Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 15, 1933 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
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Wednesday, February 15, 1933
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR FATAL BATTLE STRIKES BLOW ATNl BOXING All Sorts of Threats Follow Death of Blond _ Ernie Schaaf ^ New York. Feb. 15. . (AP)—The death of Emle Schaaf had struck ,n hea\y blow at boxing In New York state today, brought about threat of repeal of the state boxing law and caused the virtual -disbarment of PrlmO Camera, solely utxin the grounds of his gigantic, size. Only a few hours after Schaaf died in Polyclinic hospital of a brain Injvuy, Governor Lehman ordered •V. thorough investigation of his bout with Camera in Madison Square Garden last Friday night; some legislator suggested moves toward more stringent rules for boxing if not outright repeal of the law imder which it is conducted in this state, and the state athletic commission ; flatly declared it would not approve match between Camera and Sharliey nor allow the huge Italian to box anyone less than six feet two Inches tall and weighing less ihkn 220 pounds. Muldoon Behind It. Back of the commission's surpri.s- -ing action, wreciung the Gardens plans for a title match here in June between Sharkey and Camera,, wad the venerable figure of William Muldoon. ' ' With Gen. John J. Phelan con- .curring, Muldoon announced that the. "super-dreadnaught" class for ^oversized heavyweights, .first or- 'ganizod in 1931,.would be re-established and that Camera, if he, is to fight, in this state at all, must pick ; hts rivals strictly from within that division. Muldoon declared he had opposed the Schaaf-Camera boiit from the . start but that public Opinion had , led him to approve it against his better judgment. The' effect of the commission's ruling is practically to bar the big It,alian from competition In this state. The "super-dreadnaught" division, as defined by the commjs- .•iion, would include only about a half dozen heavjTveights—Camera, Geor?t! Godfrey, Jose Santa, Walter Cobb. Ray impelietlere and Vic- torto Campolo. Of these CameKi has met and defeated E^Il but Im­ pelietlere. May Go To Boston. Although Jimmy Johiiston, Gar. deh boxing promoter, decUned to state: his. reaction to the commission mliniT, there were indlcdtions that the Garden had imder consideration a (plan to move the Sharkey-Carnera title match to some other state; possibly Massachusetts. The bout could be held there under the auspices of thei Boston Garden, a subsidiary of the local corixjratlon. Meanwhile the exact cause of Sfihaaf's death remained in doubt, pending thdrough examination and ntlcroscopic analysis of the brain This probably cannot be completed for ten day^. There was sharp conflict in" medical opinion lis to the cause of death. Dr. Charles W. Norris, chief medical examiner of New York City, declared an autopsy had reveled "absolutely no evidence" that Sphaaf died of Injuries received ii; the Carhera bout. ~ Dr.,Bryan stookey, noted brain specialist who operated' upon the stricken boxer Monday, had declared, on the other hand, that the cerebral hemorrhage and resulting pressure on the brain had been caused by Camera's punches. Dr ; Stookey's diagnosis was confirmed, tentatively at least, by Dr. Norris' assistant. Dr. Benjamin Vance, who performed the autopsy. He added, ho^-ever; that he telieved some gi-owth, a cyst or tumor hitherto unsuspected, was the real cause of the compression that paralyzed the fighter's left side from the moment henoppled over in the thirteenth roi\nd until he died yesterday morning. O NL-y FIVE PER CEN^T ot ihfr world's population lives south ot the equator. » The HAWAIIAN ALPHABET has only TWELVE LETTERS WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE wa,? the author of the quotation shown NEWS OF COLONY Mr. Lloyd Ballard and Miss Velma Ryon Married in lola Saturday By Judge Travis Morse. COLONY. Feb. 15.—John Holzapfel of the Holzapfel pharmacy, was ill yesterday. Miss Velma Ryon, daughter' of Mr. and Mrs. James Ryon, and Lloyd Ballard, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ballard, near Colony, were united in marriage at the home of Mr. and Mrs. T. Morse in lola, February 11. They were married on the sixty-first wedding anniversary of Mrs. Ballard's grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Moore, of Colony. F. A. Keefover, commercial teacher in the Colony high school, was slightly indisposed the last of the week but was able to continue his work. Prank Speece and daughters have moved from Jasper to Diamond, Mo. Friends will be glad to know that they are all well and that the girts, Ruby and Irene, who were star basketball players in high school, are playing on several Missouri teams and winning' wide recognition. Mr. and Mrs. O. P. Haas and Mr. and Mrs. Gieorge Ewen were lola \1sitors Sunday. Mr. McDaniels, Topeka, was in Colony Tuesday, looking after his Standard Oil interests. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Goodell. east of Colony, were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. C. O. Belvoir, south of town. Monday, Mr. and Mrs. John H. Hill spent Sunday in Moran with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Fowler, and 1 family. Mrs. F. A. Herrick and Miss.Nola Strickler. south of town, spent Monday at the V. J. Hester home. Mr. and Mrs. Gay Hendrix and son Billy were dinner guests of Mr. Hendrix's sister, Mrs. A. B. Smith; arid family. FINAL TWlk BILL OF SEASi^N DUE ON FRIDAY NIGHT Coffe)rville Juco Coming Here and Garnett to Meet Mustangs Junior College Standings. , W. L. Pet. Hutchinson 8 1 .889 El Dorado 7 1 .875 Coffeyyllle 7 2 .778 Fort Scott 4 2 :667 Kansas City 3 3 .500 Parsons 4 5 .444 independence 3 7 .300 Garden City 1 4 .200 Arkansas City ...1 6 .143 IqJa ..1 8 .111 Games This Week.' Tuesday—CoffeyvlUe 26, Parsons 23. Friday—Port Scott at Arkansas City, El Dorado at Hutchinson, Cof- feyviUei at lola. Saturday—Arkansas City at Parsons, Fort Scott at El Dorado, Kansas City at Independence. Results Last Week. Hutchinson 25, Kansas City 21. Port Scott 48, lola 30. Arkansas City 38, Independence 34. El Dorado 42, Independence 25. Kansas City 53, lola 19. Coff^'iUe 37, Arkansas City 9. STATE WITNESSES ARE DEAD Hopes Mount as Date for Qulnn Trial Nears. I CIIUBGH LEAGUE PLAY j Standing I -, W. L. Pet. United Brethren..5 • 0 , 1.000>-terian .....4 1 .800 Catholic ...3 1 .750 Methodist 3 3 .500 Christian Sr 3 4 .429 Baptist 3 4 .429 Trinity 2 4 .333 Christian Jr .0 6 .000 Oklahoma City, Feb. 15 (AP) — Two of the principal state witnesses in the Earl Quinn murder trial have died, James H. Mathers, defense attorney, said today as he proceeded with plans for the case, which comes up for the second time February 27 at Enid. Quinn, charged with slaying Xexla and Jessie Griffith, Blackwell sisters was convicted and sentenced to death more than a year ago, but the criminal court of appeals reversed the verdict, ordering a retrial under a change of venue. The two witnesses who have di^' since the first trial were Dr. J. A. Jones and Dr. James C. WoU of Tonkawa. Called by the state in the first trial at Newkirk, both physicians described the bullet wounds which caused the young women's deaths. Confident that exhumation of the bodies to remove the bullets that struck the girls down on December 28, 1930, will enhance the former Missouri convict's chances for acquittal. Mathers said C./M. Reber, ballistics expert of the state bureau of criminal identification will go to Blackwell tomorrow to take charge of the recovered bullets when the bodies are exhumed. The final basketball doubleheader of the year het;e and the last appearance of the jtmior college team is scheduled for Friday night when the Coffeyville junior college and Gamett high quintets come for conference games. Hutchinson's Blue , Dragons remained at the head of the junior college parade last week by winning a four-point victory over Kansas, City. The leaders are in front of El Dorado by one-half game, the Grizzlies also having won their single engagement of the week. ' The lola opponent of Friday, Coffeyville, is in third place in the standing, only one full game out of the lead position. Hntchinson a Good Bet Hutchinson arid El Dorado appear likely to battle it out for the title with "coffeyville and Fort Scott hanng fau-ly good chances. The fight to keep out of the cellar hole found the lola five doing an about face last week after cUmbing above bottom the week before. Ark City counted its first win of the season while the Red Devils were losing twice, and thereby moved a not<;h above the local team. All of the ton entrants in the race haye now lost at least one game and won one The Red Devils will encounter a strong foe in the Ravens of Coffeyville Friday. The \isitors trounced Ark City by 37-9 last Saturday night and«followed up with a 26-23 win over Parsons last night. A 39-20 contest was lost by the lola outfit at'.Goffeyville early in the season. A trip to El Dorado and Ark City will close the season for the Red Devils next week. Sophomore Team Likely. Coach Mickey Evans may start ii .sophomore five against Garnett high in the other game of the doubleheader Friday. He' has been considering the movd since a sophomore team defeated the juniors and seniors hi a practice game last week. Tlic Mustangs have shown only mediocre abiUty to hit fJie basket all season and it is believed a shakeup is due. The second squad scored freely against the Yates Center reserves rin their .last game. Should the sophomores get the starting call the lii^eup would probably include Bixby at center, Griffith and Drake at forwards, and Smith and Wilson guards. A previous league meeting between tola and Gamett at Garnett ended in a 10-9 win for the Mustajigs. AFTER RIP VAN WTNKLE MARK Chicago Brunette Asleep for a Year And a Day Despite Doctors Results Last Night. Christian Jr.—11 PG FT F Lons, f. 2 0 0 Fisher, f 0 1 6 Land, f 0 : 0 0 Prantz. f " 0 ' 0 0 •-Brown, c. .0 0 1 i Dunham, g., .1 0 0 Taylor, g. ..0 0 0 Shinn, g. • 1 2 I Totals 4 o 1 ; Baptist—35 T,!i(impsoh, f. •Robinfion, f. . Neff. c. Miner, g -Pice, g Tweedy, g. .. .....i.2 .4 i .14 , FG FT P Totals , 17 1 Referee—Langsford. ! • Christian Sr.—9 ^FG FT F D. Williams, f. '0 ,0 2 Aten, f Jl 1 0 Baker, f ......... :0 2 ?• • Hubbard, f 0 0 2 WUliams, c. .; 1 1 C !Hurlock. g iO 1 ^ Swlnford, g |0 0 1 - Totals ...J2 5 '.^ Chicago, Feb. 15. (AP)—Asleep a- year—and leap year at that: Three hundred and sixty-six days and nights without a known moment of consciousness, 27-year-old Patricia Maguire has slumbered—a puzzle to physicians. Just a year ago, Febraaiy 15. a doctor was called by an anxious Oak Park family. They could not arouse Patricia: For days she had complained of feeling "so tired and sleepy." She had been sleeping extra time. "Sleeping sickness" or lethargic encephalitis, pronounced the medical authority. Then began the battle of medical science's efforts to restore consciousness to the pretty brunette. ' All they have been able to d<fhas been- to keep up her -physical strength by forced feedings of nourishing liquids. Until last June slie was fed by nasal tube. The early treatment included serum injections made from her blood but ithese were without results although there have been periods of increased restlessness when the watchers thought Patricia, was on th'e fringe of awaking. A blood transfusion was tried a month ago. Anxiously the doctors and, family watched, but there has been no noticeable change. . Triuity-^l PG FT E. Hnggatt, f Jl 3 Ammons, f. .;0 0 Taylor, f. .0 . 0 : Pro^'inca, 6 1 H. Hoggatt, g. 0 1 Little, g:. .....jl 2 . 1 Totals |7 7 Referee—_Welborn, BASKETBALL RESULTS I (By the Associated Press.) College. Denver Pigs 21, St. Joseph, Mo., Junior College 24. Maryville, Mo., Teachers 27, Pittsburg Teachers 29. Wichita U. 51, Washburn 23. College of Emporia. 38, Ottawa U. 37. i Coffeyville Junior,College 26, Parsons Junior College 23. i ON THE ALLEYS League Standings. W. L. Pet. Pla Mors ..J 36 30 .545 "Colts 34 -32 .515 Recreations 29 37 .439 Pla Mors. Reuther .. ......168 201 186 555 DooUttle . 175 160 187 522 Corr ..... 171 166 174 511 Fritchle .. 191 228 142 561 Billbe ..... ......197 167 156 620 Totals .. 902 922 845 2669 Recreations. Aylhig ... ......160 195 165 520 Sutton ... 147 150 146 443 Mittelbach 145 143 135 423 Foust •.. 170 12*7 ,114 411 Clemans . 180 149 189 518 Totals . ,- 841 803 789 2433 1 . r THE lOLA DAILY I^GISTER. WEDNESDAY EVENING. FEBRUARY 15. 1933. HORIZOXTAIi T Tense, j 5 Types of i maize mush. 10 Colored part I of eye. 14 State ot I Shaking. 15 Blow with the I hand. 16 Female horse. 17 Important prdduct ot -Canada; 18 To go ejasUy. 19 Portraitj statue. 20 Unites firmly; 22 Jumping. 24 Perched^ 25 Helmet.! 26Tfce fluid. 29 To contradict 31 Perfume. 35 Stopple] . 37 Desslcatcd. 39 Wriggling. ^ 40 Principal fruit grown around Ontario, Canada.' 42 Valuable property. Answer to Previona Pnizle -IS .ea-.•3010 aii..:BD«oii(B.;naaa.- a. iaansH\ saanB u •oanii iMaHRS] ..HHffl" smanra. sns sHnsin HSiifiiHwranr^ asm 44 Beer. 45 Slmilarr 47 Short cask. 49 Style ot cooking. 52 Member ot U. ^. upper house. .56 God of love. iB^Ends. ot dress coat. •• 59 Joint ot stem. GO Pottery paste. 61 H6ron. 62 Imitates. 63 Exclamation oC sorrow.^ 64 Long grasses. 65 For fear that. ATEBTICVI. lA jumble. 2 Largest known toad. 3 Murmurs as a cat, 4 Examinations. 5 Straightened. 6 Gift of charity. 7 Crowd. 8 Throbs. 9 To rob. . 10 To mock. H Worthless. 12 Chief mineral of Newfoundland. 13 Delivered. 21 Organ ot hearing. 23 Meadow. 25 Semblance 26 Spring. 27 Very high mountain. 28 Young seal. 30 Action of a brake. 32 Beverage. 33 Every. 34 Grain. 36 Mirrors. 35 Hates. 41 Prophet. 43 Wine cask. 46 To inhume. 48 Trite. 49 Onion. 50 Russian mountains. 51 Jot. 52 Coaster. .53 Soup-fin shark. 54 Poems. 55 Slumber. OS Wrath. • 6 ; 7 e IT • 14 16 M, • I? 16. id • • i 1 • ?r i i 31 34 • ; m 37 P • TO- i P 44 • • so 51 55 • 56 5^ • • • 16 • NEWS Mr. and Mip, House to One OF MORAN Lacey Plan to Move a Property to Replace Lost in Fire . (Mrs. G. H. Ford) MORAN, jPeb. 13 — Mr. and Mrs. Q. E. Lacey are planning to replace their housej destroyed by fire last Tuesday morning by one lalready built if a suitable one can be found that can be I moved. Much time and 'inconvenience cart be saved to the family by sluch a plan. Mrs. LacSy and Emma Verle are remaining in town at th^ home of Mrs. Mary Lacey and Mr. Lacey goes back and forth in doing the chores. Ben Penriington who has been in the grocery business and conducted a meat matket here the past three years, has knnounced a quit business sale, j It Is now in. progress. During the time the family has made Morap their home they have made many friends in busiiiess and social life who regret to learn of their plans, but wish them well whenever thby decide to locate again. Having sold my : Biread Business : I aim now located : EA^T SIDE CAFE Your Paltronage Appreciated : DAVID HART I lola, Kas. : Joe Stafford of Bourbon county, and his sister, Mrs. Maggie Woodcock, Lawrence, Kas., were visitors Sunday at the E. E. Thomas home, east of towii. ' I Miss Ruth Manning and her group of pupils at Fairlawn'enjoyed a rare musical treat Thursday afternoon in a very unexpected way. Prof, and Mrs. PhilUp Hbbas who are associated with; the musical department of Pittsburg tekchers college and were retuming from Washington, D. C, where they | had given a concert at the White House and were bnroute to I Wichita I on' the same mission when car trouble compelled them to stop near the school house fbp repairs. Mrs. libbas went into the building to warm and introduced herself, and on invitation gave.four very fine piano numbers that were greatly enjoyed. Prof. Hbbas is rated as one of the fhiest cello players in this couritry and is a native of Holland. . Supt. Ralph, McCrary, 'director of the high school band, and Miss M. Lucilia Harris, music supervisor, went to Emporia Friday, where they attended the two-dtiy .program tm- der the durection of George C. Wilson, who has charge of the teachers college band and orchestra. HUMBOLDT NEWS Humboldt Music Clnb Holds Regular Meeting in American Legion Hall on Monday. HUMBOLDT. Feb. 14.—Mrs..Nannie McCarty of Osage street. Who has been quite ill with influenza the past ten days, has today dismissed her nurse, and is gradually regaining her strength. While Mrs. P. B. Bailey of Bridee street who suffered a slight stroke some eight days ago is somewhat Improved, yet she is still in a %'ery weakened condition, her strength being greatly Impaired by this last attack sustained. Mrs. W. Bairfoot of^ Osage street has been quite 111 the~ past several days with an attack of flu. The regular chapel assembly program was held In the high school auditorium Tuesday morning. Prof. A. J. Trueblood. principal, conducting the devotional exercises, and introducing Prances Doty, president of the junior class as announcer of the program given by her class as follows: Paper, Valentine's Day, Malda Beth Barnett; reading. Their Valentine, Dorothy Tomlinson;.sex­ tette, group of junior girls; piano solo, selected, Frances Boggs; square dahce, group of girls. We noticed quite a few visitors present who apparently appreciated the program. The Humboldt Alusic club held its regular meeting at the Legion haU Monday afternoon, the following program beUig given under dhrec- tlon of Mrs. b. C. Payne, director: Descriptive article, American Popti- lar Music, by- Mrs. O. C. Payne; vocal solo. Beneath the Weephig WU- lows Shade, Hopkinson, by Mrs. Walta Stevens;:piano solo, selected, Doris Kent; chorus song, Turkey in the Straw, by Miss McCauley and high school girls; quartet, LaGolon- drina, Serradell,'by Mesdameii: Bunnell, Pauli, Pieper and Qeisler; piano solo, Marjorie Casper; trio. Go-:' in' Home, Misses Marjorie Casper, Doris Kent, and Veva Thomas; OW Folks at Home, Poster, ensemble; By the Waters of Minnetonka, Lleu- rance, by ladies quartet; vlolta ob- ligato, selected, Mrs. W. R. Kent; closing with Star Spangled Banner; ensemale. The hostesses.were Mesdames G. P. Keefer and W. Barfoot. The /program; despite the cpld weather and prevaUing sickness, was attended by a large and appreciative audience. The next meeting of the club will be held on Monday" February 27. Lester Rhodes, west of Humboldt, who has been in for the past ten day|s. isireported to be progressing satisfactorily. Kg BAKme POWDER • You MRT* in using KCtlM only haUoM much as b raqulrad of SOMETHING NEW AND DIFFERENT f Doybu BELIEVE IN SPIRITS? PRODUCES ^^^^^^ >lRr^ORGHOST<)F-HouD ^N^ / )i AT EVERY PERFORMANCE /[ You WILL ENJOY nilS STtfANGE PAQT QT 1 HEANEYS MAGIC EXTRAVAOANZA LJtrAklCS/*^^^ mystified and electruiea rjLMiyC J thquSonefs-YOU WILL B£ ^MAZE-D! •COME AND SEE THIS GREAT MAGICIAN FEBRUARY 16 O ^ Admission 15c and 25c O ±f» At the Jimiorfligh School T • lOIiA, KANSAS Irvin Ulses of Westphalia entered St. Jolin's hospital Sunday fof treatment. .• J. A. Fleming, deah of the lola junior college, and principal of the lola senior high school, is confined to his home by illness. Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Dullea and their son Denny Jr. went to Wichita todfey to hear John McCormick at the Forum tonight. YOUR PATRONAGE APPRECIATED Meek's POLLY ANN CAFE Telephone 790 The following people visited Mrs. Elsie Newman Simday in Nevada, Mo.: Miss CeceUa Koppers of Humboldt, Mrs. G. P. Odor and her grand daughter Miss Harriett Odor, Miss Ivah Hubbard, and MLss Vivian Riggs. Mr. and Mrs. Clare Gregory of Predonia spent Sunday with Mr. Gregory's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Gregory. Miss Marcella Symmes returned home yesterday from Kansas City, where she has been employed for several months. GOOD USED TIRES We have a lot of good used tires in various sizes, traded in on new Generals. Priced right and with terms. SHELLY MOTOR CO. 214 N. Jeff. Phone 80 Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Knepp and their son Lawrence spent last evening with Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Ens- mlnger, who reside south of town Miss Nadine Chapman has gone to Colorado Springs, Colo., for a visit with relatives. SELF SERVICE GROCERY Tangerines, 2 dozen ' 25c Cigarettes, 2 packages 25c Jonathans, 6 pounds 25c Bananas, 5 pounds ...........25c Sandwich Spread, quart 25c .\ssorted Cookies, 2 lbs 29c Miss Dorothy Monroe, who lives near Humboldt, was a week-end guest of her uncle and aunt, Mr; and Mrs. M W. White. Qpilt Show. Tea and Antiques —^At the home of Mrs. Paul Bustard, 415 S. Jefferson. Friday afternoon and evening. Silver offering. Public invited. Ross Arbuckle and H. C. Harris of the Arbuckle garage went to Kansas City today to attend the automobile show. Mr. and Mrs. Emmett Lemunyon left this morning for their home In Long Beach, Calif., after a two-wetk visit with relatives In Mildred, Humboldt, and loin. Their niece. Miss Arlene Sinclair, who has' been attending the lola junior college, accompanied them home for an Indefinite stay. Cars Should Be Greased After Hard Usage During Sloppy Weather , ppecialiied Lubrication, 75c "Try Ouir Complete Service WIL(i0X OIL & GAS Super Service Station N. Side i Square—Phone 685 ' ^ BUREAU CALENDAR. Mrs. R. G.'Ferry went to Kansas City this morning on business. She will retum Friday. . —You'll forget all about the depression If you attend the M. M. C. Minstrels at Memorial HaU Tuesday evening^, Pebmary 21st. J. A., Fryer, T. H, Stoddard aind L, E. Foster will go to Kansas City tomorrow on business and to attend the automobile show. . ; Ask Your Grpcer or Phone 91 for j FAIRMONT'S , Pasteurized Milk, Cream, Cottage Cheese and Buttermilk. DeUveries made any place In the city. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Gorden had as their guests Sunday afternoon and evening, Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Wilson, who reside northwest of town. ' - —For Sale: Dr. Mitchell's Poritiac Coupe, household furniture, office and medical equipment.—Arthur L. Mlddleton, Admr. Mrs. Anna Bell arrived yesterday from Ottawa for a few days' visit Thursday, Feb. 16 — Lrindscaix- leaders meeting in Chamber of Commerce rooms at 2 o'clock. Friday, Feb. 17 — TLaHarpe unit. " A afternoon meeting with Mrs. Walli-s. C Friday, Feb. 17—^Moran unit meets with- Mrs. Norton at 2 o'clock. Saturday, Feb. 18—Office^ Mjanday, Feb. 20—Rock Creek unit mee.ts with Mrs. Bustard fof all-dny meting. ; Tuesday, Feb. 21—Star Vailey uniti meets with Mrs.- Ray for an all-dny meeting. Wednesday, Feb. 22— Garden and nutrition school at lola. 1 Mr. Braum will hold a pruning demonstration at John Thomas'.s on Tuesday, Feb. 21. 2 o'clock. with her daughter. Bell. Miss Marjorie EAT MORE TOAST : Bread is your best food. Eat.: : more Bread for your Health. Our : : Delicious and Enner Jee Bread : : contains milk, and toasts perfect. : : Complete line of Pastries Fresh : : Daily. : : Cream Puffs, Reg, price. 30c doz. : lOLA BAKERY 120 E. Jackson—Phone 502 Mrs. H. M. Pahner returned yesterday from Rochester, Miim., whefe she has been the past four weeks with Mr. Palmer, who Is receiving treatment at the Colonial hospital. She reports. that Mr. Palmer is improving. The Howard Harmony Boys, an lola quartet; sang Monday evening at the Municipal hall in Parsons. The quartet is composed of Paul Howard,' Earl Stark, Irvin Christy, and Jim Christy. —Dr. W. P. Hull, Osteopath and Diagnostician. Phone 120. Russell Morrison, formerly of lola, sings every Tuesday and Thursday from 1 to 1:30 p. m. at the Canton Tea Garden In Chicago and can be heard through the chain facilities of WDAF. FRYER BROS. GROCERY Oysters, large can .15c 3 for 41c Pork & Beans, VanCamp, 5 for 25c ^2 cans for 55c Sorghum, 10 pounds 33c (Brhig Pail) K. C. Baking Powder, 5-lb. can 53c Beef Boll. 5c; Roast 6c The following relatives retumed to their respective i homes Monday after attending the funeral Sunday aftemoon of George Slack: Mrs. T. M. Slack, Mr, and Mrs. . Ben Draper and their children, and Mr. and Mrs. Abe DrlscoU and their children of Neosho Falls; and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Slack and their children of Wichita. Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Andress of Atlanta, Gaj, announce the birth Febmary 9 of an 8^;-pound daughter whom tl^ey have! named Patricia Lu. Mrs. Andress was formerly Miss Imo Carter Of Chariute and is a granddaughtjer of! . Mrs.. W. P. E. krause. Battery CK^rging 24-Hour Service 45c BATTEBIES 13-Plates . '• (go QQ Exchange .. ...3)0»0«/ IDEAL GARAGE 210 N. Wash. Phone 174 l^cKELLEYio 1 Showing the Gre'atei- Pictures TODAY ONLY- WILLIAM "BILL" BOYD CHARLES "CHIC" SALES CARTOON—MAGIC CARPET—NEWS THURSDAY AND FRIDAY— She gave a love greater than life! A love story fired with the passqh of Ithe West—and wisdom of the EaSt * j—a tale loved by millions. unrnFm SYLVIA SIDNEY PUIYCIUNT;CHARUEMI06US PLVJS^"Easy on the Eyes," Two Reel Comedy—News Reel. SATURDAY TOM MIX and TONY in "TEXAS BAD MAN" SUNDAY AND MONDAY SALLY EILERS, RALPH BELLAMY in KATHLEEN NORBIS'S "SECOND HAND WIFE" Mrs. E. L. Koperski went to Win- fieM yesterday for a visit with her slsier i Miss Welthalee Graver, who is an instructor in the schcbls there. -i-Your plans "faithfully -fulfilled Waiugh Funeral Home. jin: ind Mrs. Carl Wjilte of Chn- nu^e were guests Sunday o£ Mrs Wl|ite's mother, Mrs. W. P. E. Krause.. ' Mrs. Elvih Upton of Humboldt, who |Unde™ent a major Operation Saturday morning at St. John'n hoSpltal, Is getting along .satisfactorily. i Attention Teacher^. —The Register Job Department win now" be open during noon hours and Saturday afternoons. Charles Klengle of Gairnett underwent a major operation yesterday at St. John's hospital. .Mr. and Mrs. John Hoag of Plqua announce the birth Pebruaiy 13 of a 6-pound son. —You laughed last year,'' but you will split your, side, if you see the At M. C. Minstrels at the Memorial H^ll Tuesday evening, Pcbmnry 21. Mrs. Cedrlc WllLson returned home Sunday from St. Jolm's hospital where she,underwent, a majai- operation about; two week^ago and LV progressing rjipidly. —A fair charge for a high grudp strvlce. Sleeper Mortuary.; The following Missouri I^aclflc of-; flclals of Wichita were in town yesterday on J. IjJ. Kelley. a&lstant superintendent; Don P. Hayes, traveling freight and passenger agent;, and W. H. t Mooney. claims attorney.; iHenry Comellson. roadmaster for the Missotirl Pacific of Yfttes Center, Was in town-today'onvbusiriess. TODAY! Special Bar* ffain Show ; ADHIISSION Novelty "Spijeading Sunshine" TOMORROW! AND FRIDAY! YOU'LL GASP WHEN THEY NAME THE WOMAN! ; Headlines shrieked one' story of the match king's, crash around the world-j- but'the truth was told, in whispers! MATCH KING'' With WARREN WILLIAM LILA DAMITA • GLENDA FARRELL EXTRA! The Taxi Bovs "HOT SPOT" ; LATEST NEWS EVENTS

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