Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 10, 1928 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 10, 1928
Page 3
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! - I THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, TUESDAY I- I • Lee'Dunlee. sperlal deputy sheriff, went to Topeka to<lay with a delinquent boy. who will be place<l in ibt Industrial^xhool. "Are Ton ji .Tfasonr' —I. J> C. o -ai t comedy. Senior High audittji iuln, ThurHday, January 12. Tickets now at J. V. Merchant's. ."..'.<•, '.;'>c. The itollcc di'partment yesterday .traded thi; Star louring t:ar, pur- cliBHed several months a^o, for a USPJ I I )0 (lt ;i' tourliiK «ar. . yiillre. —Spoclal •f'finiiiiuiilrrilion Tol^ I-odKe No. ."is, TueHdayj evpninK, Jaouary 10. - i A. .\ MOSHKR. Sep. The Ji'ddo unit of ilu Woman 'M Kami JJiiffau wlll.niei't loiiiorrow Jiftcrnoon to make plan.s for its I'.iJS-prOKrani; j —.S'peeia! re<!ii«!i <)iiM oil Pant.'i I this nuiiiih. \V.- niak- th <iM. $7 .r )n Joe, The Tail(,i-. i Mii^-, .Maiyh.ll. l'.> eiuploy- ed "ine.- OiJohfi- IHllt iii thi' ofli(!.- of I .f<- N'o!tzn»-i. I 'oiintj I 'liKineer. will leave .that posjiioii -Monday to a<-ii -pt a >r )i '«irli l;r. tl. S!. Lanih«tii. i-ter nfri.--: will fiay I'-- W. F' -Mill.-T. iii.ii'on y<l.- patrol-man fur lli<- .cIl;. <if Iiiki. ami "Iloc" Datccri. roiinty ].••;!«•!•. l<-ft this nioinins; loj- hi'l. [iciiil.nn' when- thfy "Will tt-iitirv in i'CiHinly liistrici luiir: stt-alint i;i~c. IP:,.- y-ouths inviilvd "in tlH'II c:i-f i'la.-; t-nl'i- >;uil!y. iiiit Till- (i;t!>^i' trial. .MiJl'f .•!!-r.->i-.-..i st-v.-ral t!iolill:s a:.'ii; tlif .\Iooily .isiiird.'r i; expe<'ff<l !fic uji.-until lati- llii> .1. D. Mittelbach is in Chicago atlendtns the National Shoe <on• veniion which i.s convening lln-re }hi» weeli. —furniture and liou.-ehoM soods in my home at 'iol •. .South Colborn will lie for sale Thursday. Friday and Ssaturday I his* Wfi^k. CaU ifrom l:Ou p. m. to -l-.iio p. lii. or telephone: li.»>S\V for appoiiit- menf. O. U. Harkenins. Arthur nrlghani went to Kansa-f t'lty this afternoon to sco his brother-in-law, J. K. Dwycr, who is ill — A car of Rf^()d dep< nduhle Lump CoOl on track. per ton of! car, *6 .2r. per ion deliverett. lolii Junk and Coal (!()., jihoiic .117. fh>t door north Kifty depot. Cwn-ge Ahhott. who ha.s liccii viHilluK Mitc>: before Cliri.slina.s with liLs jTaniily at :>'ii South Ilu«;k- j'To street, left thj.s inorniii^r for his work at Van Hurcn. At'k. Miss Mlnnre M. T«mns «Bd J»«iil Miss .Minnit; .May TownsenU ]daughter of ..Mr. aud Mr. A. L. Townsend, of Horseshoe Bend. pas.sed uway ihiii morning at S o'clock at Osawaupmie. Mf. Sleeper, of the Sleeper Undertaking Co. went to Usawaloinic today and brouKlit the hojiy here. The funeral .^frvice win be held at the V U. chHi( h Thui.-iday afternoon at •>:?.i> o'clock. Burial will take j place in Highland cemetery.. ~Are You u .MiKonir — 1. J. f. .i-act cjt'.nedy. Sen- I iiir High auditoriuiii. Thursday. ; Jamiary li'. TickW.*! now at ; .1 v. Mt -rrliant'.s. :!.">,•. 2.".c. Iletifh nf .Hrs. Kelso ' Manilla Kelso. wif<» hf ,\ndrew Kel .Mi .of S South Slat.' !<treet. passed away ai 11 <»'ilock night ;The fiineral si-rvii-e will be held a' the Adams and H >-.s.scr chapel to- inorrijw at J.'iii n'dock. with the Ucv. J. . H. S<»wcrhy officiating Oiirial will iak<< piai - In Highland I cfiiif-Nry. . • lirokf-ii lincM, S', to $H.."i(i vahie .H L'o at i'^'.lH. .-Spot I ' Shoe Store. lin .Mrs. Ida .Miller, of .Mapleton ^ iMiss Kansas, who ha.s bvcu the gue.^t j iii. arjin of her coiisiii. .Mrs. Maude l-ove . ii with l-«-r left today for Kincaid on a .sliDri of near f, business trip. EVENIXG. JANIJARY 10. 1928. PAGE THREE lie .gHri ;lott. 4,r wU :hi-J [Mrs. Alyrtle Morrison went U ) thi.i afternoon for a vis-• fqlo'ny this afternoon fdravi-iit r aunt. .Mrs. Karl Bixler | with her sister. Mrs. J. H. Culler. k>l • • • I»r|>«>nil:iMe — r .iimp ('".il on traik: per Ion off lar. *G.2."i delivered lola Junk and toa! CV I'hone :{17. Ki.r.-^t do «Y' north of Kafy depot. Mrs. C. H. %Cluro. of 501 South AVa.shington aijenue. who ha.s been ill for the last week, althoiigh improving is stili confined to her bed Her friend.' aje hoping sh« soon will he well iaain. - j —O. L. Cox. .M. D. Specialist - Try jl,;n: drive in battery and Eye. Ear. Nose and ThroaL fire .service liurins thi- <old weWth- 1 — j ; — ••r. ft<ill^r.;lr Service Station. I JMrs. Lizzie Handley. who ha.*-; -Seieral erodes-of coal ill trau- •j ! — ' ; ln-en holding a serieji of revival ;.«it. Phone yo'jr orders to lola Junk .Mrs. It (. fhesebro. of Coliluy nij'etinK.>: at the Church of Uod. left land, (,'oa! Co..-jihtine :nT. first door was in jolii today on liiisines.s. toilay for-St. Joseph, Mo. north Katy d^-pot; F. L. B. LEATEI.L. M. D. .Special attention given Dls- viiMe .s of (,'olon and Rectum. Klectro-Physiotherupy Office lola. State Itank llldg. l'hone .SpH7i ami 70;'. .MonmDin.'O' in a c-iii<-ken (if Ml.- two tlj.' ( hickeii i ia- plea of i- s'aiiilini.' iw<i men lau.-.- (if j it is not ca.-c.' Hiil ethnic wc.-k. II;.1!. ia.l. . }:. P. CI K. Social .Card. Party TM IIr-'dav, .lantiai-y 11' at Cliili U(ron!i». i ' Mrs. I.Invd i'arl(^r. 4i7 or .Mrs. C. .\. .S-.vigscJt. PIea.-(^ call pioiilptly. (\iiils at >i <i< l0( i< .shaip. •^{(ly Hair '.v .i> in 'r .i; •> ka yc-N r- (iay -iitt.-iiil'.'n; ;he stiiT't ni'titiiii,' I'f the !.• ciim IK- ,'r'iini- <•(! iidtn." tills ni.'rniiic •PrieinlH of .Mr .s .1. I-: (Jiiick wiH hir Mirry lo learn that' -^iu- has liccii eiinfini -d to li .r bed f ..r tli<- la-r week with broiiclii.d pn.-u- ncmi.i. Not it I'. - It lia.s been iiiiiK^red tli .it i;l<n .•^Talford and .\lva Klai k \iere ac(used (if my re( eiit hdldiiji. ' Tiiis is all n - iui.s |;ik.' .is I |i"t-s<iiKill.v know wlieie! tln ;-e twn ;;ent Icnicll were at that time. .Vnd if anyone ac (ii -^ei| iliem. Ili.y iv .-ir iiii -^l.ikcl) as they were iiiiu" eni ;ili-(dt:;ily. i.-^i^nedi, Jtlil.V \V 1:.\ I!I -1-: Y, ' llayard, Kansas. —If yoit want to buy or build, city o'r .suburban pniperty. Tlie lola Building .t- I..Orin .Assm iaii-m will makl> yolii a loan. IdW interest rate, no <omn;issifin. S«-e \<;. K. Pee.=i Secretary, atf old lii-gi'ster building southwcHt corner of siiuare. ThurNiw. LI(-iiranif. dean the College jof Fine Arts. Wichita Ciii- versity. j is guest (iindm ti.r a'r the .Miller Tiheater at Wii hifa tiit- first \ValI:/ce Williamson started Itiis morning for Ixj.s Aniccles. Calif., for an,extended ' with his br .'th.'ri. iJonald 'Williamson. He will stop eiiroute at Santa Ke, .V. M . to visit hij sister. .Mrs. Earl Con ley. ~-.\ll fiunilun- and hiiiiseludi^ };i)Od.-i ill iii> hoiiii- a' 'Ml S">l"» CollMirii will.l.t- tor sail; Thursday. Kriday and Saturday iliis week, i Call from 1 iH» p. in. in 4;0i» p. m. I or teleiiiuiiie iMii .'.W for aplioiiit-| nieiit. (1. II. iVrkeiiiiig. • ' Mrs. Claudo WalkcT, of Toiieka. cam" yesterday (or a visit iwltli her mother. .\irs. ('aroHne -Kane and ^i-ter. .Miss Bertha l -tnel 1 I ?2 !».S Shoes ' SliiK- store. at liie Spot .\Iis.s Knola Creeii went to Ottawa j train on a short • on the afternoon iiiisint-ss I rip. . tlie subjects on i!i.»'Milk-r program i". a II Bridal • A merle: ni'iny. rector ir Indi UllS-ell l >f lir. • » • • •.• t • • • WX. F. CKF.M' • Phjslciim and ."^nrceon • Eye Ear. .N'ose and Throat • ' • Gla5se=! Fitted • , 2'-'. S. .Wa-shiniiton, Tola • Office phone Ues. 115H three ii^yn of thUVwk. One of! Qucsh'oH; Why docs baby particularly need emulsified cod-liver oil? 1 i Answer: Bihy'8 progress in health, growth and bone- development depends upon vitamins. An abundance of essential vitamins is provided in pure, pleasantly flaviored SCOTT'S EMULSION •hiiic 'ilor t'.iaiuretie "The f penniicoi k" showiiii*.an !i n • marriage ccre- r>)we. iniisii .i! di- Mill. I.- iiiviied Mr Lieuraiii'e In cr-udiji ! the ori h'-.s- tra throui -'h. tliM IHIIM I K r. The score u^ii-d win lidiirfist of Indian sotiK.- Iwritf.'n by Mi- Lieiiraiicc wh <i is Inalioiially r-cogniz'-d as ilie ii ;-t-:ite -t coiniHisi-;- of thi- type (if inii -;c in .\m (ri(a. .Mr l.i ur- aiice is a brdthir c >f Dr. Mildred funis, i ^Ir^. O. -E: Pendarvisj Jackfon avenue, lias hi to her bed several days o? iJlness: en' confin- i on account •ATI\EE lOi* and 20c NI6HT 10c and SOc '—For Real Estjue liians sen the .Sei-urit.v lildc. & l.4ian .\-sni ialion. lola, Ks. Office in First .Vatl. Mjiik. the volmiie. ••rii.- .lie>t Pla.vf- of ]!>:.'<;>'7" and 111.' y .-a;- lid'.h of tiie drauia in:Aiin -rii -.i Iran r,,:if ui le- reiogiiize^l as in. is; accurate .ifialysis of 'cDiii. iiipdrar> drama in America. Tli<- pr .s .n! VO I UIIK- for thti current y contains be- -si'ie.<: a synopsis'of tllt> pl .iys gelves ailij |i d >-!.li!(-(l a(c .iiliil <d' tht. ia --!s oi til.- .Vew '^'ork pr .i- duilioii-, ait i!!iiniiiianiig disciis- .f'av.' of till- f.iril.- Theater and ir*< h addiiioiKi! iiifoPination a.s iii- clniieii in th". tall!.- 'of (onteiits ; Th.. bodn • is eiiiti-d ii.V Itiirii- Maii- t .'.c It is now .11 ;!(•- lola I 'lililii Library. ;' THIS WOMHN FOUND RELIEF After Lx>ng Suffering by Taking Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound In a little town of the iliddlie West, •was a discouraged woman. For four I months she had been ill siich pocjr health that (-ould not .-•i .cp to put; on i-.e; dun shoes. I'::a''V- t 'l !(; her | V. :i||;. i!:i:i.'iie to 1'" o ;T of 'i'.".:s or ^11.;' 'v a l'r:.-.ndly chat vvith her 'neighbor:. J J f e seemed dark Indeed to Mrs. ! SuKherty. Then oiie day. a booklet was left a ^he^ front door. Idly she tbmed the pages. Soon she was reading i •with quickened interest. The little ; booklet was filled with letters from women in conditions similar to hers who had found better health by lak- i Ing Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. •"1 began taking the Vegetable Compound." .Mrs. Daugherty_yTites, "and after I took the third bottle, I : found relief. I am on my eleventh tMtUe and I don't have that trouble »ny more, and feel like a different -womin. • I recommend the Vegetable Compound to ever>-one I see who has trouble like min?. I am willing to answer any letter* from W0!(nen 'asking about the Vegetable Oompouhd."-.-M«s. Bnl VAvanaxr, JSCS CJrvUard Ave., MaftcaUn*. Iowa. I.A ST TIMES TOMGHT Jl^ro they arc -1 ho funnie.'^t men in picture.*:—in their third i-oiisc tnivi' fr .n film: If the "Gloom Giing.' has .ni" t.M-r ;in (i J^t \\'a!f'ac«> ami Raymond han- Vini tjfi'.'.ri. (• I lie (' R. Y M O N D ^ RV-HATTON >IOSEPHIN£ OUNN i TOMKCNMEOY ^ SAVE Voll 'H I 'orgel joiir iHcomi' la.v. the prlrp ol riiiil Jind H IP bnii* joii lia »eir» paJil, Von 'll banc ««ur scaf and ^ell «llh deliirlit. It hits \'HU ulicre ym live, Thf (liimt'dy. .Jimmy Ad.ims in "No Sparking:" • .Al!.;o I'aramounl .News ( (IN.^fDKK nrK NKWS RKKL It Brings the World to Your Theatre You can sil comrortalily in your ilicaiic and see lhii. Joys, illie traweilies. :lie 11 iiiniplis. i(|e disa-'ei- ol the world, -all flu- epi*-fi- al;cvt.!nts of (UIII.I1I huin.-iii exisli in-.- vividly piilured for yojil . Till ICSIIAV AM» H{II»AV 3^ Tifit national Picture The man slie had always P.OPEl) to marry, snatched lier • fr<ini the :ii ill slu- KOUi'KH !o many. You'll thrill in this g'nat lo'iuiiio- That (iiare : the clash of ilefiant arin.s lor the cause of lov.-' ;AnHIM» -The Relaj," anntlier (ollf^ian. KIpHAV i;n.'a (.ray. Torn Hi»»re and Chester I'onklln -rabaref." In i SATVKOAV-Kev. the Wild Jlor*e In -Wild n««sMify,- ait^o <ier <iiid rhapfpr 01 "The Trail of xjxf tfeer." r<^Hl.\<;-< olleen .Hooro In "Her Wild Oaf." mm mw." ' ' .V, Iioiiglasi Gordon, of 310 >50Utb Wa.shington avenue, who has been buffering from an infecftop in his foot.'is very much better and hopes to sit up a while today or iomor- row * . ; —Special for tliis week only: ;Course of jji.x rejuvenating ^urn- i.ham facials, $.VOi> Pho. IBS' Powder ,Puff Beauty Shoji. .Mrs. J. D. Arnett. ONVX POINTEX HOSIERY BIRD HOSIERY HUMMING lOLA'S POPULAR STORE .IAN. nth to JAN. 21st Inclusive $1.98 Cotton Blankets, Double size, 64x76... $2.48 Cotton Blankets,Double size, 66x80 .. $2.98 Cotton Plaid Blankets, size 66x80...,. $3.95 Wool Finish Plaid Blankets, size 661x80. $4.95 Wool Finish Plaid Kankets, size 70x80. ankets, size 70x80. \ S5.00 Wool Mixed Plaid B S6.95 Half Wool Blanke $10.00 All Wool Blanke $12.50 All Wool Blanke Outing Flannel Yardl7d Good tiuality Outing Flanne ^16 inche.s witie. White and co rjis. Bleached Muslin Yard 10c., E.xtra fine iiiiality. .Muslir full bleached and froo frorii ."Starch, .'J6 inche.s wide. Brown Muslin Yard 10c A good weight Brown .Mirsh' i ^6 inche.s wide. Clearance pricp jOc yard. Pepperell,Sheeting: ^ 42c Yard 1 * 9-4.width which i.-: 81 inche.s. Yoiir choice of either bleached nr brown, a rea,l value. i i Sleepwell, Sheeting ^ 35c Yard 81 inche.s wide, a gooti qiialit.y fiill bleached .sheeting. i Pillow Tubing : .$1.69 [.$1.98 t, size 66x80...... size 6^x80. ... . s^ size 70x80. SILKS $1.59 Yar^ Silk.Brocade.-^. Silk $4.25 $5.5 $7.95 C'anton.s and rharmeu.-<e—Maiij' ^ tolor.s from which to choost value. Turkish T6\|els 23c EacW A rea (iood weight double (f>w.;I, .si'/.e \?,KM. threaf Towels 48c Each Extra heavy Jumbo Turkish Tdw.'ls. .size 22x44. Wool Goods Yard $1.98 All wool Boiicle and ba.skeC weave Crepe. .o4 inche.s wide. Al 36-inch, I inen 40-inch, Linen -.. 42-inch, Linen _! . i4 .')-inch. Linen _J ._25(r Ginghams Yard 19c i Merry Maid, 32 inches wide Thi.s Gingham i.s knowTi in ever\^ hou.sehold. Colof.s absolutely fast. .January sale price 10c ^ yard. . . Toweling "; 16c Yard i Brown linen weft Towvling.i .\ .splendid value at lljc a yard..EXTRA SPECIAL \ Sleepwell Sheets $1.19 Each i Size 81x90. sheets,; an e.xceptional value. \ Aurora Sheets and | Pillow Caises \ Size 81.\90, full bleached andt seamle.s.s .sheets. Januar.v Clear-j ance price— i $1.29 Each ! Size 42x36 Pillow Cases in? above oualitj-— • i 33c Each \ Size 42x36 Worth Pillow; Case.s^ 25c Each SENEEER'S new shades.. Regular S2.98 values. .Fanuary .sale price, .$1.98. Comfort Challie Iffc Yard Bungalow Cretonne ;19c Yard ] Silkalines 23c Yard The above three items ai-e all exceptional values offered in our f'learance Sale. Tliey are espt^c- ially adapted for comforts as Wfli as many nlher uses. Percales Yard 16c S6 inch stand. Count Percales in both light and dark colors in a good variety of patterns. 20 Per Cent Discount -on the following Ttems: Women's Knit Underwear. Children's Knit Underwear. Women's and GhJJdren'.s Sweaters, Flannelette GOWTIS. ! I Silk Bloomers Satin. Radiu.Ti and -Jer.sey Bloomers. Dark colors onlv./ $1.00 O § I i JAN. 11th to JAN. 21st Inclusive 25 Late Winter Dresses of beautiful Silk Crepe.^ Black and other ne\^' fall and winter colors. Regular $15.00 values. January Clearance- Make younjselectionk early as they won'tjlast long at this price. i ' ALL OTpER DRESSES AT GREATLY REDUCED PRICES $19.75 Dresse i, sale price S29.75 Dresses, $39.75 Dresse sale price fe, sale price ..$13.75 ..... $19.75 ..$24.75 $19.75 Coats,?! ;ale price . $25.00 Co'at's, I lale price . $29.75 Coats, isaie price $35.00 Coats,-iiale price .$39.75 Coats, {lale price $45.00 Coats, iale price $49.75 Coats,^jjale price , SPORT Ct[ 17 Sport Coat.s-f V2 PRI $13.75 $16.75 . .. ..$19;75 .. ...$21.75 .......$24.75 ..... $29.75 ......$35.00 Children's Corats One rack, ^Choice— $3 J5 CLEARANCE OF ENTIRE STOCK • OF LATE WINTER MILLINERY T $2.95 $3.95 is included in th^se four gi*oups^ Regular values rom $6.75 toisi2.50. / SENEKER'S SENEKER'S

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