Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on April 28, 1965 · Page 19
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 19

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 28, 1965
Page 19
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* iDVM report shows negligent rivers continue to drive More than 46 per cent o£ California's male negligent drivers •.continue to drive after their driver licenses have been officially suspended or revoked. -This is the finding of a Department of Motor Vehicles research report issued this week by DMV Director Tom Bright. . The study focused on six-year driving histories of 1,326 negligent drivers, all of whom had been put on suspended or revoked status at least once during the six years. Of the drivers in the group under official license suspension, 33" per cent were convicted of traffic violations during the time their licenses were suspended. Sixty-eight per cent of the drivers in this group whose licenses had been revoked were convicted of traffic violations during periods when they had no licenses. These drivers with revoked or revoked or suspended licenses received an average of 3.46 convictions of traffic violations during the periods of their license revocations or suspension. Furthermore, only one-third of these convictions were for driving while under suspension or revocation (Sec. 14601, California Vehicle Code.) This violation carries a five-day to six months jail sentence for a driver convicted twice or more within seven years for driving without a license. However, persons convicted under Section 14601 of the Vehicle Code were not always given the mandatory jail sentence by courts for second or subsequent convictions. For example, the study reports that one driver received 12 convictions of traffic violations and four convictions of driving while under suspension ior revocation before being sentenced to 30 days in jail. All convictions took place while the driver was under suspension or revocation. The study group also was involved in accidents at the rate of 2.05 accidents yearly for every 100 negligent drivers placed on suspension or revoca- tion as a result o£ DMV's informal hearing process. Prorated for 23,000 suspensions or revocation actions of the same type taken yearly, such drivers would be involved in 475 ' acci dents, resulting in 133 injuries and 6 deaths. The report deals only with persons legally defined as negligent drivers—persons who have accumulated four or more traffic violation point counts in 12 months, six in 24 months or eight in 36 months. Persons who lose their licenses solely because of financial responsibility law violations, or on drunk driv ing, reckless driving, or other counts calling for mandatory suspension or revocation, are not included in the report, al though many negligent drivers also are convicted on reckless driving and drunk driving offenses. Director Bright's comment emphasized the gravity of the problem posed by people who drive without licenses. SWEETIE PIE By Nadine Seltzer "That's really something! How long have you been Collecting string?" R&llattds My facts Wed., April 28,1965—19 How world looks through eye of fly Flies can see hour hand move on ordinary clock PASADENA—Houseflies make better clock - watchers than people do. Although their eyes are much more primitive than yours, flies can easily see something that you can't — movement as slow as that of the hour hand on an ordinary clock. They are able to observe much slower pattern movments than people are. This was disclosed Dr. Gilbert McCann, director of the California Institute of Technology's Booth Computing Center. With the aid of a large computer and a device known as a "fly planetarium," he has discovered a way to look at the world through the eyes of a fly. The research, supported by the U. S. Public Health Service, has produced the first precise picture of what, and how well, the fly is able to see. The work has resulted in revisions of earlier theories of insect vision. "We are studying visual systems of several levels of complexity, from the earthworm to the human," explained Dr. McCann, a professor of electrical engineering. "These visual processes appear to be basically similar to the higher level intellectual functions of the human mind. They include creative thought processes associated with learning, game playing, and problem solving. All these are based on recognizing patterns." Thus the new knowledge about the fly's seeing ability is an extra dividend to the long-range research objectives of the Cal- tech Biological Systems Laboratory. These are to learn more about how light received by the eye is translated into consciousness and action and to provide information that engineers may use in developing such devices as electronic eyes that can read numerals or letters. Although the eyes of people and houseflies "see" by the same basic principle — that of translating light into electrical impulses and transmitting the impulses to the brain — the human eye is a much more sophisticated seeing instrument. It consists of some 100,000,000 light- sensitive nerve cells and a single, comparatively large lens. On the other hand, the insect's compound eye consists of only 7,000 to 8,000 nerve cells each with its own primitive lens. As simple as the fly's eye is by comparison to ours," Dr. McCann said, "it is a highly- efficient organ capable of observing and recognizing complex patterns. WITH THiSi Market U.S.D.A. CHOICE BEEF STEAKS FULL CUT PRICES EFFECTIVE THURSDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY, SUNDAY. APRIL 29,30, MAY 1,2. : CUT, WRAPPED, FROZEN HOME FREEZER SPECIAL! ROUNDS LB.l WELL-TRIMMED, TENDER, TASTY LB. FRESH Approximate weight 80 Ibs. consisting of lean, tender, center cut round steaks,'rump roasts, sirloin tip steaks or roasts, round cut thick for barbecue ^ or swissing, eye of round and breakfast steaks. CIRCLE K Sliced Bacon LIB. PKG. SHANK PORTION LB. Lean, meaty "fresh horns" from th« hind I«S» of t«nder young selected porktrs . . . tender, eosy to corvo.^ ; DELICATESSEN VALUES ... WISCONSIN CHEESE Aged Cheddar LB 69* MARKET BASKET Fruit Gelatin -' : 49* MARKET BASKET BLACK CHERRY, CHERRY-PINEAPPLE, MANDARIN ORANGE OR Waldorf Salad 29* PIMtSBURY HUNGRY JACK SWEET OR BUTTERMILK FLAKY DScxiHlIc 9 9'A-OZ. 4R£ BISCUllS f. PKGS. v9 DANOLA SLICED Cooked Ham 59< 5-OZ. PKG. MARKET BASKET COTTO SALAMI, SANDWICH LOAF, PICKLE & PIMENTO OR ALL MEAT OR ALL BEEF SLICED 4 6-OZ. 41 H PKGS. I Bologna HORMEL ALL MEAT Wieners l-LB. PKG. i*S! fh STRAWBERRIES RED RIPE, PLUMP, JUICY SWEET, EXTRA GOOD! DELICIOUS ON SHORTCAKE, CEREALS OR ICE CREAM. FRESH BUTT PORTION Leg'0 Pork LB.49* WAFER THIN Pork Cutlets ^89' FRESH BONED AND ROLLED Pork Leg Roast IB 69' U.S.D.A. CHOICE BEEF •• BI ^ I ^ IM _^^ •& F'* CRISP- Fresh Celery SWEET JUICY Winter Nells Pears 3 LBS 39* JUICY Valencia Oranges BAG 39* CALIFORNIA Deglet Noor Dates Rib Steak 79 U.S.D.A. CHOICE BEEF BONELESS STEAK Top Sirloin - T 9 ARMOUR STAR SELECT SKINLESS Beef Liver - 59' FRESH EXTRA LEAN CENTER SLICES Pork Steak 79 Lean, meaty steaks cut from "fresh hams" of tender young porkers. FRESH EASTERN GRAIN FED Whole Pork Leg Ls49< U.S.D.A. CHOICE BEEF New York Gat Steak u>.'l,89 TENDER, LEAN T-Bone Steak i W WELL TRIMMED Porterhouse Steak LB.M.09 LEAN, TENDER Spencer Steak us.'1,59 MARKET BASKET SKINLESS Pork Link Sausage 41^ '1 ARMOUR STAR Pork Sausage i-uj.Rou.39* FRESH 15» Trocod Fillets "59* FROZEN (1 V5-LB. FAMILY SIZE, Me) Rupert's RUPERT'S FROZEN EACH Perch or Cod Fillets V£49< 12-OZ. 9QI CUP ** MRS. FRIDAY'S FROZEN Breaded Shrimp 8-OZ. 59' I'/z-LB. PKG., $1.4» MARKET BASKET MEL-O-SOFT Now . . . enjoy extra softness, extra tenderness, extra flavor. New bread-baking formula not only makes texture satin-smooth but banishes big holes— spreads don't seep through on you. _ _ 15-OZ. LOAF t j'"' / <•>" fc£ rormuia nor ant] 27' AIL GROUND BEEF IS NOT ALIKE Beware of so-colled "Bargain" ground beef ... you may be paying lean beef prices fer low cost fat. Market Basket ground beef is lean with just «nough fat for savory flavor . . . only wholesome beef, with scraps and wasta trimmed before beef Is ground. Always. FRESH, too, because it's ground several times each day. If you try it and don't agree that Market Basket ground beef is better, we'll gladly refund ,. ' t THREE TIMES the price you paid for it! The Only Place You'll Find Fresher - Milk Than Jerseymaid! GET YOUR FREE COPY TODAY AT YOUR NEARBY MARKET BASKET" i Bessie has to do her best for Jerseymaid. All milk processid by Jerseymaid has got to pass rigid specifications to meet Jersey- maid's high standards for quality gnd wholesomeness.' Thanks to special preparations and tender care, the Jersey- maid label on the milk carton is your assurance of the finest, freshest milk available anywhere. tojpynflht 1965 jKrk«1 Basket THE HEW 1965 BLUE CHIP Sf AMP CATALOG BREAKFAST STEAK SIRLOIN TIP STEAK CUBE STEAK TOP ROUND STEAK EYE OF ROUND STEAK BONELESS RUMP ROAST 3-tB. CAN S 3,29 ARMOUR Golden Star Canned Ham, ARMOUR STAR FROZEN BONELESS WISCONSIN Yeal Shoulder Roast LB . KOLD KIST,- 2-OZ. EACH Frozen Beef Steaks lOWl TUREK-MECK FROZEN SELECT PACK BUTTERED Beef or Veal Steaks '^ 59* VALUES . .. Mount Royal IMPORTED CANADIAN WHISKEY. 86.8 PROOF $>|49 FIFTH •! ROSKQV, EXTRA DRY, 80 PROOF, QT., $3.69 Vodka FIFTH CHARCOAL FILTERED, KENTUCKY'S FINEST BOURBON Johnny Drum | T ., PR$ 3° 7F , FIFTH 3i79 CHOICE BLEND TO PRODUCE A LIGHT SCOTCH Dumfries Scotch FIFTH *4.79 100% SCOTCH WHISKEY c&asfcet The Golden Tnasury of Knowledge BOOK 4fU RQl ONE «T ALL OTHERS 3* I VOLUMES 1-11 AVAILABLE EACH REDLANDS: 1150 BROOKSIDE At San Mateo St. RIVERSIDE: 3981 CHICAGO AVE. In the Lerner-Spiegel Shopping Center SAN BERNARDINO: 140 W. 40th ST. at Sierra Way

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