The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan on October 16, 1939 · Page 7
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The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan · Page 7

Ludington, Michigan
Issue Date:
Monday, October 16, 1939
Page 7
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MONDAY, OCT. 16, 1939. THE DAILY NEWS—LUDINGTON, MICHIGAN. PAGE SEV&4 Start The Winter By Banishing Apartment Worries—Read These Columns n PHONE 21 FOR AN AD-TAKER LUDINGTON DAILY NEWS Daily rate per line tor consecutive insertions: Charge Cash Three days, 3 lines $ .81 $ .72 One day, 3 lines 36 .30 Advertising ordered for irregular Insertions takes the one time insertion rate; no ad taken for less than basis of tliroe lines. Count six average words to the line. Charge ads will be received by tele- I phone, and if paid at The Daily News Office within six days from the first insertion «ash rate will be allowed. Ads ordered for three or six days and ! stopped before expiration will be ! charged only for the number of times (he ad appeared and the adjustment made at the rate earned. Publishers reserve the right to edit or reject any Classified advertising copy. Rate per line for white space Is the .s;ime as a line of copy. Announcements Flowers and Mourning Goods 4 flJT FLOWERS—And funeral work. Tel. 672. Frank Nordine, 810 E. Ludington Avc. D. 8. Patent Offlc* Trademark Dinner's Come—and Gone! POPEYE JUST RECEIVED Ladies' and Children's NEUTOP1A SHOULD BE *• AROUND HERE SOMEWHERE, BUT NONE OF THESE WAVES 1.OOKT FAMILIAR) THE FOOD IS ALLGOSJE,MV JFE DEPENDS UPOM A SULLBURGSR VOU FRIGHTENED MV GULLBURGER THEV'S NO SiGM OF LAND Mittens and Gloves OH,ESCUSE ME, I VAM SORPV All the bright new fall colors. 29 C 49 C 79 PENNEY'S Worid mint mctvn) Copt IV3Y, Kmr. FtMurt. S/ndicttt. In. Strayed, Lost, Found Good Things to Eat 57 DICKIE DARE .Trademark Registered U. 8. Patei>» Office To Be Concluded APPLES—All varieties, priced low. Best | quality. Order now. We deliver. L. A. ; llawley & Sons. Phone 207. 10 IIAYWORTH WATCH—Lost at Oriole liold Friday night. Has black strap. Kel. to Superintendent's office, High school. Automotive '•W^^xx^x^»*xv^^ < ^x^^^k^- fc ^ Automobiles for Sale 11 FORD Short whcclbase truck In very KiMid condition, .lust the thing for skidding bolts out of the woods, a real buy. only $85.00. Two 1934 Ford panel trucks in good running condition, real liargains. Two 1938 Chevrolet 2-door (own sedans. 1938 Plymouth 4-door sedan. 1938 IJtilck 2-door trunk sedan. 1937 Uuick coupe, like new. He sure anil set- our selection of low priced, high quality cars under $100. Every line a real buy and ready for thousands of miles of trouble-free transportation. Low prices. Easy terms. Ludington Auto Sales. Phone 600. ORDER YOUR—Winter supply of apples now. Very fine. Starks, Red & Golden Delicious, Wagners, Spies. Winter Ilananas and Baldwins. John M. A. Hansen. \<. ml. N. Stiles Corner, R. 2, Ludington. WINTER APPLES—Number of varieties I for sale. I5c a bu. and up. Joe Strem- ski, I'-., ml. N.. \\ nil. W. Stiles corners. Household Goods 59 BARGAIN PRICES—On good U3ed gasoline engine washing machines, cream separators, range stoves, electric ranges, gasoline stoves. L. Mattix Store, Scottvllle. GOOD USED OIL—BURNING CIRCULATORS at bargain prices. Sec them before you buy. II. Smcdbcrg & Son, Custcr. LARGE—Circulating heater, in good condition, for sale. Call at 803 W. Fitch St. QAH'6 FIND Vine MC ice. BOX AH INDIAN MAHARAJAH TO ' rue GIANT, rue INDIAN ?WCe t>l£PL A PARTICULARS RAR£ 5M&ZALP ttUf, 6UPDENL1 9 we PRIIJC& KA&£6 HIS HAW-- rue STONB OVERBOARD! BUT, ?. LMk ?&ns^Ot \ / MV THAT 41OH& YJUZ TW \ / NAPURI, R£ eMSRALP. OtiZ OF \ / Of TH' MO4T VALUABLE IN INDIA! I A •••AN 1 NOVJ IT'£ Ar TH' &OTTOM ) \ W OF TH' 4&A ! GOSH, WHAT'Z 7 ). TH& 016 IP£A? a — • - /r\ OF MV A gTOHS \6> INSIGNIFICANT! •••I W&H&P VOU ALL TO PBKCEI\I& THI6 VISUALLY! ••• AND NOW TO TO CONCLUSION OF A JUST RECEIVED—An all-cotton SO-lb. • mattress, $-1.45. W. E. READER & CO., ' Cuslcr. I About New York !I38 DELUXE—Plymouth 4-door touring .sedan. Radio, heater. Very clean Job. Call Gerald Ponko. Phone 1203. Repairing—Service Stations 16 OIL HEATERS—Washers, Radio, Refrigerators, New and used. Buy where you grt service. GROTEMAT'S WIFE SAV- Pm nin(r nnrl ErninEr ING STATION. coming ana going, Farm Equipment 61 4UTU It KP AI IIS—By experienced workmen that will save you money every dny. lletlia Garage, 1102 S. Madison St. Business Service Business Services Offered 18 i FAKMERR ATTENTION—Dead stock re- i moval. Phone collect. Prompt sen-Ice. . MI'SKEGON RENDERING CO. Tel. | Ocottville, 129-F-ll. TakeOfjLYoujtHat To The iNW'EtoS PUMPS-WATIR SVSTtMS-MAY TOOLS-OOOK HANOEBS POOR EYESU;ilT — Makes children backward and adults Inefficient. For correct glasses see Chinnery, Scott. Q. SMKDBERG ft SON- CUSTER. Specials at the Stores 64 NEWEST G. E.—WHITE WASHER, $69.50 and $21.95. 6 tube G. E. table radio free. Newest Easv White Washers, $69.50 and 60 boxes ftxydol soap free. Wallace Kuras. 210 W. Ludington. Phone 604. NEW YORK — After all these years, with hundreds or plays I still think the funniest scene on Broadway concerns the destruction of an automobile in Tobacco Road, It isn't a scene, really; the final obliteration of this automobile j requires several scenes. It is explained in a few fragments of I dialog. I Now this dialog is no good on ! paper. The background of the I plav is so essential 'to it that quotations would be meaningless. There is a strange quality of abstractness all through this play, particularly in the dialog Wanted—To Buy 66 BLONTblE A Man of Affairs Cleaning, MEN'S Sl'lTS—Dry cleaned and pressed, plain dresse?,. 4t)o. Ludington Dry I'leaners. .lames & Foster Sts. St. Tel. 481-M. Employment Tlelj) Wanted—Female 32 j WE PAY—$5 for sellliiR ten $1.00 boxes. 50 beautiful assorted name Imprinted Christmas cards selling $1.00—your profit iOe. Free sample offer. Thomas Doran Co., 28SA. White Plains, N. Y. Real Estate for Rent Help Wanted—IMale CUTTERS—Wanted for wood and tics. P.. ml. south Walhalla. STEADY WORK—GOOD PAY KE1.IAHJLE MAN WANTED—car|l farmers. No experienc- cir capital re- iliiired. Make up to $12 a day. Write MR. RAHY, Box 192, Bay City, Mich. of Jeeter Lester. He is never concerned with actual events j themselves. If his grandmother, Renovating 20 ' IJL'YING—used furniture, "cook stoves, who is nearl" a hundred, gets Heaters and heatrolas. Bob's New *. ! lost in the "SCdgC brush," it gOCS «•" -i- V"™i"Vf re storc> 5<u Ei Dowland I unnoticed for davs. Then he re- I fleets. "I better look for her, one of these days." There is one scene in which „. his wife admits to an earlier in- Apartments and Hats 74 , fatuation with a traveling sales: ! man. The salesman arrived 01 APARTMENT—Unfurnished, downstairs. ' T ...„-„_ p nnr i w )-,pn Jeeter W? 1 for rent. Inquire 104 E. Melendy. Tel. | J°^n JSn "That wTs The itime you went off to buy that brown mule," his wife tells him. {Instead of being horrified at this frank admission, Jeeter looks at her for a second and 'then slaps his sides. "I re: member that mule," he says, "•best durn mule I ever had." I * * * ' The same quality of abstraction, which in m'y opinion is Ithe only justification of the Ml, MOM, Ml. DAISV GOT AM APPLE AKJD SOME COOKIES FOR ME ? AROUND MERE WITH BABY DUMPLING AT SCHOOL ALL THANK GOODNESS ITS ALMOST TIME ARENTYOU GOING TO SIT DOWN AND TELL MAMA WHAT •VOL) DID AT SCHOOL TODAV ? DIDNT DO ANVTHING - HAVE TO HURRV OUT TOPLAy '"•'.&& 1959, Kinc '„/, V v» „?,* ' "'1( Svndiau, Inc.. World ri&hU rtiCrvEoy 192-W. 33 FOR RENT—?urnlshcd apt. for housekeeping. Heat, private hath, all conven- lenci's, 204 N. Gaylord. Tel. 643-W. MODERN FURNISHED APARTMENT— For rent, 3 rooms and bath. Norge re- Irlgerator. Inq. 301 N. Delia. Tel. 119. Youngster, Nine, Directs Symphony By JOHN SELBY (Associated Press Arts Editor) NEW YORK— The woods are full of prodigies these days, but not of prodigies like 9-year-old Lorin can turn out a concert in no time. Mr. Maazel is a professional singer, and Mrs. Maazel plays piano. Lorin's oldest brother, in medical school, is a 'cellist. The boy also likes astronomy, and keeps up a correspondence with amateurs and professionals in that pursuit. The stars in New York are the same as in San Francisco, he remarks, "But they're in different NEIGHBORLY NEIGHBORS Maazel from California. ' pl ?ff s '',' fl , Q<! v,r,fv, 4w,fv, n * is n svmnhonip rnnrinr- He llkes botn f °0tball and 7hTr nVnt^ 9 whnsn baseball, and this summer in shoit ipants, whose M .,. . i__,. no j tri c .,, irv , n work be an orchestra ha Michigan he learned to swim WOIK oeiore an oicnesi/rd, nd.s> ,,,,_ + n viooH » -a-,, fVmt v, D ! Houses for Rent 77 011 ' MODERN HOUSES—For rent at 509 N. Livestock Horses, Cattle, Vehicles 48 Rowe; 206 N. William; 205 N. Robert. Olmslead & Newberg. Phone 22 or 792 evenings. Wanted—To Rent JKRSEY COW—For sale. Will freshen .Ian. 4. Guernsey and Jersey heifer freshen Die. 1st. Fri-il llnckcrt, 3rd p'ace E. fairgrounds on US-3I. TWO HORSES—For sale. Age 5 and 12 years. Wsight about 1.200. E. W. Classen. It. 1. l.udinglon. \n. mi. W. Kistler's filliiiK station, Summit. i ! play, reaches a high note when 81i the half-witted son, who mar- i ries a woman preacher, sys- wANTEi) TO RENT—unfurnished, heat-jtematically wrecks a new auto-j t'd. 3 or 'i-rooni apt, phone 793. j mobile which his wife's first! =~— —-=^=-—-=(husband's insurance has pro- ! Real Estate for Sale Ivldcd. Every time he takes I ithe car out he tears off' &\ 7> I fender, or caves in the hood. ! They limp into the yard finally "-wit son yells to I confounded even the players ! themselves. ' i Lorin really conducts, as he demonstrated when he came on from Interlochen, Mich., with the National Music Camp to give the World's Fair a needed bath of symphonic music, is the young man' who, (reproached gently for let up to my head." By that he means he has mastered the art, all but the breathing, which still bothers him a little. Likes Cycling and Dogs Lo'rin also goes in for bicycling, but not your kind. It seems that his parents thought the Los Angeles streets unsafe for a 9-year-old on a two- wheeler, and refused to 1 » • ™ — . RW I1ARGA1NS—In city, farm and resort |iro]»crty see Home Realty Co Room 8, Nat'l Bank Bids. without correcting them, declared in his strong, rather high-pitched boy voice: "I heard them, all right, but Wanted—Livestock 50 Farms and Land for Sale 83 'nnrf tl-in Vi n 1 f iiH f cmi VPllc Tn * *"•"*" miv.ui, em nc,iiu, uuu ! - ! T?Ptnr "SSl another wrerk T didn>t want to st °P them too i., fjeetei, tiaa anoiner wiecK, o. hor-niisp rv»pv mio-iif i-m shore did, but couldn't hep it. !°"")• ? ecai T?,!, W „"jf n \ be = jwawn't my fault. Wasn't nuth- I kno" .^ Y> •* line in that road a tall. Then T ':„ ^ ,., ,_. WANTED TO BUT—2 fresh milk cows. Eli Hansen, R. 1, Ludington. Phone 17-F-13. • I in ; n j^h^t roac j a tall. Then look around for a little, and Merchandise Articles for Sale 51 AT BARGAIN PRICES—'£ h.p., 110-volt KO-cy. General Electric Rebuilt Motors. L. Mattix Store. Scottvllle. FOIt GIFTS OR PERSONAL USE—We offer a complete lino of loekets, crosses and chains. Hamilton's, 225 S. James. Lorin does more than merely conduct an orchestra. He him one. So Lorin retired to the back yard with his tricycle, removed one of the small wheels, and taught himself to ride the remaining two. Now, he remarks with a wicked grin at his mother, all the boys in the block beg to ride his lop-sided two-wheeler. Lorin is a pretty husky chap, and can take hard knocks eas- ,KOR SALE—20 acre farm 1 mi. N. and ! H mmnprif T tnrnoH mv ovoo ^""""^l --- *~ , ., TT , . 100 rds. w._of scoitviiie. Good tond. ,t.hejnoment^ turned_myjyes does it all from memoryi like ily. He can take orders, too. WELL-I PUNNO— I WUZ OUT T' SEE PETERS'6rOAT WORK OUT TUTHER tK/-V\N r LETS SEE-I GOT 3O* THAT/MN'T OOlfV NUTHIN'—YA <50T ANV TALKIN' MONEY ? Adm. M. Ambroze Est. Must be sold to close estate, i. j. Eddy, ; of fen the road, nigger jumped ou." "Didja kill him?" Jeeter asks. "Well, I looked back and he wasn't moving." Jeeter thinks that over for a moment, shakes his head. " 'Sfunny thing," he says, "but FOR SALE—80-acre farm. Good land and buildings. Price reasonable. Will take in city residence. II. L. Darr, Free- soil. Houses for Sale 84 2 FAMILY HOUSE—With lot for sale on James St. Centrally located. Furnace & bath. Rents for $28. Hargain. Write W. .1., Box 71, Ludington. Toscanini and Leopold Stokowski. He doesn't think anything of this—"you can learn two staves of music by heart can't RANGE—Large green and white porcelain;im:i/oo. Good condition. Inq. :U3 N. William St. Building Materials 53 I'INE TIMBERS—For sale. 8 In.xlO in.xSI) ft., 8 in.xld In.x28 ft. and 12 ft. John ({ulnn. 309 N. Harrison. Phone 445-W. Farm and Dairy Products 55 POTATOES—50c ji bu.; also carrots, rhubarb. Norman Randall. 6 mis. S. of Ludington, R, 3, on US-31. RIPE IIUnUARD SQUASH—For sale by tin; pound or ton. Frank Barclay. Tel. 12B-F-14, Scoltvlllc. TO 1 Al OES—For sale. Good quality. 50c a hu. at farm. Get your winter supply now. Charles Hansen, 1 ml. W., % ml. S. Victory townhall. Tel. 8-F-2. POTATOES—35c a bu. Field run. Earl Wolf, R. 3, Scottvillc. 3 nil. N. of Scottvllle. 703 N. ROWE ST.—6 rooms, hath, furl basement, furnace. 2 lots. Also 403 S. Staff on St., 5 rooms and bath. A. T. lienson, Nal'l Bank Bldg. SWAP COLUMN Ads accepted for this column will be published two times for 25 cents. Each ad -must bear name and address of advertiser. They must be accompanied by cash or stamps. Ads must be brought or mailed to The News, none taken by telephone. If ads involve exchange of labor for commodities, or vice versa, they will be run free of charge. lORSALh—Turnips, citron, kale. Helgf Johnson, R. 3, Scottvllle. V, mi. S. of Amber Corner. Fuel, Feed, Fertilizers 5G PRATT AND DOMINO FEEDS—At reasonable prices. Bethke Feed Barn. Tel. 165-VV. TEAM OF HORSES— Will swap for cattle or anything I can use. Hclge Johnson, R. 3, Scottviiie. y, mi. S. of Amber Corners. 2 SWARMS OF BEES— Free 'from foul brood in standard metal top hives, also two purebred Berkshire boars, weight about 100 Ibs., will swap for anything I can use. Stanley D. Morton, Route 1. Lndington. Tel. 17-F-31. 100 SHOCKS OF CORN— Will swap for anything I cm use. Robert Lee, 2 ml. E. Stilton's school. A southern penoiogist declares that blond criminals are "much tougher than other types." niggers'll jump in front of cars 'spite anything a man can do—you just CAIN'T keep 'em from doin' it." jy> v> \i w vv 7v I do not approve of the de- Keneration of the word Negro to nigger, but in a play this is permissible, when used bv degenerate whites. And degenerates they certainly are, in Tobacco Road. I imagine you could bankrupt the theater and not find a lower, sorrier, rattier, dirtier grouo of characters than the Lester household. They are imbred and they do not take baths. They change clothes only when their own apparel ibecomes so rotten it falls off their bodies. Tobacco Road is now along in its sixth year. When it was opened the critics were frankly puzzled. It was a new piece of pie to them. On the whole, they agreed that it wouldn't do, that it could not last on Broadwav. But it lasted a and five years. The most poisonous of spiders is the female Black Widow. Even her eggs are poisonous to handlp if one r s skin is broken. like a war or a flood, nobody knows what the future of the Jeeter Lesters will be. when you play piano, you?" he demands. "Well, I learn ten or more." He never rehearses from score, and when he conducts an accompaniment for a soloist he does that from memory, too. Of Average Height Lorin is wholly without self- consciousness, but he's not a usual youngster by any means. He is average in height, a little more substantial in build than common, and his head is a very little larger than most. His mother, who is Mrs. Lincoln Maazel of Los Angeles, does his wavy hair rather long "That's because l^e has big ears," she says. Lorin also has big teeth, white strong ones. "I have to grow up to them," he says with a good wide grin. The boy's eyes are. like those of most gifted children, the sort that look straight at you He listens well, arid his language, is more adult than you'd expect, although he has trouble with a lot of long words. "Syvhronize" is one—he talked wit'i Heifetz when the violinist | was making "They Shall Have Music," and Heifetz asked Lorin if he'd ever tried to syn- Without a trace of nervousness, he took a baton in hand and conducted an imaginary orchestra for a quarter of an hour with complete aplomb. Lorin likes people and "music and stars, but particularly animals. Dogs are his favorites, although you might not guess it to hear the name he gave his German shepherd oup. He calls her Duchess "Wally Simpson Windsor Maazel. The average commercial vessel going through the Panama canal pays $4,000 in tolls. As a cure . for "nerves," rug chronize, what he he found out. Lorin meant, didn't" then. know But HOLLYWOOD SIGHTS an4 SOUNDS WAU, T'MORROW'5 THE S\G PAY/ I TELL ^ fETERS HAS GOT HI5SELF INTO SOMETHIN' 8E.TTIN' HIS GOAT'S A BETTER BUTTER TAKE.1H; WITH THE BUTTING METER K156ED UPON A VACANT LOT ON PROUTV STREET TH^ TOWN \$ AUL SE-T FOR TOMORROW'S 8IU.Y <5OAT JOUST"// WHILE INTEREST IS H1SH BE-TTlNCi MOMET 15 A5 PLENTIFUL ' Studies the Stars Lorin likes a large number of things. He plays violin and - By ROBBIN COONS HOLLYWOOD—The temperature was 107 in the shade (the thermometer was understating things) and on one stage at Universal Deanna Durbin was doing a scene .in a fur coat. On another Marlene Dietrich -was wearing fuss-and-feathers, and on yet another there was a young woman who showed good sense. She. was bathing, in the nude, with a duck. A beautiful white duck named Abner. The young woman—her name is Sandra Lea Henville but she's commonly called Sandy—wasn't wearing the usual stitch of flesh-colored swim-suit, and her tub wasn't submerged in foam. She was, quite frankly and happily, enjoying a bath for the camera— and to hell vr^.h the heat and Joe Breen. The duck was an afterthought. There wasn't any duck named made from it later. There wasn't even a duck when the play and movie were revamped as a starring vehicle for Baby Sandy and Hugh Herbert. When Charles Lament, the director, met Abner he was entranced—and Abner was written into the script. * * * Abner's life, story should be an inspiration to all ducks everywhere. Mrs. George Brown, wife of a studio driver, won Abner for a penny in a school bazaar raffle. Her first thought was the roaster, or perhaps a stew. But en route home Abner quacked. Abner has a wistful, personable quack. It saved his life. Mrs. Brown became attached to Abner—and then she thought of pictures. Mr. Brown introduced Mr. Lamont to Abner, and the rest is history soon to be screened, i But these were small inconven- For the scene at hand, the big ; iences. ducking. Sandy's mother placed it was a brief ecstasy, however, her bundle of joy into the can- this bath. After a "hold it, vas tub. While Kathleen How- | please" for stills (during which ard and Bobby Treft, actresses, | Joy Hodges took private movies course, had been bathed prior to the immersion — sterilized, in fact, with castile soap and bo- racic acid, for Sandy's protection. I failed to note whether Sandy had been similarly treated, in courtesy to Abner, but if not—well, a duck can't have everything. # * # The subsequent goings-on were enjoyed by all concerned. At least Sandy gave forth with her entire repertoire of emotion —from squealish delight to nonplussed tears. takes it from Sandy—so .-where does that leave me?" ,' ..' once, by blowing a kiss to her dad behind the camera, forcing papa to retreat hastily, and Lament's hands and arms—pushing Abner into closer attention to his duties —doubtless got into the film, i f,^. 1 ^'7, TJnf fViaco iiTdvo omnll innnvnrov,^ 11IUC 1CVC1. War Boom In Quicksilver SAN JOSE^ Calif.—(VP)'—Old quicksilver workings in: California received a stimulus -when outbreak of the war brought,a quick rise irujrice. .; ' • Former President Herbert Hoover is interested in the New Idria group of mines, the largest in the country. Richest quick-, silver mines on earth are in Italy and Spain. Fulminate of mercury, which is derived from the liquid metal, U» Important in wartime as a der tonator of shells. It is now quoted at $135 per 76-pound flask, advance over its peace- assumed their roles on either side of the tub, Charles Lamont took Abner from the arms of Mrs. Brown and deposited him, splash, into the water. Abner making, modeling and handloom Piano very well indeed, and Abner in the stage play, "Little and Sandy appeared about ... „ weaving have been proposed. with the others of his family Accident," nor in the movie equally disconcerted. Abner, of picture from me, and--Abner-get raw-materials-. of the occasion) Sandy and Abner were taken by their respective mammas for vigorous rubdowns. "I," said Hugh Herbert, "ha^- n't a chance. Sandy takes the UNEMPLOYMENT (In Jail) RESULTS FROM THE WAR SAN QUBNTIN, The war has confronted Saa Ouentin prison with an unemployment problem. Twelve hi dred of its convicts employed the prison jute bag factory a layoff because of inability .<•>• - ,. •' -' >M •

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