The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on July 13, 1894 · Page 12
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 12

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, July 13, 1894
Page 12
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highest of all in Leavening Power.—Latest U. S. Gov't Report, Baking Po\vder ABSOLUTELY PURE DAILY AND WEEKLY. ALL HOME PRINT. THE SKNTINBL IB the only newspaper In Carroll countj? that li printed all at borne and It con- alna more local and county news than any other two papers ID this county. POWERS A COLCLO, Props. FRIDAY, Jui/r 18, 1894. PEOPLE AND EVENTS. Visit Moore's shoe store. Gall at Martin & Clovie 1 for Glidden barbed wire. Patent photograph envelopes for sale at this office. Qeo. Lynch was in the city a few dnys visiting at home. Carroll and Belle Plaine at the ball grounds July 15. Paiutw, Oils and Brashes at J. W. Hatton's. Captain Yeomans, of Fort Dodge, was a city visitor Wednesday. John and Patrick Coates, Coon Rapids, spent Sunday in our city. The Normal college has a large enrollment for the summer term. Jno. Wilson and wife spent Sunday at Breda with their parents. Carroll and Belle Plaine will cross bats at Minchen's park July 15. Diseases of. the eye, ear, throat and aoee. Dr. O. L. Wright, Carroll. Diseases of women and children a •specialty. DB. B. C. KELLEY, Carroll, la. Late oabbago and sweet potato plants home grown at the green house. Mrs. M. Rosenberg, of Traer, is in'the city the guest of her sister, Mrs. M. Simon. W. H. Smith has put a fine new safe in his office. It is one of the best in the city. Mrs. Frank Dodson and child went to Logan to spend the Sabbath with relatives. Born to Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Bwender, a boy baby. Al IB the happiest man in the city. Choice new maple sugar. Fresh made, guaranteed pure, MoLAOAN & SCHD- MAOHEB. J. B. Fitzgerald and family left Tuesday afternoon for a week's visit with relatives nt Bac City. Mrs. Chas. Gnam is enjoying a visit with her mother fiom Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. Mies Lena Beach left Saturday for Spirit fcakp, where she will visit for a Week or two. The laundries hate had a herd time carrying water since the citv supply has been shut off. •fry our dabbed goods, the prices and quality will suit yon. MoLAGAN & BOHUMAOHBB. Miss Jennie Danenbaum, of Dos Moines, is in the city visiting With her aunt, Mrs. M. Simon. The soldiers as they passed through the city were greeted with waving of bats and shouts of welcome, The railroad company issued orders Wednesday that it was ready to receive live stock for shipment again. The Republican state convention has been postponed from the llth to the 25th inst.on account of the strike. Our prime on flour are right, suits everybody, give it a trial and you will come back to the Yellow (root for more. The ball game Monday at View Lake between Carroll and Boone was won by the Carroll players by a score of 0 to 10. W. H. RicVerson and W. H. Asher accompanied the bull club from Coon Rapids and were deeply interested in the game. B. K. Beach and family loft Saturday afternoon for u few days' visit ut Council Bluffs at the homo of Mri. Beach's parents. Mrs. W. K. Bturgee and Mrs. Gil! Hong were at Oto for a week's visit with Mrs. BturgcB 1 parents, Mr. and Mre. K. B. Brooks. J. II. Bchroeder. of Arcadia, was in the city Friday looking over the political situation and appears well planned with his chances. Chos. Kanne Las been coullnod to his Lowe tho pant few days. ErvBopilus iu the lace is the ailment. Wo hope to BOO him out in a few days, lion. li. B. Uaseltou will in the city Tuesday, lie Buys it keeps him busy looking uftor hiu Block us ho is low on both puBturo und water. Mre. Wiu. MimuB, of DoWitl, is iu the ulty viBlUuK bur iiiuco, Mrs. W. R. and Mis. Leo's sister, Mlw Mario Johneon, Is uleo mukiuK her u visit. D. L. Green toft for Wisconsin Monday afternoon with the intention of going there to locate in bunlneiui. Bo 1ms disposed of his property here aud thinks very strongly ot returning to bio forme; home. His family is still here and Mr. Green will return in about a ^reek when we trust he will conclude that Carroll is as good as place to engage in business as he will find. Burglars are at work again in our city, Saturday a few houses were entered, but nothing of any value appears to have been tilten. Theo. Lammers, father of John Lammers, of Kniest township, died last Friday.-at the age of 82 years. The tuneral was held last Sunday. Gerhart Schulte, of Breda, was robbed one evening not long ago. The thugs took -his wttch and money and gave him a black eye in the melee. U. 8. Heflelftnger and family left for Lake View Tuesday. Mr. Heffelflnger will return in a day or so but the family will remain for a couple of weeks. Thomas W. Millslaugh and Miss Anna A. Umbaugh, of Carrollton, were united in marriage Saturday afternoon, Esquire Lynch performing the ceremony. Chase & Sanborn teas and coffees were need exclusively on the World's fair grounds, selected for their superior quality. Bold only by Merchant. Chas. McVay, of Manning, was a Carroll visitor Saturday and dropped around to this office long enough to order THE WEEKLY SENTINEL sent to his ad dress. Si Smith, of Lake City, passed through our city for Denison. where he was going to examine the electric light plant Lake City is thinking of putting in "a similar plant. -The neighbors of Wm. Burley, who was recently burned out, were helping him Monday to move an old house over the hill to use as a barn, where the old one was destroyed. Wm. Sexton was in the city Tuesday, laving been north letting a grade, which was given to Stephen Finnegan at 3} cents per yard, the cheapest grade work ever done in this county. This is very wt>rm weather for aspirants for political honors before the com- ng Democratic convention to make the canvass but still they a pretty lively hustle on themselves. Merchant wants you to call at bis store and see how few goods yon can >ny for five dollars. Leave your sacks and >askets at borne, bat put a doable box on vour eled or wagon. Ed. Bchroedcr, of Omaha, was in the cityl the forepart of the week visiting with old friends. Ed has grown to be quite a man since leaving hero and ia ngaged in a bakery in Omaha, Mr. and Mrs. Briggs, two of the earliest settlers of this city, having moved to Alta 24 years ago, are hero with their oungest daughter, whom they are going o place in the hospital for treatment. Will Marnotte, of Omaha, is in the city 'or a few days visiting relatives and riends. Will has become an expert machinist and is doing well in the city, iut always enjoys a viait^with his Carroll riends. The state militia which were on duty at Bioux City have been withdrawn. Cho company from Boone passed through lore Monday evening. Order has beeu restored and the necessity for the troops has passed away. It will soon be spring weather end you will need good footwear, as this is a lime whem money should not be wasted n worthless goods, you will find it best ;o take a little time aud look at Moore's ine before yna buy. The strike is noaring the end and shipments are received promptly and the Diamond's lunch table is up to the old standard again; 250 pounds arrived, Frankfort sausage, dried boof, pigs fool, etc. Oh I George; I tee you smile. J. P. Lasher, Sheridan township, was it city visitor Baturdiiy. He reporti every thing rather dry iu that section and says his sou has a wind mill erected all but the wheel and is compelled to pump water by hand until tho strike ia over. The dray loam used on the road bo tween hero und Gllddon become frighten ed Wednesday and ran into tho southeast corner of the fence around tho court house square, No harm was done farther than the breaking down of a couple of posts. A SENTINEL reporter, through the kindness of Judge Puiuo, wus given a look ui the country west of town Monday and to sav that it Is very dry but faintly expresses it. The fields are positively burned up and unless we get rain in a few days the corn crop will also be a failure. Thotnns Button and mother, who have been visiting with Mr. and Mrj. Pelsue for several days, left Wednesday for Des Moines. Thomas has been tenchinc school at Alta for the past two years and is proving to be one of the successful teachers of the state. Tuesday the hack from Coon Knpids on Its w»y to this city crossed a small bridge aud one side of the running gear gave way throwing the hack and its five pass n filers off the bridge to the ground. Fortunately no onn was badly injured. Miss Btlta Camp, of this city, was hurt somewhat but not badly. Our stock is complete, quality, popular prices. goods first The tariff or silver bill outs no figure with OB. Don't think because we don't button hole yon on the street and beg you to trade with us, we don't want your trade. We dt.'out think yon are wise enough to choose the best place to trade. Respectfully. E. N. MERCHANT. Henry Venner, a farmer living a mile north of Breda, was attacked last Saturday by a bull belong to John Deuc and badly injured. The pasture in which the animallwas left joined Mr. Venner's farm and as the fence was needing repairing he got over in the pasture. While he was at work the bull attacked him and broke several ribes. It is t bought that the victim to the infuriated animal will die. The contract for carrying the mails on the Carroll-Carrollton route, to take in Roselle'and Willey, has been let to a gentleman from Algona, and the service will commence August 15 next. The mail will leave Carroll daily except Sunday at 7 a. m., and arrive at 0 p. m. This service will certainly be well received by the three town* interested as it will give them a daily mail, something they have never had before. Albert Griesing, of Davenport, has bought the machine and repair shop of H. J. Marnette, and will move to this city and start up business at once. Mr. Griesing is a first class machinist and an experienced locksmith and gunsmith. He will do the very best work in the way of repairing bicycles, locks and all classes of fine work and guarantees satisfaction. He invites the people of this vicinity to give him a trial at his, shop on west Fourth street. Never in the history of Carroll has there been so much kicking as there has been for the past few days in the "Diamond," all because its customers, were served with other than Schlitz beer, on account Cof the railroad strike. It was amusing to every sound ear it even struck the otherwise deaf ear of the proprietor of the "Diamond." But the trouble is now all over as a car of Schlitz has arrived. Hurrah for Schlitz's beerl On draught only at the."Diamond." Say, let's take a walk to the "Diamond" and lave a glass of Schlitz. The railroad picnic excursion Monday from Boone to Lake View passed through this city about 10 o'clock. There were eight ooacbce and six way cars in the train, but, when it arrived here in order to accomodate, the large crowd from this place two more way cars were added and the switch engine making in all a train of sixteen cars and two engines carrying fifteen hundred excursionists, two ball clubs and the Boone brass band and a carload of provisions. They were jolly crowd and enjoyed the day's pleasure only as hard working men can when they get a day off with their wives and families. MRS. 0. T. WAVSWORTH 1HBS WHILE HAVING AM OPERATION PBB- FOBMKD UPON DEB TO BBIIOVE AN ABDOMINAL TDMOB. The sad news of the death ot Mrs. O. T. Wadsworth spread rapidly throngb onroity yesterday afternoon. The patient bad been taken to the hospital preparatory to having an operation performed. For a long time prior ehe had been a patient sufferer from an abdominal tamor and at last bad tally made up her mind to be operated upon. After she arrived at this conclusion sbe at one* began to prepare for it. Fearing the result sbe placed everything about her household iu perfect order and bad taken the precaution to inform Mrs. Girtou, a lady friend ot bers, wheie everything oould be found in the event that the operation should prove fatal. From this time on ber mind was bright and cheerful,she ap- pouring in better spirits than she bad for years. It was ber great desire to exonerate the dootor from blame in the eveut that she died, for ube ofieu said (but it was ber wiah to bave the operation performed. It she died Hue felt she Awarded Highest Honors World's Fair. D*PRICE'S qg^ owder. only pure Creuui of Tartar I'owdcr.—No Awtaouiu; No Alum. in Million* :of\Homes—40 Veari the Standard was prepared tor it and if she recovered she hoped to enjoy good health again, something she had not done tor some time. She walked cheerfully onto the operating table, laughing at the time she took her position to have the anaesthetic administered. The operation was performed by Dr. A. L. Wright, assisted by Drs, 0. L. Wright and L. GK Patty, of this oity, and Dr. Emmert, ot Atlantic, but while she came out from under the influence of the anaesthetic and was removed to her bed, she never recovered from the shook of the operation acd gradually sank away until life ceased to exist at 1:30 yesterday. The many warm friends of the deceased and her bereaved husband and sons have the heartfelt sympathy of all in their sad loss. The funeral services will be held this evening at 7 o'clock at the residence of Mr. Wadsworth and the remains will be taken on the 8 o'clock train tomorrow morning to Boone for interment. Rev. Dr. Folsom will conduct the services. "WATBB, POBB WATEB." The council decided Tuesday night to have a two inch well bored -at the river, as it is claimed that water it secured will rise much nearer the surface than it would on higher land. B. H. Brown was awarded the contract of sinking o two inch hole at 75 cents per foot, not to exceed 200 feet. In the event that water is found in sufficient quantity, three eight inch wells will be bored which it is thought will be sufficient to furnish all the water the oity will require. All the water could be taken from these wells thereby furnishing a better quality than can be secured from the] creek. The water problem is the greatest one this oity has to deal with, for it has been demonstrated that the creek cannot be depended on in dry times just when water is needed more than at any other time. Mr. Brown went to work at once and if the experimental well which he is now sinking proves a success it will not be long until we are supplied with water again. Let the good work go on, for water is something the oity must have and it mutt have it in abundance and the supply must be constant. CAUUOLL READING CIRCLE. The following program has been arranged for Saturday evening, July 14, 1894: Punishment as governing power.. Katie Murray Ends attained by csrporal punishment Mary Wolle Conditions and modes of punishment F. J. Bettenmaler Moral elements In the icno'ool room Mary Kelly General principles oi moral Instruction " Maggie Wolfe Ends attained by moral Instruction Nettle Fox Guiding principles In moral training "... :. W-A-Demlng Reading—Voyage of Maeldune. LINDA WEBTEKMAN, loader; A SLUGGING MATCH. The ball game Sunday between the Carroll and Coon Rapids clubs proved t o be one ot merit as to stick work. The ability ot the players to pound the leather all over the surrounding country was clearly demonstrated by the number of scores made. The visitors had n strong nine at the bat, bufi as they were not used to playing together they were at a disadvantage when they went up against a club that bad been playing together all the season and who knew just what they oould depend upon each one to do. In the third iuuiug, when the home team piled up six scores, it took the interest out ot the game for every one thought the result was settled, bat the visiting players were plucky and stuck to the game and in the last inning ran in six scores. The game by innings are as follows: Coon Rapids. 0 Wilson o Parkinson Bradey Vandorloo Carroll. llHIlllll Suliitrnweber.... MoUlure Nlewoiigor Bradford Sobultz Bhutes Krlor Hurt Carroll Coou Uanldii 2B4DU7BU 8 C 1 ii 1 2 B »-tl 1000141 6-14 U. B. Tuoora. At noon Monday four troopaof the Ctb regiment of cavalry, U. 8. A., stationed at Fort Niobrara, Neb., under command ot Colonel Daniel 8. Gordon, passed through the oity enronte for Chicago. The detail consisted ot two hundred men uud the train wua in two eeoliouu, Brat eeotiou currying the Loreeeand bug- gage aud the second section the eoldii'ra. Ten care were filled with horses auii ui with baggage, which constituted out* ui<> tiou, aud all the paraphernalia of war They were well prepared for camp life. The men were all uuxiooe to be ou the eoeuo aud the greatest of their fears appeared to be that the trouble would all be Battled before they got into the city. FAOIOHK, The kuittiug factory hue started up •gain. Monday morning operative! were •»t to work on the baud maobiuas and as won us wftUr otto be supplied lo f uroieh the power tbe factory will be run to its fullest capacity. The manager has received a number of orders which mast be filled at once and for this reason the factory hnn been started at this time, We are now prepared to announce to the citizens of Oarroll end to all our friends throughout the county that the Ohnroh ot Qod, on North Main street, will dedicAto their new Bsthnl on the Sunday of August 12th. Dr. M. S. Newcomer, ot Cedar Rapids, will be with us and will preach the dedicatory sermon All who know Dr. Newcomer will realize that o per thirty years' experience iu the ministry, with his otherwise successful work as an author and writer, will render bim worthy,of a bearing and no one can afford to be aboeut on that occasion, Lst us all strive to bear him. J. K NELSON, Pastor. What is beauty? "Question of a blind man," replied Arstotle. But Mrs. Sherwood says that it is •'dynamite" in her article which opens the Interesting pagea of the July Cosmopolitan. Beauty is always a fascinating subject, and Mrs. Sherwood's discussion is an (specially Interesting one. That the July Cosmopolitan is a midsummer number is shown in many directions. Three short storing, including one of sport and adventure, two travel articles, and other light matter, make up 128 pages of charming summer reading. THAT COAL FIND. When Mr. Orittenden was in the oity the other day with samples of the coal lie bad taken from his well Mr. Hunger- lord secured a sample and sent it to the state chemist at the Agricultural college at Ames. Tuesday morning he received the following: "The sample yon sent me a few days ago is a "bituminous shale" so- called; that is, a shale rook bearing considerable ooally matter of the 'bituminous* variety. But the amount here contained does not give it value at present. The analysis shows: llolsture 6.3 percent Combustible matter 23.9 percent Ash 69.8 per cent 100.0 per cent I do not think it indicates coal in the immediate vicinity. Such shales often occur far away from coal. Respect yours, G. E. PATBIOK." A glance at the contents of Godey's Magazine for July (reduced this month ioiu 25 to 10 cents) shows that this famous old magazine loses nothing by the reduc- Ion In price. The illustrations and letter press are the best, and the list of contrlbu- ions shows that well known writers have been secured. This number contains the closing chapters of Leon Mend's powerful novel, Ghance.and the So ward articles are continued. The other illustrated articles are the Author's Club, by Gilson Wllletts; Citizens of the Air, by Eleanor E. Greatorex, illustrated by the author; Pope Leo XIII and the Consistory by Charles U. Adams, and the Tfood Thrush's Neat by Olive Thorno Miller, illustrated by Char- OOAP IT FLOATS BE5T FOR 5H1RT5. THE PROCTER ft GAMBLE CO., OIN'TI. lotte F. Daley. There at e short stories by Kate Upson Clark, Elizbeth Bisland and James Buckham, and the poems are by M. Imlay Talor, Illustrated by Paul de .Longpre, Henry Tarrell and Felix Carmen. The departments are all worth reading. OKND twelve cents In postage stamps to 36 Cor- 0 coran Building, Washington, D. C., and YOU will recelre four copies of KATB FIRLU'S WASHINGTON, containing matter of special Interest. Give name and address, and say where you saw this advertisement. Advertised Letters. The following letters remain uncalled for at the postoffice, July 9, 1894. Unless delivered within thirty days from date they will be forwarded to the dead letter office at Washington, D. C.: Hi. W. H. Smith E. Stanton W. U. Kutledgo . J. 8. Plumly J. B. Boll Mr. D. Green Miss Lou Edwardi. The law provides that one cent shall be paid for all letters advertised. When, calling for same please state date of advertisement. JNO. L. POWERS, P.M. Piles! Piles) Itching 1 Flies. Symptoms moisture; Intense Itching and sting Ing, most at night; worse by scratching, If si lowed to continue tumors form, which often bleed and ulcerate, becoming very sore. Sway- ne'e ointment stops the Itching and bleeding, heals ulceratlon and In most cases removes the tumors. At druggists, or by mall, for BO cents Dr. Swsyne & Son, Philadelphia. 6-1-96 WANTED. To buy some potatoes at MoLagan & Schumacher's. Notice—Hlsr&way-^Proof of Claims. To T. Davis, D. Davis, O. W. Carpenter and J. Callanan and all whom It may concern; The commissioner appointed to vacate and locate a highway commencing at northwest cornerof northeast southeast23-82-S4 and running thenee east to the northeast corner ot said northeast southeast 23-82-34 and terminating at said northeast coiner of the northeast southeast 23-82-34, bo located, and one highway beginning at tho northwest corner of thq said north-/' east southeast 23-82-84 and running thenoo In 8. southeasterly direction across the said north-* > east southeast 23-82 34 and terminate near tUe\-, I southeast corner of the said northeast southeast 28-82-84 be vacated, has reported In favor of vacating and locating thereof, and all objections thereto or claims for damage must be filed In the auditor's oflloe on or before noon of the 24th day of May A. D. 1894, or such highway will be vacated and located without reference thereto. 9-4t W. P. HOMIUCH, County Auditor. ID YOU EVER SEE THE SEA? PERHAPS NOT, but you can see the best and most complete stock of furniture in Carroll county by calling on the new furniture dealers, Boos & Laughlin, opposite court house, Carroll, Iowa. They have CHAIRS ROCKERS CURTAINS WARDROBES PARLOR SUITS BEDROOM SUITS UPHOLSTERED GOODS UNDERTAKING GOODS CURTAIN FIXTURES, ETC., ETC., In endless variety, and new goods coining in every day. In fact, they are prepared to furnish a house in the best of style from cellar to garret. They also do all work in the cabinet line nn * repairing. USfDon't forget the place. and BOOS & LAUGHLIN, FURNITURE DEALERS, Opposite Court House. Carroll, Iowa. ARurUti usMilhiiil (uolllUiw (or Buimrlng tui oduculUm. Mr'eutiflo ami 4'lvll Itaigliiutu'liiK iloiu'wea mmiiwro favorably with Igmllug <H>llt>soii. Preparatory) Normal uuu t)oiuiu«r«lal Cuurnev uro utrouu ami well tuu«uti Muti'Ul «avnut*K«<M in tiiu Mcuool* oi .'.'"H|<\ Art and Oratory. Thirty e»? utti'leiH'.ud I'voftiftMarN mul Tone hum j uu|ivi ii v riu'llllto* iu tuu way ut Ai»iiaratHiv ' MUM>IIUI, l4l>rarl«M mul l.uborutorleu. Wovlal, literary and moral luuuuucoi udmirutiUi; exueuiM)* »»low u« IB coiwlitvut with fccttllli, eoHifort und broad tUoroHfflt luntruvtlou. full 'form OIHUW BuiAuwber Vii WW. Wlutur 'i'vriu ouvu* Juuuury U, IbW. Fur CuUiloumm, ulo., uildrumi, President WM. F. KINO, U.D., MOUNT VERNON, IOWA \ /

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