The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on July 20, 1894 · Page 1
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 1

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, July 20, 1894
Page 1
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VOL. XV1IL NO. IB. CARROLL, IOWA, FRIDAY, JULY 20, 1894. WHOLE NO. 902. Ill' ; If; KNOWLEDGE Brings comfort and improvement am) tends to personal enjoyment .when rightly used. The many, •who live better than others and enjoy life more, with less expenditure, by more promptly adapting the world's best products to the needs of physical being, will atiest the value to health of the pure liquid laxative principles embraced in the remedy, Syrup of Figs. Its excellence is due to its presenting in the form most acceptable and pleasant to the taste, the refreshing and truly beneficial properties of a perfect lax* ative; effectually cleansing the system, dispelling colds, headaches and fevers ana permanently curing constipation. It has given satisfaction to millions an<J met with the approval of the medical, profession, because it acts on the Kidneys, Liver nnd Bowels without weakening them and it is perfectly free from every objectionable substance. Syrup of Figs is for sale by all drug- <ists in 50c and $1 bottles, but it is manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. only, whose name is printed on every package, also the name, Syrup of F5gs, and being well informed, you will not accept any substitute if offered. OHUBOH DIRBTTOBT HORNING service*, lift, m,; •Tralng Mrrloei III 7 p. m.; T. P. S. C. E. BMVlM, 6 p. m.; Bandar school, 12:16 p. m. ; Prayer MMtlnc, Tnundar evening, 1:30 p.m. i RBV. Gio. FOLSOM, Pastor. BAPTIST. M ORNING service, U a. m.; evening lenloe 7 p. m.;Y. P. S. G. X. MrvloeC p. m, ; Sunday School, 12:15 p. m, ; Prayer Ue«tlnf,Thur*da» vonlng, 7'JO p. m, • Rnv. J. G. BEMDRIOKBON. Factor W. H. COHHr, Superintendent. MKiaODIBT. M ORNING sor»lo« , 11 n. m,; evening »ervloe •7 v, m.; Junior Epwortb League, 8 p. m. Rpwortb League, 6 p. m., Bunday Behoof 12-11 p. in,; Prayer Meeting, Thursdar Ivenlng, 7;60 y. m. Bmv. W B. THOMPSON. Paitot DK. Wit. HUMPHB»Y, aupertuttndent. Uarroll f oi»-omne. Millie at the otllco close a* to lows: Going ettrtt: 2:40 unu'MO o'clock p. m. Going went: I:SO p. mTund 7:30 o'clock p. PI, Office open on Suurtiiy from 9 to 10 a. B. and from 3 to 4 p. in. STAR ROUTES. Ut. Cormol anil Ken'.nor, dally except Sundai Departs 12 m., arilve* at '• :!!' p. in. Uoselle, Tuvtidfty, Thursday, Saturday. Depart 1 a. m. arrive* Vi m. Coon Rapids. Carrollton, Wlll»y.— Tu«*day, Thundar, Saturdny, arrive* i'ira. depart* I p. WM in it, notwilhsiBBiling (he Mot that they were in Imminent danger of being mobbed. Bnt BB the sheriff and his Btafl were in the deal the mob wh» held n oheok and the game played out. Under Buoh oiroomBtanoeB it is Dot at all strange that the honest, hard working btuioees men of oar city were defeated. Sad it not been for the sheriff and hie deputies the conservative element of the eity weald have stood aside and allowed the enraged pnblio to do its worst. There WM no exonse tot allowing a few men who lay claim to professional honor to swipe* the ground with the business men, the bone and sinew ofonroity. We deeply felt the humiliation brought npon the loir name ot the most energetic men in the world end bung our heads in shame while these professional men bore off the blooming wreath and didn't let us get close enough to see it. What sort of a deal waa this for tbeee men who pretend to be the brain center ot oar city to work off on a home loving, patriotic people, as it the eyes ot the nation were turned np on them, and compel us to swallow their dirt. We hid gone out to the park prepared to bowl our lungs raw for our favorites, but there we were forced to bear the taunts and insults of a job lot of players while the hot enn beat down np on our unprotected oapet aa we doffed our hots to the knights of the twirling sphere. There we sat in mental agony while our men were either called ont on the striken or arbitrarily retired by a corporation umpire wbile the brave war rion on the other side swatted the ball all over the park and received the plaudits ot the admiring ladies who know no more about base ball than a corporation does of justice. Thus they went scampering around the diamond like a merry-go round while the business men stood like frozen images toying with their' mue taobes,tbinking of former days whentbey too oould play base ball and were^ the pride of the ladies. The very thoughts drove then wild; bat the unerring work ot the umpire and the pitober pat Item to sleep in rapid saooession and every effort to saw wood proved futile. Tbe result ot the game is as follows: Profecslotmle. R.PO Business Men. O. At N. w. lime uara. i watt. — 1 Overland limited lOWa. n •e. I OmabalUpnM ..........430a.m. Mo. 6 Denw Limited j EKJSe w £ Si Nv. 1 Paelfto KiDrei* Kb p. m No. 18 Carroll KipreM...., 910p.m. No. tt vnlfht PABkWftMttBlA TftAQfB BAM* No. t p»erlandllmlted.... .?«??•» Mo. • *•• • _ No. W Do* Molne* Passenger ,. 8 00 a. m. •o. M rwlgbt, Wostauoto Boom.. 9 II a. •. nonoiTTAmiio* 3, i I COM _J 71I1.I . OavAoui. Agent. o. at. r4SBBB*BB nuun AT tunue TKAIMSMimiABr. - n No. 73 Freight ................ ......... 94JO p.m. So OlKrelglil .......................... 1:08 a. m. TIUVU eow« wan ' ,tfa»*«nitr ....................... t tHa. m fuNOier ...................... >:.'f7p. n. V, p r rniKlli «. * ,,,.,.,»•«.(. ..'•»^'». «• .0. ISKrHiflit lOiJO P. in. MHeagATfokoto tonal* at Mwodtao. Also It . ro(farttMlnfo;nBtlonadar«M. w, W. BBBOBBBBIIIBB. WIN IN TDK CU11B AOA1NBT TUB J MEN, KUIiTlC'H OUllVKfl WEIIB TOO IIUOII 1'Olt TUliM. The greiit guiue of ball btstweeu thu profueeiouul nuil thu buuiueufl men ot our city is n tiling of UIB puel. It IB truetlit* •Cora gueu to prove that the prof em- iooBle were the better plnvvre but IbiB iu mislemliug. Tiisott pfofbBBionttl m«u u« • rule »re sobemure HUI! this Mggregulion i« no batter llniu lbn«euoral rnu of men belonging to thin olium. The diabolical •vjberflti Hiiioh lurut'J dvf«*ttt into victory w*w*> put-up job between the railromt nouopuly HU<I the luirporoiiou lawyers about HB follows: Kort« wiie |>luoei' iu the boi tt»d tbrtiw 6««U bulls ttiut no nm» who cured for lita or liinbilure fuou ||H. Htueio, AaurMult tliu bu«iii«8» mmi wart* bll cttll«(i out cm three strike without liftiug the willow or givnu tlieir buse ou balls. lutba evout that Uiu houeet umpire WUB oulliuij bslU lh» oorporaMou 4Mnr«««iuli)tive iu the pereou of Joe Orea- er, »t«tiou ugeut, WUB pluyiug the ttt»ia 1 iovwlubly culled the rauuera out on b«M». 'i'ue goheme WUB u pruud ou« aud U»d the BMVO to work It for all Korte Egermayer, JOB. LoDuo Uatbrle Kujrnolds Kgormayer, 0... .lodrey Bench HaUahon Total. 1724 Boos Buoknam.. Art* Holland .. Lewis ..... Nestlo Wattle*.. Olovla Total. 1127 Business men .. Prolesilonali... 12346678 0 S 0 4 ti 0 2 0 .00406070 2-11 •-17 BBOKK EVBM. Tbe game of bull Wednesday afternoon between tho "trades" and the "olerka" of oar city WM an even affair and honors were easy. Both aides did remarkably well for the kind of a day it was. The thermometer stood at 98 in the shade and the bluing eon ehone down in a way that vithsred everything that WM eipoaed to its scorching rays. Tbe boys were all unused to this kind of sport, especially on such a day M that, ant? it is a wonder that they did sa well M they did. The following is the score Trade*. H.PO Ulerki. it.i-o Dumpny Uauitil Wuttotit ........... BODS ......... Nockele ........ Hurt ............. Brook* ............ Bnvrmaier ........ SiHltftB flulllin Kai.g. :• Total ;OI.T * i Urni'lre—Joflroy. 1 2 3 1 6 ti 0 0 8 8 1 0 2 0 0 2 3 1 4 1 7 8 U 1 1 4-10 0-10 O. A. It. ENCHMl'MKNT. The regular auuunl meeting of Ited- Unlil association, comprised of the vetur mm uf Adair, I)al|us, Gutbrie, Attdubou and OH r roll counties will be held at Mim uiug Atig 7, B, aud B. A cordial iuvilu- tidu is oztvuded not only to the members >f tlm »»sooiBtiou but to all veteruus au<l tbttir fautllisa residing iu adjojuiug oouu ti«s to meet with them ou thut oooaatuu fur a grand reuuiou and a guod time. Oainp grounds will be established on tup falrgroundc, with camp firaa, sp«akiug uiueio, aud everything to autertaiu the WAVWI. The glud u«wa wu»r«^iwdMoiidiiy tbnt wiit»r hud been struck «t a depth of Ul ffut by those who are boring tha well fur Ibe city uenr the creek. The best of it ie that the water woa touuil iu u of course gravel aud rises withiu ten fttft of the surface. The iudiuutioua nre thut the supply IN abuudttut uud a num- b»r of Inrger wells will be euuk ot OUCH and the olty will be (urnisl«d with water •gwiu. If this Dud proven to be what it to be the city out be JOSEPH H. CHOATE. One of the best known lawyers in New York City is .Joseph H. Chonte, who was chosen president of the New York State Constitutional Convention, nn honor few resident* of the state have ever secured. Mr. Choate is also mentioned as a possible Republican candidate for governor of New York. with pare water in the future instead of the kind we have been using since the supply has been taken from the creek. Wnjii GBADDATB. The National Normal school and Btisi- nes* college at Olidden will graduate D clnBB of, sixteen Thursday, July 2$, Ibe ohus is a strong one aud tha exercises will be of a high order. The program is an excellent one and will draw H large audience. Tbe National college nevei does things by halves. A kind invitation is extended to all to be present. A NEW PIBM. Tuesday the firm of Soluohtner & Egftu took control ot the grocery store owned by Kempker & Cool id Re. Ibe transfer was made Monday uigbt. The members of the new firm nre well kuowu to our citizens and we besponk for tbom n successful oarBer in business. It WAS Mr. Kempker'a desire to retire from busiueea for eome time nod for this reason be disposed of his intercut, CAKU OF THANKS. We wish to express our most liuartfell ttiftnks to all our friends ar.U the members of Signet lodge and Signet chapter. Kust- ern Stur, who ao kindly guvo us their consolation i.nd assistance In our bour of deep Hflliction in tho death and btiral of our beloved wife nut) mother. O. T. WADSWOHTII AND FAMILY. "How to Cure AU Skin Diseases." Simply apply Swnjne'vo'ntment. No internal medlome required. Oitrea tetter, euKuniu, Ituh, all eruptions on the fauo, bands, none, etc. LeHvlni t he *kln clear, white and healthy. It* great heullng and eurMlve nowtrs ate possessed by no other remedy. A*k your druggtHt for Swajue's ointment. C 1-M SHBNANDO AH VALLEY LANDS. IFhy go west when such grand opportunities exist In West YlrRlnla, Maryland and tut» famous ghenaudonb Val ley of Vlr- Kinia, A section possessing all the reqvita- ties for health, comfort and prosperity ? No region In the United Status IB attracting greater attention; people from the north and west are looking tlmt way with Ilio view of locating. Improved farm lands nre to bo obtained at tram 88 por noro and upwards, unimproved timber lauds at from 32 to 86 per aero. Uloh mineral lamia uro clump, excellent wnlvr powers, .manufaRturing slten, biml- no«8 looatlons, tito , are iiuinurous, The notion) j and churches are uxcul'out; tlio ptiopluaru liospitablu and extend it warm wnlconio to new ooiiiiirn, Tlio clliuat^ la iinequnllod, no aevoru atornis or oycluuos, Half rato oxciirslonu from GlilnaKO and nil H, A O. towns hi liulUiim iu ul Ohio, will bu run to tlui .Sliunuiidoub Vulloy ua Aumist Till and Utli, Uuptunibor 4tli ami IHtli, Ootobor Uud, N'oveuibi'i- Uili und DlH'l'llllllT 4tll. b'urtltur Information given froti. Ail- ilrt^s M. V. Klc'hurtla, f.and aud linmigni tlmi AKOIU, Ii. &. U. U. U., liAlvlmoi^, Md. _________ ________ la «ow-4t LOW BATES TO ST. PAUL. On ncominl of tlut Annual Convention!)!' tliuOiilbollcTolul Alistiui'iiuo I'lilon of Aintiikut, tliu North- YVuttU'rn Lino will swll uxcuraUui tlckotb to St. J'lttil, A/Inn., and it'turniit lialf nitoti— 0110 faro for thu roiitKl trip; tlcldita on Hulo July !)U mid HI, good fur ruturu pHsnago until August 0, WM, Inclusive. For tlubutti und full information apply to uguntH C'lilcuKO A Nortb-Wutlm-ii It'y. _ in Hpito or tU« opponltlon of Frtmilvr tliu British lioiuo uf lord* to Kvvuud roiullug tlio bill diroutud Aguut (j«urKu O. Cuntpr nt Detroit- lm» Hrri>uttid F, 1,. Olluliriut and Bi'i/.eil !£.'(> uuim of opium smugijluU by him lino tliu United Stutvs. Tlui tiri'uUUuit Uus ilouUul the uppllvu- tlon fur pitrduu lu tliu viwu of huwU JlolUci 1 , Buutfiiml to bo liungud in thu lu- itiiiii country July £5. .M. HuFuddeu, u printer, whilu u I'ldu on M tiuuttt l''j train unur Kuiporlu, KHU,, fell uuduv flip wuwej* uud wits killed, RECLAIMED ARID LANDS Million Acres to Be Reserved In Several States. BE SOLD TO ACTUAL SETTLERS. 6ettat<»r ~ rey Author of the Dill—Passed by the Sennte—Incllnn • Appropriation Bill Provokes Crltlolmn—Mints at San FrnnclHco nnd New Orleans Ordered to Begin Coining Silver Dollars. WASHINGTON, July 10.—In the senate Wednesday the house resolution was passed authorizing the secretary of state to accept from G. F. Watts, R. A., a painting entitled "Lovo and Life" exhibited by him at the World's fair. Senator C.ivey called np the senate bill to reserve for 10 years in each of several states 1,000,000 acres of arid lands, to l>e reclaimed and sold in small tracts to actual pttlcrs, and it was passed. The bill applies to the same states as the desert land law and also to Montana and Kansas and to the states tint may ba formed out of the territories of Arizona, Now Mexico, Oklahoma and Utah when admitted. The Indian appropriation bill was then taken up. The paragraph appropriating $),ODj,tjOU for educating the Indians provoked the criticism of Platt (Conn.) against the policy of giving aid to Indian contract denominational schools. He favored the abolishment of all sectarian schools and the establishment of government schools in their stead. Senator Call said tho various charitable organizations had established themselves on the Indian reservations and the government had mado contracts with them to save the expense of erecting •chools without considering whether they wore Episcopalian, Methodist, Con- Rational or Catholic. Qalliuger (N. H.) protested against government aid to sectarian schools, especially when one chvm:h received so much more than the ot-'now. There woi already a gathering storm in this country against appropriating money for sectarian purposes and that storm would break before long on the people and the congress of the United States. The committee, amendment wus agreed to. The conference ^report on the naval appropriation was ^presented and agreed to. An amendment was proposed by Duboia (Ida.) and agreed to, directing tho Boorotnry of the interior to contract for tho construction of au irrigating canal on tho Fort Hall Indian reservation in Idaho, the cost to be paid out of inonuy belonging to the Fort Hall Indiana. ORDERS ISSUED TO COIN SILVER. MIliU ut San J'ruiu'luvu uuil Now OrUmiia In llrulu .Mlvklug SllviT l>iillar». WASIIIXUTOX, July ID.—Air. Pjvstou, tho dirt'ctur of tho mint, by diivrtion of tho Hivivtnry of tho troiwury, has ismiwl ardent to mint ivuthuritiu) nt Sun Fnm- oluco and Now Orleaiw to begin at onw tho coiuugu of bilvor dollars and dnring tho pretiojit month to coin up to thu ordi- ntiry I'liiwoitiea of the mints. Thu silver to bo first coined.will bo blunku niul ingots, of \vhloh there is uuflU-hmt to coin about fl.auu.dOO at theuu two inintu and ttt Philadelphia, As soon as this supply is uxhuusted work probably will begin on tho uilver bum of which thuro is it year's supply ut Han Fruuuiouo niul Now Orleans, ami probably nvo youra' supply tit I'liiliidolpUiu, So far un oan bo Itutriiod It is not HID intwilioii or tlio purpose of tho govurnuu'ut to extend tho coiiiugo of tho tuiigniorugu beyond a l'e\v niillion, but it id suited that nftur coining what gold may Iw necetwnry and roeoininx tho ubrudod J'ractionul silver, i-uch of Ilin throo mints will probably IKI worked nt their nurmtil capacity on silver dollitM for tho noxt liuverul mouths at li'iist and ptxwiumbly to thei'iid of tlie pivstmt your. ('li'Vflmul i'ruiivuilliitf Ciirci'ully. WAKHINUTON, July 11).--Hon. Carrol D. Wlight, wmnnitwioiior of labor, who is chairman »f tho commission that will inquire into tho ouiwiw of tho strike of tho.A. H. U,, said ho w'.uhed to huvo no say in the selection of the board. The president, he said, was considering the question very carefully with a view of getting men who will give satisfaction to all interests concerned. The law requires that at least one member must be a resident of the state where the controversy arises. To Fix Power of Judges. WABHIMOTON, July 19.—A resolution resulting from the part taken by United States courts in the recent strikes has been introduced by Representative Pence (Colo.) It is to direct the committee on judiciary "to present to the house a bill definitely fixing the power of local courts and judges thereof in the matter of punishment of persons charged with contempt of court and giving to such persons the right of trial by jury. Pension Attorney Disbarred. WASHINGTON, July 19.—Wilfred H. Smith, a pension attorney of Greenville, Miss., has been disbarred from practice before the interior department. He is charged with improper, unprofessional and illegal conduct in accepting exorbitant fees from his clients. Bill For Purchase of Railway*. WASHINGTON, July IS.— A bill for the purchase of all railway and telegraph lines by the government has been introduced by Representative Wilson (Wash.) at the request of its author, Dr. F. S. Lewis of Port Angeles, Wash. Passed by Unanimous Consent. WASHINGTON, July It).—By unanimous consent a bil. was passed by the house authorizing 'be construction of a bridge across the Missouri river at Lexington, Mo, Seoi -tnry Grcshaui Sick. WASHINGTON. July 19.—Secretary Orcsham ha been Buffering for several days from • bowel complaint and is sick tibed. Vice President lloute on u Visit. WASHINGTON, July li».—Vice President Stevsuson has goao to hU home at Bloom- ntoa, Ills.^ 'or a few days. CiMigrcits'Urcotl to Take Action. CHICAGO, July 19.—The following telegram was forwarded to Washington addressed to the senate and house of representatives: "The whole country demand? Slmt congress terminate the pending tariff Ingislation immediately. Failure to dispose of the question quickly will work incalculable loss and irreparable injury to financial and industrial interests." It was signed by two banks and 80 of the leading business firms, Marshal Field & Co. and P. D. Armour & Co, heading the list. Snttloj '« Attorneys Score a Point. KANSAS CITY, July ID.—The attorneys for Cashii••:• Sattley scored a point nt the trial in cr».w examining Expert Peake. They provoJ. by Peake on cross examination that two notes for $'30,0(10 each, made by tho Realty Investment company in tho spring of 18'.iS, were given in exchange for collateral in the bank and that neither Darragh nor Sattley, nor tho Realty Investment company, realized a dollar from the transaction. EiHinlniitlun of Cliliinmen. NEW YOUK, July 19.—The examination of Chinuinon for smuggling fellow countrymen into the United States was continued before Commissioner Shields. Ceo Lnui, who, it is charged, was admitted as a merchant, bnt has since worked as a cigaruuiker, was held in fl,00<i bail. Wah Hock, charged with making affidavits on which Yung Bah Ong was admitted, was arraigned and his case adjourned. Forest Fires lu Wisconsin. CiiiPi'iswA FAU.S, July lU.—Forest fires are bunting furiously in tho vicinity of Boyd, this county. Northern Wisconsin is like a tindorbox on account of the long drouth. Unless rain comes soon the damage done to hardwood and pine will be heavy. Clerks May K«»|> Fees, Sioux FALLS, S. D., July 10.—Tho refereo in tho suit brought by tho county to rocover if 1,500 fees from Clerk of Courts Thorno hau decided that tho clerks of courts of this state do not have to turn into tho county tho laud office foes collected. Mrs. Joel 10. (.'nmpbfll of KnlHU'ld, la., wan klllint ut Omnim by (ailing buck- wunlH from n moving mulor ear. Cutho-llu Kuitibt* of \VUruniilu nro hold- IMK ili.-ir Idi'itnlnl Kt'Msloii nt Oolikiuili. A roll bishop Kituvr will opuuse thw pro|HW(I tlllU'lllllllt'llt to Hlllllll nU'lnlu'r* of HKITI'I KOL'lt'l If*. Impi'iu'hment proceed I IIKH huvo heen uouiimmct'it at Sioux City against thu liieiulk-r-s "f tlie board of mipurvltiarii. Misappropriation of fiiiuU U iilleyinl. In oppoil'JK lUMVttsiuunt of thelriuu'liUi'H «f Iliu -Mllwuuki'O. Street Ititlluiiy com- puny, Yifu I'mtident 1'ayne snlU ilio property, wUii'h U bonded for IH.UOO.OW, was not worth ttXXI.lWO. Kdwanl llultowtty, who twice lonlVsseil to tUruvvltig lh» switch which eiauxl tlif Jlig Kwr wreck ill h'outiinut, wiya ho wan tlltluiidutiul into doluK KO, Thu cull IHIH UIIMI la-suBil fur ibe i|iiarier uenttfliulul convention of Nurtli Aim-rli-nii lUu'ktifpt'l'H, to bo llclil ut St. Jot^i'pli, Mo., Out. 10, ITuuil KS. Thvupproprlalluu la MUsouri fur eriui- illll trlul i'.\pi-ll«cs i»rX»llllbUil. Such > .\ iiupuitl until tho iih.ii'mllj IIK'l'U. iuti I'liUuiUes «n> i-iin\Ki'il at Uie re- jticllon by tin- luuuloralli of the bill t» ii'lieu I ilie uuii -K'KiiU law, uiul thnsktoit lu r>'( illiiliioti llie Kovrniuieiil. The wvvk'n e.'iHtlmmul frelKlit sliljimuiils ut t'liieugo were Ibe Ninullrbt \ui ivcoril— but Hutu over-i,( (OIIK. A eoiuuiUlee rowv.scutliuf holders of (!!>• eoiiHolldutt!il lioiidx of tlut Kaiuan I'tieiile elulins truut Hwi'iiritli's to u lur^c amount huvv bivu CAKRODx Classified Business Directory. MILLINERY. MRS. M. SHAULE, Fashionable Millinery. MISS ELLA TODD, Mlllloery and Vnncj FINANCIAL. KlllST NATIONAL BANK, Cor. Main and Firtn Sticcta. NORTHWESTERS BDINDt^G AND LOAN ASSOCIATION, Fifth StreeC FEED MILLS. I. J. A J. R. MATLOCK, Fifth Street HARNESS. ETC. L. T. ANDEH3ON, Harness and Horse Clothing, Trunks, Valises and Sewing Machine*, WINES AND LIQUORS. VICTOR H. STKPPUHN, "The Diamond," Fourth Street PLUMBERS AND STEAM FITTERS. SHEFFIELD & PATTERSON. Wind Mills, Tanks and Pumps. JOB PRINTING. DAILY SENTINEL, Adums Street. Best Equipped Printing office In Western Tom. Professional Cards. BEACH & HOYT LAWYERS. - -— in itat* and federal court*. Offlee ea Main itTMt, over NIswoDget'* dry goods itote. GEO. W.1KORTE, LAWYER. OIDce on Bret floor Germnn bank buiiain*;. Will practice la state and federal courts. ^•Special attention given toforeclosureiaj^ settlement of estate*. QJIOBOK W. BOWKN ATTORNEY A I LAW. QRItFITH BUILLIKQ. F. M. DAVENPORT, A TTORNK AT LAW. Legal business tiur !\ acted la both state and federal court*. (JAW 0— •iffice over MarKs dry golds store, Carroll RELIABLE INSURANCE In the beat eompitnies at the lowest rates. It pays to have the beet. Bettor have DO Insurance than to lie Insured in an unreUuM» company. Tho best companies can be secured of H. W. MACOMBER OFFICE IN THE BANK OF CARROLL. PARTIES Interested in Grain, Provisions and Stocks WATCH 241 B. C. Co., Chicago INSURANCE Limited amount* of reliable Insurance, In good mutual companies. Itatlmated cott, • about one bait the present board rat**. If jrou want muonable rate* on good Insurance, take out a policy from the onlr non-board office In the city. J. E. GRIFFITH, Agent. mm am Have ISargnius in 6eois' Furilsbiii Ciods. Thu Old Itollable ONE PRICE CLOTHIERS. NOCKJ5L8 & t^^AM, South Sldo tiiiuaro, C'«rrull. Iowa, The ART AMATEUR. (TUv> only Art IVrlodK*! ikWft.rd.wt th» World 1 * Kulr.) liivaluutilti tur nil who with to UMku tlio it U> "K by art ur iu uiaku their Uuiu«»bvautUul. Pnt* 1 0n u ." ".'" •?'! J ^ •,?y"?" uiontieu- Ul AUU iiouHui |bU uubUwMiuu a *U«M num oopy. with *uiiarl> color plate*, Uun-oi>yliig or fuming) aud 8«uu- |.lemui\tar» wi»«aot d»*Un« (WjUlSr i>rlu« thirty the oanUjTOr Wf\r Qfin w» will loud al* u or 4uc fo« BK Monta«ue Marks, 23 l'iilou|e<iu»w, N. T

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