iiir '>d luday .iiid lliis roa'.l ' w'il) be ci)iupietL-il and open for traffic within 4o d'lys toffa.i-' nnnoiin<'ed ' ?iis candi- loii file Reftiibliian nominator, sjovernor. ' marking 'the first, ilelinije eiitiyfor the party iKiminaiion In- a V;:Jtemeiit anuounciiiR his in 1S2S. i-aiididacv. •'I ani; .1 n in jibe |>j-iinary e •".Vol. jieHi:ic.< li.ive so ins L\lr. Reed eailiiiilate imitiation «iid: for the |{e- I'or sovernor; HENRY GRAY AND RUTH SNYDER to BE KILLED SOON slit »»tion of IH^.S. tor two '(iueades ny import:iut problem^ of Kansas Their aile- sidiiijioM is most inuiortant.' llian aUv iiiieslion of' inessed jipijm the peopl for adjii!'tnient as now. (|iia far iiiorb ; conferriijg honor of];lu|ldiiig ernor. jio' iinderstaiid e peojije John ••'''•• road from Thayer across. Moht- !|' — ^ hr.HliSan.lers. a taxi driver, and th.> sec if""";'>" '""."V^ ••"ffeyville. The :,„,];„ri ;y. witni'ss ':.Moody's trial. calle.l .Moody today is chaige.l Kenny last Cuernsey. owned tiy W.-i'iter Samp, jon.l lEIsm'ore. was crt-dited with 711.1 I pounds butter tat. . . , , ... Verlia. a.s she is called, freshen.-d « "h murdering .Miss on Christmas, 192«. .so her nconi last .November 1. iCOvere.l exactly :!:t."> days. It is oiU! The undergarments ; of the most . t.usistenl-recnrds -I'Ver j j,, the and i.leii jhiude locally, as this remarkable .p^,,^. ,^ liiat. route Is 24 miles shorter icows, pro.luct..,u never ,,„.,„v ,.,re .he .loth-'tlmilthe way of Indep-nd-' lo. of lug from the girl" as be and an-'-'"I other ta.\i driver ex- never 00 pounds per month tenth month. The montlily her production follows: Mi k Dec; (1926.2 days). 01 pr .-ii -ee.l call a solutinti oi hi iefly ojitllned. iare: ImiHirtaiit IJnk Needed. :, •.Ti,e"""r It is a most iiniKirtant "'at' J..^ r„''ffe^^n/^'""h'^l,r''"?"'"','" T^Wi> an.l abiding concern to Kan- Coffe,->.lle he hard suriaced be-i,^^ i,ol,^,tion of whi.h will re- Electrocution Scheduled For Thursday If Not Halted O.ssiniirg, -V-.Y.. Jan. 11. (AP)- upoii aiiv pe.r.--oii • the lie office <if ;jov-i The breakfasts or.lered today by Ifaras I may read and Airs. Ruth Snyder and Henry the temper and will ofi juj^j {;rav. the next to the last t:''::^trus?:d'wmrzi'^-^ their government shall j •'f'-'^'^' <'..uri.s s-tay their execur Inestly ami faithfully Jo ; tioii. were cited by jrrison atcend- irtheSe prohlems which, (aht.s as an indication.of the dif- IToblem .Serlonv. j '""•"^ I'nsoiers are iotvs condition of r.gri-1 f"^"""'' ""niiiient dealli. national problem of qnire co-;operatlon of the state. ••Pirectly' of the situ Cray, calm and apparently re- signeil to the execution, ordered tomorrow iiiglit, ate toast and coffee ami a large bowl of cereal. VISITS OTHER PARTS OFSOUTHLAND Aviator Is -Guest Today In Canal Zone; To Visit ^rto Rico { San Juarf,' Porto Rico,' Jan. 11. (AP) -i- GovA-nor Towner today received a message: I'roni Colonel • Charles' A. Lindbergh in Panama accepting .' with pleasure aii invitation to. visit Porto Rico-enroute to the; Pan- American conference at Havana. The : message from the American flier .said that he would advise tlie governor .if the date of hi.s arrival iajer. 'Washinctou, Jan. 11. (API— Stres.sing his own beliel that "America needs a first cla .s.s navy."Secretary Wilbur ida. ed today before the house naVal committee both his personal reitsfins and . those of the navy general board for asking con.s^ress to authoriz4 a ' $72r >.n00.0u'> new warsiiiji construc- ' tlon program. \ ( "In. the preparation <if this .itfo-' j gram the general board has primarily considered the need of this jgovernment for its naval defense." he said. "It is true tliat in determining this need the general hoard at all times ha .s taken into consideration the condition of the other j navies and Their .oust ruction and ! replacement prof^rani so tar- as., (they are known to tis. "Future wars must iie fought largelv by vessels already completed at the bc.cinning of the war. ;Great Britain annoumeil at the i(!eneva conference that-she needed : !»b6 .ilt 600,0 (111 tons of vessels .)f ! .:rniser i-lass. Our oripinal p • Ipo.sal at Geneva was for i -riiifer j tonnage of hetweeu 2 .".n .000' . ."{(Mi .nno tons.-a tounat:)' less, ti|; ; we fell necessary fur, our ffeet. jwere willing to accept the hazard jof building less tonnage than, ineeiied if the other powers wo(i I accept .similar ,. I Emcland Refuses lo Act. j "Greai Britain was not willfnff to accept this lihiitation but he ik-o- ijnd an lid elt Balhoa. Canal Zone. .Tan. 11 f-\P) {,,pr needs for the larger tonnkge relatp.1 to ami a ^lart Hut .Mrs. Snyder, who has remain- | lion in agriculture is' ed unreconciled, merely sipped a | were January February -March April, .May June . July . : ^. ,\ngust Si»plember . October ...' November! , . 14U 1369 :i-l69 1320 -.--13T6 ._-.123e 122S -..12.S7 1167 1113 984 .,.„ , T... , , , , . II" .-'..iidllon in asricnitiire is' ed unreconciled, merely sipped .arivini : • . " "I '"•'.••P';'""'""' '» .he unfaiV and unjust share of the ' wiiall glass of orange Juice, refus- Hutterfat;nerfr.mtataxitoahotel.\^:;d!::: S ^i d \r ';;i:^ by; ing all solid food. said he later took the garments tclif .hat 21 - -J. '•"'""•'"?' "f " ^-rm.; Watxlen Lawes said that neither |j2 2 the undertaker, where Miss Ken- oys body was taken after she died William Snook, another tax' i4,o«.'!; 70.5 66.S 71.2 6S.2 67..-. 67.1 6r..S i 71.2, .".!l.:i ' 741.1 driver, was the first witness called today, and he was asked to recall some of the testimony giver yesterday. - . Dr. W. U. .N'orman of Cherryvtilo '.\ <li.>ringiii>.iie<! |).iriy of .Santa' P.- qfl'ii ial.- iinilir \\\ • I.'.i.ler.ship <>] .Mn-.l). F. iF.iru-y. .\s>lslaul (Jene"al -Maiiagfr. vi-ilecl lol;. loday and .spent .^evl•'l•al hours under ihe of SI:: W. ){.il>;oii. tlie local a.ereiit o:' iln; i<m;tiiiy ui the I DWII as iliev liiiii- ut . The .Hj' w'.i - iflad tu receive lliein.aud t«) have tlieiu >how u over - what th'V Were Kiini eiiou;;!l to .-.ay .was a*far iii.n" .dinpleje and iip-lo-date priutin;;; plant iliaii iliey! Total Vorna was milked :! times daily all through the y.'ar. hut had no special car.-. She was with the h^'id on pasture all summer with t te exci-plion of a lew weeks in July and August, when she whs kept in a large open shed during the da>'. She «as fed .-aue silage and alfalfa hay duiing the -winter months, and her grain ration con- .sisted of one pound of the mixture given below for each three pounds of milk: Corn and coh meal three parts, ground oafs 2 parts, bran 1 part, ground soy heant 1 ipart. Her feed for the year cost!$96.02, which the first physician to examine th. girl testlfie.i that in his opinion she' hud. been dead a half houi when he was called. Th.-' w'af cold, he said, but rigor mortis had n'ol set in. He found bruises on the forehead and nose, but U( broken hones. . Th.! stale •'George li-tri'k. s-rvolar.v ef h- Chantue .'haiulii'-.- m' t'.oui'.i'ric. reported very ••luotiraKiii^ pinu.. -s dn the si'ctlon belw'-eii Cliaiiii.e ajiil the heginiiiiig of the iiar.i siirl'a, <• on south .11 Tliayer. .Most of it either is under .-onstruction .ir ;-oiitracte.l for and the gap shoul.l he with or 10 miles of being cl.iwd before the enii i>f this year. Mr. Chas. F, S.'oit oi.-npiiil two charges the girl 'was'or three miniiti-s to .'luphasize tli.> dead when bropght in from ihi j country roadside, ami that .Moody is responsible because of an attempted attack. Crharacter witnesses for .Moody who arrived from BentonvlUe today included Judge l.,ee Semester Chanceroy Judge of the Fayetteville division. Sheriff Tom Galley of Benton county. .Myron Douglas clerk of the Circuit court, and W J. Drake, Morton Giailbreath an.' -limt- beiievKl loul.i . xi ^t jn ;, . ity , rruernsey champion at both Topeka no Jjrger Mian I.ila. Tiie follow- ias g;nili"meii nun! - liii liie pliriy: 1). F. Farley i ;eiiera! .Manager: .!. C liiuiH'it. General' Fri'iglit 'Agent: ^'l:allk Wood. General 'rraiis.poriat<oit li:sppctor: F E. .'<iiniiliers. •Mil: 'H. M Swiipe. Division Kiigilovr: (.; J. I!, l;. ni <iri <-t Eu. >.'iueer: \V. R. Harrison. .Master .Merhailic:. Keniieih F. liurneit. Division Freight .\geiit. All of these have their headquarters at Toptka •exci 'pt .Mr. .nnd .Mr. Swope. who are at Emporia, Mr. Kftineth, BurnMt. of .loplin. and .Mr. Harrison, of ;.Vrgpn"np. figures a feed cost of 13 cents for j each pound of buiteiifat produce<i. I H. C. Caviness, business men. Verna was just four years old With the state's! permissior when she started thij< record, atid these character witiie.sses will br had coinpleted two previous cow allowed fo testify tociay, so that testing ii.ssociation rk-ords of 3Sr>. they may return home. Defens. and 47 ."i' pounds respfctively. She' att.irneys say they caji pr.>.sent has 7)roduced three iieifer .-alves, j their side in a half day. her latest one iheing jtlie -^-H club; and Hutchinson last fall. The remainder oif .Mr. Samp's herd, which is comi)6sed of jmrc- bre.I and grade Guernseys. Is one of the good Guernsey herds of the state. The herd average last year DaisN.n Sii|i.riiitend-|.was 3f»7.7 i>ounda of butterfat per :..:.:„.. ^^^^ These Splendid results have been achieved under ordinary farm conditions, through the use of regti- Jarity, the utilization of sweet clover pasture, good alfalfa hay. and silage, and an adequate grain ratioi) of home grown ll.rds. Resignation of Voting Is Accepted by City Tlie resignation of A. W. Voung, «iiy • .'uglncer for the last two years, was accepted al yesterday's ineeting of the boani of city com- mls.sloner.'i. .'Mr. 'J 'ouni; will a .ssume his rliifies as county engineer Monday." Nni action was taken to fill tlM- racancy created by Mr. Young's resigntnion. The cnmmI ^sloner() . indicate.! It may he Keveralweeks .l)ef»ire a hew engineer is appointed. Watch Is Stolen From J. y. Merchant's Store A'; watch was stolen from J. V ^fe^cbant's Jewelry store yesterday aft«.rnoon, he reported to police No tfxresfs have yet been made in the case. New: .York. Jan. 11. (AP)—Women-of fashion will wear longer skirts next spring—ftrtlv; one inch below the.knee—if models displayed at the semi-annual style review of the garment retailers of .America are followed. There are new colors for spring wear, indepemlence blue, a light A garage on South Jeffersontnavy blue; water blue, a blue with Rti^eet, owned by John Wood, has. a greenish tinge, and natural beige City Has Purchased New Storeroom Now Coon Creek Project Cost City $11,26L91 . The .'osl of widening and straightening-out Coon creek was approx- imalely $11,261.91. it was disclosed at yesterday's meeting of the city commis.soluers when it was decl.l- e«^ to issue $11.2.10 In bonds. Of this amount, approximately $f»|000 goes to Fry Hrotlu'rs Con- ^ruetion .ompany; f $1.10') was requir«»d to n.!ttte /property damage clalmR. The remainder is for work handled by city «jmplo.ves. First National Names New Officials for 1928 Directors- and officers for 1.92S for the First National ban'k were elected yesterday at a meeting of stockholders. Directors elected ^rere: G. A. Eherle. A. R. Sleeper. Horace Miller. C. L. Hoyt. C- A. Swiggeil and R. L. Thompson. Jr. FoUowirjg the stockhol.lers m.K>ting. the directors, elected Mr. Kberle as' presi.Ient"' to , .succeed Mel Fronk. resigned.' Other officers namt'd were: A. R. Sleeper, vice-presi.lent; Horace Miller, cashier, anil Clair Kerr, a.ssistant cashier. Importaii.-e of siiiiporlilm ihe Red Star ass.K'iutl.iii jus. at this time t.nd to assure the visiuirs of the hearty, cT >-operalion which iliey might .Wpecf to re.-eive from lola. The lousiness "meetiiig of the Red •K:i:is:>i.- bas l:mBe,i h..h:iiri near\\- u!l othef << ill r"vi.s!nK its sv-ti-ni jiavatlon The task of iiiKdernizfiiij tin- lavation system of tin- stat.r «hoiili| he earri .-d to a ron.'liislon. "The .ifvi l.ipmetit of .i state sys- terii of cjMin -ctisl Ihrough highways under coi'jtr d Of the state any ad- |^|ditional Cevi-nnes needed to be se- .•iife.l bv ai( iiicri 'iised g^isoline tax to be il >-v 'i)'ii d fo that jiuri 'ose. The location, 'coinstnietion an.i control of i-oiinlj" ;inil township roads to ight posed of their applitation by a statement, part of which follows: "Utf to thi*» writing th«re is no extenuation shown for what the .seven Judges of the Court of Appeals, in agreement with- the t^yeive Jurors and the trial Justice, have foun.l to be a deliberate and premeditated murder committed by these defendant.s. "The afipiication for exiM-ntive clemency is therefore dcnie<l.' , The governor, throughout the —('olonei Charles .-V. Miidbergli today became the guest of the 27,000 Americans in the Canal Zone, visiting the city of Balboa after his stay at Panama City where ;he had landed Montjay from San! Jose. Cqsta Rica.' . With cheers and colors • flying, the Americiin air heroes qompat- riots turned; out en masse- today, bestowing upon him thatj same eager affection which prevailed in tlie many Central American capitals which Colontl hindbergh has visited on his good will tour. They w.;re eager >;o show him the beauties and wonders of the zoiiet Just eleven milej wide and forty-seven miles long vbetyveen the Atlantic and Pacific ^oceans.' of cruisers slie proposed fo be ra- perative tor tln^ proteition of per national interests., The in.sisten.-e of Gre.Tt JSriljaiii and of her naval experts and of her delegates at the Geneva cpn- f..r re- ot fereiKe iiixin her absolute'nwe.l a larger tonnage of cruiserp, .gardless of the naval programl other powersv is evidence that we inite nee.l for cruiser tonnasje. re- most Tpersuasive also have a def- gardless of the iirograni of powers,- if we arc to have .n rbun.le.l fleet for our. defense, and (CiinlliMiCd .Ml i'uge 4. So. other well- Star delegates will be lield itatine to'«uhlic i ^'tomrro 'w'Ti',''*'.t- are ^U'ient as reganls state in tomorrows Issue. authority:both as to rates and fi- Wr'ATUrD Ort A r»C «^0"it"'"'- state regulation yVtiA^llitiK and KUALIa ;has not been an untiuallfied. suc- '.ess. I I'avtir a strong public;service commission with sufficient' au- bc It ft erftirely in the of lo-. reading of his statement, had be- lal .iiitboriiiv. Tlie ai)iioilioitinent I fore him on his desk, a letter from ol pn'-eilt i revenues to h.- uu-; •Mr.'?. Isabella: Gray asking that the .banged.-- j "ft' of her husband be spared so "A strcjigihening of the l.iw.s re- that their lO-year-old daughter ting to'public interest. Our stat- j would not carry the stigma through life. Thousands of letters bearing on Golden Eagle Given Lo|ie Eagle Nutrition Expert Is Holding Meeting Here .Miss Conie Foote. uutritioh specialist from Kansas .State Agri-: cultural (.HIege.i this afternoon is nieeting with Women's Farm Bureau leaders, assisting them Inoiit- llning nutrition work In their clubs for 1928. Longer Skirts Are Ordained for Next Spring, Style Review Shows \KH purchased by the city commissioners and will be used by the cit^. as a storeroom. a grayish tone of beige. Ev'enlng models disclosed an evm greater Bkirt length than the gowns for. informal wear, having morter lengths In front and the b^cks almost touchlDg the flobr. The virtual disappearance of the silhouette.^as evident, most of the models being along straight lines A return to femlnit" also was indicated with the introduction of tucks, profuse lact, trimming and embroider}-. .Sports toggeijy included fi three piece bathing suit in China blue^ with short tmnks. Jumper and a very briet Jacket. FOR KA>S.4S— Fafr tonlu'hf and Thnrsday: moderate tem|»erature. jthority t<> protect the public inter- Temperature—Highest yesterday '*st. ; e,'!, at 3 p. in:: lowest last; night ! "If. after a reasonable period of 32 at r> a. m.: normal for today j such chnra.iter of state regulation, 30: excess yesterday l.S; deficiency if is not .succ.'ssfnl, I favor aban- since,January 1st. 42 degrees; this liate last year—highest 4(5; lowest 2(». Precipitation for the 24 hours ending at 7 a. in. today, . IM ); total for fh:.< year to date. .02—defi- clcn.-y sin.-e January .43 inches. R.-lativo humidity at 12 noon yesterday. J 4 per cent: 7 a. m. today 91 per ecnt; barometer reduced to .<tea level. 30.00 in.hes. Sun rises 7:3.S a. m.: .tets ."i :22 p. m. Road Condition^. All clear, all roads good. High School Debaters Meet Fredoiiia Thursday The lola high school deliate ..^uad will swing into action tomorrow afternoon against Fredonia high school's debators in a dual debate. The teams have not been definitely annonnce<l as yet, with Coach Thomps<»n still uHiable to be backj in school. . The queMion being debated this year la Resolved: That a farm relief bill like the Mc.^jary-Haugen bill as proposed in the 69th Congress shouM ,be adopted. The Tola affirmative will uphold the'propo­ sition at FYedonia. while at home Ihe lola negative will be attacking the queMio'n:. The local debate will start at 2 o'clock in the high school auditorium. Probable ."itarters for lola at home are.either Maxino Fleming or Maxine Wolf, first negative, and Lucille Wagner, second negative. Jean Coghill seema certaiA of being tho first .speaker on the Tola affirmative when Invading Fredonia. while the !.«oond speaker seems to be a question largely between Ira AfcCarty and Wallace iAnderson. Buy FEE today—note the difference! At your a podnd of PICKWICK COF- grocer.' doning tlwi* polii\v a'nd returning io local city regulation hy fran.-hise contract. ' I'Kausa-s. with great and varied refourccs". has not kept pace in srowfb of population and business. There is 'now planned a '.•ohiplete survey .if )oi(r economic situation to determine, what we may .lo fo widen our ipilusfm'al horizon. , Ever..' 'branch .rf the state government should'bi; iiroiight into active coordination with the agricultural and. business leaders engaged in this mosf praiseworthy effort on behalf of "the whole state.; ' "From Jtiijie t.'» time, as opjior.- tiinity mayjocciir. I shall discuss th.'s.' matters more fully and completely, aji.l terest anU bo.diment ofi Into adminutration of state government. I Kansas my ergy." * Teachers! other questions of in- Iconcern. To the em- the principles dutline<l pledge the people of faith and all my en- College Test Gi^en City Students Te.tfs eeik out from Emporia .''fate TeacSers college were the main thing Jon the'senior-and junior high j|«cbool» curriculum today with almoiol all of the .senior high students rb«ilng Involved and the ninth gr^d^ taking them at Junior hlgh.>: i " This nrorning teste were given III American History, Geometry, Civics. Jnninr English. Sophomore English. Biology, and Ph>4ca in the senior high,' while the Junlot^hlgh had SpaAisb, Latin 1,1 Freshmen English, xai Algebra: This afternoon starting immediately after dinnet- ttu» Senior.high school was' to have 'Chemlstrp with Constitution and iLatin II coming at Z o'clock. ) \ . The nsiial arrangement of hours was don^.'aiway with t.^isy In order to give the- proper time for the TarioiWi tests. • the case -were sent to the governor. Last-minute court moves to obtain a stay of execution continued to be planned by counsel for the two jprisohers as the. hour approached for their execution. Edgar F. Hazelton, chief of Mrs. i Snyder's counsel, called a conference oif his associates to discuss furtheii legal moves. A difference of opiiiion. had developed between Hazelton and Joseph Lonardo as fo what further steps should be taken.: Samiiel L. Miller, Gray's attorney, announced he wbuld file a petition in the supreme court in Queen."? county for a iftay on the ground of "newly discovered evidence." the nature of which he re- fuse.1 to divulge. If tliat move failed, he said, he would apply .to the federal courts for a writ of habeas corpus on the ground that his clients constitutional rights had been Invaded by^ the joint trial with Mrs. Snyder. ALL NEW FRONTS ON EAST JACKSON j Tire Repair Building The La,st New Structure In Second Block ' Panama, Jan. 11. (AP)—A golden- eagle du{£ from the grave of an Indian chief«;today bore witness to Panama's delight In the coining of the Lon.6 Eagle. The talisman was given t .o Col. Charles A. Lindbergh at a farewell banqueit by the Panaina reception comnnittee. The eagle is of solid gol^ and of primitive design, weighttig 312 grains: ' It was dug.from a 'grave in the Chlrique mountains. ijThe tail and wipgs of the eagle are spread and Its.talons clenched/ The piesect was in a box of native mahogapy and cedar, i Ptuia- mans carved, eagles on each corner of the tox. r .: If the present is added to the collection of .Lindbergh gifts! in St. Louis, It will attract loveVk of primitive Iit ^lan art. Another unit |ue gift loH the collection was an exceptionally fine Panama, hat—. rarely seen"outside this region. It • P'""/."-*,,.^. , was concealed in a box fashioned 'h^ ^^"ne Eagle !• tiling s ation to look like-ia b6ok. on which was. «»»"'»» .•omparat.%ely re- a wooden globe tracing, the fly- <«nstruction Wjth the completion of the new home of the Tire Kepair Sljop, which has just been conii/lt^edj by Mr. C. Canat.Key. proprietor. Ithe two hundred block on '^East Jalck- son presents au unbroken row| of new. up to date buildings and is one of the' attrai-iivo blojiks In lola. Beginning at the is the lola Laiinilry building which, although not new.—ja a striatly modern and attractive brick .building; next in line is the loI:i f*Iunib- ing Co... and the Bollinger Service Station, liotli in bnildings Uiat were finished tiuring tht< past year: adjoining them, is the new' Canatsey building housing the. Tire Repair Shop and th*--Fuller Furniture store which is next to the new home wiifch was opened by the Perfe<-t Bakery Imt a few ago. On the e:4st corner NQ Quorum Shows Up j For C. C. Meeting An effort to hold an adjourned annual m(!etlng of Country club stockhol.lers was made yesterday afternoon. Due to lack of a quorum. :no'') was transacted. A third effort to hold a meeting will be made at an early date. er's routes. -The present wa.*! from Masons of Panama. In a day- crowded with • other events, Lindbergh found time to slip away fij view the ruins; of old Panama along the famous Camino Real. i: •County Officials Go j To Burlington ;Soon County of/ieials olj .\llen county will go- to l^urlington tomorrow lo attend a meiBting of the County officials assoiiiatlon for so' Kansas. A':/W. Voung. new county engineer, wjll be one of th» mem bet's oS the'party. new building, work on was ^.starteil immediately The .which after the fife in the Tire Rei^air Shop. December 14. is of fire-proof con-struction throughout. The ' building is 36x60. with two room's, one 'occupied by the 'Fire Rep:iir Shop and the other by the Fuller Furniture store-. Brick is the chief (('.lufinned on Page 2. 1) Cape Hatteras Gate Believed to Have Claimed Slayer of Three Portland. .Me.. Jan. 11. (AP)—A Cape Hatteras gale seemed today to have swallowed up Capt. Thomas M. Bram. who 30 years ago wat sentenced to hang for a triple murder. With .him apparently had vanished his four-master schooner, the Alvena, a ship with a hlstorj- almost as curious as her skipffers. The lumber laden craft bound from Jacksonville, Fla.. to thi; port, was last spoken on Sunday when in distress. Since then coas' guard'cutters have failed to find trace of It. Today old timers were recalling who back in 1896 w-as convicted at Boston of the murders of Captain .Vash ' of the Barkentine, Herbert Fii.iler. Nash's wife, and his second.,mate. Vear§ lafer JIary Roberts Rinehardt wov.i into a novel the' stOry of the mnriier and, having Ijecome interested ft the former sailor.'sh. visited him];and through heiriefforts Pre.sident ^'aft was persuaded tr grant a parole which wa.s' ialei made a paardon by Presideiit Wilson. ;i ' ^ ! Junior College Play Is Tomorrow Night "".\re You a .Mason'?" tli«? lola' Junior college play will lie presented at .s o'clock tomorrow evening in the high" school auditorium; Thf play promises to be om- of thf best i -omedies presented here thii year. The production i.-; a three-aci comedy drama and is 'dircrted by -Mrs. -A. E. GarrLson.' Tickets are now on sale at Mer.-Iuinfs J'-welry store and the sale is good with prices of 25 and 35 ients. The cast follows: [Frank Perry Howard Bell: .Mrs. Eva Perry. Hazel Trout wine; French dressmaker. Charles Funk; Hamilton Travers, Charles Sutherland: Ekrnest Morrison. Lester Dolli.soii: Patrick CMfchael, Clyde Barber: Lottir .McHenlery, Margaret Siiiinnon'; Mr. Edwards. Owen Paul: Mr.. Dalton David Shannon; Mrs. Halton. (Folda Larson: Lolo Ewards. Hilda' Braun; Ann, . R^hel Heath; Mrs. Caroline Elna Close; Fanchon Armitage.' Jewell Potts. M

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