The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 22, 1948 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 22, 1948
Page 7
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TUKSnAV, .TUNE22, 1!M8 Atomic Security Pact Considered UN Diplomats Eye Treaty as Next Sttp tn Control Dispute By Rot>ert Manning (Unlttd Press Staff Correspondent) LAKE SUCCESS, N, Y.. June 22 — (UP)—Some United Nations diplo- i mats are considering the idea of an "atomic security pact" among the western countries as a possible next step in the dispute over world control of atomic energy, It was reported today. " American officials said they had not formulated nnv such plan but •he United States was known to he considering some new approach tn the East-West atomic stalemate for use when the UN General Assembly convenes^ in September. Some UN sources were eertain Uiat the thinking of American officials revolved around the concept "I a loose treaty binding these nations which accept the principles of the American phui for atomic control. The. UN Security Council, with Russia tlirctueains io Invoke it.s Sfith veto, convened this afternoon to act on the first step in the u S Ulan for shuttling in the atomic problem lo the 58-nation assembly. To Korce Vein The plan wfls to force n formal Soviet veto of the American plan, formulated during two years or v;ork by the UN Atomic Energy Commission a hard-and-fast symbol of Russia's opposition to the majority \\hen the issue comes up at the assembly session. The veto could not prevent transit"! of the rase to the assembly, nor Totild it, "kill" the American atomic plan, because the formula could never mean anything so long as Russia—or any other important nation—found it unacceptable and refused to participate. The "security treaty" In question would not represent a system of atomic control, but a loose work- In? arrangement under whirh the United states probably would continue making a-bombs and al the same time pool with other countries much nf the information and facilities necessary lor atomic development. BI.YTHKV1L1.K (ARK.)' COURIKR NEWS | Announcer Gives Away His 7 Children | Because Salary Won't- Support Them I -!p M .i^, M ;!i'H FIi> '!i Jum M 'UP'—A $06 » week, bill when the war end| 3G->eai-old radio announcer Rave ed his pay went down aiiBy his seven children to seven ! So he moved to Ciln s hamlon N different Florida families thronsh j Y.. but the job lliere turned out to ivatn ad today. He said he couldn't make enough money to support tliwn. William w H<".rvey offered be no better. Tlif bills piled up. "Bill collectors kcr.t hounding me and threatening suit. 50 we came to Florida to s ee if we rould- . , . . , • — ••' * '"• •-•'» '*• .•"rr ll v\ r I I JUKI- family for adoption In a classified . n't make a new start" Hiirvev said advertisement in a Miami news-j For several months he worked paper June 15. a look only six'at 54.5 a iveek days to find takers among- tiie 21 a Lake Worth. Flu. station and then moved lo the Miami job a monUi BKO. When he .saw lie couldn't make it. he rleciileii Hie only tiling answers, he said. Harvey earns S15 a week as a announcer for H Miami radio sta lion. He snid that wasn't enough j do was give his chVclren "aivay to take care of his children, rails-1 Through his ad lie found home* mg in age from el-;lH years to nine ; for each of his three daughters anil months, and his sick wile. i [ m ir sons tn a different southeast "1 Sot tn-cd of duckinu bill col-i Florida family. The families nlnn lectors," he explained. "Besides, my. lo adopt Hie Harvey children as wife nnd I felt il wasn't good tor ; soon as possible, thr- children to have lo move around i Harvey .said his wife suffered ami jiot know where their home, from pneumatic lever at. »RC 11 vas " land was bedridden with »i thrills uarvcy told of constant moving; from U to n. lieceiuly she umier- nrouud the country In search of a went a serious operation after ilu- Job that n-otilrt jmy enough to feed : birth nf their youngest child last and clothe his family and care lor i Sc-plcmber. his wife, who lias Ijeen III almost | The children me Blllie Patrlda «nsl»nily }a. William, t; Rdltli. «; Vlrutnla, 5;' Dining Die war )ie worked .1., n Diana. 4; Charles. 3; and Tliomus radio announcer In Philartelpliin at ' nine months. New Draft Law Brings Guard Enlistments Amber, now used for beads and decorative ware, was used for varnish in ancient, limes, according ID 1he Encyclopedia Britannica, | Although many National Guard Unius ncvoss the natinn opened their office on Sunday and added to their recruiting staffs in anticipation of r heavy enlistment lo lake advantage of the new draft law's "escape hatch" before President Trumtin sign's the bill. Captain J. R. ficcder 'of the Company M. Arkansas National Guard said today that there had definitely been an increased interest shown here, bm added that I there had been . no great rush of i men to enlist. I Captain Reedrr expressed the (idea that there had been between six nnd ten enlisttuenfs since the measure seemed sure to pass, and that with the cxcepUon of two they linri all fallen In the age group eligible for conscription. The two were ex- i servicemen. The draft bill excnipU members of the National Guard and the active reserves if they have joined before the President signs the bill Into law. He lias 10 days to act. Crump and Other Shelby |County Delegates to Miss [Democratic Convent/on j MEMPHIS. Tenn.. .l,,ne 2J. .Ul'i '—Political Leader F,. H. Crump plans to st:,y away horn the ncw- locralic National Convriiiion m ; Inhuli'lphi.i because be nntiduaicn | the nomination of President Tni- nuin. | Crump is a dele.|;> from ! Tennessee. Crninii lold a reporter i last niRht linn none of ibe other ] lour delegiitfs from Shelby County l»laiis lo attend. M'Grath Scores Operations of GOP Congress WASHINGTON. June 22. _ (UP! «l>wioci'nit<- National Chairman J. Howard MrCirnlh snvs the OOP- conirolled Counifxn took rate of Its "special Interest friends" at the ex- of Hip -plain people." In an obvious preview of the IVmorrntlc line of attack u, u>e orthcomlnK presidential rampalen McOrntH criticized Congress lor lit record on housing. Il1sh ,„ , CM ' taxes. Isbor nnd other Issuev "The privilege Congress has luken <•«« at its .special merest Jrlends and frankly told the plain , wop i,, II I'lis tiot itiur led to | PS |.,ui e Jm them." he said. He culled on OOP lPA t | frs (n w ,. ile Into Ilielr pisiform » "clem Male- inpjil of wlmt soft of fo.elRn ixillcy" Hie puny stands lor. "I chnlleiiBe (}><• rteinitillcnn Parly to abandon Its Indlrrou.s effort lo coi)M,-,,,.| , -i^,,, „,,, rlmilg() . , reach from Sen. (Arthur HI Van- denbejK lo Cougiessmnn (John I Tabor." he su id, VundenbeiK led Hie Seitdle ff K |it to restore the Hoiist cut of ..... re tlia.i J2.OQO.nao.000 from l|>e fo.elcn suendtiiK proKiam. 'rnbrr. chairman of tin: Mouse Appropriations Committee. fouiibt 10 || K | lls [ , 0 ]ltn |. spending. In takiiiK up the campainn line which President Truman laid down nn his Western trip. McOrath accused the Republicans of bowing lo I he "real estate lobby" on housing »nd of voting "for blRger and better slums." He added that Congress [allexl to do »nythtnR to curb InflMlon and "wrlgBled and squirmed" In MI eifort to avoid passage of the rtrafi bill. Read Con-ier N?ws Wan) Ads. : China Accepts American \ Aid Program Conditions j NANKING. June M. — njpi_-['h|, j Chinese parliament, today accepted • by a vote of 314 to 50 American con- jditions lor a MOO.000.000 aid ui China program. The legislative Yuan a creed to the ; conditions Innri down by an act of H lie U. S. Congress April 3 without ilhe formality of sending them lo a | committee lor examination. j Foreign Minister Wang Shit,. Chieh, urging acceptance o( ?,ie (American conditions, explained that i although J400.000.0M was not a large amount. H represented the beRin- nhiK of American economic assistance lo China. Congrtgationaliitt Recommend Merger ODER UN. O., .rune VI lUP) — Delegates to t|,f General Council of Conercsatlonnl Churches yesterdiiy offered a new, unanimous report recommending (hat th« general council approve a merger with the EvangcUo] and Reformed Church. Final action, on the report, however, was delayed lar .mother n horns. 'Hie council voted nn It today. Earlier, the conference WHS told that, the church must sssume innral responsibility for youths who will serve In the armed servlcei under the new draft. Rend Courier Mows Want, Ads. e lovo work... can sit and weif^ia it for hours..* whesi electricity is doang it for a few pennies* a day ! *What a bargoln! And-the averog. family gets electric service for its money today os, it did twenty y« art ago ( Deficit to Force Negro Hospital in Nashville to Close NASHVll.l.K. Temv. June VI — tlJI'l — OfflClH).! ,)( HllhlMI-cl KOH- plnil for Neunx^ took the lirsl step today toward .shnlilm; down (he Instllullon July i hy aiinouncliiB thai-only emergency pnllcnl.s will lie receive! nfter mtdnlKlvl WedneK- tiM>'. The hospital. > division of the Mehari-y Medical College, announced .sin-oral weeks a K o that it, would have to close July | || ^^i financial aid wns 1101 nvelvcd to overcome »n 0(>eiiitln K dellcll of Blinul TJiS.OOO « year, since then x Nashville lund-ratslng drive has netted only »M.IKX). and city linspltnl commissioners hnvc satiJv they could cotllrlUllte only tKKI.IKKI a year toward paying the costs of trrntlns liulliicnl NCKIO imileiits. An effort lo "sell- beds l<> other Soinbcrii .Mules <m « yi'urly l».sl.< lor us,, by their Indlgenl Negroes also has liillucl. a<vt>KII»K to l>r. Murray B. Brown, huspllKl director. Approvlumlely nj nurses, technicians nnd other employe* will lose their jobs In the shui-down, hospital olrlcluls said. AiTaiiKf*- inenls will \,e. mail,, with hospitals clsewlirrc lor mcdlcul students >l Mrlinny lo receive their required clinical training, Ur. llrowu snld. Teamsters' President Refuses Delegate's Post; Union Withholds Backing INDIANAPOLIS, June 23. -IIJIM —President Daniel Tobln of ilu AKI, Intenniltonnl Te a in s I « rv Union, a lrr()iiciu critic o[ the Truman admlnisl] atlon. letused today lo serve nn Indiana's dcleRnllon to the Democratic National Convention. Tobln's action underlined hl,s 1111- nounced irollcy of wlthholdlnii the supixirl of the powerful T«ninsleis Union from either party until each has selected Us presidential candidate and announced lis plmtorm. Tobln, a Democratic stalwart since the early days of the Roosevelt administration, did not Indlunte whom he would Mipixirl. for presl- den. Hul 'I'obln's assistant. Lester Hunt, tilnte.d thai the union mlslu hack Thomns K. Dcwey If the New York Kovernor Is chosen as the H«- plilillcntl onndiriate. On Ihe other liatul. Ifunl j»ld lhal If Harold K. Sl.isscn. or Sen. RnbciL A Tuft Is nrnnlruited the union "probably wilt >,, Tor 'TIII- RRVRlf Down Jap 'Purg» Division TOKVO. Ju,,,. M, iUl'l-AIH,..t Headquarter* today .«lnn down it.s INirge rtivlslon, ending the. ojieia- liiins of a n nuency which | VV |pwcil meni In biinlun mine ihnn 'JSKliXU liubllc lili-. 'Ww- I'livihig /,)|),jv.,. ( | .,iior,|, ... ler ab<ilition at Hip novprninenfn I Public Q.Mllflenlion KxniiilimllD.i Commlliee iviiil Apical iiorud whlrii niirteu out Ocn. D,)U K bi.s MncAr- lllllr's pursie diiei-live. I The vurne Ploamin bjiuril .in esllmaled WI.IMS persons Irom p.»i. I :. lions where Ibey niukl niinln aflei- ' mibltc ixillcy, (iiibilc npinion or pub lie wellure. mail." He snld Dewey nnd Clivv. Knt, ._ Warren of Unllfnrnta "rate well"'.vllh! Hie ?>*muter*. ' "" "Hut If (Gen. DwlRhti Msenhower' should K.-I the immlimilon," Hunt said, 'Him we might sinv l>nuirni- llc." IOOK K)R mit WATCHMAN ON rvwv IQIIH Enjoy the whiskey that's MvKKSSON A R (l «KINS. lrvr.-K«l,,, lv « 1.1,1. . l,l(l| e K<>l . K . OLD SUNNYBROOK IR'AND f, 6S% tlrnln Neutr«l » v \ m. What's the Hottest News in Cars since the Self-Starter ? F fiR the answer to (hat, ]\iot ask any man wild drive* a OyimHow Bliick. 1 le'lt lell you, you haven't »ecn »ny- *hinj( ytt — until you slip behind a Oynaflow wheel and ice (or your• elf w)ut thin new drive do<j«. It isn't merely flint il'j easy - thf>u<li »l! you do in normal driving is set » lever, pre»i the Jai treadle, and sleer. It isn't merely the "«lnnls" you can pull, snc-li an coming to a dead stop on a sleep hill, flien moving smoothly away, jusl hy llie way yon manage the gas trc»dle. The impnrlanl thing is thai nyim- flow Drive* niiirks n bnsic i ImnHf in (he way power is delivered from the engine to the rear wheels. The* idea of passing through • scries of gears in fixed st;igcs,citlicr Diiiniinlly or hy mechanical means, is gnne entirely.- I nslead, spinning oit is so cunningly directed and controlled in the Dynaflow tinil ihnt il i[iitantly • hapes engin« power to fit any normal driving need. When ynn sim-t, it s(cp s up engine "torque" like H low gear to give you «wift, nirtint getaway. W!i«n you flccelerale or climh, il fits the ptill of the engine to that pnrticiilnr joh. When you cruise on the level open roiul, it delivers power with a (low- nig smiKitliness tlnit is { H r •ilkit-r the noi-mal'hijih. V' loti ha\c mniuiHl control of direction simply hy moving a lever. You hnve reserve hr-.iking power in- slnritly at your command — mid extra power lor etncijfcncy pulls. Hut there is never «ny clutch-work - there is no clutch-pedal. And never any jlciirshifting in il, e old •ens*— your power plant docs what the forward gears used lo do. J V ight now, of course, Dynadoir Drive i« uviiihihle only on lltiick KtUIIMA.STItH Illudcll. Co find out iihont il, at the nearest linick denier — urid he ready (o put your order in, whether or not you have a car lo tnulc. tjfttnitot »l t.ttia full ait Roidir.ailtr rnoJtll OH/y. feature* ' * OYNAILOW OKIVf n.,.i...i. K..J,.,,., ,.,i., i * r*CF«.FH»U SmiNC ..-- ..... <K.-^...~I * YietA-iHIflOCO «IOf * SAfETY-dlDf «(«J * Ml.fOISfD HtfSf.ll fOV/lH * ftOAD-FHff RAIANCI * RIGtD JORQUf-TUM * ouADKunix con ifewctrjc * SOUND-5O««!« fOe LINING •- ....... <*..,-. ,f_, * DUOMA1IC MARK AOVANCl * iifx.rir on SINGS * TIN iMA.HI MODUS * OOoy IV IUHIK MMer, In ll,e Summer Klcctrie Kour-Sundayi «:3« F. M., CST, CBS-Frankie. Carle and Mis Orchestra. Ark-Mo Power Co. LANGSTON-WROTEN CO. Walnut and Broadway Telephone 555

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