Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on July 22, 1965 · Page 32
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 32

Ironwood, Michigan
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 22, 1965
Page 32
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SIXTEEN IRONWOOD DAILY GLOBE, IRONWOOD, MICHIGAN THURSDAY, JULY 22, 1965. By Neal Adi Your Horoscope By Sydniy Omarr Friday, July 23 "The wise man controls his destiny. . .Astrology points the way." ARIES i Mar. 21 — Apr. 19): No time to take risks. Emotional decision could p r o v i costly. Day features illusion, j possible deception. Keep pro-- mise made to young person. OK, to combine work and play tonight. : TAURUS -Apr. 20 — May 20r. One who is usually accurate inay : be "off base." Know this—study : fact personally. Individual i n authority could pay unus u a 1 compliment. A guest can provide enlightenment later i n evening. GEMINI (May 21 —June 20): Evening highlights per s o n a 1 appearances. Don't let activities deter you from sufficient rest. Project can be successfully completed. Show others you know your subject. CANCER: (June 21 —July 22): Fine for personal c o n - tacts. But avoid trying to im-j press with extravagance. Trust | BRIDGE BY JACOBY , ONESrZE • (14-16.18) Cross-Stitched On Gingham 2822-H NORTH (U) A K 9 4 3 V A 103 • 82 + A K !) 3 22 WKST * .1 V K R 4 * Q , I 10075 4 1086 KAST * ^ V Ti ¥ J fl 7 4643 4 J 752 SOUTH A A 10862 ¥ Q 6 5 2 * AK + Q4 North and South vulnerable North East South West Pass Pass 1 * 2* 3¥ Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass 1 A 3 * 6 A Pass Opening lead—4 Q liclc which will explain the princinle of restricted choice.) He d r e w the last trump. i cnslie r| the other high diamond and ran off four rounds of clubs. HP d'l-carded one heart on the third irlub and ruffed the fourth i club af'ci East played the jack. i Then he had to go after hearts and by this time the sixth sense had told him where the king and i^rk were. So he led a low heart from his hand and simply played the three spot from dummy. Enst won and led back the. nine w r c r e n p o n Raymo nd played low from his hand again and Wrst's king was dead. Quick Quiz Q— What is the national origin of the name "Maureen"? A— Maureen is the Irish form of Mary. Q__IS white mulberry the only tree silkworms can feed on to make silk? A— The worms will feed on the leaves of the red mulberry and By JACOBY & SON j osage orange but the quality of Raymond Balfe of New York j their silk is poor. was one of the three or f o u r j Q_m what war was the late best auction bridge players in j Sir Winston Churchill once cap- PRETTY O I N C II A M ' — There's nothing like a pretty- world. All great card players \ tured? it. ion indicated. LEO (July 23 - Aug. 22): Extra vitality evident. Per for mi tasks with verve, enthusiasm. I You cannot force issues . . . but you can present viewpoint for consideration. Deal hon e s 11 y with people in authority. VIRGO (Aug. 23 —Sept. 22); Display pride of personal achievement. But also give credit to one who helped from afar. Avoid scattering forces. W o n - derful evening for social activity. Sense of humor proves great ally. LIBRA (Sept. 23 —Oct. 221: Get routine job finished early. Avoid carelessness. Be thorough. Work before you play. Interesting individual could make this I a memorable-evening. SCORPIO (Oct. 23 —Nov. 21): Be aware of unusual resources. Deal 'directly with public. Trying to "cover up" mistake only compounds error. Be frank. Favorable change indicated Member of opposite sex due to play prominent role. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 — Dec. 21): Added income from familiar source a strong po s - sibility. Tonight pay spec i a 1 attention to mate or partner. Obtain hint from SCORPIO message. Realize domestic h a r m- ony is a necessity. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 —Jan 19): Favored projects may take back seat today. Past promises "catch up." Associate plays important role. Av o i d self-deception. . .face facts a s they actually exist. Stress honest self-appraisal. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20—Feb. gingham cobbler to perk-up your ^l, spirits when on kitchen clut ; . — especially when it opens flat for easy-laundering like this one! Add a touch of pansy embroidery in cross-stitch! Pattern No. 2822-H has tissue —sizes 14. 16. 18 inclusive: embroidery graph: full directions. To order, send 35c in coins: — Anne Cabot, Ironwood Daily Globe, 407 S. Wacker Drive, Chicago, 111., 60607 seem to have a sort of sixth when it comes to playing dummy that South Africa's Boer War. Who is called the "Un- Q—Who is enables them • crowned King of England"? to locntr important cards when-i A—Oliver Cromwell, strong ever it becomes necessary j man of England in the 1600s. Raymond likes to bid a lot i — and also believes in old-fash-1 . _ ioned simple bidding. His part-1 Timely QUOteS ner opened the bidding and! gave him a spade raise. R a y- mond investigated a slam with a three diamond call and jumped The larger scale of the new cnree ciamona can a nu , u .,,j«:u: worldt means one planet simply to six spades after his partner! 15 not enough for a really good- showed him the ace of hearts. !^™' Nelson , a New York industrial designer, on the ad- He won the opening diamond lead and led a trump toward For Ist-class mailing add lOc ] dummy West played the for each pattern. Print name, j anc i dummy's king held address with zip code, style No. and size. Send 50c now for your '65 Fall and Winter Album. 18): Avoid impulsive gestures. Stick to job until finished. Situation at home due to improve what appeared threat now turns into laughing matter. Cheer up! PISCES (Feb. 19 —Mar. 20): Know where you place valuables. Be sure of direction, i f traveling. Ask questions. Best to hold off on big decision. Alii facts not yet in. Study Capricorn 1 message. <r 0 it IF TODAY IS YOUR BIRTH-', DAY. . .You are a natural show-! man. . . .you know how to display products and talents. ft ft <r G E N E R AL TENDENCIES: Cycle high for GEMINI. Special authority is on your side. jack t h e trick. Raymond finessed for the queen or. the way back. This wasn't sixth sense but rather the correct mathematical play (Please don't write us about it until you read tomorrow's ar- Daylight saving time went into effect throughout the U. S. for the first time on March 31, 1918. BUGS BUNNY WE'LL EAT AFTER \ OUR SWIM! ) WE'LL PUT TH' LUNCH UP HERE SOVER POOCH WON'T GET IT, PORKY 1 LETS GO EAT! I'M STARVED!/ GREETINGS, SIRES! I HOPE YOU DON'T MIND MY JOINING YOU FOR LUNCH! CARNIVAL—By Dick Turner Q—The bidding has been: East South West North 1 • Dble. Pass 2 N.T. Pass ? You, South, hold: AAQ76 ¥KJ86 «3 *K942 What do you do? A—Bid three no-trump. Fass is a close second choice, but under no .circumstances should you try to improve matters by bidding one of your four-card suits. TODAY'S QUESTION You hold the same hand. East opens one heart instead of one diamond. What do you do? Answer Tomorrow mate criticism of the American policy is that it has not with suf- "I tried helping Mom around the house aud wound up having to take an extra bath!" BEN CASEY SINCE YOU'RE GOIM6 OFF DUTX THERE'S A CAR, AMP A MOON, AND A WONPERFUU IDEA 1'P LIKE 70 INTRODUCE YOU TO. FATHER WILL ACCEPT THE 6WMT. IT'S WONPERFUU TO SEE HIAA FILLED WITH OPTIMISM AND ENTHUSIASM. NOW, WE CAM TALK ABOUT HIS CAUa-tFER, r-w AMP #£K PERSONAL FEELINGS By Merrill Blossef 1 MAT VIM E JUST WOULDN'T GROW UPTME SIDE OF THE-HOUSE/ DIP YOU USE A 1'KA SO GLADl CKLLED PROFESSIONAL PLAMT FOOD PRISCILLA'S 1 VWISW POP WOULD LET ME .MAkE MY OWN DECISIONS! WHAT TC SWIMMIN& ? FISHING- vance of technology. It seems to me that a legiti- By Dick CavalU MORTY MEEKLE ficient clarity distinguished be- ends in Viet Nam. we VOLUKTES26 ID FI0HT 5POTLE&5 —England's Sir Patrick Gordon Walker, suggesting that the United States should negotiate with the Viet Cong. WHO WILL- VOUWE62? Paul Revere Patriots Organization Formed BOSTON (AP> — Want to dump tea in Boston Harbor, graze cows on Boston Common, coast down Bunker Hill? Then join the Order of Paul Revere Patriots of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Gov. John A. Volpe hands out membership to selected prominent Bay Staters in the form of a parchment scroll complete with a list of accompanying rights and privileges. By Leslie Turner IFFEN PBV'S 50 WORTHLESS. HOW COME OLE KOOUTZ BOUGHT ONE? I'LL LET 'EM SO FOR TREE GRAND! OKVY, I SOT TO THINKIMG HOW VOU FELT ON LEARNING VOUR COLLECTIOW WAS WORTHLESS! DECIDEP TO GIVE VOU £100 FOR TH LOT, GO GET THE KALLIKAKS BEFORE THAT SNAKE-INTHE-GRASS TAKES FURTHER ADVANTAGE OF THEM. AMP BUVS THE REST FOR A SOWS! IT ALL MOW, WASH I THAT WAS AN ACT... TO STOP ME BUVING THEM,ANP TO PRTVE THE PRICES POWM SO Hjr COULP AFFORP THEM 1 FAKESi WHY WOULP HE Art Sansom BORN LOSER By V. T. BandiB ALLEY OOP YEH...UOOKS } THEN LETS LIKE r MAY ,/HOLE up WHERE HAVE A <WECANBE LONG WArrW COMFORTABLE ..'.AND IN THAT CASE, THERE WOULDN'T BE ANY NEEPTO TUNE HIM IN/ SO LIKE I SAID.., RELAX NO, I GUESS NOT... I COULDN'T GET OSCAR ANYWAY, UNLESS HE WAS USING THE VIEW-SCREEN.. YEH...SO LONG, OOOLA... ...NO USE FOOLIN 1 WTTH THAT, POC...IT WON'T WORK.! "It took her 30 minutes to decide to wear THAT?" Answer to Previous Puzzle Noted Names 4 Irritate 5 Openwork fabric 6 Air raid alarms 7 Affirmative response 8 Lock of hair 9 Music making Three 10 Noun suffix 11 ScottLsh shccpfold (pi.) 17 Kit or Johnny 19 Dread *fi« w HwTi«.-T.(r«~. u.i.»«. <w. OUR BOARDING HOUSE—with Major Hooplc OUT OUR WAY—By J. R. Williams 43 Italian stream 44 Localities 46 Deficient in fat 47 Feminine nickname 48 Province (ab.) 50 Female saint lab.) <SET THAT/THE ONLY/HE EVEisjVl iW0l?K HE'S DONE S) HAD TO / BRING HIM BACK DOWN HERE / I'I\A NOT GOING TO FOLLOW HIAA UP THERE TO GIVE HIM HIS MEDICINE .' GIVE IT TO ME- T'M IN WORSE SHAPE THAN HIM/ "- • „. U PRAT/# BANKER BW^,B«lfT6RA w/6HoLOlN . 1lM . 6 )/ KEST AND &J£rA V/ATSOM HAVE VACATION )/ cOAT W HILE M& / I AFTER HE PLAM6;'VIRTUALLY THE ENTIRE .\ LOADED THE Kfe6s PUTTHE AND E«M V/ATSOM HAVE VACATION C Q AT WUILE H& ^ PLAM6.'VIRTUALLY THE ENTIRE <1 LOADED THE Kfe6S CITY |£«OOTWNG VPS TOIL-WORN tt 5OUUVJHILE T f.A0OROM ALONE/ ' SOMETIMES 1 TrUNK A PE'SEARClA X^*"IP-. \-<r\S*f i r»AT^A *^1_1E. AAf~}£-jr T J.SAD6 THE MOST 'SCtEt^Tl'ST' LSADti THE MOST WRETCHED EXISTENCE- OF ALL. •——=—v- MANKIND/ ^ > A ^Wvv^MT WCfcKlS \ (ill ^»W«KSEASONAL, ^BLwgdS JP-Wff^ AUU» WHV MQTHUKS GET GRAY SIDE GLANCES—By Gill Fox ACROSS 1 Nickname for a president 4 American orator, Henry 8 Ivan the Terrible 12 Burrows or Lincoln 13 Patriot, Nathan snecpioiu ipi.i 14 Magic 17 Kit or Johnny 29 City in Alaska 15 Small tumor 19 Dread 31 Wife of Paris 16 Souring process23 Enfeeble ivar.) 33Turkic 18 Stronger as a 24 Exclamation tribesman breeze 25 Learning 38 Click-beetle 20 Beasts of 26 Missile 40 Lodging place burden -1 Heating devices 41 "Uncle Milty" 21 Born '22 Hardy sailors 24 Seaweed 26 Vipers 27 Tin Tin 30 Great aversion 32 Food item 34 Gxpunger SSChaplet (poet. 36 Doctor (coll.) 37 Mr. Coward 39 Weary 40 Wail of distress 41 Sheep's bleat 42 Fashionable drawing room 45 Made vigilant 49 Disapproving one 51 Poem 52 One time 53 River duck 54 Tear 5!i Labor 5tiS«u flyer 57 Coterie DOWN 1 Rook's cries 2 Kncourage 3 Soviet city ' NEWSPAPER ENTKKimE ASSN.

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