Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 10, 1928 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 10, 1928
Page 2
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PAGE TWO" THE lOLA . , r DAIIL .Y REGISTER, TU JASUAKY • •- i AVo arc txplorers all; the New • Vear 'jiringH 1 ,Aaother Vast L'nkiiowu to pcno- 1 trato, ' I Fillpd with discoveries that mold I , our fate. ' ; And fresh ?resoIves and new ad: ventu rings. ; Somewhere within its charmed . realms, the tliinss' -. Thai try the soul and test, the r • heart await; , - ^- Nor may we for a moment ^deviate One hair's breadtli from its finery cliallengings, i; To gaze upon this broad alluring sea • • "i That holds the riddle of our d«s- I; tiny; To sense new opportunities at liand i: Tor building and for serving, is to I • stand ; . , j Aa did that brave explorer and his • r • men, .= "Silent, upon a peak in Darien." f —^George Sanford Jiolmcs in American Poetry. Surprise Compliment tl ><t SeT.ahd Mrs. J. Le« Beleford A reception in; the nature of a •surprise was given last night in •th© annex of the FirsV Christian church in compliment to the ne^*' nlnlBter of jtlie First Christian cbiirch, the; Rev. J. Lee Releford, and Mrs. Releford. - The annex' was do<'orated with bouquets of flowers and two hun- jdred persons were in lino to re- jcclve the minister and his -wife. A 'prograpi consisted of a ."ong liy ' (the congregation-; prayer by Mr. A. "'H. Stroup: selections by the orchestra; trio by MiK8 Vc'Ita Smith. Miss Celeste Griffith and MiKHiMa: TOtta Peterson: r»-a(|inK hy • .TcRsio Heller; talk. "Our "iM.-t..)-.' ; by Mr. F. Senfkir; solo, ^Mr.-^.' llnlph Ross; talk. '•Smidicy ; School," MH FraniMK' .Vnili-rsuni: •piano solo. Miss Celeste/(iriffilli: -. talk, "The Churih." Ur. Ira It. i "Frantz: reading. .Mis.s Fraiikii- {.n-', . •'Orlggs; • talk "Just Suiiiething t'l ,; Say." the Rev. .1. .Lee Uoler<iril. • The Jinliig ronni tables were • decorated; In a color scheme of rose and pink and light«i> v.jili rose and pink candles in < rystyl candlesticks^ and .an oyster snip­ per -was served. • •> <• rnlty Onb to ITnniboldt Mrs. E. H. Leitzbach was liost- ess. to the Unity club yesterdtiy afternoon in her home in, Hum- bdldt The lesson on r:ociolog>- viis led ' by Jlrs. J. H. Sowerby witii .Miss • Elizabeth Apt and Mrs.' G. R. • ; Stodghill assisting, a general dis- ; cussion of the subject following. ; Mrs. N. O. Dodge, the president; /! presided over the business meeting • and arrangements were made for , l-tjie anniversary in l>v6 weeks from •iyesterday. A committee • on arrangements wa4 appointed with •'Mm George Talbert as chairman. I 'Mies Elizabeth Apt, chairman of the program .committee of the •lyear: wiU be in charge of the an- 4 . nlrersary program. ^Irs. Lewis Drake, a former member, was a lignest.ind Mrs. Nannie -MtiCarty 'attd Mrs. J. H. Armel assisted the .i :hostes3 in serving;a lunch, i-. The members -present were: : Mrs. Florence K. Beldisg. Mrs. L. V. Bowlus. Mrs. Fred Denton. Mlrs n Elizabeth Aftt, Mrs. H. C. Ford. , i'Mrs. N. 0." Dodge, Mit^ Alice Hen- •fdrlcks, Mrs. J. H. Henderson, .Mrs. J. W. Hessar, Mr*. Horace Miller, ;.MP ». Chaa. F . Scott. Mni. J. H. :l Bowerby, Mrs. G. B. Stodjthill, .Mrs. ;iA. R. Slroup, Mr» George Talbert. -:>Mls« Luella Varner. Mrs. J. F. Lemon. Mrs. Bnrney Miller, .Mrs. P. (X Hanson and .Mrs. W. K. Ralston of! lola aiid .Miss Mary K. Chumberlaln of .Hiunboldl. <• •:• •:• J Enf«rtain <i Brirtsi' Club i • Mrs. R, ir. Sleu'jirl < nt-rlaiiied the mernbars of lier bri and one guest, last MIKII home at 40l South Chestnut street. K" club in her was re- ihorlin. o Miss n. Ka<I- The high score favtir reived by .Mr.s. Earle (). H .the consolation going.' Glesstier Abbott. ' .Mrs. \V, . •'; dis received the guest pVize. The members- present were: : Mrs. .r. K. Humes. Mrs. H. R. ' Symniesi Mrs. Clair Sm^th and Mrs. LuI .T. Davis. • • Meeting oi" Uorld Wide J^iiiM • ';t A meejii<i; of the -\V<itild Wide 5' Guild'of tile First IJaptisj ilmrch I .vras held last nfchl In the puiM : ;i room "f the Raptist lenijile wirii ; the president. Miss Viola J.ewm.iii, Ipreslding. Mrs. .1. H. |Sowcri)y ;':comlucted th« devotional pc-riod and Miss I>iiella McKarniik led the - program which was taken from I •; the book. "'.New Paths for Old Piir- s." There wa." a short meeting and Miss Pearl >Ic- arnln and Miss Luella .MeKarnln erred refreshments. .1 The members attending .were::Laura Ren.sou, • Grace Bradshaw, JEdilh DoUiiJon, Dora Davis. Eliza- ibeili Ivedcrer, Rubv Pennington, jVlola ].,ewman and >jrs. J. H. Sowerby. ' Sore Throat Sore, Quick Relief —N'o longer -is it necessary to gargle or to choke witlvflUHly Ujat- ? Ing^ patent medicines or (jargles to ;; relieve' sore throatj One swallow i Cf a famous physician's prcscrip- i tloii called Thoxlne Is guaranteed to i relieve within 15 miiiutcs. It ^ go^.s direct to the cause; is far, n »ui)orior to gargles. Thoxino does not conUiln irojn *; ohioroforni or dope. It is pleas' ant tasting; is harmless arid safe -for the .wbQ ]9 tamiiy,. Sold on'tler J T money Mck ^guarantee of: qui<;k ^'Ik-ellef.; 3Sc. ^Oc; and fl.OO:—Sold (m?. store., Sorosjs Club "Merts . The SoronlH club met ycsterdiiy iiflernoon with Mr». C A. Swiggett and Dr. Lucy Hull in the home of thei formei- in AVhecler H.jighls. '' "America tho Beautiful" was spng. after, which .Mr«. Florence Longshore presided o^'er the bitsi- ness meeting. In compliance with a request "that there be no .social affairs duriiig the Billy Sunday meetings. tht» programs were bi;oughl forward as follows: The dixtes of March 12 and 26 and April 9 were changefl to February 2(1 and March 12 and 19. and the Mav 7 program will be i>ostponeid until. May 14. Roll call response was "A New Book." Jlrs. V. L. Kirk played a flute selection. "Serenade," with Mrs. R. L. Thompson aiccompany- ing on the piano. "Getting Ac- quainte_(l with Our Library," was the subjei-t of a talk by Mrj..O. L. Garlinghouse. FJer talk was informal and. she gave a history <if the lola Public'Llbrar>- from 190S up until the 4)rescnt time. Mrs. D. B. Mcdarty gave a paper on Books of TK^d-ay and Grandmother's Day," illustrating her subject b.v passing a number of books. Election of Wflceris i;esullcd in the re-electiou of ;.Mr«. Florence Long.shorc as president with Mrs. Ira I). Kelle.v jWce-prc«ideul; Mrs. Cl.vdo ThompsOni treasurer and .Mr.s. (id. Thomas, secreiary. Mrs. Ander-jon, Mrs. Setterstrom and Mrs. Leonard Mundis wcri- guests. . The members present were: .Mrs-. W. H. Anedrs <iu. .Mrs. B. M. Contant, Mrs. A. K. Florence. Mrs. O. L. l!arlin(,'hoiise. ,11rs. E. W. HMglund. Mrs. Ira I> Kelle.v, Mrs. V. L. Kirk; .Mrs. G. .M. Luiiier. .Mrs. Kloreiiee Longshore. Mrs. \V. K. I «v (>iis. .Mr;>. 1). IS. .Mei 'artv. .Mrs. '.!'. IC. .N 'ordKnn. Mrs". I). P. Norili- riip. Mrs. C. );. Kussell. .Mrs. K. ^V. .SIK rwood. .Mrs. ('. C. Thomas. VtK.' H. K, Tlionips<iii. .Mrs. Clyde Tli.>nip*><>". Mrs. T. I,. Waite. Mrs. L. II. Wisliard and Mrs. R. U Thoniphoii. ;jr. * . '\ * •> ••• Ciirrent Ktenls Club Klecl!* Oifki-rs of iiff !:-ers lor llie ensiling year wa.-> hcln yeslirday afternoon at u meeting of the Cnrrent Events club in the himie of Mrs. .1. K. Powell. :;i!t East -street, resulting in the re -electiou of the pri 'sent. incumbents as follows: .Mr.s. O. G. ^lii .iesingtT. (ircsideni; .Mrs. A. <;. Speegle. vice -president;: .Mrs. .A. A. Scliell. {pccretary and .Mr.--. .1. E. Powell, ' ti^asnrer. .Mr.s. I). G. Mine.singer presided over Ihe business. 3 Roll call re- spoji .ses w;<>re niiscenaneotis events. Mrs. Richard Ewing was the study leader and- gave a review of ".\niong the Cnm Rows" b.v Hamlin Garland, with comments' by the members. 'tSponish Dance." by Moszkowski was plavcd bv Mr.s. Ralph StoVer and. .Mrs. .T. E. Cornish. . Mrs. R. B. St;evenson was a guest. The assisting hostesses were .Mr."*. 'S. A. Elli.^ and Mrs.. E. W. MyUT. Tlie club members at tlK> meeting were: Mr.s. J." E. Cornish, Mrs. Richard Hwing. Mrs. G. AV. Gates, .Mrs. Ci. M. Gcover. -Mrs. A. H. Hecox. .Mrs. J. O. .Major. Mrs. H. R. Martin. .Mrs. .loe McKinlcy. Mrs. D. (I. Mluesinger. Mrs. H. G. Itidgcr way, .Mrs. A. A. Schell. Mrs. H. H. Sherman, .Mrs. S. M. Sifers. Mn?. \V. E. Starks, .Mrs. W. T. Thayer, .Mrs. IL L. Wagner, Mrs. Ralph Stoyer. Mrs. Georgo J. Tromfwlri. -Mrs. -V. C. .Mclntyre! .Mrs. P. H, Ra>i and .Mrs. C. B. Stephens. ; •> • • lIosteiiN ((> Itrldire Club - .MifW .Marvella Clark o^ 1019 East Kireet was hostesH to ^ler bridge club and two guc»tji )a.><l uight in her homo. ' Favors were reeeived by Mr?;, Arthnr Klianuon tor high' K '.-oro and Mi's. Homro Frances for Kecond, liigli ' s<:ore. Mls:i LyiKlith frccry and Mrs, Robert Trombold were guests. The club members present were: Mrs. Ora Duncan. .Mrs. Horace Fraiici's. Mr.s. Arthur Shannon, .Miss'Isabel Ashford. Miss Helen Hubbard and .Miss .Margaret Rob•rris: ; .'I • . • . i - 1 -y •> •> (/•ilden Link Club .Heels I The members of the Colden Liiik chih met yjfrterday after- ii,iH»n with. Mi-s. A. /C. Grovo in her honw at 12.'i .N'ortli Ches-;nut .street. .MIS. W. A . Woodruff, tlfe pfesl- 'lent. . presided over ,the business and the program. Roll ci«ll response was "..V Favorite Author." Mrs. .1. W. Fife conducted the les- .•••oii on Kansas hiirtory. Mrs. W. W. Willianw read a paper on "A Story of Wheat. Klour and Bread." .Mr-s. C. C. McPherson read a paper on •'Christmas Cnstotns." Readings were given b.v Mrs. Erik ,Iensen on 'Tho Home" and Mrs. LAHARTEAND .ITS CITIZENS Hoi* BnbbH Hopl Oy>ter .Supper Tbursday Mirht—Farm Bureau Clnli, Poslponcs .Wttnir. SAiJDINO (.Mrs. Opal Slilchell) LAH .VRPK. Jan. '9.—The oyster .supper following the big himt which was held last Thursday will l*e enioyed ThurHday night in the Masonic and I. O.'-O. F. hall. All the nuqters and their families take, part in the cirlnilnatioii of the hig hunt when -th^ losing side lias to serve scup to the winners. A short, snappy program is given and a general -good time had. marking it as one of the,best times of the winter .season.: The meeting of the L:iHarpc Farm Bui?eau dub which was t9 have been held Wednesday has been postponed until Monday afternoon and will be hpld at v the home of .Mrs.AV. H. Wood. .Mrs. Nancy Biggs of Uccds, Mo., spent the dtiy at the Ben Biggs home. —For Sale: Nice JcrRe.v cow. he fresh iji few,days; also goose feathers. Otto Barker. '• Mr. and Mrs. F. X. llartzog bad as their dinner -'guest; Saturday. Miss Margaret :xiaxi'on. and Sunday Mr. Hei:r.v 'McDonald of Garland. Sunday afternoon Mr. aiid Mrs. Fl.tngcl Gilmorc\and daughter Gertrude of Mprau. and .Mr. and Mrs. George 'Malconi were callers. y. The Epworth l^eague. of the .M. E. church had an, interesting lesson Sunday evening. It-is faking up the study of Christ on the luilia Road and will be studying this for ahout four weeks or more. —Wanted: Lady .to attend oyster supper with Clifford Jones. Plettse It'uve application!^ at Pail- dji'H Cafe. AiiMniber of niembers tif the Pliilntliea Sunday .s<lio (i| class are idannips: to furm a line party at the i:ilte Tlieater. Tuesday after- iioiin to see flir ciiienia veision "f Ren Hur. I,)illtir|><' Presbylerliiii Clinrch. Installation services for tin- Rev. .Vewtiui A. Peek as past <ir of the Lallarpe Pre .-iliyterian ctiurcli will take piai -e at the church Thiif'sday (veninc. .lanuary 12 at 7:.10. Rev. Harvey G. .Mathis of hi]:\ will preside. iM -eacb the sermon and pro Iieltnd the eniiKlitulioual uueslloMS. hv\. Geo. W. Horn of Hnniboldt will "charr.e the' people." Rev. J. .1. Piinliam of' Clianule will "cliarg" the pastor." litis is a jiublic service antT all nt the churches '.are invit)><l to worship with IIS that evening. ESDAY 5\^NING. JANUARYqO, 1928 r (Coatlkiaed Pnge Qne) work of is. his; hoblo". - Incdonl Visit to'til potenli^C, collecting snakes, which iccular and particular ;il to 'a narrative of his ic Sultan of Sulii. he call- en attcnl(on to the fact that this ruling over several huri| dred pmjall islands and over a lar;^inM;Jon of the northern part ' ' as well, never had been by Spain but had re-- tjilijcd .^lilt independence until (hi! Anierlciin conquest of tlie Islands; fiircn tio\ he is in receipt of a regular s alary from the United States flml is recognized as the execuliye head of his island.*), whiles Great Britain pays his rcgnlar anJ ittjfll tiibjitc for thai .part of his former, dominion in B->rnco which lli ^Brttisjh occupy.'• In case hide-, pfedence j were granlcrl to thej islands, t|ierefore, the Sultan of Sulu could make a .better claim tlian anyt)od.v for tli-> rsc-jpnition of his 'sovereignty. Snmmiilg up bis observations and co.hciiisions. Dr., Toylor iuade it entircl.v clear that he thipks it would-.^be a ;great mistake, harm-<| ful to the F^iliplnos themselves, fpr. the Unjtcl '^tates to them independe ICC and cast them ailrlft.' JTh' Dorlor's Ilohb.r. -. ImniMlii teiy following "the Current Topi s jiddresH.. a meeting of th:> Allpn County Medical Association was held for tlie purpose of 'bearing; I r. Taylor talk about .j poisonous ^ri'piiles anil the. anli- ]dotes fiir their venom. It is an i evidence <<j" the int.?rest with which illie s |ie,iki T'S first address had been bear I that a very consideia- Ible niinibr'r of those attending Ihe ifnrrenl' Topics meeting . accepted tlie invitation to remain and bear'] tlie fiirtlie^- talk. As alftve remarked. Dr. T.iylor's liebby i;-< the <-(illect'ion and study of snakes. . In pursuit of this hob- I 'v he has bunted sn:ikes over a large p.irl of the world and has captured at lea >tt lO.ftOO speciuicnK lit perhaps latt rlifferent varieties. fHe saiiljthat here in Kansas there are Iiiit f (uir poisimoiis reptiles, ihree of tbein being different va­ rieties of the rattlesnajcc and. the other jielng the copperiiead. Fortunately most of these have beep/ exterminated in the more tbicK^ settled iiart^ of: the state, although a member of the University faculty nearly^his life last summer by a rattlesnake-hite which he received while picnicking near Law- Tence. i Dr. Taylor-^liscusse* briefly the nature of the poisons secreted by the different varieties of- snakes and then reviewe<l In a very interesting way the ^ work . scientists have done along'|ge line ot developing an antidote for these poisons. This antidote |in brief is a serum that is 'developed from the poison itself through injection into the blood, of living animals Ih tho same manner in which various other serums are pro<lucc«K On account of tlie, difficulty and n ^ • — r-r expense of ^curing the 'ppi^w-j needed to bt^n this raanufadture. the resultant;;seruni Is very -high priced, a iiln^tc dose probably unr obtainable formless than $5.0 OE $60. Dr. 'Taylpr expressed the opinion that in every-town and city there •uffht/ to l»e A supply-available. Dr. Taylor made a most pleasing impression upon both ati^i- enges he addressed and Wsvislf^fo lola marks ano'tlrer hfgtt point In the pi;ograms of the Current Topics Club. , , ; HEADACHES HwidAehe.s are a vbice of warning. You better had take heed! 1 havie worked on dozens for it, And flozens have tfcen freed! i DR. C. Z. MONTGOMERY THE PALMAR CHIROPRACTOR lola Lauiidry BuiMinsf Phone 138 Mrs. .1. member 4 Fred on "Music." H. Me.Miirray Ijecanie a :it this meeting. The niemlK -rs atteniling were: Mr.---. Kred .Menzie. .Mrs. .Mark Runer. Mi-y.J. W: Fife. Mrs. C. E. ,Morrell. Mrs. Erik .len.sen. Mrs. W. A. W.iodnirr. :.Mi-s. • W. M. Williaui.s. Mrs. C. C, MrPliersou. Mrs. H. F. Delp. .Mrs. II. A. Henriclis and .Mrs. William Gillow. .Marrluge Jinnounremenl .Mr. ancf 'Mrs. William Edwin Saencr announce tho marriage of their daiighterv Edna Ruth, to Mr. .Io.';eph R. Hall. Saturday. December :'.l. 1927. at Muskogepi Okla. • Tho bride is well known here, h.'iviiig spent her girlhood days in lol.-i and was graduated from the lo^.higli .school with the class of lftl7. She with her parents, moved from lola to Tulsa where she taught in the kindergarten ^department (if.the Tulsa schools. A < liai;ie(e| i:.lie (ihiilii it( Ci -ii. .\ii.<:iisiiiic) Saiidliiii. the .Vii-.-ii-- av.iian ;"M 'liill<mlst. wimse men I:ave Mifl'T '-d li'-avy losses in l'i:!litii!!- Willi I nil'i| Slates .\l.-i! ilie-. Boy Is F]loc(«oci!ted WtM-kinjc VViUi Radio HEAD STUFFED FROM dATARRH OR A COLD '•if. K.i Ka Yaler «• II' ii;y. L' Ch;irles I-:. M.-iii;. I'd 'ill ii's lal Ii4 I'. l:llt. 111. I \Pl •iiin III I'le llev. eleetroilll- linilie h'l'e !:i-l Says' Cream Anplied in N<i3-, trils Opens Air Passages , . .Right Up. Inidant relief—no w.-«itiii;j. Your clogged noBtrUs'op>'n riplit up: the air [Msjiagps of .vour bead clear and you j can breathe fri-elj". N«> more'hinvking, ni;;|il wliile iiyiiiv, t» heir cude, snuffling; blowing, lieadaclie, dryness, bi.mials over .ui aiii .ii .r ,ir r .-ieio sta- i So struggling for breath at night; tioii set. Tin-. >- tliiiii •all'! volts passed llin>ii;;li his hmly when. i| w .-^.s lieMevr.l. ue, Iniiched a irans- forniej-: wire. ' I'IH- l-iilio :!:ili ';n. in tlie .-itiic of the Hi-mv lii;iiie. is opevatod bv :i luotlier uC tlie dead n'.iii. Itodiiiaii I., lie;.:v. .Hid Paul Frye. lieitber of wlioin there t ;t ilie iiiiie. Women, Weak, Tired, Rundown and Nervous or who suffer ova.rian pains, pains In the Iijwer part: of the stomach, bearing down pain^ female weaknesses, headaches, backache, mel- .nncholia, despondentT. nervous derangements, flushes of heat, fleeting and iridefiniCe. pnin.s. w-hites painful or irregular periods, should write to Mrs. JCIIen I>ovell. 72S3 .Mass., Kansas City, \Mo. •She will entirely FREE and without charge to the Inquirer advise ot; a convenient Home method whereby she and'other women say they have successfully relieved similar troubles. The most common expression of these thankful Women is "I feel like a new wdman." Ayl others "1 don't Imve any pains whatever anymore." ~"I can hardljr hellove myself that your Wonderful Method ba^ done so muc|i good.for me In aiich a slfort tlme.'^' Write today, entlrel Indications are that numerous circuit changes., will tie tnade in the minor leagues liefore Tlie oiien- ing of tlie i;t2S baseball season. Don't Let That Cold Timi Into *'Fla" , Tliat cold may turn into "Flu," Grippe or, even vfonvu Pneumonia, im* less you take care ofj it^t once. RubMuslcrolcon tjlicconRCstcd parts end see how qujddyit brings ircUef. As cfTeai vc as the picssy old mtt-stard plaster; docs the work without, blister. Musterolc, made jfrom piire oil of mustard, campliorrTpcnthol and other simple ingredients, is a counter-irritant which stimulates circulation and helps break up the cold. You will feel a tn tingle as it enters the pores, then s cooling sensation ' that brings welcome relief. ' Jars & "Tcbes Bett€r than a mntard pkutcr REUEF FROM ITCHING. ..^ . . u BO quick when PASJO: OINTMENT b mppIJcd, it wUI snipria^ yoa. Drnniste •re kaenly interested liii' flw TCIBC ^ and •r« ncnamendiiic it tb t|i«ir enstooen. A^»X2°'.'*™««** •bbat PAZO OINTMENT. In tobea witii pOs pipe. We: or m ttn box, COe. NotNew! Only Dry Cleaned In those informal chats that wpnirn hold the apc-ul(l question of clothc «i is often the suhijcct of conversation. At these times the value of our method of dry cleaning is froqnently commented upon and recomnieniled for its beautifying economy. Ableson Cleaners Phone 105 vonr colT or catarrh disappo.irR.: Cct a :Braall bottle of Kly'.s Cream Balm fr<jjBi.vo:ir druggist now. Apply a little ^^f tWs fragrant, antiseptic, iicaling :4ream in ynur noslrilsi It !>enrtrate» tliroiigli every air passage of the h<«id. soot lies the inflamed or .swollen uiucoii* membrane and.relief comes iniitantly. It's jusjt fine. Don't stiiy stuITM-up H 'itli a cold or nasty catarrh. PAYCASH PAY LESS NO BILLS TO DISTRESS where samkgs or^ gtk^sOest *' SOUTH SIDE SQUARE I • . V A HELPFUL' STORE, PAY LESS, GET MORE! lOLA, KANSAS Who Wouldn't W^it;^ New Frock? When the Styles Are Sd Attractive and the Prices Amaziiig^ly Low! Good news for all of our feminin^-fiiends-rwe have a score of charming frocks which we-wapt you to see a]t once. Modes for airoccasions on youriwiatcr calendat. Flat Crepe—Georgette*— The Very Modish Sltin The gleam of black satiii appears at all smart functionia —high shades of blue and red tones, as well as brpwo, tsa and green vary the showing. I Be Sure To See Them Soon— ' Such Values Are Particulai^Iy Timely As the holidays approach one of these frocks will;prove particn- larly useful—buy one, two or three while'such worthwhile prices for frocks of this quality are possible—our buying power briogi na- tuual savings to yon. ! Frocks For Women—^Mijues—^Junkin JL ttarclay«>Shields Clothing Co. $uits, Overcoats, Sweaters, Lumbpr Jacks, .HeavyrlTiiiierwear and all Winter merchandise. ; $ale starts Wednesday morning, January nth and! ends Saturday night, January ^ist. ' . ' \l • \ ' ^ • i JUST 10 DAYS I OVERCOATS All Overcoats must go; riegardless of cost. : ^18.00 0. coats for 4l 2.95 ^0.00 O. coats fpr $15.95 ^27.50 O. coatsfor$21.45 $:]2.50 Q. coats for $23.85 $^5.00 O. coats for $24.95 $39.50JO. coats for $28.45 LOW FARE EXCI^SION 1¥ICHITA ! Fare and One Half for R^Vund Tiip Tickets on sale January tSth. to 21st. Return' limit Jadiiary 23rd4 • ' •ely fr you. "A Serrlee., WUIe iu >rkhi «a sro (lie ElkK t'lrruH. 25 Wir l.'Irrus Acts. Kxtni> (irdinnr): ffuturcs. TIc-fcpIs and in)riirniMtion from — B. E. TnOJlpkoS, TIrket Xgtnt .MlKNoarJ PiK^flc liallroad To. lola,; ;a OVERCPATS $6.95 EXTRA SPECIAL ! VALUES Sinair sizes. 35--36:—37, lliesc coats " soM tip to 522.50. COME ON SMALL MEN. < . - ' „ji, , 5 BOYS OyER- i COATS All in the newest Double Urease models. Plaid wixrf Hnedi $8;50 overcoats for $5.65. $^1.50 overcoats for $8.35 MENS UNION SUITS $1.50 heavy fleeced $1.19 $1.25 ribbed (heavy) .9.S $1.75 part wool i9 $1.50 Extra hcavv ribbed _._$1.29 LUMBER JACKS $7.50 I.,umber Jack $4.95 $9.00 Lumber Jack $6.35 $3.00 Lumber Jack $2.19 SWEATERS MENS AND BOYS $6.00 Sweaters _-_S3.95. 8.50 Sweaters $6.89 $10.00 Sweaters .$7.69 $2.50 Boys Sweaters ______.___.._$1.49 $4JO Boys Sweaters __.,____$2JW BOYS KNEE PANTS Extra Special values full fined at 49c, 95c, $1.49 j MENS SUITS Ail niew fa^ce goods, light or dark cdLors, they must ' move fnfi.i $16.50 Su^s for __$n.95 $20.00 Sufts fdr_-$1^.85 $22.50 Suits for^-$17.95 $27.50 SuCts for__$21.95 S30.00 Su&s for- $22.35 $32.50 Sujts f6r_.$24.65 $35.00 .Su|ts fer-_$28.45 KATS $3,00 Keifh Hats $2.19 •FURNISHINGS 2.5c Wool ._..__19c 30c Wool ^^x --22c .5nc Wool Sox 39c 15c Black or Brown sox.r^-L 11c 15c Hank^-diiefs I _-_9c $2.50 Drels Mittens 1.95 •MENS SUITS EXTRA SPEOAL 15 of them at <gg Small sizes 34-3536. These suits sold high as $25.00. BOYS KNEE PANT SUITS $2.95 lo $5.85 Ages 4 to 13 Years These .suits soM $6.00 to $12 JO. . WINTER CAPS : $1.00 Caps for ^_89c : $1.25 Caps for 98c $1..50 Caps for $1JJ9 $2.00 Ca|»s for^-__$1.49 BOYS SHOES Size IVz to 5. Extra Special; ____$1.00 ^^me Wednesday and every day during the 10 day! sale ^nd get your share of these real haigins. 1* 5; liaMlfiy45hM4s CloMMwg Co. .1

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