The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on December 13, 1958 · Page 15
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 15

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 13, 1958
Page 15
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Calend ATTkfePARAMOUNf "The Restless Yem." with John Walt Disney 1 * "Old At "A Mice Little Bank th.t Should Be Robbed" with Tout Swell, Mick•y Rooney, Mickey Shaogbnessy. "Gunslght Ridge" with Joel McCrea, Mark Stevens. Plu* "Five Bteps to Danger" with Sterling Bayden, Ruth Roman. "Joe Dakota" with Jock Maho. •ey, Luana Patten. AT THE 8TATR "The Last Htirnh" with Speneer Tracy, Jeffrey Hunter. WedMsday-Thiinday ."Course ol the Demon" with Dana Andrews, Peggy Cummins. Frid«y-Sai«rd*y Doable Feature: "Rot Rod Gang," with Jon Ashley, Jo d y Fair Plus "High School Hellcats," Yvonne Lime, Bet Halsy. STARS HONOR HER 0 '' LS ~" Champ Althea Gibson Lanky Negro Girl, Tennis Champ, Wins Role in Movie HOLLYWOOD (AP)—This week three movie greats—John Wayne, William Holden, John Ford—hosted a press luncheon to hail the •tart ol a film career for a lanky Negro girl who never even acted fa a high school play. Her name is Atthea Gibson, and she is one of the leading names IB recent tennis history. The Harlem girt is her* for her movie debut — in fact, her acting debut in tpy medium. She explained: "No, I never even had • chance to do any acting in school. I've never had any coaching or anything. I've been too busy Ch. 6 Kills Doy Show in Network Switch CBS will cancel "Play Your Hunch," an audience participation seen here on Channel 6, Jan. 2. Three days later the Arthur Godfrey Show will be moved into this time slot. Despite the cancellation the show will not die. ABC has announced intentions of using the show in the slot now held by "Mother's Day" seen here on Ch. 6. traveling all over the world." Around the World Her travels as American tennis champion have taken her literally around the world. But now she hopes to settle down to a career as a different kind of performer. She's playing the maid to South- era belle Constance Towers in the Civfl War epic, "The Horse Soldiers." How did this come about? "The first I knew about it, my agent called and said they wanted me to come out and make a test for the picture," she said. "So I did, but I didn't know if much would come of it; There were a lot of experienced actresses up for the role, too." !• Dialogue Scenes But she won out, and she reported for work Monday. Her first day called for some difficult dialogue scenes, but she came through in championship style. "At least Mr. Ford said, 'Cut! Print it!' So I guess it was all right," she said modestly. Is there more acting ahead for her? "I hope so," she said. "I have retired from tennis for a year to see if I can develop other phases of my career. I have three things working for me now: The picture; an album of songs I recorded; and my autobiography." She still retains her amateur status and may return to tennis if her other careers don't take precedence. Johnny Corson Gets 'Rap' From Chinese Johnny Carson, host of "Who Do You Trust," heard about the fellow placing some flowers on the grave of a friend. He noticed an elderly Chinese gentleman placing a bowl of rice on a nearby grave. "When do you expect your friend to come up and eat bis rice?" he scoffed. "At the same time," replied the Oriental, "your friend comes up to smell the flowers." Girl, 18, Manages Newest London Hotel LONDON (AP) _ pretty, 18- year-old Diana Francis was named today as manager of London's newest hotel, the Ambassador. Newsmen asked how she got the job at her age. They got a fast, frank answer: "My father own the hotel," said Miss Francis. BEARDED AND BEWIGGID —Actor Yul Brynner, who won fame on stage and screen with shaved head and face, poses in wig and beard for his role of King Solomon on the set of the new film "Solomon and Sheba" in Madrid, Spain. Brynner replaced Tyrone Power who died of a heart attack last month. ^ PAPPAS RADIO • TV NEED CHRISTMAS GIFT IDEAS? Seo Our Wido Selection of Used TV Sol*, Stereophonic Sound Phonographs, etc. • .., zi x ^^^^^^^r^s^^^s^^^smi^^msm^^y^^^^^^^ A'/STfN Wfhfi.) rMERAtDj SATURDAV, DECEMBER t3, !W8-» n _.-.,„.„...„__ ___^__ Network Television •• Monday, December 1 5 (6) Mt**t Ptwormi fe M Col* 6.05 *,«, S— Dovld StArM 6/30 •.«*. Nat* 7.00 Am. 4— Siegfried 1, 10-Todoy S/00 *.«* 1, 4~Cap». Kanaara* ' 8/45 0.0*. 4— Or. TamfdaM 9.<W o.a» *• 4— for Lav* or MOM* S, 10— Dough Re Ml 9/30 «.«*. 1, 4— Way Haatft • 10.-00 *.m. >. 4, (-Godfrey 5, 10— Price r» Right t-HH Hlckak ^ .JO/30 «•.«, }, 4, 8— Tap Dollar 5, 10— Coaceatratioo t— Herald at Truth 11. GO «.«. 1, 4, •— lovt at Ufa 5f 10— Tit Toe Dauah t— Day m Caarl 11-10 d.«B. J.J*Jl/ ••IIP'. 3. 4. •— Starch S, 10— CoaM la Tea Rr™*"™ enf fffffyM /J/4) f.m. I, 4-«W«tirp U»W •— Caaafn ftrlt 12OO m 1, 4, 3, i. ie— Newt • Wtatfcat •—Film Revla» 72/20 pim. 5— Trtaturt Chert 1 O*9fl .H •*• t£tj\Jr VifrS 1, 4— World Tartu t— Motheri Day •—Top Nayi 10— Brevltlet J/0& p.m. 3, 4, •— Jlimm Otaa 1, 10— Truth or Ceoja> quencei (C) t— Liberace 1:30 #>.«». S. •— Home Party 4— Unklttttr 3, IO-Hooge-» Baflgb fel t— News Weather. Club Notes //40 ^j». ft— MaflAM Z-00 p.m. t^-Matlt tlnoA 2/30 />.**• f 4, f— Vtrdiet r*an S 10— rtAlr) rfteM Roan 4— Hew to'MtWr MM* llatWrr* 3.W p.m. i 10-Ojreaii let Day •—•oat Clack 3:13 p.m. J, 4. *— Secret Star* 3/30 /).w. J, 4, l-Mge at NI«W 5, 10— County Fait «— Who De raa Trwt 4.-00 p.m 3— Sho» 4— Around Tawa 5— Margte •—Am. Bandltond 8— Counterpoint 10— Wharf New 4/30 p.m. 4— Commodore Cappy S— Last of Mohtcant t— Latt Af MaMcant 10— Ten for Sarviral )!00 p.m. 3— Cluk Hovte 4— And aad DM 3— Robin Hied t— Organ Time 10— Jungle Km 5:30 p.m. 3— Time far Talk 4— Poetyt 5— Hi-Fire Time 6— M'ckey Mom* Cluk «— Adventun 10— Murfc Tint W> p.m. 3— Newt 10— Uoney Toots 6/00 p.*». 3. 4, S, 1, 10— Ntwt Weathtt Sown 6-Weathet 6:1! p.m. (—Don Coddard 10— NBC Newt 6/20 p.m. 5— Should Know A 8:30 p.m. \, 4, «--M«*it Tana S— Tic Toe Dtwfft \ft™ tZsktrl sii Mi *? ' ?.<W ***». 3-Wn.rlybir(H M L 4, l-^Tka raiM t S, I0-*trti»i» Qae) t— TM« M MIM 7/30 P-m. itoi^SMrt'wSS,*"* ij— -loM JoiviM* J t|U tt'^^flsMHM Va^A^B^a^ 6— Volet of flrtMtna 3, 10^-Pef» Oaak fi/30 AM. 3, 4, I— Ana Sotkert) 5, 10— Alcoa Tfwafer 6— Anrtod* Can fla* 9.OO p.m. 3— Highwa* fatm 4— Detila Ployho»M 3, to-Artkw Marrow 4-Patfl Poaa ^ B— Ford Show 9/30 P.m. 3— Sheriff of Cothhja S— Highway Patrol 6— Target •~~Groucho 10— AfHcan Patrol JfO.-OO p.m. 3. 4, 3, «, B 10— News Weatkrn iaortt 10:19 p.m. (—John Daly 10:20 p.m. ' wiwniBii 10:30 p.m. J— Dr. CkrbMea 4— Small World 3— Big 10 foorbatl •—Hour or Star; 10— Jock Poof Show*7050 p.m. •—San Francisco ' Beat 11-00 p.m. 1— Newt 4— Playhwit 3— Jack Paat Ska* 1 — San Francisco Beat 11:20 H.m. 1 — Bengal Lancen 22/00 at S— News Jack Benny Loses in Court but Manages to Buy 'Rights' It is doubtful whether any television program in recent years had a stormy history comparable to what Jack Benny's Jan. 11 show will have. Benny in 1953 filmed a satire of the MOM film "Gaslight" which has not been shown publicly since. As soon as it was filmed a suit by MGM prevented Benny from showing the program. The litigation in the past five years went from a district court all the way to the U. S. Supreme Court. A 4-4 vote of the court earlier this year left in force a lower court decision mat the show could not be presented without permission of MGM. Last mouth Benny bought a seven-year license from MGM allowing him to satirize the movie and the same type of license from Patrick Hamilton; author of the play. Jan. U Benny will present the parody entitled "Autolight." The cast will include Barbara Stan- wyck and Bob Crosby. Hie Salvation Army's work therapy program, renovating furniture and other materials, is the outgrowth of a salvage brigade started in 1897. The first brigade had four push carts. a • a DID YOU KNOW All Furnaces Need Cleaning? WHY? Because, constantly circulating air deposits dust and dirt particles in air ducts and pipes. The insides of warm and cold air ducts arc a recervoir for spider- webs, lint, dirt, and dust which provide* breeding grounds for germs. FURNACE-VAC CAN NOW ELIMINATE THESE HAZARDS • Cleaning h Our Only Bniineii - Wo Can Clean In Coldest Weather Without Cooling Your Houso Down! Furnace-Vac Cleaning Service Rt. 4-toebom R<L Ph. HE 3-3648, Austin, Minn. Evenings Call HE 3-3334

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