The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on December 13, 1958 · Page 20
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 20

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 13, 1958
Page 20
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TiM t ao t M •«0 MONDAY NIGHT (DEC IS) Variety Musi* Gab Beatter Variety Must* Local New*, World Today BUI Stem Night Wat«h Local New* S:0o Nlilbt W»»o» too UBS Mem , »M HiRht Watch 9:00 local Keiw »M Night Watoh fJS, NMn lt9S IXXMU NiW» •MS Night Watoh 10:30 New* 10:35 Night Watoh UM Scorebdard 11.-OS Nttcht WafCh Local N*w» 4AO S30 •:3l Variety Mual* ' Kleotloft Heatter World- Today SJOO' •••00 • t-M 7:05 • T30 7:35 *35 •40 .' 7*0 Taw 730 830 TUESDAY NIGHT (DEC. 16) 940 News 945 Night Watch 9:30 News 9:45 Night Watch 1030 New* 1035 Night Watch Night Watch " u j°° 6eo*ehoard ,„ N «a» w.wn ^ NJjtht ^^ Wight Watch . -1135 New* WEDNESDAY NIGHT (DEC. 17) Variety Muilc 940 News O»b Heatter Variety Musi* Local News' World Today Bill Stem Night, Watch News Night Watch _ THURSDAY NIGHT (DEC. ItT Variety Must* 8:00 Local News J 945 Night Watoh •30 News , . , 935 Local News 9:45 Night,WMch 10:35 News K-C---1H—^ ". loas Wight Watoft Nlght^Watoh ^ U40 Scoreboard MBS New* . , 1145 Night Watoh 1135 Local New* FRIDAY NIGHT (DEC. 19) 945 Night Watch • 30 "N*w* 9:35 Local News 9H5, Night Watoh 1030 News 10:35 Night Watoh 1140 Scoreboard 1145 Night Watch .1145 Local News Gab Heatter Variety Uualo Local News World 'Today BU} Stem Local Njwe • Night -Watofc MBS News • Night Watch Variety Mule ' 4dO Oab Heatter ' •d* Variety Musis 7«0 Local: News .. 7K» Night Watca 130 BUI Stem . Night Watch SATURDAY AFTERNOON News ;•/ •.; .-' • • . LarsoB Show . N«W». •";•'• .-••, Lareon show News :. Larson News 8:06 Larson 93Q N«ws 335 I*r»o» a .-00 News 943 Larson 3:43 Larson 4:09 News *«6 Utreoo Show 440 News 7s« Basketball: AusUo M Wlnoria 1040 Night Watch 1035 News 1035 Night Watch 1140 Scoreboard 1145 Night Watcei 1135 Local News m4 EVENING (DEC. 20) 43ft Larson Show 540 Local New* 545 Larson Show 930 New* - MBS 535 Local News 5:4J Football Scoreboard •40 Music 740 Local New* 745 Night Watoh 730 Newt 7-35 NlgW Welch 840 Basketball: PaoelU- Sacred Heart; 9;45 Nl«»j Watch 1030 New* . 1035 Night Watch 1130 Local New* Network Radio KAUS (MutoaO SUNDAY,'DEC. 14 7:30 Music: 73J Local New* 7:40 w w tbw »:*» Obudff4M Chapel •40 at, John's wuthersB oburofc •:«0 CKKHJ New* Boxu •30 New* 9:40 Weather Memory Lane and s*n>*«t ««lei>M 1130 1435 Loc4l New* i St. QJM «mr»* '•3 {iitDKew* local U: ; a i:00 ew* ^, to God 3; «s fUgfa School Qbristana* r«»tlT»i 435 Anthppy 5«o Walter Wlachen 5:15 Anthony 530 Newi - MBfi 5:45 Anthony 940 variety Mu«U •{*• HtWI •35 Variety Musle 7:00 Local New* 7*5 Bit) St*n» 730 Night Watch 735 News 840 Local Hew* S45 Night Wawsb 140 Local New* 945 Might Watch »$» MBA New* •« Night Watch 10 30 New* }03S Local Vew* U«0 Scoreboard 1146 Might 11:55 New* preSWW® aUj. ^.s, * ^ i . i. ^ vC Wrttw .,_.„*' .v2MjsB^ay _^M<!|lWiN. ' "»!<TSjf s*ssf^f*yi tow "v->» », i» < ;*• -•> • , *• " r - --f : •.* . *",:••-,,' -Si ',.?<:« , ' .v.T i" '-. • i . c . l '* ;• Vy ,^ CHUCK early this year, and he studiously ignored.; it. ?Good thing, too. i show haa turned, up a winner. ,The Rifleman is one of the few new shows of the season to break into the golden circle of top-rated programs. In just a few weeks, it has mounted to the top 10 to many of the ratings and shows signs'of staying power. Just Amezed Chuck is just as amazed as any one. "We are opposite stars like George Burns, Garry Moore and Arthur Godfrey in different parts of the country," he said. "These performers are real pros, yet'we are beating them on the ratings. "What's the answer? I think we have a high-quality show, but it isn't as good as all that. The answer must be that the audience really likes Westerns, no matter how many of mem are on the air." Has SeH-Assnnwce Lanky, self-assured Connors admitted that he took a chance in accepting the series. He had been averaging #5,000 a year in film and TV work and had just finished the best role of his career to "The Big Country." When the producers came to him with the Rifleman deal, he-told what his terms would be. They were high. "The most X ever made for the Cubs was $6,500 one season," he said. "Baseball's highest . paid player is Ted Williams, who earn* maybe 1150,000 a year fa salary and his outside interests. I should be able to make more than that with the series over a three-year period." And he could last longer too. ^^ r ' ; YOUNG STARS — John Saxon and Sandra Dee play , teen-age lovers torn by shame and scandal in "The Restless Years" opening Sunday at the Paramount. Sinatra Liked Florida Whether OF Not Floridians Liked Him MUSICAL CLUES are offer, ed by singeivemcee Johnny Gilbert when contestant! «ompete for top prizes in the tuneful, qul? race —Music Bingo! HOLLYWOOD (AP)-Frank Shv atra loves Florida. He even plans to-live there part of the year. This is in the face of « report in Variety that Sinatra got the "treatment" during bis recent visit in Miami Beach to film "A Hole to the Head." Twas said that the local press needled him by claiming he didn't want to work and bad engaged in too much partying. Also that the film company bad fled Florida after "an aborted two weeks of shoot- lag." Not so, says Frank. "We got some wonderful stuff down there," be said. "The scenery is just fabulous and we've got a lot of it on film. I don't think it has ever been shown in a movie .before, "We came back to Bollywood early because we had finished nearly everything we wanted, The only thing left undone was » scene in a cafeteria. We did» t go through with it because wt djdnt have enough crowd control," Far from bating Florida, Sinatra wants to go back there. "I've got § couple of jjtff look* ing for a house for mf tb*re," be said. "In another two or thrw year*, I'd Uk« u> «tow down and wraage my achedul« so I can »p*nd at least two months ol ft* year to Florid*, "I want just « small place like tht one I have to palm Springs, where I can turn the key and e« away and leave it without a staff to keep it up." If it's any consolation, he said he'll still make Hollywood his base of operations. YOU! COMPLETE AUTO- MOTIVI fiRVICi • MOTOR TUNt-uV • WHfU lAUNCINO ™ WW^%HW.'-.I^Wr^T*ww ' *• . • OVERHAULING 11HEUUIRICATION • CAR WASH • IATTIMIS • THIS • IHILV TCf GASOLIN1 •ERLIMi SHELL M9TOR8 WA1HIM*M IIM W. 9JM«M • AMM

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