The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 28, 1952 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 28, 1952
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, MAY 28, BLYTHEVIU.E (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Red Envoy Held Male Sex Parties In United States Senate Group Tells How Communist Sought Out Information By Er> CREAGH WASHINGTON tVPj — Senate. Investigators made public today a sensational story of all-male sex parties run by a Communist envoy to the United States lor the purpose of extracting information from effeminate American guests. The diplomat was named as Teo H. Florin, former first secretory of the Czechoslovaksr\n Embassy here, In testimony giveii to the Senate's Internal security subcommittee by Joseph Molnar, a young Czech writer who said lie observed the carryings-on for the FBI. Molner nnd two other witnesses testified that subversive activities in this country are directed by Iron Curtain country representatives operating under diplomatic immunity. Situation Tutted "Shocking" Chairman McCarran (D-Nev) o the Internal security group callcc this a "shocking and alarming" situation and demanded in a statement that" the State and Justice Departments invoke the McCarrai Anti-Subversives net to rid the na tion of "these treacherous aliens." v Molnar and the other witnesse*. —Czech-born Ravlina Svoboda, for mer employe of the Czech Embassy and Matthew Cvetic of Pittsburgh long-time undercover agent for tlv FBI in Communist organizations-pave their testimony at variou: times since early Inst July but i 1 was kept secret until today. Molnar Was a Guts I Molnar said he was a guest o T*lorin — who later was ordered t< leave the United States—at thi Czech diplomat's apartment on 20tl Street, Washington, during severs pnrties. "Sometimes," the witness went I on, "he had Invited several men I WHOM conduct convinced me of| their homosexuality. I "At none of these parties were there any female guests present. The men embraced eneh other, and helped each other take off their coats. "At various Intervals two men at a time would disappear Into one bedroom and would reappear 30 or 40 minutes later. The others, mean- irtiU«. were dancing, flirting and becoming tender to each other." LJqnor Flows Frt«ly Me&nwhile, liquor flowed freely, Molnar said, and his diplomat host would turn the conversation to pol- / Klc* "when the men beer me sulfl- 'tlenity intoxicated." Then, instead of going to sleep, the envoy would write a detailer Mport "which he delivered the first thing in the mornim? to the proper authorities at the embassy," Mol- KU- added. The witness said he observed toe** activities, beginning in 1&46, before agreeing — with the FBI's Approval — to .supply Information on military and other subjects to th« Cwoh wpionage apparatus. He Mid all the data he gave them was fictitious and that much of it was ported on through another of the witnesses, Mias Svoboda. FIGURES REPRESENT MILLIONS OF BUSHELS Alabama GOP To Name Four BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (/!>) _ Ala- ama Republicuns nuiue four nmre [strict delcjialo.s to the GOP Na- onnl Convention today. Indica- ions were that thr four wilt bo nlit equally between Sen. Hobrrt, 'aft or Ohio and Gen. Dwiplit D. Tisenhower. I 11951 PRODUCTION 1952 ESTIMATE BUMPER WHEAT CROP IS FORECAST FOR '52—Ncwsmap above compares 1951 yields of chief winter wheat producing states with 1952 yields predicted by Department of Agriculture. With, all but two (Pennsylvania and South Dakota) of the wheat states expected to have larger crops than last year, Ihe forecast for 1952 is a bumper crop of 986,468,000 bushels. Despite crop damage caused by recent midwest tloods, 1952's winter and spring yields are expected to total 1,293,408.000 bushels—third largest crop in history. Taft Expects 'Fair Seating 1 Of Disputed Southern Units By JACK BELL n e said he believes victorv ir WASHINGTON UV-Sen. Robert. South Dakota, plus delegate rains raft said today he expects the Re- he expects in New Mexico. Indian* and the District of Columbia, will increase his lead over Eisenhower by about GO votes In the next 10 days. publican National Convention to niake a fair decision on the seating of disputed Southern delegations, including Texas' ' rival 33 - vole groups. The Associated Press tabulator Sen. ^lenry Cabot Lodge ^ofjnow shows: Tafl 393, Eisenhower Eisenhower, meanwhile, is like! 1 . to face a crossfire of Democratic and Republican criticism when he lays aside his uniform next week. Some Follow Kerr I>cad Already some Democratic candi dates are beginning to follow the Kentucky Gives Nod to Barkley LOUISVILLE, Ky. (JTt— Kentucky IX-mocraLs backed with their 26 nominating votes today their choice for the presidency, fellow- Kenttickian Albcn W. Barkley. The 74-year-old vice president hasn't said whether he would be a candidate. His home-state Democrats yesterday made him a state-at-large delegate lo tne Democratic National Convention opening in Chicago I July I. And the delegation was pledged to him as a unit; hence, he'll be voting for himself. Massachusetts, campaign manager for Gen. Dwlght Eisenhower, charged "political trickery" when the Taft-dominated Texas convention yesterday refused to seat many Eisenhower delegates. After the- convention named an uuinstructed presidential - nominating convention delegation—lined up 35 tor Taft and three for Eisenhower—the general's forces bolted. They picked their own delegation. 33 for Eisenhower and five for Taft. A" Parly Bailie Taft iold a reporter he regards ihe Texas fight—between Henry Zweifel, Texas national committeeman who backs Taft, and Ja«'< Porter. Texas campaign manager for Eisenhower—as more of a party organizational battle than a fight between Taft and Eisenhower supporters. The Ohioan added that he views a proposed contest in Georgia as a dispute involving personalities rather than differences over Republican nominee - candidates. A possible contest in Louisiana, however, apparently draws the line between himself and Eisenhower Taft said. Just back from a campaign in South Dakota. Taft predicted a 14- vote slate of delegates running for hint there will defeat an opposing Eisenhower ticket in that state's June 3 primary. Robert S. Kerr leveling blasts lead of Sen. Oklahoma in Eisenhower. Taft yesterday demanded equa radio and television time to answe quickly whatever the general says in his June 4 speech at Abilene Kan. Sen. Estes Kefauver of Tonnes see, a candidate for the Demo c r a t i c presidential nomination made a similar demand, but let the date open. Taft wrote the broadcastimr com panics that he understands it wi' cost them SIOO.OOO to lay specia lines to Abilene. He said the preparations ir. vclved "unprecedented coverage o a political speech." adding that n other candidate, including himsell had had such attention before. There was no immediate con ment from the networks, althoug one radio source observed officially that Taft and Kefanve with millions xho malt ft their (list choice WORLD'S! IARGTST] SELLER AT 104 IT'S ALL-VE6ETABIE FOR DIGESTIBLE " COOKING St.Joseph ASPIRIN Staid BBC-TV to Let French Showgirls Go Without Brassieres LONDON i,Pi— The staid British Broadcasting Corp. aerced today to ?el French showgirls be televised without their bras—but only if the act originates in Paris where such things are customary. Last year the French girls were imported to London for a TV | show and shocked BBC officials sent out a hurried call for a batch of bosom covers. A Paris show scheduled to be relayed to Britain in July brought the problem asairi. BBC said this time it didn't want (o bus! up the Show. Semi-mirie showgirls are okay in Paris and BBC wants to retain Ihe true Parisian atmosphere. B'FORE YOU DRAW THAT PAY CHECK- Save Some! FINDIXG it hard lo »we monry? Here's «n idea, If you buy U. S. Defense Uonds through Ihe Payroll Savings Plan, like »o mnny smart people, you can save aystcmati- cAlly,poin^K(>-,and jrnrr/y. Bonds are as safe an America, and they (Wira food intercut. Stari taring Joday. .. through the Payroll .Saving* Plan that let* you «*ve before yw > draw your pay. GET THE FACTS BOY WISELY! No satisfactory census has ever pen maile of tbe number ol peo- le In China. rive had abundant time on tlie ir while Eisenhower has made tio ppearances. FACE THKBI Hen That Laid Egg* in One Hour Dies from Overwork CUOWORTII. England «'i — Work! titllst Jennifer — the hen that, laid 10 cess In less than an hour—was dead today from overwork. Tlie pink-eyed prolific thicken hadn't produced for fanner Charlie Rogers for days. But he brought lier into his home In from of the fire on Monday and Jennifer let loose—a Jackpot of 10. "Jenny spent Monday night in her cardlx>ard box and T tried lo make her eat," Rogers' daughter explained. "Hut the layinK effort YOU be the judge! We have all the facts you need to compare I nicks feature by feature! Come in and be your own expert on truck value! Ask us for a "Show Down." t Attractive prices.' ^ liberal trade-ins! flong, easy terms! 'BLYTHEVILLE MOTOR COMPANY Wolnut & First • Phone 4422 lad been too much for her." ^70 Am*rirfir*t **•.. fii'^ , -v t •* • ^. -rve asked a taxidmnist 10 sot Americans to Die I Tokyo Population Given s," nosers snki. PRICES CUT SAVE NOW—SAVE WITH SAFETY J I. wf O teg" I v3.1 5 ^K"" Full-width, fufl non-skid depth Iread made wflh cold rubber for longer, safer mileage. Guaranteed firsf quafity materials throughout full-size predipped, doubly insulated cord body. Buy a set today al these low sole prices. 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