Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 15, 1933 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 15, 1933
Page 3
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lOLA. KANSAS PAGE THRiE ^ i([i8. E. p. Slack Influenza. '__,>: y . —Dr. H. L. Lacy, fcentisi. Office over Brown's Drug! Btore. X-ray equipped. Plione im^k j Mrs. W. D. Hall left Jionday for a . visit With her daughter, Mrs. A. B. Cowell and her family, in Humboldt. Don!t forget Second Annual Moments Musical Club Minstrels, Memorial Hall, Tuesday evening, February 21st. Mr. and Mrs. h.B. Blankenliagen and their daughter Thelma moved to 5^0 North Sycamore yesterday from their residence 801 South Walnuts AiUTO TOPS ^ AUTO GLASS ' Fumitnre and 4,ut6mobUe Upholsterjog Rubber Mats HEIGELES Harness and Aiito Top Shop 201 South St.—Phone 59 Mrs. Etta Blohm of Colony, Is .spending the wtek with her son, D. R. Blohm and his family. —Use Blue Seal for clogged drain : pipes. Ipla. Plumbing (po. Pho. 1175. J. E. Baker, proprietor of the West Street macliine shop, iwho has been ill with the flu the past wefek, is much improved. He expects to return' to work in a few days. Any Suit. Dress or Overcoat i Cleaned and Pressed .35c- ABLESON CLEANERS : : Pbone 105 : : One Day Service If Desired « : Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Bishop, Chanute, were guests Sunday of Mr. Bishop's parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Bishop. .—We Buy, Sell ahd Trade new and . used furniture, stoves, etc. Curtis' Furniture, 10 N. Washington. Mrs. R. M. Adanis has returned from a five-month stay near Fre- -donia. . ' : ••••••i: - y-v : Our SALE Remains Till Saturday Night : : \Ve're keeping pur promise in : ' : holding pi4cps d6*tt. Are you •: : doing your part? ~ : : 4 Garments Cleaned and Pressed : Sl.lO. 1 Garment 29c . : OUT RATE CLEANERS 109 West St.—Phone 775 : We Will Not Be Undersold : _ Mrfe. Pear! Dre.s.sler and Mrs. Paul Dressier visited Tuesday with relatives in Bronson. Mrs. Hattle Smith, who ha.s iieen islting in Chicago, arrived Monday afternoon to be \^ith the Rev. and Mrs. L. D. Wimmer, who are ill with the flu. Mrs. Smith will later go to her home in Arkansas. She is a daughter of Mrs. Wimmer. We are the ONLY AUTHORIZED DEALER for the Faultless Electric Washer or any product made by that company. ' 12 Faultless Wishers sold in January and 5 so far this month. Get Yom-s Today W. H. WOOD FINE FUKN. '202 S. Jeff.—Phone 190 Raymond Snell of St- Jolm. wlio hius be;en a guest of his uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs., Ira D. Sriell, the •_ ten day.s. left this,morning for | an .extended vi.sit in Springfield,] Mo;, and: otljer points. New York. Feb. 15. (AP)—Financial markets generally ^irightened a Uttle today, although scattjered selling developed in stocks, after a firm inclination in the early dealings. The close was irregular. Trajpsfers approximated 850,000 shares,' or a little, more than half yesterday's turnover. Improved action of twjinds and commodities 'helped shares, but some selling appeared in the utilities and tobaccos. Bails were about steady, on publication of the report of the national transportation committee. Reported improvement in the steel industry, a regular dividend by American Telephone, and indications of progress in the Michigan banking situation, were favorable factors., The telephone dividend has been expected, and tliat stock finished about unchanged. In the utilities. Consolidated Gas Egpched 3 points, and Public Service of N. J., half as much. Americj^n Tobacco B' and Liggett and Myers B sagged aiwut a point. Allied Chemical .reflected special sellipg in the late :trading, declining .2. Intefnafcipnal Silver preferred lost several points, oh omission of the dividend. However, gainsof fractions to a point remained at the close in such issues as General Motors, Chrysler, tf. S. Steel, Case, Seaboard Oil. Johns Manville, International Harvester and others. While rails were generally steady. Union Pacific reacted a major fraction. High Low Close Cities Serv ...... 2'.i- 2',4 2% SO of Ind ....,, 21 20^4 21 Amn Can ....... 57 »i 56M seVi Amn T&T 101% 100 Vl- 100% Amn Tob B .... 5394 61% 52Vj Anaconda ...... 6Ti 6% Atchison 42% 41',4 41% Auburn 40% 39% 40 Beth Steel 13% 13 U 13% Case J I 4l''/i 40'; 40',i Chrysler 11% liu nVj Con Gas 51',i 48 48'.i Con OH 5's 5',-; 5% Drug Inc 35 34^i 34% DuPont 36'/. 35 35% Gen Elec 13% 13 13% Gen Motors .... 13 12',1 UV> Int Harv 18% n¥' 17% Mont Ward .... 12?i IVi 11% Packard 2',i 2 2'i Penney J C .... 25 24'4 24% Phillips Petr ... 5% 5'i 5% Radio 4Vv 4'.i 4'/« Socony Vac '7 p% "7 Std Brands .... 15% 14% 15'v. SO of NJ ....:. 25'i 25U 25% Union Pac ..... 73% 72'i 72?i Texas Corp .... 13 12V^ 12Vi U S Steel 27'i 26'i 26% Westingh E .... 26'1 25- 25% ^ on moutii-waiii ^Vicks new Antiseptic does ev»ything that any gargle or jnouth-wash can and should do -r at AaZf the cost! TW>MOOF is actual Use. To furnish thl^iProof, 6 million bbttlBs in aspe- -clol trial Blze were supplied to drug- gU^trt—l?etou> cost. But the demand bas tbe^n enormous. Jf iSPiH" druggist Is already out, get the '.wsular 10-ounce;^«ize . '. . a 76c -yawe for only 35c. Use It one wM^. -Jf jpu are not delighted .with ltiB<gwh^ . . . and amazing-«conomy . . ;returp unused portion to your dJCUgglSt and get ypxa .money bade T ^m J. F. CaOEN ^AN PRpDUQE CO. p. O. COGHILL, Manager ^ pbuLTRY AND EGGS " Egg Cases and Supplies .1", I Old and Reliable—Established 1911 " Comer Monroe and Elm . I. {just West of the Water Tower) LOCAL PROpUCP Eyes, firsts - •• Eggs, seconds Eggs, thirds '• Eggs, ungraded Hens, No. 1 Hens, No. 2 No. 1 Springs, V.'j lbs. up ... No. 2 Springs • Capons, over 9 lbs Capons, over 8 lbs, .... .. Capons over 7 lbs Capons, under 7 lbs. .'. Capons, under 6-lbs Slips Buttcrfat. Jb. .. Stags, lb Cocks • — Geese, lb Guineas, each White Ducks, lb Colored Ducks, lb Hides, per lb. Mixed Com, bu. Yellotv Com. bu Wheat, bu Kaiir Com . ..IQc ....8c ....6c ..i.8c ....8c ...6c ... 6C ...4c ...lie ... Oc ... 7c ...6c ....5c ....5c ...14c ... 4c ... 3C ...3c ...10c ... 4c ... 3C ... Ic ...13c ...I4c ...27c ...13c Kansas City Prodacc. Kansas City, Feb, 15. CAP)—Produce unchanged. Kansas City JIay. Knnsas City. Fd*', .15. (AP)—Hay: 18 cars, unchanged. ,Ka ,nsas City Livestock. Kansas City, Feb. 15. (AP)— (USDA)—Hogs 6000; 140 direct; slow, mostly 10 lower than Tuesday's average; top 3^0 on.,cliQlce 180-210 lbs.: good and choice, 140350 lbs., 2.80-3.30; pacl ^ing sows, 275550 lbs., 2.20-65; ^took pigs, good; and choice, 70-130" IbsT, 2.50-3.00, ' , Cattle 4000; calyes 'soO; kUllngI classes slo^J steady to 25 loyer; demand naiTow for fed steei's with! weight; stockers and feeders weak; steers, good and choice, 550 -1500 lbs., 4.p0-6.75; cpnunon and medium, 550 lbs. up, 3.00-4,75; Jieifera,' gOod ieatfy Quicluit \ LUDEMS I; Mentlvoi Cougri urops WHAT WCT OF THE y.mus POPU- SlAUON LIVES SOUTH OF THE BJOHDR? VfheidisiMing .eitlKr vgxxlorladMm-, WBOWPPTETHIS? ''WHICH OFTHE WORLD'S ALPHABETS HAS EEWEST LETTERS ? (Answers Will be found on Pagej 4) and choice, 550-900 lbs., 4.00-5175; cows, good, 2.50-3.00; vealers (piilk- ifed), medium to choice, 3.00-6.00; btocker and feeder steers, good and thoice 4.00-5.75. Sheep 8500; practically nothing spld early; opening bids 25 or more lower; lambs, good and choice (x) 9P lbs. down, 5:00-40; good and choice (X) 90-98 lbs., 4.75-5.30; ewes, gPod and choice, 90-150 lbs., 1.502.60. (X)—Quotations based on ewes and wethers. Estimated livestock receipts for tomorrow: Cattle 2,500; hogs 4,000; sheep 6,000. ' K. C. Livestock CIa>se. Cattle: Killing classes slow, steady to 25c lower; most decline on fed steeris ,\^ith weight; choice 1,050-lb. .steers $6.00; vealers weak to 50c lower; steers, good and choice, 550900 lbs,, $4.75-$6.75; 900-1100. lbs; $4.60-56.75; 1100-1300 lbs. $4.00-S6.25i; 1300-1500 lbs., $4.00-$^.75; common and medium $3.00-$4.60; heifers, gbod and choice. $3.75-$5.50. Sheep: Lambs generally weak to 15c lower; odd lots sheep about steady; top fed lambs to packers and shippers $5.50: most sales $5.25$5.50; lambs, good and choice, 90 lbs. down $5.00-$5.50; good and choice 90-98 lbs.. $4.75-$5.40. Hogs: unchanged. , (First published in The lola Register, Febiiiary l. 1933.) SHEpSUa^S SALE The State, of Kansas, Allen Coim- ty. ss. • In the District Court, Thirty-Sev- entli Judicial District, Sitting in and for Allen County, State of Kansas. Case No. 17219. E. C. Lembacli,.' plaintiff, vs. C. E. Johnson and Agnes Johnson, his wife; Alfred H. Bamett Jif. and Nellie Cr. Bamett, his wife; add 4;he Neosho Valley State Bank ofiCha- nute, Ksinsas, a corporation, defendants. : By virtue of an Order of .Sale Jls-j sued by: the Clerk of the .Tl^ijc*^ Seventh Judicial' District •Court, and for Allen County, State of KffiK"' sas, in the above entitled cause,?and to me d rected and delivered, I Will on the 6th day of March, A. D., 1933. £tt iOoiolock.a. jn.of said day, at the southjiront door of the court house in the City of lola, Allen County, 'Stape :of Kansas, offer for sale and sell;to the highest bidder, for cash in hand, the following described real estate, to-wit: Lot Three (3), containing 31.89 acres and Lot Seven (7) containiqgi 51.83 acreS all in Section Twenty-six (26),' Township Twenty-six (26). Bainge (10) East,; Allen County, Kansas. I • • Said lands and itenements will be sold without appraisement to satisfy said Order of Sale.' BUD HURLEY. Sheriff ofiAUeniCounty,TCansas. By Otis iambeth. Undersheriff. Sherifrs Office, Xola, K&psas, Jan- uarj- 31st. 1933. j J. M. Humphrey, Attorney for Plaintiff. M (2)-l-8-15-22 (3)-l " Kansas City Grain. Kansas City, Feb. 15. (AP)— Wheat, 58 cars; up '.j to l;'No. 2 dark hard, nom 42>.L.-51'i; No. 3, nom 42-50'.i: No. 2 hard 42'.-i-44',i; No. 3 42%-44; No. 2 red, nom 42-48; No. 3 44%. Close: May ilVi\ July 41%; Sept. 43. Corn, 16 cars: unchanged to Vs. up; No. 2 white, nom 21^'i-22: Njo. 3, nom 21'.i-21%.; No. 2 yellow, nom 22-22'.i: No. 3. nom 21%-22U; No. 2 mixed 22; No. 3. nom 21Vi-21%. Close: May 22',s; July 23%. Oats, 15 cars: unchanged; No. ,2 white, nom 18-18'.L.; No. 3, nom 17-18, Milo maize. 52. Kafi^, nom 40-44. Rye, nom 34-35. i Barley, nom 21'.::-22. Ch.nrleroi. Pa.—John Fcri-y, relief board investigator, thinks some folk are getting too accustomed to charity. "One fellow raiiipd tarnation thunder because we wouldn't pay for a license for his car." Feny . said•things the board is asked foiv include a new glass eye, three sets of false teeth, and repairs to an artificial leg. Have yoii a house tor rent? Or for sale? jWant to buy anything? Use the Classified columns I (First published in the lola Daily Register, Janu^^y 18. 1933.) SIIERIFF'S SALE Tlic State !of Kansas, Allen County, ss; . ^ ; In the District Court, Thirty- Seventh Judicial District, Sitting in and for Allen .County, State of • ' Case No. 17143 Allen County State Bank, a corporation, plaintiff, vs. Io!a Lodge No. 43, Knights of Pjthias. et al.. defendants. By virtue of an Order Of Saie issued by, the Clerk of the Thirty- Seventh Judicial District, Court, in and for Allen County. State' of Kansas, in the above entitled cause, and to me directed and delivered, I will on the 20th day of February. A. D., =1033, at 10 o'clock, a. m. of said day, at the south front door of the court hoiKG in the City • of lola, Allen County, State of, Kansas, offer for sale and sell to the highest bidder, for cash in hand, the following described real estate, to-wit: AH that part of the property which is located, above the second joist of the brick and stone building situ.".ted on Lots One and the South Half of Lots Two in Block 69. in the City of lola, Allen County, Kansas, together wltli the stairwdys, and seven feet of ground for back stairway on south side of .said'building located in the rear of said biiilding on the south side thereof, known and heretofore described as-A. O. U. W. Hall, Allen Cotmty. Kansas. •Said lands and tenements will bs sold without appraisement to satisfy said Order of Sale. BTO HURLEY, | , Sheriff of .Alien-County, Kansas.' By Otis Lambeth, Undersheriff. ; Sheilfrs office, lola, Kansas, January' 16th, 1933. • Ant &- Enfltld, Attorneys for Plahitiff. (l)-18-25 <2)-l-8-15 (First published''in the lola Daily Register, January: 18, 1933.) SBERIFKS SALE In the District Court' :of Allen County, Kansas. H. EarlElliptt, plaintiff. vs.; George Broughton and Rose Broughton, Ills -wife, defendants. •By virtue of an^ Order of Sale, without appraisement to me .directed and delievered.-issued out of the Thirty-Seventh Judicial District of the Stkte of Kansas, sittirig iniand for Allen- County in sfdd atate, wherein the iMirties above named were respectively .plaintifC.-and den fendants, I will on the 2(»h day of February, 1933, at the hour ,pf ten" o'clock a, m. of said .day,- at: the south front door of the Courti house :in lola in said (bounty and State aforesaid, offer at public sale and sell to the highest ^nd best ibidder^ for cash in hand the .following de- scril)ed real .property ^tu^tpd in Allen Coimty, I Kansas, to-.wit: All that piart Of the Northwest Quarter tNW. «) o£ Sisction Twenty-orie • • ' (21) Township Twenty-five (25),'Range TwB|if ty ^one (21) lying West of the Middle Hedge running North : and'South through said Quarter Section: containing ninst? acres xaaik or less, said property | to-' lie ssold as commanded by the Order of Sale wi^- out Appraisement) and in pursuance of the Judgment to the above entir tied cause. Given undei: mj' hand and seal this 18th day of January, 1833. Sheriff of Allen-. Ooimty. By Otis Lambeth, Undersheriff. Ii. tH. <;able. Attorney lor Pk^intiff. Xl)-18-25'(2)-i-8-15 (First published in the lola Daily Register, January 18, 1933.) SHElEeiF^'g SALE The State of Kansas, Allen Coun­ ty,.ss. I In the District Court .• Thirty- Seventh Judicial District, Sitting in, and fori Allen Countj-, State of Kansas. ! Case No. 17186 Chas. W. Bbwlus, plaintiff. I vs. George W. Baker, defendant. I3(y virtue of an Order of Sale issued by' the pierk of the .Thirty- Sfvcnth I Judicial District- Court, in and for Allen bounty. State of Kansas, in the above entitled cause, and to m (i directed and ilelivered, I will on the 20th day of Felwruary. A. D. 1933, at 10 ooldck, a. m. of said day, at the south front door of the coiurt house in the City of lola. Allen County, State of Kansas, offer for sale and .sell to the highest bidder, for cash in hand, the following described real estate, to-wit: The Soiith West Quarter of Section Tliirteen (13), Township Twenty-five (25), Range Eighteen (18), containing 16(5 acres more or less. Also the Northwest Quarter of the North West Quarter, and the East Half of the N»rth West Quarter of Section Twenty-two (22), Township Twenty-five «25), Range Eighteen (18), one hundred twenty acres, less raflrbad right-of-way. Also the West-Half of the South West Quarter and the Northeast Quarter of the S()Uth Weist Quarter of Section Twenty-one (21). TottTiship .Twen-, ty-five (25). Bang6 Eighteen (18), containing 120 acres, Allen County, Kansas. ; Said lands and tenements %lll be sold without appralseiriem to satisfy said Order Jof Sale; 1 BUD HURLEY, Sheriff of Allen County, Kansas. By Otis Lambeth, Undersheriff. Sheriff's office, Tola, Kansas;-January 16th,'1D33. • Apt & Enffield, Attomej-s for Plaintiff. (i),-18-25 (2)-l-8-15 OUT OUR WAY (First Published in The lola Daily Register February 15, 1933.) NOTICE OF APPOINTBIENT * \—Adini^tetrator^ State of Kansas, Allen County, ss. In the-Matter of the. Estate of JosepWne McGrew; late of Allen <3ouaty. .Kansas. NOTICE OP APPOINTMENT Notice;is hereby.Given, That on the'3rd day of February, A. D., 1930, the undersigned was by the Probate Court of Allen County, Kansas, duly appointed and qualified gs Adniinis- trator of the Estate of Josephine McGrew late of Allen County, de-! ceased. All parties int^sted in said estate will take notice and govern themselves accordingly. A. A. HOLDEMAN, Administrator. Kenneth H. Foust, Atty. (2) 15-22 (3) 1. (First Published in The Jola Daily . Register February 15, 1933.) PUNiICATION NOTICE. IN THE a4Aa?TER.OF "THE ESTATE OP; OHABITy W. SANDERS, DECEASED. ~ . TO MraOM IT MAY CONCERN, and more especially, Mrs. ^Truley Richardson .and Mrs. Effie Gregory, heirs of ehaiity W. Sanders, deceased, late of Allen Coimty, Kansas; you are hisreby notified that I, A. A. Holdeman, Administrator of the .estat9'.of .said decedent, did-Non the 14th. day of February, 1933, fUe a petition in the Probate Court of Allen County, KansaS, praying that I .might be authorized and empowered, ito. sell the following described lands for the purpose of paying the debts and costs of «aid 'administra­ tion.of said .estate to-w4t: Lot Fpin: (4), Block Four (4), Palpier's First Addition to LaHarpe, Allien County, Kansas. That jsaid petition will be heard in ;the-Probate Court room In the court house in Allen County, in the pity of Xola, Kansas, on the 28th day.of February, 1033, at the hour of 10 olclock A, M., at which time and place, each :of you and all qthers hitcrested are notified to b& present and show cause, if any, you have, why an order of sale as prayed for should hot be granted. A. A. HOLDEMAN, ^Administrator of the Estate "of Charity W. Sanders. Kenneth H. Foust, Atty. Dated at Kla, Kansas, this 14th day of February, 1933. (2) 15-22. (First pubhshed in Tlie lola Daily Register, February 1. 1933.) SHERIFF'S SAILE The State of Kansas, Allen County, ss. : In the District Court, Thirty-Seventh Judicial-District. Sitting in and for Allen Coimfcy, State of Kansas. Case No. 1723T. Mrs. Anna Good, plaintiff, vs. A. L. Maloney. Bessie A. Maloney, his wife, and W, H. Lewis, defendants. • By virtue of an Order of Sale Issued by ihe Clerk of tl>e Thirty- Seventh Judicial District Court, In ijnd for Allen County. State of Kan- Eas, in the above entitled cause, and to me dlFectcd and delivered, I willj on.the iBthrday of March, A. D., 1933, at 10 o'clock, a. m. of said day, at 'the south front door of the court house in the City of lola. Allen Countyi State of [Kansas, offer for sole and sell-to the highest bidder, for cash In hand,! the following described jeal .estate, to-wit: Lot Eight (8) I in Block Number Thrte (3) in Orchard Place Addition to the City of .lola, Allen County,. Kansas. Said lands and tenements will be sold without appraisement to satisfy said Order of Sale. ' BUD HURLEY",; Sheriff of Allen County, Kansas; By Otis Lambeth, Undersheriff, Sheriff« Offioe, lola, Kansas, February 1st, 1833. • Apt & EnSeld, Attorneys for PlftUtiff. (First ,j)ublished in The lola Dally Register, .February 1, 1933.) SHERIFT'S SALE The State dt Kansas, Allen County, «s. : In the District Court, Thirty-Seventh ;.Tudiclal-Jpistrict. Sltthig in and lor' Allen County, State of Kansas. Case No. 17190. W. H. Lewis, plaintiff, '-vs. Jennie C. Leidlg, and W. E. Leidig, her husband; William J. JKlaas and : Klaas, his wife, fiiast name unknown, defendants. •'By virtue of an Order;of Sale issued tjy^ithe Clerk of the Thirty- 9eventti JRidioial District Court, In and for Allen.tTouni^. State of Kah- .sas, in the ab6ve.raitiUed:eause,.and to me,directed.and'delivered,vi,will oh the-trth day of March, A. D., 1833, at ao o'clock, a. m. of, art; the south :iront.door of the court House in the City . of lola;, Allen CJotmty, €tate of Kansas; i ,offer for salel.and ~«6ll to thie highest bidder, for cash in hand, the.following described real,estate, to-wit: ^e - -South West Quarter V (SW44) of .Becti«m 33j Township 23, -Kange 20, containing 160 a<Jres;more of less, sitpated , in il^Uen County, Kansas. Said lands and tenements will be sold .witbCRit appraisement to satis- fjr said Carder of'Sale. •WD HURLEY, Sheriff 'at Aden .iObunty, .Kansas. By'•cHis Umbeth,'t&wtefeheriff. Sherinte.p(fib^<lQla,^Kiinsas, Feb- ruac Ist, l6SS; I Aftt «; Enfield, Attorneys for Plaintiff. " ^ NOTICE OF FINAL SETTLEMEiyT The State of" Kansas,. Allan County, ss. In the Probate Court in and for said county. In the Matter of the Estate of James Marion Brown, deceased. Creditors and all other persons interested in the aforesaid Estate ^e hereby notified that 1. shall apply to the Probate Ojurt in and for said County, sitting at the Courti House in lola. Codnty of Allen,' State of Kansas, oh the 21st day of February, A.' D., 1933, for a full and final settlement of:.said Estate,and for an order finding and adjudging who are the heirs, devisees and legatees of said deceased. L. E. WIGHT. Administrator-of the Estate of James Marion Brown, deceased. Kenneth H. Foust, Attorney. January 25th, A. D., '1933: (l)-25 (2)-l-8-15 (First published in Tlie lola Daily Register February 1, 1933.) NOTICE OF FINAL SETTLEMENT The Stete of Kansas, Allen County, ss. • ... In the Probf^te Court in and for said coimty. • ^ In the Matter of the Estate of Frank M. Twineham, deceased. Creditors and all other persons interested in the aforesaid Estate are hereby notified that I shall apply to the Probate Court in and for said Coupty, sitting at the Court House in lola. County ot Allen, State of Kansas, ,on the 28th day of February, A. D„ 1933, for a full a^d final settlement of said .Estate, and for an order finding and adjudging who are the heirs, devisees and legatees of said deceased. HAHlBIEnT TWINEHAM, Administratrix of the Estate of Frank M. Twineham, deceased. Kenneth H; Foust, Attorney, January 27, A. D„» 1933. (2)-1-8-15-22 !i I REAL ESTATE TBANSFEBS I (From the Office of The lola I Abstract Co., 108 "W. Jackson) «—^_—: L__ February 14, 1933. Laura, B. Shively, • widow to Kay Shively, Lote 7, 8, 9 and 10, Block 5, Cramer's Addition to Mildred, $1. CLASSIFIED RATES .1 (Effective Jan. 1,1933.) For one insertion, l%c per ,| word. For three or more Insertions, leper word per insertion. Minimum, 25c • per order, cash in advance. For spefcial low rates by the month, call this office. . ANNQUN-CEMEN-TS Anetloiu NOTICE OF SALE—Notice Is hereby given that on February 26,1633, at three o'clock P, M„ at the McCarthy Motor Company -Garage, on South Washington Street. Ipla, Kansas, one 1927 Oakland Coupe, Serial No. 158363-54, Engine No, L162461 will public aua- tion to pay the, storage and repair charges thereon.—McCarthy Motor Company, by Frank McCarthy. 3 Strayed, Lost, Fomid PURSE—Containing.about $7 lieft at . P, O. on west table. I^lease retui^ to Guy Cook at P. O. and receive . reward. ' AUTOMOTIVE Antomoblles For $»Ie THE CHEVROLET DEALER HAS THE BEST USED CAR, VALUES IN TOWN ! 1929 (i ton. Ohev. Panel Truck 1932 Chev.'Sport Sedan 1929 Chev, IVi ton Truck 1930 Chevrolet Ck>upe 1927 Chrysler .Sedan 1927 Chrysler Roadster 1929 Dodge Sedaif 1928 ESS0X Coach 1929 EsseiX Coupe 1930 Ford Sedan 1931 Ford Truck, loiig wheelbase 1030 Ford Coupe 1928 Nash Coupe Plenty of Other Bargains BUD WHITE MOTOB' OO, PONTIAC-BUICK Sales and Service Guaranteed Used' Cars SHELLY MOTOR GO. 214 N. Jefferson ' Phone 80 '26 DODGE\4-do6r sedan; '27 Chev, rolet coach; used parts. lola Auto Wrecking. Phone 782. Wrecker Service Fender and Body Work, tops Rebuilt.; NO JOB TOO BIG AND PRICES ALWAYS MODERATED BOSS ARBUCKLE CABAGE i CHRVSLEB-PLYMOU'Ck Sales—Serriee-farts AUTOMOTIVE Wanted—Automotive - SERVIC3EABLE CAR for schplar to drive to school. Prefer roadster or coupe, phone LaHfirpe. R. C. Parish. ' ' - • EMPLOYMENT 13 Help wanted— Female GIRL OR WOMAN—To help in home for rppm and boar^; give age. experience, references.. Write Bok 85. The" Register. 14 .HeU> Wante^—Male AMBITIOUS,-reliable man ;wanted- to take orders and deliver Watkins Produii^s in lola. Customers established, good pay ev^ry day from start Experience unnecessary, complete given. Write iminedlately THE J. B. WATKINS COMPANY, D-62, Winona, Minn. \ DRIVER—For wholesale cleanhig route with enclosed qar; experience unnecessary. Cut-Rate Clfeaners. MAN WANTED—To work On farm for board and room. Inquire at 306 South Buckeye. . 16 Sitnatiops Wanted—MfUe BOY—14 years wants work (in farm, Jtlome considered more than wages'. Inquire 201' N. Second street. FINANCIAL 18 Money -to Loan—Insurance $200 TO .LOAN on good city prop; erty, F: S. -Bennett, 520 South _ WashlMtoh Avenue. ; LIVESTOCK 21 Horses, Cattle. Vehicles COWS — Just frcsli. and cows to freshen soon. J. C. Butcher, West • Street road. ' FOR SALE—4-year-old hotse. '2^; miles west of Carlylc, ; -_ 22 Poultry, and Supplies ALL STRAIQHT Breeds Chicks, day old, 500, $25; started chicles Slightly higher. Special deal on. Custom Hatching In lots. Sunflower Hatchery, Gas City. BABY cklCKS— For Febrdafy 2f)tl» hatch, 400 B. C. Reds, 175 Barred Rocks, 200 Buff Rocks at $5.45 per 100. Book; yoiu- orders now for custom! hatching. W^c per egg. Taylor I Hatcherj- & Produce, 201 South Jefferson. i j BABY CHICKS 100% from: flocks blood testod and ceirtif|ed by Judge Harris, poultry expert. Ask about our 90% guarantee on Custom Hatching. All heavy breeds 5'.jC Ass't Heavies ,;,,5c Custom Hatching l%c or $5 case WILLSON FARM HATCHERIES (Formerly Cantrell) 2 miles;south on 73W or , L, E. Steele Supply Go. 'Talk Chicks with WUlSon" CUSTOM HATCHING—Ic In modern Buckeye Mapimoth, world's best hicubator. Sot each Monday. We have ipurebred blood-tested chicks from best layers. Leghorns > 4',^c, big breeds 5c. Russell Hatchery, Gas, Kas. Phone 956F3. INCUBA'TGBS—2 ?50-egg capacity Favorite incubators, new; sell at a bargain. Brownie's. SUNFLOWER cmCKS —Hatches weekly. See us before Srou get chicks OK hatching. Sunflo\rcr Hatchery. TBrohson. MEBCHANniSE 24 . A#tiel «9 For Sale; SEWANDUSED cream separators; DeLaval service. George ;J. Marr. 27 Feed, Fuel, Fertilizers BALED ALFALFA—$7 toij; sweet com seed, 4c lb.; sweet clover seed, $1.50 bu, Austin's, 2,ml. ndrth Idla. Onisebold Goodtf COAL AND WOOD RANGES—Quality up |and\prices down. We trade. Curtis' Fuj^iltvure, 10 N. Wash. USED qacki sioTOS and Runlture. Store ;ed. Hpiminger's Furh. Store. USED ELECTRIC WASHER&$12.50; $130 down and $i:00 week. Several tb! choose from.: W. H. Wood Fuie Furniture. 2021 SiJeff. 28 Macliineiy and Tools TANK HEAlER^A good lised one, $4.50. -Allen County Implggent^Co. SEVERAL good used radios. Terms. .Henninger's Furniture Store. . Real gstate For Rent S7 Honses F«v Rent SALES ^^°dg^-s ^cE i^iy^o^th Dependable Used Cars and Trucks ELLIS MOTO^ CO. PILOJVC 301 Cash—Tnuie—Terins .6- Anto Accessories,-XitfBS, farts GAJSOLINE—PER..GAL., 5l4c 100 gftL lots plus ttg or taxes (Not -ttie Cheap 3rd. Grade ^Jas) VINE CHEL & GAS CO... FOR RENT^Houses, good'location. See E. Pees. HOUSE— S [rooms, partly "modem. 503 N. Jeaerson. Phone ^1. HOUSE—45 ijooms, modem, double garage, thicken house, gai^den< See property 1021 N. Jefferson. $9.00 month.? • : •, R^l Estate For Sale 44 .'Wwited—To Buy WANTED TO BUY—About a 5^room house to move on farm. Tola Land Col :

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