Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on November 7, 1955 · Page 16
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 16

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, November 7, 1955
Page 16
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c 1 J A •J * r SIXTEEN EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., MONDAY, NOVEMBER 7, 1955 Dial PA-2-4600 for a WANT, AD Taker Rubber City Businessmen .Won't Retire TB Patients Have Own Retail Store TAMPA, Fla. WV-Patients at the Southwest Florida Tuberculosis! Jacoby On itridge WISHING Registered U. S. Patent .Offlct. Among older factory employes.! By definition, about 50 per cent one company found that 36 per ff the people are below avera g . Southwest Florida 'lUDercuiosis---.,. _-j . AKRON', Ohio-WV-Maybe^ifs| Hospital O p era t e their own sundryj \V CSl J\6SlSlS jSpade Lead the bounce in this Rubber City, •Whatever it-is, many of the sturdy veterans spurn retire- store and get the benefit of alii (he profils- business veterans spurn retire- Thfi pro f its }, ave b een used to Bient. buy two television sets and i * Paul W. Litchfield, at 80' stilljmJvje screen for the wards, to set heads a large rubber company. Hej up an emergency fund for needy By OSWALD JACOBY Written for XEA Service IJ^lliCUV.* luuw i^i *,*.^~j . to provide fare home forf. ^ths bid of two pay and can't j wa no resources but double - T,ir .-» hand may seem very 1 Heart fl«t Zla.ce but it y a very ™»««« delights in" squashing retirement rumors each birthday. .? Dr. M. D. Ailes. former ci. t .. . health director, was past 70 when'tients who can't he stepped aside in favor of a work. successor."Now he's busy with pri- Those who have vjJTp nractice can work operate ui& jvw*v, n*...*— ; f - , ; C yrus S. Eaton. 71,. rises at 5:30 the mobile cart ^for the ^j*^ *™^ »„ bound a. m.-workdays. Only two ^ years venien«>of^the bidndden .anI care had & ^^ r^r^s ch ™ mp ^lo^aSt 3r*£\™ °^ At 37, attornev Clvde Berry hashes and some luxuries Jrom thej "slowed down," but still reports to[«^ : _ t _ .^ a _ w > nf the pa .j put up the nine, and South won with the jack. Now South had toj lose three spade tricks, and the game contract was defeated. Q— The bidding has been: no-trump North East South West hard to see at times because his secretary reports he "just dashed out again to keep an appointment" Attorney Watson E. refred last year at 95. hospital author-ties. Gretna Green in Scotland has Siabaugh long been a center for run-away . (marriages because Scotland per"You'd be surprised just how'mits couples under 21 to marry valuable a man is with 70 years' without parental consent and Eng- experience," he said at that time. land does not. See The Newest Stuffed Mumba Monkey PUBLIC PRIDE SALAD DRESSING QUART JAR 39 Public Pride OLEO 2 ^ 39c Fomiry Brand Coffee stg 65c New Pock Tomatoes 2 ^ 29c • PILLSBURY • GOLD MEDAL SOLID FLOUR 25-lb. bag . CABBAGE 3c lb Pork Shoulder STEAK NORTH 7 A 4 ¥5 «A87643 *AQ973 . WEST CD) EAST A A K 10 532 A 9 7 VQJ4 ¥962 4 Q » K 1095 *KJ5 * 10 842 SOUTH A Q J 8 S ' VAK10373 * J2 East-West T«t West Kortb East Swrth 1 A Pass Pass . Doubie 2 4k 2 N.T. Pass 3 ¥ Pass 4 «> Double 4 ¥ Pass Pass Pass Opening Jead— «> Q ISpad* Pass Pass 1 N.T. Pass You. South, hold: j 4AJ1.065 ¥32 «AQJ42 +8 %Vhat do you do? A—Bid three diamond*. You want to make sort of rettinz to g*me, preferably u» «p*de* or n»-tmmp. TODArS QUESTION The bidding has been: South West North East 1 Heart Pass 3 Hearts Pass You, South, hold: 483 VAKJ62 4AJT5 *74 What do you do? Asnctf Tomanwr 6 A 2*4. E A 6 38 G M B 7 E 2 X 5 4 • W H 6 O 2 T 6 L 3 A 5 O 4 E i C 648 DA G 5 R 5 K 4 R 6 E 8 M 5 O 3 G 4 T 6 N 8 N 5 F 4 T 6 T 5 G 8 3 E C 4 R 7 D t E 6 R 3 B 5 E S Y 4 U 3 E 5 N 3 A 8 R 2 4 R M 5 U 3 U 6 i A G S O 8 t. 3 T P . C 5 S H T S 4 E H 6 L cent more people qualified as above-average workers after professional eye care than before they sought such care. • intelligence. U. S. highway maintenance and construction' costs have doubled since 1941. . • \\ A Tribute to Chamber of Commerce! | H ERE is a pleasant little game that will give you a message every day. It is a numerical puzzle designed to sp«U out your fortune. Count the letters in your first name. If the number of letters is 6 or more, subtract 4. If "the number is less than 6, add 3. The result is your key number. Start at the upper left-hand corner of the rectangle and check every one of your key numbers, left to right. Then read the message the letters under the checked figures give you. When a modern mining company j wanted to buy four small islands] in Lake Superior, it found the landj was held by the U. S. government; under a law which made it available only after 'payment in the scrip given as a bonus to Civil 1 War soldiers and a nationwide! search was necessary to locate | enough of the scrip. A Texas Tower, one of the art!-; ficial islands in'the'U. S. radar warning system off. the. Massachusetts coast weighs 6,000 tons. . HJBL1C SERVIC =OOD MARKET 26 N GEORGE STREET AND CRESAPTOWN There would be no need for-a "fancy" bid if'North held length in the unhid major, for then he would be glad to bid it. Hence, very logically, North's bid meant that he had length and strength in both "minor'suits and that he wanted South to choose .one of the minors. As it happened, South was not interested -in either minor suit He reached a rather normal con tract of four hearts—which only careful defense could beat. West opened the queen of diamonds, and dummy won with the ace. Declarer got to his hand with the ace of trumps, finessed the. queen of clubs, discarded a diamond on the ace of clubs, anc ruffed a club. Then _he cashed the king : of trumps .and led an other trump to West's queen. By this time .West..had only spades left; and the temptation to cash the top spades was very strong. West resisted the temp tation because he knew thai South held four spades. If West took the top spades, South woulc make the rest, thus fulfilling the contract. (West knew about the spades because South couldn't have any more clubs or diamonds, and it was easy to count the trumps.) After coming to this conclu jsion, West led a low spade. East $ 2500" in PRIZES! INCLUDING VALUABLE MERCHANDISE COUPONS TO BE GIVEN WINNERS IN THIS EASY CONTEST; IT'S FUN! IT'S FREE! IT'S SIMPLE! JUST COUNT THE TRIANGLES, THE NEW 1955 FAMOUS HOME CUUNIMO SYSTEM UNIQUE 5-YEAR SERVICE GUARANTEE WINNERS IN THIS CONTEST 32 2nd Prizes $35 Certificates Cleaner Price List S]49*s CERTIFICATE i 3500 Balance *114* 5 50 3rd Prizes $25 Certificates Cleaner Prici List s 149" CERTIFICATE » 25°° Balance *124« FOLLOW THESE SIMPLE RULES: . I. Count th« triir.glitt above «nd i*nd in with flntry bUnk a) right, 2. Only on* entry permitljd from »«cK conltiljnt, and only" on* winner will be nemed in any one houtehold. 3. Enlriel will b» judged on eorr»crne>t «nd promptnait of reply. The decision of the judgei will be final. All entriet become the properly of the company. 4. Employees of the company and n«wip«per em- . ployeet are not eligible to participate. .. • &. Entianti rnuit b« it lead 21 ytsfi old lo participate,' . ' . 6. Entries wilt be postmarlcd not later than mid. night of next Saturday. ACE VACUUM STORES 604 9th St., N.W., Weihington 1, D.C. 1ST PRIZE: THIS inodeintfijqiene COMPLETE HOME CLEANING SYSTEM WITH 12 SEPARATE WORK SAVERS Regularly Priced W JL SATURDAY *UU AT MIDNIQHT \\ \\ \ \ \ Ernest H, Kesner Graduate of Romney High School Student of Caiberman's Business School Employed by Wilson Welding Supply Co. NEW CLASS JAN. 2 .Approved tar .Veterans' Training Not an unemplojtd graduate for twenty-one yeon. CATHERMAN'S Business School Phone PA 4-M66 Cumberland, M3. I Hit iincir» m.n who o SS r««jiv«ly promot. th« industrial advantoget and potential profit po"ibiliti«« of our city, compm* our most important, single group of citiitni. Th«y are the hard-worlcing members of our Chambtr of Commtrte. On their shoulders falls the responsibility of attracting new factories and industries to our community, in order thot more and more payrolls, families and homes will augment,our already prosperous arta. Indeed, w« mi 3 ht say that the CHAMBER OF COMMERCE ii the very life-blood of our daily lives, for their activities penetrate tach business, large and small— bruising to all, the kind of help that benefits, directly * er indirectly, every man, woman and child in our proud community. We salute the incomparable work of our Chamber of Commerce! i ¥ \\ \\ 33 North Libtrty St. '\ Lichtenstein's Medical Arts Pharmacy Samuel W«rtheimer FREE DELIVERY Dial PA 4-3730 ii We Salute Our Town! HURRY! SEND IN YOUR ENTRY ACE VACUUM STORES 604 - 9th St., N. W., (CONTIST DIPT.) Washington 1, D. C. f Gtntl«m«n: I wild to lubmil my entry on whicn I havt indleittd . my , count of (fit correct numbtf of triinqUt. MY COUNT IS: NAMI. ADDRISt. CITY. _fMOHI. Now! Change to Gulf's Ne\v Super4*efined GAS-OIL TEAM ...for more miles *''/"-" ,.^.> v^'V '<•'" ••""\i • -. " ' •*' ',' '' i " '" '*' <•,, I- '^i^V^fv^^ I ^::^:^/: : * i</^' '''••", -* ??£ t^.'>/<'Vl . "^ DIRTY-BURNING ^ I TAIL-END ' m?fs->f. fv .ts f wff Vf.*"y.' fl r* •) •• ff X , * i *fefe£t|gW *?,„_ ' <«•/. ^ fjvpf f*s~^ *£, - v |^/"| ;^>% -/,^,V^^,| *'„ " ^r*',( A • /', -t^ -.''f'^ >-.,S .f'i,s( '//fric/' •&* *StJ per gallon Gulf No-Nox burns clean. Here's proof: Note the black deposit, on plate at left, caused-by the "dirty-burning tail-end" of gasoline—the part which Gulf refines out in making new NO-NOX. But see how clean new NO-NOX leaves the plate at right. Prove it in your Own car. Now see for yourself how New Super-Refined Gulf NO-NOX can give you the best in motor performance and protection ... plus more miles per gallon in the kind of short-trip, stop-and-go driving you do most. ...for more miles per quart Gulf pride Select works clean. Here's why: Most conventional oils are refined only up to the stage shown in Graduate A. Gulfpride Select is further refined by the Alchlor Process, removing up to 15% more of the carbon-formers shown in Graduate B. Graduate C contains the new suner-refined oil. , Prove it in your Own Car. This new oil can'give you more miles per quart because'it has natural viscosity (body)—contains no artificial thickeners that break down in service. Use it with new NO-NOX to get thousands of extra miles of new-car performance and new-engine economy. REMEMBER: No gasoline alone can give you today's finest performance... no oil alone can give you today's finest protection. Get the super-power Gas-Oil Team... Gulf No*Nox Gasoline Gulfpride H.D. Select Oil DISTRIBUTORS FOR QULF OIL PRODUCTS CLOPPER OIL COMPANY NARROWS PARK ON ROUTE 40 WEST DIAL PA 4-0710 \

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