Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 10, 1928 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 10, 1928
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-TOP 1. SOCT?.yY TAe REGISTER'S Cireula- •impettmi at any time. VOLUME XXXI. No. 66. .ri ASSESSORS OFGOUNTY ARENAMED . Work Will Be Started I March 1, \^llbur D. 1 < Clark Says ^ THREE FOR lOLA and Ausherman, Wilson I Moore Named For City Work Stu^rr-- -or to The lola Ditiljl ResiHt»r. The lol.i Pilly l>t>cnrct and \nlk Dally: Index. lOLA. KAN., TUESDAY EVENING. JANUARY 10.il928. THOUSA>rDS VISITING • Di^PliAYS OF CARS NEW YORK CITY IN New. York. .Ian. 9 iting two autpmobi a free show in Ma"dij paiiy in displaj'inff Henry Ford, who cabe liPre tafr kttcnd the formal opening x)f hisMtion tzhibition. also visited eralJy unrecogniz<><i ;aa acconipanicd by his' •'ofil. i Mr. Ford first paid a <)wn show, houover. 'nrd car. the Uincoliij ord'all-metal airplane hibition. His plans for or a Vi-it Ut West Or his! friend. Thomas CASSPELLSdUT DOOM FOR :!1 IN SLAST Assessors [or.;.\llen county have Iic«n pamed by W. 1). Clark, county tierk. and approved by the ijoard of rounty noramlssioners. il was anuflunred today. ; i^^o plans to vi^it th(• A)•Sl•s^»il^s of "the county .willi .'.tarl Man -h 1. Mr. Clark annouiK'-; t-d .today. 'Wllh the exception of: :i iifv form for -atitieHiiiiig of fill- ' ins rotations and lillini; station' t-qiilpment. no <hanire« in form-* liai'e li^n made, lie said. ' <". (V .\u.-Aerm^n. I-.- F. Wilson iiiKl lleorge l". .\loiir»' have lif«n ' iiained a.s ass»'.-;s<)r> for lola. II. I;. Coi-hran will '*? a>-s.-.>i!.or for Jliiniiwlil:.. wh.iieC' T. ilaminel , will have charge <^ liiv work at J.aliarpe. , In' tl5e variOu.-* townships, ihej tnir-tees act as as¥e.-s<irs. The to.wnship assf^sor.s iilul townihiiirs w -hic -,U they will as.-.c!^>. ^ follow: Jay Hall.'(leneva: C. K. , t^awyer. Carlyle: .\l. Hewlett. Deer »'reeW; Ike Defter. O.siige. Fred i SchuUz. Iota: D'-li .\dam-. Kim: J (' (Jriffitts. .Marniaton: W. H. Hntith. Humboldt: W. Work.-;, LiiKiin: -Arthur K. .Vichola.s. :>al- «m; ' Crover Riiss .-l!. ("fittaRc Croye; more. I. ' 1 Panama Terms Aviator |Thre^ (AP)—Thou.sands of motorists .-ire vi.s- e shows here, one of them free. Models of 4:i,mak?s of motor cars are on exhibition at the National Aulomobil( i show in Grand Central Pftlace, while at son Square Garden! the Ford Motor Com- ill .<teps if) the manufacture of a Ford. Khe -Nation^ •; P ^li ife^^^^^^^^ jfS $UNBUR\ED, HA»|I LINDYWINS HONORSFOR USTFLIGHT ol Automobile Sho* arid was jceu-tof the Studehaicer corporatiou. ex- j • n CIRCULATION is the only\ Commc^tij a Newspaper. Has to Sell Its Advertisers;. The We«kly. Register, Tho-Iola Daily Resi.ster. Eata SIX PAGES FROM SEVtN FlEPUBLICANS Mcklern (Tohquistador On Arrival Answered Thcfir limit' ,a':;^{n '''»ndberjfh Attends Many Cha.sp and Ryan Plan to e» Would he aboi- Fuhctioiis Durinjc ' i ; Attend Scssioii At I Few Hours ' , j ) ; • f':>n.inia. Jun 1<*. i.APi Where' Tciv.k; ^except . by | pre.ssed |the opinion that .booth, lie : live years all s .son. Kdsel the I'nlted State* , ished. The automohUe of today, visit to h!» be said, is safer ut TiO mile.s an [where , thc'hoiir than that of ten year.^ apo at anil ; the ::0 ^lles an l^our. , are on ex- Kd.sel Ford said that retail or- Buihoa waded ias.hore to discover ^rom fnu oday calert ders for 727,000 cars have already itthmns. the l.ont- Kasle- de,- m^P S. .1.. 1:een t-ooked by the Ford company ^ ,„ .\. Edison, of which .'..'57,000 are for • « ^ • Ford exhl- possible delivery. l*"" «^«' *"•«"' " •"^'^f'''- P^'«nta todav honored fiilonel Charleu A. Liijdbersb as a modern conQuista- • <ior. nvestigation Se Cause of Peibody QOCTOR TAYLOR HELD INTEREST OFCiUB MEN Others Kav^ Not • mi •* Invitatioiis . .TON "REFUSES POPEPIUS TALKS OF POSSIBLE UNION FOR CHRISTIAN RELIGION Topeka! .Ian. in. iAIM -Replies more of the- ten m?n invited to Appear before the Kepub- liian sttite i-entral t'omniiltee here to tejl why they "believe tjie^- should h» the-Republican nonijinee foi- jsovi -rnor." were I'nade piihlic today fb.v.Set ii ('•. Rome, Jan. 10. (AP)—Pope Pius, in an'important'encycli­ cal issued today, deals at liength with tBe (luestipn o*f a possible union of ChrLstmns whatever may be thje pjirticular form of religion. V After recognizing the : general* • • '-. —r' ~- contemporarl- tendenov i towards their flocks and clep up th» better International -..on! between -"r-" — fjotl thp Creator. says the pontiff, "is also the revealor to man of the wa3{ in which; he wishes to be honored and served. . That is the real religion loif Which he |peoples. it^ pontiff deplores the fact that some seem to wish to trans'fer it from the political to the religious field "thus blending the true religion with the false." holding all religions to be equally good [founded hVa church oh ea(rth. The and prai.seworihy. dutv of the human being "therefore Under the appearance of doing. is to believe God's reveiationa and good, the pontiff continues, such j con^equenrly to ^idhere. to the r.eople "promote a fallacious reli-jchurch; btii not that whigh is sup- gious unity among Christians, -^.s- ported by:erringon the_ contrary peclally those calling themselves j to that chiirch whi<h .in vjerity was "Pan-Christians" tending to .up-'w.illed and founded by ami root the very foundations otl the ' w'hich by .the promise oi Christ's j Catholic faith. own asals^'ance persever.* as one, frontier. *-here a serious .siruation ' Against aucJt "pernicious error", and identical throughout, the cen- I . „ - , . ,} . • . the -pontif/c .-,lls the attenUon ofturies. namely the Catholic Af>o!i-:"^f^^'f trf i ,ave ar >.en. • It was ™s..sVt :te 'Vhai™ or.t ;;7 ;o.;::i=^» '•'''hops in ordervti^at they may tpHe Roman chttrch." If" '^'^Pl-- '-^ '-'^ N.caraguan HalbOiK niitti TROUBLE IN NICARAGUAN CITY TODAY Entire Populace Revolts 4Lt Somotillo, Siay - - New Reports GUARDSMEN REBEL Marines Are Dispatched To Scene of Trouble; Wires Cut Off Managua. Xicaragua. Jan. 10. (AP)—United .States marines w^re.' dispatched yesterday for Somotillo, a town' In the deparlmear. of Chinandega. near the Hondaran / From the dire, rion o' HalbOiK mittee.^ thi *ee replies ;had been re- The .Spirit of .Sr. l,oti>^amt sall^ < eived prevlon-<ly. Chtiirman* Wells ing ihrouKh .-.^.e :.!id sf-ttleil 'f a| P''0''P<'«"»''' (andldate for (lowji to e:iitli (in Cjin-Mi 1 the Douiihation. Ji>!:n. i). M. Hamilton. »ks Out!Address :U |ber8h tiamed in lionur of its pilot. ij,„.yer iin.l speakeViiif • till''l927 j| had taken tlte fl\er a little more !:oii .'i i .fj rcpcesentatiies. Haiji: Mine Bisas West • KraMklnrt 1 and .1., W. .\id ..Tmaii. iCls- FURNITURE STORE CHANGES HANDS .1. 0. Allen Has Sold His -\orth Side Store to J. W. Brooks than tour hours ti> sjiiin the «lis- pOn Filipinos tanco of r'.ln miles iietwcen Panama er And The Philippines Most E^ntertaining ^atid Sun .lose, ('o.^ci t!i<':i. • Kiice J«| .Sunburned. Hi flights fiit-e su under a I. .Ian. Ul. "If you .shrtuid take the itwo, 1,^^^,, .,,„il,.,l .„„ ,\,U- ,„..„:,.-...•"'»""'»'""»* of .N'ew .Me.xi-' j,„,.,.,: pravelv . . ... ..1 CO and .Arizona, divide them up .In-;-„,,,,•,.,.!,,„ ,,„. coal miner, nal lu .ded n t„ ::.ouo pieL ;e.s of considerable sire; j ^oJJ^Jj-'Jh"^^^^^ list. and about 1500 additional pieces of j-^-nn f„r l,,-,,, ,| lesterday by : .smaller size, then string those j,,^^ „f ,;„,„, Attired in a in a pas- industrial APi —flas. bf The lives .to its iengtheniii)} The. :;i were killed |a terriiii- cas expiosioji age of the Pe .-ibodv Inline l.S. Six liiindr*.'!! fevt i and more tliaii a inil< surface, most. of the miners wer"' wouliil have substantially the Phll- killed outrigVit. The others .lied ippine Archipelago us it now ap- from the. after-dair .;i fliat followed j-ears.". the .xplosion ^'^'^ '^'^ illustration with State and .ountv investiuations Dr. Edward L. Taylor Of thu |to/Iav sought to fix tM expIo.-ion« P /Pj"'""*n' «" ./oology. Lniversity A. D. Lewis, state .ll»ectori?f ^-^nsa^. Intrciuced the exireme- buvued fniiu his tropica: sun l.ind- |id >hooU liands and maintaining modesty and t preceded him and to pieces out so they' .would extentl from Canada to iheitip of Florida i, j „,u ,p,.„j, j,,,^ with an average width equaling I reception about the distance from Oeuver ttj ,,..,„;^ . jr„,„ pa„„„,., ^•i,y ^„.| ,h„ ndergroutid.,Chicago, and Uien pour around all;,.^,,^, j,„„^ i„] „n!f„ru,s :.,.d for- The from ifiejthese pieces a tropical ocfan--you;„^^^ 1 ^j„, ,,„„.,, ho niit" oil "irit'- cloth- '>• '""I '-U '^Uve and entertaining ad- J'^JIi .nJ^l,. »'l >»i -l> deliver--d last even- ade a personal -PSP-i- .^^ ^^^^.^^ 1 itMhe Kelley Hotel. L 'ause. sf mines, w ing anil made a personal ipspe^ ion. was conductingtho slate's in ^estigation. while Coroner Joe Hill of Franklin county impanelled a jury to investigate the disaster for the rounty. Coming without warning shortly after ^00 miners had taken their "I feet 'that should; t desire to aiiiionijcij niv candi<lacy .• for the Rppiiblic^ii noniirtation for gov- .erno-. ,« per-ioiiai! conference •with tile mrnlhers of ! rlie committee woiilji tbl' miK 11 more s.'iti.Hfactory : nd I i^liall. tiu-refore; aljow those who de-sli-e the opportunity afford- THREEAREDEAD NO RULING ON IN PLANE CRASH MR^. SNYDER'S DURING BIG FOG PLEA^POSSIBLE •.heVil *iv yokir iuvitatiqu to m »ke use, per of tiiiiLe I whii h woi'iM ^le allotted i S^rch, Started Sunday, i Smith's; Counsel Sees is Ended Today With j Probability of No Bodies Found 'national Ruartlsmen. with a non- coramis«ipned officer. deserted from the jiiational guani column on Sunday. ' joinini; the Honduran rieneral Higinio IVralta, a well knoyii revoIutionisL The miarine offiier commanding the coJumti at Somotilloi wenti to Vili Anueva to seiure additional guardsmen, but. when he returned lie was unal>el to enter Somofllio. j as tlie eiKire populace waR infre- Ai Action Now Communication has been cut! off to a large extent, the . Sandino forces having destroyed tbe tele- i graph, line's. ^ - e l^tle of Anibassa- il. wriiikleii blue suit, jlded Presi.leni Chimeetiui: those who Canajoharie, -V. Y.. J^n. 10. i.APi jThe wreckage of an airplane which lias been missing since Sun- Dr. Taylor ,e.\pre.sse <rj the view that in remote tim^s iJaat the en- u I grauflson born Id ill a room wiiere llMia's laiidin:; was reception was l| the scene of I depicted in Fr|sco, He is charriing and we love Lieut, fiov. D. JV. him." tlie pre iidenfs wife said. Plea>;.tntbn said: She added that her grandson boi'n i -j ^piireciate your a few hours before the flyer's ar-jam pljinjilng to atten[ rival, would be| named Rodolfo Ra- Day festivities and sh .Tll be very il{aIle]*.N Xn^Men lloy-Fj Rjiiley. ediior .if the Sa-, liiiii Jouinal. .sai'l: ' i •Wlil'lher I will b<i a caniiidatel''">' afternoon and the bodies of^ i-^ a nuifl 'T I have not settled '"^ '^""e^ passengers were found in i inimv'own mind as ,vet. A good i ^ ''^''^ southeast of! manv of i mv friend.s seem to think.^^''^ today. Indications were that I I have. :.i chance, hm It seemed'*"^ P'ane crashed in a fog. The • • .Vew.Yojrk. Jan. 1". (API—There ITT C IVfaHiMic ' ' is a "fifty-fiftv chance." iliar Ck)v-. emor Smith will give no decision 1 Un tO INlCaragUH on the pleas of Ruth Snyder, and • . Henry Judd Gray lor a stay of exe- ]. Wa.-hingtpn. . Jan, ID. .i ^P) cution. fidward oiiffin. - the gov-' More than half'of the 1.200 "matine ernor's counsel, said tod^y. reinforcement.< for .Vicuragna vjere His stat&mei»t followed continu-j •sailing south toiiay while 4.')0'6th- T to iiie 'their ojilnion w'as Influenced , .' ""^ more J)v: peisonal friendship than;^t'Vi'- liyjr>cUtii-al jtidgmtnt.?' : K'^''' , N. Chase of ^ P''"'. iind Captain Ed- iward M. Pauley .1 Albany aviator, i The fog was so thick throughout kindness and moi! Lindbergl Ue Paredes. i'aii«idi r«* It Jf iiiKir. "It was a I honor to liave southward and eaatward from the; ., . central parTor'vFhaf Is now China, j It bad been a mountainous couo- An important deal was closed late last evening; wlien final papers pa .^sed in a transaction wliich has been under consideration f°r; ^aees kt-T-M a ni the «tDlo«loii4 some time a result of which' P^^*? 'tT^ ill. J. W. Brooks, of tolonv. comes ^^i}^ .^^^ "'^^ working in four into possession of the furniture " ihre!!*mine rescne crew >i' foueht • submergence of s..o.k. heretofore owuod liy .Mr. J. .J.^.'t^^.'^Xo'^^f/'t .as Td crum •'"'ytaflnnUiin sum- O. Alien and operated in his build- \^^\' V,' i ""i, "V^lwTn i ""^p '^'" ^''^^^ the engulfing on. the north .side Of the ^^i'^^ tS "^chi5?l^^^^ s.i'uare. ^ ' M'"^ the bodies to the shaft where ^ased upon the fact that 4nany~of - Mr. Allen Imilt up the business 'h^>-^^'^ <° the surface lastij,,^ animals i found in the^Phlllp- I'e- I; Ch'ari said, wisheil il so." orthr»a'ln^*a°nd*'o't Asia pro?" " ' -T"- '"•»•>• »»- »nH».-.wn«t P-'redef. eldest daughter of the I the Kansas i^uPf'^y afternoon and sfll day yes- ^h .Tll be verv ' ""d-iy that, although the aircraft gl?'d to iieet with voii " • • crashed to earih within 100 yards Ftaiik} J. Rvan.' Kccretarv of '^e farmhouse occupied by J. E. state, said: I ;Bartlett. no one in thje vlcinky . "I i.i--ijirp voit I dpem it an honor 'tnew of the disaster until Sheriff ".Mv daughter u\ U- iiiif"iii'«-<I in .vmif list of spe«- 'S-Sheehan of Montgomery coun. a on that day." I'>e<"i- nlght. during the several,years he has managed' it. from a small hegin- iilng to the \-erv considerable pro|H )rtioiis it now'lKis attained, and ,built up along with it a fine reputation for pidliity and si|u:ire <leal- itii:. .lit;, disposes of it ntiw tor thi- reason that his health :of late has not lieeh of the tiest ahil he feeljl fiie necessity of n test and of get* Panel Exh&usted in tliiK Into some Di'i -iijiatlon less confining. .Mr Hrooks cinmes from Colony . iv^ar which place tie has owned j^Pfl occMiiied ;i stork fai^n. and iirings with liini:u (fn- reputation •Ts ;i go/id liusiinsv man aud a miod < itizen.. He took 'ovrr ilie store,,, , ,,, ..,g.t an., hi. family. < onsi,,. | ;^-'>;; J-):- ^„„„^^,^„„ iheir home h-ie i.s soon as living,., , ,., „^p,v,_^„ated the MOODY JURORS AREN'T CHOSEN Effort to Select Veniremen i Ind • A new pines are of the same species those found on, the nearby coast I of. Asia. 1 Dr. Taylor expresseil the opinion that the first iahabitants of the Philippines • were the dwarf Negritos who now are known us the Igorotes and .whose origin Is uncertain. Later there arrived on the Islands from the south, probably coming up by way of Java and Domed, a race of .Mongolian type who were sironger and more .aggressive than the Igorotes and 'drove the latter Into the highlands "licrnMMl Vt the presidential-^ reception, various Lindbersli took .jji <>: , nuin- pagii". cliiii:ii'.g ;:;ns'«s iwice wit 'i Chlari. I.ater the fivcr witi. lo a r»- option at the rnioii Cli'.. tlie s'oii- dance floor of which is a tidal wall for ihr Patific. '•;eri>:ita^ atil American girls from the Canal Zone danced there by the illumination nd viill be le intrMluced] erlns.: ti espres."? lo Stat) i .f lola I H. il.:.V pleased, if I'ty, at the head of a party of search- to * the gath-'"8. located t^he bodies and the theVn m.v in-j*'"sckage when the mists were dis- thouglit* rtgaMiuj;' iheiP^Sf^^ U>'-'»""«w>"»toS- |?ir'-.ernatoriall astdrants." f iThe bodies of two of the men • Mhrr Kepliejs In. i were, buried under the wreckage, senator Fred.;rick f;. Apt i ^^'le that of the third occupant a- act eptcdl'jhe invitation; i"^ plane was found about forty night for .the murder of the wo-, \Vell on their way to Crjriirto. on.-n I!,fr.'<. hiishaiMl I Nicaraguan west [coast; the nianshusbaiHL . ^ mii.sers Trenton. RaJei&h- and Up to niid-afternoou.-.Mrs. >n>-, ^.^ many niile^ put der's attorjjeyshad fileclno appli-, J Charleston. S. C. where! they cation .for:^,wnt of habeas corpus! j^^j^ General ^oin .4. in the federal courts. Joseph LO" j Lej^„„^ inarine corp.'. ctimmind- "^^^^ f K^^T ^ttV ^i theUnt. Brig Gen. Logan Fe!an<rWho nounced that he would, sign .the j ^.^1 ^.^^^^ the campaign a^inst the outlaw leaiter .Augu.itino sind-? ino. and .lOo men. ! Shortly after the marines jjcjard- application;. The action was' to be. based on thfe. grounds that' her , e «ecittion would be uDConstitutlonal, as she wa? comiKlIcd to be tried jointly with Gray: otter (It Wichita; ''I' ii'teiiiiiil reveiiii has ''eclined, and '(" for editor; and l>iiltlisii Register wa."* iindecideii. Three of the elt-ve|n p.rospective ] .ollecto,: f*'*'^ away- Kansa^.; The wreckage, of the' plane was 'strewn along a course of about 100 yards. . ' [lilrle.s F. Scott. r| r.f 'The loU Clothier SAVONBURGROAD SURfkCING iSOON of the moon. The girls were; dis-: candi(} have not replied Theyi|_ jfillp^ appointed whep the f'yer tiid not are: C'Vde .\l. Reed publisher ofj"!"*'"=^ dance with them. He spent par: the Pardon- Sun: «Mpte Senator of! the evening talking with his K. K. Fiii7..dl. superinlendent of the Kellv Field elas.^mate nobcri W. stat- :rkoriii:itoiy ?i Hutchinson, llouslas. Jr.. of .Memphir.. Tcnn, and .t p .Mercer. vsi .:fR livertock noiv in the air service heie • nmm ^siion .vr. j i ! Decision r Is Reached By I. Commissioners' At campaign againpt »he Meneting Here '.lir.inteuienis can be m:ide. iiroha- Idy ialmut the first of Fehr.'iary; -.\lf. •.Allen retains possession of the I f.lore 'hiiirdini: :)iid wi;L continue to resid • in loia. ependence. Kan . Jan. 10 (AP) j^f gjureme northern part of w panel of -ii veniremen pH-, ihe ' Islands where thcv ar<? now led.thls morning in tjie trial o{ Raylfo„„,, ^ third wave iof Immlgra- onville. Ark.. <harged..,,^0 .anting from the .south was made up of Malays who drove Mill... I ""^ i' " the Mongols out of such country liviiig :'-''*-'•.'•'*"*''''''' ^"'."*'''''' "•'''•''..I'! ?H•^'f'.|a.•4 they desired themselves to oc- at •cgpy. 11 a. 111. and calling of I:; more prbsWdive jur-: ,hese ways the islands were . ors. .1 peopl.?d with what may now be des- j At that timi' 11 Jurors were injignated as their aboriginal popula-= I the box and it was expected thc,,|on, i-p„„ ,hP Malays chiefly I jury would bff completed this aft-,„,pre has been graftt^d in recent The jstate had exercisec! WEATHER and ROADSi aTbTt om' I I the defense all but two. Yesterday j s„uing admixture constitutes , rOltrCAST KtHJ KWSAS : Fair two panels of j.'ifi and 20 veniremen pjupinoj, of present day. There made vacant by the resignation of ('•nluht nnd \Vedne»i!:i): nioderafe, weie questlont 'd. iurel about 0.000.000 of these and! Lee Noftzgir. county engineer: 'fi-mperature. ; Moody appeared more cheerfu' fori the most part thoy are clever: since Heceinber 192C. who will do Iconstructiori engineering work for of a Kansas City concern. 'c>>nturies the Chinese. Spanish and I A : W.YOUNG IS NOT GUILTY IS NEWENGINEERi ; rt,EAOF:HUNT Lee Noftzger Has Quit Accoriii^ice of Hickman Curti.s.s • Field. .N' Y,. Jan. 10. i (AP^—neorge P. Uenediit. killed! \ ; • with., two others in an airplane; Decision'to. hardsurfacf the Sav- near Canajoharie, .V. Y.. was j onburg roacf from the «jd of the jfhe ,ftwner of a clothing store in Peoria. Ills. He had been In Xew with his father. Edward P. il Benedict, who operates a similar j store in St. Paul, Minn. '. York Post For New Position A. W. Young, city engineer for the last two years, will assume the position of county engineer pf -j Alleii county Monday, it was an-' nounced today by the board of of its cliallenges aiid lother European stocks andthe re-jcounty comihi.ssloners. the Mr. Young will fill the position egreos; thjs t; :;!<t io\<- Temperatiire Hi :ihe yesterdtiy r.ti. at :! p. m ; lowe^i la«t night. at K a ni ; notntal for tcd.Ty. :!ii: extess yesterdav. H: rleficieiKjy since .laiuiarv isl fifl d I'.ate last yeiir—highest r^t: n. ^ \\ Pre<'ipitarion fiir the 24 hours ( ending at 7 a. m. today. .<'<!; total t ^'ir this. year to date, .t'2: defSien- cv since Januury 1st. .^.s inch, i Relative humidity ai 12 noon yesterday, r.4 per <-int; 7 a. m. to- (iayi 96 per cent:' ^urometer re<iii<e«l to ,seii levelr 3".10; inches. S(in rises.! T::;fl a. m.: sun sets, =••21 p. m. Koiid Conditijins. Salina! c^ear. roads; poo<l: today and entbred tlie court room people, where he grefted his sister. .Mrs • interspersetl with the 'Joe Oswalt; Tjulsa, Okla.. who arrived here last night. storv Democratic Convention City Battle Is Looming •^^^'i;^^, Em- pi>ria. clear, roads good: Arkansas City, clear, roads gocWl;' Topeka. clear, roads good;. , Coff<jyvIIle. clear, roads good: Wichita,; clear, roads good: Pittsburg, clear, roads roueh:. Hutchinson, flear. 'roads gooil; Dodge I'ity, clear, roads good. Students Appreciate Lyceum Course Number " large crowd of nppreciatlv sttident-s, from the junior college arid two high scliools att*?nded the third number of the lyoeuni today, which' was thp play "Sally from Our Alley" pi-eiRented by the I. Verne Slout Players, in the liigh school auditorium. The Slout Players are beginning to make, a .reputation for their lyceura numbers i,n lola and this morning's play was etijoyed. by all who attended. The only remaining nnmber will he-the Haskell . Indian .orcheotra which will come to tola la Fehrjurj:. the origin of the various races ' wjhicli now make up the popula- iti'on of the Philippines, Dr. Taylor I told many Interesting and some amusing stories of his personal , experiences gained during a re.-il- Idence of 10 years In the islands Washington. I Jan. 10. i.APi—| when he was._ « >,iged partly In with members of the Democratic educational, work among the na- national cominittee arriviiig in ; tives and'= partly In purely scien- Washingtoh for the Jackson Day j jifjc exploration especially in the dii ^tie .r and thn meeting of tli^ | (Cnntinneil on Paee i, No. \,) lieads of the purty. it be<-ame evi- i ——; dent today that a real fight was in , Lov ^deU IlltO PHmarV pro.-pe< t over the selerfion of the ' city which will stage the national conyeWlon this year. Stimolus for the movement to have the convention held In jThi-, cago was given with the arrival of fSeorge E. Brennan. comihittee- man for lUinois. who anriouniwi. his Win stand Trial For Slaying fjjy< .Anpeies. Jan. in. fAPl — A :eifl witness in a: murder trial iiere todav threw a court roopi i'litn confusion When .she te.«tif!i?a the man who held up a (frujg itore .Vovember 1 last and kjllitd the proprietor. A. V. MIHs.jlo^ked more, like William E. Hifkrian. confessed;killer of Mai-ia^'n Parker, than he did like the; defendant in the case, Harvijy i.esher. Unidentified Man Is Near Death in Topeka paving oil the LaHariie-Elsmori road to the. Xeosho and Bourbon county IIn«.\ was reached late yesterday by th* board of ctiinty coiri- misioners.: The kind ofiaurfaclng has not bexh decided. ' The road nvlll be surfaced three miie,s south pf the present road and then ea.stj to the .Alle^-Bourbon county link' It will aUi* he surfaced for one m»le south to the Xeosho cojtnty line. Tthe action was taken; .following receipt of < Lo-i [Angeles. Jan. 10; fAPV— !»;. confessed holiiqp William E Hickman. -Mr. Xoftzger will assume new duties Febniar>- 1. I The office force In the county Wpiby Hunt engineering department will re- - i. main the .same. It I. understood. »«-*'ompl>«.'<• .Vo appointment to fill the city en- allegM'sJayer of Marian Parker, ginrering position has yet been ; today ttleaded not guilty to the made. chargje jf murdering C. Ivy Thoms. i— a dfilgillist. Both boys, have con- Centinued Spring Is '"'"'^ Topeka, Jan. ,10. i.AP)—.A.n unidentified inan 'was near death today after .robbing a "Rent-a-Car", , _ _ , . - . ^ garage within .1 stone's throw of | petition frtjtn taxpayers In the dis'- the police station here and thenUrict invoIi(^<d. engaging iti a revolver duel with i Chief of Police Perry Brush. Ten minutes after holding up the night attendant.of tlie garage and robbing him of i6n, the robber was cornered by Chief Brush and Chief of Detectives Kd N'edeau aboard an outgoing bus.. He drew his revolver. The first bullet clipped a button off Chief Brush's coat and the second struck a passenger when Chief of Detectives Xedcau felled tfi« i robber with a bullet through his shoulder. The passenger was not Injured serioufly. Kansas Postmaster Has Editors^lCont^t Will Be Staged in ^ansas Manhattan. Kans... Jan.. 10'. fAP) A contest :tii> d^'^'Tnine the superior editors; of .^w^as announced t<j&y by Sigma Delta Chi, ed their .»hips the XicaraguaipiUn- Ister here, Ur. I>on Ale' andro Cesar, issued a statement leclar-' ing his government Irad inlonne <l him that members of the>€Jral parly had lieeu actively hm clan-^ rlestinely Oen *Tal Sald­ ino in his marine.<«. The minister as.serted titat although .Sandino acied as a.'baidit his • movements wore of pollt cal significance with : support fr'om many Liberals. el.=!e he "could-not operate so iktringly and effectively." : Hp added, that a stateinenl attributed to Dr. Juan .Sacasa, Liberal leader <if .ihe recent revolution, that Sanilino 's activities" constitute a "patriotic ge.nure," was an indication 'v.f trie- true feeling of the .Vicaragilan Liberals." 'I Dr. Cesar charged that vt-hlla Liberals like" fJeneral Montjada. under the shadow of the .American guns at -Managua. praise j |the American intervention.: Litj ?ral; leaders out.<--i_de of .Vicaragua oi en- ly praise anfl encourage ttie mii>ve- ment of fjeneral Sandino agU nst American force.s." • Red Star Trail To Be^ Discussed at C. of At the regular weekly lunclJeon : j of the Chamber of Commerce : leld tomorrow at the Portlan.1 H <rtel ,-j the .speaking- period w-iil be given ' over to the Red Star Trail, amuaf Public recognition 'to ^he standing ediitors of the state was given as tl^. purpose of! the contest. .' • rjji. ; exact information ' avaiiahle. A.'• will ."fjirt Race ill North Dakota Bismark. .V D.. Jan. 10. (AP)— Former Gov! Frank O. Lowden of Illinois will be entered in the Xorth Dakota Republican Preslden- rial primary In .March, said a tele he would wage a stubborn battle j gram received here today from for that city. | I Lowden headquarters in (Tiicago. Prohibition Is Big Issue for 1928Campaign, Say^ Governor express their view!*." The governor told the legislator^ Trenton. .V. J.. J.'in. 10. t.APi— tioVernor .\. Harry .Moore Mn his . ^. , ^ . V- ... 1 „ : that Xew Jersey must keep abreast annual message to the New Jersey. ^^^^^ the matter legislature today as.serted that pro-{of aviation, and that the matter of hlhitlon. despite many attempt.4 to: hulldiitg adequate aliiiort facilities sidetrack it as an Issue, was in | was one that coiild not be "unduly point of fact the most out.standing .postponed." He advocated empow-i issue iu the country today: jerlng counties and mnnicipalities "I again recommend the j'epeal j to issue ' bonds for airport pnr- of the Tate enforcement acL" he poses. j said, "and the submission to the j The governor's; message was people of the state of a real ref-[transmitted to the leglslatare at. «rendum whkb .wUl permit tbem to Ithb opening of iU 152nd session. Promised for Kansas Topeka. Jan. Kl. (API—.\ continuation of the finejspring weather of the last two (lays was forecast for Kansas this morning by the weather bureau. jVfternoon temperatures will probably range from 5 .T to 6.">, .said Sv D. Flora, meteorologist, and tonight's low mark is expected to be about fre*^- ing in the northern and western sections and abo\-e freezing elsewhere. . Xo fail of nudsture was reported in the last; 24 hours nor lor several da}-s preceding and none is in prospect. Dodge CItv- reported a low mark last night of 32-degrees: CKXMllahd Concordia 36, and Wlchila. Topeka and KauMs City. .IS. !lng Both «I <hpy staged the rijbbery dur- whjfh Thorns was killed, •'al- was set for February I. .\ fJray Gilmer. Hunt's attorney, filed a .Motion a.<iking that Hunt be tried pl>parately- from Hickman. Distrjc( Attorney. A .sa Keyes a.sked tims .tq file a counter tnotion and decIs<on was reserved until Friday aftemt^n. Court Docket Is B^ing : Set by District Judge The docket for the January terif of district- court is being iet to|day by Frank R. Forrest, district judge, and member of the Alien county bar association. Jurork will report next Monday. I The docket, includes 146 civtL dud {tinrteen crimiBal cases. Roa4 Walkers Still ' Advocate New Roads \Cltvrfland. O.. Jan. 10. LAP)— Sani-;^ill andt Fi'ank Terrage whc walked) the whole length of the Pa- .clfic-h^hway from Caiiada to Mexico ''just to .show some fool leglsla- tors*; ^hai a road could be' built are dU»t as ardent road builders today as they .were 30 years j iagf when' ihey raa'de their hike, j DepoTtiaition of Jacob | jjt ^psovitsky Js Asked I • : i' • J ' ! X^ York. Jan. 10. (AP)—A|turc M.' Blias. Mexican counsal-general today ^aiil he would ask the depor- tatioji I of Jacob Xosvitsky, j self- st.vl^d ; .international. ! spy jnhosr name ^a^ been iftentiotied In {con- nedtjcin with the forgery of Mexican iioca|nenU. -Awards "ts-fi I be given t^ o^e edi- ttr ' J T» !• • tor in eacKof a number otlclassl- W aiyea rrelimmary , ficatlons. Kach paper in:thla ^te —'• will be gljfen, • one ballot. The Eureka, Has.. Jan. 10. t API—.awards wilj be annonitced Sep- J. il. Ford, postmaster and store- ' tember l.'i keeper al Teterville near here.| waived preliminary hearing today! 4rrP«tp<f Man . TaIIc on a charge of first degree murder ' in connection with the fatal shooting' 'of Howard Squires. Teterville ! , vcuth at Ford's store DecenAer 27.- Los 'Ansiele.>i. Jan .10 Bond was fixed at $20,000 and "* was I returned to jail in defa that amount. ; to/lay confessed that he. hfs brother , .iand two oiBer men held tip a bank i Of iyiobbery of Bank (API —j ielegatejs oil this is not usual. thP lunlchEfon at 12:1.". and cose promptly at one o'clock. Th? led ,.| Star meeting will <;onvene" in the grill riKim of the Portland H >tel at l:."?"* at whiih time the ileli g iter- will reassemble. Th- raeetnj- i.s' open to all who are inferes e4 in the attempt to w-cure | roper recbgnition of the highway ibe­ tween St. Joseph. Mit. an* Tulsa. Okla.. v:a Lawrence. lola aiwl Cot- feyville. and it f .s liopeii that many [ola citizens will olaii to atitend. d Ford] Williarh Murreil. arretted yes-| McGregOr HaS Resifif [led Crkwford county Ip^t Cultivate votir coffee taste—Try) in Melboutiie. a siHuirb of I.<ondon. PKTKWICK ' COFFKE. .\sk your 1 Ontario, li*: April. 1921. and killed grocer. ' 'he cashier'. c. post Plight of Ruth Snyder and Henry Judd Gray Is Blam^ orii Liquor Washington. Jan. 10. (APi—The plight of Ruth Snyder and Judd Ciray and the details pt their crime make the best possCble argument for prohibition. Mrs. Clem Shaver of Falrmount, ^t. 'Va., wife of the chairman of the Democratic na­ tional'committee, said today in an addresw prepared for the .Xational Women^ Democratic Law Enforce- 1 more thanli word to >roll around — SI restraint."'iphe declare<I. fand the press:—^w'etV dry or indifferent— Avas unconoclously preaching prohibition .wjljen it blazoned their story on front ^ages.'; The Dieiocratjc | party .<houId help to ptevent sutjh crimes, she said, by ui^^olding'the constitution and "makif^g patriotism something ment l^gue. "Xothing bat whiskey made ilrs. Snyder land Gray lose all moral on the tqhgue on the Fourth of July, and V^f twenty-second of February." "-i. ' ' ' ; ' Oirard; Has . Jan. I 'l'. (APl4-Rob- "rf McOregor, Crawford < ounty register of deeds, who yesterdair was fined $6') for intoxication and disturbance of the peace at a Of- \ rard church Suudav night, today presented his resignation to the county coramLssiotiers and it was'_ accepted. Mrs. ilcGregor yester- ilay announced her intention \o file suit for divorce. Big Decrease Shown In Oil Production Tulsa. Okla.. Jan. i.\P)—The decrease in crude oil productioi>. last week, averaging 50.884 barrels daily, is the greatest reco'rded since.June. 1925. when the ~Smackover field in Arkansas Started its sensational decline, the Oil -and Gas Journal says today.

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