The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on December 13, 1958 · Page 19
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 19

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 13, 1958
Page 19
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AUSTIN (M!fl«.) HERALD, SAtURDAYt DECEMBER 13, 1958-7 EDDIE IN HOLLYWOOD—Red-headed 11-year-old Eddie Hodges, who made a big hit on Broadway, is doing the same in Hollywood in his first mov- ie role. Eddie, who hails from Hattiesburg, Miss., is here to play Frank Sinatra's son in "A Hole in the Head." (AP Photofax) Talented Young Eddie Hodges to Be Big Hit in New Picture « .-•'.. «Bsi^ •. By BOB THOMAS AP MwTkcTV Writer BOLLYWOOD (AP) -Having made his conquest of broadway, Eddie Hodges has now done the •ame in Hollywood. Eddie is the talented 11-year-old from Hattiesburg, Miss., who •cored a hit in "Music Man" in New York. Now he's here to play in his first movie, "A Role in the Bead." He plays Frank Sinatra's son. "The kid is simply great," Sinatra rhapsodies. "Most child actors are insufferable; Eddie is a wonderful, well-behaved boy. And what a great performer!" I must confess I was sold, too. I found Eddie to be as bright and natural as you'd want a boy of 11 lobe. Parents Deserve Credit Credit must go to bis parents. His father, John Hodges, came along to lunch and explained how they have kept Eddie from becoming a problem. "Usually a look from me is enough to convince Eddie when he gets out of line," said Hodges, a Navy veteran who was night manager and accountant at New York hotels until recently. "Sometimes it takes more than a look. It doesn't hurt him — makes him grow. "But usually I don't have to discipline him. When he's at work, he's an work. When he's home, he's all boy. If the time ever came when he got to be a problem, we'd pick up and go right back to Hattiesburg." Father Mange Father Hodges has quit his own work to manage Eddie—"It was either that or pay someone else to watch after him, and we didn't want that." .It looks as if hell have plenty Tom Brown May Look Young for Football but He's Near 44 BOLLYWOOD 1*1 — This may come as a surprise to movie producers, but Tom Brown is no longer eligible to play halfback for the Culver or Annapolis varsity. Tom may look like a Juvenile hi the rah-rah films on the late, late TV show. Bat he's Hearing 44, has white hair and a sandy mustache and is mature of face. "But I can't get producers to think of me this way." the actor complained. "When my name is mentioned in casting, they generally say 'he's too young.'" Makes Progress He's making some progress, however. He has good roles in two forthcoming Western Films and will be seen on two upcoming CBS •hows "Have Gun Will Travel" and "December Bride." If bis luck continues, Tom might make it. But U has bees • ragged g*>. Tom's light t> make • living in the acting ktwlness has keea * long a*d •Item laslcg Me. How do you figure it? The name of Tom Brown is familiar to most movie goers. He's a handsome, capable performer. Amy 8Upi»«d Him "One of my problems was that I wasn't under contract to a studio when World War H broke out," he explained. "My career was going great guns until I left for the Army." He started as a private, rose to major and served with distinction at SHAEF headquarters and in combat at the Bulge. But when he returned to Hollywood,* he found he was a forgotten man. The studios had to take back the returnees who had been under contract. Tom was out in the cold. And Then — Korea Just as he was getting his career back in good shape again, the Korean War broke out. Tom's outfit, the 40th Division, was activated, and he shipped out for combat duty in Korea. His hair started turning white then. "When I got back, I had to start all over again," he recalled. "It was brutal. In my first year I made a total of $750, the returns from «»e television show." to manage. Now that be Is out of "Music Man," Eddie is free to take other offers. He has numerous opportunities in films and TV and will return East to shoot a pilot of a proposed series. Eddie likes making movies, but the hot lights get him down. Though he played "Music Man" 405 times, he never tired of it, he said. Each Night Different "Each night is a different show," he remarked. "Sometimes the people in the audience will laugh like crazy. They're always different." He didn't mind the night hours during the show. Mrs. Hodges, who,usually took him to the theater, would get him back to their Flushing home by 12:30. Then Eddie would watch a little of the tote movie on TV—preferably a horror film—to calm down after the excitement of the show. Neither of Eddie's parents was in show business, nor does his sister, a year older, display any yen as a performer. With a true pitch and an instinct for acting, Eddie is a red-haired natural talent. Comedian to Help Bilko in Quiz Show Comedian Morey Amsterdam will make a guest appearance on "The Phil Silvers Show" to help Sgt. Ernie Bilko cope with a television quiz show Dec. 19. The episode is entitled "Bilko's Giveaway." Bilko hits the jackpot on the quiz show, then finds that cashing in on his loot poses a major headache. With the aid of Amsterdam and the motor pool platoon, he solves the problem. Sexy Julie Wilson, the singer, has been signed for a later Phil Silvers show on CBS-TV. Fashions from , . . THE WOOLEM SHOPPE 509 N. Main - Pox Hotel Ud 9 . * HI 7*1103 Featuring "Cbipptw* Wooletts" THIS WEEKS SPECIAL! MUitf'SUckf $iM» 10-29 $9.95 E m Network Television • Friday, December 19 (C) MMM >roarom n w Colo* 6/05 t.m. t— Oovld Stan* 6/30 «.»..S, 10— Continental Clflit- 7/00 a.m. 4**$lwtrtid S, 10— Today 7.'« AW. 4—Chrljfmoj Show 8-00 ».m. i, 4— Capt Kencoro* S, 10— Today 8.45 t.m. i—Newi 9/00 «.M. 1 As«wf A| LAVsT ••* MkMAV 5,' 10— Dough Re Ml I, 4— flay Hone* $, 10— Treasure Hwrt JO.-OO ».m. 1, 4, 1— Godfrey S, 10— Crlet n Right (—•III Hlckek 10:30 i»B». I, 4, B— Top DeJIt* S, 10— Conccntrotioa 4— Chrlifophert 77/00 t.m. 1, 4, B— love of Ufa 5, 10-Tk Toe D«.ah «— Day to Coot! • naom.m. >V ft . €*•!«. t» t«« ' 77.45 «.». 1, 4— Culdlnf Llahl B— film Review 7Z-00 m 1, 4. S, tO— News, Weather f— Niwi 72.-70 p.m. 1— Living Storybook 72/20 p.m. S— Tfiosur* Chest * 72/30 #>.»». S, 4— World Turns C— Mothers Day B — Crusade In Euros* 10 — Brevities 7/00 p.m. I, 4, B — Jimmy Dean J, 10 — Truth or Consequences (C) t— tibcroM 1.-30 p.m. 3, 10— Hoggu Baggli (c> 3. B— House Carry 6—N«ws Weather Clubs • . 1*0 p.m *— TV Blnao 2.-00 p.m. 4, B— Big Payoff S, 10— Today U Ottft i— Chance for kamanea 2:30 p.m. t, 4, B— Venttet Vavn 5, 10— From Theie Beet* t— Mark Sabti 3.-00 p.m J, 4, *— Brighter Day •S, 10^(Ju«en Far Day «—*••* Clock 0 ' 4>I5 6m y»U p.rn 1, 4 B— Secret Star* , 3/50 M» 1, 4, B— Edge a* Night 5. 10-Ce.nty fair «— Wh« Oe Van Tnut 4/00 p.m. S— Shaw * _..— — < . > rid r«V*l *— Amtfcon Ban4Haa< B— Curtain CaN t»— Whofs New t^^! io '>•*•"••' f af^^CMt •! M*)WC!«WM to- »5» 5.40 >m J— CM tfoMa 4^- Awl ft Oat 5— Rabin Hoot) B— WMriyvMs 10 — Bengal Lancers 5/30 p.m. 1— Ua ft Pioneers 4 Popaya S— Hi-fine Tina «— Mickcv Mou« O«* B— Huckleberry Howiel 10 — Superman G.-OO p.m I, 4. $, t, B. 10— Mews, Waatnei 6/75 p.m. S— Grown M Hottau t— Dan Goddard 10— NBC News 6:20 p.m. S— Should Know 6/50 p.m. 1, 4, »-Hlt Parade $— Bockikln »— Rln Tin Tin 10— Sherwood FarMt 7.OO p.m. }, 4, t-Traekdowa 5, 10-tl'ery Qaee* (C) tWWalf OUney PtittnM 7:30 p.m I, 4, B— Jackie Glenon S.-00 p.m I, 4. B— »hll Silvers S, 10-M-Sauad ^^ s>*-vna(i wifvj cajnwfw e7'50 A M. }— New VarkjCMMwitM S, tO— TMs> MM •—77 Snrsel Strle) 9.-00 p.w. $/ 10— Cavalcwat of Sfortt ^ 9.^0 «>.»». jLoJti"^r»a»T '****" |, »^|t| >OflO «i*5 />.«•. &H«^sittft * I^IBIB^- BitiM ' '' ''• lA«Aft : '*'"' " I, 4, .$,«', S, 10— News. WeeMwr Stetts 70/75 p.m. «— John Daly 70/20 f>.M. • -VUK .. S— TMsi MOM 70/30 p.m. I— NtfktCa* 4— Nbjht Court 5— U.I. Monde* < i Heur ef Stan 10— Jack Paw Show 70/50 p.m. B Playhousa 17.-OO p.m. A SBlB^-t. .— ** '"ffmjnv999 S— Jock »aor Shaw 4 *M\n A. 72/00 p.m. 5— News ROLLICKING TALE — Three zany amateur robbers, Mickey Rooney, Tom Ewell and Mickey Shaughnessy, cut hilarious capers in "A Nice Little Bank that Should be Robbed," opening Sunday at the Sterling. WANTED People from six to sixty to try the HAMMOND CHORD ORGAN at Your Own H«m« - No Obligation Pity Beautiful Music Right From The Start REWARD; urn OF FUN. THANKS TO STEPHENSON MUSIC CO. Albert lea, Minn. Ropresentetivti A! Johnwn, HE 7-4817, Auitin, Mirni.

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