The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 22, 1948 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 22, 1948
Page 8
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TAGS EIGHT TUESDAY, JUNE 22, 1948 Save Fuel Now, Experts Advise Summer Is Time To Toke Steps to Combat Shortages What .individual home-owners do miring the nexi four or ;ive months will detenulne whether they will suffer from next winler's fuel shortage which Is predicted by Government authorities, "Summer Is the time lo save fuel," say experts of the Construction Research Bureau of New York clearing house for building Irifovma-' lion. They lirge complete winter- ( proofing of all homes to include 1 full-thick insulation, installation of.' storm-sash and weatherstrip and' closing of nil air leak*. They recommend that, healing plants be Inspected, adjusted and repaired by competent workmen this summer.; If these steps are taken now. fully i one-half the fuel used by iudivi- i dual householders next winter can ' he saved, it was said. j Adequate insulation alone xvill I save 35 per cent at furl, accord- ; Ins lo tile National fitirenu o; Standards which finds thai three Inches of mineral v.iwl In the roof «rea will save IT, per cent and another 1714 per cent Is saved if! *all s ore. Insulate!) full-thick with this substance. Storm-sash and ' Keathrestrip save nn additional I 16'i per cent. ' Wasteful CiinilHiniis Savings created hrough efficient opreatton of (ho heating plant vary according to individual homes. One, of Die most wasteful conditions I found by heating experts is thai LOOK Before You Take Off on Vacation towe . If yoy Oit la bt for o coupl* ol arrange to your lawn nio-'td. Prowl- cii watch tor wch lip- offi. Inform police how 019 you'tl be go»« and where you can be reached fit on ove your cat thoroughly ,jt»ieed and checked, with Special note of safety fca turei such at ligfili tires, stetrlng and wind Put a flaihlighl and Mrs! aid kil in your car'i glovt comporlmtnl. Be \att you hove a fire extinguiihcr ipaie tite and all Hit fooh Remodeling Calls For Structurally Sound Old Home Buying an old home wiih » view toward remodeling a., lc | modernizing it is frequently a wise move, but it you're considering such a plan be sure the house Is .structurally sound I before you close the deal. That's the advice of building experts, who point, out that, only a structurally sound house is worth remodeling. The safe procedure la to check tlia Iwelling in question thoroughly. Often the most serious faults of a house are hidden. The foundation may be tracked or sunken, the sills and floor joists may Be rotted, or there may be severe termite damage. First, floor joists often can be nspecled from the basement, although it sometimes Is necessary to rip up a portion of flooring to sec .hem. Termite damage usually nan be detected by picking at the wood "~ ' !l — " ' ' " ••"• ' • •••• '--" : —^•-••••• Before you and the folks shove off on long-awaited vacation trip, be stir* you take tl cautions pictured above, illustrating timely warnings by the National Safety Council. Care in Choice and Fitting of Doors Advised to Bring Beauty and Utility Ur ^ arie]s - cos( * ™ly * few dollars more, nm1 for modern Interims u-iih .. reveals this, it should be corrected* R V w*», » wt at once- One square foot of India- 1 \ a .inn*Hv K , j fu , Uon 1 A requirprf f m each two! N * llon * ll >-^ no * n Architectura square feel of glass; otic square i-.ngirirrr straightforward li : foot of radiation for each 20 .square Th * rioors of a home hnve n« ! wil hout panels are n fe«tofexposedwnn; and one square' pnmnry . ^"'POM-to provide a!. Door hardware Is ------ - •• of entrance a ,id exit. In^jlhe lew extra <JoH » —^-" « "", "ini 'ii ic ^mm re . • i-.^ii.ii. n:. i^uvn ittt j (j win e is iriiDorlar foot for each 200 cubic feet of ' m 7' ls ° 'entrance and exit .In ad-, Hie few extra dollars nwrtr con t«n*s- 1 ""I 0 "- tllc v contribute to the design i lop-quality latches locks imi If local laws permit installation " nrt decorative aspects of the house.' and wcjl-si)cnt Three" iilm., of larger oil storage tanks than Por lllcse -casoiis, especial care stead of the usual two will "ii Gov. Laney to Speak Over Texas Network UTTLE ROCK. Ark.. June w (UPi -Gov. Ben Laney. chairman I ""'. ••~" ivn/i °i 'Jie Permanent Carnnaien Com, straightforward Hues, plain drxirs i mitlee of states Rights Democrats Announced yesterday thai he would make a Texas-wide broadcast in nnrt for ....... - : DaHa * ^ui'day nJR hl np, i ? nt Truman 's civil rights propo- with an Ice pick. Al • MI It generally pays to have » build-1 *' UHIIn " m Outdoor Oven ronsiH XPe r '"'F 000 a house under i C O»»« **««*/ to consideration, since he Is qualified to i " n " ( " rf - ' It* merits 0 ! ,.,?'l t . do01 ' dfllln 8 enlhuslosls will „ „..-—•»• u " 11.1 i j ue jiicnis i Occasionally an expert will find weI , co " )B a completely assembled, that ii is feasible to correct even ser r " st "i lroof . cast aluminum outdoor ous flaws in a dwelling by renlac-' ° V f,', 1 r<>ady l ° Ill5tal1 ' Its *We back ing damaged structural materials i grl " a " ows barbequting on wheeU Interior remodeling usually nr'r. i ° pera ^ d SI>iL Practical Builder, Chisems no baffling prob cm" WBIU 5" 8 ° H ,', ™ y K lh ' S men nccds no often can be knocked out or I,»M ro "" d(Ulo » but can be bolted to a "™. ™?. A .. ia «"'ct the dwired!™,"".' °'' rc ' ra " or * ba5£ " de- If a house , n, - ceilings at the preferred height An economic material used wido- y ,,' or st ' c " P'-ojccls is insulating building board. Available in | ar£ ,£ easy-to-handle sheets, it provides Jj? flclent insulation while at the same (me serving Bs an hUerior ,, nl 'or walls and ceiling* Something NIW AHD BEAUTIFUL for your ivindotvs! of larger oii storage tanks than the standard 275-Rallon si/.e, householders are advised to do this A LOOO-gallon tank will hold about one-halt the season's fuel supply should be. exercised in their choice much <>i me annoya ic f r k R "''"""" !ri if 00 "' "«<* »"<! 'Me doors'.shouWi Exterior doors require particular ' UE equipped wlih locks cqaillv as' attention. They are on integral part ^trong ^ n ,,d burglar-proof as "the! The Governor also revealed that funds to finance the Dixie fight ! The governor said Texas members of the committee had invited | him to make the address over 15 Texas stations. • tM d « l i~ e .h r> ' home ,. hBc! * tank of of the facadeiVna'.shonld'bVin'com-; "anl'door. this size there would he no break-I plete harmony with the hnn«- rte ' B( ,Vi.iWh T V"' LJ1A " ! "S lu down in oi! transportation at in* ! sign. A heavy ornalrU nt K , Interlcr <1oo ' s S »°"M be hung so' ma, LH r" 0 "?,' 1 "" 01 ? ° f Mr - T »'- '"f^M dealers „ J K.^ s^pS''?5 ™ -^^M £« ™ fe" 1 '?''" < ^^ ^ut^S^'or-ser ^ S-S-nS.^' "^ '«" ^ ^^^^^^^ '' ^"^^X J to make six or seven yeai ly deliveries to each home helped intensify last winter's fuel shortage. -There are not enough transport facilities to keep oil moving . to. the consumer and are not liken- to be fen some time to corne because i of the steel shortage and tVx vastly] increased demand, which has risen i 53 per cent since 1910 By filling large tanks before the heating sea- Kin starts and then ordering ne»- sunplles in slack periods, household Of Slniplo lillCS i " —-' -••>-•»- s-> • i » ULLU tJi Especially important Is that all • H'*"* '"" St be savcrt - """S 1 "? « esteiior doors III properly H not ' ?°°' ° n " le °P" osl " ! "We ot the. they admit cold air causing drafts' ^'"f- "° ',' S "''" 8S '" " riiffc ™'H and heat loss. Since no door can' ? n """i'liH V" VeS vnll " >ble wa " - - - '"" ooors are again ' COO in voluntary contributions irorn Arkansas persons. , • •" jji.v.1, in* uijui ciin ' be made to fit tightly a! all points • "' s »»« ers will prevent, their tanks going Summer Comfort, Too Insulation of homes, however, Is regarded by the U. S. Bureau of I - ~ "' '"a^.c mia Mines as the most Important sincle ' m " slde tioor -' ! W ' 1J minimize this riif/ »tep to save all types of fuel ne'v f 1 "' 115 '- u ls usually necessary to winter. M the same time proper ave a wpcntcr refit, many of the insulation will reduce interior tern- J ors ln a m ' x house a 'ter the (irst all .seasons of the normal shrinkage atlri swelling nf. the wood under varying humidities i nealheisti-ipping is required. A door Is no better than the B frame In which It is hung The __ frame must be true and square or- " Ihe door will stick. Settling of the I house oflen twists anil wraps Iramesl slightly out. of line, but the use of! metal frame both for Inside and 1 coming popular because they are Courier News Want Ads. ATHLETES FOOT GERM HOW TO KILL IT. IN ONE HOUR, IT NOT PLEASED, your M VINIJIAH BUNDS • Lig/jitr... y, the i-eigh: of ardi- n^ry bliiidj. • I.oiriicr . . . jAU'n-srnoolh finish blends wilh soy color. • Longer failing.. .made of flexible aliumnmn alloy io last a lifetime. • S'lit/iroot pUstic Snish won't chip, track or peel. • Katy la ('»»...flexibility mites cleaning simple and quick • C.aitam maJt to fil your wijijuwi. Bung ynur measuremcnls in lo. day. .. rlexalum's low COM will surprise you. DEAL'S Paint Store 1U(I"« Home Owned 109 B. Main Phone 4469 .,, vtiL on me 11 me. pronp insulation will reduce interior temperatures as much as 15 degrees (Ms summer. Hence it should be installed before hot weather arrives The Bureau of Mines points out trial it is easy to insulate with mineral wool by blowing hollow wall spaces and other inaccessible spaces full of this fireproof material and applying batts or blankets where there is room for a man to work. reporting thai its'average loan for insulation amounts lo $276 changr ot season. There i.s an infinite choice In door I design, but the solid flush-type door is preferred. It will resist fire much ' longer than the door with thin cen- ' menu ' Since insulation save* at least 35 j per cent of the fuel burned last winters 30 per cent fuel shortage ' would not have occurred if ali .' ing to Construction eRsearch Bu ! rcau engineers Only 15 per Mnl possible to amorto this oveV uee ' o- he nTtlo" ^ ^ ^ «' U Sv^p™h vssS I Sr^"-''" s™« h 5! Hirt fuel pricef u aJa 1L P "?" Mlnc . 5 sa » ^^'alion is now roco^- ! ™«^ '^ -•n-^th^ ^ S In \* ^S"-? ««»«» '", CL? You Can Be- Seethe New NITEAIR FAN Ihc perfect solution lo blistering Summer days in the new NITEAIR fan. , n sflditlon (h( cost of in staUitl6 and operating is surprisingly | OW -. see for yourself at Robinson's, the One-Stop Station [or all kinds of fans. E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER COMPANY ' ; CONSIDER^ THE ^, tit YOUR HOME AWNINGS OF ALUMINUM ADD PERMANENT BEAUTY TO YOU* HOMI COtOt COMtlNATIONS TO MATCH .Oioosc from rin» bsoullful colon Ihol will eohonc 8 your home oppeoronce and increase yo'jr home'! value. . . Buill of stordy aluramum, rigidly designed ond bcoulifullyRMhed in oven-baked er,om t l,ln e y vllw.thslanc; oil weather condilfoni in all leosom. ONCl IN I • YEAR 'ROUND PERfORMANCI • WINDPROOr ANB HRIPRQOf • NO HOT AIR POCKITS • NO REPLACEMENT NECESSARY H FROM NINE BEAUTIfUL COLORS *E MODCIN THI PRACTICAL WAT » LIFETIMf AWNINGS OF ALUMINUM or* venliloled.. .allowing light and air to tnltr, ytl Ke*pi oul Ihe rain. They cannot rol or rusl, flap or teoi". You only buy fh«m one* because fhey'r* Junproot, w«olherptoof, windproof, lireproof, ruilproof, rolproof, ripproof cncf foolproof. Mail this MUMINUM. NIMt ADDUSJ CITY Coupon, Today! 1ONI ITATI ARKANSAS PAINT GLASS & WALLPAPER COMPANY £a»t Main Phon* 2272 — ••-•U.->U>KHU *--w*_jjvi ru 1 HE CITY 0-- BLYTHEVJLLi; ARKANSAS R. C. Allen cilia Aliens Service Station, Ptf vs - No, 1968 Odis Talloy. Dfi. City of Blytheville, E. R jack- son, Mayor and w. I. Malin City Clerk. Garnishee WARNING Th« defendant. Odls Talley, 1, cTf^ « *•*"«£ SK^-p^ri.^ Witness my hand, as clerk of »airt he the . day h June, 10*6 w. i. 'MALIN of Municioa! Court Percy A. Wright and T. j c?ov- der. aitys for pltf. H. O. parUow. nt ad litem. WHPT O* Mr ECZEMA-RASH NOW AMERICA'S FAVOKITE HOUSE PAIHT BRINGS YOU SHERWIN-WILLIAMS SWP HOUSE PAINT Best htiy in home protection, for over 80 years ... that's Sherwin- Williams S\VP House Paint! America's favorite, S\VP now brings you a great big extra bonus — beauty that lasts a full year longer than before! In iis whiter, brighter whites —or in ia cleaner, more beautiful colon — SWP now gives your home a new, "freshly-painted" look that stays on and on! The superb quality of SWP haj made millions of satisfied users: Today, more than ever, Sherwin- Williams SWP gives the most value for your house paint mooey! Now better than ever before! 1. HONEST-F1LM-THICKNESS1 No deep brush mirks ; s: no weak spots in the film! 2. QUICKER-DRYINGI This new SWP dries before heavy dust can collect! 3. SMOOTHER SURFACH SWP • smoother, glossier surf»c« doesn't grip dirt! 4. SEIF-CUANSING! Raini Veep SWP bright and cletot 5. WHITER! BRIGHTER! Whiter whites...brighter, lovelier, more beautiful colors! 6. SAVES MORE MONEY! SWP does not require repainting fo* jearst BUILDERS SUPPLY, INC. J. Wilson Henry Highway 61 South W. H. Peas. Phone 2882

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