The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on December 13, 1958 · Page 14
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 14

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 13, 1958
Page 14
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HERAlf*. SATURDAY, OECEMBEKIS, Ifjfj^ ne atiisun tiefaio .television guic* fflciuoW progtamTlSMSr" wee* of TV stations KOLO( Ch, 8) Miiieo City; WdCO Cfc 4> MI* ceapolis: KSTP <Ch. 5) St. Paul; KMMT iCh. 6) Austin; VfT5BT (Ch. 8) Lacrosse; and KROC (Ch. JO) Rochester. • Network Television 1 _____ HH Saturday, Dec. 13 and Sunday, Dec. 14 (C) Means (•rogram » IB Cdei 6.OO p.m. 3, 4— Perry Mason 4— Mem 5— Nevt, Weather, Spoils *— Uncle Al 1- -Lawrenct Welk 6:30 p.m. t, 4— Perry Maion 6— Dick Clark Show 5, 10— People An Fanny 7.-00 ».m 5. 10— Pert* Ccmo (C) »— Jubilee U.S.A. S— Uretto Yoang 7 '30 pj». Ji 4* B Wan tod S.-OO £.«, 3— Heart of City 4— Oh Sasana S, tO— Steve Canyaa •— Lawrencr Welk S— Gale Storm 8:30 p.m. 3. 4, J— Here Go* WM Travel S, 10— Clmaron City 9.-00 p.m. fr-How to Marry Mltflonaira )0— TSA 9-30 6 no. ^t*>w f/,rrw* 3— State Trooper 4— Death Vefflev Oayt S, *— McKenta Raiders S — Peter Gann 10— Brains X Sraaa ro.-oo p.m. J. 4, S, C, i, ?0— News Weather Sports 10:1 5 p.m. 3— Night Cap i— Sob Gumming? 10:20 p.m 10— Movie 10:30 p.m. 4< — Theater S — Unexpected t— Variety Theater 10:45 p.m. (—Max's Playhouse ll.-OO cm. Sf— Boston Hackle 11,30 &.IR. 5— letgh Plays SUNDAY, DEC 14 7:30 ».m. 5 — Christophers S.-OO a.m 4 — Sacrco Heart S— Bible Story 8.1) ».m. 4— As A Man Thinketh 8:30 a.m. 3— Thru Porthole S— Frontiers or fait* 8:45 ».m. 3— Christian Science 4— Thru Porthole 9:00 »M. 1— Lamp Unto My Feet 4— Basinets S— Qait • CattMlfe f\ ,3/1 — ..j y:i(l f.m. J— took Up and Llv* 4— Hopoldno Castldy 5— Bio Pletara 10.OO ».m. 1— U.K. fn AtHsn S— Star Theater 10— Double Feature 70:30 ».m. S — Camera 3 4—Mapalong Casridy ll.VU e.w. S— The Lena Stride 4— Story of Mail S— Boots « Saddles t— Am. Rel. Town Had t— TWs Is Life 11:15 a-rn. 4— WorM al Aviatten 17.-30 t.m. S— Mutlc 4— News •—John Hopkins File S— Christophers 11:45 *.m. t, 4— Bowterama /2.-00 p.m. »— Star Showcase •— enhep Pike 8— del. Town Hall 12:30 f .m S-Stage 7 10— Oral RokerH '*— TSA S— Christian Science 12:411 p.m. 3, 4, •— Kkkaff fr-Chlittcm Science 7.-O(/ p.m 3, 4, *— Pro Football (Det.-Bears) S— Watch Mr. Wizard *— Collete News Cenfetenco IS— Indastry 1:15 p.m. 1»- Christian Science 1:30 p.m. t— Ttils Is Lite 5. 10— NBA Basketball (Syracuse- Detroit) 2:00 p.m. (—Gospel in Art 2:15 p.m. «— TBA 2:30 p.m. *— Orol Roberts 3.-00 p.m. t— Open Hearing 3:30 p.m. ' 5— Command Performance *— Roller Derby 10— This Is Ufa 3:45 p.m. 3— Industry 4— film S— Thro Porthol 4.-00 p.m. J— Sktppy and 3 R'l 5, 10-XlMM and N%M VIlltOM (C) ' f— Wagon Train 4.'30 p.m. S— This It Lilt 5.-00 p.w. J— Command PerforMMM 4— Chorttf Boat 5— Meet Press *— Joe Matt Family Naar •—December Brlda 10— tig Picture 5.-}5 p.m. «-Paat Winched 5:30 p.m. 1, 4. t-Mth Ceerlwr *-Varletv Time 10— Caroler Conceit 6.00 p.m. S, 4, S— Ussie S. IB— MallMrif "Ckibt- •MS T«a" (C) •—Wild Bill Nrtkeii 6:30 M*. 1, 4, 1— Jock Benny 3, 4, B— id SoNhrM 5, 10— Steve Allea (c) 7:30 p.m. t tawmna s.-oo ^.«»3. 4. t— C. E. Theatef 5, 10— Dinah Shan (C) •—Celt 4S S.-30 pM. 3, 4. B— Alfred Hitchcock «— Thlt Is Jan 9tOO totiHt 3. 4. B— keep ToTkioa 5— Lorctta Vaaag Sliow t" - Mtct McGcaw 10— Silent Service 9:30 p.m. 3— 1* Me* 4— What's My Una 5— vr INI lyotf efls C — Uncommon Voter B — Art Theater . 10— Behind Closed Dears 10:00 p.m. 3, 4, 5. «, B. 10— Newt Weather Sports 10.-15 p.m. 3— Viewer's Digest 5— Man Who Wat There «— Newt B— N.Y Confidential 10— Movie 10:25 p.m. &— SnarH •P™*^J|»WI» /0.-30 p.m. 4— All-Star Bowling S— Brains ft Brawn «— Ida Lupino 10:45 p.m. •—Silent Service 11. -00 p.m. S— Stage 7 11:30 p<m 5— Theater Name Kovac Is Switch From the Anglo-Saxon By CHARLES MERCER NEW YORK (AP)-If you've studied up carefully on the heroes •f television action series you must have noticed that they all seem to have Anglo-Saxon names and the inference is that their people have been here since Plymouth Rock. The only exception I can think •f is Mike Kovac, the freelance photographer hero in the weekly series "Man With a Gun' '(ABC- TV, Fridays, 9 p.m., EST). Kovac grew up on the Manhattan lower East Side and his people came recently from central Europe. Bronson Plays Part Charles Bronson, a Pennsylvania coal miner's son who looks somewhat like the late John Garfield, plays the role of Kovac. Discussing the generic pasts of Fewer Shots but Must Hit on lawman 1 Most westerns on television are too noisy, have too much shot and shell. So contends Jules Schemer, producer of "Lawman" which stars John Russell on ABC-TV Sunday nights. "When a shot is fired on 'Lawman,' " observes Schemer, "there must be a reason for it. And no missing!" Shermer must have the right idea because in the short span of five weeks his program knocked over both Ed Sullivan and Steve Allen in the national ratings. •.» <ClJ. 6) - ir* wfii 10) - Kdte gmllh, TV heroes generally and Kovac especially the other day, Bronson said: "I don't think the heroes are characterized as they are for any reasons of prejudice against nationalities or groups. After aty this country is a melting pot. Everybody is trying to speak better English. Everybody likes to feel that be and his people are at home here—have been here a long time. , They Were Right "But I think that Don Sharpe and Warren Lewis, the executive producers of 'Man With a Camera,' were right in creating a hero named Kovac who grew up on the lower East Side and is only a generation removed from, central Europe. "It somehow gives Kovac the capacity for great sensitivity to the lot of others at the same time that he possesses great physical strength and acticity. That, at least, is the way I feel and play Kovac. You get humanly involved with him. Usually Deadpan "It's interesting to me that in most of the top-rated action shows you can't get humanly involved with the hero. He has one face for a thousand emotions. In fact, he doesn't have a thousand emotions. He's just there, always dead-pan, and you can't get humanly involved with him." In these words Bronson expressed, better than I could have myself, a quality I like about "Man With a Camera." Mike Kovac is a credible human being who engages the emotions, and most of the action in those shows of the aeries I've watched generally springs from character. Domino Kate Smith SUNDAT MORNING »:» (Ch. 3) — "The Pflrlia- ment of Heaven," second hi three- part series of modern versions of medieval plays on look Up and Live. 10:30 (Ch. 3) — Dramatisations flt scenes from Honore de Balzac's "Pere Goriot" on Camera Three. 11:30 (Ch. «) — "Gifts Without Wrappings" topic of talk by Dr. Milton Eisenhower. MDtoB Efseitewer SUNDAY AFTERNOON 12 (Ch. 6)—Joseph Garry, president of National Congress of American Indians, guest of Bishop Pike. 12:30 (Ch. 6) — "Does Sin Ever Change" topic on Religious Town Hall. 3 (Ch. 6) — Jimmy Byrnes, former senator, U. S. secretary of state and governor of South Carolina, interviewed on Open Healing. Byrnes MenotU 4 (Ch. 10) — Annual presentation of Gian Carlo MenotU "Am- ahl and the Night Visitors" with Rosemary Kublmann, Kirk Jordan and Leon Lishner. 5:30 (Ch. 3) — "Revolt in Hungary" featuring smuggled films and Russian films on 20th Century. SUNDAY EVENING 6 (Ch. 10) — Special Hallmark Hall of Fame Christmas Show entitled "Christmas Tree." Includes sketches, pantomime and ice skating with Ralph Bellamy, Carol Channing, Maurice Evans, Tom Poston, Cyril Ritchard, William Shatoer and Jessica Tandy. Day Bellamy 6:30 (Ch. 3) — Giesele MacKenzie and Dennis Day with Jack Benny. 7 (Cb. 3) — Ed Sullivan presents portions of new Rodgers and Hammerstein musical "Flower Berfnuui , Better * (Ch. 8) -4Uy Btifter plays straight dramatic role in "tie dirt With the Flow Hair" on CUB Theater; (Ch. 10) Shirley Temple, Tony Randan, Shirley MacLalne and Red Norvo with Dinah Shore. 1:30 (Ch..S) — Margaret Leighton and Marsha Hunt in "Tea Time" on Hitchock. MONDAY EVENING I (Ch. 6) — "Salute to Tschaiko- Ttky" on Firestone. Feature* ex- eerpts from "Swan Lake" by the Ballet Russe De Monte Carlo and pianist Eugene List, violinist Oscar Shumsky and met- ao-soprano Mildred Miller. i») - Virginia May* |il "the Btku^ Story»« Wagon Ttahv « (Ch. 10) - Kydle Gorme and Ken Carpenter with Milton Berle. 0 (Ch. ft} - Helen Hayes ta "doe Red Rose for Christmas" tin Steel Hdttr. WttmSDAY EVENING -I (Ch, I) -John Patrick's "The Hasty Heart" on Dupoot Show of the Month. Don Mttrray play* role of Lachlen, the doomed and dog. ged Seot ereated on stage and screen by Richard ' Todd. Also stars Barbara Bel,Geddes and Jackie Cooper. ' . Miller Eraklae 8730 (Cb. 10) — James Whitmore and Marilyn Erskine hi "The Town Budget" on Alcoa Theater; (Ch. 6) Dr. I.Q. of "I Have a lady in the balcony" renown makes TV debut. Bel GeMee ,_. ' Disney FRIDAY EVENING 7 (Ch. •) — Special Christmas greetings from animated characters of Walt Disney titled "From All of Us to All of You." Guest list includes Donald Duck, Tinker Ben, Mickey Mouse and Peter Pan. 7:30 (Ch. 3) — Jackie Gleason devoted show to special tribute to Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey. Guests include Ton! and Jan Arden, Bobby Hackett, Charlie Shavers and Charlie Ventura. Pattt Page Dick Clark 9 (Ch. •) — Dick Clark and Kirby Stone Four with Patti Page. TUESDAY EVENING 7 (Ch. 10) — Ernie Ford, Jo Person. Kelly \ Mrs. Priest 9 (30 (Ch. 30 — Gene Kelly and U. S. Treasurer Mrs. Ivy Baker Priest on Morrow's Person to LANE'S DRIVGS LAME'S CAMERA Dial HE 34903 OPEN SUNDAY 9:00 to 10:00 a. m. AND EVERY OAT Bassell Stover Christmas Candies ., I4b., 2-!b. .nd 3-lb. Sixes U. $1.35 & up * FILMS * DRUGS * CAMERAS * PRESCRIPTIONS 400 M. Him Rvgistortd Pharmacist on Duty FRIENDLY SERVICE ALWAYS Open Mendey and Friday Nigh*

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