The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 19, 1933 · Page 15
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 15

Bakersfield, California
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Thursday, January 19, 1933
Page 15
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THE BAKEttSFlfeLD CAL1FORN1AN, THURSDAY, JANUARY 19, 1933 15 OIL and MINING KERN ML BATTLE Pan-American Settles With Government; Judgment Given Prior Right t-OS ANGELES, Jan. 10.—Settlement of the government judgment for $9,277,861.17 against the' Pan-American Petroleum Company, subsidiary of .the Richfield Oil Company, for |5,01G,- 000 was announced yesterday by Will- lahi C. McDuffle, receiver of tho Pan- American and Richfield companies. The compromise Is effective In the event of a sale of the reorganized Richfield properties and will rank as a" prior claim against Pan-American' assets. , ' ' Judgment for tho government was filed January 14, In the court of United States District Judge Jafties ns the result of litigation over an accounting for oil and gas extracted from three naval leases In the Elk Hills district. Restoration of the leases to tho goyernment was affirmed recently by tho United States Supremo Court. Compromise of tho government olalm against Pan-American was pronounced by McDuffle as a major step forward in the rehabilitation of the Richfield Oil Company. Virtually all litigation obstructing the sale of the properties Is now removed, he ey- plalned, since the settlement with tho gpvernment consolidates the claim of Pan-Amerclan against Richfield and . the claim of the government against Richfield. Participating In the protracted-conferences leading up to the compromise were H. J. Crawford and Frank Harrison of Cleveland, Ohio, special nssls- \ants to the United States attorney- general; th~e receiver for the Richfield nnd Pan-American companies, and representatives of the various creditors' committees. Consolidation of the Pan-American •lalm against Richfield us part of the tettlement will particularly facilitate the sale 1 ,of tho prbpcrtlcs, the receiver stated. The gross amount of this nlalm Is approximately $17,000,tlOO. Under the compromise agreement the amount Is converted Into a preferred claim against Richfield assets of »3,260.000.\ Speakers Entertain Those at Valley A. P. I. Meeting rpAFT,' Jan. 19.—San Joaqutn Valley A chapter of, the American Petroleum nstltute met last'night In the Standrd 14 Recreation Hall with the prest- ent, H. Q. Barton, In charge. The ttendance was largo and a number f interesting talks were given, • Doctor Hanna of the'Associated Oil Company at San Francisco spoke on he application of paleontology to the California oil Industry and' recounted xperlences while In Alaska. Doctor Hanna stated that E. Brown, connected with the California Petroleum World In 1923, took cores with cas- ng with teeth cut In the bottfim and found fossils which furnished trnctu'rnl correlation. The age of the ocks was determined by the fossil ontent. '. Specialized life- forms of hort life are markers. Scalez Is the hnracterlstlc irinrker for horizons In he south San Joaquln valley and are now generally applied in the indus- ry. Speaking of Alaska, where he spent .0 years, Qoctor Hanna stated thnt •arthqunkes continued for two .weeks ifter the Katmal eruption. Telling of he seals, he stated these mammals do lot know how to swim but must be aught. Three-year-old bulls are One Site, Two RedrillJobs Credited to Kern Districts ON FEDERAL CHARGE (A#nor.lated Prcm Leased TTlre) DENVER, Jan. 19.—Charles L. Fulton, mining man, has surrendered to post office inspectors here on a federal indictment returned In Los An- Keles charging use of the malls to defraud. , . 'V Fulton waived' examination before a commissioner and Was- released on S2BOO bond, promising to report at Los AngelOM when wanted. He denied knowledge of a fraud and said, he merely had been employed to maintain an office in Denver for'a Los Angeles firm. *-»-» Conner Leases Kern Placer Mine Claims KERN CANYON, Jan. 19.—J. F. Dormer has leased his placer claims in the Rlchbar district .to Messrs. Ritchie, Judklo and Roo"d. Tho claims rfre Identified with the Sweotwater group. The lessens will Install a drag- line system and expect to be operating by February 1. nEDERAL Petroleum Company's " proposed driller " on section 28, 26-28, In the Mount Poso. Creek dls- rlct, Is the only new drilling Job for Kern county during the week which inded January 14, according to State Oil and Gas 'Supervisor R. D. ^ush. During the week th,ere were two ihutoffS repo.rted. Ono was at tho Bolrldge Oil Company's No. 20-36, on section 3B, 27-20 at Belrldge, and the otfter was the California Western OH Company's No. 11, on section 7, 28!9, at Round Mountain. Two deepening or redrllltng Jobs vere credited to. Kern during the veek. Pan-American Petroleum Com- iany began that typo of work at Its >ampton No. 6-H, on section 1, 3124 at Elk Hills ,arid the Honolulu Oil Corporation started redrllllng of Its No. 39, on section 6, 32-24, at Midway. The. -well drilled by Ralph Lavln, Harry P. Avery, W. H. Bradfleld and D. O. Ferguson, known as the Lavln- Avcry-Jordan No. 1, on, section 20, 1-23, at Midway, was abandoned. It vas drilled to 300 feot and was the nly abondonment for the week. iUPERVISOR REPORTS ON STATE ACTIVITIES Oil field operations reported to State Oil and Gas Supervisor R. D. Bush -*NEW DRILLING JOB American Petroleum Corporation, Limited, will drill Its No. 1' .well on section 19, 4-12, at Long Beach. Legal Notices STATEMENT OF MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF SUPERVISORS FOR THE MEETING HELD MONDAY JANUARY 9, 1933. Board met in regular session at 10 o'clock A. M., with all members presejit. Chums against the County were allowed. D. D. Hall was appointed watchman at the County Garage, at a salary of ?127.00 per month, effective as of January 1, 1933. • Suifcrvlsor Woollomos was authorized' to sell old sacks at the Stony Brook Hospital, and the sale, of old sacks to Tehachnpl Hay and' Grain Co., for tho sum of $9.90, was confirmed. Supervisor Woollomes was authorized to sen 21 tiers of wood no longer needed by the County. The tsalo of 21 tiers of wood'for the sum of $61.60 was confirmed, anc money deposited in tho County Treasury. Reaulsltlons were approved. The following applications for business licenses wero granted, viz: ' E. L. Harman, Bakersflold. .Goo. C. Freeman, Ford City. Grace Southern, Wheeler Rldgo. H. B. Duorkscn, Shatter. C. V 1 . Attobery, Bakorsfleld. G. W. Burrows, Bakersfield. n. A. Kelso, Bukersfleld. , Reports of County Officials wero received and filed. Tho motions o'f Supervisor •Witnmer to discontinue the services of three drivers at tho County Garage, and to discontinue tho. rovofvlnz fund uf the District Atlorn«y and sheriff, wore liwit for want of a second. Thn hearing on Vlcwors Report 01 proposed Roue] No. 84B, Iden, Grlffltl nt al on Arlington Street, wns sot foi II o'clock A. M.. Monday, January 30 1933, and notice thereof given In Tho Bakorsfleld Caltfornlan. Tho Wasoo Woman's Club wan granted a special permit to conduc public dances at AVasco. Tho South Fork Woman's Club was granted a special permit to conduc Dubllc dances at Weldon. Doed from Lucy Melendez to the County of Kern' for a portion of Block 20, Wasco, was accepted and re corded. Work Order No. 1, providing for ad dl^lonal work at Stony Brook Retrea in .th$ sum of $240.86, was approved, Tho contract with G. 4. Graham foi construction of addition to Stony Brook Retreat, was accepted as com pleted. A list of 760 persons was selected from the several Supervisorial DIs trlcts *to serve as jurors for the yea 1933. • Board took a recess until Friday January 13, 1933. at 3 o'clock P. M. Friday, January 13, 1933 Board met at 2 o'clock P. M., pur suant to recess of January 9, 1983 with all members except Supervise Abel, present. Claims against tho County wore al lowed. i Board adjourned until Mondaj January 10, 1933, lit 10 o'clock A, M F. R SMTTH. Jan. 19, U. Clerk qf tho Board. killed for their fur,-'about 20 percent of this nge being selected each year. They are.killed with a club, skinned nnd tanned, after which the long hairs are plucked and the skin dyed. .The carcass is used for oil and fertilizer nnd wasted. Victor Svlmlnoff, of the General Petroleum Corporation, Bakersfield, salt! .the conflict between the Anglo-Persian Oil Company and the Persian govern- nrient Is serious. The concession of Anglo-Persian covers approximately 600,000 square miles, about five-sixths of tho country. An Australian, Daroy, originally secured the lease for $26,000 nnd 16 per cent royalty. • The 'concession was assigned and duly ratified by the Persian government and countersigned by the British government. Persia claims taxes are unpaid, tho concession,faulty In wording, and recently annulled the concession. Tho case has been presented to the League of Nations for settlement. The'lease has 30 years to'run. Bruce Barkis of the Rio Grande Oil Company, Los Angeles, who recently attend'ed the A. F. I. meeting at Hous- .ton, stated A. P. . t. executives aro greatly Interested In local chapters nnd told of the proposed standardized programs for chapters. !E DECLINE HITS IT Nick Gerard Firm Is Organized Here Records disclose that the Nick Gerard Oil Producing Corporation, with 3akersfield the principal place of mslness, has been formed, with cap- tal stock set at $75,000. Directors are N. P. Gerard, George Hall and Abraham Marks, all of Bakersfield. Gerard recently completed a well in the Fruitvale district of Kern county. Perfects System of Saving: Finest Gold KERN CANYON, Jan. 19.— Bill Nes- .ell, operator 'of the Helene Galvln placer claims, has Installed a power- Irlven sluice box with a capacity of 'our yards an hour, and after considerable experimental work has perfected an amalgamation system which has proven highly efficient in the saving of fine nnd Invisible gold. Nestell employs four men who work one full shift. STANDARD VISITORS Representatives of the-Standard Oil 'ompany of California, In Bakersfield today on business from various points, Include J. M. Robertson, John Sem- bertrant and E 1 . B. Hensaty. all of San Francisco, and W. S. Tierce of Oakland. They are guests at Hotel Padre. , REPORT ZINC OUTPUT NBW YORK, Jan. 19. (A. P.)— World Bine production in December totaled 73,803 short tons against 70,285 In November and 80,617 In December, 1931, sayp the American bureau of metal statistics. during the week ending January 14, how five notices to drill new wells lied, as compared with three 4urlng he previous week. Of the five notices o drill filed this week, two were for wells In the Long Beach field, one In he Huntlngton Bench field, one in the lount Poso field, and one In the Ket- leman north dome field; Total new wells this year is eight, as compared with 10 at the same date Jast year. Tests of water shutoff this week numbered two, as compared with one luring the previous week. Total to late this year, three; total to same date last year, nine. Deepening or redrllllng jobs this week numbered 17, as compared with 6 during the previous week. Total to date this year, 33; total to. same date ast year, 32.« Abandonments this week numbered Ive, as compared with three during he previous week. Total to date this year, eight; total to same date- last fear, seven. * « » Oil Agreements General Petroleum Corporation of California to John Morgan et ux— Quit to east half of section 36, 28-23, excepting parcel of land deeded to Wildwood School District', beginning at point on north line of sectlon ( distance 30 feet west from northeast corner of northeast quarter of said section 36. Same to Los Angeles Finance Company—Quit to southwest quarter of section 31, 2B-26, except east 80 acres thereof. Royalty Corporation, Ltd., to Phillip Harris—Portions of property beginning at northwest corner of section 32, 29-32; subject to restrictions, etc. Phillip Harris to E. A". Strong—Portion of same as above described. ' Phillip Harris to Benton H. WII- cox—Portion of same as above described. Taft Midway Oil Company by President A. M. Keene, and Secretary J. D. Peterson, give notice of nonrespon- sibllity for materials, labor, drilling or other Improvements on east half of east half of northwest quarter of southwest quarter section 22, 32-23, said property Is now In possession of Fred Turner who Is a sublessee from Cyrpress OH Company which Is a sub- lessee from Barnsdall Oil Company, the original lessee; dated January 14, Ii33; filed January 18, 1933. Producers Refining Company and C. L. and T. H. Seager give notice of nonresponsibillty for materials used or to be used In operation of plant, labor, etc., on lot 2 of McVean's subdivision section 7, 29-28, first party being owner of same, together with all personal property thereon, being equipment for refining plant; said plant Is now leased, to R. E. McClcllan and E. A; Wiley of Los Angeles known as California Luboyl Company. Vedder Petroleum Corporation, Ltd., gives notice of nonresponslbllity for labor, materials, etc., on southwest quarter of southwest quarter section 14, 27-27; said property being assigned by first party to M. E. Lake. Legal Notices NOTICE OF THE HEARING REPORT OF VIEWERS ON PROPOSED ROAD No. 842. Office of tho Clerk of the Board of Supervisors of the County of Kern, State of California; To AH Non-Consenting Owners of the Hereinafter Described Lands Take Notice: That the report of viewers heretofore appointed by the above-named Board to view and lay out proposed County Road No: 842, commencing at the northeast corner of AMlla Lot No. 26, according to the map of "DruVy'ri Addition of Kern City, See. 21. T. 20 S., R. 28 E., M. D. B. & M.," filed for record on March 18th, 1907, on page 101 of Book 1 of Maps, unrl running thence southerly .und along otiHt boundary of said Villa Lot. No. 26, to tho KouthettHt corner thereof, hap been set down for hearing by tho Huld Board of Supervisors at their rooms In the County Courthouse in the City of Bakersfield, Bald County and State; for January 80, 1933, at 11 oVlock A. M., where any and all Interested therein may appear and.make objection thereto If deemed proper; The said road will pass over, through and upon the lands owned by: Sarah J. Tltmus, Villa Lot No. 26, Drury's Addition of Kern City. By order ot the Board of Supervisors of the County of Kern, State of California, made January 9, 1933. F. E. Smith, County. Clerk and ex-Offlcio Clerk of the Board of Supervisors. Jan. 12 to 26, inc. NOTICE OF ANNUAL MEETING KERN COUNTY MUTUAL BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION. The regular .annual meeting of the Kern County Mutual Building and Loan Association will, be held' Tuesday, January 24th, 1933, .at 3.'o'clock p. in., at IU office at 808 Baker street Bakepsfleld, California, for the purpose of electing a Board' of 'Directors to servo for thn oi)Bulng year, and thq transaction of HUC)I other business aw muy conio regularly before Mie moot Ing. ARTHUR S.- CRIT10H. Jan. 10 to Ul.lncl. - Secretary. LOS ANGELES, Jan. 10.—Mld-contl- rient's oil Industry yesterday was In a whirl following the cut .In'crude prices by Stanollnd, subsidiary of Standard Oil of Indiana and the parent company's price reduction of 1 cent a gallon retail on gasoline for the 13 states within Its territory. Stanollnd's schedule for Kansas, Oklahoma, North and Central Texas was 62 cents for 40 and above gravity crude and 28. cents for 28 gravity and under with a, flat 60 cents a 1 barrel 'for East Texas. Meeting the crude price cuts we're Continental Oil, Deep Reck Oil, Barnsdall,.SInelalr-Pralrle and Bell Oil and Qas with others expected to fellow. ''•'.-' California crude price struoture la regarded as threatened by tho mid- continent slash since 28 gravity Signal Hill crude brings ?1.03 a barrel, a difference of 76 cents a barrel. Reports were received in Los Angeles that gasoline Is selling as low ns 1 cent a gallon wholesale In Texas and that In St. Louis It is being bootlegged for 5 cents a gallon retail. OF SEEN JR HWILAH (Special to The OaHfornlan) HAVILAH, Jan. 19.—This city, just, .•mother ghost mining camp until recently, Is showing signs of revival. Now ore bodies opened up In the King-Solomon mine promise to bring new life Into the mining activities.of this district. Fifty years ago, whon Havllah was the county seat of Kern- county, tho King Solomon, was one of tho richest producers In this part of the state, and much Interest is manifested In tho now discovery. Revival of gold production from that mine appears promising and perhaps, In the near future, Havllah will again be famous for ,-fts output of the precious elltterlng metal, for the roaring days of yore, and scene of stories similar to those written by the immortal Brete Harte. RAILWAYS ASK UNION VISITORS R.. W. Huffman and A. P. Williams, both of Fresno, and associates of tho Union Oil Company of California, are here on a business mission for their firm, and are headquartered at Hotel Padre. ANNOUNCES PLANS Dabney.-Johnston Oil Company has announced plans for tho drilling^ of Us No. 86 well on section 13, 4-i3-i»' tho Long Beach field. ' f , .' PADRE GUESTS y.V Guests at Hotel Padre today Include W. K. Hutton and F. M. Neltuel, bo^ of Fresno, and representatives- '.of Standard Stations Inc. BEACH PROJECT Latost drilling job for tho Huntington Beach field Is tho Wllshlro Oil Company's No. 6-A on section 10, 6-11. STANDARD TO DRILL •" Standard OH Company will drill Its No, 65 well on section 1, 22-17, at the north dome of tho Kettleman Hills field. (Vnlted /'COM Leased 'Wire) WASHINGTON, Jan. 19.—Railroads today appealed ' to the Interstate Commerce Commission In an attempt to halt construction of the Los Angeles union passenger terminal which the California Railroad Commission has ordered thorn to build. A terminal station would cost from $7,597,404 to $13,886,092, depending on trackage plans. Tho railroads said In their argument that the depression has left them without sufficient revenue for the project. The Santa Fe, Los Angeles & Salt Lake and Southern Pacific'Rail- roads united In asking for a rehearing. The California Commission on December 12 denied a similar' request, If ,the Interstate'Commerce Commission will reopen the case, tho railroads said, they will be able to prove they cannot afford the terminal. While the I. C. C. has no authority over construction of tho building itself, It could stop the project by rescinding orders for construction of tracks to the terminal, This the railroads asked the commission to do, PRET1Y ACTRESS MAY (United Preis Leafed Wire) HOLLYWOOD, Jon. 19.—The breaking up of hor romance with James Dunn, screen actor, was reported today to bo the cauao for. tho decision of Maureen O'SuIllvan, pretty actress, o go home to Ireland to stay. Dunn and'Miss'O'SuIllvan wore seen :ogether constantly for months, and :helr romance was considered ono of .he prettiest In the screen colony. Then something 'happened and they ell apart. She refused to comment oir her af- 'alr with Dunn today" except to say, 'Let's not talk about that." "I'm lipriieslck, and being around Hollywood Is too much of a strain," shn said. The Interesting career which she Intends to break off In March started when she came to this country to play "n "Song o' My Heart" with John Mc- -ormack. l ATSF STAGES ADVANCE Slow Progress, However, Is Recorded on Climb; Two Lower i (Associated Press Leased Wlrel SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 19.—Stock prices hit tho up trail today but made slow progress. United Aircraft and California Life Voting Pool wero In the van, gaining 1 each, with Southern Pacific up %, Leslie California Salt %, Pacific LlRht- ng 1i nnd a number gaining small fractions, Including Transamerlca, up H at r,y 4 . A few held even, and only two wero lower—both Pacific Gas preferreds. The BV4n lost H and the 6s Vi. On the curb Occidental Pete was most active, rising 4o to 66c. American Telephone gained 1, General Motors H. Southern California Edison omnion nnd GV4s rose % each and Aviation Corporation U. Goldman Sachs was off lOc, Crown Willamette preferred % and Anglo National 2H, reaching 7% In Its first sale this month. Buys Equipment for Kern Canyon Claims KERN CANYON, Jan. 19.—Bill Fuell, manager of the Sunset group of placer claims In the Kern canyon district, returned, from Los Angeles last week with additional machinery for his mines, and has started Improvements on his dredgo. Operation of tho dredger will begin within a few days. , . 4 « «• •* Projects Abandoned in State Are Named Five wells abandoned In California during the week which ended January 14 were: E. A. Doran Oil Company's Regal No. 1 and No. 2 in the city of Los An'- geles; tho Shell Oil Company's Reyes No. 33 at Domlnguez; tho Casttas Oil Company's No. 202-1 at.Sarfta Barbara; and the Lavin-Avery-Johngon No. 1 at Midway. Sun-Maid Growers' Officers Re-elected (United Press Leaned Wire) FRESNO, Jan. 19.—Officers who directed activities of Sun-maid raisin growers of California last year, today began new terms; All, including J. M. Leslie, Del Roy, president; Frank R. Hight; Hanford, vice-president; Frank Frane, Reedley, secretary; Clayton I. Chandler, Fresno, treasurer, and Earle G. Granger, Fresno, assistant secretary, wero reelected. Chandler, Dr. R. B. .Holllngsworth, Blola, and "Vaughn D. Whitmore, Ceres, wero re-elected to the board of directors. Probe Hangar Fire on Honolulu Field (Associated Press Leased Wire) HONOLULU, Jan. 19.—An 'official Inquiry was planned to start today into the fire which svfept a hangar and two other buildings at Luke Field, anhy air base, yesterday, causing damages estimated by officials at $150,<JOO. % Cause of tho fire, which destroyed a bombing plane, its hangar, a quantity of parachutes and damaged two other buildings, was not known. Japan Protecting , U. S.-Owned Firm (United Prase Leased Wire) YOKOHAMA, Jan, 19.—Police guards wero on duty today at the plant of the American-owned Singer Sowing Machine Company which was ruldec yesterday by Japanese ruffluiiH 'allegedly hired lifter a strike of Japanese omoployes. 1'ollco officials questioned 138 prisoners arrested In connection with tho raid. Joseph Clark Grew, United States ambassador, urged thu government to provide bolter protection for "Amor lean lives and property. (RedrillingWork I of 17 Districts | I Features Report | On* of ths most Interesting features of State Oil and Oat Su- ptrvlsor R. D. Bush's last wsekly report Is the number of rsdrllllng or deepening Jobs begun In'the •tat*. • . , • • Seventeen such Jobs w*re started during the week. The ' 17 'job* w*re started by an equal number of different concerns 'and w*r« credited to 11 of the state's fields. Two were In Kern county—one at Elk. Hills and the other at Midway. State Senate Votes for Dry-Law Repeal (4»sootated 'Pre,sa Leated Wire) SACRAMENTO, Jan. 19.—The Senate today approved} Assemblyman William Hornhlower's resolution, as amended, memorialising Congress to provide for state conventions to- vot* on the repeal of the Eighteen!! amendment. The vote was. 81 to 8. Copies of the resolution are to bo sent tho President and to each House of Congress. DUM DUMS PROTESTED ASCUNCION, Paraguay, Jan. 19. (U. P.)—The foreign office was expected to protest today to the League of Nations ufalnSt the alloyed use o: dum' diim bullets by Bolivian troops In tho "Gran Chaco, after tho commanding officer of tho southern sector reported that some of his men hai boon wounded by the -bullets. UNERAL RITES HELD FOR G. K. M'CLATCHY (United Press Leased Wire) FRESNO. Jan. 19.—Brief furieral services were held here today In memory of Carlos Kelly McClatchy, prominent state newspaper man, who died Tuesday at the height of his career. The services were without ostentation, in keeping with McClatchy's often-expressed preference for simplicity in his personal affairs. There were no pallbearers, no music. McClatchy's body was to bo taken today to Sacramento, there to be. met by a military guard from the Sacramento post ot the American Legion :md taken to the. home .of his parents Mr. nnd Mrs. Charles K. .McClatchy. Services at which the Rt. Rev. Mon- Blgnor Morgan of the Cathedral of the Blessed Sncrainont will officiate will be held Saturday. Interment will bo In East Lawn cemetery at Sacramento. BRIGHT SPOTS IN BUSINESS (United Frets Leased Wire) MINNEAPOLIS.— Northwestern Na- ,lonal Life Insurance Company wroto 174,348,836 new business last year, against J66,982,616 In 193f, la was reported. OSHKOSH, WIs.—Oshkosh Overall Company reported for 1932 a profit of $29,422, against $19,157 In 1931. NEW YORK.—Electricity production .hroughout the country In the week mded January 14 totaled 1,495,116,000 cllowatt hours, against 1,460,639,000 lours In the preceding week, accord- ng to the National Electric Light Association, i S. F. Stocks (Associated PrcsS'Lcascd Wire) SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 19.'— Stock— Bid Asked Alaska Juneau 11U 11% California Packing '9 9V4 Caterpillar Tractor ., 7% 8 Cons. Chemical A" 13% 14 Crown coin. Vtc 1»4 1% Crown Preff. A' 1 S^i 10 Crown Preff. B" 8H 9M, Fireman's Fund Ins 42!* 43Mi Leslie California Salt....'.. 12% L. A. O. & E. pfd 96>4 96Vi P. a. & B. coin 2976 30Mi P. G. & E. 6% 1st pfd.... 24'j, 26','., P. G. & E. BV4% 1st pfd... 22H 22T& Pacific Lighting com 42% 42% PC. Ijght. $6 dlv. pfd 92 1 )l 93 Pac. Pub. Servlco 1st pfd.. 4'^ 4Vi Pnc. T. & T. com 79'I 80 Richfield com U % Rlchflold pfd. U % S. J. L. & P. 7% pr. pfd.. 85 OS Shell Union com 4^i 5 Southern Pacific 17V4 1" S. P. G.-G. "B" Sh 4»i Standard Oil of California 24Wi 24% Tidewater pfd :... -ll*i 42Vj Transamerlca fi'4 r> :> 5 Union Oil of California 10>i 10% Western Pipe com 7 8% L. A. Stocks (Unilrd Proas Leaned Wire) LOS ANGELES, Jan. 19.— Industrials , Stock— Bid Byron Jackson Pump 1 Claude Neon Electric 0 Douglas Aircraft 11 ^i Asked 2 6% 12 12 GUIL1Y OIEMPT • (United rrcut Leased Wire,) SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 19.— B. Forrest Mitchell, state Insurance commissioner, and his son Bernon, analyst for the department, wore found guilty of contempt of court today because they refused to grant the firm of E. J. Carroll Company, insurance brokers, a license. The commissioner was given his choice of a $26 fine or one day In jail, while his son was ordered to pay J250 or spend five days In Jail. They obtained a 20-day stay of execution. Injunctions hod been granted order- Ing tho commissioner to . Issue a license and to stop "harassing" the Carroll concern. Superior Judge J. J. Van Nostrand held that both Injunctions had been disobeyed. LOS ANGELES PRODUCE MARKET LOS ANGELES, Jan. 19. (A. P.)— Brussels sprouts, per pound, San Luis Oblspo, Davenport, 8<8>9c; poorer 6<i/>7c. Beans, Mexican greenpods, buHtiel hampers, }3.00<if3.2f>; loose, pound, 8 ,®10u; Kentucky Wonders, fair quality, lOJfllc. Cabbage, local field crates, Cannonball, :iB@GOc; rod, 60©76c. Cauliflower, local field crates, Pearl typo 4U©60c.-; poorer, Ib'tfZbc. Celery, Venice, half-crates and pony nrutcs, hearts, G5(fj)75c; poorer, 40®60c; Lomlta, Hawthorne, ITuntlngton Beach, half-crates, 90c<B/$I.OO. Lettuce, crates, Iceberg, Imperial valley, dry pack 4s, $1.00<$1.26; fair quality, 85®90c; 6s, 90cQi$1.00; Lomlta 4s, 40&&OV. local, loose, 25@36c. Peas, per pound, San Pedro, San Diego county, good quality, 18®14c; San Luis Oblspo, 13@16c; Ventura, fair (liiallty, SfgiDc; Imperial, fair quality, U©tte; culls, 3@4c; Mexican, 14c. Squash, Imperial valley, white summer, 4-baskot crates, J2.00<ii)2.2G'; San Diego county, Italian, light green, IJ.506M..05; dark' green. fl.C5(fr1.75: bulk, per ton, delivered Low AngclcB, local banana squash, mostly $8.00; Hubbaril, $13.00<fi>H.OO. , Tomatoes, central coast, lugs, Globo from Moruga, 6x5s, $l.7G<g>2.00; tixliw, tl.r>0®1.75; poorer, $1.00: poor quality, fronted, SOifrOOc-; Mexican, original lugs, Gxfl and.larger, boat stock, $!i.G!> ti'2.7r>; car Ktock, $2.25^2.50; fancy, stripped, pound, llfuU2c; Circles, lOc. 'Potatoes, closing Wednesday, open- Ing Thursday, brokers' sales, Stockton, sacked, por hundredweight, Burbanks, good quality, $1.25: special marks, mostly $1.40; ordinary quality, low as 76o; Idaho, sacked, per hundred weight, Russets U. s. No. 1, few sales 87V4® 90c; U. S. No. 2, 77 Vic. LIBERTY BONDS NEW YORK, Jan. 19. (A. P.)—Liberty bonds closed today: 3Hn, 32-47, 102.30. First 4U», 32-47, 102.14. Fourth 4%s, 33-38, 103.10. Treasury 4' / 4s, 47-62. 110.D. Treasury 4«. 44-64, 108.ID. Treasury 3%8, 40-i)0, 1Q4.23. Treasury 3%B, 40-43, June, 101.20. Treasury 3%s, 43-47. 101.20. Treasury 3%s, 41-43. March, 101.18. Treasury S',4«. 46-49. 99.8. Treasury 3s,-61-66, 97.27. LOS ANGELES HAY LOS ANGELES, Jan. 19. (A. .P.)— Hay per ton,.f. o. b. Los Angeles: Choice barley. $14®15, . Choice oat, »15<8>10. , Alfalfa, delivered Hynos or El Mon to: • U..S. No, 1. • SIS.DOtf? 1 13.r>0. U. S. No. 2, leafy, »12.00iil2.00. f. S. No. 2, $11® 12. . 1 PRICES UP; TRADING IS DULL Several Stocks Advance One to Two Points; Wheat Lends Optimism PHILADELPHIA.—The Pennsylvania Railroad reported Its net Income for November amounted to $1,669,027, against $1,206,380 In November, 1931. CHICAGO.—Dollar sales of the Na- :lonal Tea Company for the four weeks ended December 31, 1932, ex- codod the corresponding 193 1 ! period by l.D per cent, It was reported. LONG ISLAND CITY, N. Y.—American Chicle Company declared tho usual extra dividend of 25 cents in addition to the regular quarterly of 60 cents a share on tho common stock. HANNIBAL, Mo.— Employment for 450 workers will be provided here about February I when tho Universal- Atlas Cement Company reopens Its manufacturing plant, which has boon closed more than a year. Jas. F. Behan New A. T. & T. Treasurer (Associated Prom Loaned Wire) NEW YORK, .Tan. 19.— James F. Behan of Montclalr, N. J., was elected treasurer of the American Telephone and Telegraph Company at tire "meet- Ing of the directors today. TTo succeeds the late Hugh Blalrsmlth, who died January 11. Emsco Derrick com 3 Globe G. & M. coin U Goodyear T. & R. pfd 30 Taylor Milling 4Vj Van do Knmp ,. 6*4 9 Western Pipe & Steel 7V4 9 Banks Citizens Nat. Bank 37 Hoc. First Nat. Itank...... 44 45 Miscellaneous L. A. Investment Co 1 114 Pacific Finance Co (i'.i IT Pacific Mutual Life 28 29 Transamerlca B 5 Western Air 13 14V, Public Utilities L. A. G. & El. pfd 95^1 96W P. G. & E. com 29U 29Ti P. G. & E. 1st pfd 24% 25% Pacific Lighting com 42 42* S. J. L. & P. 6% pfd 80 So. Calif. Edison com 27 27V4 So. Calif. Edison 7% pfd... 20% 20% So. Calif. Edison 0% pfd... 24 24\i So. Calif. Edison 5H% pfd. 21% 22'A So. Calif. Uati G% pfd 23'4 Southern Pacific 17% Oils i Barnsdall 3% 3% Bolsa Chica IVj ]% Pacific Western...., zii 3% Republic Pelo !»(, j % Richfield Oil % 'K Richfield Oil pfd u v. Standard Oil of Calif 24V* 24M, Union Oil of Calif 10V4 10% Cotton Futures (Associated Press Leased Wire) NEW YORK, Jan. 19.—Recoveries from yesterday's declines in cotton today wero promoted by relatively steady Liverpool cubles and the firmer whciit and stock markets. Buying was moderate but in addition to u scattering demand attributed purtly to Investors, there was a further purchasing for trade account. March contracts Hold up to 6.19 and July to 6.44. Tho mid- afternoon market ruled about 10 to 11 points net higher. Tho market, was partially under southern soiling anil futures closed steady, 2-0 higher; January (j.08, nominal; March 0.134/-0.15; .May 0.2flf^0.27; July 6.38; October 0.59; December 0.72 ©0.73; spot quiet; middling 0.25. NHW ORLEANS, Jan. 19. (U. P.)— Cotton futures closed steady. January 6.00 bid; March 0.12 bid; May G.25; July 0.37 bid; October 0.60; December 6.08 bid. Spots steady; middling 6.12; sales 6699. DIVIDENDS (Associated Press Leased Wire) NEW YORK, Jan. 19.—The Liggett & Myers Tobacco Company directors today' declared an extra dividend of $1 11 share on tho common stock, the same ns one year aso, In addition to the regular, quarterly payment of $1 oil tho common and common "B shares. > For tho year ended December 31 last, tho company earned a net profit pf $23,076,212 after all charges compared with net profil of $23,121,382 tho preceding year. •» * » EARNINGS (Atsonlntcd Press Leased Wire) NEW YORK, Jan. 19.—Acmn Steel Company ln*1932 hud not incomo of $21,340, cpnipared with $373,027 in 1931 NEW YORK, Jan. 19.—Chesapeake & Ohio Railway today reported larger revenues for last month than for December, 1931. Gross wus $8,110,340 agansj. $7,EB7,191, while net operating Income of 1 $2,774,701 compared with $1,694,453 In tho same month of tho previous year. • LATE BULLETIN ' NEW YORK, Jan. 19. (A. P.)— The stock market was a little sturdier today, deriving some strength from the action of wheat. Several Issues rose a point or two, but there was some recession from the best In the late trad- Ing. The final tone was steady. , Transfer* were only about 680,000 shares. (Associated Press Leased Wire) 5fEW YORK, Jan. 19.— The stock market derived some encouragement from wheat today. Prices were steady at the start and developed moderate strength. Several stocks wore carried up 1 to 2 points, but trading remained extremely sluggish. American Tobacco B advanced more than 2 points and Issues getting up about 1 to IU Included American Telephone, American Can, Allied Chemical, Du Pont, Eastman, Cofn Products, Goodyear, Liggett & Myers B, Now York Central, Union Pacific, Ca3e and U.- S. Steel common and preferred. Recent soft spots such as National Dairy and some of the chain store issues, were steady. Lambert, however, developed special heaviness, losing more than a point. Brokerage sentiment appeared to have turnod rather cautious. Important elements of uncertainty were still tho probable actions on the dividends of U. S. Steel preferred and American Telephone. The United States'forelgn trade figures for December, showing exports of $130,000,000 and Imports of $97,000,000, attracted some attention. The decline In exports appeared moderate, in view of tho usual seasonal trend. The country's foreign trade for the full year fell to the lowest levels, as measured by dollar value, since 1905. «> New York Close (United Press Leased Wire) NEW YORK, Jan. 19 Railroads Atchlson 42 Baltimore Jt Ohio >j% Chesapeake & Ohio 279,, Illinois Central 13 Missouri Pacific 3 New y°fk central is Northern Pacific 14% Pennsylvania 171., Southern Pacific , 17 Union Pacific 73 Industrials American Can 58H American Tel. & Tel 104'-4, Burden 23% Cities Service •>••- 53 Vj 2*« IT; 26 Vj 15 IGVi 22 Vj COTTONSEED OIL DALLAS, Jan. 19. (U. I'.)— Crude cottonseed oil, SAN FRANCISCO LIVESTOCK SOUTH HAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 19. (A. P.) —llogu — Receipts, 760. Slow, around, 15c lower; generally asking to $3.85. . Cuttle — Receipts, 150. .Slow. Steer*, weak, Sho stock practically off iniir- ket. Cpriinjoii tu low medium 800-H7" pound holdover Idaho wteisrs, $3.75; part load 1089-pound, H.OO; Kood young COWH quotiililo iirmiiid $3ift'3.2J; bulls, fllgllilo, tu $3; i-nlvcs, 7r.C. Sheep — RtyiclplH, 77u. Dull, undertone weak. FOREIGN EXCHANGE NHW YORK, Jan. IK. (U. 1'.)— Foreign exchange irregular, England. 3.%Vj, off .001-10; Canada, .87; France. .03110; Italy, .0511% .off .O0',4; Belgium. .1385, off .OOOO't; Germany, .2370, off. OOOpM.; Czechoslovakia, Switzerland, .1924?i, up .OOOOVi ; Holland. 4.016 ft; Spain, .0818. off .0001; Sweden. .1820, up .0001; Japan, .2074, up .0000. CHICAGO LIVESTOCK CHICAGO, Jan. ID. (A. P.)— Hogs— Receipts 20.00U; active, mostly lOc higher ; good to chqlco 170 to 210- poynil, $3.30<&3.40; top, $3.40; sows, Cattlfe — Receipts 5000; comparatively little done; stesrs and yearlings steady to 25c lower; lightweight cuttle get- ing some action; undertone weak to lower on weighty kinds. Best yoar- HliKH, $7: (several loads, $0.2G®6.75; heavy fat cows almost unsalnble: vealers srarce, 25 to 60o higher, bulk $5.60(ff6,60; selects around $7. Hhoep — Ucmolpls 16,000. Practically nothluK duuo; tow sales about steady; do.sirablo mitlvo lumbs, $5.75@0.00; fiu twee, $2.QO®2.75. TREASURY REPORT WASHINGTON, Jan. 19. (A. P.)— Treasury receipts for January 17 were $4,301,574.55; oxpendlturos $8,368,099.40; balance, $398,194,293.50. Customs duties for 17 days of January wero $10,007,659.57. *-<-• GRAIN: VISIBLE SUPPLY NEW YORK, Jan. 19. (A. P.)— Tho visible supply of American grain shows the following changes, in bushels: wheat decreased 2,445,000; corn Increased 533,000; oats decreased 208,000; ryo decreased 62,000,; barley Increased 230,000. Citrus Market (Associated Press Leased Wire) LOS ANGELES, Jan. 19.— Reports from eastern and middle western auction centers today gave tho following prlc-o range per box: Oranges Graded above Cliolco Choico Now York ....... $2.35^:1.45 $2,30©2.45 lloHtou ......... 2.SO<&;3.55 2,80 ---Chicago ........ 2.50(jj'2.80 2.10@2.30 Philadelphia .... 3.00 ............ I'iltsburg ....... 2.7641 2.95 2.00 ____ St. Louis ........ 2.00^2.85 2.25(0)2.45 LHUrolt ; ........ 2.90^3.15 ........ Lemons . Graded above Chulcn Choioo New. York ....... $4.0f.<ii>4.75 $3.76©4.05 Boston .......... 5.15<wr>.35 4.50 ____ Chicago ........ 4.40<?!<l."0 4.10.©4.20 Philadelphia ____ 4.10^4.60 3.:i5&3.40 1'lttsburg ....................... St. LouTs ........ 4.30 .... 3.05 .... Detroit ................. 3.40 .... CHICAGO GRAIN CHICAGO, Jan. IU. (A. P.) — Influenced by reports of foreign buying of October delivery of wlijuit Winnipeg, wheat In Chlra'go today to a new h Ifh point fur -the 'week. Unfavorable crop reports from Kantsu*, Nebraska anil thn I'uelflu added ,to tho upward trend of wheat prices. Wheat closed firm, %^lc above yesterday's flnlfh; corn, Ufa' 1 * 1 ' up; uatH, Vii'. advanced, and provisions un- cliungod to a rlso or 10 cents. CHICAGO, Jan. IU. (A. J 1 .)— Wheat, no Bales; IMMV corn. No. II mixed, ":i'<i> 23 l 4t-; No. 3, yellow, L'a-% 4» IMe; No. 3, white, !!3<ff24o; old rnrn. No. U, yellow, 2,'iVie; NIL 2, white, i.'5c. Oats, No. :!, white, l(i?ic. Rye, no bales. Barley, LOS ANGELES LIVESTOCK LOS ANGELES, Jan. 19.- (A. P.)— Hugs, none; holdovers, 70s steady. Coloradoti, $3.40<fr3.75. / Cattle — Receipts 700; slow, mostly steady; common to m«dluni steers and yearlings, $3.861?'4.flO; few heifers nround $4; medium to good cows, $3.25 ffM.50, common down to $2.S5; cutter grades, $1.60(Jj)2.75; bulls, $3.41). Calves — Receipts 100: very Httlo done, nuotably steady. Sheop' — Receipts 000; lambs strong. Good 84-pound Idahos, $U.5U5; common 73 pounds, $4.10. METALS MARKET NEW YORK, Jan. 19. (A. P.)— Copper, dull: clei'trolytli-, hpot, 6c; future, u'/de. Tin. barely steady: spot and nearby, $22.45; future. $22.65. Iron, ipilot, unchaiiKi'd. Lead, steadv: sput, Now York, $3.00; East St. l/Juis, $li.S7. /I in', dull: ICunt St. I.oui^. spot and future, $3.00. Antimony, $0.00. Columbia Gas ................. ... Consolidated Gas ................ Corn Products. . ................. Curtlss-Wrlght ................... Famous Pkiyora ................. Fox I'NIniH "A" .................. General Eleotrlo ................. (!eni)ral Foods .................... Gold Dust ........................ Goodyear Tire and Rubber ..... International Harvester ....... ; . International Tel. & Tel........ Montgomery Ward ............... isu North American ................ .. 28 ! >£ Pacific Gas Electric .............. 29' Radio Corporation ................ 5% Safeway stores ................... 40^.1 Scars-Roebuck .................... 19% U. S. Rubber ..................... 4% Union Carbldo & Carbon .......... 26V- United Aircraft .............. .- ____ 25TJ Warner Brothers .................. l«j Western Union ................... 20'/j Westinghouso Electric ............ 28% Woolworth ....................... 32% J. C. Penney .......... . .......... 2S% Transamerlea. .................... filj First National Stores ............ 52% Johns-Man vlllo .................... 20 Caterpillar ....................... 7% ' Metals American .Smelting ............... !3>i A naconda ........................ 7>A Bethlehem Steel .................. 15 International Nickel ............. . 7fi Kennecott Copper ................ 9 U. S. Steel ........................ 28 ' Vanadium Stoel ................... 12". 4 Republic Steel .................. .. 6& Tobacco and Sugar American Sugar ................... 21Vj American Tobacco "A" ........... 61 4i American Tobaeco "B" ........... ?2H- " Cuban American Sugar ........... IV- Great Western Sugar R. J. Reynolds "B" United Cigars .................... Oils Mexican Seaboard ............... 18 Phillips Petroleum ............... 6% Richfield ................... ... Shell Union ................... Sinclair ....................... Standard of California ......... Standard of New Jersey ....... Standard of New York ......... Texas Company ............... . . Tidewater Association (new).... Motors Auburn ............... Chrysler .............. General Motors ....... Packard Motors ....... Studebaker ............ Tlmken Roller Bearing ........... 16Vi Equipments Baldwin Locomotive ............. 4% General Tank .................... 17 M; Stewart-Warner ................. 3H 32V- « K* i!g 3V* 8*. >p L. A. BUTTER, EGGS, POULTRY LOS ANGELES, Jan. IU. (U. P.) — Butter Prime, 19o; prime firsts, ISc; standards, 17c; firsts, IGo. Eggs Large — Clean extras, '.Mo; light dirty extras, 23c; clean standards, 23o; Ughi dirty standards, 23c; checks, lillc. Medium — (Mean extras, L'Ue; li(?ht dirty extras. 22c; clean standards, 22o; light dirty standards, 22c; chocks, 22u, .Small— Clean, 22c: light dirty, 22c. Poultry and Rabbits Hens, Leghorns, 'i to 3'i Ibs., I3o. Hens, Leghorns, 3',i to 4 Ibs., 14u. liens, Leghorns, 4 Ibs. and up, 14o. Ilrns, colored, ti'l to I Ibs., lli<-. liens, colored, I Ibs. and up, 17c. lirullcrs, 1 anil up to I 1 /. Ibs., 14o. Broilers, 1 »•_. tu 2'i Ibs., 17e. Fryers, l,ei;lmrn.s, 2U to 3 Ibs., 14c. Fryers, colored. " ii to 3Vij Ibs., 17c. Honsters, soft bone, 3H IDS. up, 17c. Staus, ISc; old roosters, So. Ducklings, I'ckin, 4 Ibs. and up, lie. Other than Pukln, -1 Ibs. up, lOo. Old ducks, lOe. ileese, 12c. YDUIIK. loin turkeys, 13 Ibs. up, 13c. Young toms, dressed, 12 Ibs. up, lOo. Hen turkeys, 9 Ibs. and up, 13c. lien turkeys, dressed, 8 Ibs, up, 18c. Old torn turkeys, 12c; dressed, 15o. Squabs, under 11 Ibs. dozen, 15u. Squabs, II Ibs. dozua and up, I'Oc. Capons, live, under 7 lb»., ISc. Capons, live, 7 Ibs. and up. 20c. Capons, dressed, under 6 IDS., 23c. Capons, dressed, 6 Iba. and up, 23c. KubbllH, No. 1 white, 3 to 4 Ibs., »o. Rabbit.s. No. a white, 3 to 4 Ibs., <lc. No. 1, mixed colors, 3 to 4 Ibs., Be. Rabbits. No. 1, old, 5c. COFFEE MARKET •NKW YORK, Jan. 19. (U. P.)— Coffee: itlo 7s on spot, 8!ie: Santos If, 10c. BAR SILVER XKW YORK, .Tun. <19. (A. J>.) silver barely '/jo lower at I'u'jo,

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