Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 10, 1928 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 10, 1928
Page 6
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' PAGE SIX THE TOLA DAILY REGISTER;; TUESDJjiY EVENlNG,^JANtTARy 10. 1928. ANDTUNNElf Differences Settled by thie . Promoter With Champion TWO FIGHTS: piLLED Tex Promises Gene Title Bouts With Two Men " Thfs Year New York. Jan. 10.. (AP)—Tex ' Rldcird and Ch-ampion Gene Tunney Jiavo .s<*itlPd ihflr .dlfferenceB. "KverjrthinK bfttweien fiene Tunney oad myself Is now O. K." The jironioler said today. He Cott^ E *'nted to the lipavyweighi iltle- liolder.s demands for two ' flK|i»8 . this year. Kickard contempilate.s Jack Sharkey of Bostion as Tunney'ir first opponent and Jack-Dempsey a3 the next biggest rival. The Denjpsey-Tunncy tussle will be held In the Yanie«_ stadium next St«ptembeT according to.ftickard's preseht plans. • ' • . . Just whjPre tho flrfit heavTweight . champipmslilp will be staged remains llidefiulte although Kickard regards ciSiiifaKo favorably as the site. , I Sharkpyj who fights Tom, :Heeney here Friday night, is not con- sidcre3 as a worthy opponent by Tunney, the champion's intimates say. However, Tunhey . probably w-lll' be guiiled by the outcome of the Hei'ney go. Tpnney is slated to leave for Brunswick. Oa.. tonight for a brief May at Dover Hall, before pro- leeding la hi.s training quarters. Bud Taylor and Babe Ruth to Fightj Tonight Chicago. Jan. 10. (AP)—Babe Ruth. , bonisiille , featherweight, ono of the most promising boys to develop under the new l)o:fing regime in nilnois. encounters Bud Taylor 'of Terre Haute. lu-. ten rounds'of millKig at the Coliseum totdght'. Another promising youth at tlie other end of the'scales. LeK Marrlner of the University of Illinois, is up for hl» second effort in the pro ranks, a six (round en- gagemeiit with Bud Doran. SELLING ORDERS SHAKEMARKETS U. S. Steel Is Involved in Market Reaction on Wall Street OFF WITHNOAID . .Vow York. Jan. 10. <AP) --.A proinislng rally in the stock niar- today following .the nnnoiince- m»nt of an unexpectedly large increase of half a million tons In Unfilled orders of the IT. S. Steel Corporation, was nipped in the Fans Dp Not 'Approve of WinterlTrades With St. Louis Crew TWO FAVORITES SOLD Now Moriarty-Must Show He Wa? Wise in His Deals (ThiK Is the h-eventh of a series of stories on thclUiS prospects of major league l).iseball clubs. I Oi'troit, Jan. lu. (AP)—Cenrge .\Uirlarty. fortnei- major leagjie jum- liire. bull pla.vcr and now manager of tlie Detroit TIK'TS . shuffled the cards dnrliiK the winter hig U-ague hiilida.vs anil dealt the St. Ixniis Ahu-ricaiis a pair of act*s. ] He has yet to prove to crJMcal |Detroit fans thfr wl.sdom of the plaj- which LIKE GREASED LIGHTI'NING ON ICE bul by a flood of selling orders •.wnt two favorites. Uliie, first shortly after mid-day. U. S. Steel, j bi^senian, and Heinle .Munusli. out- which had led the recovery with! fielder, to the BroVns. that he an .advance ipf nearly t;\vo points j might strengthen an ontfielil to to 1501", siiddienly plunged to HC»4 I snfiport his pitchers. ' as Inr^e amounts of the stock* But with the ' acqul.sition of wort offered. ! Harry Uice. ouifieldir. brought In ' ' I I on, the trittle that sent Blue ami Gniln Market YVenk. i .M;;iiusli southward. Moriiirty be- Chicago. Jan. 10. ,).A.I'I—(;r.iin j lieves ho has created anlonlfield l ^day reflected weakness of ijio | that wiil'hoth hit and fielil. "He is •Vew York Stock market. I^argfily ieria:n Uiie will hit better tliaii as a result, numerous orders Ao .'MO, lead the majors' in'stealiiig sell out boldings of future deliv- ba.^es. and speed up the uutfield. fTj" contracts for wheat were executed In the lasit. half of thi) day, especially on the part of h'ouries with connections norfhwe.s<. Favorable weather had a bearish ef- Thniughoii't the playing sea.son of i'.l27 there mere rnmor.s. of coi i- plainls fn>m Tiger pitchers !h it they were not receiving the prop-r support needed in the far jorne^s. Witli Bice. Harry Hcilmann. leaj feet in the corn market. Wheat closed unsettled, IVi to i Ing hatter of the majors and Bi 1'4; cents net lower, corn Ic .to | "Bhino" FothergiU. Moriarity l)e„ - _ . l?»ict.s; downi. oats %(fi%c io-";c lU'ves he can prt.'.<ent'a trio of hit- at .Vliami. He will box sijt rdunds.l off, ai>d provisions unchangM lo a frs that: willl cause opposing setback of "dflQ cents. agafiist three sjiarring partners in' an exhibition at Houston, Febru-' aryll as. part of his training,program. Rickard will leave fori "iU: ami; January 18. ' Tommy Ixjuglir^n, ilght-heavy- wei$ht champion of the world, has : sigiied an • agreement girtng Rick, .ard' ext'luslve rights to Bis ring' Other iiroduie unchanged. 'sen;ices until November 1. The i, : ^ .'agreement, requires Loughran lot Kansas City Hay. pitchers untold agony. The winter «huffle al.-i) .sent away Johnny ; Bassler. veteran catcher an<l a favorite of the pitch- preininm. extra f ing staff. "Hip" rolllns. and Donald Rankins. lu return, t.ho Tig- CIIY SQUAD Visiting Y.M.C. A. Crew Has Victory Over Local Five ; Kansas City Prodare. fcansas City. Jan. 10. (API — Butterfat: 44( quality. .1c. J^ggs; Firsts 3Sc:- seconds 27c:;ers received Klani A'angi'lder. vet-] .Mrs. James Hall, of 410 South i candled current receipts .'IVc. TEAM IS STRONGER New Team~Will Start In Encounter Here Tonight The Fort Scott Y. M. C. A. team win invade loia tonight to meet the: }oIa city basketball team on the tourt at the merchants' building at Riverside park. 'The game will start at 8 o'clock. Admission will be island 25 cents. . Fort Scott defeated a badly crippled lola team several weeks ago on the small Fort Scott dourt. This time the Iota teaiq isNdoped to be strengthened and will also have the advantage of playing on its own court. ' Tonight a fairly well experienced team will be ready to start for lola against the visitors. Forwards will probably be Baker and Elmer Funk; Symmes' will be at center, and Slay ton and Cutworth guards. Yowell and Pigg will be on the bench. Baker though not well known io loia^ basketball audiences, has proved himself to be a rapid com- Hcres Joe Moore. America's fastest human on ice. He is bow train- ^'l,''o"^*"'; J°'o,^' ing ati Lake Placid for the conting winter events of the Olympic games., ^wn for Their work 'b? xTa basketball fans. Cutworth. who same succc.^s^abroad, but hopes to earn n.any pomts for I ncle Samuels „ the bench in the early J: •• ip"" of the season is now getting —• — ~ "' ' ' started and should hold down a regular guard berth soon. B. Kemp. lola junior college player, will referee tonight. Welch Selected Coach For Emporia Teachers Emporia. ,kan.. Jan. io. (AP)— 'Francfs E. Welch todayj was chosen head football coach ^t the Emporia ;Teachers' College, snccieetl- Ing if J W. .Hargiss. who resigned to become head coach ot foo.tball at the; University of Kansaji. Welch's selection was [announced after a meeting of. thfe athletic board;^ He has been-- assistant coach ;for several years, and has been ^n instructor in {he department of agriculture.. SHELDON CLARK tOFACECHARGE OF MURDER NOW Felony Charged in Death ] Of Former Butler of Mrs. Chaplin . VALLEY DURINGWEEK Missouri Teams Threaten First Place Rule of ; Oklahoma Cirews ^ j KANSAS "HAS WORK ! Three Games Booked and Guards Listed As I Injured City, Jan. 10. !(AP)— Missouri's two valley conference basketball teams -today were pressing the pace setting Okiahonui ciuintfets as they squared awjiy for the remainder of a busy week. With-the Oklahoma squads re.°t- aL the top of the column last Manti. Utah, Jan. 10. (APt—With I niglitl Washington took - a firmer a tmurder charge being, prepared K.rit> ou third place by beating Ne- fojj filing'against him here and j l""aska at Lincoln 30 to ih. It with holdup charges bei^g brewed j ^-i-* 'he second victory fir the LOCALS eraii piti'her of. the Browns'. Reil ' Harcrave. former catchi-r of . the Toronto i-lnl> of tho International 1 league and "Chick" (lalloway, late Jeffer.son avenue, left today on thej noon train for Columbus. Kans.j cnlli'd by the Illness of hei< box.any opponent selected by Rick-Knilsas City. Jan 10 (A 1^»— !shortstop of the Philadel- ard."and covers the entire cOun-1nay .steady to'.SOc lower. Receipts!!''''" Athletic.s. CalK.way is slat- try. ;74 cars. Prairie No. 1. JlOifi II .•-.();•••'' for •'^''"risto;; position in the Rickard said he intended to keep'xf, o, |8(f;9.,50. ! event lilUe Ja< k Tavi-iier i.^ kept son. Wilbur Hall. —"Voii''s Breail." good as ever.' l^ughrSn in the light-heavyweight division for at least another,year.! • one of the ganie ttiiii an injured I hand thai ol>sti|ialely refuses Mrs. Xell Westcoat. of .\inarilfo. Tc.x.. wlio has been visiting Uer •o ! Iall:>'r. Joel .Mouse, of Vernop, Kaiis.. was a visitor in lola toilay enrout^ lioiiie. .Mr. and .Mrs. Tom Cardner anil .Miss Juanlla .Mouse motoreil to lola with her today. , We know Bakery Producta are good, But I Have • You. ! Tried i Ours? VAN HOOZERS. Rev. J. A. .^IcOlellan. D, D., superintendent of the Kansas Anti- Saloon League, was - in lola H-es- I)r. .M^-flee. of Topekai was in terday afternoon and remained lola todtiy giving an eye and ear through thus morning. His pur- examinaiion to the operators 'and i was to consult with the min- section foremen of theiSantii Feiisters of the city and others inter here. "These examinatioris are'giv­ en every .four years. —T)r. Lticy R. Poison, Chlroprac-! tor. Nor(hrup Bldg. Phone 326. The Community Hall 4s«oclution will meet Wednesday ni^ht. Janu- ar.v. 11; ai the home of H. W. Cooper. 'Jiif, South Walnitt street, at S o'f'lock. I All members are asked I.-^o wifll this morning, to be pri»sent. ; ested in carrying forward the work of the I.,eague. the character of which is well known. ! —Dr.' Montgomery, Chlropractori tola Laundr^- Bldg. Phone 138. againsf him in Redondo Beach, Califorhia. Sheldon Clarrk iiwoke this morning In the Maorti jail expecting, his parents froth; Los Angeles to'aid him out of hi.^ dilemma. A cproner's jury last ^night returned -a verdict that Clark had "feloniously" killed Don] Salovich. former butler for Lita Cirey Chaplin, on. a road near 'Gunnison. Along with thi.s- came Ayord from Los Angefes that si storekeeper and his wife in Retfondo B^ach had identified photogi-aphs of <;iark and Saloyich as the two men'who held [up th'efr store December 29. robbing .them ' of (27.^ in ea.'^h and $2;Q00'in jewelry. ^ (;iark -denied the holdiip charge, paying • he did not evvn Know wliere the' town .wa.s.. JFollowing his arrest in Salt Lake January »J. the dav.of the killing'of! Salovich, Clark confessed crushipg Salp- vich's slnill with a hammer ;ifter . T. quarrel... SU'lovich with hjs pockets rifled, was foiind dying in a gully. CountV- Attorney C. M.^Edwards. of M^nti; said he expected to file charges of first liegreeF murder against Clark as soon als he had gathered^ certain evidence of the activities"of Clark and Saloviih in California. i Russell Hirry. of 400 East Jack, son avenue;'who has been ill foi about ten days, was reported not Dundee, Reno, (By the'Associated Pre«s.) • New York — Joey Kaufman, , Brooklyh,- won from Litis Vicentinl Chile. (i )l Rene de Vos, Belgium, : knocked! out \VilIie Walker, New York (S). PeJLe Sanstoi, Norway, defeated Lew Coldberg. Brooklyn (G).. i • ; Philadelphia—Jake Kilrain. Cali- foniia, won on a' fotil from Will Mathews, Baltimore (8). I • BoMoii-Ernie Sehaff, Elizabeth, N. J., defeated King Solomon, I'anamai (lOt. ' Trettton, .\. J.—Joe Ilaltlmpre ; defeated Joe Trenton, (10). Buffalo. N. Y.—Bobby Tracey, Buffalo, outpointed K. 0. Kelly, Barbertbn, O., (6). Or^eii Bay. Wis.—Joey Clein. Milwiiuke?, won by technical knockout over George, ^lavis. Chicago, (1). Fetix Camas, Chicago, knocked out- paddy McDonough, Creen Bay (5).; Wichita. Kans.—Young Stribling,' rktacon, Ga., defeated Qlmck Wiggins.^ Inaianapolis (10). Pittsburgh—Maxie Ro.senbloom. New York, Won froni Garfield Johnson, (10). PhllaHelphia — Harold Mays, Bayonne, '"S. J., beat Matt Aggie. Philadelphia. (10). Kansas Checker Stars To Stage Tournament Wiiifleld. Kan.. Jan. 10. (.\P)-i- Checker players of Kansas " met here today for their annual meeting and tournament, dttring which •the state champion wlll^be decided L. N. Lydick of WInfleM «as elect ed president session; J liill, vice-president man of Wichita, secretary. .M. B I'eetzel of Kansas City will referc< the tburney play . Harry Lieberman of Parsons to night wilt exhibit his pi'owr^ss by | idaying ten players while blindfolded. nalTy 5T^56 Zc- \o '• nomi a Iv ! t'^'r'"'^'' ^ l'""^-l'"'led with MV-^SSifc daring dashes, around the base '- • lines reminiscent of the balmiest days of Ty Cobb. The wiiiter trades brought little Mllo maize. $1.29(^1.42. Kafir. $1.2S., 99i<:c. : Barlc.v, 80@84c. , improvement in the pitching staff.:] I Owen CaiToll, ot Holy Cross and ' '".Josh" Billings, and Rufus Smith of Brown I'nivcrsity, are young pitchers who have done well. Kenneth iHolIoway. Lil Stoncr. Sam f;ib.son. and Earl Whitehiil are the veterans, with Elam Vangildjer and I George Smith ready for i relief Kansas City Llvestoclf. Kansas City, Jan. 3,0. (AP) — (T. S. Dep. of Agricult ire)—Hogs: ll.ODO: fairly active: mostly 10c to 15c lower than yesterday's average, or 5c to 10c lower than the^„^,.^„ ^.„„,. . close. Stock pigs stea<^y: top at ^oles with a number of youngsters ^^•"u;°°,o«-?.'° -'Vi'!f;i^c^''' ?fJ "P from the m ^ sirablelSO lbs. ui>. fS.00ffi8.20; no! • to 170 lbs.. J7.!;<)(BS.O0; Packing I T TT i j - ^ r;. sows $6.50«?7.25.;'stock, pigs $7.50 i ^OlSlHgCr IViay 1x0 ^?.25. . With Bachman To Coach Cattle ItOOO; calves 1.500.- Fed ^ ; <• Steers fairly active: .strong to 2M-\ Mi^ihattan. Kan., Jan. 10. (AP)— higher: medium short feds light jo,. Holsinger. a star Kansas Aggie halfback, and i)upil of coach Charles W. Bachnian. newly ap- poihteri Florida U. coach, will accompany Bachman. io C.ainesvillj^ Fla.. as assistant coach, if arrangements acceptable ' to the Florida authorities can be made. It was learned today. weight little clvinged. She .ttock slow., steady to weak: bulls firm: ii dding sharply lower on vcalers: stockers an(i feeders fully steady: top "heavy steers $17.00: medium weights $16.25: yearlings $15175: biilk.light and medium short feds $ll(fil3.75. Sheep: 7.00ft. Lambs uneven— generally strong to 10c higlier: top $i2.85: other fed lots, mostly $12.25<f/12.75: 102 lb.'kiink at $12:, lop ewes $7.25. " — Topeka, Kans.. Jan. 10. (APl-r ^„ TkT „ .Governor i'aulen has accepted the Pittsburg Newspaper linvitation of the CunlS-for-Presi: Stock Changes Hands <Icnt clubor .Sew York to meet the " ' members and newspaper men of Pittsburg. Kas., Jan. 10. (AP)- 1 York ht the Curtis headquar- fieorge A. Winters and F. W. Brin-!'<«-« there the afternoon of Jpu- kerhoff have purchased the stock ia""*' from Z to 4 o clock. .Mrs. Frank Marks went to PIqua this morning to help care for her brother, Henry Frishenmcyef, who is reported "not .so w.-U. —Dr. A. B. Twadell. Osteopath. New Globe Bldg. Phonu 191. . Herbert Whitaker. foreman of the composing room at the Register office, is off duty on account of Illnes.s. Eugene Davis, of Par- .sons, is .substituting for him on the linotype machine. —Phone us yotir orders for Kansas. 'Oklahonjii. Illinois. Colorado, anil several other {grades of coal and coke. lola Junk and Coal Co., plume :{17. first door north Kuty j depot. t —Dr. 'j. T. Reld. Surgery and .<-ray. Phone 3.">7. Ira Anderson, cliief of- i»olico, was called to Erie last night because of; the serious illness of his brorher.l'who died later in the night. Chief Anderson: returned to lola early today. —We pay 6'^'' on FuHPald and j Installment Stock. The best investment, the best method to save. S^rnrltylBldfr. & Loan AsNoelatlon, lola, Kai&aii. —Dr. G. E. Pendarvis. Dentist on. over Glftbe. I'ho. .•!S4: Re.s.ll2:i —Clean white rags wanted at thei Register office; will pay me l!i.! One arrest for driving without a' license'resulted in a fine of $3 in polic-e court yeS'terday. Kew traffic violation.s have been reported lately, city officers said. The first international golf contest bptw»en professionals of England jand America was played twentj-five years ago; Henry jGrimm, of Geneva, was ir the officii today to renew; the subscription of .Mrs. .Martha Christy of GenevJa, for another .vear. Mrs Chri.sty- is • S2 .years -old and .Mr Grimm>.says that sli{; is still active and was able to make several christnias gifus for h^r grand- chjldreb las{: Christmas. The (Jrimir and Christy'; families are-wild sub scribers ! of "^the Regsiter. iiaving taken it isinCe they came "to .Alien •county (n l.S.'>7. : Bears over the Cornhuske'rs and gave the St. Louis squad a mark of three wins' and one loss. Missouri used lasl night's .session with the Kansas Aggies at .M.nnhattan. to boost the Tiger average to (;67. The Tigers wound up last we«k in a triple ie for fourth place with the Kans is Ap- gies and Kansas, each wi h one Win and one loss. In the only conference ga>ne IQ- night, Missouri 'meets Kansas Wt Lawrence. Word from the camp of the champion Jayhawkers showed a casualty list including Jeffrey and McGuire, regulir^ guards. Bob Maniey. another guard, was reported to have injured a hand. Other teams have a three-day rest prior to a nine game, series .starting Friday. In this program, the Kansas Aggies take- ou the Oklahomaa' .Aggies at Stillwater and.KanyiH goes to Norman to play Oklahoma. Iowa Sta^e and Grintiell. having lost all starts this .sea..^n.. will come .south; to meet Washington and Missouri, respectively. ' i Nebraska 'and Drake, tied for seventh place with a single victory and three defeats. Lmeet at Dc3 Moines Saturday liigjit. wMle the Kansas-Oklahoma and :th<^ Missouri-Iowa exchange continues. Saturdays program finds all ten teams in action for the, this season. first time .Mrs, Harttlil Cleaver, of ol the river, who underwent'an operr atinn at St. 'Johns hospital Sunday is improving nicely and expects-tc bii able to return home 'Fhursday Charles- Stewart, of north of La- Harpe. underwent an operation this morning at St. Johns ho.s'pital. , Edni Baten underwent f tonsillectomv operation this morning at St.- Johns hospital.! - HARDWARE& IMPLEMENTS ELITE Matinee £'>-.%'>e Nfehls— 2 .'».,-d»c Tonlirlil nnil I 'or four days Ramon Novarro Governor Paulen Will Speak Before Club ^•^ic^Sf b[..4''l^i;^sL^!?r^,il^^!^^^rRepresenta^ .sid;nt:\nd b. c. coie: ^t^S'^HI.^'^So^i;^: .CalledBefore House newspapers, respectively, it was I ,,. , . . , , . announced loda.v. J ^^'^^Mon. Jan. 10. AP)-Rep- Mr. Nicholson has been general |''"'^fn''*"'**' V-- ''•'ck wa,- .i manager of the newspaper.s. Mr. '•'"l'"'' "1">" •"''•'-V l>.v. the Hones 1 Winters, who has been business K'"'','"" "'vestigatlng manager, will beinanager. and Mr. i '•'« ''l'"' ? '^''•'V 'f^P"'''"-;'" !Biinkerhoff will continue as edi- froiu ,l'enn.«.ylvanm to leslify un.ei 'tor. Mr. Nicholson said he proba; 1 j'« "•!'"l»'n<'y »« I'l"'"- bly woiild make another ni -wwpnl j delphla.^ per Investment. Airplane Crash ^urts Two on Lon^ Flight Muntok. Banka -Islatid. Dutch Indies. Jan. 10. (AP)—The airplane Red in which Capt. W. N. Laiicasier and Mrs. Keith Miller have been flying to Aust.ra-j lia, from England, crashed here! this morning. - • Mrs. Miller's nose was broken,: rapt. I.,ancaster's lip was cut.; antt he sustained a slight concussion. The,plane was badly damaged. ] Peoria Life Claims New Bowling Record % Peoria. III., Jan. 10. (AP)—The Peoria Life Insurance company ;today claimed a new bowling record for ifs five man team by reason of a score of 8.343 pins made last night In competition In the Saratoga senior league. The league is rmdeT the sanction of the American bowling congress.'; Arrest of \ Cashier of ' 'Missouri Bank Ordered iefferson City. Mo.. Jan. 10.— (AP)—Arre.stof the cashier ot the j closed Diinklln County hank of Maiden, .Mo., has been ord.trwl. following the discovery of a shortage in%the bank's funds of approx-i imateiy' $45,000. state finaiice comr., ipissioner S. L. (Jantley here was lidvised today. »w Location. K. MadNon. First Door East of browns Diiig Store. Phone 176 Pirates! The cry rings out—th« i proud Roman fleet that a moment before thrlled you by their num-! bers and their magnificence is turned Into an inferno of living, throbbing action. Before your excited eyes is unveiling one of the greatest and most thrilUng sea battles ever screened. 150 ships built especially for this battle. Aesops Fables and Toplcti of tlw Day.. '

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