Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 10, 1928 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 10, 1928
Page 5
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• *i i, i 1 ; t THE TOLA DAILY REGISTER. TUESDAY 5- » y IT :VENING. JANUARY 10. 1928. PAGE FIVE- L t. if it *rc«ituhi ta GeMnil SMndaMI Hroe. All Tlma to P. M. unleas otherwim Indicate. Wave lemcttM on lcft/«r call Jrf**"^ kilocyclGa on risht. ' 272!.e—WPO-Atlantic City—1100 S;05—-Dinner Concert "7:39—Concert Opcbcstn* »:S0—Dance Orchestras-^ . 2(5.5—WBAl. Baltimon—1050 ' ' S:30—Xnniter Orcfaeatr* »:IH)—WBAI* Trio 9:00— Dtuoe Orebestra, 60a.Z—Weei Boston—5% B;r>o.-Mcyor PMls* Orchestra . 7J.10—Aeolian Re«;M«l 1:90—Ipasa. Troubadours . LSOr-GoodrJch Orchestra: Quartet 4STi—WNAC Bokton—«S0 ^ 7:00—1t:>hel Ranson 'and ArtDRa T:!»— KortnWitly Trio «:«0—Kobter Hour 9:00—Cotumbia Ptaonocraph Hour -•• • SOZS—y^aR BHffalo-990 Bfla—CPChestrs «:W—Ipana Troubadours i :3»—Ooodridi OrchMtra: Quartet T . iiifi—Orchestra • ^B »8.'»— WMAK Bufraio-BU ' • 7:00—Remln^oo Band «:Pa-Kol!aeT-Hour _ 9:00—Columbia Fhonocraph Hour - S3S.*—WTIC Hartford—seo t:30—AlrTrtllc 8:00—Ipana Troubadours &:30—OoodWck Hour > «i2.3—WOR Newark—710 E:1S— Jardin Royal Orchestra t:0D ->CoiiUDOdore Ensemble T:QO—Sessions Chimes 8:0ft—Kolster-Hour 9:00—Colvmbia PtaoooErapH Hour 10:05—vnia Venice- Orchestra . 491.S-WEAP. New VorlC—610 ,E: 00— Waldorf AMorJa Orchestra 7d0— BrMm 8:1*—Banjo Qnartet, ; central: ^ 62*!-KYW' Chicago—B70 7:00—Champion Spsriceia 7:30—Sylvania "oreatsn 8:00—Variety Hour 9:00—Con^resa Carnival . 365.e—WEBH-WJJO Chlcaeo—«» 7:00:—Bd«»«ater Beach-Orcfaeatja S:00—CSmMrenof Hooraheart 11:00—Palmer Houss Studio 12:00—Informal Revue 4te,4 -WaN-WLlB Chicago—TOD 8:00—Ipana Troubadours •:20—Goodrich Orchestra 9:30—Song Recital lt:0O—Hoodlums 344.6—WL8 ;Chicaoo-«70 ' 6:00—SuppcrbeH ° Program 8:00-AlUtate Hour 9-:00—Choral Music 11:00—^Popular Program 447.6-WIMAa -WaJ Chleaoo—670 6:00—Organ Recital 8:00—Same aa WOR (2 bra.) 10:00—Debate a V S:Oa—Ss-nagoeu* JlcrWoas £:3»-T«oconyaaa • -I^OB —Great .Moroents In History ' T.;SO—Neo Ruaelan String Quartet 8:a»—Ipana^ Troubadours t,:30—Ooodrich Orchestra Quartet !i:30—National Qtsnd Opera 10:3»—Hotel Manger Orchestra 454.3—-WJZ New York—(60 E:00—•MedltcrrahMins ! —Ipildn IllKhlanilrra ' L-, «.iKi—Concert Orebestra 7 ;ilO—Champion Epitrkers 7:39—Sylvania Foresters -,£.00—Variety ilour 9 do—HaTrmony in Whispers 9:30—Sntelle and Robertson li>;00—Slumber Music «06i—Wri.WLIT PhiUdelphIa—740 T 00—Crrat MomeniB In History X .10—Goodrich Orchestra: Quartet 9.30—National Orand Opera 348.6—WOO phlUdalptlla—MO «;J0—Utiiner Muslo 315.6—KOKA Pittsburgh—950 6:30—Mille Symphony dreheatra 7:'10—Champion Sparkers 7:30—Sylvania Foresters 8:00 -7Varlcty Ifour 483.6—WJAR Providence—620 ' 7:05—Musical Program 8:00—i'^na Troubadours 8:30—Goodrich Orchestra: Quartet 277.(4WHAM Roehester-1D80 7:00—RrrnlnRton Band »:0n—.studio Prngraw 9:00—Request Organ Recital 379.5-i^VGV Schenectady—790 6:30—Agricultural Program 7:.70—RecilaJ 8:6D—Troubadours. 333.1—W8Z SpringflBid—600 7:00—Champinn Sparkers 7;.T0—Si'lvanla Foresters S:fln—Variety Hour 9.:a5—University Extension 468.S^WRC Washington—640 8:00—Ipana Troubadonrs • S:30r-Eaoiidrich Orchestra: Quartet - 8:39->NatJonBl Grand Opera 6^6.9—WTAO Worc«st«r-S80 ^•»J:00—Ortiat Moments In Hlstorr If li:no— Troubadours '8:39—Goodrich Orcbeslra; Quartet SOUTHERN . 29J.»—WWNC Asheviile-IOlO " &:43—Dinner Musio 475.9-^WSB Atlanta—630 . 8:00—Ipana! Troutiadours * 8:30—GoodBich Orchestra: Quartet » ; 9:30—National Grand Uoera 243.8—WOOD Chattanooga—1230 ^ 8:90—String Band ' 8:30—Organ Recital 384.4—KTHS Hot Springs—780 8:00—Dance Tunes 9:00—Concert 10:00—Organ Recital ; 340.7—WJAX Jacksonville—880 6:30—Children's Pcrlcd -461.3—WHAS Louisville—650 7:00—Great Mnnirnt.<> In History 8:00—Ipana Tiouliailours, . 8:30—Goodrich Orchestra: Quartet 516.9—WMC Memphis—580 ' .7:00—Foundation Kntertalnment 8:00—Ipana Troiitjadours 8:30—Goodrich Orchestrs 336.9—WSM Nashville—690 8:00—Ipahs Troubadours a:30-^oa>(lrich Orchestra: Quartet '; 9:30—National Grand Opera ; 322.4-|^WSMB New Orieani—«30 8':30—Vocal: Inmni.-npntal; Oancn Program; hrs.) 249.9—WCOA PentacDla—1200 8:00—BritlBo l.i-«?nn 8;n0—Naval Air iitaMon Band 10:00—Orsati , 498.3—y/t.W Cincinnati-700 7:00—CbaihploD Sparkera 7:30—Studio Feature 8:00—Instrumental Trio 9:00—Organ OivertlsemenU 361.8—WSAI Cincinnati—830 7:00—Great Momenta In History S:.';o—Goodricb Orchestra 10:30—Hotel Sinton Orchestra 899JB—WTAM Cleveland—7S0 - E:0O—Daflca Music 8:00—Ipana Troubadours 8 :30—Goodrich Orbbestra: Quartet 282.8—WAIU Columbua—1060 8:00-<-KsIster Hour' t:004-Phonograph Hour 945.1—WFAA Dallas—550 8:30—Goodrich Orchestra: Quartet SM.8— woe Davenport—800 7.00—Great Moments hi Hlstorr 8:00—Ipana Troubadours . 8:30—tioodi-ich Hour 535,4—WHO Des Molnet—660 6:30—Dinner Music 7:00—tJrcat .Moments In History 8:00—Ipana Troubadours 10:39—Dance Music 440.9—WCX-WJR 'Oetroit -7680 - 7:00—Chsraplon Sparkers 8 :00—Dance Music 10 :30—9roexo Blowers 352.7—WWJ Detroit—850 7:00—Great Momenin in History 7:30—Aeolian Recital 8:09—Ipana Trnubadours 8 :30—Goodrich Hour , 499.7—WBAP Fort TVorth—600 6:00—Seven' Arcs 8:00—Musical Program 361.2—WOS Jefferson City—830 7:30-^Addrcss 8:15—Radio Farm School 8:30—Musical Program 370.2—WDAF Kansas City—810 7:00—Ike and Mike 7:30—Aeolian RolIihI 8:00—Ipana Troubadours 8-30—Goodrich Hour 405.2—WCCO Minneapolis-St.-Paul—740 7:30—Aeolian Recital 8:00—IiJana Troubadoura 8:3(>—Goodrich Orchestra 10:30r-Danco Program : 508.2—WOW Omaha—590 7:cil—Great Moments to History 7:30—Orchestra 8:00—Troubadours 9:30—Orchestra from New Tork 499.7—WOAI San Antonio—600 9:00—Utah rrograra; "The Bohemian Girl" 645.1—KSD St. Louis—«50 '7:30—Aeolian Recital 8:00—Ipana Troubadours 8:30—Ooodrich Orchestra . 9:30-:-National Grand Opera 348.6—kVOO Tulsa—860 7:00—nyfcchka Mueic Club R;no—Ipana Troubadours 8:30—Goodrich Orchestra . WESTERN 325.9—KOA Denver—920 7:30—Dinner Concert 9:15—Light .Operas 11:00—Dancemusio 468.5—KFI Los'Angeles—640 11:00—Vagabonds 12:00—Modcrh Music 416.4—KHJ Los Angelea—720 9:00—Concert Orchestra 12:08—Melody Minstrels .336.9—KNX Los Angtlst—890 9:00—Playgoers Club 11:00—Feature Program. 884.4—KGO Oakland—780 11:00—Vagabonds i::00—Dance Music 508.2—KLX Oakland—590 10:00—Kducallonal Program 11:00—Dance Program Portland—610 11:00—Vagabonds 12:00—Sliver King Revelers 454.3—KF;rc San.Francltcb-660 11:00—Melody Hour 1:00a—Dance Mueio 422J—KPO San Francisco l6:00-'Atwater Kent ArUsU -710, 2S4.1-iWRVA Richmond—1180 t;00 —Acifa Temple Mosqu* 11:00—Siring Quartet Theater Feature (3.-42:00—Dance Musio (Z bra.) I S48.6—KJR Seattle—860 8:30—Dinner Concert 9:30—Concert .Orchestra' 10:86—Knipht-cn-ga les 370.2—KHQ Spokana—810 71:00—Vagnbonda 12:00—Revelers ' : OLD CARLYLE tlfla Iv Kniiey.) .laii. H(i»ai-(l I'psliaw Itus rc- ftirn«i(l t(, Liiwronrc to rt-.'-yme his .•:Ui(lio .s afiT siKjndin;; his va'fation wjtli Iioin<? fol ^.s. Krlpii<l.'» of .VrK. Clarenco rviur- jiliy will. Ik* glart in Icarh thar slio {•^ al>If» ti> bp at home and voij- .valoscinj; from her rcceni operi- tifiii in th« I'Topcka li<).ST)Ital. ; ' Litllt^^Doiuia l>orpiio Tippic who Jia.s l)ef h very iJl of. membran«oiie troui) i* improving:, . .Mrs. Iva Vczle atitl. Miss iEIira- 1)61 li ,\Vcbpr aa^oAHt' the fiinerai <»f ;Mr.v. ;Moore in lola last j Wtxl- iiesiiay, | ' • • ] (irandma Adaius paescd away du New Year's day at Uie Iwma ol her dauRhlcr, .Mrs. Hall, in La- Jlarpe. Slio made 'many friend.s In this QeigblKirhood | while living in the lionie of her son, Charley Adams. Mr. and Mi-s. Roy Cunningham were dinner gue.sts at the JioiQo of Mr. and .Mrs. Eitwiii/ Kelly Friday evciiiju;. -Mrs .N'orltMi'c i-onditlon remains unchanged. Rcceiit caller.s were: .Mr.s. Klingbicl and Mrs. Eckstcdt I'ot iFt. STOlt. Mesdames Dove Qui.>;t. flfja Klliott. John Arnett. Ire Shop- jrard, Dora Bryan. Ma1)el Wright. ^*iola Hainnion«. Mlases Rowena and Lui-ile Hamnions,'. Lcota Wright. Edtia and Thelma Rogers; Messrs. Roy Bruwri, Darwin MOM'N PCJP /f ttUlS lAlWMQ SfOOC SOUMDS f\NE,QV>MM- BOT ^OU-VCNQW V1E?VE SA^yCD SO HARD (^AJ4t> MONEV 1$ SCARCE " OF COURSE IT IS- TMAT'S WKV we VT \0U QOrTA 6We TH' BOV CREDIT ~ \ i/KEN IT COMES TO IMVeSfAilEyJTS HEVNOVIS HIS BERRIES L }CE K FRUTT DEAIJER- OMLVA,\yJ«LE BftCK HE UP *10O TOR ME A TOUGH MlXfJP V .MAYBE 1 SHOULONrr. 8E^ SKEPTICAL, 60T wfwcisQeo^ 6csr • MIXED UP IN AM'CMC ^ BY TATLOR The Sfej TknH Far The Rtorv is laid in the Indian territory and along the Kansas border in the 'SO's. when a fight was being waged by the "Booln- or.s" for the opening of the territory to settlement. Chief fharacters are: TO:<.Y HARRISON, orphaned at 1 :1 wljien his father was mur- dereil \in a poker game: PAW'NKK BILL, adventurer. Indiail inlcrjircter and show-' man: .lOK CK.VK;. who takes Tony ^) the Bar K ranch to live: TITUS .MOORE\ owner of tho Bar K: ' RITA MOORE, his liltlo tomboy daughter. When Tony is 15. Rita and her mother depart for Virginia and the 1)oy learns for the fIrHt time how iniu-h he cares for,the Ultlc rrd-!i;nred. arrogant miss. Ho tries to forget Rita .Moore :iMi| a<-i 'onitinii <eii Pawnee Bill and IirKF.Vm BILL on a wild West show lour, .\ftpr many ad- vi 'iifuros he rotnnis; hut Rita cfimes bark for a visit and he Is iiiiwhle to keep from declaring hi.s love forlirr. When she tearfully admits she is engaged to another, hi: leaves the ranch and disap- lirars. A Ictier from Craig, forwarded by I'awnee Bill, finally reach- tie, soujht latter w^is invited hid panion. aiinouiicM: tender in Capitol, tliljl He wejif find yourself Hi a 'smashup. S^aH- they don't Ing of guardians. I beard frt»m Joe I^ater Jie] Craig a week or so ago and lie's jUumb aiixiouB to find you. But I didn't tell him x»here he could locate you: I sort of figured yon didn't want me to do that. . . . What happened down at tlie Bar K. any*ray? You and Craig have a falling out?" ' Tony Khook his' head and enlightened bim no further. Pawnee Bill regarded him shrewdly. "Whatever It was. it ain't as liad as you think. You're vonng. and lime-has a way of healing a sight of trouble. > ".•Vlaybe you don't.realise It." he continued, "but you i«T»d my Indians will be the tiarkiboiip of my show. You've got tile best scat on a horse of any man I know; and with that tUalliou of yours and your ability to al^ool and ro^c. I'm rianniiig to feature you plenty. . . . The young daredevil of the plains" he mused, ns if he had,'been; luriiiiig , the pli'rase over in his niiiid. and met Tony's exclamation of sctiru with- a laugii. - ;• * "AlI;TiKlil: turn up yimr nose. I'm showiuau enough to know a g«H»d th'iig when I see if. "Before another vear rollH!, around." he resumed with a tliangc | • pf lone, "yoiril see some real ao- j „ ..' lion on tills Oklahoma thing. Public sentiment has reached the point their tiiiieeWay stand Pawhee Bill declared ;tlJ 'tt'oii can e •next da^- a boHdajr. roam | around and amuse yOuiselves," he told the performers. : look aft^r jPersoaaUy. I'm going to ithe Indians to see that jgo on the warpath," • exprnse^ a very j profound ref rot that be-had not loolccd alter Tojiy Harrison instead. , Joe Stovijns. one of the coWboys with the! showy whom Tony liked very weU ifecause he talked so llt- out Harrison asi thf currying Cherokee and to: be his holiday eom- Ivc got a real longing to I sec some if the sights here," he got a br)itl|er-in-law who's a bar­ ter than ;wj by himself. the center of their vis accepting- t house. "Yi .iir ini^ney <b him iji Cliicago and he learns , , .,-. . that Rita has pr..mi.scd h/rself i troitjk^» just ready to po;. to another man to please her ;Washington doesn hurry up motlier. who is an invalid, lie is l'-"'" «oniethii>g. I ve been ap- niisorable. but har.shU^ resentful I l"-"«'-'ir'! » '-onple of times on a toward Rita • ' j»inposition Ui lead the Bwimers land keep things nuiving. hiif I'vo CHAI'TKIt NXXVl. lie often frellefi at such an ex- i^jt(•nl•e. Vjut reflecting that it was 1 of his own shaping, he grimly stuck it out, refusing to make an)' frienils. nursing his hitter thonght.-* ill the .solitude of bis room; on lonely walks along the lake front, (u- leaning on ihe bar in some salnon. He told himself it would be better to forget the olii life entirely, to go far away from it; find a new inlereK !:;'but (he was not able to down an in.satiable longing thatj Boy.-i." he hear. "niQel his frieAd one's on jfh Two I'lou turned 'em down. . .Mean>irhile, I've . irir'il I., help the cause, you might i j"'^'J'""»"'\'f say." He"^ patched back hi.'; < hair and .slTode over to the open window. Tony, leiining against his pillows, regarded him in silence—a sturdy, romantic looliing figure with the wind wliippliig throiqi;h his heavy mane of hair and his keen eyes flashing as he turned them towartl the lake. .V strong man. Tony reflected, and purposeful. Two days later Pawnee BUI departed. "I've got a million things tame over him to feel leather be- ^to do. For one thing. I've got to ncath him once more ami a prairie line up niy Imliaiis and try to stay wind whipfiing his face. Besides, out of (ail while I'm doing it. .\nd be had given his word to Pawnee I'ves got negotiations under way Bill: before there could be a clean j with Charlie Southwell—he's man- break he would first have to servo; ager of the Broad Street Theater out his season with the iiew show. | in Philadelphia—to go in partner- Pawnee iyil was dependirig upon sblp with him. He's had a lot of him: insistwl. even, that he could ex|)erli«ncc. We'll be opening in the not do wJthoiif hini. , east—m.tybe Philadelrhi-i. .'Vlean- Onee In a l>artirnl;irly de|p<ind- while you're to take things easy lill eut miSoil. he wired his \ long- von hear from me. I don't want to haired friend lo ask if he could iiof lay e.ves on you again until cvcry- get along without him. i Tliat -"ve-j thing's in shape, tiing he went to bed early, feeling "You fjfuli sights, didn'h Ivffour o'uli firjt tliingH WHffT DID HE (atr OttT bp IT? ••V«i.U AFTft? THE A0THOWne$ GatlHROUOH IWESTIdATIIVKi. HE'>#IAS LUCKV to EVgNQET "besides which; I've saloon at the foin of on to e.x|)laiu thai tin.' biothcr-iii-^aw had begged hiin to drop in wi He'll ^)e.'r< don't want h Rome of his friends. |al sore if -I don't, but I o take a crowd: there's always so i^uch noise " 'Tony coniented: it woii^d bij bi-f- 'inflering. oft sohie jdaci- (Mad In. full'cowboy regalia (Ijey ro<l<! their horees iiilo of; town and hitched litem oiltsi^le II16 little Hiilooii. Stevens' ftri ther-in-law made jlinch I and insisted on ihoir he- hnspilality of '• the Is counterfcij as re lierer' he annoitncefl ep up Vind liamc it. ried to all who iplght my brother-in-law and -Mr. Harrison. This house." s later T<!ny derided NEWS NOTES FROllCOLONY .Miitimrd Miton ReeeUes Injurie-x In Jnni]i irom Freight Train Ttnnninvr Twenty-iflte' Miles an Hour. that they inust go. .loe St»^'en», whose t.ieltilrnity bad dropped from him like (inlold garmenf umiernhe influence; njf his brother-in-law's n. demurred, at iflrst; I but Ti ;nK Ua<I • a-convincing Argument. \ you wanted In see ihe you'.' Here it:is pear-, ,1'pck. It 'll be sunilown, on k'now. Then' waii logic in that. Stqvens iidmitt 'ed., 'I 'Ue'll ride up tlu» hill and take u look at the Capitol Xirst. Then wc'jl ride down l'enni»yl>-ania avenue an«i lake a peek at; vhe White IIouHe. I've always wanttd to see thjc White House." "If you lafe any trouble'with the polici^." his brother-in-law' advised hii )i, "just tell 'em >T)u're friends o( nlinc. "What (or> lently. '^ir brand 'em.' out a littlej certain less I Touy 'll'l fiP ^r from liim nn- feverish. and the next d;iy was un- iji a montli later, when he hurried j*le to set up. Some days later he to Philadelphia In response to Paw- awoke from a delirium to find nee'Bill's wire that everything was Pawnee Bill at his be<lslde. In readiness. Even Cherokfee was "D(^•idod to get well, did you he smiled at Ton v. "Son, had a tough time of ItT' Wind then the show opened. In the "What's the matter?" he iiuiulred I press notices there wcs liberal in a weak voice. "Am I sick:;" jmcntion of young daredevil who "I'lieumonia: that's all. T gath- j pL >rformcd miracles with a rope an"! I svlvanla ftvqnue, people paused on cred from the landlady that you greater miracles with a guii'an^i '.k. ^tt^.. f».-~ ha:l a habit of taking long walks > who rode like a fiend on a big black >;""tt!iere. LilJie informed ilm proudly, you.vcf There was a week of rehcarsiug. 7" astked Stevens truci?- tliey get sassy : I'll 'He and Tony walked unsteadily, threw* un- over their Baddies; and headed tifeir horses up the htll. A capl^of guard smiled broadly as he watcjlicd them ride sfowly through the [grounds. Stevens'was all for d^niountlng and making a ' 'horougb I irjspectlon of the building, but Tony dissuaded him.;"We f^'on't ba\^ iime. Joe. A man Could spend a Wh|)lc day In that^ciipilol there, and probably not see \t all theiir. Tbipr^'s a lot of sightseeing ahead or:U!| yet. Come on.'; and he led the way back down the hill at a run.. As the.v rolle west along penn (.Mrs. W. E. Paytbul COLONY. Jan. 3.—Ray Garrison and C. W. Keliy made A trip to Garnett Sunday morning. The death of 'W. E. Johnson occurred Saturday at Parsons and his body was brought here to his bonie Sunday. .Mr. Johnson was a resident of this community for many years, owning a farm cast of town but for some time bad been an inmate of the state hospital at Parsons. Ho is survived by his wife anTll two daughters, Mrs. Henry Wells atid .Mre. Hugh Davis of Illinois, j Clifton. I.asuter was up from' lola Sunday for.a .short visit with friends. Chief" Corkins was visiting wiih friends in ('olbny 'Sunday. "Chief" .was married rerenily and now resides in Missouri. .Mr. and Airs. llu;:h Bartlctt left ihe last of th«; week for Kirksville, .Mp... where they will make their home. (;. H. S. 'basketball team played tbeir first match game last Friday evening, with Y'ates Center but oii arrount^ of the distanco and bail roads no one went from here ;c>k- eept Coach Brlckey anei J. II. Kent w-ho took the l>oys over. The game was and up to >-ithiu the last four minutes Colimy was in the lead -when one of tlieir .pl:iycrs was t^ken out on peiSionals and Yates Center forged aiy^d winning with a score of ,",2 to 37; The boys making tNe trip; were: Richard Rhodes, Winston Pavtbn, 'Robert Kent. Jack Denton.: Carl. Prentice and Eugene Farris. Maynard Moon'siiffereiT-fiuife a severe injiiry Saturday night when be jumped off the throiigii freight which passes through Colony jiboiit .1:00 a. m. and was making about 25 miles an bour. He f^ near the night' operator, whose !' haste In dragging him back was probably all thiit saved his life. He suffered a severe scalp wound and one hand Was badly Injured, seeming to be<«d. Moon was taken lo <he'. hom<^ of his grandmother' and on^ Sunday to Garnett where'his pi^r-j ^AUTOMOTIVE AatQinobllea For Sale 11 CHRYSIiER "60" COUPE—Late LIVE STOCK Ponltry and SnppIlM 48 SINGLE CO.MB REDS—'State ac- Studebaketr light coach; CbrysIerH credited flock.: cockerels, $2.0«i: '60" coach; Chrysler "70" touting: 1925 Ford tudor sedan; Ford roadsters: Ford tourings: Ford coupes.! All arc in good shape. •\Ve trade. Ross Arbucklc's Garage, Chrysler dealers. Phone 56. O. K. USED CARS—1927 Ford tii-i .dor sedan;' 1927 Chevr'qlei coacH: ii927 Chevrolet coupe: 1925 Chevrolet ttiuring: 1927 Chevrolet tc^. truck: 1925 Ford coupe: 192G Fopl roadsheK: 1924 Chevrolet t6n truck, *lth grain body. laying pullets. *1.25: well matured stock. 'Mrs. J. T. Allen, end North Cottonwood.. -" MERCHANDISE Articles For Sa!« SI CREAM SEPAR.\TORS —Slightly used McCormick-Deering bait- bearing. $65;, slightly used Anker- Hollh No. 5 scparatoi:. ?65, guaranteed as new. Allen County ilm- Other i J»Je™cnt Co. cheaper^ used cars.. Shelly Motor • KAIR&.\NKS WAGON SCALES— Co., llSj^W.Jackson. Phone 60.-: I For sale, well worth the money. OAKLAND' —~ Dealers — PO."«TIAC i Phone 70:{. -• '27 Pontlac dc luxe landau sedan.! SPECIAL SALE-This week only driven SOU miles: 'M Oakland coupe: '25 Buick light sjx toifr- ing. fine shape; '27 Fonl couiw: 'a7 Fori^ roadster: '25 Ford tudor. fine shape: '25 -Overland coupe, goo<l: '25 Chevrolet touring: Chevrolet coupe, good: '24 Dodjie i WfJOD-fetove. chunk, cord and tuiring. Several other good used'.pole lengths. Phone 9ti ;-12. E. R. cars. Cash, terms or trade. Ho-; Weldin. hart MKtor Co. - - > on Simmons' 2 -inch beds: best -gray enamel springs and full 'cotton mattress, for- only $I6.i>(f. I..arge stock to .select from. Bry-' son's Furniture Store. North Jcf--, ferson avenue. ^tt'*_'^^t^^r}'^Tlm', Parts its BAfTER7l-X5-12 HWI f, volt: F-tu-d radiator?: j '.i'.ixt tires, tola .\\jto JVreckiiijg |Co._ Phj>ue 782. — I Business and OfKr« Equisinent S4 BUSINESS SKRVTCF TYPEW'RITBRS—For sale, rent or trade. Williams Typewriter. Co., 11.1 West Madison. , - 6S DrcsNmaking and 3IiIIinery SI - SEWI.NGr—Want -plain and fancy; „.T„^ „- i, i . i.^— children's i garments a specialty. ; fV^'-I?" "^Vv '^n ^i^ ^ " Innuire ::u« North Nvalnut. ; ff J.""!:"- ^ «ast Sfcrl- _?."iL'' »«•«»» Fertlllgers BALED ALFALFA—Timothy and clover, and prairie hay. Stewart & Funk. ^ ~r~ ' Ing Helght-s. MoThlg.j Trncktnc. SItirage y» iH.\Y—<!5 per ton 'at barn: 20c CALL DEAN TRANSFER — Phone . bale. C. L. Arnold. :: miles soutb- 885, will move you by hour or con- : _'Y_''.lt_"'- l"l"tract. v.;ith experienced raen^ ; j llonsehold Goods. ^9 140.'residence 140. EMPLOYMENT Help Wanted—Male ^ :«l| good«- in my home at 301 South Colborn will he for sjile "Thursday. Friday ami Saturday this week. Call tiom 1:00. to 4:00 p. m. or telephone 1005W for appointment. O. H.. Parkening. m | TWO .MEN WANTED—^With caVs, i steady 'work, good pay. Call; at: DAVENPORT—Two rockers. 216 East\ street after 7:30 p. mi bed. Columbia grafonola and table. 2 age onta. Mr. and Mrs. Carl .Moon, re-- G. C Hebnrling Company, Dept. .Wr WANTED—Excellent opportuniUes' o^^'^- walnut table. 2 reenots. now available for industrious men. P^rch swing, bridge lamp, sewiiig 25 to 50 years old to make large! machine. 9IS East street. | I profits :selling Heberling's Prbd- i FURNITURE — New and second nets direct to consumers in ydur | hand. 11& East Jackson. Phone home county. Large and best sell-^' Mel W. Fuller. Lj_ ing line.! Strong Comiwny. Gives | qas RANGES—New ones, \ioii most coroi)eration. Low wholcs|i1e = prices, guaranteed stoves. Hen- prices. ..Vo experience needed. We ; ninger's Furniture Store, 118 West teach au:I contiuur' to ;i.«sist ySu. \ jiadison. Give age. oicii 'iJalioii. reference. side. He had ridden the freight dctrn frcni Garnett before the acfi- dent Jhappencd. fi.«2. Hloiamingtau. III. .FINANCTAI. AUCTIONS AnctlM!! COMMUNITY SALIv-At Lallarpe.l KasineM OppoiinnltiM 38 TIRE SHOP -An old establi.shcd tire'salc'is and service shop, good loc:-,tioni; paying business, • 3>ut owner has opening ; in anot?]er along the lake in the rain. It illdn'f do you any gbod." Tony smiled and turned his face "to the wsll and' slept. "About that telegram of yours." Pawnee Bill resumed when he was able to sit up and talk. "If you can demonstrate that you'lf benefit by steering awa.v' from me • I'll be satisfied.; However, I'm thinking you needfa guardian. I've been told that yon and John Barleycorn have 'been inn real familiar terms. Snnj you'll io cut that oiit or Wright and Lewis Bryan, all of Bions <in: .Mrs. Dale Lcamon of Dewey. Okla., awl Mrs. Paul Bustard of lola. .Mr. and .Mrs. John Gregg returned Friday mornlhf; from Detroit, Michigan, where they bad spen* three weeks with 1b«lr daughter. Mrs. Ethel O'.N'eil, and children. stallion. For a time Tony was SBtlsfiel. JThe >Ife was exciting and at lie found it pleasant to read about hJmsctr In the newspapers. Then it seftlcd down to monotony. M«ytey was not coming I11 as fast as Pawnee BUI had anticipated, ".^nd I can't understand it." he i :onrei«ed with a shake of his bead. "We'vi got a good show and the weather on the 'wliolc has been fa- vorabrt?; I guess It Just must be a *ad year. "We're got a chan«:c to ihop down to Washington for a few days. There's a <'onvention there, and a fair, and I'm.hoping to dean up. We'll hive to cancel a few da.vs here and'there, 'because It's not on our schedule; but I'm In fa- Yor trt doing It." It was a, wise move. Business in Washington 'was good: so coo(L In fact, yiat at the conclu.slon of THJE crry OF ipLA FINAXCLM. REPORT FOR TH K MONTH OF DECE.MBER. 19£r__ I DlBb'mtk. the Bldewallcs to stare after .them. WashlngtonJ accustomed tia It was to Strang^ sights, did notioftch see chap-clad; laM-batted cowboy.s;tear­ ing down: iti< main' street Midway between the capltol and the White House. Joe Stevens slid his horse to an abriiiit halt and shadetl; his eyes with' his hand In an elaborate gesture. ; ! "Injuiifi'. Tony!" he announced in a melodrumatic whisper. Tony Iqoked and laughed. Stevens was staring at a cigar store Indian, 'if . "You t^irpw him and I'll heel him." Stevens said, 'and we;il drag him up t^e avenoo." In another second hl» -roUe was in his hand. Tony hesitated. He was sober , enough to' know better, hut an imp I of recklessness whispered / to him to go ahead. With a laugh he swiing his roj?<>. The loop descended over the -wooden Inr^n- and i pulled it to thc.^round as Cherokee ' moved on and the rope tightened. • .^^TO BE CONTINUED) General ' . Street and Alley (^^ Stores. r..^ Special Paving No. 2; ..J i ! Special Cemdery _'1L ; 1.— 1 ' -Band '....-4-* i—! Park —J- - J Gas J.__..— ! Watdr — — -- ---------------------T ' - Electric ^ ^. ':-Balance '• >Interest and Bond Fnnds I i Balance li-30^ 27 ? I.i02.5.5 2 .<39 .75 l.'J54.1.S 2.562 .09 54.02 574.28 11.626.94 5,96e.87 31.703.72 Receipts 5 245.55 3115.05 3,nl6.'J3 I 241.:!5 i 11.3«n.7« 1.775..S5 14.323.00 3t .My .7S' $ 2.740.64 R 12.73 2,375.10 237.83 Balance ! Outstand'g I 12-31-27 Warrants ~15..iO lOO.'iO . 259.91 r..R6 l.O'i Cash in Drawer 9.5fc:10 2.rS0.24 «,957.28 T4.SS2.92 I 1,392.54* ? 1,94:1 .07 1.895.31 i u 2.565.<1 ' 54 (l2 . 57^.28 13.3S8.54 • ^^ ' ,39.0C9.44 fi3,e2fr.2i ; 5.-,..5« -,.Tt. 60.74 SO.I.OS 1.212.26 37.^.7 753.74 2.003.57 Treas'rs ! _Balance ? l'377.04* 2,043.07 6.86 2.566.61 54.02 574.28 12.199.78 5.520.66 ;58,376.44 62.119.70 conne. sood: '23 Cbevrolel ';impr- 1 - i • • — coupe, good;' Chevrolet super ior .touring: ne)v tires: horses: cattle: good hogs: 2 fancy Duroc boars;.: chickens: lots of 'good houKGliold furniture. Including 2 extra eoml cook stoves. Cbas. Dragoo^ Atictlonecr. PUBLid AUCTION—Public auction every Saturday at IrflO o'clock at Blabop'jg Sales PaTlIion. . AUTOMOTIVE Antomoblle Agencies A I'SED CAR—Is as dependable as the dealer who sells it. Dotlge Sales and Service. The best place to buy good, dependable used cars. At present we have a complete line of hoth open and closed models, priced to sell.:" EUis.^ .Motor Co.. 214 North Washington. Antomobfles for Sale II In the midsit of his foolish es. minide Toiiy <«e^ the last |M>r<inn In ihe world he unnld. w4nt to meft. In the ae.vt rbxpteri —Extra large bundles of^ clean newspapers, lOc. at Register ^office. Judgntent . 235.36 i 2..553.14» 768.19 Jniertial Improvement ! Re&^nillng Bond Interest _— -f • - —> igg^gji j -ife -- 14:059:72! ^\Z,:— - „._ —rrj m,^u.n • S.l 14.63 520.00 S.634.63 I I 235.36 ' 10,667.77» 248.19 15.609.31 ' 5,425.09 235.36 10,66 Dor$ett Pi^uc^ Go; 1202 East' .Street, lola Phrae 703 Cash' ^OF Poaltry and E^s , C«U Us Anr Time.; ; We tt HII come after ponftrjr. t31,218.73 • $33.517.55 : ^ ^ j ) 50.1.06 $ 2.nn3.57 S^nr GRENNAN'S iMARKET I5.609.ll C«riiw 1^ STonroe and klk Sts. _5A25}9 . ; ilOLA, KAX8. i $67.544.79" • tJB* L. McNfel. City Clerk, do hereby certtfy that the above statcnjent Is correct. Sab«Wbe^ aSd swirn to before me this 7th day of January. 1928. 4M[y_4 »mmte8ton expires A l.U-.- B. Lu McNlEU City Clerk, We Waiit Your PouUryj Eggs ; and Hides A5D Ora PHOXE KITXREVIS 379 lola 's BUD WHITE MOTOR CO. HUDSON ESSEX DE.\LER.S— BUICK. 1D23 fOUR TOURING. BUICK. 1924 Six Touring. . CHRYSLER. 1926 ROADSTER. DODGE. 1922 ROADSTER. DODGE, 1922 Commercial Truck. IX>DGE, 1924 Touring, winter t-n- ciosurc. DODGE, 1926 COUPE. ESSEX. 1:127 COACH. ESSEX. 3 1926 COACHES. FORD. 2 1924 TOURINGS. rORD. 1923 ROADSTER. FORD>vl924 ROADSTER. FORD.'l»53 COUPE. FORD, 1926 TOURING. FORD. 1925 TOURl.VC. HUDSON. 1927 Standard Sedan. HUDSON. 1926 COACH. OVERLAND. 1925 COACH. OVERLAND, 19Si TOVRISG. Cash. Terms or Trade. ; f S. WASH. . PBONJB I OVERSTUFFED — Living j suite, 3 piece; Hoozier kltjthen i cabinet. Call after 5 o'clock at i 20t South Elm. OVKRSTUFFED P.\RLOR SUr "Walnut Dining and Bedi SuiJes. E.vchange your old for new. Easy .payments. Curtis Furniture Co . I,«tHarpe. . PRIVATE s"ALE-Of houflcbfUd goods at 111 .South Chestnut stre»'t. Phone 1354J. Money^ Loan—.^fortinipes J i]» PRIVATE SALE-Household goods. FARM LOANS—Quick service and. reasonable rates. A. D. I&w- i thorne. 15'^ W^est Madl-ion. > [ \ FARM A.VD CITY LQA.VS—-The, Allen CoSinty Investment Co.. Kel- i ley Hot^l Bldg.. lola.. Kans. i SiVRM including kitchen table, chairs. Ice box..gas range, davenport, porch swing, and re'znors. Call at Fcge- l.v's, northwest corner Wheeler Heights. ' Wanted—To Bay AND CITY LOA-N'Sr-Base — rate on rarms..5r;, city 6%. Long START THE NEW YEAR RIGHT— or short-time. R. M. Cunningham. | Bring ns your cream. 46c. Allen MONTJY -n -o loan oif farm andjcity County Cream Co.. lola. Kans. property; Jackson Realty Co., over , WA.NTED TO BUY—All kinds of Brow#«rDrug Sttye. . , 1 p ^m^ an,, jj ^gg j Q Butcher. titv propertv. liowcst rate. Stewart A- Funk. .MONEY -TO LfiA.V-On f,-<rnifl or j ^vA.NTEU-^Cattle hides and horse hides: green hides, l.")c:- horse hides up to |fi each. - J. F. Grcn- nan I'rodiire Co.. lola, Kans. WA.NTEI>—<;ood Ford coupe or sedan, for good four room house, or would trade a good radio for car. Chimney Sweep. REAL ESTATE POR RENT MONEY TOiLDA.V—On real estate, repayabfe' flj^ •''F""" "ipntbly par- mcnts. "ifliese If^ans never come due - -better J)eeaus|> cheaper and mofc convenient. Security Building &. ijDun .Assn., 1st Natl. Rank Bldg. LIVE STOCK Horses Cattle. Tehlcles " 48 Farms and Land For Rent 76 FARM; 1 .\IPLEM1CNTS—Horses, cattle :m.l K. McVcy, 3 miles ; ^^Sn siVeK. north of LaHarpc. - — SO ACRE F.^R.M—For rent to good, reliable party. Inquire' 223 North Ilonses For Rent- 77 FRESH GOW'—Four-year-old mare, i and baled prairie hay for -sale. I COTTAGE—Four rooms.;: modern. A. D. .Morrison, Tola R. 3. cJosc in. Ifitjuire at Dr. Curtis HOLSTEIN HEIFER — Registered, | '. __ fresh Christmas, day;, also others UOUHE—5 room modern, rnrnishcd^ due to freshen in January. Roy; or unfurnished. Phone 1128.^ Paul. Route 1. : REAL ESTATE FOR SALE Estat^ R 47 ;EWES^Rcady to lamb: regis-1 tered Dufoc boar: two.sows; good ; Brokers in Real 4 -year-old mare; 3 -year-oId horse; i =—— - , 10-year-<ild horse; six ye*rllngiFOR SALE OR TRADE-LaHarpe: steers. (E. J. Ronslck. 5 miles ten acrps well improved, close In; south onlKentutfty. : "store building, well located. lola: ' "- i -four room house in city; 36 acres Ponltry and Supplies ' 491 three miles out. Humlboldt: T^o -r, V 7,./ ^! improved city properties. W. BABY eUICKS-For Jan. 17^ and, wood. LaHarpe. : 24 dellvMry. Cnstom hatching. 2c I— ' ^ •per egg.wben set and 3c per chick ' added when hatched. Sturdy Chick Hatcherv-, 220 West street. ' INCUBATOR—<:oal oil automatic, the klnd^O. K.'d by government; paythents' if desired. Phonfe 703. PLACE OROro-Today for Birred Rock b^by pblcks. First batch Jan. 21. 112.50 per hundred,; The Home Hitchei-y. E. >L and .C. M. Chattertofo. Colony. Kans flonses For Sale «4 HOUS&-^.Modern. 3 lol.s.,40 acres land; will sell or trade f6r ahy- thing. D. E. Dean. 322 South Oak. Snbarban For Side 87 MY (MODERN 3 ACRE—Siibuilian home; pr wil> trade. Grant Billbe. B^t Lawn. lolarKaw. • SUBUHBAX—On good gravel road, .good Improvements; priced to selL A bargain If taken^^oou. Addr^s

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