Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on June 8, 1965 · Page 2
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 2

Ironwood, Michigan
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 8, 1965
Page 2
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TWO IRONWOOD DAILY GLOBE, IRONWOOD, MICHIGAN TUESDAY, JUNES, 1965. Held for Father Sparapani p ' m> Fathcr Zadrft assisted as deac ° n m6 pather ^^ *» sub deacon the senibr ^ olr assisted with benedt c t ion hymns. Several hundred were in at- i tendance for the reception in BESSEMER — Speaking o n tne church hall, at which Father "religious vocations," the Rev Leno Zadra, toastmaster at the banquet Sunday, honoring the Rev. Daniel J. Sparapani, after the celebration of his First Solemn High Mass at St. Sebastian Catholic Church, granted that the seed is sown by God, but to bring it to fruition, it must be nourished by the par ish priest and by good example by the parents in the home. Reared in St. Sebastian Church, Father Zadra, who was ordained three years ago paid high tribute to local priests, the late Rev. C. J. Swoboda, and his successors, for their inspiration and good example which brought to fruition seeds planted by God in a large number of youth of the parish to choose the religious vocations. He paid tribute to Father Spar- apani's parents, Mrs. and the late Mr. Egedio Sparapani, for Daniel conferred his priestl y blessing. Hostesses were the Yale Ladies Guild of the parish. Refreshments included punch and coffee service, Featured was a large ordination cake resembling an altar, with Bible and veiled chalice. Out of town guests in a t - tendance for the occasion were members of the immediate family, Robert Sparapani, Marquette; Miss Florence and Andy Sparapani, Milwaukee; and special guests, Mrs. Andrew Marshalek, 91 year old maternal grandmother, and Mrs. Egedio Sparapani mother of Father Daniel. * * * Other out of town guests included Miss Patricia McClone, Land o'Lakes, Wis.; Miss Martha Clark, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Karger and Frank Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Karger, Milwaukee, Mrs. Rudolph Kalusha, their fine example in Christian Mrs. Richard Cazier, Mr. and living in the home instilling in | Mrs. Roland Beaudette and Miss their children, faith in God's teachings and practice of Christian living. * * * The Rev. C. J. Franczek, pastor, congratulated the young priest on behalf of the church and the pastors who had gone before him; and noted the weight of influence of the advice and example of his parents in shaping his career. William J. Wagner, on behalf Of the parishioners, reviewed activities of the guest of honor in the parish during his 'life time and his experience with youth while he was counselor and later assistant director of Woodruff, Wis. the youth camping program at Camp Plagens during summer vacations. He noted the large number of boys of the parish who had chosen the religious vocation, recalling that Father Daniel is the fifth in the past eight years. The Rt. Rev. Msgr. David P. Spelgatti of St. John's Ishpeming, director of the Diocesan Holy Name Union and Bishop's Relief program, on behalf of the diocese, welcomed the young priest to the priesthood of the diocese. Msgr. Spelgatti noted the predominance of young priests in the diocese at the present time as compared with 24 years ago in 1941, when he was ordained. At that time, he said there were 121 priests in the diocese, of the average age of 63 years. Today there are 178, including the six ordained last Saturday. Of these only 27 are older than he, and "I am under 50 years," he added. The Marquette Diocese is noted for the cooperative spirit of its priests, he said, welcoming the newly ordained to share in bringing man to God through the program of the new young church ritual. N>, Robert Sparapani, in place of his 'father who died eight years ago, spoke for his mother and family. * * * "We, our mother and sisters and brother have mixed emotions on .this day," he said. "We are happy and proud and share with Daniel in the joy of his priesthood; we are grateful to all who helped him achieve it. But we are also somewhat confused. Until today, he has taken his place in our home as a son and brother—now, all of a sudden he has become our spiritual father. Our hope and prayer is that he will be a good priest, deserving of the honor." Father Sparapani, speaking of the joyousness of the day, said mingled with his happiness is a consciousness of the burden he has undertaken and a knowledge of his personal weaknesses. He asked that parishioners pray constantly, that he will have strength to overcome his weaknesses and fulfil h i s service to God and his fellowmen. He tahnked all who had helped him; and expressed appreciation to the Ladies Guild, and the chairman, Mrs. Sally Trappa for the banquet; to Mrs. Joseph Hanisko, for the festive decorations, and,to the Vale Guild and the chairman, Mrs. Emmanuel Facchinello, for the reception which would follow in the afternoon. Covers .were laid for about 150 at the banquet served at tables made festive with floral centerpieces and arrangements of grapes-^nd wheat. The banquet hall was enhanced by wall placques picturing the Chalice in gold and the Host, garlanded Pamela, Mr and Mrs. Mark Wilson and sons, Ypsilanti; Mr. and Mrs. Frank Marshalek. Mr. and Mrs. William Marshalek and Miss Debra, Hubertus, Wis.; Mr. and Mrs. Frank Marshalek Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Paul John- The WORRY CLINIC •y DR. GEORGE W. CRANE Cheery nurses who greet patients with a smile, are often more productive of cures than are the drugs which they administer. Since 85 per cent of all medical patients will get well, anyway, the nurses can claim most of these recoveries if they use the positive therapy outlined below. CASE W-414: Publisher Wilton E. Hall invited me to address the Student Nurses' Association of South Carolina He introduced me to an audience of 500 dedicated girls, who had asked me to speak on the topic "Women With A Purpose." That was an especially fitting topic for nurses, don't you agree? So I reminded these girls that Christ had urged us to "Heal the Sick." Their profession thus fulfills that Biblical advice. "But you girls," I added, "must be bi-linguists. And I refer not to German and English Wakefield Briefs The meeting of the Elizabeth Circle of the First L u t h e r an or French and English. "No, the two languages you need to know quite well are both English. "One of them is the technical vocabulary of medicine. "The other is the everyday language of the patients!" Then I explained that the usual physician is not very gifted with words. He doesn't talk enough! And when he does speak to the patient, he often leaves the latter anxious and almost terrified because the doctor's words are too technical. When the usual patient enters the hospital, the major thought in his mind Is this: "Will I live or die?" So he watches the doctor's face with apprehension, trying to get a clue. "Um-m-m," says the doctor, as he looks at the patient's chart. Then he may shake his head, even though very slightly and walk out with hardly another word. This makes the patient feel positive that he is dying! Yet he may have nothing' seriously wrong. But in his apprehension, he may then lose his appetite and even become a^ victim of insom- son and Miss Barbara, Mr. and F hhu ™ h scn «luled for tonight at | That means he must have the home of Mrs. Martha Pikka )mo re medication at night so he has been postponed. It has been I C an drift off into fitful slumber. re-scheduled for Tuesday, June; so the modern cheery nurse 15, at 7:30 p.m. at the Pikka can supplement the taciturn doctor and allay many needless wories of the patients by a few Mrs. Leo Gayan, Mrs. Joseph Gorill, Mr. and Mrs. Leo Cominski, and Miss Anna Kalusha, Ironwood. S e m i n arians in attendance i home. were John Landreville, Wausau; | The mothers of the Little James Will iams, Hough- j Leaguers- will meet Wednes- to'n; James Kaczmarek, Arnold!day at 1:30 p.m. in the city Grambau, Leon Deecler, Wake- j hall council chambers. All moth- field, and ferrence H e a 1 y, j ers are asked to attend, as a fund raising program will b e discussed including a bake sale and a rummage sale. The Miriam Circle of the Methodist Church will meet tonight at 7:30 in the church parlors. The Naomi Circle of the First Lutheran Church will meet t o night at 7:30 at the home of Mrs. Richard Hongisto. John Negro has returned from Stout State University, Menomonie, where he is a student. He visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Negro, here, after which, he and his brother, Daniel, who was graduated from Wakefield High School last week, left for Northbrook, 111., where they will be employed for the summer. Circle 6 of the Immaculate Conception Catholic Church will meet tonight at 7:30 in the parish hall with Mrs. Mike Orlich as the hostess. The Priscilla Circle of the First Lutheran Church will meet Wednesday at 1:30 p.m. at the home of Mrs. Edith Raisanen. Recent guests at the home of Mrs. Chester Dillon were M r . and Mrs. Robert Grant and daughter, Lola, Detroit, and Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Porter, Wausau, Wis. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Novak are spending several days ih Fort Atkinson, Wis.. visiting their son and daughter in law, Mr. and Mrs. Kriss Novak, and family. The American Legion Auxiliary of Geroux Post is sponsoring a rummage sale on Friday from 9 a.m. to 12 noon, in their quarters on River Street. Many attractive items, such as clothing, housewares, furniture and appliances will be offered for sale. The women's softball team will practice on Thursday at p.m. at the athletic field near the former Memorial Building weather permitting, it was announced. The First Lutheran Church Council and Building Committee will meet in the church parlors tonight at 7. Pictures for the 75th anniversary booklet will be taken at this time and all members are asked to be present. 4 Graduate With Honor Four students from this area are among the honor graduates of Northland College at Ashland this year. They include Lynda Quistorff of Ironwood, Carol Mattson and Sydney Lane of Wakefield and Mary Jean Paulson of Rockland. Last year the largest class in Northland history was graduated. Degrees were received by 97 seniors. Seventeen were honor graduates, again a rec o r d number. This year there are 101 graduates, an increase of only four, but the number of honor graduates has jumped almost 50 per cent, to 24. Eight seniors were graduated "Magna Cum Laude" while 16 were cited "Cum Laude." The bachelor of arts -degree recipients are in the ' distinct minority. Only 37 seniors received this degree but 19 of the 37 were honor graduates. Of the 64 B. S. degree recipients, five were honor graduates. Church Groups Honored At Appreciation Dinner WAKEFIELD — An appreciation dinner party was held in the Immanuel Lutheran, Church Thursday for members of t h e church choir, the Sunday School staff, the board of administration, and their wives and husbands. Dinner was served to 45 guests. In charge of preparing the serving the dinner were the women of the various guilds of the church. The tables were centered with attractive a r - rangements of spring flowers for the occasion. The event was held in the church hall. VFW Auxiliary to Have Installation Wednesday WAKEFIELD — Installation of officers will take place at the meeting of the Veterans of Foreign Wars Auxiliary Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. in the post home on Lakeshore Drive and US-2. The elected and the appointed officers are especially asked to attend. Lunch will be served followed by a social hour. Completes Course at Duluth Beauty School WAKEFIELD — Miss Bobbie Kay Dillon has passed her examinations and completed her course in beauty culture at the Duluth School of Beauty C u 1 - ture. She will take her state board exams in Minneapolis on June 28. She is the daughter of Mrs. Chester Dillon and the late Chester Dillon. First historian of the Santa Fe with grapes and sheaves o f i Trail . was J ! osian Gre BK. who ^ ,_..__ „.. described his travels in "Commerce of the Prairies." wheat, symbolizing the b r e ad and wine. * * * Visiting priests in attendance were the Rev. Dean M a r e k, Milwaukee; Msgr. D. Spelgatti, Ishpemlng; the Rev. Lawrence Gauthier, superintendent of Holy Name School, Escanaba; the Rev. William McGee, Houghton; the Rev. Charles Daniel and Rev. Dominic Tijaski, O.F.M., Waktfleld: the Rev. Raymond Moncher, Marquette; the R e v. David Harris, Harvey; the Rev. Ambrose Matljek and the Rev. /JTrank Ronkowskl, ironw o o d ; $nd several neighboring priests who attended the afternoon re' feptton. • •fpjemn Benediction was cele- ^^- by rather Daniel at 4 HEADQUARTERS for INSERT BEARINGS PISTON RINGS any size, make er model CDCC «'•*»'« -Hilt charge PLASTIC GAUGE BIG DISCOUNTS AUTOMOTIVE &£ Cor. Ayer Ic Mansfield words of explanation. Just her smiling face and jolly greeting will go a long way toward reassuring the patient. For smiles are not linked with funerals! So a nurse's smile will cheer up the patient and serve as a very positive tonic, both as regards his appetite, his hopes and even his sound slumber! Nurses can tactfully inform the patient in simple language about his ailment, for the average doctor is not a good salesman. One of our famous professors at Northwestern University Med- .cal School greeted our class one morning with this shocking truism: "Gentlemen, 85 per cent of your patients will get well in spite of what you doctors do for them!" Well, smiling nurses can 'cure" those 85 per cent .for they will recover with or without Medicare or doctors. Alas, ;he patients don't know that so they are often half scared to death. Doctors of all sorts (medical dental, etc.) can. zoom their effectiveness by joining the "Compliment Club." They would also profit greatly from courses in public speaking and also advertising. Then they would learn how to talk the patient's language in stead of mystifying him with polysyllables and technical "jaw breaker" words! Send for the "Compliment Club" booklet, enclosing a long stamped, returned envelope, plu; 20 cents and learn how to hu manize yourself! (Always write to Dr. Crane in care of this newspaper, enclosing a long stamped, addressed envelope and 20 cents to cover typing and printing costs when you send for one of his booklets.) (Copyright by The Hopkins Syndicate, Inc.) Conference on Geology Slated HOUGHTON — Twenty-f i v e American and Canadian college and university teachers of geo- ogy will participate in the conference on the geology of the ake Superior Region conducted by Michigan Technological University June 15 and 30. The 16-day session, sponsored by a $16,780 grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) s being conducted for the fifth consecutive year. Directing the conference are Dr. James M. Neilson, professor of geological engineering, and Dr. Joseph P. Dobell, a s • sociate professor of geology. Following three days of orientation and background lee- tures by specialists in the geology of the region, participants will take a 13-day field excursion through the mining areas of Michigan, Wiscdnson, Minnesota and Ontario. The group will visit the Marquette and Gogebic Iron Ranges and the White Pine Mine in Michigan; Algoma Ore Proper ties' MacLeod Mine at W a w a, Geco and Willroy Mines at Manitouwadge, North Cplds t r e am Copper Mine and Steep Rock and Caland iron ore operations, all in Ontario; and Erie Mining Co and Oliver Mining Division operations on the Mesabi Range of Minnesota. By making firsthand observations of geologic features along the route, prticipants will r e - ceive a fuller understanding of the geologic problems of t Jh e Lake Superior region. 1 Participants come from 13 states and three Canadian provinces. at the taponila and Lant t a lomes. Mr. and Mrs. Adetord L e - Geault Jr. and children Silver Bay, Minn., and Miss Jacqueline LeGeault, Ashland were weekend guests at the home of their parents. Donna Damgard, Milwaukee, spent a weekend with her parents. Jeffery Close has returned to his home in Kenosha after visiting for two Weeks with his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd LaFortune Lana Taylor, Clintonville, has returned to her home after visiting with Mr. and Mrs. Leo Fafford. Mr. and Mrs. Darrel Holmes and son, Superior, spent Memorial Day weekend at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Holmes. R u s s e 1 Bluse, Milwaukee, spent a weekend at his home. Mr. and Mrs. William V a n- Treck, Waukegan. spent a weekend at their cottage. Curtiss Belanger and son Scott, were weekend guests at the Elden Belanger home. Saxon Personals John, Rae Ann and Robert Alexander, Phillips, recent ly visited friends here. Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Lantta and family, Janesvllle, and Mrs. Bertha Mattson and fam ily, Superior, spent a weekend Kites Are Held At Cemetery MASS — Veterans rites were at the services at the Greenland Methodist Church, with the Rev. George Luciani officiating. Sponsors 'wefe-*Mr. and Mrs Wesley Maki, Miss ,_. .. . .. ,, Marlene Myhren and Randy ,eld Monday afternoon, May Myhnjn Qf Ontojiagon . 0, at 1 at the Maple G r o v e j Mrs Arthur Leam'an and Cemetery. The Veterans of For-'children. Mrs. Lily Perttunen Ign Wars Post and local fire-' and Mrs. Riika Buustel visited men marched from the m a i n 1 recently with relatives and treet in Greenland to the cemetery. Nick Lukkarila, chap- ain of the post, gave the pray-j Andrews, Detroit, arid Mr. and er and opening remarks, while Mrs. Edward Lento, L'Anse, George Mikkola, adjutant gen- visited at the Henry Herman- ral, called the roll of the de- sen home. ceased members. Members of! Mr. and Mrs. Howard O. he Mass High School B a n d| Butts and family of Ada, former played several selections. Th e| residents, visited here during veterans service, directed by W. | the holiday weekend Sedig, commander of t h e j Mr. and Mrs. Howard Tre- post, was held at the grave- j varrow, Flint, are visiting his side of Gerald Effenger, repre-1 brother and sister in law, Mr. Bruce Crossing Driver Hits and Kills Deer WAKEFIELD — Robert Alan Coss, 18, Bruce Crossing, h 11 and killed a deer as he was traveling on US-45 six miles North of US-2, in Ontonagon County, at 8:30 p.m. Saturday said Michigan State Police who investigated the mishap E x - tensive damage resulted to the front of the car. The driver escaped injury. The animal was disposed of by the Michigan Conservation Department, which was notified of the mishap. Attend Graduation at Superior University WAKEFIELD — Mr. and' Mrs Richard Valesano. daught e r Anita, and Mrs Ed Smith at tended the commencement ex ercises at the Wisconsin State University Superior, Friday evening. Richard, son of t h e Valesanos, was among those who were presented with bachelor of science degree at the commencement. Rich ard will continue his studies at the college, working for his master degree. from the ABELMAN CO. DELICIOUS PASTIES ON SPECIAL EVERY WEDNESDAY to eat her* or take out EDY'S TIP TOP 219 Sophie St. Bessemer Phone 663-4101 YOU ARE OUR BUSINESS! OUR ONLY BUSINESS... You, the customer, ore important to us at SENDEK'S. To show what we mean, we give you better services, a larger inventory both in Furniture and Appliances, larger selection of Carpet, and Lower Prices, PLUS counselling on interior decorating, and just plain getting along with people. And many other plusses to keep you, the buying public happy. OBM Friday Evenings Until 8:30 - Other Evenings on Appointment • Sendek Furniture Co. , Michigan CREDIT AVAILABLE Ph. 667-3141 To win Dad's widest grin of pleasure, choose his gift here. See our gala array of perfect presents. Men's White Arrow SHIRTS Men's Campus Short Sleeve SPORT SHIRTS Men's Long Sleeve SPORT SHIRTS Wembley NECKTIES friends at Rhinelander, Wis. Harry Wertanen and C h r i a senting all deceased members. and Mrs. Eldred Trevarrow. :n conclusion Taps w e re Mr. and Mrs. Edward Rous- sounded by Steve Maki a nd j seau and son of Minneapolis James Peterson. | spent the Memorial Day week- Dues were collected on both | end here with his parents, Mr. Sunday and Monday by Mr s . and Mrs. Albert Rousseau, and her mother, Mrs. Flora V e r • ville. Bessemer Briefs Stenson and Mrs. Taimi Malila with a good response. Those who have not paid are asked to end in their contribution to any member of the association or to ,he treasurer, Mrs.-Malila. Much w or k in beautifying the ceme-i The Bessemer Golden Age tery has been done through the'Club will meet Wednesday- a.t years with the aid of the; 2 p.m at the Fairview Senior Citizens recreation room's. Hostess will be Mrs. Valentine Wpj- Mr. and Mrs. Vern Anderson and family, Milwaukee, visited recently with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Nick Nikonen. They also attended the funeral serv- Deople turning ;ributions. in their c o n - ciechowski, Mrs. Mary Peterson and Mrs. Aliina Kahara. ' The Bessemer Chamber 6 f Commerce will meet Wednesday at 8 p.m. in the Veterans' Me- ices of her mother, Mrs. Ed-lmorial Building. President Jon ward Leinonen, at Trout Creek. I Linaquist notes there is import- Todd Randall, infant son of ant business to come before the Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lukkari, | chamber which requires the was baptized Sunday, May 23,1 voice of all members. SPAGHETTI & SAUCE YOU'LL LOVE IT ... It's simply "Magnified" Yes, our Original Old Style Tomato Sauce is typically Italian ... a delicious combination of the best spicei and tomatoes, prepared only the wiy the chef at the "V" can. ' Rich 'h red-heavy with zesty flavor. Don't take our word for it ... ask our customers! Pasties every Thursday. MEL and Lee's -Cafe Phone 561-4713 Silver St. Hurley, Wisconsin THE FANTASTIC ADVENTURES OF reared by wolves... UNTAMED - UNTOUCHED I fighting for survival against the fury of Forest and Man I CARTOON A SPORTS WEDNESDAY! EVES 7:00 & 9:00 RONWOO THEATRE ENDS TONIGHTI SHIRLEY Me LAINE "John Goldfqrb Please Come Home" IRONWOOD REMEMIER, WHIN SHOPPING FOR LOWER PRICES ... PLUS QUALITY ... COME .TO The ABELMAN Co. South Sophii •estemer Phone 663-4411 Open 8:00 • Starts 9:00 ENDS TONIGHTI 42 TOP STARS THE LONGEST DAY" Starts WEDNESDAY! \ THE ACADEMY AWARD WINNER! "BEST PICTURE", BEST DIRECTOR" BEST SCREENPLAY BEST MUSIC SCORE .Torn Jones 'AROARING ENTERTAINMENT!" ••*%%£? "THE BEST COMEDY EVER MADE...AM ABSOLUTE TRIUMPH!" -N..,.,, "BRILLIANTLY ENTERTAINING. IT LEAVES AN ff —Wif/j'om Ptpts, NT. Wor/rf Migrant « Sv» AUOIENCE STUNNED WITH JOY." - Wi "<« " * * * * (HIGHEST RATING!) DELECTABLE." -Kol« Camion. NT. Om\> t N«»i "ABSOLUTELY MAGNIFICENT!" -«*. «„,,„;„. IASTMANCOIOR •» UNITED MTIIIS.IOPUT REIUU ; PLUS . . . ACTION THRILLER! KIRK DOUGLAS GENA ROWLANDS WALTER MATTHAU MICHAEL KANE -CARROLL O'CONNOR-WILLIAM SCNALLERT- A j°*\ ^ r «_______A Universal-International Pr'-iT*

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