The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on December 13, 1958 · Page 12
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 12

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 13, 1958
Page 12
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Additional Pistons Gain More Ground Albert Quits Job as 49er Grid Coach I «l AUSTIN (Mmn. MfrRALO I % Saturday, Dec. 13, 1958 BOWLING AUSTIN BOWL INTKR CITY LE.lOl'K •MoCormirk Fftrm ..754 7fi2 77E'—32W ! Bork Imp. Co .769 7.12 701—2202 .Farmers JNntos .. Grain !M8 850 8J!>—2«M f)3fl S!KI 934--27M I Thill Imp 7RS SM 717—2354 Fox fanriy 71fi 7P6 6^7—2129 Anderson Builders Atuitln Bowl SAN FRANCISCO (AP) •niikio Albert, saying he and his ttnrvrys Mobil family have had their fill of boos. Mur ' and .is Wood Hole) Rrownsd.ilp . PSO Iff! 83?-23Sfi .8.">2 B33 752—2520 .718 774 726-22IS ,fl!W (TiR 727- 20?0 . S4(i 7RO 807—2440 .847 72? 790—3386 .<!(>1 72S 6fll—2100 .71S 725 717—2K50 A l i»i illll I I SlX ..,.,. . Wlnkcls Const. Co. I'EHAR V.U.I.EV y's Bur 851 816 Barton 879 S50 865—2594 ,864 833 777—247J Ankeny 808 89-1 814—2516 B R38 836—2592 2 811 826—2479 ny T1IR ASSOCIATED PRFSS Tli? Pistons are working vrry smoothly at De-troit. And that means trouble for the Pi. Louis Hawks, who nre not flvinp vrry f,-oin' fans, bows out Sunday high or fast these day?. roach of HIP National Football While the Pistons were chalking League San Francisco 4!>ers. up their fourth straight NBA vie- sellout crowd of "><t.ciflO will jam lory Friday night with a !»7-4,"> Kczar Stadium for the windup decision over the Philadelphia War game against the Baltimore Colts rlors, the Hawks were falling be- to watch the curtain drop on (he Berts Uquor store- fore the New York Knicks IOrt-104 1 Albert story. '"' for their third setback in as many It's a fantastic story. . . All nights. As the result the Hawks' America quarterback whose left- wlMp n , x _____ 920 73! 789—wno first place lead over the Pistons in handed passing sparked Stanford p«rk service '".'.'.'.'.'. iiaoo sin 795—2432 the Western Division today had through an undefeated season in.trrc- 74« MM 8fl8—asoo dwindled to two games. 1!>40 and on to victory over Ne- Austln BUS Line ....884910932—2720 The Knirko insf momcrprl f n braska ill the Rose Bowl. .. linkup' Wnpcl « 758 875 P48—24fil i in- miicixa .HIM nidiui£t:(i 10 ^ Nntes 900 863 901—267" hnlH fir«sl nl-irr in tho Pi<:tprn Hi vvl " 1 " le WMS ill the year they nuKi nrsi pitite in ine Hiasirni DI- ... : r imiatrom \fnaif* s>flj <vn "*& iw\ . . . (irpami'AH IQJ/i T tf\cct*r nf on > ullulslrom •*iii»'" ....MM !*M >w /.^.i vision as the second place Boston or K sm '- ea - '•'•«' • • • a tosser ot 2!! woociinmicrs ciub ..878 839 853-2570 Celtics beat out the Cincinnati touchdown passes in UMR ••• an Holland Furnace ....900 846 375-2621 Royals 125-115 in overtime. Onlv assis * anl coach at 35 «">«» h&ad.oouicn Dairy BOS MS wo-wsa separated C0 5 ho !?l ye 5. l! l te . r ' . . I ECHO LANES COMMITTEE CONSENSUS Education Board Should Assume Responsibility of Minnesota JCs FERGUS FAULS, Minn, (AP)Junior colleges should be the overall responsibility of the Minnesota Board of education but local administrative problems should be the province of district school boards. This was the consensus Friday of a new organization formed here to work for more such institutions over the state. WEATHER FORECAST — Cold weather will continue tonight in the eastern two- thirds of the nation, with much colder weather in the'Gulf coast area. Rain is forecast for Florida, southern Georgia and Texas with rain changing to snow elsewhere along the Gulf coast and snow from northern Texas eastward to soutn- ern Virginia, except for rain in eastern North Carolina. There will be snow, in the Lakes area and central Appalachians, and from Montana to western Dakotas, in Wyoming and Colorado. (AP Wire- photo Map) The Minnesota Junior College Action Committee was organized at a meeting of about 75 persons. Junior colleges in Bralnerd, Hibbing and Coleraine were represented, along with superintendents and school board members in areas desiring such Institutions. Named Chairman Dan Gearhart, Fergus Falls, was named chairman of the group. It'll Be a Tight Squeeze, but All Dems to Sit on Same Side WASHINGTON (AP) ~ Capitol officials believe they have found a way to seat all 64 Democratic 15 percentage points the two teams. LOOKING COMFORT SAFETY ECONOMY IN A NEW CAR AT THE BEST POSSIBLE PRICE? CHECK THE AUTOMOTIVE SECTION ON CLASSIFIED PAGE FOR OUR COMPLETEVJ PRICE LIST!! Keller and Bayer Share Santord Lead The 1958 official 49er year book even has a title for the story: "Frank Albert ... man of des-1 Ankeny cicanere s->6 tiny." !Morris Furniture ....786 813 797—2395 But for Albert both as player i aolden Dalrv 7« 793 836-2371 and coach the story lacks the one! S 81 ? 01 ^£, oat ' Sales ••£}« J£? JJ ?""£!!£! thing for which the 49er fans have i""' ""'" «»-«"«" «•" yelled the loudest—a champion-; . , ' Smiths Roy ft 1 Brtf , , • .< * t»-i\« < ;> r—*.«*- • i uici jci» unui, «invi a n have to whip the Baltimore Colts j industrini Janitors ..s-i? 933 888—2668j football player started to finish at .500. They've won five. JK or c 372 806 329—asoeL j nf l os t g i x . ^Knobby* Liquors ..763 778 916-2472) ™ una _ o1 i Pc»t Office 829 954 854—2637 ; 63o R51——1P8S 861 By WHITNEY MARTIN SANFORD, Fla. (AP)-A for- .751 346 7tn— 23S4 i mer jet pilot and a massive nx- - thi( . d Sanford Open Albert's 49er coaching record is 1 AUXILIARY MIXERS o , fi i A-nvetB Aux 615 592 611—1818 ; the lead at 135. "", . 1 Cooky's Tavern 530593631—1754 "I love football, but my family Golf T&urnament today tied for The ex-pilot is Bob Keller, now ; 77. 7"' " '"* ld '""- V ; Trimble Shell 624575723-1922 - civ :,:' _ n1f „,... nf p.,,:.. Air comes first," Albert told a newsioak Grin 70.1 656 662-2021! a crvuum golt pro nt Eglm Air ; conference.- "When it gets to aWnv 597 637 648-1882 jf orce Base ' Fla - who shot the I point where your wife and three' Ost * rud Agency inc. 586 634 599—1819 j last nine holes of his second round daughters'start sweating out vour Eastorimg Producta 625 669 633—1937 i Friday in a spectacular 30, one- problems, and when they go fr' Cr ™ AM & Cttmbern M1 625 68a ~ 1874 '"»»!"" ""• 1««* «•»•" »-«i« "^ !the butcher shop and are told j their father is a bum because he didn't win the last game, it's time to get out." Putting the last seven holes and GRILL 1011 W. OAKLANP Open Sunday 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Week Days 6 a.m. to 12 p.m. Dining room open Sunday serving regular dinner*. BREAKFAST Juice, 2 blueberry pancakes tyrup, bacon and beverage. ith 75 i Marges Beauty Shop 584 648 652—1884 j i Austin Beauty Shop 61! 615 832—1862 j Kens Bar 719 635 654—2008 j CENTENNIAL LEAGUE JEddy Paper 695750747—2192 iLnnslnsc Corners ....737716728—2181 i Mitchell Tavern ,,..760712859—233!, I Unknown 747 745 705—22071 Mac's 875 715 709—2299 Unknown 627 731 713—2071 , Unknown 548 664 557—1769 Team 2 674 719 671—2064 ot } RS t, He had 67. George Bayer, renowned for his tremendous drives, is the ex-grid- der and he also had 67 for his second round, although it was his short game rather than his eriv- ing that was his strong point. He ON THE IOWA SIDE lost heavily in the November elections — the 34 GOP senators would enjoy more comfort than senators on the same side of the:their Democratic colleagues. At TIME CAPSULE DES MOINES (/F) — A i electric power about 40 per cent time cheaper than it can buy it from capsule was sealed into Look Magazine's new 2>,<! million dollar building here Friday. Among lop industrialists present for the ceremony was Charles E. Wilson, former U. S. secretary of defense who predicted that another world war in the next 30 years can probably be avoided. EMBEZZLES FUNDS DES MOINES UW— A substitute mail carrier accused of lifting about $80 from letters, Friday awaited sentencing on a charge of embezzling postal funds. Darold Campbell, 21, of Jefferson, a private utility company, an engineering firm's report to the State Board of Regents said Friday. 300 VOTE ERROR DES MOINES UP) — Atty. Gen. Norman Erbe who was re-elected Nov. 4 said Thursday he has discovered a 300 vote error in favor, of his Democratic opponent, Don Wilson, in one Des Moines precinct. CORN MODERATION BOONE UP — Moderation in the marketing of corn and in government regulations to control i t s production was advocated by pleaded guilty before Federal | speakers Wednesday before the judge delayed final disposition pending pre-sentencing investigation. PRE-LEGISLATIVE CAUCUS DES MOINES W! — Republican didn't miss a putt under six feet.j legis i ators . numerically fewer One stoke back of the co-lead- than two years ago — will hold ers as the field— cut to 62 pros and COSMOPOLITAN LEAGUE i ' L . Deep nock .......... 727 731 759-2217 1 9 amateurs for the final two odd Fellows i ... .760 733 724—2217 1 rounds— went into the third round Missnts ............. 558 699 705—1952 1 were Tommy Bolt and the veteran Slaphappys 606 613 "Bis Five" .... Odd Fellows 2 the their annual biennial pre-legislative caucus here today. They'll name a speaker of the House, president pro tempore of the Senate, majority floor leaders of both National Corn Growers Assn. SORRY DES MOINES M — The Iowa Tax Commission's answer to lo- wans who have asked whether they may delay completing the payment of their 1958 income taxes until after Christmas is: 'Sorry, no can do." EMBEZZLER SENTENCED DES MOINES Wi — Edward J. chamber. But U would be a tight squeeze, with some desks wedged together. And — although the Republicans Hump in Car Floors Bothers All Concerned By DAVID J. WILKIE A.P Automotive Writer DETROIT (AP) — The hump through the floor of today's automobiles is bothering car makers as well as owners. The manufacturers are doing something about it. They may eliminate it within the next couple of years without sacrificing the lower silhouette achieved in car design in the last decade. The hump provides needed extra space for the car transmission. It has increased in size as the industry's designers lowered the car height. But as it has grown, car owners have corn- least, they'd have more elbow room. When the Democrats ran their total of senators up to 64 in the elections, some Senate aides believed U would be physically Impossible to seat all of them on the west or Democratic side of Others chosen were 1. T. Mikelson, Fairmont; Arnold Thompson, Morris, and Phil Holland, Willmsr, directors. The group recommended nine areas as "most promising" for new junior colleges, but did not designate any particular sites. Listed were the Fairmont area; Glencoe • L i t c h f i e 1 d-Willmar- Hutchinson area; Alexandria-Morris-Benson area; Fergus Falls-Detroit Lakes area; Thief River Falls-Crookston area; Redwood Falls - Marshall-Montevideo-Granite Falls area; Faribault-Owatonna-Red Wing area; Mora - Pine City area, and International Falls area. The committee left it to the areas themselves to decide the best sites for junior colleges in each area. Vested In School Boards The committee approved recommendations made by an advisory committee. One said local administration of junior colleges should continue to be vested in school boards of the districts maintaining the college. Another advocated that state funds for junior colleges be distributed by the State Board of Education, and still another said responsibility should continue to be vested in the state board. Another recommendation urged the chamber. But after much moving and measuring, officials said today 64 desks could be jammed in on the west side. Since the arrangement is subject to approval by Senate lead- state aid to junior colleges of at ers, no desks have yet been'least $200 per student. State aid moved over from the Republican for the institutions' physical plant and equipment should be 50 per cent or more, the recommendation added. The committee agreed two of its members, three members of the Junior College Assn. of Minnesota and the State Board of Education should cooperate in drawing up legislative proposals to be presented in 1960 Legislature. Chicago Man Defends City Against Crack LOS ANGELES (AP) - Newspaper columnist Irv Kupcinet rose to his hometown's defense following his acquittal on a drunk driving charge. Kupcinet was arrested in Holly- e .u.T..| «*M* WITI*V.*U 4111 * V *.l/tll~ i J • • plained they no longer could of- wood Augl 26 in the cc-mpany of fer comfort for six passengers. Some Lower Hump Three 709701 m £\ day, followed with a 70. Har- houses and a patronage commit-1 Mortle y °T Des Momes pleaded • bert was old man steady in card- tee to parcel out jobs to the var- f ullty J? Dlstr ' ct Court-Thursday, 5 ing a second straight 68. jious emoloves of the Leeislature. 5? . a . c l large of embezzling about! Some makers lowered the humpjtion. in 1959 models by putting the farther forward and Gregg Sherwood Dodge, wife of auto heir Horace Dodge II. Mrs. Dodge was fined $100 for intoxica- Bowling's Top Five SPORTSMAN'S LEAGUE The first two rounds were not without their casualties among the ,name players. Billy Casper had a I ious employes of the Legislature. DEER AT HIGH LEVEL DES MOINES W! — The State I DINNER BREADED PORK TENDERLOIN With apple sauce, potatoes and gravy, baked squash or peas, totted or jello salad and roll. Pie, ice cream or sherbet and beverage $1.75 CHUCK WAGON STEAK On toast with fries and cole slow. B. Carroll 609; 77 for a 153 total and 145 was Conservation Commission said Fri R'. L*rnbek'.';;;.';,'.';;;;;;;.";.';.'.'.'.564j necessar y to Qualify- This failure day that Iowa's supply of deer E. Kiigore 556 cost him any chance of being of- 5-14 470 f(jp $1,200 from the Flying Saucer Lounge. He was sentenced to five years in the Fort Madison State Penitentiary. is at high level for the two - day| hunting season next Saturday and honor going to Arnold Palm- Sunday. ! OBJECTOR ON BOND Brandt .., 4601 er. Palmer had won $42,362 going M Buzfre 4fi5 p'Lueders ' Is4' In '° "" s tournament and Casper JM. vaith .."";"";!:"":":;;;:45o | $4i,323. CENTENNIAL LEAGUE IO. Larson '.'.!'.'.'.'.!!!!..!'.! .523 . . :C. Krebsbach 507 in PQCC Title Bid E. Bugge 505! " ra »» I IIIB Did COSMOPOLITAN LEAGUE JK. Myhre rias Target WASHINGTON (AP)-Eddie Le jc. Erieic'son'"!.'.'.'.'.'.'.'!.'!.'.'.'.'".'.','.'S7 ] Baron of the Washington Redskins 1 r\ ITnlK =n... ... - _ ' 14-YEAR-OLD FORGER DES MOINES Wl — A 14-year- old girl who forged three checks Jury to Ask for Sprinklers in Schools CHICAGO (API — A coroner's jury probing the parochial gradi Prior to his Municipal Court | scno °^ f ' re is certain to recom- trial on the drunk driving charge, | mend tnat sprinkler systems be compart- j Ku pcinet had offered to plead j made mandatory in Chicago motorists | gui | ty to reck i ess t i,. iv ing. After j schools, the foreman of the inves- „ . ., ,. . . . ! the jury's verdict Friday, Munici- tigalive body believes Serious consideration is being : pal Court Judge Gera , d c K I Roy Tuchbreiter, an insurance given to moving the transmission ple said KupcJnet . s offer was m ,| executive and foreman of the jury to he rear axle area. | attempt to fix the case _ ,, M bc j of 16 experts, said Friday that tes- This will be the next major de-| you may be lmfarailiar with this jtimony taken in the initial three j sign change in America's auto-i coming from chicago> but ' days of hearings has failed to pro>. |mobiles but it will not appear be-'can't fj x the courts in Los An vide even a ntnt of how the fire ing the front space. But few want longer cars. totalling $31 and then gave herself up to police was scheduled to ap- r,r-c H.OTXTPO <™ A », i peap Defore juvenile authorities DES MOINES m_ A Musca- here Wednesday> tine man remained free on $500 bond Friday after pleading innocent in Federal Court to a charge of refusing to take the oath at his induction for military s e vice here last April. Carl Dean Heckman, 23 , was indicted Dec. 4. He ?:^den':::::::::::::::;::::::::i5i wi11 know the mark to bea < when is a Jehovah's witness P. Erickson 516' he faces his last test for pro foot- ^enovan B witness. 89 INTER CITY LEAGUE ; ball s 1958 passing leadership. B. Bellrlchard 607 V. Quandt 564 J. Thomas 562 G. Anderson 557 PAPERS, MAGAZINES, POCKETBOOK NOVELS IG: Thin .....';.";";::::.':::;::::::554 H. Jonni ) on R . VA . I ; I : E . Y . L . EA ° U . E ...647 quarterbacks * average gain per G. Jorgenson 579ipass. He has completed 72 of 128 Going into the final weekend of 101 YEARS YOUNG WAUKON Iff) — When Mrs. An- HELD WITHOUT BOND DES MOINES ffi — Howard LaVern Holloway, 21, was held without bond Wednesday on a fore 1961 or 1962. Power to Transmission geles," Kepple said. Kupcinet replied, "I want to say With the trans-axle the engine :i think your remark about Chi- is inclined slightly and a narrow i cago was injudicious and uncalled shaft carries power to the trans- ;f or ." mission at the rear. i Engineers considering the hump' CHANGED "RIVER'S NAME or tunnel, thought of moving the Robert Gray, a Boston trader, of first degree murder in the Nov. I; 24 knife slaying of his 19-year-c wife Barbara. Navigation Season- . ^ anSmiSSi0n l ° the rear ' changed the River to Columbia. One claim of problems, including the redistribu- i which Oregon and Washington lat- tion of weight. Ur were formed was based on fire started. The cause may never be known, he said, unless more information is provided. The flash fire at Our Lady of the Angeles school brought death to 89 pupils and three nuns. The jury, called by Cook County (Chi- jcago) Coroner Walter McCarron, fire. the regular season, Le Baron jnie Yran, 101-year-old Waukoni p., J_ " t f> i .1 ill T.PIKTMP resident, lonrnpri hpr first fprferal t ««a5 OF UUIUTH heads National Football League i resident, learned her first federal K. Thompson 574 C. Lennoch M. Pugh .568 .563 Read The Classified Ads. tosses for 9.23 yards an attempt. Bobby Layne of the Pittsburgh Steelers is second with 122 of 245 for 8.58. Now on Sale! The Ideal Christmas Gift' ' YULETIDE FOLDERS OF THEATRE TICKETS.. . Tonight only-Joel McCrea in "Fort Massacre" Cinemaicop* And Color PAR AM On, ' PHONE HE 3 3 0 > Starts Sunday At 1:00-3:00-5:00-7:00-9:00 AND THEN SHOWING MONDAY AND TUESDAY TEENAGERS Take Your Parents to See This Picture. It Will Help Them Understand Your Problems. JOHN SAXON SANDRA DEE WIGHT-JAMES WHITMORE CHICKE DINNER EAGLES HALL SATURDAY, DEC. 13 Serving at 5:30 Adults $1.00 - Children 50c Members and Friends Music by Curt Wilkenson Band DOUBLE FEATURE TONITE ONLY! At 7:00 & 9:45 George Montgomery in tn Plus Jungle Heat" Showing at 8:30 0KI BOOK! HURRAH JEFFREY HUNTER DIANNE FOSTER-PAT O'BRIEN BASIL RATHBONE-DONALD CRISP-JAMES GLEASON social security check is being mailed this week she said "Fine. Now I'll have some money for my old age." CONTRACTORS ELECT DES MOINES l*l — Wayne B. Hibbs of Forest City was elected Iowa President of the Associated General Contractors at the closing session of the annual convention Thursday. Named vice presidents were George A. Lowe of Marion, and W. E. Bedinger Jr. of Sioux City. Two new directors were elected, Merrill G. Morris of Ottumwa, and Irving F. Jensen of Sioux City. RAISE IN HOUSING RATES AMES W) — Increases in the rates for non • married student housing at the State University of Iowa were approved by the State Board of Regents Friday. The increases amounted to $50 a year for double or triple occupancy rooms in both men's and women's dormitories; $60 a year for single rooms and double and quadruple quarters with bath, and $25 a year in the men's non - boarding dormitories. TEACHER-PUPIL RATIO DES MOINES UB — There's an average of one teacher for each 16.4 pupils in Iowa's 694 approved four-year high school districts, the| State Department of Public Instruction said Friday. | i 40 PER CENT CHEAPER j AMES (Jfi — The State Univer-; sity of Iowa can produce its own DULUTH, Minn. (AP) - The Canadian vessel Starbelle cleared the Duluth ship channel shortly before midnight Thursday to officially close the navigation season at the Duluth-Superior port. The Starbelle sailed empty for her home berth at Port Arthur after unloading a grain cargo here. Last U.S. ship out was the Platt Junior of the Gartland Steamship Co., which took out a load of grain earlier Thursday night. In any event it appears now that the trans-axle plan has been agreed upon as best adapted to the job of leveling off the car floor. Sheree North Plans to Wed Psychiatrist HOLLYWOOD (AP) — Actress Sheree North will marry her psychiatrist next Wednesday. Dr. Gerhardt Sommer has been her psychoanalyst and physician since they met about a year ago. "It will be just a quiet little ceremony," beamed the voluptuous blonde Friday. the fact that, in 1792, Gray had visited the mouth of the Oregon River, which he called Columbia after one of his vessels. Fresh Balsam ROPING Wholesale and Retail A&W ROOT BEER STAND Maple and Greenwich EAGLES FIFTH DISTRICT CONVENTION and INITIATION at EAGLES HALL Sunday, Dec. 14th FEED and DANCING Music by Roy Harlan Orchestra Jc flHD OP Spruce f Bglsgm * Scottish Pint • Norway Pine PAPENFUS 106 South Greenwich CHRISTMAS TRAPSHOOT Public Invited SUNDAY, DECEMBER 14th Come Early - Stay Late Entertainment and Lunch in Cabin Shoot Over 2 New Electric Traps For Turkeys • Geese • Hams • Bacon Pork Loins • Ground ieef Cedar Valley Conservation Club * T»OPP " XlbCl Hiway 218 North DOOR PRIZES DURING THE DAY - NO OBLIGATION LAST TIMES TONIGHT 7 & 9 P.M. [THE REVENGE OP ISTEIN" 4 «Mwa MM rwmciiai > * miMM na w i* jwawTwmi namcouft*! /& 9 Crime Sunday • Monday Tuesday SHOWS SUNDAY 1-3-5-7-9 P. M. Miss Ml. ANICELITTUBANK THAT SHOULD BE ROBBED ANTHONY MUTO HENRY LEVIN

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