The News-Palladium from Benton Harbor, Michigan on April 4, 1913 · 2
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The News-Palladium from Benton Harbor, Michigan · 2

Benton Harbor, Michigan
Issue Date:
Friday, April 4, 1913
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4, THE NIWS PALLAOIUM FRIDAY, APRIL 4, 1913. atJE TWO ,1 ii I I t t i V 9- r i t; - 3 t K)l OCT 4 ; r i w i'r I 1 ! t 1 HRiTATING COUGHS. ; i iff- ! pllli -.: DISTRESSING, DEPRESSING COLDS. M J1 9.5 WEST MB iniu tbML4 e "la : a;: i aril i ami , Dr. Can'f Pump Water Into R. R. Stocks Any More So Zimmerman Quits N : -di 5t LUN Fffcv wn; ur Man- ;i. tori vn to ..very - .:!.'' - vahi- : ;tn;!.y Pr. vs .l-'.'i.n:. it .'un-ii me -t t:: '..v.. : ;-h uirt:! I j'.iii k relief uu: it's 1 i-'.Vr U'-.-ii li.ttl, W Hi i:s s.,:,l i; i ' a ..: 1 i :i:t.'i cm e . t iiDUj; Ji : -(-nv ' ;s t-I llliUliV Won i:i v -! ma! ion to ! ..J I CHICAGO ILL. ilW. ' i ' --v- : i now. .- am! i if !;!'.)- - Hot li .- .-rv. It is ' .i ' has bfi-n j n v-'hrec v 'ars j K V..'ur .irus?- ! if Dr. Kin i ii mju. is tart i r; j ' ', oi ,v ? in-, Iron i Jl'.on. i. in i J"."in'.lh'". ? li.itMi'rl hi aii.-i-r io a..olti-i ((lit-ntiuu Mr. ., iinn mm h att-r j Zim nn-rnian a:il ih ruad haU nvver .sM.tiwt.i u! a I "'! 'tt!i ;ca!i inariaK'-u. lit- asrtMtl as : K t -!- -.Mar Sciiamr Smilii that somic Ahtii-.1 in filn't 'or-.' i!aii ini-n minhi ! i -1 ; on th' lioaru. .r iii.- ii ! ycin'ia j 1 li'- road would make !! iiidin- (-,;; j without ("aiiailian and t'!n a-.o -v K-i-i ii'- Z:iina.-rmaM. tnsuuis, he said. .,' i ' i: i r: i i ; r j . aid ' ih:tik thai as far a t!ic cinii- Mifs is ('Din !-!iii'J, ir i a!i nhl l a ra.iioad roiiipaa . ii-mic all H j w a lit ' t s lino im.i i "S'.if, lei 'mi 5''it in all '.lif-y au; ;,: !!. road'woik Mi-' puni !ianda all :iif iia- in Mr. X mi-: Thai dn .n t ma!-.- any .i ifft i t-iii-i'." 'icrai'!- iiucs-j 'Wt-llc It-i.ti , aiio'ai thai, don't tiic i val-J dif oiiiinoli slm ii'liuiili-r.-i t xjifct ill I KJHt $ .".((,( ( ',- j d'-tiUs ?" . j "Don't .mhi worry aixnii that. This an !" laic I h-'jioad won't -;.a au i! i iih'iids on its s il.i I..' iiifiatcd toniinon .stock th n'X! st-m-rat ion, or i: lhi"' n'' one alu-r thai, s i your hi'- l;nvr. and condi! ionvi I" wont ha- to pa', any diMd-idn 1 . i an pay i 1 1 t i uu. i. ., " a;,( ! O'l Now j uiiii luimll" tiif i son ! ;V11 Druggists of Benton Harbor ; - ' ' ' " HE NEWS-PALLADIUM. :.' ' w a Ztiiin.-n ;!. Ida. : ci-.i.t (..' :!;. lattc : I; r. an faul t ( o ild l.c j;n'ratc(i al its . kj-os earning and cou'd- In- ini rea.sed w .. can i worV in v inoif i oin- r ut:;. I am o:nn out ih.- i-Mi.infs " H'iiii'i- Mr. Ziiniiiirinan l.rt tin- in hid op-is at.d I if miul' a !it:!- sj.i.f. h. i:ri;itif; tat- -tatf to the road lu-titT treat- iiiimi! mj capital could in- induced to come into the state. - d - r Comprising THE EVENING NEWS v-M ? v. r.r THE OAtlJY PALLADIUM -Vol. 'v N . i j" -i X-Ray Movies Show Hard Boiled Egg Fighting Digestive Organs JMeaifl peenaDs FOR SATURDAY 9 f . , l it Eftt!red for tracing Iwlop 5 i J potofllca at Bentoa Harbor, Consolidated February 29, 1904 through , fe ma.lU as tocoad class matter , at , 'in ;h' j iir.m i :i aii d an , ItefcJgaJi. i f ; DIly, rtcnpt Sunday by The News tetnti the worst I it. I am inclined In in.' tieli.-I that only the so.ithiti.i; ministration.- i ntle unman could do much m! ma- fl-eeC E. W. MOORE, Publisher. Telephone 172. t'lEMBER OF ASSOCIATED PRESsI TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION: j '? )ally delivorcd by carriers - One year, in advance ...... iJt Stj - 0- month in advance... j .10 ' I Co week, !a advance.. .10 , . - ' ai!y by mal' I'iO Od year, '.u advance..... Six montba, la advance: Tbraa months, in advanc WEIGH YOURSELF BEFORE USING i 'I"! Ri i! r, :.,r:i I MiH j.ictures ( itch with lood and a l..':u i.o ie(l i-i;s I'flllB Ullir.Mi-il (, ;. .... i . . .. . . i " :;i siomacn ol a dysjieiitx' liaM '--en i;i. i .n l)ei.i-(.:t and ma', he tak , n an. time a tea,, wh., 1:,, :. !,. ii. 01 f ''" oman could do mm! -'vti'.e ah.'lities aof an ostrieh" ets! "An ordinary moving idcture ::;"r:"'i ' ttli to' want to see what chine, you know, talves ahoii! ' fifteen h.s ii:.-:.ics look like when t hey are j pit tnres a seiond. An Xrav machine -iivinu him trouble enoiih to make j ean tal e only ahout one picture e. i:iiu bite nails. In fai t . the taj im-r ot ery tour seconds Hut yon can take if. h pictures is not all a rare occur- j these pictures, place them on a tiim. '-nee. i j siieeti up the machine and you ;et a "Tli- first time tlie pictures were comprehensive idea of just what the 'ak.-ii in Detroit." said Dr. I. .i.hard (.oiled is up to. And the Hii i-.ey, head of the Roentgen ray d-i antics of the hard lulled cka. w h.-u partrncM at Harper hospital. "aij Huhtinjj tor its life against the h.:-! (.for.- the American Roentgen Ray 1 man stomach, is inspiring heca ise ,,! ."Oiler.. It was an uudouuted success j its awtulness. A' Numidian lion. Mir-an! In Ip.-d the medical profession j rounded by natiie sieiirnitn. loiii; ; disco r the inn rniosl. secrets of a j.tiot put up a more de.-;)era!e ! , a r t . man's dm. -sum- apparatus. They sayj. Such picture do not do mm h Ko.l a:i wem-'ii -noiiid know the way to a ; :n diaKtiosititf th individual Round Steak 17c Sirloin 18c Pot Roast 13c Pork Chops 18c Side Pork 15c Sausage' 12c Bacon 20c Smoked Ham 17c Fresh Trout-Perch-White Fish-Halibut-Salmon- Salt Salmon 10c QUICK DELIVERIES ALL DAY SATURDAY Phone 278 BANYON'S Phone 278 EE2 II b. $3 00!1'' -.I'm - .Th. April 4 In American History. 18-11 Will nun Jlenry Harrison, ninth - fWfsidei.t of (i.e tuited States. ti died : Ixirn ! 7;! 4 153 p"rel.t l.o. I iiiond; se;;iieri,i . tertiirv: rtiul tin-i CBpital t.y tt.e i ; lSTr-.Dnc I'nttei-; Aunerleji!! -vife parte, f-rotu.-i' crested him ..i aiorv: tiiii?i ; i s. . 1911 Amer -n lap frenfv rrttirie..t i i . ':i ell f ;; J Uk h-f ti- t:l!l ..f I'.i. i-i iii'na'i'iti of their 'tilV-(b-r:i'i"J. hi lion ii is rtc-, .if Jemme iiona- ( N;lii.)li, Wtl'i .4 in Kaltl- iii em; commercial in i: ri'suit t(1 W . K. Si. .-i.- , . .muse a ! ! 1,-iiiirun ; S:iii!i,f- w 'at:! res'-o !!'-e i : i 1 in smc,. (;r-Harhor. acid d K :l! 11 ;i' ..i-n h (( ;n e ' ASTRONOMICAL (From n.iu . n ; . " Sun sets c. vT. ' stars'. Vet i lis. Sit .11 Tunlter. M.-tr; M-r yrv EVENTS ' ' ' " ? ' ro i r. ' 1 1 i. b ' Kveninj; t j . Miirniiisr stars: j in ip a Jnak THE RED CROSS AT THE FLOODS. re nmmeneiiig re.i- tlesli ti.irm-fnl sale on this introduced in the remaikab'e ,m.' ' hav e mad . such enthuse i; -tin- iea value .f hifk- th n .-opie fa' refund t!." money if make 'b.u people fat U" strengf h and li altli to J li.-e if . ;t strom; Kuaraiite,-., ,v " J tc i"o. have seen Ro many i ;r. im'r w ho a f -w weeks ik-d I ke waikum skeletons he pl'intp arid -.veil, through -the of S.nriose rliat they fe ; rtiey ar -ay too much to induce pen- is rna r v ejnTia fl s,h -forming food' similat l as sorin as if is taken 'lie s'omuch makes cofid rich , - up 'iii. u akened system 'i. a--imilate the food arid the ij-i-r plump, well ami rosy. ( man s heart is throuah lis stomach. Atfer yvatchitu; a "movie" demon-ft rare tb wrstlin of a weak sto in case, a. - cording to Dr. Mickey, but they are o' value to science in denumstrat iiu il.e tunctions of the stomach. m . ' Miiiiv Jf of suffer he BANGS DOWN DESK TOP AND STARTS FOR HOME SAYS LATIN SHOULD BE IN SEVENTH GRADE ANN A HUnR. April 4-. Thar th. u.l oi l.atm -houid b" bes;un. ii e -ev.-nth raue in tiic public hoo;-. was the rather, startling statf nail.- I.'. 1'rot. h . . Keelsv ol ;the l.atm and (.re.-k departjiient o! ; the ii ii ; V ts tv in the openitisf session ' of the Michigan Schoolmasters' clul i here .Wednesday afternoon. in ti,e ii scussion which followed cv-: ry speaker aa'reed witli Prof. Keelsv ; on this point. JJrot. Mark Hallev o! : Ka-amazoo told of the date of the i ... - . . transition of the , Roman system ol jdatinn to the modern system. Prot. i W. S. KUien of Columbus, O . told ol Roman ruins in Timpad.. illustrating his lectures with stereopticon views At. the modern- lanuaje conference ! Prof. William Mcl-jiu'Khlin and .1. V. i sv'htdl of the fniversity of Michigan jam.! Clyde Ford of Michigan State ! Normal college M,oke. i ' j inu.hltie. re';i f : -n ' t h calamity sc." , thin: Some c f yopl, with b-arts gint of fotiri'uftji.' Hvif coil's aii'd in f Wrse-. 1 IfU-y cons:!'! if h!;vh !eui!"i' (l Hey . at. tile jn'icnt and ,i t Jut u ed' ! ,;'. 'nr$(? (J, it 9 g- BUlt in Hlov (ly t iM)b r' ;.r r-i fS HXl fhev !.! ? t. Th"n t..... .'r $ face t iie .i . - i rip -. ,n ..);.". -i tC.'"-' , ' al'm t t!e-.t ,f ! , A ! ev .-, : j I I r.:,.,.p--,i .lu. '. or.n,t.", ! t f I M 'h file .-,:.(.''. il ', I't'ti-' ' . - .S !"' r I'- .",':.(! tf " s'e'-.'.' ; '- ;! (i:-.- i JJ $P -(.'r' t uu""!!' -is' i J -i -4 44'"-V' !""""'' '' '-''' 1 f file circ ! - -,!'.'. ' .. ailswriprion -. . y t fn.l-. iV:r-: ' 'c 'h.-( : ' - f 1 : .1 S W Hl IHJt h-.r, .. i j l. I J-m . . .-i 1 I (, if H '.v 'h -r-w.- '!.- :vh f 4 1- it t ; nr" i: .'IKtm I S i -t J', I "!'"' lii-l - : - r ' ;:-' (- . j A I 1 i , I , I I I .-. , ..r: 1 . -Wiieli " ": i : -..,!, ,. i i--1 ; ! v sla-iu'd tt i j- . . . . ! .'.- '( iikikc the vir f,;,! l:-":;- I ;. ,, ,....,). Tfns, at . lea - "' '' ' r ' 1 ' ' " j . . i -.ii !, . Parkinsoii. prm i ' ' a ' ." 1 i - : "erk 1 .'' ti:e - i a ' - .... f -w.trt. r-i r: s. -iT'in tecs iu l i." .'.mmi-'l . -iiat :-'. ": , . , i ; -n.. tiio mi; cii.wn nis roicop u.'sk : nrt - w -a ft a 1 I . : . . I fanil ,",!. :.: ::. i I li.s ha HKf vour I I . . t - ii. iw .f i it. , vi re i I ". I bb ir;i ,;,z "id '.. ..oil .uni jump , Oft ' the ; I ' "' Sir" '' '"''-"j,.!.-., i, ,:'). W;ie:vup,,n M - f'.irk ! I'b-- ':! i' .r"'"--'i i..Wlii. - . -..! U. iititi.U aiKli I,,. is' ' '"' iiroiiH " j . .,; , i . trt-ti t.. s i-coii.-ih. which -" : 1 ; i . - -: i ' - ii.'.- i!;. i..f n:i-r- tiiae "Ai'ii'v vears iitj-t .-''. ' 'i,t,, . " . W ri -1 ' ' rt i; i 1 1 He was a ... i ,.. . ,.; - ., : . j ': ' -1 ,s.'it.ti-'.r- -Vilas and ii a D'-m 1 - i -' ons t. ,. . . - ,'.-.,.,,,1,..;! .'.'IJi. Recommended for a Gocd Reason. I - C H Crant. 230 Waverly St., Pe-joria. Ii'-. say: "Hackache and con-!t;e,sr.., Kidn ys made me suffer in tense pain.-. Was always tired and . floa'ini: specks bo' tiered me. Took I Foley Kidnev Pills and saw bie im- was tlie Itrovement after thinl day. I kept' on until entirely fre d nf all trouble and when be ,, , , ,..', ., .' -, , r ni'-i Finney, i u.'y cured me. the pa' mm For saje ijV a,, of uPnton t reduction' Harbor. (Adv.) THEATRICAL otnedians. one doing a typical lle-rew, the other a droll witty Irish-nan. The combination, backed up by i ureal sijiKtnu and 'dancing choru k'ep.s the aud.ence in a spasm "I lelinht. BELL OPERA HOUSE Sunday, April 6 The Greatest Htm Yea's MUTT AND JEFF 50 People 2 Carloads cf Scenery PRICES 35. 50. 75c and $1.00. THE NEW mr P H E IJW 3 a ii Mi . t i i Ail aizrs lonigni The Harmony Five 3 Phntnnlavs 3 - 1 J B DON'T MISS IT j 233 Pipestons tt Phone 242 H. E. ESALHORST UNDERTAKER AND EMBALMER . Calls Answered Cay or Nlflti. LADY AIIIITAN1 At the Orpheum. All siar nit-tit the be; ni;ht of 'hem all tonight at '(he Orpheum Th . bin harmony live, Ludlow. Hard,' Null. Woodley, Moadlcy, all new ;oriKs'. the best K infill I. yu ever heard Th-y .always make a hi' Come and see a pood, clean, hiifh class show. Our photoplays are of the be;r. Don't miss tonight's pro tram. Hrinp th . little ones to our Saturday ma'inee. DANCE AT SIVER btACH. On Saturday n'ght. April 5. Bron ell's orchestra. Bowling al ey wll open Saturday night. Adv. 4 3t3 j NOTICE Old papers for sile at this . office. A bnnca of to for only t cent. !"mll early. Try a New - paKudiuru Wan'. Add At the Bijou. The 'Rube D-tective" was the change of play at the Hijou last n:;h ami alter ine first show manaKer Arnold announced that it would be the first and last performance of the play, and that "School Days." the vaudeville com dy, would be repea'ed for the remainder of the week. The fault of the play, of "The Rube lie-tctive" was that it was; too heavy a drama for a musical com dy house. but with "School Days" our patrons will sec a comedy that is a scream from star: to finish, with new jokes and songs will practically be a new-school days comedy. There will be special matinee for th . children to morrow and we have a big bunch of amateurs and with the comedv "School Daya" the youngsters will have a treat. BELL Opera House THREE DAYS. STARTING Monday, April 7 A Musical Tabloid with Exception-al Vaudeville. UNCLE SAM'S BELLS Absolutely Free 20 Cent Can Chi-INamel Varnish IF YOU PRCSENT THIS COUPON During the Demonstration AT OUR GTORE CN APRIL 4 OR 5 WHAT IS CHI-NAM EL? iish, rich in t hi.nse fi.i; entrains no- roin r out petiect.;. ; fchows i;o Lrjsti marks or la: 8 : : !tt:- brushing. WHAT l" CHI-NAMEL FOT.7 ! woodwork look line new. To keep new wooj fioai look ing old. To preserve jts natural t.ea To make wood at-r-1 roof, wearproof, time-proof. To brighten old furnHur.. ar.J g.vt new -color and lustri. Mutt fc Jeff." ery nrr.-n that a musical s -:h h .in appeal to chil- r is n'cs.-ar for the' to make un m-nial provi-j ones. Saw Humor In Situation. , Jo-ph Jefferson -wrote Mary Shaw i 'a th ' entury, waa once Introduced i et club by a hiuntterin chairman as "Mr... W"ahriKtnn frvlr.f? J -1-! mean Mr Kip Van WlnkJe --I J i ' m rnt-nri : Mr .if seph Jefferson " Mr Jefferson. ' oroKlwt deaf, did ; not h-'tr rh'- r.d misfnrtd"rf.iKid th i proineeed !;alr 'hat refd htm j s lie ri ( n ix real cmise belns lar r 'Xblalned 'n him h ai re lit'.-x! arid e- Uhnd "iood heftv v etiit ! lion ' ve'TioT thev roareti at : 'hat trijping tii. rt th . ?csie," "i I' is imr 'imi'ih niai Irm that iiai,.u:.-m"u : tills I w i;i, lies;. re to ;.e anions tho-e ores en't This.ts )ust what has happttiea afiiit ? S 11ft .and .left," the record ! i r -i ... i u prinki'-t ion ithicli Yian registered sitt'-h a. siii-ri'SH that 'fn Hill, .who owns ate! controls sl corft-irniies (.lavins 'he attraction, ha arranged for sue. ta S tnatin-es in various j.iac. s. S "Mnt K- Jeff at the ii- : smiifo ti.Kh'r-April At the Princess. A big night as usual at the Princess. Three excellent photoplays, also Rose Farrington. our new tuter-tainer. for the rest of this week. Remember tonight is also amateur night and we have s-cured several new "Mis Honor, the Mayor," is a o commodate the lutle ones comedy Vitagraph. featuring your 01 re to ;,e among tho-e ores-i friend. John Punti . also Juhn rfwavno Tordon and Fiora Finch Me opposes the suffragettes. ' His wile's aim. takes Mayor Hiinnv and ins henchmen to her way of thinking and a big laugh follows. "The. Love That Turned ' is one or Pathe's very exciting western dramas A beautiful love wtury of a Mexican girl, showing where her deep love turns in a moment to a deeper hatred. This is a gootl and timely film "iKiwu on the Rio fjrande," one of those strong, stirring find massive military pictures of the lionler This W- do not ask you to take our word for the qualities of Chi Nam-el V.iriik-h. We will g ve Outright to anyone who will buy a r.ew varu..-h brush w ,th which to apply it arid thus insure ir a fair tria'. can irojn our kn !i sto k tree. It will cost you nothin3 to test the above claims. 20 CENT CASH COUPON f-r - The holder of this coupon upon purchasing at our l-c varnish brush ilu inch niut i led to one ran of la Name) -'arn;h free; or the value of coupon may apply ou tte purchase cf t lii-.yane; product. Name Address BELL & CO. At the Bet. Ke'.icy and dear, wh,- are wi'h the !"nci' Sam a Mus'C t! eVjw af the Itll opoa hous . three nighin. April 7. .V an. I !. are -wo entirely different FUiC K1DKEY5 "BUDDZiC m RICH IN CURATIVE QUAUT1ES-NO 1-iiJSrT FORM INC DRUGS lX 421 1 lwe Alt - la. 4? T--.. TJT t.M Is a Liibin picture and a good one. Remember' the matinee on Saturday j aftermK'n. Mothers come and bring! your children. Always a nice, clean refined show; Willing to Tak a Chancs. A Wasbiagtoa Ud, Mrs: "Money doesn't bring onbapplness ' It makes ao dlff.refic what aaoaey brlns foy or gloom Boost of as ars rsady to sot u saora tkaa kalf way, becaii w ax foa ( Ui vaklcl. 1 1 if 20 PEOPLE 20 J An . '..-rla-ting varr il . r,-...- . ... .... .... . I .en,-i;.e; ,... ,1 m uoiiar onow lor mdiincc. tu i I and 20c; night, 10, 20, 30. 50c. J r"'-U , i To mal e I princess! 1 TONIGHT II J AMATEUR NIGHT I ' I'ii a ;i H tiuncb nf H I Amateurs., ROSE FARRINGTON f: 4 ! In New Songs), and i f IWm V i Drri c n er cuur Dirjuocc It - II Come Early. 1 h lj 0 I. " TONIGHT j ttfZTs llB.lieifill I lUUllUIJLiI ! n a p i (( I 1 1 ft H Ii I Hli R I II I VV I 1 inmnrrnw Mntinpp inn ! ! in uinM Ii 125 Pipestone Sr. tKe Harrow3bu on AirilhN you have comrrtjrefl a Forkcer Lipht Draft Hmrrow for Hint-(Joilar f-r dollar- with you'll tiay. "A ForknT for rne', In the firt i.iac, u'( huilt rurr t " low-bun,! ami w ide ( xtension. Works richt un t. frti.t te . .,.,... .g branrh.-s. In the s.-coral place, the F..rkner s priced riiHt. Lighter Faster Cheaper! w-igtit is crriei en he-ls. not on horses necks. THafs whr i i o ght of ilraf L 1 w enty or thirty acres a dav w ith orv- fun. iVar for a Forkner- and every uich vt wtl is thoroughly cultivate! - l:f!..f n- l luim-u rn ar over. AS a r. su t VfHi rrl m.r- ..rt, A time arwl at !. exrnse. (V.m- ar,.J see pret t-.rr.. 3mW. . - - - -" vv liTnw and wa back that r iin i us iww ma. " i I i 1 1 IT it te you DANCE AT SILVER BEACH On Saturday night, April 5. Brewn-IPs srehsstr. Bowling aftey Weill pan atHrday islgHL Adv. 4 3ta Sold by J. W. BOOKWALTER & SON Sodas, Mlciu -ev .toTBh - m -'.- ' .. . v

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