The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 19, 1933 · Page 12
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 12

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 19, 1933
Page 12
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12 . f> * • ' 1 , ' -t !•••** •«?.-»• HI ,v ':, - .*, , j-."<",.*' ".J'y r 5;">»^^i > R-M- - ?„ f'-^;/v. yf,,^*)'f^f 1 .-'" * -r'v^'v f "V " . • ./*• « ; •" ••*• •'','.;•-.•••;- : *•* *-.«, 'j • .,. :/v ,,, -^/^ ,- ,' •;//-• • . * ' \ • ' , * ,:•••••', * v ' THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORN*AN, THURSDAY, JANUARY 19, 1933 '•"?+•, %* ?.' iTON&L 'GAKI CURIOUS WORLD By FERGUSON ^J SfNGLE BANS^N TREE CAM GIVE THE IMPRESSION Of A <SROVE. AT THE RIGHT IS SHOWN HOW TH& LIMBS . SEND SKOCTS WHICH TAKE ROOT \ rORM PROPS/ f THE TREE T& SPREAD ^ OVER A 1AP6E 'DE2/ODDLV /WARKBO WITH A > WHITE BAND AROUNO THE MIDDLE. IS AN EXPERT SWIMMER: AND CAM WALK ON THE RIVER BED. SIDE GLANCES By GEORGE CLARK "All right, go ah«»d and make me mad, and I'll go right down «nd . get an oil ahampoe and a facial." THE TINYMITES By HAL COCHRAN tREAO THE 8TORV. THEN COLOR THE PICTURE) T HE Tinlea ran 'round here and there and gathered wood from everywhere to keep their big fire blazing. "It's a dandy," Freezy said. "Lot's get a log and Bit right near. We may as well rest while we're here. I only wish I was back home go I could go to bed. "You lads have kept me busy. Oee! It's been real strenuous for me to push a sled, and skate around. You see, I'm getting old. " 'Course you am young and you don't care. You raco and tumble everywhere. I really envy you because you keep from getting cold." Then Seouty said, "Well, we'll fix you. You'll tako a nap when we are through." And then he nskcd the Ttnlcs to help clear a, nice, wldo space. "Hlght near the fire." he loudly siild. "With fin trees we will make it bed." When they had finlnhed, Freezy cried, "That IK a dandy place." (Picture* by King) "All right, the next thine you iho'uld do Is flop down, Wa'll watch over you," said Duncy. So old Freozy flopped and soon began to nnoro. Wco Windy whispered, "loot's look 'round nnd see what strange things can be found." They started out and shortly hoard a very funny roar. "If that's a big wolf," Coppy cried, "perhaps we'd better run and hide. But first I'm going to find out. It can't bo so far from here." He ran a llttlu ways nnd then the funny ronr broke out again. Then Coppy spied ait animal, lie yelled, "There's naught to fear. "Hlght in a trap the bca^t is caught. It is in pain. I think wo ought to turn It loose. 'Twill run away and leave us, if It's wild." He pulled the trap with all his might. Then good old Freezy came In sight. "The howling woke me up," said ho. "I'll try and help you, child." Sj^.....,™**.*™,.,,^^ KWRIGLEYS JUICY FRUJI GUM M-tST KEPT RIGHT IN CELLOPHANE OUT OUR WAY By WILLIAMS »y >m Mmnct. XC.BM, u. a MT. orr. OUR BOARDING HOUSE By AHERN NOT €0 ? JAKEr WAS T6LUN<S>' x. IMPLORE YOU/BUSTER; 70 WITW3RAYV YOU*. WAST* JAK.E KNOW HIM-BETTER 7HAN VOU t»0%—ANl> 1 TELL YOU "DOESN'T KNOW VMS OWN STRENGTH f IVE SEEN Wt NV <S>H^-PPLE A HU6E CIRCUS —^NT^BY JOVE^ JAKE HAT> TO TINISK OUT THE CIRCUS SEASON •BYTAKIN<bTHfe WAS AToT, PLAVEt> wrrrt TRUNKS TOR BLOCKS? : = O F1U. HONEV "bEARte PLACEf ^*2 MIMIIII p C L?OOTIN' THE GUMPS The Walls Have Ears By SIDNEY SMITH MtLLIE- OMCH IK MI'S. ANDY -T0» IT TO HIS OLD ONO.E- HA* PICKED A AMOV HAS WALKED INTO MILLIE'S PHOTOGRAPH- 1-19 / UKE ALL THE OTWfc* OLO ^ M6N- HUM? ^TMAY'S,. YOUR Ib^A A DOLL- ^N BEIM^r MARFUEb V TO A <w«RL UKE TMAT- BLUE EXES- LIP1- YHAT MER BABY TALK- YOUR ItitA 0»« 'WHAT A RE.AL. DIGGERS TMAV& ALL DOES AM, OLD LIKE ONaLE BUA UKE THAT f BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Just Like a Woman! By MARTIN mta. u. •. MT. err. e iui >r NU WMVICC, we. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS A Hot Time! By BLOSSER DONT.LIHE IT, HEH? VNELL, JUST BRIMS ALL THE PEST IN FOR SWAM POO-.. CAN'T THROW-FOOD LlkE THAT OUT!.' ^U. (SOT THEM JUST RI<SMT, SHAM POO POO MAS PREPARED A MEXICAN PINNER., FEATURING HUEVOS RANCMEROS, BILLY BOWLESS' UP FORWARD COMES LOUD TALK AND SCUFFLJKI6 OF FEET, AS IF A IS TAXIW6 PLACE THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop) Fingerprints! By COWAN CHICK, YOU'D BETTEP TODDLE ALONG AND CLEAN UP-HANK AND AGUSTA WILL BEL HCBEL ANY MINUTE-AND BE OF MY GREAT GPlEF! LOOK AT THIS CALUERVl

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