Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa on September 5, 1933 · Page 7
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Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa · Page 7

Ames, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 5, 1933
Page 7
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M »tnr BBTTMI nr Ami* unt DAILY ttinms.racBt. AMM IOWA. TUEIDAY, urrncm 8, IMS. MOB fit! LAWS HIP WASHINGTON. <U.E>—Mor« extensive regulation! governing th* welfare of women workers by state governments It: Indicated by a report of labor legislation during the six month period ended July 30, prepared by the Federal Womea'i bureau uuder the direction of Sec- I retary of Labor Francis Perkins. New labor laws for women, or amendments to exacting laws, were passed by at k-ast 14 staU legislatures, the bureau reports, with seven states setting machinery for creation of minimum wages. Six of these states, Kew York, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Con necticiit, Ohio, and Illinois passed laws similar in alj essential points, patterning them after the model law advocated by the National Consumers league, while the seventh, Utah, passed a bill Modeled after the one in effect in California. Two amendments to th% existing Massachusetts law governing minimum wages for women were passed, both making the law more effective and more easily enforced. A minimum wage bill failed of passage in Rhode Island, but a legislative committee was set up to investigate working conditions and devise a bill for presentation to the next legislature. Changes in maximum hour laws for women were effected in six states. A legal maximum of eight hours per day and 48 hours per week was created in New Mexico snd Wyoming for women workers, while Conne -ticut, Minnesota, North Carolina and Texas made various changes in existinng statutes. Here's a Plant Behind Schedule _$— Answers to Test Questions Balow are thee answers to the test questions printed en page ont. 1. Vivisection. 2. No difference. 3. Clothing, arms, ammunition, rations, and tools carried on his person. 4. Peso. 6. Sir Humphrey Davy. 6. National Industrial Recovery Administration. 7. Yes. .$. Russian brandy. 9. New York and New Jersey. 10. Two billion. On* plant that's not working overtime these days is tb« famed Century Plant iu The Bronx (N. y.) botanical Oarden. Kour weeks orerdue on Us scheduled blooming, the temperamental exhibit here 1s sbo*n as It appeared tani'Jy witb 66 ot us blossoms in bloom. It still nac s:<i to go! ase i V little Mary Dodd [A REAL LIFI MOVIE]'-.- i. How puzzled Mary Dcdd's parents were! She had always been such a bright, vivacioua little girl. So full of life and interest in everything about her. And now . . .so listless, irritable. Not herself at all! z. So Mrs. Dodd took Mary to Dr. Kent. How surprised she was when he mentioned—constipation. And then ..."more outdoor exercise, fresh fruit and vegetables, lots of water between meals—and added bulk in the diet." IN U.S.C1 SERVICE Th« Unittd ftttU* ciril wrvlot eommlMion hM announced op«n competitive examination* u followi: NUI-M • technician <t*cttriolo*y and roentftnolofr combined), Indian ttrvlct; graduate nurM, graduate nurt* visiting duty, Vetera adtninlitration. Public Health Service, Indian serric* and «l«ewh«re. In addition to other requirements applicants must have had not less than, two years' po*tgmd*ate experience in nursing. Medical officer, associate medical officer, assistant medical officer; optional branches, cardiology, child hygiene, eye, ear, now, and throat, genitourinary (urology), internal medicine and diagnosis, neuro- ptychiatry, pathology and bacteriology, roentgenology, surgery (general or orthopedic), tuberculosis, venereal disease, general practice; VetVrani' administration. Public Health service, Indian service, coast and geodetic survey, and elsewhere. Engineer, various grades ranging in salary from $2,800 to $5,400 a yew; subject to a deduction of not to exceed 16 per cent as a measure of economy and to a retirement deduction of 3% per cent; optional brances, aeronautical, agricultural, civil, construction, electrical, heat ing and ventilating, highway, mechanical, mining, radio, structural, telephone. Photogrammetrist, .$2,600 a year, less a deduction of not to exceed 15 per cent as a measure of economy and to a retirement deduction of 3% per cent, war department. Junior forester, $2,000 to $2,600 a year, junior range examiner, $2,000 to $2,600 a year, less a deduction of not to exceed 16 per cent as a measure of economy and to a retirement deduction of 3H per cent, forest service, Department of Agriculture. Full information may be obtained from Pearl A. Clayton, at the Ames postoffice. Jfe * m. «««=« um*r Mrs. Dodd a*ked. 4. And Mary... well, Mary knows Tie kindly doctor smiled "She likes nothing about the extra benefits this caials, doesn't she? Well, why not delirious cereal provides. She only '—•»—"'thefinertcerealslknow knows she's never tasted anything so Bran Flakes? It's deli- good-especially with sliced bana- *»b*7*extrab«jefite." nas. And mother and dad agree! doa«,aadit PERHAPS YOUR CHILDREN TOO may benefit from this delicious cereal Post's 40% Bran Flakes (with other parts of wheat) provides the bulk most systems need . . . bulk so many,diets lack. And thus it helps to insure normal elimination ... to prevent intestinal sluggishness. You'll all love Post's 40% Bran Flakes—so crisp and refreshing and delicious. Get a package today 1 A product of General Foods. (Continued from Page Four) will be held in Des Koines, Sept. 10 and will be attended by all state officers, committee chairmen and representative's from the 56 Iowa clubs. Plans for the coming year's program will be discussed and re ports will be made by officers ant committee chairmen. It is expected that 100-will attend this meeting Headquarters will be at Hotel Fort Des Moines. Entertain At • Slumber Party The Misses Helen and Jane Anderson entertained at a novel anc Interesting slumber party Saturday evening at their apartment 312 Main street, as a courtesy for their houseguest Miss Eleanor Sbas? of Boone. At signals from alarm clocks placed about the rooms, the guests found notes telling of duties for them to perform. Breakfast was served by the hostesses' mother, Mrs. Anna L. Anderson. Enjoying the courtesy besides the honoree and hostesses were Helen Dodds, Clara Cue and Eloise Wilson of Jefferson. Country Club Dinner Bridge The-regular semi-monthly dinner and bridge party at the Ames,Golf and Country club will be held Thursday evening at .3 o'clock. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Buck as dinner chairmen will be "assisted by Mr. aiid Mrs. J. L. Robinson, Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Wallis, Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Mitchell and Mr. and Mrs. W. T. .Nichols. Mr. anad Mrs. A. H. Kimball are chairmen of the bridge committee. World Wide Circle to Meet The Alpha Theta chapter of the World Wide circle of the Baptist church will meet at the home of the sponsor, Emily Mellor, 602 Clark 'avenue Tuesday evening at 7:30. Officers will be elected at this time. Miss Mary Stickel will be the guest speaker and a good attendance is desired. ® §> & V. F. W. Aux. To Hold Wetting The Veterans of Foreign Wars auxiliary will hold its regular business meeting Wednesday evening at 7:30 in the Sheldon-Munn hotel club room. Art Club To Meet Friday The regular meeting of the Art club will be held at the home of Mrs. Marie Fields, ortheast of Ames Friday afternoon at 2:JO. Wom«n'« Golf Assn. to Meet The regular weekly golf games r members of the Women's Golf association will be played Wedne^- day morning on the Ames Golf and Country club course. Play will begin promptly at 8 a. m. A picnic luncheon will be served at noon. Members desiring further nformation may call Mrs. Merle Jenkins at phone number 20S1-J. i i MARRIAGE LICENSES NEVADA — Licenses to wed were issued by the clerk of the district court here to the follow- ng couples: Russell Rex, 27, Boone, and Arlene Millett, 22, Ames. Harold Rendleman» 27. Maywood, 111., and Naomi Wherry, 2>. Nevada. Sanford Moklebust. legal, and ?ern Christian, legal, both of McCallsburg, Henry E. Rasmussen. jr.. 27, Jes Moines, and Jemima H. Osheim, Roland. George C. Livingston, 29, and Susan B. Adams, 19, both of Ames. Clayton Bennett, 22, Ames, and Henrietta Donaldson, 21, Sfevada. ' A porpoise, nays a. natural-Alt* shark, hat a much larger /irfliii ""Tn a man Rut er<?tt then the i»wr fellow i» very much at *(•','. Big Whale Coming Wednesday An opportunity to s«e a real whale, in, a preserved state, will be given the people of Ames on Wednesday and Thursday. The whale is in perfect condition and just^as it appeared when encountered off the coast of I southern California. It is transported on its own 72 foot, glass enclosed railway car and is 55 feet long, weighing, it is said, 68 tons. Its heart was said to weigh »1,286 pounds, and the tongue, which had to be removed in the embalming process and then replaced, 600 pounds. In addition to the whale, the exhibit will include specimens such as the octopus, killer whale, pilot flsh, sword fish, shark, stingray, the harpoon cannon, and the modern harpoon with explosive spearhead. Captain George Clark and his mates explain the details of the exhibit and the captain lectures at length on the strange mam> mal. The exhibit will be located at the Fort Dodge, Des Moines & Southern depot. CCC BATTLES FOREST SAN FRANCISCO, <U.E)— A $200 cash present to a Citizens Conservation Corps for saving a home during a forest fire drew attention to accomplishments of corps members in California woods this season. Leaders of the citizen-woodsmen pointed proudly to statistics which showed California had 17,698 forest fires last year and only 3,981 in the same territory so far in 19S3. The corps had many thrilling experiences as tliey fought stubborn blazes. .. One group of 400 were trapped by a sudden shift in the wind in the Monterey district Immediately they sought an open area which the flames hadn't reached With red-hot sparks smouldering in their clothing and oppressive heat searing their hands and faces, they "dug in." In a short apace of time they had dug, a pit in which they buried themselves under dirt until the fire passed over, A corps at San Pedro had a similar experience. Two companies fron. Ohio fought a fire on Mt Lassen for more than a week. Many lost their clothing. One boy reported having had four pairs of shoes burned off his feet The corps members were given careful training in forest fire fighting when they came to this area. Ea*h *f«ad w«mb*r received a burlap has. » Pick *»4 a sfcovti ftr Ue larffr fire*. Dully five drill* were Clftr <«• *Jk«r FREE TICKETS To See the Largest Fin Back , W-H-A-L-E and Whalers ' Now on Exhibition at the FORT DODGE, DES MOINES £ SOUTHERN DEPOT A fr«« ticket will b« given with tteh M«y want ad plaotd cither by phone of over the counter Tueeday, Wednesday or Thunday. Yon may receive your ticket fy calling at the Daily 'Tribune-Times office. Tickets mod day or nifht OUT YOU* AD US EARLY. This i* an educational exhibition and every child and adult should see it Be a gueit of the Phone 2400 Ames Daily Classified Department Place an Ad . ... See the WHALE • ABO VE— CHARGING DOWN THE MIGHTY HUDSON to a thrilling finish in the long race from Albany to New,York, Mrs. Florence Burnham, brilliant woman driver, set a'gruel- ling pace! Mrs. Burnham drove her hydroplane\uperbly 'over the 132-mile flash by the finish line the winner... in. the record time of 3 hours, 3 7 minutes, S3 seconds J • RIGHT— SHE TAKES NO CHANCES -with her nerves. "I've tried most of the cigarette brands," says Mr*. Burnham, "but for a long time I have been an enthusiastic Camel fan. Camels, being so much milder, never ruffle or disturb my nerves, so I smoke them all I want." IT IS MORE FUN TO KNOW Camel* are made from finer, MORE EXPENSIVE tobaccos than any other popular brand. Isn't this the most important statement ever made by a cigarette manufacturer? Consider what' it means. Change to Camels and learn that it's the tobacco that counts! • "I'LL NEVER BE a racing champion,but I love the water. When I'm out on a boat I have a keen zest for smoking. To avoid getting my nerves upset and fidgety I smoke Ctmela. They keep right on tasting good even when I go in for smoking in a big way." MAJCHttSS STEADY SMOKERS TURN ID CAMELS "I never would have been able to hold my boat at record speed for hours," says Mrs. Florence Burnham, "if I didn't take every precaution, to keep my nerves healthy. As a steady smoker, I have tried most of the cigarette brands. But for a long time I have been an enthusiastic Camel fan. Camels, being so much milder, never raffle or disturb my nerves, so I smoke them all I You are missing a new delight in smoking, . . an added safeguard of healthy nerves ... if you haven't yet switched to Camels. Begin today. Your taste will quickly appreciate the natural mildness of Camels . , . and your nerves will confirm your taste — bringing overwhelming proof thatCamel'scostliertobaccoscfomakeadifference!

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