Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 16, 1933 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 16, 1933
Page 2
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'r>ACE TWO THE lOLA j Eastern Star • Club to Meet Tlib Tegular meeting of the East- em Bi&r club will be held at 3:30 tomdriow afternoon- nt tlvo; Masonic temple. • • V. W. C. A. Cabinet HbldR Xnnchcon nip:'cnbinet of the junior college Y. 'Wf, C. A. had luncheon this nooH itt tlic iiome of Mrs. B. L. Mc- Niul. Those present were Crystal . McNnllv.' Ruth Sheldon, Virginia ' r'inley; Helen KeiT, Margaret Wil- hatru;, Ruth Armstrong,- and Mi-.s. Florence; Eeldiiia;. spoixsor, . " 'i ' <''>'> Valentinfe Party for >iiss Kud-hni A surprise Valentine party was given jesterday by her friends to Miss Pauline Kuehni at her home, , ; the P^rk hotul. The evening was - .spent ;informally and refreshments were served to: Misses Alta Yocum, Ann Tliaj-er, Marcia Fryer, Barbara Seay; r Messre. Ralph . Cox. Don " PraritZf Bob Dunlap, Harold Shaffer, Charles Bremer; Mr. and Mrs. Jake -Kuehrii. and Mrs. Gary SIiafTer. • ' i ]' <••••!. Ifis'; MoMurniy Entertains i ?rit1sr ,Cinb " Mi 'K Ec:itr :r.e McMurray was hostess to her.i bridi;e club last evening. ' Tiio h .-gh xove prize was won by Mi.s.s Marfraret Rofc>crts and second hifrh by, Miss :Blauche MarmOnt. Tv.'o giiests. Mrs. Rol)ert Trombold _ .and Miss Bon Kessinger,. and the foilGv;ing members were present: Mi.':s«-'lsnbo!-Ashford, Lloa Weid' loin ElaiiPhe Mamiont, Margaret Rnlvin.s and Mrs. Joseph: Chehasitc. Sunhcain Cliiss Ho!d.s • VaSrnt&ie Parly Tlip; -Sunbcd -Ti class of the First ' - ?iT ..'.'.''(.idisi church, iausht by Mrs. IT. W. :Corr. v.-as entertained at a Valcntiin- jiady: Tuy&day evening at Mrs. QorrT, lioinu. Games were • i/layodi. nii ?L:i ;'.s, v. orkod • over, and \'.n)i\(!';iJ!ii'S fvcliaiigcd. Rel'rp.sil- . •Ri -Rt:-i Wt!KC -rVod to the following: Fiiuu -is !'';!-l(i"r. Manon Daniels. iM:i.'-;:iiia Wjiiiirr. Ileiie Ball, Jear. liouisc-'Fci?s'. Sliiriey Drai:e. Mar(•(•"•' Snii 'ii. Rutli Haney, Betty rifiincv..' MMrlciie Bui'nes, Barbara \V(>;!. P'li-h. 1 Uro 'i -n. Cecelia. Judah. D 'v.Ti I,cc; T iniiv;.. 'Wanda Burgess. I .uui l ,').-a Cl-iirc Hilcl )Co <:k. , FftMidfrsiin Clrtlc Mvots ^ Fn .Mc'w()ri;il II.TII ' UrUitirfoti Ciri-Ir Nn, H7. Ladlfil! ' or till' Ci. A. R.. met for a rgculRV , infi 'Mn'-! "1 Mcmiirinl hall yesterday 'jWiih (lie |)n'si(l"nt.!Mrs. Lacy Mor- 'j 'l 'll. in' churfif'. Alti'r reading of iliV' Sc .KiptDrc lr.>;.son .1t was reix)rted ., thai i '<';llr!' to the amount of $21 ."'-had hcon p -ivcn _during the past ihonlliand cisht Viek calls had been ifiart'c. I Two membership applica- ticms V.'ere read. It. was decided to acropt' an invitation from Lawton Io ^!f ;o l^Io. 97 to attend luncheon at lluifiboldt February 22. Two dol- lai-.i wiis voted to the ' Leightne'r fund. ;Mi.<s Mary Donica. a charter • : member, was present and gave an lintcrr-sting talk. .Final plans -were ^rnadc for a family dicner to be held IFridaVf evening. February 17, at (;:.30 in^ the Memorial hall dining - . room ai'irr which a patriotic pro- !'jram will be given. Charles F. Scott will • tie the speaker. Seventeen membrr.s wore present. Snrprise Party for Amy hou iJUiKsford Friends of Amy Loii Langsford gave her a stirprise party at her home last evening. Games and music featured the evening and everj'- one had a good time. Those present were: Betty Eply, Nelda Quinn, Delia Burgesis Francis Payne, Dorothy Curtis, BtorceUa Chrj'sti Laurence Smith, Jack Lott, Jimmie Randan, Francis Drake, BUI Blxby, Russell Long, and B. C. Brow-n Jr. We Sieiia Phi Club Meets , The' We Slgna Phi Nothing bridge jclub ^et Tuesday evening in the home of Miss! Margaret Trombold. The high score was won by Miss Jessie I Bell Al^en. One guest. Miss Nerine Kinser. and the following members attended: Misses Almarie Kinser, Mary Catherine May, Ciidr- lotte Thompscjn, Berdine Wheeler, Jessie Bell Allen, and Zeta Van Hoozer. ! • • • iWiss Apt Entntains Bridsc Club I. Miss Elizabeth Apt entertained the men»bers of her bridge club and two guests, Mrs. L. W. Simmons and Mrs. P. G. Apt; yesterdiy afternoon. The club prize was won by Mi-s.-J., G. Stadler and a guest prize was also given to Mrs. Simmons. Thr other members present were: Mesdames Louis Schlanger, Rex Bowlus, J. T. Reid, Mont Palmer. Carol Hoyt, and J. G. Stadler. • • • Miscellaneons Shower for Mrs. Thomi^on Mrs! Leo Thompson, formerly Miss Arhe Duggan of Klhcaid, was the honor guest of a miscellaneou'; shower and Valentine party given Tuesday afternoon by Mrs. Home;I iish at her home in Elsmore. The house, was attractively decorated in l-.or.or of .St. Valentlne'f Day. fii r.n attempt to take an airplane ride the bride was blindfolded and led to fi wagon decorated In red and wh'te and loaded with many giit.s T;)c bride also was presented with a '•bride's book" which contained much advice of "Do's and Donl.-,.' Valentine colors were carried out in the refreshments sei-ved to the guests)'tmes John rhompsnn, Georgt? Klotzbach and Dorothy Mav Harold Butts, Vira Ovlirr, klmei Conover and Murlyn Dr.iii, Frnni; ThompBon. Arthiu- Dick, Mltchcl Thompron ' and Churlos. Lcstvi Sc-antlln and Norma and Keith, Ii 1' DAILY REGISTER. THURSDAY- EVENING, FEBRUARY 16, 1&33. TOLA. KANSAS NEW AMENDMENT IS INVOJ.VED Garner dent iWoi^ld Have Become Presi- If Fire Had Been I^atal. i (Answers will be found on page 7) V.'oshington. Feb. J6 (AP)— Ufi- der the telrms of the twentieth smcndmcn; to the constituiioii Speaker JchnK. Gamer, the Vicej pi-esideilit-^lect, would have beeii elevatcdi ^. • . . Kranklln by an assa] Tliis known as ment, bee; tution las the presidency had Roosevelt been felled 3sin.| mendment, commonly ;he '-lame duck" amendr; me a part of the consti-: month when the 36tt(" slate rdtiltied. It eliminates th^ si:(:n term of congress..... Prior to the amendment's adoption there r.'as no definite provisioi for the selection of a successor tv^n the pi-esidc nt-flect. However, under the j la R's it would have beei: possible for the house of repfesenta- tiviss to haye..chosen.^, president.,. ' Smith, .John Koykendail. Cliarles Shultz • John Thomas, Oliver 'Strvtb- hait, I?ei:i-y Kuriiping, Rudolph Kaniping. Fraiik Brooks, Vie, Huii- bler. Mag.«e Dixon,'Paul Lassnioi: .Arthurj Raish, Harvey Clemens, Vernie Piuss. Gale Strunk, Leia Dug- gain. H;firT.'e Clemens. Prank McMll- Jeh; Misses Nettie Chapman, Nada Kamnihg. Ruth Shultz. Helen Butt.s Josenhinc Klotzbach. and Edna Lash. 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